Zombie Tsunami

4.4 (9.3K)
193.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zombie Tsunami

4.4 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
4 years ago, vinny_thegre8t
This game is cool
I think that if I had to rate this game I would do 4 stars bc when you get it for the first time it is very fun but once you have it for a long time it starts to gets boring but if of you do not play it for a while it dose take a lot of Storage space but if you come back to it from time to time it is still fun to play but if you like zombies I would recommend this app for you. Also I think if this did not take as much space on my phone I would rate 5 stars but it is a fun game if you are in the mode for it but in all it is a pretty fun game
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5 years ago, Vidal.
Fun game, crap developers
The game is definitely fun but I have a gripe with the developers. They’re very snarky in their email responses; and unlike other developers who offer assistance troubleshooting issues with their games, these guys either a) tell you tough luck or b) ignore you all together. I’ve lost more than 200 diamonds because of glitches in the system. In other games like Happy Street the developers will comp you what you lost - which is more than fair considering you’re spending actual money on the in-game currency. I shouldn’t have to be writing dissertations in order to get back what I’ve unfairly lost. And yet I must. And they fall on deaf ears. Furthermore, good luck on getting any actual zombirds worth their salt. I’ve spent more than 10,000 diamonds on what has essentially amounted to crap. At least in other games your chances of acquiring a legendary figure are pretty fair. This one obviously wants you to spend a buttload to do that. And even then it doesn’t happen.
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5 years ago, thisgameisbad,ok
There’s a few things that NEED to be upgraded to make the game BETTER! When I win items on a scratch card I want to be able to CHOOSE WHEN I USE IT. (double coins, coins car, coins bombs, second life, group of civilians, etc.) the game currently forces the prize to be used in the VERY. NEXT. GAME. Not Cool. Also there’s a glitch while playing where the zombies speed will go from super fast to unbearably slow, and it makes me want to delete the app entirely because it happens to me a lot. And it makes the game super horrible. There’s also a glitch on the end game screen where the game freezes while filling the brains card.. it goes black screen and makes the noise of the brains counter going, but it can’t/won’t load the screen.... I have to close the app, and usually the brains have been counted but it’s not good being scared that you just lost 87 brains while you close the game and re-open it.. please fix these problems and I’ll tell my friends that this game is worth playing.
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3 years ago, misses fire report
Good game but some boring stuff
This game is so good but the thing is the people lips like are so thick witch is terrible and the scratch thing like why not scratch one and that’s it? You know you can scratch the middle and see what it is without getting the reward like I see X most of the time, and forces you too scratch it or not play the game and why the zombies eyes roll around really?? Its like disgusting to me or we’ll not that much, too em prove this game the disgusting parts remove it about the zombies nahh don’t need to, and like you see a car it has a person inside when the car is smashed, another person come out I mean you see a boy screaming smash the car and he turns into a girl, improve the game and the music too.
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6 years ago, the indy star 2971
Good player opinion good,bad or both
So I have been playing this game for a while now my best is 77 zombies. This game is very addicting. It also sets you up to lose. After reading some reviews of the starter pack it seems to be a scam. Do not buy the starter pack! Also with the new missions you have to spend all your coins. There is no game controls either. It is also a good way to pass time. You can try to get a new record or do some missions. Kids will probably enjoy this game. The creators did a good job making this game. It is not scary so your kids will not get nightmares from it. It is a really fun game to play if you like a challenge that is very hard to play. I have come to the conclusion that this is not a horrible game. It’s a good challenge. Hope you liked my opinion thanks for reading.
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4 years ago, love the aorld peace
OMG I love this game so much
This game is so fun but... I CAN’T figure out how to jump if you can kinda fix the big big crakes I would love that this game is real fun it’s so funny seeing yourself eating other people like I think it’s so funny when they just stand there and say help help help and don't run this game really likes me and I like the game they have funny backgrounds to I love all of the updates like the laser zombie whatever it’s called ;-; still people if you are reading this get the game you will love it so much but if you don’t I would be sorry for you but this OMG we where made for each other love the game I always give it five stars so guys cya around hope you read my review!✌🏻😁
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3 years ago, Savage Dragon 88
Love This Game! 🥰🥰🥰
I played this game when I was little. I am older now, in my teens, and I still find this game super addictive. My brother and I play this on a daily basis. This game is amazing! I really appreciate all that the developers did to make this game so great! I absolutely love how you made the game both challenging and fun! I would also like to thank everyone who helped with something during the game! It’s just that awesome! THANK YOU!!! YOU MADE ME AND MY LITTLE BROTHER SMILE! 😊 I also love how you can play it without WiFi. It keeps your boredom under control. I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD GET THIS GAME!!! Thank you for your time reading this! 😊 I hope you all have a good day!
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5 years ago, Deneva1111111111
It’s an alright game, and I played it for a quit a bit, but as time goes on it gets pretty boring, annoying, and just overall stupid. I agree with a lot of these reviews, the game is practically impossible to get anywhere. I know it may seem like we all sound like sore losers, but may I assure you that I’m not a sore loser, and I’ve actually gotten pretty far, it’s just that it can get pretty frustrating when you’ve tried to do a mission or anything and the game knows, and you’re set back, and like many said, set up to fail. My sister on the other hand, has been playing for months, CONSTANTLY playing. She’s practically obsessed, and she hasn’t really gotten anywhere. I just think, for children or any age, this game is just frustrating, stupid, annoying, and overall, eh.
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11 months ago, Rubberhos3
A tsunami of fun!
First of all, I HAVE to start with the visuals. They are so zany and silly, which gives the game it’s charm. I love those kind of visuals and they take me back to those Nickelodeon shows from the 2000’s. I also think that the concept of being able to create a horde of zombies that will stop at nothing makes the game very unique. The level up system is very creative, too. Instead of gaining XP to level up in most other games, you fill up a vial which if filled to the top, levels you up. The fact that the vials have their own names are so dang funny. Very creative game, 10/10.
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5 months ago, WenNingTurnip
Timeless enjoyment
I had played this game when I was 7 and I loved it to this day it’s stayed the same, it’s not overwhelmingly filled with ads like newer games, it’s graphics have been maintained through the years it’s existed. It used to be a bit laggy but it’s definitely fixed. Just downloaded it today and enjoy it just as much as I did a while ago. I also like that the changes within the game are barely noticeable it’s stayed the same through and through with a few upgrades. This will definitely be one of the games I play often.
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3 years ago, rattlesnake9
Tip: all the ads why?
I looked at all the cometary on this game and there is a fare amount of ad complaints, if you are one of those people who have that problem here’s a tip from a 11 year old girl, simply go on airplane mode, and if you need to watch a ad for a reward then pause the game and go on settings and turn off airplane mode and double click the home space and click the screen were you see the game zombie tsunami and ta-da this system is beaten. This is not the only game that you can use this trick on personality I use this trick all the time.
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5 years ago, aiden j (j for short)
Like the game but needs more stuff
1powerups: I want more power ups like raining humans/citizens so it’s the same as ufo but it gose fast when the zombies or humans fall down they fall faster and when it gose away just one more human or citizen falls down 2zombiedeths: when they die the explode and turn to goo and some goo gets on the screen and if it’s to hard for people when you pause like when you want to turn off the sound effects of music there should be a no goo effect so it will be easy and4lab: like the lab needs a new back round that’s all thanks if you add all of that bye!
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5 years ago, Ellagr4c3
Fantastic App!
In my opinion this game is amazing. Some people complain that it is too hard to get diamonds and complete some things but you should just enjoy the challenge. If there is something you hate about it then don’t play this game if it annoys you so much. This game should be five stars . Imagine how much work it would take to make a game this different from others. And if you complain that diamond purchases are too much money, that’s probably because you put no effort in actually earning them. So I rate five stars to this fantastic game.🤩😍
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3 years ago, swatts6789
why all the weird racial stereotypes?
i love this game, i am literally obsessed and i love that it never gets boring. but it doesn’t sit right with me that there is so much weird cultural/race charged stuff that you can earn in the game. native american headdresses, turbans, dreadlocks, even the Mayan background has weird stereotype vibes to it. i don’t understand why games do this, it’s really uncool especially because kids probably play this game and their first exposure to these key elements of different cultures shouldn’t be as a prop or hat in a zombie game. i think the developers should seriously consider changing anything that has weird cultural appropriation tones. if they did then there wouldn’t be a single thing i didn’t like about the game and i’d give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, emoji king🤩😎😈
Obstacles too hard, hope developers read this.
Ok so good game and very addictive but obstacles are very difficult and can barely pass them like the jumps are so long and all your zombies die and bomb jumps are long too like 5 bombs together and you have to jump that too also cars and helicopters are together like top and bottom at the same time plus zombies in the very back of the squad, yeah they jump too late you lose like 4 or 5 zombies also it becomes fast paced too quickly and obstacles come extremely difficult quickly as well as i said in the beginning. Hope you guys can make obstacles a little easier and i will rate 5 stars if you are reading this, this is a short review but it explains a lot. 😐
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4 years ago, GetZeptolabGames
I like this game
I left my family and kids to play this game after I used my kids collage money on the beautiful in game currency. I don’t regret it. Every night I stay up blasting my deceased grandma’s life insurance on this game until I forget to charge my phone and it dies. When the screen shuts off I stare deeply into myself in the dark, a glint in my eyes reminding me of sorrow. It reminds me about my wife and kids and I go into a grieving rage, destroying not only my home, but my spirit. But charge up my phone and continue playing. Thank you zombie tsunami. 10/10 pretty neat and cool
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12 months ago, Kle8989
5 stars for attention
Love this game BUT!!! They need to fix the bugs. I complete missions, come back later, they have reset. Fill up a potion, it resets. Waste diamonds buying eggs, it resets. This is extremely annoying!! Barely any progress I make actually saves. I’ve completed numerous missions, semi hard ones too like turning 20 cars or bombs to coins, collecting 70 brains. It’s on the Frankenstein lightening position that I’m having this issue. I finally completed it, got off the game, came back and it had reset my progress. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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2 months ago, Chris&Lel
I played this game a long time ago
Hi there if you read the title it explains every thing that I say and I love the game and I was vary little and every day I would play this game on my iPad and I saw this game agen on the App Store and I was like I need to weight a review and I would be happy if you read this or if someone else reads this the year is 2024 and ya so by hop I will come across this game agen in a couple years so ya love this game and I hope you make a lot more games and keep on producing more of your games and that’s it so by😝😜🤩😊☺️😌🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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1 year ago, Winterwonders
Can I delete my progress please?
I loved this game when I was younger. It was a fun way to pass my time, and I want to relive the game nowadays, but there’s a problem with that. I haven’t downloaded the game again recently, but I believe there’s no way to delete your progress. I like going back to old games I’ve played and deleting my progress so I can start fresh, like I’ve never played the game before, and with most games you can, but you just can’t for Zombie Tsunami. Great game, loved it, just need to be able to start all over.
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4 years ago, QueenB1515
Diamond imbalance
Omg! I love this game! Super cool idea annnnd awesome development!! Just one thing.. It would be really awesome if there were a way to earn a substantial amount of diamonds. Right now, I am unable to enjoy all features of the game due to a lack of diamonds. I get you want to make money but y’all gotta think about your f2p peeps. People that are going to spend money aren’t going to worry with earning them. They will just buy them. People such as myself will lose interest if they aren’t able to enjoy all the games features. :))
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6 years ago, PolhoLoko
Fair game, greedy developers
The game is pretty entertaining for when you need a quick distraction. The zombies look both cool and cute, especially with the accessories. The birds are a good complement to the game. However, there are only 2 ways to get diamonds (premium coin to buy premium items and birds): in-app purchase or watching ads. (PS. You actually get 3 diamonds per day, but there are no consecutive returnings rewards). The birds are fun, but they show the greedy of the developers. Each bird costs 30 diamonds. And I now just found out that after you mate two level 3 birds they vanish, leaving you with a lousy egg of a level 1 bird. That means that you need 6 birds (6x30diamonds) for one new egg. In other words, trying to get all the birds will set you back easily about 100 dollars, or even more. Suggestions, 1 birds must never vanish. 2 create a time for incubation, that prevents users to mate repeatedly the birds. 3 create return rewards. 4 create diamond mission rewards. 5 make it possible to collect diamonds during the game (I.e. after tunnels, or in dustbins).
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5 years ago, Agape 363
It used to be 5 stars
I have been playing this game for 4 years. There should be more ways to earn diamonds. You can double your diamond earning when you 1st open the game for the day & the diamond value for watching ads did go from 3 to 5. Even with the day diamonds appear on the road your lucky if you get 1 in any given game. You need 30 diamonds to buy an egg & you used to have to get the same egg 3 times for it to be full strength. You need 2 bird at full strength to fuse the birds to get a better bird but that was just changed. Now you have to have a bird at full strength times 2 (so 6 of the same eggs) for each bird in a category to fuse them. The length of time to earn diamonds & fuse birds kinda killed the game for me.
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7 years ago, Luz nuñez🛍
Great game
I love this game it awesome.... I love it bc it is like a game you can play anywhere and you don't need data. I also like this game bc it's super entertaining. I know this is weird but the store on the game is fun to use your money with and also you can get higher than your friend by beating them at like 56 zombies in one game or something. I enjoy this game so much bc the way it is and plus there is no adds which it's great for a great game. Other good games have to have adds but not this one. I love it🎀
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2 years ago, Real Pikazard
Feels like a odd fever dream.
Zombie tsunami was a game I absolutely loved as a child, but up until re-finding this game I always thought it was a strange outlandish dream I had since the models for the zombies were so uncanny and strange. But sure enough this game was not a thing of myth but actually here on the play store for you to install! If you want to feel the same way I did for 4 years in just a couple of seconds then go ahead and play
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6 years ago, bromamonymaker!!
Little forceful but,LOVE IT!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁 and plz read
The reason why it’s a little forceful is because after one day it tells you to rate it or you won’t get any more updates😢😢😢!!!!! But now the positives is that you can play it any where! And it is a really good challenge for any one it’s like minions run where you have to doge obstacles and get points!!! And what makes it even better is that there’s animated zombies. It’s just really fun and I think every one should have it!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, nannyshelley72
Have loved this game for many years but a few days ago I lost a lot of my zombirds.... what happened. This has affected several things. Before I always got at least 2 or 3 zombies when I died also I had a zombird that made the bonus last an extra 10 seconds but when I bought a new one to hatch after this happened I noticed my new bird was one that made the bonus last 8 seconds longer but my other one was gone...
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4 years ago, aye4000
Zombie tsunami
This game is awesome, but the is some minor issues. This game would be way better if you could choose when you got to use the items off the scratch cards, and at the beginning when it gives you cars, buses, airplanes, etc I mean it really doesn’t make since it gets really frustrating how you can’t tip the car. This is just my opinion it would be nice if you changed some of it please and thanks
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5 years ago, Skynner McGee
Suicidal Zombies
Zombie Tsunami Slow motion gameplay video Blog Experiment 1: Suicidal Zombies Zombie program breakdown: •These zombies are programmed to die. As seen in my video, the faster you’re running, the more it happens. •The more zombies you have in a group, the more suicidal zombies you get. Zombie A: This zombie jumps higher and slower, in order to hit bombs, helicopters and fall down holes Zombie B: This zombie runs slower and jumps shorter, in order to hit bombs, cars, get stuck behind high walls and stopped vehicles, and fall down holes Zombie C: This zombie drops suddenly during jumps, in order to hit bombs and fall down holes Zombie D: This zombie slows almost to a stop when there’s enough zombies in the group to hide it Zombie E: This zombie specifically targets bombs, floating bombs, moving cars and helicopters •This video is in my blog, CRapplications. (copyright 2015, CRapplications title trademarked) Look soon for the Zombie Tsunami Bomb program breakdown!
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2 months ago, Skibidi toilet fanum tax
This game is good
Ok, so I used to play like 5 years ago. I stopped for a while because I explored new games. Then I saw my brother playing this game so I thought to play it to. I joined the game, played it, and after like 5 minutes of playing I knew this was going to be my favorite game again. This game NEVER gets old. Just saying I think whoever doesn’t play this game often should start playing it more.
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3 months ago, juicy-bootiee
i’ve been playing this game since i was younger and still play it. almost every time an ad comes on it does not let me push the X so im forced to exit the game and have to go in over and over. its getting annoying please fix this bug. and it also does not give me the brains in the previous game that i played or the scratch ticket if there’s an ad that doesn’t let me push X.
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1 year ago, Gugu gaga I miss the baby
really a fun game but don’t buy the starter pack
I used to play this game in 2019 and now I still love it its my favorite game and you should really play it but I don’t by the starter pack it’s a scam here are reasons why: 1. it literally costs REAL LIFE HARD EARNED MONEY 2. you can get gems from daily missions 3. you get free coins from the ground and the zombirds 4. you can get a hat that basically looks almost exactly like the pith hat which is cowboy hat
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6 months ago, SteveDCM
One of the Best Mobile Games of all time.
No, I’m not exaggerating with that review title. This is genuinely one of the greatest mobile games of all time, an endless runner that has no right to go this hard when it comes to entertainment and gameplay. But the score, oh my goodness, the score, it’s up there with Jetpack joyride. if you haven’t downloaded this already, then you have not had a life.
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4 years ago, SkullyDuster101
Needs Improvement
This game could be fun if it’s fixed. First of all there is a BUG in the zombirds tab, when you try to click on the fusion button even when you meet the requirements, it says “fusion imposible”. Also The scratch off ticket prizes are implemented so bad that it’s much better just to sell the ticket every single time. There should be better prizes and you should be able to use them when YOU want to, not as soon as you redeem the ticket. Overall, just appeal to what your players want and do something about what they are asking for.
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5 years ago, crestedartists
The game is good, yet the devs are greedy and bad.
I’ve played this game a few years ago, and let me say, IT WAS HORRIBLE. I played it and raged quite a bit, yet it was fun, the obstacles were sometimes impossible to avoid, and the holes in the ground were almost impossible when you had a lot of zombies. You would normally loose 3-2 zombies every jump, so it was hard, and getting diamonds had 2 ways, daily rewards OR in app purchases, the developers are greedy and bad, hopefully they have learned there lesson and made there game better.
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4 years ago, cool cat 5364
I would recommend it,but they are kind of crazy with the adds.
The game is awesome! Good graphics. There is always something to do. It is very kid friendly. Good game to download if you are bored. But there is a lot of things to buy. There is a little bit too much adds. When all of your zombies are gone you could watch a add to get a extra life or get all your zombies back for 25 diamonds. Or restart the whole level.
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6 years ago, Sparkle💖
This game has a really good concept... But it is very difficult. The obstacles, like the bombs for instance, are too close together, and the game is moving too fast. You are trying to make your bunch of zombies 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ as big as possible. But it is rather impossible, considering that the game can get buggy/ slow, making the zombies considerably slower, and they do not move together, no matter how perfect the first one was. I do not recommend this game to people who like to make progress. But if you prefer to buy power ups over and over only for them to fail, have at it.
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2 years ago, Bella 🌸🧁
Great! But…
This game is so fun and perfect when your bored! I can sit and play this for hours. s Seriously it’s that fun. My favorite things about the game: the looks of the people and zombies, the fake in general, the mystery boxes! What I don’t like about the game: we can use a few more updates, the scratch thing is annoying, and finally some of the mystery things like the ninja zombies
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5 years ago, rating and rechdnsn
I absolutely LOVE this game
This game I played when I was a child and I really want people to play this game it is awesome the reason I love it is because. It takes your mind of things also it’s sooooooo FUN the 1 thing that bugs me is that when you die but you get a person right before they turn you die and you can’t continue with that person you turned
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6 years ago, @RUTTYBLACK
I Might Uninstall
I’ve been playing over the weekend and got to level 24 in three days. I’ve been saving my daily diamond rewards to unlock a new zombird, but now I found out that leveling up the upgrades costs diamonds too. I wish the upgrades would only require coins like they had been before this point in the game because I really don’t want to spend money on diamonds and I will uninstall before waiting 4 weeks to rack up daily diamond rewards for a single upgrade.
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6 years ago, Fortnite gamerX
So first I think that the game is good and all but I think you should only need 10 zombies to flip over the plane second I think you should make the challenges harder because when I do one it said to fly in the air for 5 seconds with the dragon and I think that’s just easy cus you just keep getting the boxes until you finally get the dragon then fly until it says like good job or something else I don’t know I hope it’s not to much to change if you do change it
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2 years ago, literally the truth
Great game oh my gosh
This game is all about zombies and I love zombies you can make sure the groups of zombies can have upgrades you can upgrade your birds you can have a lottery ticket and win thousands of money and then buy something to put on top of your zombiesAnd if you have a tried this game you should definitely try it
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3 years ago, audrey 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷
Great Game
Fun and addicting! Its a great game i have some suggestions though. Maybe you could have a challenge for all players such as who can get the most brains and everyone can participate in it. And their should be a prize like 2,500 coins and 150 diamonds. I love this game and i hope you can take my suggestion into consideration.
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6 years ago, ruuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffff!
Awesome ,hard though, as soon as you get10zombis it’s hard
This game is awesome, I wish it wasn’t hard to get double digit toon it down please. Also, why are pets unlocked at level 6 and not 2?make the srath ticket better plz I’m only getting one game power ups for something that takes 6 games.i mean I’m only started , and I see somethings you need to fix. Besides that game is awesome !!! I hope for some updates soon!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁👍🏻😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁
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6 years ago, a2rn
Amazing! But not perfect.
I’ve been playing for about a year and love It. It is fun, easy and doesn’t shove micro-transactions in your face. Nothings perfect though, and this is no exception. I mean 30 gems for a zombird egg!?!? That’s just cruel. And the chance for a good one is way too low!!!!! I’ve been grinding for 6 MONTHS! And have 15 gems. The only way to get one is to BUY one! That is my only problem. Don’t get me wrong I love zombie tsunami but nothing’s perfect.
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7 years ago, CheeseDeveloper.
Ok so I have been playing this game for a while now, and ZERO LAGS. UNTIL. I spent two dollars on the starter pack of this game. While it was downloading, and after I had already sent the money, it CRASHED. Now, FOUR DAYS LATER I try every day and it refuses to let me in. It crashes before the loading screen even finishes! So yeah. Fun. Very addictive. BUT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS. Also READ THIS: if you do buy something, and it starts crashing you out like it did for me, then deleting the app and getting it back won't work. It still crashes. I WILL RATE ZERO STARS IF YOU BUTTS DON'T CHANGE THIS.
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5 years ago, śänthy@220
This game is amazing!!!
This game is so entertaining and fun for me. Plus this game has really good animation and I would like to congratulate the person who made the zombies and backgrounds. My favorite background is the one with the mountains. It was so creative to show a zombie face on the mountain to symbolize how the zombies are taking over the world in the game. This is why I gave you a 5 star review. Thank you for creating this game.
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1 year ago, A gam7er
The lottery + quests.
Soo yeah when you sell the ticket it only gives you like 450 coins back witch is like a scam because you have to spend 1000 coins and also why is there a quest that is finished by skipping it witch makes no sense so please remove it plus all the event timers should be shorter also we need updates and skipping quest should be cheaper especially for quest that are easy like dropping 4 zombies in a hole costs like 12:000 money.
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1 year ago, ces88794
Good game but UFO is being a jokester
So I started playing awhile ago but deleted the game until now I started playing and on my second attempt I got the ufo and died but it would bring me back the problem is that the ufo would spawn me in a hole so I would spawn and die over and over until the last try but it spawned me at the edge of the street and very little reaction and I fell
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5 years ago, Nan4213
Really like this game concept. Very fun to play. I have two complaints though. One I cannot connect to my Facebook. My fiancé also tried and gets the same error message. Two there should be a big reward for becoming a master zombie, like a big chunk of diamonds or a lot of coins. It takes a lot of work to fill all those vials and then to have no big reward just 1000 coins is so annoying.
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2 years ago, allie6980
So I like it but it’s old
It’s a fun game I just recently downloaded it I haven’t played it in years but I have come to find out nothing has changed the music is the same the characters are the same.I wish they would make some new changes and also the missions keep repeating over and over plz fix it it gets boring.😑but I love the game.
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