SearchAdsHQ Answers Burning Questions on Apple Search Ads

This is the first episode of Apple Search Ads from A to Z with SearchAdsHQ. In this video, SearchAdsHQ team members answer burning questions on our product and the channel itself, cover most pressing issues and provide some really insightful tips.

Watch the interview with SearchAdsHQ to find out all about:

  • Where to start with Apple Search Ads?
  • How to choose relevant keywords for campaigns?
  • How to quickly analyze the results of the campaigns?
  • Cannibalisation vs. Incrementality
  • Data extrapolation in SearchAdsHQ in the context of iOS 14
  • Account abnormalities: common mistakes, recommendations & tips
  • How to automate Apple Search Ads
  • Why SearchAdsHQ? Advantages of the product
  • What’s next with SearchAdsHQ
  • How Customer Success Team helps clients reach their goals.
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