ZoomOn Home Security Camera

4.2 (1.3K)
945.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Master Home Security s.r.o.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ZoomOn Home Security Camera

4.19 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, tomabrunner
Tom B.
Works great on my iPhones. I like the app. Can’t say anything bad about it. It would be nice to record what is going on while I am watching from afar. It looks like you did a good job on the app.
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12 months ago, zooland3r
Would be awesome if it wasn’t so buggy
I downloaded this app, registered an account, and purchased a monthly subscription right away (I needed to try the motion detection which isn’t offered in the free version). Unfortunately, nothing I do will get the app to recognize my subscription so I can’t try anything. Hitting the “Already Purchased?” button gives me a fun little celebration pop-up and then it’s right back to “Upgrade to Premium”. Without that, none of the premium features actually work and motion detection settings are non-existent. This app would be awesome since it works on iPad, iPhone, and macOS (the entire reason I bought this one versus several other apps out there) but it crashes on macOS all the time and none of my devices recognize the subscription. Great concept, terrible terrible execution.
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1 year ago, trier700
don’t buy arlo
Company does not want to interact with you. Only way to contact them with questions for support is to first sign up for a $60 yearly subscription. can’t reach them by call or chat without it. im trying to decide whether or mot to keep their product, but need 2 questions answered. BTW their subscription is $60. Ring’s is $40. Stay away. Mine’s going back
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2 months ago, Elanman 55
Doesn’t record motion
The video and description claims this can be set up to monitor motion. It does allow you to view the camera in real time but there is no way to record anything. Also you have to pay 59 dollars before setting it up. Now I have to figure out how to cancel.
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2 years ago, Gerald Eiland
Zoomon are better then Alfred
With this app you can connect with iPhones and also with homekit cameras for example arlo or eufy. Nice app.
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9 months ago, Pose me dar robux de grass
its a good site but
can i get a refund bc i’n 14 imi accidentally brought the 59 one i was jus gonna test it out pls man my family is broke someone stole my moms car this went on her account pls man dont you have a heart
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1 year ago, Al81811
Cost too much
Unlike Alfred this charges too much
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1 year ago, Avah13
I can’t use this app without paying a subscription. I thought this app would be different, but I guess not.
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11 months ago, Liars die
If you use this congratulations you are giving complete access to all your information and cameras to apple and government
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3 weeks ago, Inininununububyvyjbjdbcj
“In app purchases”
It won’t even let you view the camera without paying $59 absolutely not.
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2 years ago, Herbmjr
Cameras and security system works VERY WELL , Plug and Play . Great PRICE , Delivery , and Great Product !!!!
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11 months ago, isaacnicholson254
Home security app
Nice motion detection via iPhones
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2 months ago, smpitts2
Does not work
This app does not work like it says it does. It’s honestly really annoying and I’m over it
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1 year ago, bkeal
Costs too much
I got a free trial but can’t find mechanism to cancel trial to avoid automatically renewing
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1 year ago, SJim467
No camera recognized
9 cameras on/in property and can’t connect to any
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10 months ago, johnyiphone6
Not it’s free.
It's not free and it's also very expensive.
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12 months ago, kakyahoo880915
job my girlfriend
green beans
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2 years ago, appsucks666
Want let me unsubscribe
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9 months ago, TedCedar
Like to discontinue
Like to discontinue this
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11 months ago, Houston-JRD
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10 months ago, koka33a
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7 years ago, Polly_56321
I actually have a phone installed overlooking the front and back door just to be sure. So far, it’s been doing a great job. Initially, I had a lot of false alarms so I had to figure out the noise sensitivity and what works and what doesn’t. The camera could be a little better but I for such a dark place I still think it’s amazing that I even get something out of it.
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6 years ago, wasYAYnowNAY
Was really excited to use this app & wanted to get an annual subscription but I can not get my monitoring unit to see the video coming from the home unit. I follow all the steps, click on the room I want to monitor (only have 1 set up), video shows on home unit screen but on monitoring unit it looks like there’s a button that says “start monitoring” but after repeatedly trying to click on it the app closes. Idk if it closes cause it’s not a button & gets timed out or what. Any help from developers of this app would be appreciated since I can’t find a way to contact them via the app.
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3 years ago, Jg1398
Best Security Camera App!
Everything is spot on, only thing to top it off would be Mac/PC Support! Otherwise the 7.99 monthly subscription is hands down worth it. Highly recommended
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2 years ago, Nickname Lost in tranlation
Software needs work.
We have a nest camera system, and the cameras are great. We have nine of their cameras. We love them. The problem is the Nest software. It will not work with my Macbook Air. It never has. On my iPhone there are problems. Get use to seeing the phrase "Something Went Wring" or "Try Again". I wish they could find someone who knows about software. Maybe they could Google it!
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4 years ago, BeeStewart
Home Security
Downloaded home security for both iPhones. Setup was fairly easy on iPhone 7 and iPhone 5 taking only a few minutes. The system uses a lot of bandwidth
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4 years ago, GoldenGateKid
Security app I was looking for
Suits my needs to check the house from any remote location. I can use it as dog or baby monitor too. Highly recommended after the last major update!
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4 years ago, LucySmithKA
Great for pet sitting
I simply love this app. I was wondering about the best way to keep an eye on our puppy while I’m at work. We can always see how he is doing from our phones and even talk through the microphone.
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3 years ago, deborah ft lauderdale
set up or re-set up difficult
I've had this for 2 months and still can't use it. Walked through it numerous times with an ADT support person on the phone and then they cut me off before I could get it to work. Not at all intuitive. Must do things like hold the bell for 60-90 seconds for different lights flashing - and they correct colors never flash. Arrrrgh.
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3 years ago, Jimmy from Tampa
Manual does not correspond to device at all
Device does not come with manual. You have to download it on iPhone and then switch between manual and app. In order to add camera you have to tab upper right + sign in app which simply does not exist. Highly confusing. Will return device tomorrow.
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3 years ago, shakerf4
Blink security camera
What is the correct app to use
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4 years ago, TobyWilkinson56
Does the job
Great video quality, night mode works. Easy solution for home surveillance.
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1 year ago, Who's Watching you !!!!!!
Martin Jasniewski
I have had this on since last year March 23 rd and the camera is great > I can see wear ever
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2 years ago, Fk'npsswrd
Unable to view cameras
This is the most completely frustrating and complex app and camera i have ever encountered. The most disgustingly complex worthless piece of crap ever. Just screw it in to a light bulb. That is a complete joke! It started with problems, and ended with problems. Buyer beware!
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3 years ago, Worst Camera System
Horrible system
Can not get the camera to sink with the app. The instruction book is not adequate to explain how to pair the camera. Customer service is literally no help. They send generic instructions that further confuse the process. I’m this day and age this should be simple
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4 years ago, Joker Daddy
Best security camera app
This one truly is the best app and I wouldn't choose any other!
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3 years ago, lovejack41
Not user friendly
I have tried and tried and unable to load this. Probably will be put back in the box, as it was a gift, and unable to use it.
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5 years ago, Brian & Briana
Do Not Get!
Once you download, you can’t use unless you pay $7... once you pay, you still can’t use until you pay $1 a week (I didn’t get this far). This is the biggest rip off on the App Store! How do I get my money back? DO NOT BUY, save your money and time.
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3 years ago, 51 Mercury
I thought this was the app required to pair my video doorbell. It's not. I really have no idea what this app is for.
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2 years ago, Elizabethoozl
This is confusing and frustrating and I haven’t figured a thing out after a hour of trying to follow the confusing and frustrating video
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7 years ago, RonJBen.KRT
Great app
Easy to pair to iOS devices and monitor my house. Like it.
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6 years ago, Tcexperts
This is not user-friendly
I am an IT for Computers for the last 20 years and know when something is user-friendly. Whoever designed this program is from another world (not country).
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3 years ago, Optimizer 1234
Terrible quality, difficult to install and doesn't work with latest iphone technology
Terrible customer support
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5 years ago, Abe99132
I don’t want to pay!
I got the app but then after a while The trial time was up so I had to pay for the app I don’t think you should have to pay for this app it’s a pretty good app when you don’t have to pay for the trial time.
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3 years ago, dbcarpetman
Bad buy
This app wants me to pay upfront more Money on this camera before I even see it work at all sending it back if I don’t get any help from this company
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2 years ago, 893?41
Will not set up! I've spent several hours and tried everything 3 or 4 times. An absolute waste of time and money. Is this a scam??
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2 years ago, 3-dshooter
Super hard to set up. No instructions. The website is useless. Returning these for something else. Typical sell the item and no customer support!!
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6 years ago, Ramesh Bishwokarma
Not Good
This software was fully installed in my both device previously it was working but now when i open the software it is totally stopped to work !
Show more
2 years ago, s7713
Not clear
Very hard to set up. Not clear at all. Nothing shows as the instructions say it will.
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2 years ago, gorgioacient
Been working on this app for 2 hours and still cant get my Lorex system working on it - horrible junk
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