Zoom for Safari

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Stefan Van Damme
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.14 or later
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User Reviews for Zoom for Safari

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2 years ago, DigitalEd2000
Almost good but many problems
I realy wany to keep using this but i keep having problems. Same on bother my systems Like many times it will not work i try to change the zoom setting and it will not respond right now it is doing this. Then at time i make a zoom change it it will not apply right awat but 5min latter all of a sudden the page jumps to a new zoom. Then i am stuck with it locked into a zoom i do not want. Using it with FB is a problem as when i zoom in some i can then no longer acces my FB side panels. And when making a new post as i start to type the zoom tool jumps the page up so i can no longer see what i am typing as it scrools the page up past the area i am tryping in. I am using Monterey on both my systems a Mac Mini M1 and Macbook Air M1.
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2 years ago, WriterRic
Settings do not persist, support is non existent
When you add custom domain zoom levels to the settings, they do not get applied when you close Safari and then re-navigate to that domain. You have to manually re-apply the zoom level. This is the single most basic feature of the extension and it does not work. The developer's support website is broken and does not allow you to email them or send a message. This extension appears to be broken and no longer supported.
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3 years ago, Karlgonzo
idea seems great but functionality of the user interface makes it counter productive or less efficient. Looking forward to future updates
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3 years ago, macus
Updated Review on Version 2.7
Oddly when I installed the MacOS 11.3 developer beta Zoom was again installable - I have no idea why. It is now working quite well and very valuable for more fine tuning of some web sites than the more limited zoom levels in Safari.
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2 months ago, Jooceefrute
Necessary app
Zoom is pretty much needed to function now days. I have always liked the app and have never had any problems with it.
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2 years ago, @EqbalAnwari
Useful tool
I have been using this app. for almost two years now. It's great to see new features like magnifier popping up. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Jjbrand
Zoom beats the competition hands down
Simply the easiest and most stable tool around for video calling
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3 years ago, Timerdude99
loving It!
easy on worn out eyes. And quick to change for better viewing.
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3 years ago, Jack739
zoom for safari
act too volatile.
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2 years ago, Notrocketsurgery
Zoom for Safari
Thank you. Well done.
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1 year ago, Arya Gabrielle
IS not as friendly as in other laptops
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3 years ago, KPGA21
It has slowed down my browser. It blocked sharing during an interview. It interferes with the loading of pictures on a page. It keeps asking to be used on a search page when there is no need. Get rid of it.
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1 month ago, Jim734
Enhances MAC
Your ZOOM feature adds valuee to my MAC experience and is a very welcome addition to my 1Password suite of features
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2 weeks ago, denniscd
Can't see working without it!
Really! Excellent!
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3 years ago, Kaypatso
Doesn't Work on my MacBook Pro running Big Sur
I have set the preferences of the extension to provide a context menu where I can select the zoom % but unfortunately the menu does not list that functionality. So it is virtually useless. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it does not help.
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4 months ago, Tmpaska
Senior citizen
Senior citizen who appreciates being able to have face to face conversations
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3 years ago, e-Wayne
Deadly Demanding
Everytime I try to use the Zoom application it demands access to all information everytime. It is annoying and intrusive. I never did get it to work like it advertised. I had to delete the app. It was a worthless exercise in frustration.
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3 years ago, ShinobiShan
Tracks Everything You Do.
If it wasn't for online classes, I wouldnt have this crap installed on my computer. Use Adblock, check out how it wants to track nearly every website you visit. Totally overeaches.
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3 years ago, lingting2000
In addition to the bad review I just wrote
I'm trying to deinstall the Zoom Extension, that seems to be the cause of my not being able to use my Zoom app anymore. But it won't let me. Yikes. Trapped! I don't have time for this.
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3 years ago, Aveeno2
Beware from me too.
I accidentally downloaded this, stupidly paid (unbeknownst to me) $6.38 for it. Opened it up anyway to try to install it, and it wanted access to a whole bunch of stuff. Unstalled it as quickly as I could manage. I guess I lost the money.
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2 months ago, wcullen12
Billy's Zoom
use it all the time
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3 years ago, Rkblouin
Ths is the handiest app to keep in touch.
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3 years ago, can't use the name I want
too difficult to use
Typical of anything Apple, this extension is too difficult to understand and use. It is just thrown out there for you to figure out all by your lonesome.
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3 years ago, Anon Nickname Former User
Terrible app
Slow to open if it does open. Magnifiers slow to open if they do and block the image.
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2 years ago, nhazefa
Very confusing and suspicious
Chaotic screen jumble, unable to find clear answers or guidance.
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1 year ago, TodHolcomb1964
got it just in time!
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3 years ago, Anttgod
This extension stinks Avoid
Doesnt do anything but ask for information and bother me. Please avoid
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2 years ago, Cap1one530
boom with zoom
cant find your glasses?dont trip zoom,s gots yours!
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3 years ago, NB603
Great tool to have!
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3 years ago, Lexi Brown
New Update is Trash
This extension is useless now..and it requires and awful lot of permissions now which seems awfully sketchy
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1 year ago, xSSSSSSSTTTTT
starting having spam attacks as soon as I installed.
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3 years ago, Ray loves
great! It works perpectly and not laggy
yup it is!
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2 years ago, 911Turbo forever
Might as well be malware
Completely unintuitive,
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3 years ago, Dicky_Dude
not friendly user
just make an easy accessible app
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3 years ago, glomoy
i am trying to uninstall this app and the computer won't let me.
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3 years ago, rongol62
not intuitive
don't see the need for another app that is not easy to use
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2 years ago, mchathorn
lousy app, can"t enable extension.
lousy app, can"t enable extension. there are no instructions or menus for doing so.
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3 years ago, Cyberwhorenyc
Very Suspecious be ware
seems to want4 zccess to alot of stuff
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9 months ago, CaliSwimGirl
Absolutely LOATHE the Zoom. Make it stop please.
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4 years ago, CasperandChipper
Waste of time
Used Zoom for a virtual meeting earlier this year and it was not a problem to set up. Today I went to set Zoom up fpr a virtual meeting and couldn't believe what I saw - there were "instructions" that make no sense, the page is a chaotic mess and I was not able to participate in the meeting. It was so bad, I thought I had ended up on an incorrect site. Why was the previously useful Zoom replaced with whatever this is?
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4 years ago, lilmadi23
I hate it everything is glitchy.
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4 years ago, JF49720
Zooming in and out
Looks like reviewers are referring to Zoom the Meeting App. This program is to zoom in and out (ie larger and smaller) not for meetings. Works well.
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4 years ago, ayusharora44
Amazing Plugin but can you please provide keyboard shortcuts?
Amazing Plugin but can you please provide keyboard shortcuts?
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5 years ago, jfkadksjaf;
It's exactly what I need and what I only need
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5 years ago, janier234
does exactly what it say. light and simple to use
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4 years ago, tpart2
Not Zoom conferencing
Don’t download. Can’t get rid of it. It’s not the conferencing app.
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1 year ago, elaine!!!!
bad extension
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1 year ago, Betty S.S.
How did I ever get into this?
This "app" is ridiculous. It is SO HUGE there are 38 pages with ginormous zooming? How does one get out of this, who doesn't even know how she got into it? 509-930-1000 I text
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4 years ago, Navigator Fred
Piss poor instructions on how to use.
Your instructions poage is so smnall that i cannot read it. I have been locked out of conderence calls because I ahve no idea how to usse ZOOM. It says my browser will not support the expansion What a joke!
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