Zynga Poker ™ - Texas Hold'em

4.5 (110.2K)
254.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zynga Poker ™ - Texas Hold'em

4.51 out of 5
110.2K Ratings
8 months ago, J C one too
I have lost millions in chips and thousands in gold more than two times. When I inquired about my stacks I here nothing. They did restore my platinum standing and my buddy list! How could they bring those back but not my chips or my gold? I bought chips many times. I have no idea why they did this. I finely got tired of the game snd left. I don't have a problem with my new site’s doing that to me . If your happy stay there. PokerStars is the most honest site i have found on the net. I have been playing for some 20+ years on many sites. There are not many that I haven’t played on. I have found like most players do that if you don’t buy chips they will make you buy by controlling every card and hand you play. They break you and you buy or quit. I spent a lot with Zinga every month. I have a problem with not having a chance to socialize with other players. Try and chat with another player and you will pull your hair out. Thats not my idea of having fun. I like to set up times to play with friends and buddies I meet at the table. Good Luck to all. Try to remember “if it’s not fun,” why play and spend your money? Thank you, Jim. I left Zinga for another site. They send me chip bonuses to return and I have tried to get back just to see if anything has changed. I make an attempt to return but I keep getting a “ not a valid address” So I have had to pass on all the offers. They kept getting smaller. Figure that one out! Thanks Jim.
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3 months ago, Smiley81!
Zynga Poker is one of the best online poker games available….. There are several new exciting games to play, along with the regular Texas Hold ‘Em. There is the ability to socialize with people from all over the world; if you want to. It can actually benefit you, in your chips account; if your “friends “ open their account daily and send chips out to all friends. You can do the same; in return- every day when you open your Zynga Poker app daily. The customer service department is always quick to respond to any questions or requests. The entire team at Zynga value their players and reach out regularly to reward their players! I love this game; it is challenging and keeps my mind engaged. You can win and continue to play or you can use real money to buy more chips….. If you like poker(several different types), some games of chance and chances of winning some great promotions that Zynga Poker offers like vacations, gifts or big money - you need to be here……at Zynga Poker!!!!!
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4 years ago, Rhehqfqxegrrjeg
Overwhelming amount of ads
Ive been a zynga poker player ever since facebook was the new thing, before smartphones were even relevant. and over the years ive switched to the mobile version and its been really good! however a month or so ago i redownloaded the app only to discover how escalated the amount of ads are. i mean i understand, free apps need ads for revenue and its only fair but it becomes an issue when an ad plays when you exit a table then again when you play the lottery game. im sorry zynga, but im sure the app you have is not that reliant on ads for its continued production. whats more annoying is that after the ad is done, my music doesnt play again. I need to manually exit the app and open my music app to be able to play again. another issue is the “challenges” tab when youre in-game. sometimes, when you complete a few challenges without exiting to the lobby, it lags and stops opening, meaning i can no longer work on the newer challenges. I need to manually exit the table, get baited by an ad, open the challenges tab, collect my rewards and sit at another table. its really annoying, especially when you dont want to leave the table youre playing on. this is my first app review, ive never written a review before. I did today because these issues are so frustrating. id expect these pesky little bugs from so many new and upcoming apps nowadays, but not from an A-level app that you expect the best from.
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10 months ago, B461651c
Mr Bill
The biggest issue I have is that it rewards the aggression of a player and most often give them he win to a player who would never win in real life. Example a player going all in with 3-9 against a player with A-A. After the flop and the 3-9 gets two pairs. It happens far more often then it would in real life. I lost a hand full house Aces over Jacks to two pair why and for over 3 million and it’s not the first time. When ever several players go all in after the flop . The win most always goes to the player with the highest chip count at the table. Today I had the winning hand but the chips were giving to someone else. Plus one time it dropped me when I had a full house and on the river it dropped me. Message saying lost connection. Also it puts me in 50 million tournaments with out my selecting it. And take 50 million chips with out my playing a single hand and leaving the table. It just happened yesterday. It put me at a table and when I tried to leave. It messaged it would take all my chips. So I placed a few hands and doubled my chips. But each time I tried to leave the table. It massaged it would take all my chip.. I continued to play. Trying to leave the table several more times. Finally it took all my chip. Not happy with it at all. Over 6 billion chips lost because it wouldn’t allow me to leave the table. Without it taking my chips.
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2 years ago, Vorpal Jane
Fun but not yet perfect.
Well everyone likes to play Texas hold 'em. And this game lets you choose: what level of table you want to play, tournament or normal play, and more. You specify how much you want to put down as a stake when you get to the table. (Or you can use the default settings.) The kind of things you expect when you play poker. This game is a little glitchy & has some design flaws. The thing that aggravates me the most is that often only the winning hand is shown. I want to see all the players' cards when there is a call, just as I would in real life. You are left wondering if they were bluffing :-\ The worst design flaw is how the buttons to bet change between hands. You can plan on tapping "check/fold" as the configuration is changing and tap "call" inadvertently. Another I really don't understand is why no explanation of how these leagues function. It's all very mysterious & thus somewhat meaningless. All in all a good game worth playing until you go all-in on the wrong hand. 🤗 I’ve played this app for YEARS but something changed recently. Not only have I lost all my history of levels achieved, but the game is now super glitchy. SUPER glitchy. Last night I couldn’t see the flop, the turn, or the river for an entire hand. Today I can’t even get the app to open. Are you guys having a DDOS or something? This is insane that an app this old is so unstable.
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5 years ago, No nick name11123
10 year player
First off I enjoy the app quite a bit. And these are the small issues I have with the app. 1) flaw in min buy ins. Let’s say that it’s a 100M buy in with 10M min buy in. You have people sit with min and then go all in with risk of only 10M. Most tables people don’t buy max buy in they buy min. This creates a situation where people that have bought in higher would like to play a hand. But don’t want to risk 10M because of donk player. Or the flop is Q94 and you have AQ. You bet and donk goes all in with 95 and hits a 9 on the river or a 5 because there was no risk. For him. You can’t push him out of the pot with your A Q. I would like to see tables with max and min buy in the same. Meaning a 100m buy in Room with blinds of 1m. You can’t sit with more or less. 2). I try to sit at table and there are no players. Meaning only empty rooms. I don’t want to start a table so I keep looking. No tables with players. So I go into recent players I have played with and I see players playing in the tables I’m looking for. I join and there are two seats available. Why didn’t they show when I was searching. With two seats. It should have shown. It’s like the app wants me to start a table and doesn’t want me sitting in a table with three players. On a 5 player table. Other than these issues. I love the game. Hopefully developers look at this and take into consideration.
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4 years ago, uwillose4sure
This app has the best option for tournament tables I love em. I do like how poker heat gives you the option to show yours cards to everyone after each hand but I deleted that app because the dealing is crap too many big hands An irritating app but this app seems decent with dealing. Adding to my review I want to point out that with the tickets we win. It’s hard to build your tickets as it is so when you bet a lot just to reach enough to open the gold safe I don’t think it should give you just the same amount of chips as if you opened the silver or bronze There should be a min amount in each safe I mean really. It takes 30 tickets for the gold safe That’s double the silver. It’s not easy to gain tickets. Maybe something can be done about that. And tournament tables chip winnings You should tell us the amount we win Cause that’s how it’s setup. But you don’t get that amount. You only get half that because it is adding how much you spend to get into the table. So if the table winnings are 100m. You really only get 50m. if you win because you put in 50m. to play So you just make the table seem more exciting to the eye with a bigger pot to win This is on spin and win But overall still good dealing Like playing this app more than others. Good
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3 years ago, Fdrth
No Stars!
Game sets you up every chance it can to give you the wheel on the flop and someone else the nuts draw on the river literally every time. The lucky bonus is completely imbalanced… when I have zero coins it’ll hit 100M consistently and as soon as I use gold I rarely get over 10M. I’ve been playing this app occasionally over 10yrs+ and I assure you it’s statically impossible how often hands tht are crushed after the flop still manage to win out. This game is 100% rigged and is not fair play. From a player with 1T coins please please please save your money it is not worth spending on this rigged app. I hope this saves people the time and hassle I wish I had back. On top of that this app charges a rake fee per pot won of around 20% the size of the pot every win. And btw of you bet more than the bet covered they also tax the entire amount bet even if the player doesn’t have enough to cover your all in. Sometimes I’ve raised all in on a 3 bet over the person chip stack to literally get back less after winning than I started with. Split pots are a nightmare and always leave you with less chips than you started with. This app is beyond a scam please save your time I promise you this is not where you want to spend it. I’m able to see white black and grey in life and I hope this saves anyone able to read this message. It’s is not from a place of negative energy but genuine concern.
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5 months ago, Valiantfighter911
A great way to stay sharp on poker!
I would give it 5 stars if players who bought chips were separated from those who earned chips. I've read an overwhelming amount of bad reviews and they all seem to say the same things... "I lose hands I'm supposed to win"... "I've had to buy chips multiple times"..."they're making me lose".... "It's a scam, and they just want your money"...Blah blah blah, cry me a river. I've been playing for a few years on and off. When I practice very tight and aggressive play, and a little bit of bank roll management (like not playing more than 10% of my bank roll) I almost always win over time. I've earned over 100 million in chips, lost it all by risking it all and earned it all back. I've never had to purchase chips, and I've never lost for extended periods of time unless I decided to play risky because I was bored, or played like an idiot (even though I knew better). My only complaints are the lack of other Texas hold em game choices and the fact that you can buy chips at all. I feel like "earning" your chips is the only way to play. If you buy chips you should maybe do some educational reading or practice at lower levels until you learn how to play.
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2 months ago, Aka the warden
Poker data lost
I think I started this game sometime in July last year and I’ve been up and down up and down playing and playing playing. Well today, I went to sign in and guess what I had to choose either Apple or zyna I tried all three and could not get in to my game. Lost everything couldn’t do my picture picture ID couldn’t do anything and I lost everything so it asked me if I wanted to play as a guest so I said all right my back or anything else and I am upset because this isn’t something you play around with with people we’re not in the right area or we don’t have the right Wi-Fi with my phone. I should get it anywhere, so you need to figure out what happened me back to my poker game and my original money that I had in my original watches that I had I was almost ready to win the last one. Thank you for your help, but I don’t expect much.m. Of course I didn’t get my original money back or my coins or my watches or anything else so I’ve had to start over as a guest. I did like the one where you burn the cards that’s OK. I just can’t get on a good enough table to make everything work it’s just not my time to win but all in all I do like the new game, but I’d really like to have my watches back
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3 months ago, Suckers5678
Bad service
Thanks for contacting Zynga. I'm truly sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our service, due to a series of bad beats that exhausted your trillion Chips. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we take it seriously. I understand how frustrating it can be when expectations aren't met, and we want to make things right. First and foremost, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you may have faced. We're committed to providing the best possible service, and it's clear that Zynga Poker fell short of that commitment. We'd love the opportunity to make amends and ensure that your next interaction with us is a positive one. If you're open to it, I'd be happy to pass along any constructive feedback you might have to help improve the Zynga Poker experience. If you were in charge of Zynga Poker, what would you change in the game to make the experience more enjoyable? What aspects of the game do you like? What components would you change? Providing answers to these questions will help improve the game for everyone. We value your feedback and are grateful for the chance to learn and grow from it. Once received, I’ll be happy to share some extra rewards to help your progress. We're here to help and to make sure your future interactions with us are much more positive. Regards, Harold Q. Zynga Player Support
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10 months ago, HorriblePoker
Dirty house
Zynga makes money from ad revenue and chip purchases, it’s that simple. If you win, you do not need to buy chips. Program is written to lose. Doesn’t matter how one plays; when zynga wants you to win…you win; when they want you to lose…you lose. Cards might be random, but wins/loses are manipulated! Definition of random is: “lacking a definite plan.” Shysters at zynga interpret this as “specific.” But poker doesn’t require specific cards to win, just a better hand. One player has a pair; second player has stronger pair. One player has two pairs, second player has 3-of-a-kind. One player has garbage; second player has garbage also, but with stronger hole-card. And this is poker, real poker. But zynga program is written to control wins and loses of each player to provoke buying chips (this is their business, not poker!). This is evident with the streaks, both hot and cold (The likes of which are not seen with such consistency in real poker). And it’s ridiculously evident with the final card dealt (in poker its called the river-card. Since this is not poker, can’t call it that). This card, more than any other card on felt, insures app’s goal of manipulating players into rebuys. And as a result zynga has the most absurd finishes! Here it should be called the “trump card” (totally dishonest and self servicing).
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3 years ago, Jellygrape
Good app but
Good poker app but they won’t fix the basic things that could make it better. First, the “Check” button is right where the “Call” button appears when someone bets or raises. So if you are about to check, you may find yourself calling a bet or a raise - unintentionally. The check button should be offset so this never happens. I have called so many raises I didn’t mean to and of course, none of those have ever won. Second, you should have an option to show hand or show a card after the table has folded. This is a basic card room move that can keep people guessing even more if you play it right. Last, I’m not so sure the deal is 100% random. I’m not saying it’s fixed or there are shills, bots or the like, but it’s often amazing how the hands come out. I hate to cast doubt but I’ve played nearly 200,000 hands and have learned to expect the worst bad beats based on the fact that so many of the hands seem to be dealt solely to draw action. In other words, the worst hands catch up more than any live poker room I’ve been in. This could also be because there’s no real money at stake so people with bad hands don’t face the risk of losing real money and will bet, raise and call any and everything.
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2 years ago, Joel4747
Very disappointed in the new update
I have been playing on zynga poker for almost 10 years now and I have to say the latest update is the worst zynga has ever put out. It has so many glitches in it it’s not funny. From floating gifts to disappearing chips as well as getting kicked to the lobby in the middle of a hand when you lose connection, it needs a lot of work. And when you send out chat the font is so small you can’t read it. I’m wondering if they even tested it before they put it out. And worst of all they forced all players to download the new update. The game doesn’t have a ton of ads, but the ads they do have are very annoying, especially when you want to get back to the table quickly after being kicked to the lobby. The graphics and animation have pretty much always been good. Those are a couple of things I really like about zynga poker more than other poker apps. However, zynga’s rake (tax on winnings) is extremely high! They want people to buy chips only to take them back from your winnings. I have noticed they’re taking between 10-15% of your winnings. That’s ridiculously high compared to other poker apps so don’t be surprised when you’re missing 10% of your pot after winning a hand. Please fix the update and lower the rake on winning hands.
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4 years ago, Magic Dave C
Not the game the players
I like the app but I have 2 issues. 1. I used 2 Gb of data yesterday watching videos getting chips... way too much data... 2. The players go all in way too often. It’s really lame. Can’t play a good game of poker when there’s not much at stake. It’s hard to play for 3 hours building a stack slowly and being selective when people “all in” with a 3 9 off suit. Just wouldn’t see that that consistently in a 4 real stakes game. They wouldn’t last a day. Thing is here they just do it then reup immediately if they lose and sit at same table. Suggestion...if u “all in” and lose you should be rerouted to a new table and banned from the table u currently were on. For a 5 minute period... just like u had to walk to the atm and somebody grabbed ur seat. I just think that that may help with these annoying gnats that get in way of playing a hand. I’m gonna stop playing it’s just not fun they ruined it for me. Note: I do understand buying the pot but seriously way too consistent with crappy hands that just happen to get the flop. And if they don’t they are still there 1 hand later doing the same thing....over and over
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1 year ago, Sassy-Bear
Was a great little Poker App.. until..
Was a great little poker app UNTIL all of a sudden, every time you change screens, a commercial pops up. Very ANNOYING!!! It wasn’t like that before, only got stuck with a commercial of you CHOSE to watch one to get more currency, Now they are popping up constantly, with no added benefit. It was a great little poker app to just play around before that. You get A Lot of the un-serious players that go all in on every single hand, but you have the option to switch tables as much as you want till you find one you like. Most of the special events are unrealistic (as you only have 2-3 weeks to earn all the tokens to get the prize) unless you have either Billions to spend/bet, or can play for hours and hours every day. Besides that, I would have given it a 4-4.5 if the commercials didn’t start occurring all the time. If it continues like this, I will downgrade my rating and delete the app. Just not worth the time you spend with commercials playing for no reason. If I wanted to watch endless commercials, I’d have been clicking on the ‘watch video to spin’ or the ‘watch to get bonus’.
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2 years ago, bronxbomber2627
This game is becoming a JOKE
How about instead of generic responses to bad reviews like this you actually remove me from the ‘automatically 2 or 3 outtered on every single hand’ list. It’s becoming laughably bad Update: Since the day after I posted this negative review, the amount of set up hands I encounter has grown exponentially. I haven’t lost to as many two and three and one outters on the River in my entire life than in the last two weeks. They went crazy with Omaha. It’s so obvious that they can put you into the role of loser on purpose and try to frustrate you into purchasing chips. It’s getting disgusting. Post a negative review and you’re on the ‘you’re the table piggy bank’ list. 14% rake on every single pot; they even rake your uncalled bets (ex: if you shove for 50 million, guy calls for 10m, next guy who had 60m total folds / they rake your uncalled bet of 40 million as well - that’s insane!!) Since the last update the amount of one and two outters hit against me is just mathematically unreal and infuriating- clearly they have upped the ante to frustrate people into buying chips. It has gotten exponentially worse during Omaha hands. They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that all the hands are preset anymore. It’s becoming a joke of a game.
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2 years ago, PrnceofDarkness
Unrealistic/Fake Poker
All I desire to do is play a realistic poker game with statistical normalities. If you wanna play something where a flush occurs every other hand .. royal flushes every 1000 hands then that should be other poker apps. I played this poker app for about a week, even spending money, and so much unrealistic stuff happens it is just truly ridiculous. Consistently I find myself witnessing complete nonsense statistically. Even myself, getting back to back pocket aces on multiple occasions within an hour. It’s just nonsense. Runner, Runner straight cards incessantly. I mean it’s simply baffling why they think people enjoy playing games where things that have real like 4% probabilities happen 25-40% of the time. It’s just unrealistic. And they even HAVE A GAME mode which says short deck. Meaning higher odds for foolishness so why do i have to face it in my normal gaming experience. Game is bad. There aren’t large tournaments. Most of the game modes are three players or five and that’s where it gets so dumb. Playing heads up and seeing flushes and straights 4-8 times in a 15 min period. Have any of these clowns ever played real poker. It’s hard just to PAIR in a real life heads up. Let alone TRIPS, QUADS and straights/ flushes. Happens way too often. BAD game. ARCADE POKer is TRASH
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2 years ago, KS B4
This app is an absolute disgrace of a representation of poker. You cannot bluff in this app because it gives players a meter on their screen that indicates hand strength, so even if it is a board you could bluff a better hand off on, you can’t. Either the players are so bad that they don’t know when to fold so they just keep calling, or the hand strength meter gives everything away and this app will pay off a 5-2 off suit donkey player who has bottom pair on a straight/flushy board. It’s just crazy to me. Lastly, you have to play FOREVER to get a winning hand. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to stare at my phone for 30 minutes waiting to just hit a pair or get a winning hand. It’s fold after fold after fold preflop every hand, or you get bored and want to play a hand so you try bluffing a horrible draw, but then you run into the issues I already discussed. You also try sizing bets for value, and some idiot comes in over betting 10m into a 2m pot. I’m done trying to figure this app out, you can’t win, you will constantly face bad players that you can’t bluff, and you are forced to wait for a winning hand to get chips, and that takes entirely too long. Uninstalling and getting a different app.
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5 years ago, joshv_914
Zynga is rigged!
I’ve see it too. I’ve played Zynga close to 10 years now. Not only do they have the same boring gifts to send each other & ridiculous avatars, their slot while is definitely rigged. I spin it multiple times daily & never once get a decent paying spin using gold or not. The worst is how there seems to be hot seats. I’ll see the same player hit repeatedly while i spend hours some days just hoping for something better than “one pair”, or see the same player repeatedly win on the river when they could not possibly be that lucky that many times in a row. Update...today was another example of how rigged this game is. I logged on about 5 separate times for at least an hour each times. In that total of 5 hours and about 100 hands played i only won maybe 5 of the 100. Of those 5 only one was actually a decent hands. For hours it didn’t matter what i had someone else on the table had it slightly better. I even tried the spin and win to change it up....one guy blows his chips and loses so it’s down to me and one other heads up. I bet he won a good 15 hands to my 1. Seeing everyone else complain of this definitely lets me know that this is not a coincidence.
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9 months ago, Jaymanzor
Gambling games are fun but once you realize that aspects that are supposed to be luck based are actually rigged it makes it hard to enjoy. The prof is the mega lucky bonus slot machine. Here’s how it works for me. When I have a 10% daily login bonus I end up winning about a million chips. I get like 50-70k, then a x15-20 multiplayer, then the 10% bonus. That’s fine. The problem is when I get to a 400% daily login bonus. Ever since I reached that it’s been the same. Win 20-30k, then a x5-8 multiplier, then the 400% bonus and I win about a million chips. So the idea seems to be that when the daily bonus is low, you win big and get a big multiplier. When the daily bonus is high, you win small and get a very small multiplier so you constantly find yourself winning the same amount no matter what the daily bonus happens to be. Now that wouldn’t be a big deal but since you know it’s rigged in that aspect, you would be smart to assume it’s also rigged in others. Do people who pay more real money for chips get better hands? Will they find themselves catching flushes and straights more often than someone else? It’s all questionable at that point.
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2 years ago, YOUNGSUMMA
The most unrealistic poker experience out there!!! 👎👎👎👎👎
1. Why are there two versions of this same game in the iPad AppStore? I rated this app in the past, apparently it was for the "hd" version.......I don't understand what you guys are doing. 2. this Game allows people to go "all in" for $0 and get to stay in the game to have a chance to take the winnings. How do you allow this to happen, an even bigger question, why aren't you fixing this? 3. The dealer algorithm is totally flawed. This game deals out more ace high straights than I've ever seen. The constant re-dealt aces hand after hand leads me to believe that there are only aces in the deck. 4. Please explain the purpose of the tip dealer button? What does your audience gain from tipping the dealer? Should we have to pay the dealer just to win a hand??? just another way for zynga to steal money. This is a very unattractive feature of this game, and needs to be removed. 5. This is the only game that I experience connectivity issues with. I never have this problem with the other 20+ iPad games I play that are server based. I have lost many winning hands because of this issue and I see many other people have too. 6. STOP IGNORING THE COMPLAINTS YOUR PLAYERS ARE PRESENTING TO YOU ZYNGA. THAT'S ALL, good day!
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3 years ago, dawgestylerulz
No way random gen
It is setup up to create more bet action only way to accomplish this is dealer has to know who has what and that is cheating setup cards no way it’s random gen if dealer is dealing to create more or less action it’s cheating random gen is throw cards in air and deal them as they fall not pick and chose who gets the winning card i get a flush and lose to a full house is almost impossible but it happens every day and not just because you try and say it’s because we play more hands cause I don’t I will play 30 hands win 4 times and have chip lead then lose every hand no matter what until chips are gone then you will win again how is this random gen no way it’s controlled deals to make action but you wil consistently say it’s random gen when all you have to dis play your own game to figure out it’s not random gen I had to file bankruptcy because I played for real money and they cheated me out of thousands and on casino games it’s worse they adjust so you win minimum bets @ $1 50% so you bump bet and lose every bet drop bet to min and you win a little at a time bump bet you lose all chips and every hand but they will swear it’s random gen it’s cheating no matter how you toss it
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4 years ago, lovinlife3434
I use to love playing poker but now everything has change. Now when I go to a table I can’t communicate with anyone because they talk a different language. So it’s pretty much no more talking and laughing at a table. Very boring. Also there is a lot of passing of chips on the table. They will sit with max buyin and pass it to their buds while you just sit and lose to them because you don’t have the cards to go max buy in. Another thing a few of my friends have been banned for staying at their tables. I have had 7 of my buds suspended in the last month and they don’t pass chips so not sure what’s going on there??????????????? Plus a lot of my buds have quit playing because of what’s going on, and it’s impossible to make new friends because we can’t understand eachother so I will probably quit soon myself. Update on this all of my friends have been suspended plus myself. I was playing Spin n Win and they jerked me straight out of the game n suspended me. My VIP emailed back that he review my account and summitted it to be reviewed and reinstated. After a week, two more emails I received the standard email how I was buying chips? When as many innocent people they are ripping off.......I don’t think they should not even offer this app in the Apple store
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5 years ago, OGPopperz
Ok to learn with
I used the app to learn the basics of poker, after playing a few games for real money, in real life, though I learned some key things that are different. People on the app will get you used to the rules of poker, BUT, if you go to a casino this app only shows you the methods and strategies of dealing with people who don’t care about losing money. Aka, the people who bet wildly and disrupt actual players there to win. These people show major tells with almost their betting alone. Due to the fact they are not at all worried about the money loss. In that aspect this game is perfect for learning to deal with and minimize the losses these types of people could ensue. Play with warning though. At a real game with real people you cannot play like you do in this game. You will lose every time. Coming on to my 18th positive outcome in a row with only 1, my first game, being negative. That is the best information I can give concerning this game. In short, it is great at learning how to deal with the pesky daddy’s piggy banks that will show up to a table, but to play with actual players, you need to play actual games for actual money. It is a completely different mindset.
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3 years ago, stickystick23
Terrible game
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now and it has a way of making you think you’re Going to win but in reality it’s just a never ending loop of you winning one hand and the next hand you lose with something you normally wouldn’t lose with. It has a good feel while you play very easy to navigate but it is horrible in the sense that it picks the person who’s going to win before the hand starts and it teases you until you have 200k chips left and wonder what you’re doing with your life. Let’s not forget the gold chests, when you go to open a golf chest wouldn’t you think something magical would happen. No. You get 247,354 chips smacked to your face added to your balance. Wow so cool I can now play at the lowest table and not win because like I stated above you don’t win. And if you do,better enjoy those chips because they’re gonna get sucked back into the system faster than a vacuum cleaner sucking in some sprinkles. Do not recommend:( back again after 5 months of play time….. hasn’t changed still lose with pocket aces to 10s and 3s after going all in. You wanna know what the best part is? Homie chases all the cards and guess what He pulls a pAIr oF thRees :( I hope this game Stubbs its toe.
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6 years ago, Yahoooooo User
Great Poker App
It’s a great app if they could control the players that come into steal your money by going all in when you’re at a table just to play. I would’ve given it a 5 star rating if it weren’t for this problem. But, it can be very frustrating with the players who try to manipulate the game. When I first started playing, you could play with people from all over the world, and have a relaxing evening of playing poker. But, now when a new player sits down at your table, you have to be alert for clues that they intend to steal the blinds or as much of your chip stack as possible. They go All In, and if you don’t have a strong hand you have to fold to them and they keep doing it every hand, over and over. I hope this doesn’t sound completely negative. It is a great app! They created, in my opinion one of the best poker sites out there and I think I’ve tried them all. Don’t let a few bad seeds ruin it for you because every once in a while, you can sit down with other players that just want to play, have a fun game night and make new friends from all over the world.
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1 year ago, chamorru.rider
Disappointed and Dissatisfaction
Been complaining about how things are running improperly. Complain about misfortune of your business and equipment malfunction! Review my complaints. Ever thing is recorded on your computer and my computer. My grandchildren, and my kids play on this game. My relatives have played the game and says the same thing. You are dishonest about your business. I feel someone has tampered with your robot! Evidence is on the recording off ur computer! I have played on other people's computer and it's totally different! Fact and I can provide and prove it. All I am asking is to stop the issue of dishonest. Check ur tall ball head Mike, him and I had a few words about my playing. Asking about giving a few personal friends Trillion of dollars to his friends. That's money stolen from ur account! Ever since then. Nothing has been running correctly! Review the account off so many complaints I have made a reported! Thank you kindly! I
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4 years ago, D0ZE1
Shady - be prepared to donate significant chips
The gameplay & graphics are fine. What made me leave was them draining my bank anytime I sat @ a cash game table. The higher up you play, the more they drain. Had 40M just gradually bleed off during one of my last sessions. After I saw a 100M+ jus disappear, I was done. If you don’t believe me, monitor your bank (they call it your “wallet”) while you’re at a cash game table. You’ll notice it shrinking more and more the longer you stay regardless of what’s happening @ the table. Only way to avoid it was to keep moving to different tables before it happened. Contacted CS & offered to send them screen caps of it happening - they didn’t deny it. They pointed out the house rake (the amount disappearing was often 20% of my max buy-in and crept up to as much as half. No way that’s rake. And if it is, why is it being taken from my bankroll instead of the pots I win the way rake is usually collected?) and comped me some chips. Was a decent amount. More than I claimed had been drained. But what good is that if they’re just going to bleed you off again? I guess it’s their way of making you buy chips from them. Do yourself a favor and play on a different, more honest app. Literally no other app I’ve played does this.
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5 years ago, Pocketvideographer
Most Fair Texas Hold’em App So Far
I’ve played all three major poker apps, W**P, P***r S***s, and Zynga. On all three apps, I’ve never purchased chips, and I have a high bank in chips built up over thousands of hands of play, so what I say next is not spoken from the bitterness of having lost my play money. My experience on W**P is mostly unpleasant, with its unrealistic dealing of an excess of paired boards and runner-runner suits on the turn and the river. And while tournament play on P***r S***s is better with slower rising blinds, I wouldn’t recommend playing the so-called cash format there. Thus far, Zynga has been the most fun, mostly because it has the most familiar card dealing experience in comparison with a live deck. One criticism I would lay here is that if you try to collect the free chips and spins by watching videos, beware that sometimes there’s no way to close out the video ad to get back into the poker app without being pushed into the download screen for the advertised app. A new criticism is that after finshing play with Sit and Gos, Zynga has started showing me ads before I return to the “lobby”; this is a very disappointing development.
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3 years ago, LezTheLezbian
Great fun game
I have to edit my review. This game is awesome. I can play for hours, and during the pandemic that’s exactly what I’m doing. The only thing I don’t like is there are times where when you play all you do is lose. You can think you have a great hand with a flush and the next person has a full house every single time. When that happens I log off and go on a few hours later and then I start winning. It’s like they notice when you log off and they let you win when you come back so you don’t log off again. The tournaments are my favorite. Deff would recommend this game. I would just make the money prizes high and definitely put the $120 and $160 million back when you play the $20 million tournament spin and win. We deserve to win those high amounts. Also let us land more on the other prizes besides just 40 million 9 times out of 10.
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6 years ago, Nursefocker
Not truly random
Where to start, first off the game is always trying to reconnect itself and dropping your hand. I’ve even stood 5ft from my router and still the same thing. Second, it is not random, I was dealt the same hand four straight times and at one point matched every bet and lost 57 straight hands while the person with the biggest pot kept winning???? Zynga can program their algorithm to be random with exceptions and let us non-payers lose our pot to entice us to buy more chips. They claim it’s verified by third party but no computer algorithm is ever random just ask MIT: “You can program a machine to generate what can be called “random” numbers, but the machine is always at the mercy of its programming. “On a completely deterministic machine you can’t generate anything you could really call a random sequence of numbers,” says Ward, “because the machine is following the same algorithm to generate them. Typically, that means it starts with a common ‘seed’ number and then follows a pattern.” The results may be sufficiently complex to make the pattern difficult to identify, but because it is ruled by a carefully defined and consistently repeated algorithm, the numbers it produces are not truly random. “They are what we call ‘pseudo-random’ numbers,” Ward says.”
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3 years ago, Ckm1021
One of the most toxic bully sites I’ve ever been on
I used to love this app. On and off for 10 years I’ve played this game, I love poker. I don’t know what changed your what they did different but this is become a dumping ground for vile toxicity! I have been verbally assaulted, harassed, sexually harassed, told to go kill myself all for winning hands at poker. I take screenshots send them to Zynga tell them about my experiences and they don’t ban players. You have to agree to what they call Fairplay, if you don’t according to them you’ll get banned. It never happens you complain take time to write out an email and get it automated response that says we’re sorry you experienced it will see you later. This is not OK to have a verbal dumping ground website where people want to go play poker and have to be harassed. Now you can turn off chat somewhat but you have buddies, friends that I’ve made over her years. When you want to talk to them you have to talk to everybody else. I could go on there every game and every new table manually mute every person but I don’t feel like I should have to do that when I’m playing at a poker table. Bam the chat altogether or get rid of this toxicity!
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3 years ago, hffrbkibgfsdghjn
To me ads going from when you finish the game to the lobby
When you leave games or information or getting points you have to go through one or two ads for apps of them all for something other stupid stuff what they want you to download I played it for an hour I kept going back to the lobby and there must’ve been 20 ads trying to get me to download and I’m not talking about the ones that say watch this I will give you some points they are you have the choice of watching him or not the other way when you leave the game all getting points I was looking at your standings you have to watch the ads for downloads whether you want to or not so they are so they are Ramen it down your throat and forcing it on you if you want to keep playing even if you don’t just want to go to the library you still got a look at ads ads and more ads you get back to the lobby so I have deleted them from all of my devicesAnd I’m sending notes to all my friends and play in piles to do the same until the ads or apps are taken out oh no long play this game or suggested two friends to play played for 1 he had about 30 adds had to go through
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7 months ago, Just wants fair play
Not worth a single star
This app is complete trash. I am not a professional poker player by any means, but I have seen more than enough to know that the hands that happen on this app come NOWHERE NEAR even being close to real play. Can’t tell you the number of times I have flopped 2 high pair like AK and gone all in, only to be beaten by some clown or bot with 4 8 off suit that magically gets a pair of 4s dealt on the turn and river or that I have had pocket aces, bet high and been beaten by some moron who stayed in with 2 7 that flops a full house, Or the number of times the dealer deals a 4 card flush draw with the house cards…(once every 7-9 hands or so) or 2 way full house draws (you’ll see that one at least 3 times in an hour.) Oh, and somehow magically, if the winning hand is say K5….next hand, my Kohl’s cards…,K5……I could go on, but statistically speaking let’s just say, if you are looking for realistic play, stay FAR FAR FAR AWAY from Zynga poker. Oh, and when you write in to customer service to tell them how ridiculous their app plays…..either crickets, or a canned reply that assures you they use a “certified” random number generator to be certain of fair play……yeah……right……..GARBAGE!!!
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12 months ago, pplayer127
You used to be able to play the sit n gos on this app but they put the buy in at a min of 1b, an amount thats difficult to sustain if you dont buy chips. If youre going to put money into poker you might as well play with an opportunity to profit. It becomes very apparent after a week after you download, you start to get hit with several “bad beats”. Other players or possibly bots start consistently sucking out with incredibly unlikely runner runner outs that you dont come across at the start. Ultimately, zynga/take two have to make a profit, but they have resulted to a platform where you have to share your personal info with third party companies or buy products from online retailers in order to get additional free chips, unless you want to settle on the in app slot machine, which pays very little in most cases. Honestly, i came close to buying chips, but then saw what could happen with these incredibly unlikely scenarios and didnt want to lose my purchase so quickly. I have been playing poker regularly for 10 years and its not hard to tell the difference between a long streak of bad luck and manipulation and this is unfortunately the latter.
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3 years ago, Ondeck23
I was playing and have spent way too much money and was very close to winning another watch which would have paid out 900,000,000,000 chips and so when I go back in to play a couple of hours to try and win the next watch I’m locked out and I have no idea why. I have paid a whole lot of money not to be able to play and have not done anything more than I have seen others do. So many people tell me it’s rigged and I can see why they say that because every time you get going pretty good you will lose a hand like I have 4 8’s and lose to 4 queens. That doesn’t happen anyway I continue to play and continue to buy chips and I just want to be able to play and not be locked out. This isn’t fair to those who have paid so much money and worked so hard to get to that big watch payout to have them ban you from playing. Not very fair. Also I can’t do what they tell me to do because it won’t let me back in to get my id number and stuff they need to check so I have just emailed people for 2 days and no one will help me or tell me why this happened. At least give me my money back if I’m not going to be allowed to play anymore.
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2 years ago, Mrs_Streater
Don’t Buy Chips
I gave this app 2 stars because it is rigged once you purchase chips. After my first purchase, winning hands became almost impossible. Seems like the game literally sets it up to lose against people playing the worst hands. If I play an Ace/King suited I lost against a player playing a 4 club/10 heart hand with the community cards being literally all freaking clubs.. the dealer turned over 5 clubs and the other player won with a 6 card flush. What are the odds of that?! Or if I fold with 10 diamond/2 heart, the dealer would deal two 10s and a 2. SMH Idc what anyone says once you purchase chips this game is rigged for you to lose & im convinced it places bots on the table to make you lose with hands even the best poker players would go all-in just so you can purchase more chips. Also, to have a cap on the chip gifts does not make sense. If my poker buddies send me chip gifts why can’t I receive them all at once? All in all I like playing the game but I will NEVER purchase another chip bundle. I will only play with the chips I win in my daily spins, completing challenges, and chip gifts.
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4 years ago, Jester CMK
Zynga cheats
The game uses bots. There is no way a person goes all in 7 3 off suit as much as people do in this game and win. I play other online games and win five times as much as I do on Zynga. Also Zynga tells you there’s no available tables when you can see that there are hundreds of available tables. It won’t let you switch to one of the other open tables. Also claims you can win hundreds of millions of dollars in chips on the spinning wheel and I’ve played with hundreds of thousands of players and no one has ever won anything like that. Played with thousands of players ask them The same question “have you ever seen or heard of the spinning slot giving up the 100 million or more it claims it will?” Casinos would be shut down for the lies and cheats Zynga does. They also force you to tables they have program bots in. To try to get you to lose and buy chips. They also claim a table is t available when you can see 100s that are. So they can put you in a table that has their bot. In spin and win they never give up more than twice the buy in and it should always be the min of what all three players paid together but that’s how they steal from customers
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3 years ago, MustangRichie
TRULY COMMITTING FRAUD! Tried to talk to them
This used to be the best game. Unfortunately the company got GREEDY! A company the WIN, WIN just wasn’t enough! For instance, in the last few months, say you have an $80million purse, you now win $40 million on a $20 million spin&win. You hit play again and BAM! Before you know it, your playing a $100,000 million dollar game, and there’s no time to get out of the game, YOUR STUCK and if you lose, YOUR BROKE!! THEY ARE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE! I know this because scenario #2. You have an $80 million purse, you just lose on a $20 million spin&win, you hit play again, and BAM! All tables are full! So you need to exit to the lobby and hit the $20 million spin&win. I have tried several times to get them to call me back and the response was to get hold of my REP. If you gave me a $1000 dollars to find out who my rep is , I couldn’t tell you. I will also tell you this is not a glitch, I have 2 accounts, actually, 1 now. The same thing happened with both accounts, that’s why I’m letting you all know, as soon as this account is broke, I AM DONE! Unless of course they make things right! In which case I will let you know!
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2 years ago, TIETS4
Sit and Go. ... 1B buy in, is the minimum now...
So used to play this app daily for a long time. Switching to sit and go’s as a change of pace. Coming back to it after a hiatus... things have changed for the worse. Sit and Go is ruined. Now in order to play sit and go’s, if you lose a few your buying chips. I get it you need to support the app, but with all the new ads, and now this trickery, to force people to buy chips way more often. It’s just not worth it. There are other poker apps not doing this, and the communities are growing. Zenga was the best, but no longer. What once was a great poker app and training ground has turned something like Disneyland a money grabber where you want to have fun, but you have to walk around with an open wallet. Bring back lower buy in sit and Go’s. Until then, you will not get more of my money, you will get zero. Hope the new revenue pull, is enough to cover the customers you are losing. Can’t we have the app with an option to get rid of the adds, super annoying, and I don’t watch them anyway, just stop playing.
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3 years ago, Sherrybabe88
Very upset!!
At first I really liked them, everything was good, made my first purchase and had to put in password, then asked to put a new name, I didn't, when I started playing it was like starting all over, lost all my money I worked so hard for, lost all my buddies, I wrote you and never responded, I submitted several tickets, just ignored me. I kept playing, I was a guest. I was never on Facebook. So I decided to get Facebook on my laptop then I got zynga, it did not combine the one off my iPhone to my laptop. I kept playing, buying chips and so on, one day after getting my buddy list back up and millions of chips on guest, iPhone Opened up to play, the account was locked couldn't get in with password. I sent several tickets in an no reply from zynga again. So now I've lost all my buddies? Just dropped off again ?? I still try everyday to get in, I keep trying to submit tickets and almost impossible to do that anymore, what the heck is going on. They stole from me over n over. I consider myself a good customer, always playing , now list interest, looking at other poker tables now quite upset with Zynga!!
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6 years ago, Lovethephone
Game is fun to play but I was curious after all the reviews I read of it being rigged. I played almost 10,000 hands and I started to take pictures of all the flushes I saw because it seemed way more than normal. I mean where all five cards on the table are the same suit. Even in the tournaments I was hitting big hands like crazy. I know they do this to make the game more fun but it can also be frustrating to the people who lose. One tournament I won I had quads 3 times within 15 min. Now in real poker that is rare yet in zynga I hit it 3 times in the span of just one tournament?? You will see boats and straights like common hands there are so many, but the amount of flushes takes the cake. I take pictures of people going all in with 8-2 against A-K and they make a boat 882 on the flop. It’s a normal occurrence and a little silly if u ask me. I’ve studied professional poker statistics and zynga is nowhere near. Also the more chips you get , I promise you will lose it. I saw bad beats which seemed impossible unless the game is rigged. Like I say it is fun game but cheating definitely goes on and it’s rigged. I saw one guy hit 3 straights in a row. Your gonna tell me that is just luck?
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5 years ago, Seank205
Zynga suspended my account but then let me back in, after they raked my entire chip wallet.. This is after spending hundreds of dollars in their own store within the app to purchase chips.. I have spent over $300 just in the last two weeks on three $99 chip packages, they are providing no explanation, I have reached out to them three times on support email, and they keep sending back generic responses with their terms of service link, with no explanation as to what they claim I violated or why they have taken my chips.. I have asked them point-blank if they did this to attempt to encourage me to purchase even more chips, again they were completely nonresponsive.. I have played this game for a long time, I have never had this happen before, not sure if this is a new tactic from them or what is going on, for now I would strongly encourage everyone to avoid, especially if you’re paying for any chips.. Today I have sent in a complaint regarding this to Apple since this purchase was made to an iOS app to see if they can be of any assistance and getting to the bottom of this, since again Zynga has refused to give a direct answer
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1 week ago, Held 'em
My favorite online poker site
I enjoy Zynga hold ‘em very much! It’s user friendly and has provided me with many hours of entertainment. My only suggestion for an improved experience would be to make the (slow) table, the default. My reason being, it’s easiest to just go straight to a fast table, because that is the default. (No one chooses a slow table) so the confused slowbies just try to figure it out after they get to the fast table and end up using the entire clock trying to figure out their next move. This is very frustrating for the more experienced players. Along the same line of “slowbies”, if someone times out once, that should be an automatic “fold” of their hand, instead of an automatic check. Please try to make it so they can’t hold up the game every round. Waiting for them to ride the clock out every round is very annoying and time consuming to the actual “fast” players. Thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, katieos123
I like playing zynga poker it’s fun but people that don’t even do wrong get banned and it’s not fair so please don’t be so quick to judge because it’s just a game 😊💯💞 I really do love Zynga poker very intertaining thank you,, And one more thing people get jealous of how many poker chips you have and it makes them mad and they lie and turn you in to Zynga Poker for no reason so please don’t take there word for anything see it yourself before you kick out your most important players , Thank You Zynga Poker we all love and enjoy your game very much and for some people it’s all they have so Thank you again 💯💖💞💖💞💖 Please know that we are all adults playing and adults say cuss words when someone upsets them so please don’t be so hard on them it’s just a game and believe me everyone on here say things that grown ups say so please don’t judge harshly no one is getting harmed at all , thank you Zynga poker we love your game and I just spent another $100 on your chips YEE HAA poker is fun 🤩
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6 months ago, IUpapa3
Zynga poker app
Look I love ur game, it’s competive and fun though u do have a lot of many players like at least 40% and probably way higher who just play all in donkey type poker who live for the river which you continually give almost 40% of the time and that’s the truth and this causes many arguments on the tables and people say there not buying anymore because of this and the people the app puts on here as fake players to win ur chips back really not very fair and you know this as well as we do. Clean these areas up and you will have a wonderful app. But to advertise ur app on the WPT tour when even the pros talk about what ur doing is embarrassing when they laugh at the app they only care about ur money and it seems u only care about recovering ur chips. Now take that aside I love ur app and the poker, ur different seasons and the leagues ther cool. Maybe try a 1b/2B table would be awsome maybe 250b max sit think it would go over big. Sorry for being honest but believe I love the app.
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4 years ago, IRipYouUpMan
Beware of teams
as much as I've enjoyed this app there seems to be an overwhelming amount of teams on the higher stake games. The fact that zynga doesn't seem to do much about them or refund your chips when you've been scammed is quit alarming. Makes me wonder if they have anything to do with the team playing on the site. After all they do benefit from scammers taking chips from you. It forces you to either buy chips or quit playing. Just saying...if you're playing for free it's all good but if you're thinking about buying chips beware!!! Update: now it’s getting ridiculously obvious, the way they just transfer their chips to each other to bump them up the rankings or to give them a huge chip lead over everyone else. If you see anyone with 3x the buy in amount don’t sit down, it’s a scam waiting for you. Good luck ever winning legitly against people with multiple accounts. Don’t bother sending that report lol. Been doing that for years and yet they’re still increasing in numbers. I really feel sorry for players that actually spend money to buy chips. Enjoy getting robbed on that site.
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4 years ago, ray1ray3
Use to be fun..
This game use to be so much fun. Now I feel like the only way to win and have fun is to waste money to buy chips. I bought chips one time and all of a sudden I was winning a majority of hands, about a good 85%. But I guess it doesn’t last long. Now, I lose about a good 80% of the time. For example, I’ll be dealt suited A K and raise the pot pre flop. Someone with a 8/3 or 7/2 will call or go all in. Flop will be 9 6 A mixed suits, Turn will be a 5, and they’ll hit the River for their straight. However, if that was me hoping to make a straight on the River, it would never happen unless I already folded and watching the other players. Another example would be flopping a straight and going all in only to get beat on the turn and river to a full house or flush. The repetitive beatings make it no fun to play. Another thing is the ads. You guys make so much money off of forcing players to buy chips. Adding ads is just insult to injury. Do you guys make enough money? Or y’all just greedy? Also, do you have to buy a royal flush? I wish I could rate this zero stars because that’s how much fun I have playing this game now.
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6 years ago, Effinseriously
All in all the time
I hereby do decree that from this day forth Zynga poker shall be renamed “all in all the time with a 7-2 poker”. This game used to be fun years ago but it has gone downhill along with the number of people playing. Now with Jump poker being gone I can’t even stand to play anymore. Everyone just goes ALL IN ALL THE TIME! It’s impossible to play a normal game of poker. No matter how small the table stakes you go to they ALWAYS raise the blind. Shootouts take FOREVER now because it’s a slow timer and there’s multiple people who join and don’t play. You have to wait for the timer and it makes for a LONG game. They say their rated by a third party “fair dealing” but it’s bs, those people who go in on the 7-2 win about 90% of the time. You don’t get to see everyone’s hand at the end of a game and that’s bs too. You should be able to see EVERYONE who’s still in hands at the end. How else can you form a strategy? Tipping the fake dealer? What’s that about? You’re just throwing your chips away cuz your superstitious lol. It’s ridiculous. Do not play this game thinking it’s going to be like normal Texas Hold ‘Em game, it’s a joke.
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