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Are your Apple Search Ads campaigns reaching their true potential?

You can invest a lot of time optimizing Apple Search Ads campaigns with automation tools only and give your performance a 2X, 3X, and N-X boost. But how to make sure you are performing better than your competitors do?

Who are your competitors, and what keywords are they using? What is your share of voice compared to other apps? Are there any opportunities that other bidders might have missed? that you can take advantage of to empower your UA strategy?

“The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself,” Sun Tzu, Chinese general, the great master, and military strategist said. We took this quote as our road map while developing a new feature to enhance your Apple Search Ads campaigns. Now SearchAdsHQ arms you with the most effective secret weapon – Apple Search Ads Insights. It’s your compass to navigate the competitive landscape and win the competition in Apple Search Ads.

This feature displays how your app and which other apps are advertising the most in Apple Search Ads and provides insights into shifting this balance. Insights are beneficial at any stage of your app growth. Use Insights to optimize your competitive strategy to find more opportunities for scaling your app. Take advantage of this new SearchAdsHQ feature to know your competitors and adjust your strategy to cut costs and avoid mistakes at the beginning of the app growth journey.

We found an opportunity to see Share of Voice in the SearchAdsHQ platform to be extremely useful. We can instantly see the position we have and understand what we shall do with the bids at that exact moment without a need to download any CSV reports! That’s amazing! In the future, we are planning to set up the automatization using these metrics. Thanks for the new release!

Mikhail Sterlikov, Performance Marketing Manager, Fjor Nutrition

How SearchAdsHQ Insights make a difference

SearchAdsHQ makes a true revolution with Apple Search Ads Insights. All the insights related to Share of Voice data and Search Popularity are gathered along with performance metrics for more efficient, dynamic keyword optimization. You can not only see the whole picture of the competitive landscape but use it along with performance metrics to make instant adjustments and optimize bids in one dashboard.

No need to analyze Excel sheets manually or use third-party tools for parsing competitors’ insights. No gut instinct or guessing for your bidding strategy anymore. We gathered all the insights in the SearchAdsHQ dashboard for your efficient data-driven bidding. 

We also provide more reliable data for the most accurate results based on a broader time range (5 days instead of 1).

The feature is currently available for the US storefront. Spain, Russia, Germany, the UK, Canada, and more storefronts are expected to come up soon.

What’s under the bonnet of Insights?

The feature delivers aggregated data and analysis in one dashboard along with the opportunity to make instant changes in your bidding:

  • Your app’s Share of Voice
  • Competitors’ Share of Voice
  • Keyword Search Popularity
Navigate Apple Search Ads with Insights Beta
 Image source: SearchAdsHQ dashboard

Know where you are with Share of Voice

Understand the current app position with your app’s Share of Voice. This metric shows your app’s share of impressions for a certain keyword in Apple Search Ads. SearchAdsHQ displays the estimated average share of your keywords for the last five days leaving out random anomalies to provide you with more accurate results. Track your share of voice to see how bid changes affect your app positions. In this section, you can also understand which additional SoV you could gain for your app by increasing bids and protecting your brand keywords, even generic ones.

Spy on the competitors

Which apps are displayed the most when users enter the search term? This feature helps you take a look around and discover your top-10 competitors and their Share of Voice range while bidding on each of the selected Apple Search Ads keywords.

This section delivers your multiple insights:

  • What’s the distribution of impressions between competitors?
  • Is your SoV comparable to other bidders?  
  • Who is bidding on your brand keywords?

Find what keywords other competitors are bidding on and add to your account. Insights provide you an opportunity to instantly adjust your competitive strategy and optimize bids – all in one dashboard in the SearchAdsHQ platform.

Unlock keyword potential

Search popularity will let you know how frequently users search for a particular keyword. The section shows the latest data from Apple Search Ads for the last 24 hours. The final data is highlighted in a relative-grade color to help you understand the most popular search terms instantly. Track search popularity status and get insights and data for decision-making before adding new keywords to your account. 

Within one SearchAdsHQ dashboard, you can find the keywords with both growth potential and low acquisition costs and increase the bids to get more market share. Avoid budget leaks by investing in keywords that aren’t worth competing on. Instead, focus on increasing bids on the search terms with the highest potential.

You can unlock new opportunities by adding keywords with medium-range search popularity and long-tail keywords. These keywords might be less competitive and more relevant to the app and could bring you more conversions at a good price. Keep an eye on your brand keywords to protect them and tack high-volume keywords that are lucrative to your app. We also do not recommend words with a Search Popularity rank ≤ 10 as they might not be worth bidding on. 

The Search Popularity feature can become your real game changer if following the recommendations above and using it together with our built-in Apple Search Ads Keyword Planner.

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