SplitMetrics Answers Burning Questions on Mobile A/B Testing

This is the first episode of A/B Testing from A to Z with SplitMetrics. In this video, SplitMetrics team members answer frequently asked questions on our product and the app store A/B testing process itself, cover most burning topics and provide you with some best practices, insights and actionable tips.

Watch the interview with SplitMetrics to find out all about:

  • Where to start with mobile A/B testing?
  • SplitMetrics vs. Google Play
  • SplitMetrics use cases
  • Pre-launch testing: how it works
  • When you plan a strategy: tips
  • How to set up a successful campaign
  • How to win with no winner?
  • Why SplitMetrics? What makes the product stand out.

Here you may find the presentation used during this episode of A/B from A to Z.