SplitMetrics Shares Apple Search Ads Tips on Singular’s Growth Masterminds Podcast

Are you sure you do justice to Apple Search Ads?

There’s a chance you’re missing out on some gems UA managers can get from this channel.

SplitMetrics’ Chief Marketing Officer, Olga Noha, recently joined Singular’s Growth Masterminds podcast hosted by John Koetsier to discuss how Apple Search Ads can drive app installs and boost organic App Store optimization — bringing amazing results if used right.

SplitMetrics Shares Apple Search Ads Tips on Singular’s Growth Masterminds Podcast

A highly intent-driven ad network with an audience of over a billion active iOS devices and the highest-paying users is worth the effort. If you’re not good at Apple Search Ads and are not making the most out of it, you are missing out on a significant amount of high-quality traffic to your app and significant growth opportunities.

Olga Noha, Chief Marketing Officer at SplitMetrics

Diving deeper into the topic, John and Olga talked about the place Apple Search Ads holds in the marketing mix of app marketers, its role in the app’s lifecycle, and the correlation between this user acquisition channel and ASO. Olga shared the success stories of SplitMetrics’ customers who were able to scale with Apple Search Ads by using this synergy — with one of the clients securing 4x organic growth!

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Another pillar of conversation was the importance of custom product pages and the introduction of new ad placements in Apple Search Ads and some observations SplitMetrics’ team had about them (here’s a little spoiler: Today tab ads boost branded search traffic).

To uncover more tips and tricks, we encourage you to watch the full interview in the video below or listen to it as a podcast:

About Experts

John Koetsier is a journalist, analyst, author, and founder. He is a senior contributor and writer at Forbes, a tech companies consultant and host of many video podcasts, including TechFirst with John Koetsier and Growth Masterminds at Singular. 

Olga Noha is a CMO at SplitMetrics, an Apple Search Ads partner offering products and services that serve a growth engine for large mobile-first companies. Olga has over 17 years of experience in building and scaling B2B marketing functions for global tech companies to help them grow faster. Olga is genuinely fascinated by people and psychology and loves marketing because it’s all about people.

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SplitMetrics Shares Apple Search Ads Tips on Singular’s Growth Masterminds Podcast
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