How to Optimize Your App Store Search Ads Creatives with A/B Testing


According to Apple, search drives 65% of all App Store app downloads, which is roughly 1.5 billion installs every month. This automatically makes Apple’s newly launched Search Ads one of the biggest ad networks for iOS. And since search has always been a channel that drives some of the most qualified and loyal users (both on the App Store and on the web), Search Ads is definitely worth trying out.

Today we take a look at how you can optimize your Search Ads for maximum ROI.

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Get Ready for Search Ads


On the 5th of October, every developer will receive a new way to get his app to appear at the top of the search results — through paid advertisement. While Apple is offering a 100$ credit to new users, we are offering you Search Ads Experiments — the way that will help you optimize your visuals to boost your conversion rates and improve the effectiveness of this type of advertising.

During the last few months when our Search Ads Experiments were in Beta, we’ve run a few tests and received our first results. We’ve also added an option for choosing how you’d like your banner to look: either with focus on the screenshots or on the description. Now, we are ready to officially launch Search Ads Experiments next week to help developers measure the effectiveness of investing in the fight for search traffic. Drop us a line to request early access and to launch your first tests next week.

Designing Screenshots: A Guide On How To Achieve a 32% Conversion Lift


With our case study from Bubble Birds 4, we tried to show what exact things you can change in your efforts in designing screenshots that will convert and engage users in the best possible way.

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Why User Retention is Key and How to Improve Yours

user retention

This is a guest post by Gabe Kwakyi, our friend who runs a blog at

The world of mobile apps is quite a lucrative one, filled with zero to riches stories (Flappy Bird) and multi-billion dollar acquisitions (King Digital). Yet making it to the top of the charts requires diligence in not only acquiring users, but also retaining them for the long-haul.

Unlike websites, users must decide to not only download an app, but also keep that app on their home screen and allow it to continue hogging their phone’s internal memory. When combined with the fact that the App and Play stores consider retention as one of their ranking algorithm factors, it’s clear that spending time improving your app’s user retention is of paramount importance…. Read more

Early Search Ads Experiments Promise Great Performance for Apple’s New Advertising Platform


A month ago at the annual developers conference, Apple introduced Search Ads, which allows developers to get their apps discovered at the very moment users are searching for similar apps. Inspired by this announcement, we’ve started working on the idea of how we can help developers measure and improve the effectiveness of this type of advertising. Read more

SplitMetrics + Appsflyer Integration is Live


We’re happy to announce a technical partnership with our good friends at Appsflyer – a top mobile attribution platform. Appsflyer and Splimterics are now fully integrated, which means that if you’re using Appsflyer for attribution you can see the stats on real store installs right in your SplitMetrics experiment reports.

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Why do Facebook and SplitMetrics reports differ?

A question that we often get from users driving traffic to their experiments from Facebook is:

  • Why do I see significantly more clicks in my Facebook ad reports than visitors to my experiments in SplitMetrics dashboard?

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Apple Quietly Changes App Store Search Layout

New App Store Search Layout

Apple continues to experiment with the layout of App Store’s search. Apparently they now show a single but significantly bigger landscape screenshot to match the size of the double portrait screenshots which remained unchanged.

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MSQRD CEO Shares 5 Marketing Hacks Behind the App’s Viral Success

by Anna Pratskevich
MSQRD App Screenshot

Facebook acquired MSQRD (Masquerade), the company behind a viral photo and video filter app, for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

The 3D mask technology will be used in Facebook live video, which Mark Zuckerberg introduced at F8 conference. I caught up with Eugene Nevgen, the CEO of Masquerade and co-founder of SplitMetrics, an app store optimization platform, while he was in San Francisco for F8.

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Localize and Increase App Downloads Overseas: How to Find the “Share Trigger” + Other Expert Tips


From the Ed.: This is a guest post by Nathan Vander Heyden, our Belgian friend and partner who runs a blog at TranslateLab

How do you encourage foreign audiences to download your app?

It’s a real puzzle.

Every day, your app attracts thousands of downloads from the United States. You have a dedicated fan base that gives you rave reviews….

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