How to Nail ASO with Apple Search Ads

Watch SplitMetrics and AppRadar joint webinar on how to utilize Apple Search Ads for the purposes of ASO.

Thomas Kriebernegg, co-founder and CEO at App Radar and Lina Danilchik, Marketing Manager and App Growth Evangelist at SplitMetrics & SearchAdsHQ, discuss how mobile publishers can enhance the ASO strategy with Apple Search Ads. Experts share insights and practical tips on how to use Apple Search Ads to find the keywords that bring conversions and generate revenue, get in-depth analytics, run A/B testing experiments, protect your brand name on the App Store and more.
Watch this video and learn:

Watch this video and learn:

  • How to find new relevant keywords for ASO with the help of Apple Search Ads
  • What tools to use for keyword research and to identify keyword search popularity
  • How to find out whether particular keywords bring you conversions
  • How to use Creative Sets in Apple Search Ads as an alternative to an A/B testing platform
  • How to identify keywords that result in revenue-driven actions (subscriptions, purchases, etc.)
  • How to use Apple Search Ads to protect your brand in the App Store search and lure a part of the competitors’ audience
  • How to promote your app on the App Store before its launch And even more!
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Maryna Dorash
Maryna Dorash
Marketing Manager at SplitMetrics
Full-stack digital marketing specialist with a focus on driving growth through marketing analytics insights, marketing automation and paid user acquisition. Passionate about app marketing and mobile growth.
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