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Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ZType

4.02 out of 5
66 Ratings
4 years ago, gooeygumdrop
Doesn’t work with keyboard
I think the game is really good but the thing is that it doesn’t work with a Bluetooth keyboard and that kinda annoys me because i have one and i want to use it and it seems easier and i can do it faster but other than that its a good game so please make it so you can use a Bluetooth keyboard
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2 years ago, 34570N53
My first actual challenge to type faster was this game, and finding its app was a joy. Phoboslab’s projects are always intriguing because they teach coding and algorithmic learning on an understandable, small-scale level. A while ago, I read an “in the making” article for the creation of ZType on iOS and would never have realized all the little details and features that went into consideration for this simple time-killer. I love what y’all are doing and I look forward to more breakthroughs like this one!!
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1 year ago, th3fwa
Good game!!
It’s a really good game does what it does and does it well the ads are also never obnoxious like other mobile games it just needs more content like maybe skins a leader board or smthing it’s kinda just the base game (which is a great game) but it needs more content 🤷‍♀️
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3 years ago, Twigyhix
Fun Game, Needs Horizontal play mode for IPad.
I can’t play this game on my IPad unfortunately because there does not seem to be an option to play Horizontally. This is how I have to use the IPad with the magic keyboard. I enjoyed this game but I would really like an update to be able to play it on my IPad w/keyboard. Thank you for your work and I hope for an update soon!
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4 years ago, NotMarinus
Great PC game, worthless on iPad (no keyboard)
Lots of people have keyboards on their iPad, and would play this game in landscape mode if it supported it. But it’s portrait only, with on-screen keyboard. People don’t need practice typing with thumbs, thank you very much. I will update with 5 stars if this gets fixed, but for now it’s not useful. Still, a fun novelty to show people. On a laptop or desktop computer, it’s still a fantastic game.
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9 months ago, ENDER ELSA
Vibration mode
Add a vibration option That way as you type you can feel while you hear. I’m better feeling the Taptic feedback
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6 years ago, baconNYC
Only Portrait Compatible
Love the ideal of a game to help with typing speed and accuracy, but can’t be used with iPad Pro and a remote blue tooth keyboard because it does not support landscape mode. Only portrait mode is available, which makes it tough to practice touch typing. Even using the integrated on-screen keyboard is useless because, ones fingers can not fit when in this vertical mode. I want to love it, but can’t until this is addressed.
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4 years ago, Lukalot
Great game, Desktop and Mobile
Helps a lot with learning Colemak after being a long time Qwerty user. I appreciate the update recently to maintain compatibility with iOS 14.
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1 year ago, Abdullrahman K.
Good game. Needs some optimizations.
The game is fun, but wish they could give you the ability to use the default phone keyboard.
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2 years ago, lousy 638
The best game
Basically I use to be so slow in typing and know of 22 weeks off Practicing Am just the best kind of
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3 years ago, e pique
Looks promising but can’t use keyboard
This looks like a great way for my kid to learn to type, but you can’t touch type on an onscreen keyboard, and this game doesn’t support Bluetooth keyboards. So it teaches your kid to look at the keyboard while typing, which is a difficult habit to unlearn later.
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8 years ago, Trevorzar
Good type game
Like the description says this is actually a fun type game, should definitely try it out
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7 years ago, GT: Aquaticseastar
Good TBH
Works perfectly on my ipad pro but it doesn't have sound on my iphone, please fix this.
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5 years ago, Kat_Quest
Great but not...
I love this game, and I love playing it on my computer. The only problem is that it doesn’t work in landscape mode, which makes typing so much harder, because it’s difficult to type fluidly in portrait mode. If this gets fixed, I would be glad to give it five stars!
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7 months ago, ABD-GSM
Does not support keyboard
please update it and make it support keyboard we are waiting for it
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6 years ago, xeven47
can u update to fit iPhone X
great game ! can u pls update it to fit iphone x screen thank youu
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11 months ago, الهندس
Please it will really interast the Arabic people Pls add the Arabic keyboard
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6 years ago, rkr9knight
Great game, but can’t actually use to become a good typist.
Unfortunately, this game does not support landscape mode. Thus, I am unable to use a Bluetooth keyboard, to become a better typer. If landscape mode was supported, this game would at least be 4 stars.
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4 years ago, T.Nailsun
Improvements would be appropriated!!
Game is very fun! Improvements I’d like to see: -I’d like to see the iOS keyboard used in the app instead. -Allowing music to play in the background while the games going.
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5 years ago, armoredalchemist5
This is just as fun as Nitro Type on PC. Fast paced and intuitive. Good job y’all!
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4 years ago, clbrads
Doesn’t work
The game never loads. It’s just a black screen. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing happens. Bummer.
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6 years ago, Fdccxs
Iphone x please
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5 years ago, CraftyMiner1971
Cool concept, but...
I wish it had compatibility with external keyboards
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5 years ago, 3yooshi
For all ages
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9 years ago, Knowsapps
Would have given 5 but...
After you've gotten past a certain level (for example 10), it is tedious to have to go back through all 10 levels just to get where it is difficult for your level. I would suggest after passing a level, starting off at maybe half the level if not more so that the player can continue advancing faster and also more incentive outside of improving your score.
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7 years ago, Hulk 5,000,001
Dose not work with keyboard on iPad
Dose not work with keyboard on iPad
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9 years ago, Atomic Meat Ball
ZType, an Astounding Game
We have all been waiting for the IOS version of this game to come out, and finally, the day has come. I have to say I'm quite proud of this game, as well as PhobosLab for being such an awesome dev group. This game's structure is amazing, the music, the graphics, and most importantly, the gameplay. ZType offers the most innovative, quick-minded typing experience that'll have you addicted in seconds, living up to other typing games such as House of the Dead. This game is greatly appreciated for coming to the Apple App Store. Thanks!
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8 years ago, Confused but appreciative
Fun yet frustrating
Great game, but as you get to the higher levels it becomes difficult to determine which enemy you’ve started on and it gets to the point where you end up getting stuck typing on enemies that you didn’t even in intend to attack. But since you’re not able to disengage once you’ve started attacking, it just becomes a confusing mess until the enemy has moved away from the others. Also, the score gauge that I assume replaces your bombs takes FOREVER to build. I don’t think I’ve ever actually completed a full rotation, which kind of adds to the overall frustration of the game.
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9 years ago, crhauser
Incredible, but the UI can use some work.
Loved the game on my computer. Love it on my phone. I noticed a bar filling up bow my shop, but I have no idea what it means. At first I though it was something that shows you how close you are to getting another EMP, but the bar seems to exponentially slow its fill rate the fuller it gets. I guess it's just for multipliers? If so, I do t get why it can't just fill at a flat rate.
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8 years ago, eritz_er
Good, but not done
I love the concept of this game, and I love typing games in general, but iPad support -- and, by extension, landscape support -- are sorely needed here. I'm on an iPad Pro, and I feel left out in the cold.
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8 years ago, JacobGmbH
If you love typing, or you want to get better at it, then this is the app you're looking for. It's fun, it's smooth, it's sleek, and it's clean. It's really fun to play and shoot other things by typing. The keyboard does take a little getting used to because it's a bit smaller than the standard Apple keyboard. It's also a browser game.
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9 years ago, HeendC
ZType, a standout in the typing game world, makes it's way to the iOS store. The wait was worth it. A beautiful, modern and fun game. Executed perfectly. I have nothing negative to say. I play it on my computer and now I can take it on the go! PhobosLab, great work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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9 years ago, Kibdara
Amazing Game!
Great game! Absolutely love it. I would reccomend everyone to give it a try. However, if you could reply levels and continue from where you messed up, it would be more fun. Other than that, great game!!
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9 years ago, [PM] Canine
Madly in love
I have played this game once and I'm already madly in love with it. Beautifully constructed and very clever. The music makes me honestly feel like I'm on a mission and it's very intriguing. A+ 100% would recommend to anybody
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8 years ago, Italywashere!!!!
Can you make it an the iPad too?
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8 years ago, Junni3l
Very good game
Im so addictive and keep me in a good mood when i have a bad day!
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8 years ago, Pirati-1
Its a very good game for me at least it will help me to learn english 😄
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9 years ago, Dj Illmatic
this game is awesome has my heart pumping fast....great
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8 years ago, Jmrt42
Great Game
This game is a really good time waster
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8 years ago, Matin *89
Z type
It's good game
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3 years ago, CSGODeathma98
There is a very good reason as to why the game can’t go into landscape mode
This is basically the mobile version of zty.pe but in a app form. That means if you go in safari and load it and put it in landscape mode it doesn’t work that well at all. So stop annoying the develops because of of that is it simply won’t ever work. Also good game on of and mobile 10/10
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3 years ago, FIQV
iPad app is useless
On iPad it doesn’t work with keyboard or landscape mode as of 11/22/21.
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7 years ago, johninSF
Doesn't support actual keyboards
This is *not* a way to learn how to touch-type. The main failing is that it doesn't support the keyboard on your iPad Pro (built into the Smart Keyboard cover), and presumably won't work with external Bluetooth keyboards, though I didn't try. So, you can't rest your fingers on real keys on the home row, and get faster at your typing. It also assumes you already know how to type, though slowly. There's no instruction. Yes, this is pretty fun, as another review says, if you know how to type but just want to get speedier at hunt-and-peck on-screen typing. But if you want to boost your touch-typing speed, use a computer and access the ZType game on the web, which I think was zty.pe and which doesn't work on iPads. Another problem with the iOS version is that it's portrait-mode-only, so really just good for iPhones, for two-thumb practice.
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