Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Games

4.7 (429.6K)
311.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wildlife Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Games

4.67 out of 5
429.6K Ratings
2 years ago, LittleFoxyGirl
New Energy Update Is Terrible
The main thing that made me stay in interest in zooba was getting tickets and coins in events because they were helpful, now zooba has removed them and decide to add legit soda cans in the game for events,you can’t get anymore tickets in the game and now you have to pay money out of your pocket for events. The only way i can get coins in this game now is from random crates I get from playing the game or losing 24/7 because the matchmaking is terrible. They only give you 5 and I was only able to win one reward such as 1k coins and silver crate, this game is only just getting worse. And they said that later they will a fix the game to where match making is better and get rid of trophy drop,but adding this terrible update isn’t making it any better. I even hate how they made upgrades on characters more expensive,next thing you know they might make crates only cost gems and we can’t no longer get any coins anymore. I payed over 300$ on my zooba account and so far it did not help at all. I bought a offer that gave me 20k gems and now I have 30 because everything is so expensive. And the original amount of gems you can pay for 100$ is 5600. You are waisting your life time playing this game,and don’t pay for it because it will not help you. Even other greedy developers like budge studios or swift apps isn’t even this money hungry. I beg you to just delete this game, don’t buy because you will waste your money on something you won’t be able to beat.
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2 years ago, Adonai is love
Too much focus on $$
This game started out great, the crates gave you an amount of coins that was viable in character progression and the matchmaking was ok, since they announced the great “changes” that were coming it has suffered a lot. They took away the coin amounts from crates to “level” the unfair advantage but it only hurts lower level players and then raised the amount of coins needed to upgrade characters in the new character progression. The trophy loss and matchmaking was supposed to be fixed and have seen nothing of the sort. I unfortunately have put a few $100 into this game and it was absolutely not worth it at all, save your money! If I wasn’t so invested in this game I would have deleted it by now, it’s more frustrating than enjoyable which is a shame because when I first got it I enjoyed the game ALOT! Since the big update last year it has gone downhill quickly and new character introduction do not make up for what appears to nothing more than a money machine for the developers and their friends. If you are not already heavily invested I would encourage you to wait and see if they actually fix the issues with this game. Add on to all of that they now have in game ads! That is a new addition that is quite frustrating because they were NEVER there until a few weeks ago so apparently now I am supposed to pay for the premium pass to be ad free…disappointing!
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1 year ago, Koopstina from Zooba
Matchmaking is still TERRIBLE
i’m only making this a 5 star so people may see it but we were told the devs would work on the matchmaking and i will say from when i first played which was maybe 3 or 2 years ago it’s better but i’m still concerned on how matchmaking seems to focus more on how large or low you trophy count is this works with people who have barely any trophies on a character that is a LOW LEVEL, i was just playing as a level 5 ollie with roughly 500 trophies and there was a level 12 raccoon whatever his name is. This is really bad because by level 12 you can have primal instinct which for most character is ether an ok upgrade or an good upgrade. I’m not sure why they haven’t fully changed the way the matchmaking works but it needs to happen. The other problem is the trophy earning, it is WAY better than it was i won’t 10th and lose any BUT the only way you can gain a large amount of trophies in one game is by winning get 2nd in a team mode will get you like 10 trophies if you did good, while the team that won will get 20-50 depending on how far you are into the game. They have definitely made these two big problems a bit more manageable but they could be better definitely the two things the Devs need to work on the most. oh and my actual rating would be like a 2.5 out of 5
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12 months ago, A zooba player
I LOVE zooba soooooo much and I’m addictive to this really fun game! I recommend it a lot!! 👍🏼👍🏼it’s really fun and entertaining and there’s a lot of stuff to do like leveling up and and playing other modes and clans and all the other stuff but there’s somethings I don’t really like about this game no offense! So something I know other people don’t like is really high level people because so many times this happen to me like one time when I was a level 5 I was playing with nix and I saw a level 16 frank and I was like oh nah do NOT get next to me and it’s just not fair for players. I would like if the game had a level or 2 or 3 tops or lower than the characters level and if that’s not possible then at least put CPU’s . Another thing I don’t like about this game is that it takes forever to level up once your character is a level 10 or higher it takes a pretty long time if you don’t buy any coins/gems but I did so my characters are pretty high level and it was pretty easy but I would like for the higher crates to be free for people that don’t want to pay but like obviously the higher the crate the more rare it is to get if they were for free. So over all I still LOVE THIS GAME but there’s just things I know other people don’t like about it too so we would really appreciate it if you did these updates and it would be a lot better 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 (also pls reply because In other games they never reply to my reviews 😕)
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3 years ago, ndjxjcndn
Best Mobile Game Ever!
This game is filled with fun and has much to work for. You’ll do just fine as a free player, but many people say it’s pay to win. This isn’t true, you can work or pay. I love that each character has a different set of abilities. This is something many games don’t have, instead it’s usually just looks like a skin for example. Once you get to know the characters, you see their personalities and it makes the game much more funny and fun. The map is small and simple, but good. They could add a little more but I’m sure they will in a future update. The excitement of opening a crate is really fun to look forward to, and the game is filled with highs and lows. Sometimes you’re disappointed that you got no character. Sometimes you’re so happy with your account. This adds to the game’s excitement and fun. I don’t personally see balance updates needed for now, but in the future they might need some with new characters. Something to add and improve is a way to play against friends. The only way to do this now is by hoping to get in the same match. Adding that as a game mode would be awesome. The game feels so well put together, you should at least give it a try. Also, join clan True Hunters, we add to the fun by giving a new character bounty every so often. So what are you waiting for? Download Zooba today!
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4 years ago, dylpeen
Game is broken in many pieces..
I love this game. I have been playing it nonstop since I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. Yet, something feels off about it. For example in duos you and your teammate do not get a placement together. If you die #7 and your duo goes on to win the game you will only get the trophies for a 7th place finish and not a first place finish. This format results in less team work and no incentive for a teammate to revive of downed player. It’s every man for themself. Additionally, the box format is very skewed. I haven’t gotten a new player in 2 weeks thanks to only getting toolboxes. When I win I want a crate for a chance at a new character. I haven’t gotten a crate in ages despite filling empty box spots right away. Finally, I want to address the level system. For some reason when you are going up against a higher level player it says they have like 7 bars of health compared to it showing me I have 2. For example my Finn (shark character) was level 5.. when I saw a Finn level 6 in a game it showed he had 2 and a half bars of health. I had 2 bars. However now that my Finn is level 6 it still shows that I have 2 bars of health, so I am very confused how much health everyone actually has. If you are a higher level does it show you have more health to a level lower than you than it does higher than you? (Finn level 6 has 2 bars but Finn level 5 sees it as 2 1/2 but a level 7 character sees it as 2 bars)
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1 year ago, lihas16
Big issue!!!
The game is fun and all, everything about the concept of the game is really good but I would highly recommend managing the level system. I believe that if you’re like level 10 for example you should be facing players around the same level as other players. It’s really not fair facing lvl 20 players when your a level 10. It feels like there’s no point in playing if there are characters that can obviously kill you over and over again after each match, makes it harder to win more games too, also if you’re facing higher level players it just comes down to how powerful your character is and not how skilful you are at the game. Another issue I found about playing this game is that it’s harder to level up your character because of the difficulty of getting coins. It’s more like how much money you can spend which feels very unfair to the players who can’t afford the money to buy coins or boxes. Makes it harder to gather points for upgrading your weapon stats. The biggest unfairness about the game is how the tool boxes and characters boxes work. No matter how many times you open a toolbox or a character boxes the percent of getting a new character feel like it’s 1-5% chance if actually getting a new character. It just feels disappointing waiting hours for the box to open just to get a character you already have.
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3 years ago, -Some fan
Good until update
I loved and love playing Zooba with the characters, skins, weapons, and it’s all very fun and competitive while also bringing out teamwork. I think it’s still all this even after the 3.0 update but it did change things I thought would be better left alone: for example you now must instead of using level points to level up you need to spend coins on level weapon points to then advance your weapons instead of having character and weapon/advancements on two different points. I wish this stayed how it used to be because I feel this makes it really annoying to level up a character. On the topic of leveling up characters: I used to have three open slots on different characters and now I don’t as you need to be on level 9 to get the third one. This annoys me because as I stated character leveling is harder now and makes you spend more coins than you used to. With the newer skins I do like some of them but it’s really more of a personal opinion and doesn’t effect my score. But with getting a new character after the update I do like the appreciate it as I’m sure every other Zoobster does. Over all a 3.7 good game but the update upset me and I can’t help myself - Some fan Edit: Just noticed this and a bug happens we’re a player besides me weather it be a teammate or opponent their name and health bar will disappear - Again Some Fan
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9 months ago, Anonymouse356345901456
Master title
I notice while playing the game that when a season ends with master characters their progress will reset. I just want to know why are progress from the whole season will reset, we don’t even reclaim all of our master prizes or whatever. I lost many things when this happened and I think it is very stupid that they made it that way. Why do we have to lose our progress in the game? Also another side not to that complaint is that you guys still base our levels with trophies in battle. I don’t think character ps at level 8 should be playing with characters at level 20 because that has happened before and it is very annoying. Also very unfair because the higher your level the more of an advantage you have. I think the game would be much more fun and better if the creators fixed these two problems I have with it, other than theses bad things in the game I really do think zooba is fun and creative. I still want to know why you guys reset out progress as a master and still base our trophies level for battle. Anyways I hope you make changes that will improve the game and all I want is for this to be fun, fair, and cool. Please creators do change this I believe there is also a lot of other people who agree with me but I will leave it at that.
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1 year ago, oyoyacorncaps
Plz read and don’t get game Do not do it.
First of all, the reason I put this five stars is so y’all could see it first cuz they put the negative reviews last. Second of all, DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!! The reasons: Reason number UNO: Whenever I have a grenade, I can’t aim!! One time, there was an injured player in a bush. I thought I’d just finish him off, but no matter what I did, no matter where I aimed, I could not hit that guy!! REASON THE SECOND: I am new at this game. I just got it!! You would think, like in Other, better games, they would put you with people at your skill level! But nooooo. I was put, in my first game, with experts! Pros! Seriously! They destroyed me!! Which brings me to…. Part three I had a legendary gun. I was ready hiding in a bush. Suddenly someone comes. One shot. And yet, when I kill someone, with any weapon, it takes like five shots to kill them. THE FOURTH reason When it’s down to two, you are literally in the fire. It’s so distracting. Why can’t the fire come in slower? It makes everything harder for me, and probably others as well. CINCO!! Pay. To. Play. That annoying lion guy telling me what to do is all like “ always unlock and open crates.” He is literally telling you to spend money. Thank you for reading my long review. It makes me happy. 🍨🍨🍨🧁🍲🍘🍦🍩🥮🍧
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3 years ago, PettyD99
Zooba crash
I love Zooba but instead of updating the game you guys should be fixing the glitching that the players are doing in the game. Every time I play a game it will sometimes start at red then go to orange and then finally to green, then right back to red and I’m not the only one that complains about it my crew mates say they have the same problem too. They matchmaking is trash too, y’all say y’all fixing it from like 3 -4 updates ago and it’s stills the same. My highest level in the game is 14 right now but I go up against people that’s 16-17 that are at grandmaster 3-5 and I’m only at grandmaster 1 with my characters. Then on top of that if I’m playing with someone with a high level why can’t I get other people on my time with high levels too, my opponents get a good team but I get matched with a low level that runs off because the levels are too high for them to go against I don’t think it’s fair at all. If the teams are battling with high levels and I’m playing with one other person I should be able to get 3 other players with high levels it’s not fair how the gameplay is. I work hard to be were I’m at in the game just like my clan mates did too and I don’t think it’s fair that we get cheated out of a game because Zooba is not fixing the right bugs and glitches in the game. I think for the next update you guys should focus on the matchmaking and the glitching because this is outrageous.
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3 years ago, anonymous$56
This game is clearly designed to get you to spend money, which is 100% okay, & I would love to do so. If it were worth it. This game is so unbelievably expensive, it’s almost scaring me away. I spent $75 on it not too long ago, and was only able to upgrade 2 characters to level 12... just a side note, if I were to pay to upgrade all of my characters right now, I could easily get a new ps5 w/ the same amount of money. Ridiculous. another problem with this game (I understand the whole pairing with trophies thing and what not) is as an example; being a level 10 Bruce and as soon as the match starts, you’re to be against a level 16 Jade. Absolutely absurd and blatantly unfair. Aside from those two problems, it truly is (one of) the greatest games on my phone. If you’re going to download, better have your wallet ready cause WOOWEE 🥵 unless you want to stay around level 9 and only have 4-5 characters for a year or so then power to ya. I do hope the content creators read this, I’m sure 95% or more of your players like myself are middle class & would have no problem spending $5-20 occasionally on this game if it were actually worth while *cough cough* (increase the amount of gems & coins we can get from the store significantly for the same price & you’ll see you’re profits go through the roof) *cough cough* hope this helps - yours truly, a concerned player
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3 years ago, Wtfididthisalready
Great game but lacks MAPS!!
Zooba is a great game and I can see why people say it’s pay to win since characters are easily obtained by spending money but within 2 months or less I’ve been able to get 9/10 characters (there’s more than 10 of course) without spending money at all you just have to grind harder that way and spend your tickets on chests that have the chance to get a character!! The main thing that bothers me with the game is the matchmaking I’ve had a lvl 2 character facing lvl 12 at times and there’s no winning that way at all!! Also the game only has one map and it seems to have been around for a decent amount of time with players that actually pay for the game! maps should be easy enough to create and I’ve heard from multiple players myself that they wish there was at least another map to play on and I agree 1000% I’d rather have a new map than very slight chances to an existing one!! The game is one of the most expensive ones I’ve seen charging around 9.99 a week when games like clash Royale only charges 5 a month! That being said a new map or arena should be made to advance the game and get a better following for the price that is charged and even if it were to be completely free it deserves a new one...just my input though from a gamer that’s played games for over 20 years
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2 years ago, jackson24680
The only reason I put them 5 stars up there is so you read this. Let me start of on what you should expect. This was a 5/10 in all but over the years it became a 7/10 which if the devs are satisfied with then OKAY but if they want to try and have a 9/10 or maybe a 10 then LISTEN UP. First: matchmaking: 4/10: with new characters your good, but fight a little more and YOU will be dead and I mean DEAD!!! I’m talking a LION vs a ANT!!! ( your the ant) you’re in for a world of pain I’m takin level 10 vs 18 and for those who don’t know 18 is maxed level and costs a bloody stack of cash. Secondly: offers: I mean this one is just sad! In any game the online store has a variety of things you can buy with in game money right? Zooba here? All cash. All them good deals? Cash. What’s the point of gems??? I mean what is it? Thirdly and lastly: so fare it’s been the matchmaking and in game offers and to end this off I’ll say it’s the rewards for the higher league players. I mean a league 14 (only 18 leagues in game) gets the same season rewards as a 1????? The amount of gems/money and better chests, should be HUGE. The master league rewards!!! FIX that up. So in total it’s a 7/10 for me. For new players? 5-6 if they don’t quit in month. Thanks for wasting your time with me :)
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4 years ago, Hannahh G.
Many good Aspects
I love this game and really like how it’s very simple to maneuver with 4 weapons total and it is very clear which weapons are better which I have found difficult with other battle royals games. What I have found frustrating though is the fact that the high level sharks, eagles, and tigers can kill you instantly which is not necessarily fair. I also think the fox is awful, I would maybe make the bow deal more damage because he has little health plus can deal little damage. I feel like he is only good for picking up weapons. The biggest issue though which I feel like people usually talk about is the match making. I’m not sure how it is done but I should not be playing level 12 people with twice the trophies as me when I am level 8. Not sure how to fix that but the levels of your opponents should definitely match. I also think that when you are down in duos trios and team battle and you are revived you should definitely have more health because I usually just die instantly again which was a waste of being revived. Other then those issues I love this game and I love that you are constantly improving it and making new characters because that makes it so much more fun to play. Thanks!
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5 years ago, KreeceD
If you are low level you won’t win. I was just now a lvl 2 penguin in a showdown with lvl 6 monkey. Easy win all day. I’m a sniper range chat. He’s a melee char no range. I hit him twenty times!! No damage. I have all gold items. Better than his by far. Still he just has too much hp. I can’t kill him. He knows this so he just stands there waiting for the fire circle to get so small I have no choice but to die in the fire or run to him and die. So I end up losing SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS A HIGHER LEVEL! Are you serious!!!! This is just dumb and I will not keep losing to trash people who have no skills just because they are a higher level than me. The rewards system is trash. All the boxes you have to throw away so they make you want to spend money to get crates to unlock to possibly get a new char or a few fragments to upgrade your char one level. When you have to wait for 12 ON EVERY BOX AND YOU CAN PLAY A MATCH A MINUTE! 99% of all your boxes will be discarded. You will never rank up or level up. This is a pay to win game. All day. Don’t let them trick you. A level one you have about 1k hp 800 attack. Level 7, you have 4.5k hp and 2k+ dps. Yeah good luck winning. This game is amazing. The level system is not. The rewards system is complete trash. You pay ten dollars for 500 diamonds!! It takes 60 to speed up one box! So for ten bucks I get 6 boxes opened faster? Wow no thanks no bargain there.
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4 years ago, Ilovetoastandbacon
Great game but has a issue
So I downloaded the game a few days ago and I’ve been playing loads. I really would have loved to give the game a higher review, but there is one problem that keeps popping up. When I’m in the middle of a game my game crashes which is normal for games but not only does it crash, but rather it putting me back in the lobby or putting me on a “waiting for game/match”, it decides to put me in the game I was in. Yes you still come back with everything but half the time I will be dead or being attacked by then. I would like if maybe they kept this but when you aren’t in the match and your loading back in it would be great if they gave some kind of protection or like an immunity. Yes tris may seem “over powered” but it is really no fun when this happens. So I would love the creators did something about this. I would also be okay if they put me back in the lobby because it only takes me roughly a few seconds to find a match. So I hope they can do something about this soon. I may get so hate about this, but I still love the game, and that’s the only thing that really bugs me about the game if they (the creators of Zooba) did something or anything with this I would be very happy! Other than that the game is 5/5 ⭐️ so far. Also my review may change over time I have only played the game for a few days now but that’s really all I wanted to say.
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3 years ago, CayHub
Had the game since launch
This game is very fun! The gameplay and character progression is amazing. The game lacks in competitiveness the match making is completely broken, people who pay-to-win are level 14 with primal instincts playing level 12 players which is a huge difference in this game. The matchmaking shouldn’t be just trophies it should be trophies and character level because the game isn’t fun whenever some guy pays an insane amount of money just to beat you on a mobile game. Also I’ve had the game since 2019 and played a lot over the years and constantly opening crates but I never get new characters and never get primal instincts and I know primal instincts are relatively new but hey come on show your loyal players some love y’a know let me at least get one of the new characters or one primal instinct for a good characters. Love the game but over the years it just keeps getting worse with pay to win strategy. Some characters are obviously worse than others I only enjoy playing with certain characters like that shouldn’t be the case characters should be even in overall but vary in different categories of skill. Zooba please make the game more fair that’s all that I ask I love the game and will continue to play but cut the broke boys a break🙏🏼
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11 months ago, Ujoluh
Just don’t play
While the start was fun. it did fell new and fresh but as the game progresses I can barley get into a match that I don’t win. lobby's are full of bots that barley provide a challenge and I tried this game about a year ago and I even spent real money (witch was stupid don’t do that) on a character that I was interested in. I thought it would bring back some interest into the game and it did I played awhile longer but then still got board quick then deleted the app not thinking about it and I come back today finding out they ran away with my money when you spend REAL MONEY it’s locked to the game and if you delete the game you’re profile will go with it I spent about $20 and while thats not a lot I will never get that back or get back what I paid for now I’ve been talking about the money thing. but the game is still just boring now I haven’t played recently so maybe there was an update but still playing the bit I did today I still got no joy from the content the character options are bland and a very small difference between you and your enemies weapons the bonus content if you could call it that is boring and not really viable for this game . In short I have had a bad time playing this game and I bet some people might love this game but I shared my experience for new comers. and now that I’ve been nice this game is a scam for money and for its lack of content so save yourself and play something else.
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4 years ago, Bryan M was taken
Pay To Win
This game if definitely enjoyable when your paired with new players like yourself at the beginning but that changes really fast. After an two or three hours of playing you start getting paired with higher level players. Of course this wouldn’t be a really big issue in most games, however, it is in this one. It takes a large amount of grinding to level up your character. But guess how you can skip that? You pay, you pay heavy amounts of money to instantly unlock better, high tier characters. Along with that, you can pay to get them leveled up. Over time the only people you start to come across are people who payed to get the gear and levels they have. No amount of skill will help you win when another player is higher level than you. Along with the fact that other characters are superior to others, for example, Nix is meant to be a balanced character that is quick at picking up loot. However, if faced against any other character he fails in comparison, either in speed, health, power, or a mix of them. This game purely relies on people paying for their characters, gear, and levels. It is pay to win, along with the fact that this game is marketed to children who, likely, do not know the value of money and how it is wasted in the purchase of in-game items. Overall, the game is pay to win and it is not worth playing unless you are willing to let go of a lot of cash, even then, someone has payed more and will keep doing so, just to win.
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2 years ago, #*()'
Mid Battle Royale Game and very Pay to Win.
Probably one of the most pay to win games I’ve seen. The best way to get gems and crates is not grinding, but paying money and the special offers is definitely a way to get people to buy gems and crates. I match up with people that are higher levels, making it harder than it should be. Water is trash especially if people are attacking me and the fire is behind me, making the only way to get away is the water. The water slows you down and does not let you do anything besides getting you killed. If I moved faster in water, or could do my ability that would be good, but water is the worst especially when you get knocked back. Also a lot of characters are very over powered. The positives are that it is fun when your playing with people around your level. Also a fun idea and ability’s are a cool aspect of the game. If you could spawn on different maps instead of one that would be cool. Weapons working different is also a pretty good feature. Playing with my family is fun, (when I can actually play with them). Game could be a top mobile game if there was some balance changes and remove some features. Probably too late to change the the pay to win part of the game, especially since it’s probably there main source of income.
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3 years ago, fakcon67231
Hi I am a fellow zooba player and I feel that this games is VERY pay to win. I like that some games are like that but this is way too expensive for thing. Take gem prices for an example I feel the 100$ deal is fair but what about us kids that do not have that kind of money.I think the 20$ deal is ok but you need 60$ to unlock a new character which I feel is too expensive. I think the 20$ deal should have more gems like maybe 1700 or 2000 gems that seems fair. (to me at least). Also it’s the crate chances for a character I feel is wayyyyy to low in my opinion. I feel like the lowest should be 7 to 10%. Also I think some different maps would be cool like 2 or 3 different maps like you could make one map mostly water and another mostly bushes like in the savana. Finally some more characters would be cool ,and I know there are a lot already which I am happy about and I thank you for but maybe you could make some more water environmental creatures like and seal or a sting ray. The sting rays ability could be to electrocute somebody and stun them for a few seconds. If you could do any of these changes or different changes that would be nice.
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3 months ago, ajgevdjii
Amazing but… (PLEASE READ!!)
Personally I love this game. I’ve been playing it since I was a little kid and it was the best. I would get so excited to see new characters and just be so cool. BUT there are a few things I want the developers to know. First the matchmaking is horrible and annoying. I can’t go through a match without going through a person level ten or higher. Second I am actually kinda bad at the game so this might not be on the devs but I always seem to lose trophies, it’s so annoying and my league keeps getting lower because of it. I was at league 11 once but went to league NINE. Please fix this. Third I love the characters that people get and I always keep my eye on them but I never EVER get any new characters. I barely get them and when I have a high chance I get upgrade points to a character that already has a lot. That goes to four but later. Anyway I think you should have legendary crates let you get a characters instantly because I get lucky to get the crate but not the character. It would be a three (my rating) but again it’s a good game, you’re lucky I still play it. I would do four but this review is long enough. Again good game but from other ratings absolutely do NOT waste money on this :(
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4 years ago, dpb363nova
Veteran player here
This game has probably been my go to game for the last year it’s got a big enough selection of characters to fit any play style for real time pvp players. The combinations of items you can run allows you to make those characters even more flexible. If there was anything I could change about this game it would probably be to request a variety of zoo maps or even if it was random, playing on the exact map with small additions here and there might bore some people, but don’t get me wrong The map they have made is quite large and how the fire closes in on different parts makes it so that final showdown for the king of the zoo battle quite exciting because if you have something like an animal that excels at being in water for example it might give a tactical advantage. This game is only really pay to win if you have no patience. it’s not the kind of game you can just hop to the top 100 on the leaderboard in a day. So if your ok with losing once in a while to still play without spending a dime it’s entirely possible, but the road will be rough. That’s what separates the pro players from the pay to win guys, I’ve witnessed a level 10 take out a 16 several times, it is possible if your smart.
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10 months ago, paitpait55
Good, but there’s some a bit much of problems
So Zooba overall is a really great game like I’m starting to get really good at it and everything but there’s a couple little problems. There is barely a chance in gold crates to get new characters and getting new characters is a really fun part of Zooba and I don’t understand why you can’t have a better chance of getting a character and gold crates and something that also I got a law is when I want to game it turns to the blue and yellow squiggly lines on my screen, and it just cuts out and lags I don’t really understand why it does this. Mine just doesn’t really work that well and it’s the newest version also. And the worst part of this is just today I figured out my Zooba won’t play sound anymore. I made sure in the settings that all the sound things are on make sure that all the time and I tried, pressing the side button on my phone it’s all the way up, but still no sound but I still cannot hear my Zooba music or shotgun, or anything, so I am very confused with that so overall a bunch of bad tweaks it and please bring the old character side scroll back I love that so much and then you guys removed it:(
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4 years ago, kshshdhsbsbx
Great Game. Some issues
This game is a great time waster while I have nothing to do. I honestly love playing with my brother and cousins especially in this time with the virus. But, there are two flaws in my opinion, first, is the matchmaking. Sometimes, I get paired with people sometimes 2000 trophies above me with their character a higher level than I am. Second, is how many offers you have to get and how much they are. Most of the time, I feel like the money I pay in games help me a lot. In this game I feel like that, but I get so many offers that I think are way overpriced. Such as the battle pass. It’s $10 a week, but they could make it like 500 gems to buy the entire time until a new season. And they always have a character in the shop that is around 2000 gems, which is about $50. Very overpriced for such a small unit when I could just grind up for it. I also think how you get boxes is a bit rigged because you most of the time only get toolboxes which you don’t even have a chance to get a new character and a slim chance to get a power. I feel like they should have more boxes that could contain characters. Overall great game and I recommend playing.
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4 years ago, Silvia & Tiago
Great game, but it has issues
Ok, I absolutely love this game, but, there are many issues, like the issue of hitboxes, where even if you are just out the edge of a grenade or a bow shot you get hit and the issue where the diving item (don’t know the name) doesn’t work fast enough so Buck can just drag you out. Also, Jade’s passive does too much damage, I mean, thematically and in gamestyles, it’s great, but it is just too simple to kill someone with it, and the penguin’s (forgot his name) passive slow needs to be reduced a bit, because it is basically an infinite stun if he hits you once, or maybe reduce the duration, or even put a cooldown on the capability to apply this slow. Also, put us against people our level! I play as a level 8 Finn and constantly have to go to hell to try and outplay a level 12’s whole career, so, please fix this. Oh, and, for last, it is too hard to advance once you reach a certain level, as you end up against people a lot stronger than you, can’t get any more trophy rewards, take a lot longer to level up characters and never, get, a, new, character... because all we get is toolboxes, no crates, so, please, hear me out on these problems and damage ratios in general.
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2 years ago, good game but needs a lil more
This game expects me to know everything
This game is so unfair in many reasons , it’s really fun, but that’s only when it’s fair for example I’m a level 4 Shelly and I started a round so first I see a level three buck then a 5 milo and then I see a LEVEL 15 ROMEO Like game please help, oh that’s right there is no tutorial or button I’ve heard of that tells me just the basics, and if there is why is it so hidden ? And also I haven’t gotten a character in 1 year and 11 months so almost 2 years I’ve opened about three emerald crated 5 gold and probably more gold but you know I haven’t gotten one character! Maybe you could show me where promo codes button is bc I you know didn’t know where to sit at school lunch so I sat somewhere random I said do you play Zooba and they said yes so they said they redeemed a bunch of promo codes and I said how and he never told me. so Zooba please please PLEEEEAAASSSEE just tell me I don’t have yt bc my parents don’t allow it so I want to watch sooooo many videos bc they don’t let me spend money and I cant buy any offers also by the way why is there an offer for 100 bucks like bro anyways this is my review and overall it’s. Fun game and you guys did a good job basically copying Fortnite which I don’t play anymore but thanks for the game keep up the decent work
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2 years ago, A-Reasonable-Person
See here’s the thing I love it 👍👍mostly but some character’s I just don’t get like I never get 😡😡jade or duke or fin or any of the cool characters I just get buck nix pepper it makes me mad plus I have opened so many golden crates and I only have 5 characters on I had a good account once but there was a bug. You know the little bubble that appears when you update the game and it shows you the percent? Well whenever it went past 26 percent it just went back to zero over and over I would sit on the couch and just wait for it to stop but it never did I spent more then 40 hours on that and it made me so mad since I had DUKE! AND FUZZY! AND FIN!!I loved the character but it just stopped working so I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it worked with all of my progress gone 😡😡😡😡😡plus if you want to have like basically all the characters you have to pay since the chance goes down every time I get a new one so please how about this if You give me fin and I will never complain ever again my new account is MoonLight27 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 and DON’t give me a response that’s like (I am sorry that you are unsatisfied with our product) give me a personal response please! And thank you
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3 years ago, Amazing App No Adds
About Zooba
Zooba is a fun and enjoyable game but sometimes it’s just annoying to get new characters everytime you actually get a new one it’s just frustrating to get the characters you actually want, it feels like you have to pay 10$ for gems and you open the crate to see what you got but it’s always a character that you don’t want for example I remember when I always wanted molly and a few days later I did get her but then I got 5 characters and everytime its hard to get a character beacause the chance is lower like from 25 chance to 12 or 10 it’s just annoying, one time I gave my phone to my kid and he just wanted the characters so I had to get gems but I didn’t and he just kept crying because of that I had to buy gems but he got only 3 characters from the legendary crate and because he only got 3 was because most of the openings were items, another time was when i wouldn’t buy him gems he tried to cheat to get gems once I saw him doing that I got mad he cried and ran into my room to mess it up and he even found my wallet and ripped apart a 2$ and I had to buy him gems but I just pretended to buy and I told him to not get my phone until I buy them he said yes but I never bought them. THE END
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4 years ago, snoop doggo
An Almost Good Game
The gameplay in zooba is fun fast paced and has a great variety of weapons and characters. That is the only good things about the game. Everything else is trash. The leveling system is awful and it is near impossible to get trophies past 1200 unless you plan to sit in a bush until you get trophies since going out and facing the opponents that are 4 LEVELS ABOVE YOU is a bloodbath. Plus they made it even worse with the Grandmaster update. The matchmaking is terrible as well. You are constantly forced to face opponents that are ridiculous levels above you, not to mention the lag and terrible servers. I know it is hard to fix servers but at least fix it when it crashes and says JOINING EXISTING MATH.... and it never works and I end up losing trophies because of it. It is crazy hard to level up your characters and get new characters. It could take months before finally getting a new character, with crate odds that continue to get worse the more characters you get, which doesn’t seem fair at all. If you wanted to get a new character you would basically have to spend real money to get them. This game is PAY-TO-WIN. And even if you pay the prices are ridiculous. $100 for 2 new characters, ARE YOU SERIOUS. What were you thinking Wildlife. Horrible game. If you are looking for a fun game to play this is not the game.
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11 months ago, KATTG1
Absolutely disgusting administration.
For one Im a player that came in when the game had just began. It was fun, I’ve adapted myself to all the changes within the game, with the prices, with the levels and all the characters this game brings because I can afford it and I enjoy playing. What I do not like, is that when I give opinions on the game, about bugs within updates or simply giving constructive criticism I get shut down. Just like now being suspended for giving an opinion about the bugs. Within that, I also do not like that this game does not advocate for women who suffer sexual harassment from players, instead, we get told “There is nothing we can do” (Got screenshots from my ambassador) Many players have been victims and the admins shut us down immediately. So it is not a safe game… additionally, Im a VIP gold who has spent over 10k in this game, and have continue to show interest, however, with the maltreatment of the admins and moderator it is almost impossible to have fun when they shut down every idea, respond rude and threaten all the time to ban you from discords and official pages. This game is ran by the players who play and invest… but if we cannot even give a constructive opinion on the lack of support each update brings with so many bugs, it is impossible to continue. I would like to highlight the neglect on woman and support from the zooba team. Thanks in advance.
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4 years ago, Lilaclove11
Im addicted!
So what I have seen is people call this game “Pay To Win” I dont believe that for a second, because I have progressed through the game so much without spending money, so dont believe them! It just takes time and practice, you gotta work for what you want! I have strategies to help me win. Here is a few tips for people who struggle. 1. If you are a lower level, stay in the bushes and near the fire but not in it. 2. If you have fuzzy, pepper, earl, or any others that “throw” the spear, use knockback spear! It helps a lot to push others in the fire! 3. You can be aggressive with any character, not only buck, just dont be a try hard! 4. ALWAYS. OPEN. CRATES. You never know when you will get something new from a crate! It could be a character, item, or just some upgrades and coins for characters! 5. Have a pattern of moves! Ex. If you want a pattern for buck, I suggest doing his active move, spear, gun, and then bomb! 6. Fit in! Dont copy what items people use, be creative! 7. Compete in events! Event tickets can be very useful for crates, emotes, and skins for characters! Thats all I have for now! Keep calm and play zooba! (•w•)
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12 months ago, ArnnyOM
I was one of the original players when this game first started and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the unique art style and the creative ways that you guys made your characters. But I actually ended up getting tired of the game because it just wasn’t exciting anymore, the fact that I went a full 4 months without getting a single new character was very frustrating. I eventually became more busy with school and other more exciting interest so I didn’t have as much time to play. But I would always watch the videos on new characters that released because they were the coolest part of the game. I came back to Zooba recently because of my sibling and they were telling how much it changed. To my dismay the prices for any character quite literally multiplied 10x. And now that I look back on my past experiences this game has been and is currently extremely predatory. It’s kinda sad how y’all are not even trying to discretely hide the fact that YOU WANT OUR MONEY! I don’t know if your company is struggling to make money but I can definitely guarantee that the decisions are honestly repulsive. I really want to love this game but this has to be one of the the most pay to win games I’ve ever seen. You quit literally get whatever you want as long as you have money or CRAZY LUCK!
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3 years ago, a helpful. guy
Great game just like matchmaking stuff and upgrading
Aight ive played this game for about like 2 years on and off its fun and stuff but like when the reqork of the upgrade system i was given like 17k coins compensation for the removed items (plus the fact knockback spear upgrades removed was dissapointing). This 17k sounds like a lot but now to upgrade my characters to their levels i have to get like 2000 for the smaller upgrades and 3-5k for higher stuff. When this adds up i like spent that 17k on like one character and didnt wven max it to the level i had before. This is insane like right now im supposed to somehow get about 70k to max my stuff then i need more to get to the next level. So money in short is wayy too difficult to get. Plus the fact this game is irritating when you dont have many characters. Starting off can be frustrating. Also matchmaking is done apparently based trophies on not actual level so you can only get maybe 100 trophies on one character before you meet like level 17 guys who can one hit you with one attack. Most of my dudes are level 10 so its kinda stupid but its alright. Thank you though as much as i ranted it is fun lol
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3 years ago, FoxSillyGamer
I like this game however it’s also very annoying to play because if you play with a level 1 character your going to against level 6 players and sometimes rarely you will find a level 14 because they trophie drop. Your updates are trash as well like more skins come on I don’t want useless updates fix the trophie system instead so that I don’t have to go against level 12 or 11 right now all my characters are all level 6-7 so pls do actual updates that do make this game better. This game is too pay to win, Example you start off as a noob well you can play the game and get at it or you can just spend 200 dollars real money on 2 characters or a 3000 gems character like step it up your just using your game to make money now that’s why your targeting kids because you know they spend money the most. And those 3 updates that your going release in order you always going the useless one first like come on bro the last two updates are actually going to help us fight against someone on our level your just trying your best to get as much money as possible by releasing skins and making the good updates last.
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2 months ago, YoitsJujini
Matchmaking. MATCHMAKING
So first off the bat, they give you semi balanced characters but recently the characters like Phil and Nico have taken over the matches in the game. Anyways, the matchmaking system is horrid. I always get matched up with level 8s and 10s, highest level I’ve encountered is a 20. That shouldn’t be possible at lvl 6💀. I wish there was a character skill THEN lvl ranked system. Second, the characters are kinda balanced but please add a better dash cooldown for Nix. I’ve encountered so many runners it’s not even funny they can just dash out of the way and even skip full lava paths. Lastly, this game is straight up p2w. There is no reason to spam every microtransaction if I haven’t even considered touching the buy button or I’m a little kid lol😂. Anyways I hope the matchmaking is gonna get better cus unless your the best player that has ever played the game your not getting first. Also add more slots so that they don’t fill up after like 3 rounds The only reason this is 5 stars is that the devs can see this and stop making everyone cry cus some characters damage output 3-4 shots you💀
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11 months ago, Adambomb888888888
This Game is a Complete Money Grab
It seems like at least once per game I get a message saying, “your game has been disconnected from the server.” And usually by the time I load back in I am already dead. Also, it is so obvious how greedy the developers were and this game is extremely pay-to-win. Absolute Money-Grab. I wrote this review about a year ago and recently redownloaded the game because I spent ten dollars on it in the past. The game has gotten even more pay-to-win than before. The addition of the season pass has allowed the developers to add a new overpowered character each season. I entered a match with my level 10 Iris character. I have items and everything on this character because this is the one I spent money on. I usually have a fair chance against the people it matches me against because I have gotten such high trophies on this character that I have become underleveled compared to the people I am playing against. Then I see someone with a blue shield in front of them charging at me across the water, moving about double normal walk speed. He crashes into me dealing a quarter of my health and then somehow when his charge ends deals the same amount of damage again. I manage to run away back across the water and he just charged me again and easily catches me and kills me, didn’t even use any weapons.
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4 years ago, daydreamsingray
I don’t write reviews but this game made me .
This is the first review I’ve ever written and it is because I really love this game yet am truly discouraged at the “pay to win” style. I am all for spending some money on an app that is worth it ( which this one is ! ) but it is true that over time it becomes extremely unfair and discouraging to keep playing unless your willing to pay BIG money. More incentives based on game play or skill would make a lot of the fans stay and even invest more. I agree the you should be matched up with others your same level... or even some simple change like lessening the time it takes to open a box or level up time would be enough motivation to hold out. This game has so much potential and had became my favorite. But it seems I’m not the only one who was forced to put it down because you reach a point in the game where if you don’t spend money than it’s just not that enjoyable anymore. This game would’ve received 5 stars from me otherwise because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. I don’t even like battle - like games AT ALL but this game was so well designed and thought out that you can’t help but fall for it. Thank you but please think of reconstructing the reward/level system or at the very least the match up algorithm 🙏
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10 months ago, Zoobeplayer67394
Impossible to enjoy
Fist thing first my main issue with this game is the matchmaking. It uses a trophy based system which the amount of trophies you have with your character will be relatively similar to other players in your match. The problem with this is you can level up characters without actually playing them by buying micro transactions in the in game shop. So you’ll most likely find yourself in rounds with players who are like 5 levels ahead of you. I recently just played with a level 15 Earl on grandmaster 1 and almost every player in the round was level 20. Another big issue with this game is the in app purchases. The micro transactions in this game are ridiculous. The game requires almost zero skill as long as you enjoy spending hundreds of dollars on the in game purchases. Items and characters in this game are extremely unbalanced with some being uttered trash and others overpowered tanks. Spending money on in app purchases is a necessity to get any progress in this game. Spending zero money on micro transactions will get you five to seven characters and only to level 11 max for any of your characters. Now I have made a review on this game before and got a pre made response and knowing how greedy Wildlife studios is I doubt they will give a crap about what I said so my only advice would be DON’T GET THIS GAME
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2 years ago, ArmenJooJ
Ruined game and lots of hackers
This new patch ruined the game for me completely. Utterly horrible. Ruined the leveling system, ruined the items, made he game even more of a pay to win game, cost of leveling increased ridiculously, no we have to upgrade little by little when the game was fine as it was before. Absolutely disgusted with this new update it’s trash. The game is still super glitchy, extremely demanding, makes my battery and phone/tablet extremely hot, still using the unfair matchmaking system, I’m level 5 unranked playing against level 10-13 ranked? Every time I go back to the Home Screen it’s another add trying to get me to spend money on the game. Such a joke I cannot believe they could actually ruin a game that was already sub par. Truly disappointed, uninstalled, Never coming back 🤮 I can’t even report another player to the creators of the game, it’s honestly such a joke, the report player tab just keeps you going in a loop until you give up, there’s no way to report hackers and they’re everywhere. I have screen recorded evidence of people hacking and the creators couldn’t care less, they just want your $$$$$$$$ PAY TO WIN, FULL OF HACKERS, STUPID MATCHMACKING stay away save your time.
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1 year ago, that cartoon fan
Pay 2 Win, sadly…
I’m just going to get straight to the point, I actually like this game. I like the zany characters, I like the gameplay and I like the overall concept, But I feel there are things that are holding this game back the matchmaking is one of them, I don’t think basing it around trophies is a good idea, it make’s winning matches incredibly difficult. there’s nothing fun about being a level 7 going against 13 or higher in what feel’s like every match, it makes me feel like I always have to hide, so I can get enough trophies to earn rewards. furthermore, the reward system is atrocious, it’s really difficult to unlock new characters, i can’t stand when I struggle in matches to finally win one of them, to receive a gold crate only to wait an absurd amount of time to open it, only to find it was an absolute waste of time, it’s very demotivating and I keep holding on to this hope that things will ever get better, but I’m just a nobody so no one will listen. It doesn’t matter anyway I’m getting closer to dropping it all together. I would like to keep playing but it’s hard to when it just genuinely makes me unhappy not being able to accomplish anything.. never have I felt so defeated trying to enjoy a video game before…
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2 years ago, djccjeisizdnxuebsohhd
I love this game but…
Hello, this is an avid player of Zooba speaking. I really like this game, I honestly don’t know why exactly lol, but there is a lot to do while still being incredibly simple. I do however have some suggestions that I think would make everyone happier. Having multiple maps and setups would add an appreciated amount of variety, because it is the same map ever time right now. A second thing is having a reasonable power matching system. You get that if your character is level 1-3, but after that you can be pushed against someone double your level and be defeated in a second. I would really like it if you could make a more varied power matching system because of this, as it’s often people who spend money on the game and they can easily whip our butts. I know that is part of the marketing technique, but some of us can’t afford incredibly overpriced digital currency, and we prefer to work for our progress. Please make this fair to us, and I promise these changes will bring life to the game and get you a lot more players.
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12 months ago, YougsterYT
Few request
I love playing Zooba I play it none stop. It’s a fun fast action game that can be played wherever and whenever. However there are a few issues. 1. Levels. I feel like it’s unfair because I enter matches with trophies 300 to 400 I enter at level 5 or 6. But then your vs level 16,17,18 and even level 20s. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to fix this but would be much appreciate. 2. Coin. Coins in the game are so hard to get because you either buy them or earn them from battling or events or crates. These are hard to earn because you Either lose trophies in the process when you die and not get any coins. I wish that coins would be easier to get. Trophies. I hate the fact that you lost trophies when you get a lower rank that just takes out the fun of the game. 4 characters. Characters are super hard to get. I’m in league 13 and only have 7 characters that is so boring only having the choice of 7 characters a day I just got Henry today actually. I think you for your attention and just wanted to let you know some fixes that may help with the development of this amazing game.
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4 years ago, Texasboi2542
Great Game.
It’s obvious you took your time developing this game. From the controls, to the weapons, the perks, even the characters (names, personalities, and design). Some characters abilities seem like they are more advanced then others but as you switch perks and level up your characters you begin to level the playing field. I like the leveling system because it makes you want to level up your characters. Yeah the people that pay to play level up faster and get better stuff but I understand that from a business point. If people weren’t gaining anything from paying then why would people pay. I do not pay because I don’t feel the need to level up quickly, I’m ok with building my characters over time. Also enjoy the updates with new characters. It would be nice to have different levels though and not play the same level over and over. Maybe try different parts of the world and people can select their character based on where they are going to play. I’m sure there is more to come just keep working with the game for new ideas and don’t let it get stagnant.
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4 years ago, LazyIncome4Fun
Uncontrollable Progress
I like this game a lot i like the mechanics, i like how there is a skill gap and you can outplay people. But the one thing that might make me actually quit this game is the fact that in the battle royale it takes into account your level of your character which makes them stronger much more tankier and so on. This is especially annoying because you have NO CONTROL over whether or not your getting points for the character you play. Because you don’t earn xp towards the characters level just by playing them, no you get nothing for that instead you have to open up the boxes and hope they give xp towards your certain character i’ve already played 20 games as molly the kangaroo and she’s level 3 while the bull guy i got at the beginning is level 5 and i’ve only played 2 games with him the chests literally gives all of my points to the bull guy whom i don’t play at all so when i go in game i’m in arena 3 and people are level 5/6 and it’s basically impossible to kill them unless you crazily outplay them because they can 2 shot you and it takes about 6/7 hits to kill them it really just zaps the fun right out, at least add a mode where level isn’t taken into account at all.
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5 years ago, bigxena1
Very great, and a good idea
So 1st, very great game. In a way, this isn’t a review, but ideas I would like in the game. First, ditch the leveling system. This seems odd, but I get slaughtered by level 8’s every game I die in, and that’s barely an exaggeration. I’m level 6 in this game and can’t find a good way to level up. This isn’t helped by the fact that it’s down to luck if you get your creatures level up tokens in crates. I can’t really win if I know I’m at a disadvantage 24 7. Second, a MOBA like game mode would be nice. The battle royale gets kinda boring after a while, and it wouldn’t be much of a change anyway. The game is already half MOBA, and a different game mode would be the entire change to the game, which isn’t much of a change. Third, no limits with the characters. This means I can play anyone at any level. I don’t mind if you don’t do this because of money, and that’s fine. I do think most people would appreciate it if you do. This has been ideas I’ve had to hopefully make this game even better than it is, and hope that this helps the developers get ideas for this game.
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2 years ago, do this please 1237je
Do this
So like I need a better way to get new animals or like tell me a way because am in league 12 and I haven’t had a animal in 2 years and my recent one is a gift you guys gave for the update which mine was skippy and he’s already level 9 I had him for a long time and it’s starting to get boring with new animals and just please fix getting new animals also a free to play player so no I don’t spend money on getting gems and new animals and the offers can be good but a free to play so o cant even get it so I need a easy way to get characters and I gotten lots of golden crates but I do have 10 animals maybe that why I don’t know but am getting bored with a new character so fix it please and also fix your errors I have this one that says please check your Internet when mine is good and my other apps work perfectly fine which makes no sense and I that why I cant even make a new account because I want to maybe have a chance of getting a new animals and am on iOS and there no videos about the error on iOS and am getting bored of this so I might just delete I did take a long break but I came back but I might just leave after like 1 month or 2
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4 weeks ago, 100breadcrumbs
So as I said before I basically suggested anything you get on the character path is FOR that specific character only because it’s hard to get the stuff you need when you have a lot of characters and just got a new one and you can’t level it up bc the game gives you all different characters I also said when characters reach 1k trophies they’re basically unplayable bc of the matchmaking and it should be based off level instead of something And one more thing. There needs to be more ways to earn money by far the only way to get enough money to level up your character is black crates or one of those higher up crates I mean winning a match gets you literally like 1 coin it’s so stupid and in most crates it’s also one coin. In the daily free crates they’re basically useless I don’t even pay attention to what they give bc they’re free and with this game they aren’t gonna give you anything useful since these creators I’ve heard only care about the money spenders of the game and I do spend money 🙋‍♀️ but I don’t wanna have to every time I need to level up a character.
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4 years ago, Absolet
2.0 update ruined matchmaking
I’m a huge fan of the game, i’ve pulled up tons of hours on it and i’ve spent my fair amount of money too, but ever since the 2.0 update the matchmaking just went down the drain. Now i’m getting matched with beasts that are either two or three levels higher than my character, or have these goated characters that are simply better than mine in every way, with better items to make things worse. I see where you guys are going, and even tho this isn’t that big of a game, you’d do just fine with micro transactions. The game is very expensive as is, a single rare character costing like $50 bucks a piece, and now you’re forcing people to spend more by matching us with high leveled opponents, making it virtually impossible to win fights. Pulling up hours and raking up trophies will pretty much ruin it for us now. I have about 1k trophies collected with each of the characters i own, and i’m getting destroyed in the first seconds of a match by a much better, high leveled character. I beg you, change the matchmaking to how it was before, don’t get greedy. This game is hella fun and i wouldn’t want to see it go down to its demise like i’ve seen many other apps do over greedy developers. This game is way too expensive as is.
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