Zoombinis - Logic puzzles

4.2 (112)
585.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
TERC, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zoombinis - Logic puzzles

4.24 out of 5
112 Ratings
7 years ago, anelotas
Awesome, but lose 1 zoombini...
It is great to play a game I used to play as a child again! It's still fun! After level 2, I always lose one zoombini at the stage with flog. 16 zoombinis succeeded to ride the boat, but only 15 zoombinis appears in the next stage. The experience will be much much better without this bug. Please fix it!!
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6 years ago, IrishPirQueen
Teacher Recommended!!!
On a hunch, I did a search in the App Store for the Zoombinis and was stunned to see that it was there in its original form. I just couldn’t wait to play! This is my favorite piece of software ever! As a teacher, I use to play with my third graders and I played it at home as did my friends. The kids utterly loved the adorable blue creatures on their escapades to reach the home of the Zoombinis. They literally begged to play and I acquiesced. The logic skills they picked up! If I had to pick one piece of software for primary school students, I’d select the Zoombinis. In the beginning, each Zoombini receives cute little attributes for their hair, eyes, noses, and feet which they are most often grouped by in the endearing puzzles. I’m at the beginning level right now and I’m running into problems with the Tatooted Toads. I’m just going to have to keep it at it. Also something as minor as how do I move the lever to get the cart to go in at junction in Mirror Machine? As a teacher and as a former kid, I give the Zoombinis the highest recommendation possible. It is true to the 1980‘s form of the game with authentic music, graphics and gameplay. I want to see MORE of the Zoombini games, please!! As it is, I will recommend it to every kid, parent and grandparent I come across. I think I’ll do that right now!
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5 years ago, mishmell17
I got an iPad to play this game
Zoombinis was our family’s favorite game to play when I was a kid! My sister and I would argue over who got play on the computer first. When I heard they recreated the game into an app I was ECSTATIC! I looked up the app and saw the pictures. Everything is almost identical to the PC version. I begged my husband for an iPad for Christmas just to play this game and it has not disappointed. The nostalgia is overwhelming lol. It took me back to 8 year old me. I immediately started quoting the pizza trolls and the narrator; I was even shocked I remembered it all. I love that they used the same voices for the characters. I really REALLY hope that they recreate more of the Zoombini games!! This game is worth buying an iPad to play! The only thing I did not like is the much much lower number of Zoombinis to get to Zoombiniville. The app has 400 while I remember the computer game having over 1000.
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6 years ago, anonymoose858
Challenging for adults too
There is no way a 10 year old can solve the very very hard level puzzles. I am 32 years old with a physics degree and it takes every ounce of thinking power in my noggin to get all 16 homies to Zoombiniville. 10 year old me would not have the patience and discipline to solve these puzzles. He would have gave up and started playing Pokémon Blue on his game boy once he reached the very hard level (which is exactly what I did back then). I’m glad that 22 years later, I’m finally able to beat this game. I highly recommend this game. It is in my hall of fame along with Oregan Trail and Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego
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6 years ago, dwx1618
Classic game, good remake, but a lot of rough edges.
I absolutely adored this game growing up, and spent many, many hours playing it as a kid. It was incredibly exciting when I heard TERC was going to update it and bring it to the App Store. They’ve done a good job bringing the game back—the game is even better with touch, the narrator and Arno are just as you remember them, the graphics are all pretty, the campsite easter eggs are there too! However, there are a lot of small things which make it hard to stay immersed. Some of the animations are choppy, the puzzle instructions are useless, the Zoombinis no longer make sounds when they walk, stuff like that. Recommended in the end, but would love to see more polish.
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4 years ago, dld8611
Similar to original PC game!
I got this because I wanted to play the Zoombini game I’d had as a kid. This is very similar with only minor difference to sounds and animations from what I can remember. My only complaint so far is that you can’t adjust the difficulty level for the game, you can only adjust it for the practice level. I don’t remember how that aspect compares to the original but I wish I didn’t have to play the easy level 3 times in order to advance. Overall I am very pleased with it and my kids and I are having fun!!!
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2 years ago, Lxhst7
Love, but frustrating glitch
I love this game and have loved it since I was a child. The puzzles are amusing and challenging and timelessly enjoyable. However, I got click happy with my last batch at the bubble abyss and left one behind. I have been trying to get it to Zoombini Island, but you can’t complete bubble abyss at the harder levels with just one. Any tips on how to fix this or how to get the last one home?
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7 years ago, Heeeeeeeeeello
Losing a zoombini!
At the "fork in the road", if you head to the left, after you seat your zoombinis correctly on the little boats and go to the lily pad frogs, I lose a zoombini.. meaning I can't level up that entire section because it forces me to continue with 15 instead of 16. Please fix so I can level up! Other than that, I love this game. It's just like the original from when I was a kid.. please make the other ones too!
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1 year ago, Querist
Memories of playing with my kids
My kids loved this game back when it first came out, and it's fun to see it here on an iPad and the Mac so my wife and I can play it, and eventually with grandkids as well. This is pretty true to the original, but with improved graphics, etc. The only thing is that I'd like to be able to skip the narrations sometimes.
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5 years ago, Tlight01
Same, but....
Same game I played many years ago. Same characters, funny quotes, and narration. My only complaint is you can reuse the same type of Zoombinis over and over so long as the group of 16 has no duplicates. This is a departure from the old version and to me this seems like a flaw since you can keep creating parties of nearly identical Zoombinis and flying through the puzzles. The idea behind the old version was you had to save every Zoombini (one of every unique combination). At first you could make nearly identical parties but eventually this would dry up and you had to start taking more diverse and challenging groups. Hopefully the devs can bring this element back to this version because without it, the game is lacking and can become repetitive.
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2 years ago, Seshygrl is tired of scams
Love the game but need more zoombinis
The game plays just like the original, it’s great! My only complaint is there aren’t as many zoombinis as in the original to save. Adding more zoombinis would make the game last longer and more fun. It’s so much fun watching zoombiniville turn into a metropolis and it’s really missing that.
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3 years ago, geoffhom
I bought this for $3 as I heard it was good and educational. So, I can’t choose difficulty at the start? (Presumably I have to beat the entire game first?!) And I can’t save my game? (Going to the map resets.) How good can the game be if the user experience is so terrible? I know it’s a remake, but it’s a 2015 release, so there’s no excuse. If anything, the devs had 20 years to realize improvements. This lowers the bar for educational games. Shame on you. And it’s been out for 5 years? If anything, make the limitations clear in the description. Money grab.
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4 years ago, Universal Respect
Great but CRASHES!
This terrific game is stuck in an app that keeps crashing. I’ve been playing Zoombinis for decades from Windows ’95 onward, and this app is a pretty good replica. It has a lot of the original Easter eggs & extras, as other reviews have noted. But TERC hasn’t put out updates in a long time, despite that iOS keeps updating. Is that the reason for the repetitive crashes? Is there anything that can be done to make it more stable?
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3 years ago, Shiningstar7
A Trip Down Memory Lane!
I was so excited to find this app for the iPad! There used to be a CD rom game of this game when I was a kid. It’s great to have another chance to play it! This should be a new trend, to bring back the old CD rom games that were popular like Carmen Santiago, the Knowledge Adventure games like Reader Rabbit and Cluefinders, Jumpstart, and so much more!
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3 years ago, Apple sock
Love it
My sister and I played this when I was a kid. I honestly forgot about it for years before it randomly popped in my head and I looked for it in the App Store to find that it was actually a game that I can play on my iPad. I’m so happy and it did not disappoint.
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3 years ago, Axolotl Master
The Best Game Ever!
I’ve always loved this game and I really enjoy the tricky puzzles. I hope people also like this game to. There is really only one thing I have to come plain about is the hotel part gets a little too hard.
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7 years ago, Kivitters
Perfect! Just like the PC game!
I do wish we could manually change the level during journey as my goddaughter is stuck with 160 or so Zoombinis that she can't move because it's too hard. Please bring us the other Zoombinis games as well!!!
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7 years ago, SortAaaa
Just like childhood! ...with glitches included...
I love this game, and I was pee-my-pants excited when I found the app; however, there are so many bugs in the higher levels that it makes it almost impossible to play through. It's so great up until that point. I just want a fix so I can continue to play and love this smart little game!
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9 years ago, mikkaybear
The game I love and remember--but buggy.
(Logical Journey of the) Zoombinis has always been the ultimate logic game. As a child, I loved playing certain challenges over and over, especially Mudball Wall. As an adult, I've got more strategy: intentionally losing Zoombinis so I don't advance through the levels, whisking these quirky, endearing blue creatures through to Zoombiniville on easy until I get too bored and need more of a challenge. No matter your age level, no matter your strategy, this game has something to offer everyone--and it's fun! I've logged probably 7 or 8 hours playing this version so far, and I've noticed a couple of bugs. 1. On the "Mirror Machine" challenge: sometimes have a hard time picking up Zoombinis on the top row. I've had to abandon them there because the game just wouldn't pick them up. 2. With the "Fleens!" challenge on Oh So Hard: the game glitches out completely. If a Zoombini falls off the branch (only four can fit?), there is no option to move the rest of the party on. I have to exit to the map. This issue is not replicated in Practice Mode on the same level. 3. In "Pizza Pass" on Oh So Hard: sometimes the wrong audio plays. It's the third troll's voice, but the third troll isn't there. Just a minor glitch. In spite of the bugs--which will hopefully be resolved!--this game is well worth the price. Educational, entertaining, and just plain addictive. Hip hip Zoombini!
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2 years ago, PopeOf420
PopeOf420 A ZOOMBINI O.G. FROM THE 90’s!!
Musical talent artist, the king of trap metal himself, gangsta genius, holy royal smoking papacy whose getting $toned like a biblical wh0re to this game tonight cause been searching for this game since I was 7, graduated early with 3.857 accumulative G.p.a check me out on any major streaming service I’m the PopeOf420
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1 year ago, Hanaa336
My childhood
I remember playing this game back in the day and it was one of my favorites! I am glad to see it available again after all this time!!
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6 years ago, Crush Bum
I totally love this game and am in a race with my adult children to see who can be the first to save all the Zoombinis. So you can imagine my huge disappointment when the game froze. It will let me start a new game, but why would I want to do that when I already have about 150 Zoombinis saved and many others at the campsites. What a let down!
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7 years ago, MomoTheThird
We love this!
We had a Mac version of this game when my daughter was young, and loved it then. This new version seems true to the original. 2D animated characters with the retro backgrounds are great. Teaches early math skills.
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4 years ago, mamarebel
No sound
Loved this game growing up and randomly found it in the App Store only issues I have is that I can’t hear any sound from the game unless I plug in headphones
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6 years ago, kkluvsmusic
Ahhh... Suuurrree!
This is a family favorite game since we won it on cd-rom in a raffle in 2006. The challenges are a blast, and those funny little blue people never get old. You've got Zoombini fans here!
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7 years ago, JJ Lute
Very Very hard mirror machine glitches
Flashing Zoombini parts don't always change to match the part on the other zoombini. Flashing zoombini parts sometimes change to something that doesn't match the zoombini on the other side of the big crystal.
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3 years ago, Happybunny000
Better then I remembered!
Used to play this throughout my childhood and was very excited to find it again! Such a fun game and so full of nostalgia for me :)
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7 years ago, Bari.girl
Love it.
I absolutely love this game. I reminds me of the pic version. Is there any way to do mountain rescue and island odyssey like this? That would be fantastic if it could happen.
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6 years ago, Arem1771
Unsolvable puzzles, no logic, changing rules
This game is a sad remake. It doesn’t even follow its own logic, it makes unsolvable puzzles on occasion and even changed the rules of the puzzles half way through! Don’t waste your money on this. Very disappointing. I was a fan of the original, and you broke it. Shame on you.
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3 years ago, johnthebassist1807
Every bit as good as I remember
The nostalgia is real, but this is also just a really great, charming, thoughtful game made with great art and fun puzzles.
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3 years ago, Lina5678
So happy!
So happy this game is true to its original PC format. I love they kept the same audio!
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6 years ago, ZoombiniLover
Lost Zoombini
I only have 15 going to the lily pads after bringing 16. So glad to play again though. How do I change the level? I'm stuck on not so easy
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7 years ago, HannahBaileyAnderson
Return of the 90s
I thought this childhood gem was lost forever! This means so much to me!
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7 years ago, Crystalsjb101
I love this game, it’s just like when I was a kid. Please please make an app version of mountain rescue!!
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4 years ago, Kadam961
None of the iconic sound
I'm so sad that I paid for this app. It has no sound, and no settings area to manipulate sound. What fun is Zoombinis without the iconic sound? Such a disappointment.
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7 years ago, I h8 creator of the app
Mountain rescue fan
I love the game, but Can you put zoombinis mountain rescue on?
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4 years ago, kalmpact
Sound doesn’t work. No Zoombini’s music or muttering...am so sad. Cannot close Options screen.
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7 years ago, Ggdhjjjfdsagjh
Best game ever. Zoombinis for life.
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7 years ago, Allibar386
No sound
There is NO SOUND! Please fix this!!
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9 years ago, Cindy FL
Thank you to everyone involved, including Kickstarter contributors, for bringing this game back to life. This is a terrific little logic game. It's all about making multiple trips from the starting point to the end point, successfully solving logic puzzles (based on patterns) to get there. It advances in difficulty as you successfully complete more trips. Regardless of the age the game is intended for, it can work well for little ones as young as 5 in the early stages of the game (with help), but it's too difficult for them when you progress to the harder levels. There are ways around that though, by starting new games, or by choosing to play "practice" instead of "journey". Regardless of your age, prepare to get hooked on it. $4.99, as of this writing, is well worth it!
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9 years ago, Animal guy024
Zoombinis is the the best!
TERC rereleased this game which I used to play when I was younger. It puts fun before education and still proves to be a difficult challenge 10 years later. To those of you who have not played the game before, the objective of the game is to get the Zoombinis to Zoombiniville On the way there you must face 12 challenges though there are 15 in total the difficulty increases as you play through them more and you must get all of the Zoombinis to Zoombiniville. This game might seem a bit expensive but this price is low for this wonderful game. Finally if this game gets good reviews they might rerelease the other two and make an IPhone version of this game. So everyone out there go get Zoombinis!
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9 years ago, Fcd6
Favorite game of my youth is back
This game brings me back to my childhood exactly as I remember it. I was wondering how the first release of the app would turn out? I'm over the moon at how flawless it is so far. I was dismayed when I bought the CD Mac version but it wouldn't run on newer macs. I have 2 younger siblings 11 and 8 and I have wanted to introduce them to Zoombinis. I just have downloaded the application so they(I we) could play. Well underpriced for such a stellar remake of the classic game. EDIT does the bubbles pit have a glitch? For some reason not all the Zoombinis can make it through on the configurations available . I don't remember if in the original it was the same.
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9 years ago, Shari Rose:)
I was so excited when I saw and backed the kickstarter campaign and was eagerly awaiting the release. I was not disappointed. Everything was just as I remember it and I am spending all of my free time playing it. I also got my younger cousins hooked! Besides the actual gameplay, the app works seamlessly with my iPad, I can exit out and come back a few hours later and my Zoombinis will be in the same place just chilling, waiting for me to come back. Some iPad games I have will restart the app even if I leave it for 5 minutes. Thank you for bringing this back into my life TERC! You rock!
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9 years ago, Hip hip, ZOOMBIIIINIIIIIIISS
BEST children's learning game BY FAR
Beyond being a staple of my childhood, this game is INCREDIBLE. It teaches children how to have an analytical, inquisitive, and diagnostic mindset. It challenges them without being too "teach-y." I would sit and play this game for hours on end. Even as I got older I would reflect on my little zoombini friends and what valuable lessons they taught.i always proudly proclaimed that I would make sure my kids played this when I grew up, and though I don't yet have children of my own, I am THRILLED to introduce this amazing game to my nieces and nephews! THIS GAME SHOULD BE A FEATURED GAME BY THE APP STORE!!!!
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9 years ago, Asturlab
I'm happier than I thought I'd be!
I played this game as a kid, and I LOVED it.. I was so excited when I saw the kickstarter campaign and was impatiently waiting for this day. I backed the kickstarter and got this for my 7 year-old sister; hoping she would enjoy this game as much as I had. But I believe she loved it even more than I did! We couldn't stop playing until we got some of those cute little Zoombinis to their new village - and that my sister was so exhausted she couldn't concentrate enough to go through the bubbles challenge by herself... THANK YOU FOR THE RERELEASE! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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9 years ago, RauniLongsword
This is one of the best puzzle games you will ever play
This game is perfect for any puzzle/logic lover, and I daresay it's what gave me an appetite for puzzle games in the first place. It was one of my favorite games as a 90's kid, and I was devastated when my PC could no longer run the game. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard they were making a reboot! Believe me it's an amazing game and well worth the price of admission. It's easy enough for kids to enjoy, and yet it's tricky enough to challenge even the smartest of adults. Five stars!
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9 years ago, natu16
No issues here
Pleasantly surprised that this game I remember so fondly from my childhood is still fun for me as an adult! I haven't had any issues with freezing or bugs, despite having multiple users and frequent use. The only (tiny) gripe I have might have more to do with the iPad itself (or user error!) than with the app: sometimes, when selecting and dragging a Zoombini to a particular spot, the Zoombini ends up somewhere else. That hasn't, however, prevented me from enjoying this game immensely!
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9 years ago, smartkid1227
Awesome remake
This game is great for the iPad--glad someone decided to port it. This is one of the few "video games" I was allowed to play as a kid. I put the quotes because it's educational instead of recreational. Parents: do the same thing for your kids and you'll have little geniuses running around. App crashed a few times, but I'm sure the developers are still working out all of the bugs. Great job otherwise! Maybe this time I'll get all of the little Zoombinis to their new home.
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9 years ago, Musicisme13
Thank you.
For years I have been wanting to play this game again, it was THE most popular thing in grade school (I mean it beat out Pokémon at my school) and I lamented that it seemed to have disappeared from the world. But now it is back and better than ever. The creators have struck the elusive balance between keeping the feel and look of an original creation while updating it for today's devices and style. My deepest thanks and gratitude for brining this back to life once more.
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8 years ago, MaskedBall
Excited, but please fix the bugs!
I am another adult who loved zoombinis as a kid. I could not have been more excited when my sister told me it was an iPad app. Sadly it looks like I may not be able to finish the game. I hit glitches at Oh so hard in Bubble Wonder. I started getting the puzzles from Very Hard. Mirror Cave is the worst though! On Oh So Hard picking up zoombinis is hard, Very hard started with mirrors refusing to come off or lock on the platform. Now I'm getting unsolvable matches. The crazy thing is it all works in practice mode. Please, please fix this! I want to love this app.
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