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6 Mobile Trends You Should Be Aware of in 2022 and Beyond

Here is a guest post by FinancesOnline , a platform for SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews.

Digital adoption and advancement of new mobile variants is increasing, especially after the pandemic. Hence, it’s vital to keep up with the mobile trends of 2022.

Today, mobile gadgets are the primary aspect of digital media success. They transform market opportunities, business models, and operating models at an enhanced rate. Hence, when implemented significantly, can help revolutionize your business plan of action.

Here’s a list of the top 6 mobile trends 2022 that you should be aware of.

1. 5G Global Adoption

The June 2021 Ericsson Mobility Report shows that around 580 million consumers chose 5G subscriptions by the end of 2021. In 2022, the number is expected to hit 1 billion, which by 2026 will be 3.5 billion. 

5G global adoption renders many benefits over 4G. It delivers faster connectivity, the latency of less than one millisecond, better user experience, and functionality. Additionally, 5G service providers provide more data and improved services. 

Future mobile app development technologies also include virtual reality, IoT-enabled healthcare, connected vehicles and homes, e-commerce, and wearables. Thus, there’s high scope for 5G in the future of mobile communications. 

With the adoption of 5G, businesses can perform complex tasks quickly, without much interruption. Faster internet connectivity also provides exponential growth opportunities for businesses.

2. Increased Mobile Payments

The number of mobile payments and transactions is rising significantly. Cashless payments are convenient, fast, and, most importantly, safe. 

The advancement of technology and automation provides better safety and privacy features. ReportCrux estimates that by the end of 2027, the market will reach USD 8,724.2 billion, at a CAGR of 34.2%. 

The number of in-person communications has significantly decreased since the Covid-19 started. Thus, mobile payments are a safer option. They require no person-to-person contact or exchange of money or coins (touched by others). And, they offer an additional layer of security. 

Mobile payments eliminate the need of carrying credit or cash. In response, they cannot be lost or stolen. With mobile payments, businesses can expedite transactions, creating a quicker and more user-friendly experience for their customers.

3. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA), also referred to as Hybrid apps, are utilized to build web technologies that are on track to become mobile app future trends. They are employed to provide the users with experience equivalent to native apps. 

They are cost-effective, cheaper to build and operate offline. Likewise, they are linkable (and shareable). These apps can be optimized for search engines and don’t even need app marketing to be discovered by the users. 

In addition, Progressive Web Apps can boost customer engagement, increase page views, and reduce bounce rates. They require less storage space as compared to other native apps. 

For instance, Twitter Lite PWA requires less storage space than the Twitter app for Android or iOS. PWAs offer major advantages to businesses, especially SMEs (Small Business Enterprises). 

They enhance mobile traffic, reduce the use of device storage, and augment load and installation speed. Hence, increasing the average conversion and engagement for businesses. PWAs will remain a significant trend in 2022 and the coming years.

4. Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is one of the most significant mobile trends in 2022. Adhering to the lockdown and social distancing scenario, mobile commerce sales have risen at a surprising rate. 

The sales reached $3.56 trillion in 2021, which is 22.3% more than the previous year, according to Statista. By the end of 2022, the number will increase even higher. That’s because people are made to opt for alternative shopping methods and avoid direct store purchases.

It is convenient, fast, and a secure option. Besides, it offers a plethora of benefits for businesses and companies. Developed with an easy-to-use system, businesses can use mobile commerce to conduct transactions efficiently. It provides a broader reach, allowing businesses to target consumers based on their location, the type of device they use, and their service providers.

5. Wearables

From smart jewelry (rings, wristbands, watches) to body-mounted sensors and fitness trackers, people use wearables for various purposes. According to Statista, the number of wearables will reach more than 1 billion by the end of 2022. 

Wearables are not just accessories for fun. Smart watches, for instance, are used by many to monitor their health as a fitness tracker. 

Research was conducted in Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago in 2020, wherein a wearable device was designed to monitor early signs and symptoms of COVID-19 patients. 

6. Foldable Devices

Within the categories of digitalization, the employment of foldable devices will remarkably increase in 2022. So far, foldable devices have been one of the strongest trends in the mobile domain. With their growing nature, the mobile app development industry has taken a surprising turn. Thus, if you utilize this trend, it can help boost your business efficiently.

What’s the appeal? The largest size of screen possible on a device that can still fit on a user’s pocket. Or handy, at least. The everyday smartphone with a tablet-like screen size offers portability and is making waves. 

Foldable devices can be considered a boon for the growth of your business. It offers an advanced design with more screens to operate. Staff members can summon faster outcomes, which saves them time and energy. Besides, foldable devices come with a set of smart and innovative key features. Hence, improving employee efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, they provide greater durability and improved power functionality. In a nutshell, foldable devices are flexible, convenient, and a healthy option for businesses to opt for.

Mobile Trends For 2022

Without the shadow of a doubt, mobile technology and automation are the future. Using all of these mobile trends, businesses can shape and design their growth model accordingly. Besides, some of these trends are more likely to evolve into a less complex and more convenient system, rendering companies enough room to flourish. However, one primary question that you need to bear in mind is: what kind of apps are in demand in 2022? When you are already aware of the in-demand apps and mobile trends in 2022, it can be effective for your business strategy. Some of these apps are courier delivery apps, fashion and beauty service apps, on-demand healthcare apps, grocery apps, and so on.

You may also install an accounting software to your business processes to boost your business. Accounting software reduces the screen time on data entry, enabling users to sync their credit cards or business bank payment systems with the software. This helps formulate key financial reports and keeps all of your financial data in sync.