Partnership with AppInChina: Licenses for Entering Chinese Market

SearchAdsHQ partners with AppInChina to help developers obtain licenses required to run Apple Search Ads in China

Apple rolled out a new addition to the list of countries where Apple Search Ads is available — mainland China. However, due to certain legal requirements, mobile app and game developers will need to take some additional steps to be able to embrace the opportunity that this huge market provides. 

Advertisers will need to obtain permits from government entities and specific licenses before their ads are served on the App Store in mainland China. SearchAdsHQ by SplitMetrics and AppInChina announce partnership to accelerate the China market entry with Apple Search Ads for developers and advertisers. 

The companies will work together to help mobile publishers start to run ads on Apple’s advertising platform in mainland China as soon as possible through assistance with getting required licenses, as well as setting up, optimizing and automating campaigns for the new market.

The collaboration aims to enable businesses that are not based in China to get the necessary documentation and immediately start running efficient Apple Search Ads campaigns.

Partnership with AppInChina: Licenses for Entering Chinese Market

We are happy to partner with AppInChina to let our customers get all the essentials to enter Chinese market. SearchAdsHQ and AppInChina are bringing together expertise, insights and an automation-based solution for Apple Search Ads management with legal aspects. This will save time for our clients and enable them to take their rightful place in this competitive market.

Ayuna Baranova, Chief Revenue Officer at SearchAdsHQ

Partnership with AppInChina: Licenses for Entering Chinese Market

We’re excited to partner with SearchAdsHQ to enable our clients to manage their Apple Search Ads in China as efficiently and effectively as possible. We hope that our partnership will enable international developers to manage Apple Search Ads in China as easily as they do in every other country in which Apple Search Ads are available.

Rich Bishop, CEO at AppInChina

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