4.7 (133.1K)
329.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yangcheng Liu
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ZombsRoyale.io

4.66 out of 5
133.1K Ratings
3 years ago, dinosaur guy1
I love this game and you should totally try it! I have a suggestion for the game and I think it will improve the game by a lot and more people will definitely download it. I think you guys should add a trading option with other players because I had to switch my account to a different one and I want to switch my skins, melees, etc. to my other account because my old one will soon be deleted. It also would be able to make the players more happy. For example, if a guy really wants a skin from another guy, they can trade items with each other and then each of them can come out happy. All in all, I really think you should add this option into the game! It would be even better than it already is! Please consider this idea though. Like seriously!!! One more thing. I think you guys should make some better game modes because it is just the same ones over and over again. It would be very cool if you guys could add more game modes such as like a sport mode where you could play soccer only with melees. Please consider this idea, thanks! This game is awesome and please consider my ideas!
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6 years ago, A big fan <3
my favorite game!
there are many things to say about this amazing game, but there’s too much to type! first of all, it has the same items as fortnite. shields, gun names, grenades, you name them! it is perfect for people that can’t download the real fortnite game, because of how old their device is, how much storage they have, etc. it also has a really simple game style! in fortnite, it is hard to look around your surroundings, but in zombs royale, you can spot a player and attack because it’s 2D! not convinced to download it yet? well, the controls are really easy! way easier than fortnite (for all of the fortnite mobile players). the game uses joysticks to move and shoot! how simple is that! still not convinced?!? lastly, you can design your character, just like forrnite! they have outfits, parachutes, and even backpacks! you can get these items by earning coins after playing games, then you could trade those coins into chests, to unlock your cosmetics! yay! i hope i’ve convinced you to play this game. if i haven’t you are missing out on a lot of fun ;)
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6 years ago, Brent_the_boy
This Game is Amazzingggg!!!
I love this game so much! Like I would play this game over Fortnite it is very well put together and I love the new updates that just came out! My one thing is people buying gems is a good way to make money off the game witch is good.... but there should be a way for people to get gems with out paying for them. That’s all I have to say the game is amazing and keep up the good work!..... One more thing this game is a lot like the popular game fortnite besides it being 2D and it being way better than fortnite already but adding a way for people to get the battle pass without having to pay 10 dollars every season to get it would get way more people to play and people to stay on longer. Also a thought would be to add building to the game.. thanks for reading and taking my ideas into consideration. Also I would consider taking the basic chests out for every 3 hours and make it to were for a certain amount of coins you can buy limited time skins that aren’t part of the battle pass!
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The game play itself is amazing you cant go wronge with it the special modes should have a vote tho because im tired of having the worst special modes also your special modes wins dont get counted kinda annoying another think on mobile theres a lot of gliches 1 of them is lets say for example im shooting i quickly swich to my sniper i try to shoot i have to hold the shoot button for 2 seconds then release for it to shoot its cost me my life it only does it sometimes idk why but its just plain ANNOYING One more thing like if your a OG player and you have been here from da beggining and you dont get gold battle pass your gonna regret it what im trying to say is make a way to get the battle pass without paying like win 10 maches in a hour 25 wins in 1 day stuff like that to progressively get the pass because im tired of someone whos just as good(well worse)as me leave cuz they think im a noob another thing theyre needs to be a way to not play with noobs i know its not a noobs fault but its seriously annoying if im playing with 3 noobs and me then a squad of 4 non noobs come or the noobs just die immediatly and i have to 4v1 everthing and thats about it
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6 years ago, Nemo's Reviews
The game is amazing. It’s a fortnite style battle Royale game, with very similar weapons and items (same guns , bandages, shield potion, etc). But, this game is so much more simple and so much quicker than fortnite. It’s 2d, giving you a better view of what’s around you, and one game will be 10 minutes MAX, considering you’re one of the last ones standing. This game is really polished and addicting, I’ve been playing it all night and all morning! I love how the special limited edition game mode (to add on to solos, duos, and squads) changes throughout time. However there is one little bug. If I just played a game, say I got 5 kills in that game. After the game is over, and I go to my profile to see my stats, it will say that my number of kills is what it was BEFORE I got those five new kills. In order for it to update, I need to leave the app and refresh it, then come back and it will have updated my stats. It’s not a big thing, just maybe something to fix in the next update? All in all, it’s an amazing game. Love it, 10/10!!
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6 years ago, 12343ax
New modes
Can u make a game mode that is permanent like 50 v 50 like fortnite and if u can do this make playground mode also can you give 10 gems or 7 if you win and if u dont u get the z coins and make it that u can only win 5 games a day to get the gems and meybe add 30 z coins if you win if you read this can you do it because a lot of players might want to get gems but they dont have money also can you decrease the teirs to 5 because i dont have much time to play this game cuz i have a lot of school and i can only play on weekends and this is the best idea i have can you let us make custom maps and modes and if you can make 3 maps like you can choose if you want to play map A map B or map C can you also make pets like fortnite and add a town in this game and brand new guns often make a new thing for the airplane that drops you to your location or make a thing were you can choose what design your airplane that would be awesome i hope you know what am talking about cuz im only 10
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6 years ago, Kursh Patel
Brilliant but needs some work
Hey, this is one of the best games I have in my phone, besides fortnite but there are some problems, the events are a great concept but zombie mode, my favorite one almost never shows up, instead I get the same old 50-50. And build mode has some problems, sometimes buildings will not get distorted leaving me trapped inside and killed by gas, squad and duos has a bug not allowing me to see teammates. 50-50 is not really fun, all the other 49 players kill everyone so I don't really like it, please add zombie mode as an official mode so I can play it whenever and please fix the "no teammate" bug on duo and squad, also make bigger bushes so it is easier to hide in them, by the way, I think mythical guns are too rare, I have only ever gotten 5 so please make them easier to get after like 50 people left something in general good game but just needs more work Ps. Zombie mode should have its own mode, it is in the title
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6 years ago, Polson3
They did it right!
You might be thinking “another stupid Battle Royale game” but just trust on this one. I just want to start by saying, please do not get mad, I really diss like Fortnite. But I still really really like H1Z1. Any ways this game is great. First of all it has a huge map. You can be creative with we’re you want to drop. Second of all, this game isn’t broken and looks beautiful. It doesn’t look like it was made in 2 seconds. Everything looks professional and just perfect. Third of all, you don’t have to pay any money for skins and accessories unlike (cough) (cough) Fortnite (cough) (cough). Lastly, I love that it doesn’t take for ever for this awesome game to load. If I only have a little bit of time, I can just hop on to a match and boom done. Oh and the amount of weapons and such, like potions and skins, are a impressive amount. Thanks for who ever read through this.
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6 years ago, Celestia💎
Amazing game!
This is such an amazing game I love it I really love it one of the things I like best is that the games always fair no matter what everyone does the same damage with their melee weapon there’s nothing other people have that can be a an advantage over you (other than weapons,hp,shield etc.)so its always fair it’s not like they can buy an advantage over anyone in the shop or something I also love the game because of how fast games go by unlike fortnite it just takes like 3-10 mins to finish a game! I think u should all download this game and not get fortnite but one of the small things I don’t like is that some of the weapons are unbalanced for example, once u get a vector well than basic there’s now a 10% chance ur gonna lose but that’s it. this game (in my opinion) is way better than fortnite go try it out everyone and remember to have some fun playin it ;)
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6 years ago, Firefox0815xxxxx
Best mobile game out there
This game stunningly perfect. Everything from the stellar Battle royale style to the terrible graphics, this game is amazing. I got this app around 8 months ago and since then i have become addicted. The game is easy to learn and the controls are easy to use. As they keep adding more and more updates and new features to the game it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Each season brings a new aspect and theme to the game, whether its a new area on the map to explore, or cool looking costumes and emotes, there is always something new to explore in this game. This game deserves more hype than fortnite or other battle royale games out there. This is the best battle royale game for its pure simplicity. I look forward to the updates to come. It may not have the best graphics, and it may get cluttered with bots sometimes, but Zombs Royale is a masterpiece.
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6 years ago, (^-¿-^)
This game got ruined
So, if there weren’t these items in the game, I would’ve gave this a 5/5, but all because of these items, I’m not going to give this a 5/5. So, the items aren’t weapons, they are stuff like a grenade. The first item is the smoke grenade. The reason I want this removed is because it’s just kind of a useless item and if you want to use this for hiding, it’s not going to last long. The second item is the shuriken. Just like the smoke grenade, it’s very useless and you only have six shots before you run out of ammo. If there was like a specific ammo for this or have Like 15 shots instead of 6, the shuriken would be a lot better. The last and most hated one in my opinion is the cactus bomb. The reason why I hate this item is because it seems like you do more damage to yourself then your enemy. The main reason why I hate this weapon the most is because it’s a legendary item, just like the shuriken but worse. If the spiky things that explode out of the cactus bomb did like 3 or 5 damage, it would be a lot better.
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4 years ago, Craystill
This game is amazing
This game is much better in my opinion for its simplicity, this is not a paid review. I started playing this game during January on Pc but it’s been a week since my Pc started to glitch and for my last few days before returning to PC o had to write a review. People stop complaining about bots, it’s just makes the wait for matches shorter then2 minutes unlike fortnight, don’t complain about sweats or tryhards too, they are just fellow players just more experienced and skillful then the majority of the population. Lag is a problem all multiplayer games experience, with higher entity counts or projectiles will cause lag. There is the occasional toxic players but the devs can’t do anything about that just report them and do the right thing, the devs do put a lot of effort. Keep up the good work Yang, Sella, Lucky and the rest of the devs!!!
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5 years ago, durpy ninja09
Fantastic game overall
This game is so addicting and I have been playing it since season two and I love it. I used to play it all the time but now a days I don’t as much because the map is a little boring at this point. If you could add a little bit more to the map it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe add some more buildings and an alien spaceship in the middle of the map. Also make the portals less laggy for crying out loud. They are so flippin laggy when I go through them. I also thought of a new game mode where you get bigger with every kill you get. The biggest player at the end of five minutes wins. The bigger the player, the more health they have. If you die you spawn in a random location on the map. You will return to normal size. I do not care what it is called. Shout me out on Facebook or Twitter if you read this. In conclusion this is an amazing game and a lot of people I know love your games.
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1 year ago, Nsmsksjs
Best iOS game of the year.
Probably one of the best .Io games of the past three years to be honest. I love the simplicity of the gameplay but there are some bugs I’ve noticed, even if I leave the match or restart the game the audio is still there. And there are some suggestions I have for maybe a big update to the game next season. The first suggestion is a weapons update, I would like a gun called the “HG-40” it’s a mythic weapon that only spawns in airdrops and is basically an SMG but with a small movement speed boost when holding the gun. The second suggestion is a combat system update so we can have more features like maybe a new look or a revamped weapon look. And one last suggestion, maybe another “game-mode” called something like matched multiplayer. It would be a 5v5 multiplayer match with a choice of certain classes for a certain play style.
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6 years ago, RingoDADDY
Can’t rotate
I love this game but it’s just that I can’t rotate the screen. This isn’t a big problem but it is just that I don’t like how I have to turn my device to play this game. I have tried everything and I can’t rotate it. And no, I don’t have rotation lock on. Again, I love this game and it’s not a big problem, it just bothers me a little. I don’t know if this is just me or if others have the same problem. I would like for you to fix, or help fix, this problem. Another thing is that I would like for you to add an option to customize the controls so we can move the controls around and maybe make them bigger or smaller stuff like that. It would make this game just a tad bit better than it already is. And another thing, there should be some more options and stuff instead of just having volume stuff.
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3 years ago, plz_kil_meh
A bunch of people write complaints about bots and lag and such. I hope this review might change their minds. 1. Bots. There are some bots in the game to fill the lobby size I’m pretty sure, and the bots don’t really bother you, if you can’t fight them then good luck fighting real people. 2. Sweats. Any good player in the game is considered a sweat for some reason - just cause you’re bad at the game does not make everyone else a sweat. 3. People getting kicked out and glitches + lag. This is actually a problem, I agree. I mean, you don’t need to put 1 star because of that, but I am taking a star off cause of that. I’m not sure if there’s anything else people complain about that’s worth talking about, but there’s my review on the complaints. Now my own opinion: Yes, this is a fortnite copy. But it’s an easier version, and it’s pretty fun for anyone in need of a game who doesn’t want to deal with parents, and I would spend a lot of time on it without getting bored. You can play with friends, even, that’s something that I like in games. The massive multiplayer never gets boring, and although I probably wouldn’t spend money on it I understand that the developers need the support. All in all, great game, keep updating, love you guys😄 4 stars!
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4 years ago, jgigciycyi
Absolutely amazing
What game do most people like? Fortnite right? Well if you like that game then you will love this game way more. So much easier with two joysticks to move and shoot. Way easier than fortnite. I recommend that when playing mobile that you don’t have any other tabs open. And with all the devices that you can play this on, DO NOT SWITCH TABS THEN GO BACK TO ZOMBS! If you do what I told you not to do then it will be pretty glitchy. I think the skins(melees, backpacks, parachutes, etc.) are better and there isn’t any cringy dances. The only problem that I really find in this game is that you kind of have to pay $10 to get battle pass every season. And I think there should be more daily challenges. That’s it! Over all great game!
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6 years ago, Arks04
New chat
So I’m on an iPad Pro so it might be different on other devices This game is the best and most polished mobile battle royale out there. However, when I go to use the new chat button, it works the first time, but the second time and so on, it won’t let me type. This can get annoying since I want to say to my teammate what ammo I need or just tell them how good I am (gotta flex that ego as hard as I can kappa). There’s also a lot of other glitches like sometimes to shoot button does’t rotate for 30 seconds or auto pick up but those can be fixed in options. Must fix PS: I like the battle pass but I feel you should get it free if you get 100 tiers in a certain amount of day or just get 100 in the first place. If not then make a way to get gems free. It would make you look better as a dev but I don’t know. You deserve some money for this game.
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6 years ago, Fxrd17
Amazing... but
While Zombes is the best 2D game out there in my opinion, it has its ups and downs. The thought process into it was excellent. The Battle Pass and all the skins are really cool (along with the variety). But there seems to be that one looming problem... the servers. I’m pretty decent at this game, getting 10+ kill games here and there, but it gets so agitating when a game you love lags and glitches, and you watch while your character gets moved across the map, then comes back into place 6 seconds or so later. I’ve been down to the last 2 and this happen to me plenty of times. It lags and I end up in the storm when I keep dragging the other way. It’s obviously not that I’m a noob, or my internet, other games are just fine. I think if the servers stopped glitching, you could be looking at a bankroll. Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan
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11 months ago, togepi#6196
What zombs once use to be
Hello my name is Togepi#6196 and I joined in season 12. Over the years Zombs it’s changed a lot. They’ve added new maps, guns, seasons, skins. But they stopped caring for the game. I have no idea who designs the new skins now but oh my lord are they awful. There’s no way the old designer team for zombs designed these new seasons and skins. Gloves are too small, wings are too small as well. Skins are garbage. They stopped updating the game and I understand that it’s a dead game but DAM. atleast show some dignity. End zombs with a bang atleast for the last season really try to do something special. Change the whole map to something new, add a bunch of guns and modes, new skins. Then, give up on it. Don’t leave zombs in such a garbage state. Maybe if you add a major update, the game might live for a little longer. I’m so annoying I know lol no one will ever read this 😂
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5 years ago, batman13570972
Best battle royale game ever!!!!!!
Okay, I’ve played other battle royale games. And it takes FOREVER to get in the game, log in, blah blah blah. But this, no, this is different. I can play this on the go, in my house, and I can play a quick game whenever. I love this game, and it is a lot easier to get skins which makes me feel a lot better about myself when it comes to battle royale games. I am not very good at them, except for this one. This one is a lot easier to play, and takes less time to get good at which the best thing in a battle royale game. I love this game, it is my favorite game to play, and please do not change anything about it like fortnite does. I like this game like ten times better then fortnite. It is the best battle royale game and I love it. And also, it does not really require that much connection!!!!!
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6 years ago, Fly351776
The game just stop working today.
Overall I think this game is awesome. It is easy to win and hard to win at the same time, and is so much fun to play with your friends. But today I got on and it said to update it. So I updated it and when I went back into the game it said it needed updated AGAIN. I tried this 3 more times. After this I decided to delete the app and reinstall it. It opened up fine afterwards, but when I went into the app, it would bring up the login page and wouldn’t let me do anything. It was like the game was frozen. And then it would crash in exactly 7 seconds. And this is weird because I have a iPhone 8 with 256 GB. It is still not working and if this didn’t happen I would’ve rated it a five star. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Cordog 10.0
Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many glitches during game play 😞
I love this game and every time I get home I legitimately run to my charger and and play it. Except at the absolute worst times it glitches out of control when I get one of the best guns and someone’s near me and then I start drifting off and when it returns to normal a is shooting me to death and before I know what the heck is happening I’m. Freaking. Dead! I just wanted to add this while I’m at it you guys should put in a mode where it’s only melee weapons like swords and knives and......well you get the point. Other than that I give it.....oh wait I forgot to put in that sniper guns are completely useless because players can see all around them and they’re always moving around which makes it even harder. Ok 👌 that’s it I promise (for now😋). So just fix those things plz and thank you.
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6 years ago, josephkflower
This a was a surprise(a good way)
Most of the io games i play are good then I hear there gonna make it a mobile game then I download it and see they put about 5 seconds of there life into the game and it’s basically trash but I heard zombs royale was going mobile and I had very low expectations about but I tried it and for the developers to put this effort in is outstanding and I mean it runs smooth even when in the car and that puts the cherry on top and the graphics aren’t garbage they are really good for a free to play game and the game is not a PAY TO PLAY GAME it’s easy for everyone the developers have put so much effort in its like each one of them took a piece of there soul out of them and put in it and made this game and I would recommend playing this game plus it’s FREE
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5 years ago, rfbdchbdc
Just wow. You ruined a perfectly good game. Well it was bad in the first place. Fine I will list pros and cons. Pros: Addictive gameplay New things added frequently so game doesn’t get boring Creative Unique chat system for 2d games Unique sniper system Cons: LAG RUINS THE GAME(what is this now, fortnite?) Takes away popular places to land. Mobile controls just don’t feel right On pc if you don’t have a mouse, you can turn and move at the same time Not skill based(ex: player had 100 hp gun does 15 damage)(sure, the damage is the same for fortnite, but fortnite balances out the greater damage by bieng able to build to defend) Ratings for signal things(out of 5): Gameplay : 4 Weapons: 3 User interface : 4 Graphics : 3 In game purchases : 2(too expensive to buy and all you buy are stupid small things that don’t affect the game at all) Battle royale rating( you could do some work on the storm) : 3 Playableness : 3.5 2d terrain : 3 Note : Stop taking out good places (ex : celestial and lucky) and replacing them with poorly designed (💩) planes to drop. If you just balance out the weapons with something else, (ex : placeable turrets and walls and traps). Thanks and it’s a good game.
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5 years ago, another iphone x user
Great game but needs work
I’m a strong supporter of this game, however it definitely needs some work on mobile. You may not notice these small issues until you’re a better player, but guaranteed you’ll notice it when you’re facing a pro PC player who knows what they’re doing. Being able to throw a grenade far to the right, aiming the shotgun before shooting, removing double snipe/shotgun to name a few. I don’t even know why the latter is still a thing. It’s always been an issue with any shooter. There’s also smaller issues such as being able to pick up extra grenades, etc while equipped with fists. You can only do it if you have something equipped. But that’s not too big of an issue. From my understanding this is a small team so it won’t be perfect. Overall, great game!
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6 years ago, I ❤️ Bow masters
Great game just one big problem
I have been playing for quite awhile I’ve always loved this game up till now Why? because the 1.3.9 update has introduced tons of lag for me and other players please fix this lag in the next update I’m always connected to WiFi but the lag is still there How? I’m not a hundred percent sure if my WiFi’s connection is that consistent with the game but my WiFi works pretty well when running apps So, I look forward to great things to come from this game What I expect: I expect the game to live a long prideful life as being one of the best 2-D Battle Royale games, I really hope this game will still get consistent updates Add new features and come out with new guns... I also have an update idea it is a pretty good idea, my idea is a new unique gun such as a laser rifle. Laser rifle- 39 damage with penetrating shots and a semi-auto firing rate AND a new type of grenade the Molotov (optional) Molotov- 47 damage upon strike 5 fire damage and a radius of 4-8 tiles (Excellent for trapping people in and luring people into) One more thing increase the launch and speed of the grenade family (reg., impulse, and repulse) And this concludes my ideas and reviews
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6 years ago, 1258842255224
There should be gifting and trading and auction houses
Trading would be a great thing because if your friend has 50 mythical and you have zero, but you have 5 melees you and your could both be happy. Gifting would be great because if youtubers who play this game want to give back to their fans all they would have to do is gift 1 of there skins that they don’t use An auction house would be a great idea because maybe the people that less lucky and they play the game a lot but they don’t get any good outfits, they could save up coins and maybe by the skin they want. The auction house would also make you guys money because people would want to get these skins. Last thing, I think you should add more cosmetics and have melees easier to get.
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4 years ago, biscuitsaregood6969
Zombs Royale mobile problem
See, the game is really good and is fun. The one thing is today I installed it again and everything seemed to work fine until I finished the tutorial and joined some games. Every game I joined the game would freeze up everyone moving at some point and I would get kicked out of the match and I could never finish a match or even get on the plane because of it making everyone walk in place and removing me from the match. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to play but if there is a way to fix this please do say so or do it cuz I always enjoy zombs if I have nothing to play I could just download it again and play but this time I can’t .
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5 years ago, ffffftttttegsjsjshsvsjs
Cool but...
So I have two accounts one is my season 4 account and one is my battle pass account one is connected to Game Center. One day I went on my iPhone and opened the app signed out of my google account and went to play on my Game Center account but it didn’t work I tried again and again it won’t work logging into my season 4 account and I can only play on my other account (my battle pass account) Other than that a few minor glitches like it will show the loading screen in the lobby but the gameplay is awesome I’ve been playing since season 4 and it is awesome and it gets better every season with new unlockable rewards i would be happy to change to 5 star if you would fix Game Center
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4 years ago, Pkeasefixthisissue
5 star game, but major issue makes it 1 star
I loved playing this game: I have played 6000 rounds of this game and I just got the game 3 months ago. It's super fun and addicting to play. I couldn't say more great things about the game. With that being said, as of a couple of days ago, there's a HUGE issue with the game now: my game shuts off everytime I play. This happens on every round I play. I can't even play the game anymore because it'll just shut off. It can be at the start of the round, the middle of the round, or towards the end of a round that I'm playing, and then all of a sudden my game shuts off. It's frustrating now and there's no one to contact to fix this issue unless I write a review. Hopefully, this issue can be fixed because, before this problem, I loved this game but now I can't play the game now since the game will just shut off every time I play around. When this issue does get fixed, I'll give this game a 5 star review.
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3 years ago, Cool but something
Good game but needs some fixing
First of all this game is really great but as a mobile player I have many bad experiences like lagging every 3-5 seconds while it’s not my WiFi. and how much advantages pc player have over them for example they have more vision, can open doors and shoot with a sniper, throw throwables further and their also able to throw them at the bottom and right while mobiles really can’t, and lastly mobiles players throwables throw by themselves when they get pulled out sometimes especially impulse and reverse impulse. So I don’t think this is fair And there’s some more too these are just to name some so yes this is a great game but can get annoying with these things:)
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4 years ago, notyouravgperson
Best game ever!!!
To start off, I’m just going to say that this game is the best! This game in my opinion is better than fortnite, and other shooting games. There are so many cool things you can do in the game including playing with friends, chatting with other people in your game, using emojis to communicate quickly, you can customize your own outfit with hats, swords, gliders, and backpacks. Also this game is free! You cannot get a better deal! This game can cure your boredom and it is not even boring. Another awesome feature is that every few days there is a new extra game mode where you have special stuff or random weapons! If you are thinking about downloading this amazingly fun and awesome app I recommend it to anyone! Have fun!😃👍
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5 years ago, DUMPDOOD
Zombsroyale is a great game but please make it easier to get stuff and chests I better than fortnite it is a really fun game easy to team and get wins also I have Been playing since 2007 and I still don’t have a parashoute and I’m ok with that but I gust really want won I could play this game for about 96 hours straight I bet but please make it easier to earn stuff otherwise it’s a great game and fun to play with your mom and dad and even friends I love this app probably the best app I have ever played so far I love the game and also can you put 50 v 50 on it because I now a lot of people like it but keep doing the switch up stuff but just add 50 v 50 I played this game with friends over 50 times but I just love love love the game.
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6 years ago, plzreadmeh
Please please fix this it is ruining the game for mobile users like me and many others!!!
Great game overall good spawns, idea, and general map quality and other items. One of the problems many people probably have is getting matched with pc players, this is a problem when it is unfair that many people who are on mobile are getting matched with pc players who are complete nerds who have played the game since it came out and getting matched with them while on mobile is a pain and discouraging. This reason alone ruins my experience in the game and is almost completely countering the pros of this game with this being the only con. Enjoyable game ruins by one thing please fix fill lobbies with bots if needed. Thanks if anyone even reads this and fixes the problem.
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6 years ago, Reckless Shardz
Very good game. Just maybe a few updates
This game is by far my favorite on the whole iOS App Store! It is a great online pvp game. I think it could use some new things though. I think the game should have actual grenades that can just explode people, mines to where you can set them up where ever and if people step on them the explode, a crossbow or bow n arrow because that would be a cool gun to add, Molotov’s to throw because that would be cool, a launch pad would be cool on this game, a chug jug would be cool to get the 100 health and shield, and may a controlled rocket launcher to where you can control where the rocket goes but also keeping the regular rocket to! Add some new game modes like maybe explosives only and stuff like that. These are just some things people and I want to see on the future!!!
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5 years ago, ShadowCowz
Why do people always copy fortnite these days?
The first thing I want to talk about is why do people copy fortnite? Well, a lot of people say, “there not copying fortnite”, or stuff like that. But, people don’t get the fact that there’s battle passes and cosmetics and all that juicy stuff that’s inside fortnite. And why I’m making a review on this game because this game is desperately trying to copy fortnite. I mean come on, they have all of these skins in this game and they have a battle pass. What makes me really mad is that they actually put a skin that looks like Drift in here. I don’t know what it’s exactly called but it’s this fox skin. Anyway, I give this game a three star is because I hate how people try to copy fortnite but yeah, everything else is ok, except for the fact that there are a lot of hackers in here. Thanks for reading and plz, don’t copy fortnite...
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6 years ago, RedRocket43
Great game!!!!!
So far of all to start this off I just wanna congratulate the developers for making such an amazing game. I really like the 2D Fortnite/PUBG style battle royale idea of it. I also have a couple suggestions that I have that could improve the game and draw a larger audience. For example, you could add custom game mode where you could invite as many friends as you wanted to a custom match where you could alter the rules and items and stuff Ex. Legendary Chests only drop Miniguns etc. something like that where we could alter the gamemode a bit and make a little bit more interactive and interesting. I doubt that this will ever come true but it just an idea and again props to you guys for making such an amazing game!!!!!
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2 years ago, MidnightSister <3
I think this game is very good for people who can’t get fortnite on some devices and i play this almost every day, i have celebrated my 200th win on this game with me and my friends. I have one suggestion, they should really add some more guns, and the ability to make a private game, i have been begging for the ability to make private games since the day i started play this. If i can get my hands on private games, this game would be alot better, not that it’s bad without it, thats just a suggestion. I was so disappointed about me doing hours of research just for it to say that the creator has to make a private game.
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6 years ago, Rasmussen509
Very addicting!
This game is amazing and very addicting and I really love all the new things that have been getting added like the season and 50v50. The only reason I gave it a 4 Star is because with the latest update it seems to take more to be able to run it. My WiFi defiantly isn’t fast but it can run Xbox games online with no problem but when I play this game now(since the last update) it lags like crazy most of time and says “check your internet connection” when just before the update my brother and I were playing duos with no lag whatsoever. This doesn’t seem like a game that would take much to run being like an .io type of game and no crazy graphics. Anyways, other than that 1 issue the game is perfect and is very fun to play.
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6 years ago, Dominick Raya
Connectivity issue on both platforms
I really enjoy the game I play it on computer and mobile and it really fun but there is some connectivity issues all the time on computer and most of the time on mobile when fighting even though I have really good internet plus shooting joystick on mobile has an enormous touch box. So every time you want to pick something up you end up shooting several bullets instead. This become even more terrible when you try to open a door with a rocket in your hand and end up shooting yourself. I don’t know how to fix the connectivity issues on computer or mobile but the shooting stick on mobile is an easy fix. Just add customizable controls or at least fix the shooting stick.
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5 years ago, fixtgeganeplsplspls12355
The game is good but I had a LOT OF BUGS!!!
When I updated the game some weird things started to happen that had never happened before. I was very confused with what was happening until I went to my other phone and the same thing was happening. While I was in the middle of the game it took me back to the lobby like what the heck. Sometimes when I’m regularly playing it freezes for like 30 seconds and the game goes on like nothing happened. Also when I die or win I don’t get my tier level up it stays the Same as a matter a fact it says I’m level ONE! When I’m supposed to be like 60. Please fix this it’s probably the update the caused all this because as soon as I updated it all of this started to happen please give this game I don’t want it to freeze in the middle of a 1v1 which I was about to win but it FROZE!! Fix this problem
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6 years ago, Flame shock
This is Epic!
I enjoy playing fortnite as much as everyone else does. But when i cant play fortnite, i play here. I have almost 100 wins and i am good. But the only things i would request is to maybe add a few more guns. I thing maybe an rpg or shotgun from the supply drop would be a great addition to the game. Also, there should be some source of building. I mean, the games already got that grid thing. I know it is mostly going to copy fortnite but maybe not make it exactly like it. And last i think the gems should be easier to get. Like maybe winning would give you 10 or so more gems. Well, if you would consider doing one of these it would be a 6 star game
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5 years ago, MSK1001
Almost perfect
I’ve been playing this game for awhile, and it’s pretty amazing. If you struggle in games like fortnite and pubg, than this games for you. It’s very simplistic while still being strategic and action packed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hard to win some games, but overall it’s much easier to learn to play in comparison. The only reason this game got 4 instead of 5 stars is because occasionally there will be some lag that is simply unavoidable, not a big deal though. The other thing is I would love to see some ranked. Being able to be rewarded for your wins by having a visible rank to show off to your friends is something I think myself and many others would enjoy. Great game, definitely download
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1 year ago, MENTALLYHIGH420
You’re getting reported for stealing!
First off not saying I hate you guys or the game. The game is great, however you guys scammed me or tried to scam me out of my money. It’s sad to see that you guys are seriously hungry for money. I cannot download any more apps in my app store cause I supposedly subscribed to your game subscription which I didn’t. Said I subbed once cancelled and then renewed which isn’t even the case. I’d like to get my refund back and get my things back to normal. For anyone reading this seriously be careful and watch out for people like this making these types of games. They’ll secretly take from you without you even knowing. I don’t ever leave comments like this on any app or game but this is not even worth a 1 star rating I wish I could give you guys a negative for stealing. Then you guys want me to pay something I didn’t subscribe to.
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5 years ago, OldSchool_dude
Starting to lose interest.
I’m just gonna say that this game is still fun and it is one of the game I have had for a very long time unlike others. I did want to notify you guys that last year, the map was way better than it has turned into this year. I get where you guys are going with the whole new map but I feel like all my friends and other people have lost interest because of the new map. Please bring back frozen lake and the Roman clouds and Halloween town. I think also you guys should delete other areas of the new map like Egypt and no beach. Thanks for hearing me out but just to say it again it’s still a very fun game to play.
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4 years ago, xxpixelxmasterx
Good but “needs” something.
Hello. I am making this post because I want to help you guys out. So, I love watching people play arena mode in Fortnite. I am not good at Fortnite, but I am decent and ZombsRoyale. I would greatly appreciate if you added a mode that is permanent and is like arena mode in Fortnite. This game mode I am talking about has seasons. Every month there is a season on arena in ZR. This is just an idea for a game mode, so if the dev team doesn’t like the idea, you guys don’t need to add it. It is just a idea because right now, in quarantine, people don’t have anything to do so why not people grind out this “arena” game mode during this pandemic. Btw your game is awesome so it is a 5 stars😃
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5 years ago, ssgmmy
Great game, just needs one thing.
Ok, so so far, I started playing this game bc I found out it was similar to fortnite, but there’s no building. I got got this game the past Saturday, and I already have 4 wins. The game is so fun, you can chat, send emotes, customize characters, and buy chests that get you more customizations. But, there’s one thing I think this game needs to add. A mic. Sure this game is great and all, but when playing duos or squads, you can’t chat with the people your in a game with. That’s the reason why I want this game to have a mic, other then that, I think this game’s better then fortnite. Download this game to find out why I say this game is better than fortnite.
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6 years ago, A water bottle
I love this game but...
I was about to play another round and I clicked the play button and it said that it was joining. It took longer than usual so I waited for a couple of minutes and then it took me back to the battle screen. I was about to exit the app when it said it was joining again and I hadn’t even touched the screen. It keeps repeating this until I press cancel a couple of times. No matter which game mode I chose it does the same thing. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall it but nothing’s working. It is a great game but it won’t let me play anymore I hope you can fix the issue soon because I really do like this game.
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4 years ago, Sirgoldfish
Amazing game!
I used to play Fortnite and all those games. But one day at school I spotted a 6th grader playing this on his chrome book. The game looked fun and you could literally just type it into your web browser. I got hooked to this game I put it on to all my devices and every time I finish my work I would be on Zombs I don’t think anything is better than something else it’s just the whole game is great. It’s better than fortnite and all of the other battle royal games. Me and my friends hop on it and play duos I carried my friend to a Victory. If you have not downloaded this game or ever played it YOU NEED TO.
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