App Growth Week Day 1 Recap: Mobile Growth

Anastasiya Starovoytova

The beginning of a new year is all about making New Year’s resolutions. An inspiring tradition, isn’t it? 

However, one should not only plot dreams out but act on them, and we’re ready to help you with that — at least, if you have “gaining new knowledge” or “professional growth” in your wishlist. SplitMetrics encourages you to go over our App Growth Week and get exclusive insights into its first day dedicated to mobile growth.

Yes, you got it right: in this article, we provide you with a recap of the App Growth Week opening day, including the recordings and key takeaways from each session.

Read and watch ahead to absorb valuable intel about the app industry in 2023 and ensure your New Year’s resolutions for user growth and retention are kept. 

New Rules Rules: 6 Engagement Megatrends Impacting Marketing at All Levels

How to kick off 2023 with a bang if you’re in mobile marketing? Peggy Anne Salz knows the answer!

When it comes to navigating the app marketing landscape, Peggy is the best person to get insights from. A chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove, she’s a household name in the mobile industry and is also known as an author and contributor for major media outlets such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review and others. 

Peggy was the one to get the App Growth Week show on the road. She started the event with an inspiring speech about key megatrends that will shape app marketing in 2023 and beyond. Here they are:

  1. Mobile is the remote control of our lives;
  2. Consumers crave journeys, not experiences;
  3. Direct dialogue with users to get their feedback will be trending;
  4. Apps are becoming POS;
  5. Demographics are dead;
  6. Cookie-less world brings a new recipe for engagement.

To learn more about the engagement megatrends by Peggy Anne Salz, watch the video below or read a special article dedicated to this topic. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Your App in the Age of Privacy

The privacy-focused age is looming over app marketers, and many of them view it as a doom-and-gloom kind of an era. Their attitude is caused by two key challenges we all face: it’s harder to target and it’s harder to measure

There’s no denying that these two challenges are relevant. However, don’t let negative thoughts consume you! There is a course of action that will help you ensure app growth in the age of privacy.

During App Growth Week, Salah Mustafa, Principal Performance Marketing Consultant at Phiture, shared his do’s and don’ts of growing apps when taking into account all the major factors related to privacy, such as:

  • Introduction of iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork
  • Android privacy sandbox
  • Chrome phasing out browser cookies
  • GDPR.

In his speech, Salah provides you with a blueprint for strategic app growth, describing what and why you should do to overcome all the obstacles. Find out about the steps mobile marketers can take to succeed by watching the recording below. 

Uncover New Insights with a Holistic Attribution Strategy

Every app marketer wants to see a full picture of their users’ journey. However, not everyone is able to connect the dots and piece it together.

The reason for that may be the absence of a holistic attribution strategy, explains Tatiana Hofftman, Product Team Lead at Adjust.

Tatiana uncovers how a holistic approach to mobile attribution helps your rise to new heights and why you should include assisted installs into your strategy. She explains the way assisted installs allow you to set up full-funnel visibility as well as:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of users’ journey before attribution;
  • Assess the performance of your marketing channels; 
  • Know exactly which ads from assisting channels influence your user flow;
  • Make data-driven decisions when it comes to optimization.

View the whole session with Tatiana Hoffman to get all the insights you need.

Mobile Gaming Growth Strategies for 2023

Mobile gaming has always been a competitive landscape. With the expected recession gaining force in 2023, it gets even tougher to come up with a solid growth strategy that will make your mobile game flourish despite it all.

To shed light on the most effective mobile gaming growth strategies in 2023, we decided to host a whole panel during App Growth Week and invited the leading experts in the industry:

These bright minds covered lots of mobile gaming ground, including the following topics:

  • Overall mobile gaming trends
  • User acquisition and targeting strategies
  • User engagement best practices 
  • ATT and IDFA deprecation. 

The discussion is available in the recording below.

The Bottom Line

This was a quick recap of the App Growth Week Day 1: Mobile Growth

We hope you’ve refreshed your memories and equipped yourself with actionable insights into boosting app growth in 2023 and beyond. Let these sessions inspire you to hit all your mobile app goals and enjoy the process of getting bigger and better.

After all, this was the whole point of App Growth Week.

Don’t miss out on the recaps of other days and feel free to revisit Day 1 to experience the App Growth Week magic one more time!

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Anastasiya Starovoytova
Anastasiya Starovoytova
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Anastasiya is Content Manager at SplitMetrics. She lives and breathes writing and has a real feeling for app marketing and mobile growth.
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