Papaya Gaming Case Study: 31% Increase in Installs with A/B Testing

How does the A/B testing work for the game apps? How to get at the top #5 in your app category and experience a 30.37% increase in installs?

“As a company that is mostly at the moment iOS oriented, we found SplitMetrics as the most reliable tool to do the A/B test for the app store optimization. SplitMetrics is always up to date with the app store changes. Like the new privacy settings of the iOS 14, that are almost immediately being updated on SplitMetrics platform so you can always know that you are measuring.

Uri Pearl, Head of Marketing at Papaya Gaming

Check out Papaya Gaming success story interview with Uri Pearl, Head of Marketing and learn some insights they got using SplitMetrics Platform for A/B testing of their game apps.