Zombicide Companion

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322.2 MB
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Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zombicide Companion

3 out of 5
11 Ratings
3 years ago, maxmaximus4
Great App
This is a great app but there is so much room for improvement. This app allows for a much more organized game and allows you to add on more game characters and cards from other expansion packs for a small price which I don’t mind. My complaints are there are not enough updates to the game. Not all the expansion can be found in game, specifically the TMNT expansion. I feel like the game should have a copy of the rule book. There should be a toggle option so you can turn off certain characters you don’t have in real life so you wont have to cycle through so many just to find the one you want. This is a paid app and should given more attention from the developers.
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6 years ago, ZondreixZeCre
I like it
The app makes for a much less messy table when you can manage all the survivors on devices instead, it is a bit annoying though to invite friends over to play and ask them to spend $2.99 on an app to be a part of the fun when they don’t own the actual game. They do it reluctantly though. The main issue we have though is when the someone gets out of the app to check something else on their phone they have to reconnect or re”join game” I wouldn’t have any problem with it if it would work right, when transferring characters back to their device it screws up the order when it’s showing as someone’s turn on my device it shows as someone else’s turn on theirs it’s a bug that needs to be fixed, it would also be nice to add the option to rearrange player order while in game as well as remove players in game and just. I enjoy the app it just needs some fixin.
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3 years ago, Kombatkyle
Solid but needs the ultimate characters
I have used this app for a while and am pleased with it. However, it would be much more useful if all of the material/expansions were available. I’m specifically referring to the addition of the ultimate characters, and the experience deck. The addition of custom characters would be the cherry on top. I am willing to pay for these additions if they continued along the previous pricing.
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11 years ago, Takneth
Okay, but could be more useful
I agree with most of the comments below. I would love to be able to add a custom character to the mix, and it would be great to be able to see all the characters on one screen for tracking and trading purposes. Also, though the instructions show the various types of actions with icons, the app itself only has a generic action button to push. And with that, wouldn't it make sense if you search the deck, or tap a combat card, it would press an action button automatically? One other minor observation, though it does open up some interesting variations. In the rules, you cannot mix actions between characters, as in, each character has to take all the actions before another character takes his or hers. In the app, you can move between characters freely regardless of how many actions a character has taken or has remaining. I may change house rules to allow the mixing of actions between characters based on the app, but that's not the way the rules are currently written. However, overall, it does add some ease of bookkeeping to the game, and I will probably use it when I play only with stock characters.
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6 years ago, datobar89
You have to pay?
This is ridiculous. The physical components are madly expensive and now you want us to pay more? This app should assist players. Take a note on what Fantasy Flight does. They allow customers to add what expansions they have so it allows them to utilize the app beautifully with the physical game. This? I’m just confused.
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5 years ago, Brilly44
Pay for Expansion?
You kidding me?! Pay too much for the physical game and now I have to pay more for each expansion in the app too? Plus any of my friends that want to join need to also pay? Lol, what a joke. Nah I’m good, fix your money grab and maybe attract more customers.
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5 years ago, Toomanybarts
Great companion app but
Having to pay for expansions is a bit of a con after we’ve all overpaid for cardboard and little plastic figures!.
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5 years ago, Ganppai
New Game - Always Crashes
The title says it all - fix this and I’ll update my review... app support link was bogus.
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11 years ago, Chubbybones
Good, where's the custom character option??
Not bad. Cool that you can have multiple characters on one iPad. And a nice way to not lose pieces. But to really make this a great app we need an option to add in a custom character! Thats my favorite part of the game now. Its cool that the back sides of the cards that come with the game are blank so you can make you're own but this should be an obvious option for this app... Letting a player use a custom image/drawing they've made would put this app over the top :)
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9 years ago, Generalnormak
Gets the job done.
Honestly I love this app! It functions well, even with the very occasional glitch or even an app crash. As a general whole though, it really does make game play easy for the expansions you have and that are currently available. (Though there is additional cost to getting additional expansions, almost 10 dollars total for all of the current ones. Not a bad price for the convenience of a very useful app) I would have gave it a five star rating but, I feel they are behind in making sure that the newer editions of the game not only functional with app but, are in the app as an option. It would be nice to see dog companions, zombie VIP, season 3 or any other versions of the game that have come out, including the rest of the zombivors. Still, this is a fantastic app. Even if you don't feel like paying for the additional additions, (it's seriously roughly 1 to 3 dollars per purchase, not that big of deal considering the price of the game) you can still have an excellent time with the first season and all the fancy "no hands" game play.
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11 years ago, xxW4rch1ldxx
Solid App
I've used this app to play through a few senarios and so far it seems to handle everything really nicely. One thing I would like to see added: Ability to create and save a custom character. Would be awesome to be able to upload an character image, enter a name, and select the abilities that represent that character. Additionally, would be very cool if the saved characters could be uploaded to a dropbox account and shared with other users.
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11 years ago, ClassicGMR
It's a good app for the game but...
Use of this app certainly does save wear and tear on the game parts. It keeps things much more organized, helps track action points and also tracks kills easily. What it lacks is something that was a feature point for me - ability to create custom characters. There should be a way to import pictures from the camera roll and customize a card for your new character then save them to the iPad.
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12 years ago, Manisero1
Great app
Easy to use, easy to read, and has the skills descriptions built in to facilitate faster play (what's "x" skill mean again...?). This app will be useful for saving character stats and cards for the switch city campaign. It would be nice to have a iPhone version though that might be really difficult to use on a small screen.... But I only have one iPad.
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11 years ago, chutriel
Solid app. I've used it a number of times with no problems. A little odd to get used to the interface and how to manipulate items, but easy once you figure it out. I would like to see work continue on this app and they include the missing survivors from Season 1. Season 2 would be great, but not before Season 1 characters are finished. Perhaps a custom survivor builder as an additional feature?
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11 years ago, JeffreyPersson
Good Zombicide Season 1 Companion
This app is great for your Zombicide games, because it makes managing your inventory and points tons easier. It also has stats for the exclusive Season 1 kickstarters so you don't have to worry about printing your own cards if you want to play them, but don't own them. On the downside, this only supports Zombicide Season 1, with Season 2 now shipping the app will be less useful until it's updated.
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10 years ago, longagoigo
They listen and respond!
This app does a lot and had a few issues when it launched, but they responded quickly to email and came through with an update that addressed those issues. Great for playing solo, as it really does all the heavy lifting leaving the solo player to concentrate on the game.
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10 years ago, JealousAwsome
If you think this is going to be a good review, your wrong. I just want this review to new heard. Now, you have to fix the game bugs for one. Two, why not just make it a real game Instead of a helper? If you can do that you will get your money, at least from me. Thank you for your time. - A paying consumer
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10 years ago, Boris.Poletaev
I already paid over $300 on all of the stuff. I don't want to pay that much for the app. Also other people have to have the app to enjoy the benefits of the app. Too bad you can't do a version where I can just do the deck without all the other stuff
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11 years ago, Wolvenwood
What cat food again said
This app is really helpful, and does a great job replacing the fiddly character cards, but I would love to see a toggle to show all the characters at once. At least a screen that shows everyone's experience level, inventory, and chosen skills. So far as I can see, that is all that this aid is missing. Great helper app, all in all.
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10 years ago, Mrrogersguns
I was under the impression there were going to be cheap bundles as stated on the zombicide website. Gave a lot of money for this game. Edit: now I'm looking at the post and all that is crossed through. That's crap. Edit: post-iOS 8: deck doesn't draw as previously did. You have to use a physical deck and then add them to the app as you go. Seriously.....it keeps getting worse. Lots of bugs and glitches that will infuriate you if you're 5 hours in a game. Don't waste your money.
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9 years ago, Rod P
Unstable and expensive
Really guys? This app obviously only works if we already have the game. Which means: we already payed a lot of money!!!! You could seriously give this for free. But anyway. Let's assume it's ok to pay for it as it is such a great help: AT LEAST MAKE IT STABLE. The server continuously kicks players out. It's common for the app to reset itself or freeze. Could you at least charge us for something that's NOT beta and actually works fine? When was the last update?
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10 years ago, Talyien
Poor design
While I like the ability to have all the other content the UI design is bad. In particular, when you don't use the app to draw equipment but have to scroll through all the cards in one pile is awful. I can find the card easily enough, but I had a hard time pulling it to the slot on the character. Eventually I just stopped using it and use the app as an experience tracker only.
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9 years ago, daviddoughty83
How about putting season 3 on it?
I get that it's annoying that you have to pay for extra seasons on here but how can you release a season and not have the option to buy that deck on the app? Better yet...how can you get ready to launch a new Zombicide game "Black Plague" and not update your app with everything you've released up to this point? Please update this or hire someone else to do it if you don't have the time.
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10 years ago, MysteriousCodo
You're kidding right?
After all the money you guys accumulated during the Kickstarter campaigns for this board game and you've gotta do this? I thought one of the cool things about Season 1 when I bought it was the companion app. Now, this app is useless. I'm not spending another $10 for this app to help with game materials I've already spent a couple of hundred dollars on. Guess I'll just stick to using the boards and cards from now on.
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10 years ago, atomney
Needs work.
Nice companion app, but it is a little finicky, some devices needed to fulfill all actions before ending the turn, others didn't. The "zombies turn" deck needs to be worked on. In my opinion, only the server should be able to control the zombies turn. An iPhone 5c had issues connecting to an iPhone 5s server, and there was no way to reconnect other than to quit and start the server over entirely.
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11 years ago, S.R. III
Great accesery
Helps keep track of character exp., level skills, actions, wounds and equipment. You can even use it to roll dice. However you'll still need to draw the physical cards yourself
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12 years ago, DigitalMase
Decent companion
It would be cool if you guys were able to add the decks from the game, so the iPad could handle the shuffling and sorting of them. Otherwise, I wish all my fiends had iPads, as character tracking is significantly quicker with the app.
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12 years ago, Arsonor
Zombicide App
A good free app for organizing your games. Best is you play by yourself or if everyone playing has an iPad. It could use some functionality updates, but for free it isn't too bad for a first iteration.
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10 years ago, Hammertd
Useful app. Please add all Expansions!!
Love the ipad interface wit a tabletop game! However not having the other expansion sets included is keeping me from buying them! Your losing money daily I bet, please remedy! I will immediately change my rating to 5 stars and buy the expansions
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11 years ago, Megantbs
Great app for gameplay
This app works great with the game! It is beautiful and simple and helps clear clutter in the game space! I hope they add the new characters from zombicide 2 when it is released!
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8 years ago, ytydndbc
Zombivor issue!
The app works great until you have more then one character turn into a zombivor during game play. The first on works then everyone after that loses all equipent and experience points. Anyone else haveing this issue?
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12 years ago, DJ Tre03
It's a good start
First I think it's great mixing board games with tech. Problem on slippery skill. It also includes the text description for sniper. Also, I have no sound effects on any of the weapons? Not sure if there is a toggle for it or an options menu I'm just not seeing. Would like to see random card piles for drawing and spawning. Also import a custom character card type thing would also be an awesome update. Might as well also include the rule book somewhere in the app :)
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10 years ago, joshuar56
Just say NO
What a pile of trash... Locks up when you try and add anything. Won't even launch properly most of the time, or crashes right after. Not intuitive at all. And on top of that, this greedy company wants me to pay more money to play a game I've already given them money for? Money for an app that doesn't work properly? I think not...
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10 years ago, Pedz03
I like but it's crashy
Some cool new features like linking players together for games. App crashed a lot, everyone dropped out of the game by the 2nd or 3rd round and eventually the server crashed too and we had to use the cards as a backup. App needs to be more resilient. A way to rejoin games in progress would be nice.
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11 years ago, Bastimret
Please add Season 2!
Would really like to see the Season 2 characters added to this along with the Zombvivor versons. Promo characters would be nice too. It's not as useful when i can only use it for a small fraction of my total # of characters.
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12 years ago, MCollier
A good companion app. Would like to see item and spawn card drawing added perhaps also a scenario section and random hero button. Also it seems that occasionally the auto dice rolling bugs out causing a successful roll to show as a miss.
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10 years ago, Adelusion
Just OK
No crashes on Ipad3. Wish there was a better option to scan through the characters instead of selecting each character individually. Maybe put a Next and Previous buttons somewhere. No more pop up window telling you what each skill does anymore.... Need to bring that back as we'll. Owners of the first app now have to buy Dave, Cholo, etc...
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8 years ago, StuHemmings
Liked it before, not anymore
This app worked fine before although it didn't have Season 3. I used it a lot. Now that it has season 3 none of my previous purchases show up as purchased or can be "restored". I tried a purchase in this app and it won't display either. Stay away!
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10 years ago, Hoov567324
Add custom characters
We are loving the app to use along with our game but would really love the ability to make our own characters in the app to play.
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12 years ago, Pepperlad
Great App!
Keeps things moving. Would like to have first player marker in next rev. Perfect for solo play. Wish all games had an app.
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12 years ago, pitac
Awesome! New ideas maybe add getting experience from the dice roll screen. Also drop dice on Zombies for kills and the experience...
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7 years ago, Cyberocelot
Great App but missing my favorite Survivors
Great app, super helpful but needs the ultimate survivors so I can use the better version of Wanda, also the artist series would be cool so I could use Maki
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10 years ago, MDR233
Unbelievable greed
The first version of this was fine a helper app that works well with the game, but now I am expected to spend large amounts of money on getting the add on packs, and essentially what's the point of a helper app that doesn't have all the sets you own. Ridiculous ill use the game components I already own I
Show more
9 years ago, Djt07
What a addicting game!
This is a really fun game with allot of neat ideas! This developer has another game too... I can't wait to download it!
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11 years ago, Emc.Carrington
Useful but...
Great app, just wish it did more. Please keep it up to date with the newest characters and please add scenarios. That would be very helpful.
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10 years ago, Pun crus
Needs a bit of work.
Not a bad app. It's still a bit buggy on the iPhone 5S. The server should have a bit more control over the zombies turn. Scenario choices would be beneficial to the app, but it's not needed.
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10 years ago, Alistar Von Schmoopenburger
Frustrating!!!!!! App keeps crashing right in the middle of my games and losing all my stuff.
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10 years ago, angrylabrat
Paying for what I own
So the app crashes frequently along with no ability to zoom in on tiny text if you are using your phone. Then to charge my friends and myself for characters and add ons I already paid for!! Not cool.
Show more
10 years ago, acommoncold
Potential is there but...
App crashes whenever the game starts. The concept is great since I have other friends that can connect via wifi to link out character cards together.
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7 years ago, chugabrewski
great app
this is a great app but they need to add black plague and its expansion. I use this app. all the time with my rue morgue game.
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