Create and Edit Ad Variations For Custom Product Pages in SplitMetrics Acquire

Ekaterina Nelidova

Sneak peek at our new update for creating and editing ad variations based on custom product pages!

There is no need to switch between several tools when creating and analyzing your ad variations based on custom product pages you’ve previously set up in App Store Connect.

Meet new opportunities to boost productivity with ad creation and editing and accelerate your ad performance with data-driven optimization – all in one place for higher conversions.

With SplitMetrics Acquire, you can focus on being productive instead of being busy!

Create and edit ad variations and see the full-funnel analytics including install and post-install data for both custom and default product pages.

With historical data available, get comprehensive insights into your product pages’ performance – all in one place. Know what’s worked well and optimize what’s not in order to be more cost-effective. The full-funnel view* and historical data help advertisers optimize the Apple Search Ads strategy and grow your account faster and more efficiently.

Create and Edit Ad Variations For Custom Product Pages in SplitMetrics Acquire
SplitMetrics Acquire

Creating ads in bulk for different ad groups might be especially valuable for SKAG account structure and several locations.

Spot app growth opportunities using custom product pages with ad variations.

Ad relevance is the key to higher TTR and ROAS. With ad variations based on custom product pages, you can boost your app growth by bringing more valuable ads to the audience with lower CPI and higher TTR.

Higher ad relevancy = higher TTR + lower CPT and CPI

Get more customers by launching your new app features, engaging the audience for in-app events at launch, dramatically improving your seasonal promo conversion rate, and generating more revenue.

You can create ad variations for custom product pages for generic and brand campaigns:

  • Align ad creatives with your campaign goals and get the maximum from your app performance with SplitMetrics Acquire.
  • ​​Boost your app growth by delivering more engaging and personalized ads to different audiences.

Create ad variations and analyze all key metrics in SplitMetrics Acquire.

*Full-funnel view is available for the following MMP integrations: AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava and Singular.

Maximize your Apple Search Ads ROAS with SplitMetrics Acquire
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