Why A/B Test: Apps & Games at Different App’s Lifecycle Stages

This is the first episode of “The Strategic Part of A/B Testing.” In this video, we explain why mobile app marketers should A/B test overall, and cover the A/B testing application cases specific to games versus apps. Moreover, we’ll break down the use cases of A/B testing at each stage of the  app’s lifecycle – pre-launch, launch and post-launch. 

Watch the video to learn about: 

  • Different approaches of games and apps to A/B testing the audience and the messaging;
  • How apps and games A/B test features and gameplay;
  • Seasonality tests and brand awareness;
  • A/B testing on pre-launch: concepts, features, positioning, audience and ad channels testing;  
  • The order of A/B testing at the launch stage of the app’s lifecycle;
  • Localization and rebranding with A.B testing, and more.
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Anastasia Sidoryk
Anastasia Sidoryk
Marketing Manager & App Growth Evangelist at SplitMetrics
Anastasia has 5 years of app marketing and content management experience under the belt, helping app and games publishers with insights on how to boost their app visibility, optimize conversion rates and Apple Search Ads management.
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