,  — 11 May 2022

SplitMetrics Announces New Brand

Ekaterina Nelidova

With the announcement of our rebranding today, SplitMetrics is entering a new chapter in its journey. As we welcome you to join the new era of mobile app growth with us, we’d like to shed some light on the evolution of our company and all the story behind our new brand.

It all starts with an idea

Since the foundation in 2015 when we started with the development of an app store A/B testing platform, we have poured our hearts and souls into helping the mobile app businesses to grow and scale. Through these years, the mobile market faced unprecedented growth reaching as many as 6.8 million apps and SplitMetrics has been helping app publishers navigate this challenging environment by enabling them to bring new mobile apps and games to the market easier and faster and top those up in the app stores.

We’ve been growing our capabilities building the 1st  Apple Search Ads automation and optimization platform, becoming an Apple Search Ads Partner, and creating an in-house mobile marketing agency. Our paradigm evolved and here we are today, with an ecosystem of 2 great products and a full-cycle agency gathered under the same roof of a reputable and established SplitMetrics brand dedicated to helping mobile-first companies globally simplify their way to business success.

Learn the details behind this journey from our CEO’s Max Kamenkov official letter on the new brand and the company strategy.

New design

We committed ourselves into creating a new brand that would accurately depict our new paradigm changing the logos, the visual identity, and the product names – SplitMetrics Acquire, and SplitMetrics Optimize – our A/B testing platform – joined by SplitMetrics Agency. The new design was created to showcase the new SplitMetrics brand and the people behind it.

SplitMetrics has always been a data-driven and human-centric company. Data analytics always stands behind our existing and future products. And eventually, we esteem the personality of each customer and teammate. So we picked up a circle as a perfect basic form – a shape of superb perfection that unites all the meanings behind discrete data cells, and a circle meaning the community of professionals and experts. The chosen colors of dark blue, turquoise, and red represent correspondingly intelligence, sophistication, and passion.

Now, what does it actually mean for mobile marketers?

SplitMetrics enables everyone to launch a mobile app or game and grow it into a successful business easier and faster with:

  • Innovative mobile marketing technology. App and game developers turn to SplitMetrics for our data-driven and technologically advanced collaborative mobile marketing solutions.
  • An ecosystem of products and services for mobile marketing. An ecosystem of products and services designed to help mobile app and game marketers achieve their biggest growth goals faster and easier  – SplitMetrics Acquire, SplitMetrics Optimize, SplitMetrics Agency.
  • Deep expertise. With in-depth industry experience and access to actionable market intelligence, SplitMetrics serves as a go-to expert for all mobile marketing needs. A dedicated team of 120+ experts who live and breathe mobile app growth has the back of our customers every step of the way.
  • 100% focus on the success of our customers. Obsession with making our customers successful is the DNA of SplitMetrics – our customers love working with us, and we are always ready to go an extra mile for them.

Saved for last

We are eager to enter the new era in mobile marketing with SplitMetrics and welcome all the mobile marketing enthusiasts to join and spread the new opportunities for the market. Contribute to the good cause and bring the good news to all the mobile app business community by taking part in the SplitMetrics Photo Challenge. Share a photo with the new SplitMetrics brand identity, logo, or website and get a chance to win a gift of $500 to invest in your education, skills, and expertise. Learn more about the entry rules and gifts by checking the promo posts on our social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

SplitMetrics Announces New Brand

Stay updated for the more amazing news to come as we are building a new future of mobile marketing together.

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Ekaterina Nelidova
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