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Letsgo Network Incorporated
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User Reviews for 快连VPN

4.83 out of 5
33K Ratings
11 months ago, ysossbdowjdiabskbfoqfnkssnbd
If you’re in China/Planning to go to China, read
This is your best option for a VPN. You can stop looking, because not only is it the cheapest VPN out there, it might also be the fastest. My experience with this app has been great, and so has my family’s. After many months of searching for a reliable VPN, I stumbled across this one in an advertisement, and immediately downloaded it. I was desperate, because the struggle of finding a good VPN for Chinese users is so hard. I tried the 1 hour free, and it immediately felt like I wasn’t even in China anymore. My previous VPN had everything working so unbelievably SLOW, but this one just tops all VPNs. By the way, this is my personal opinion, I am not a bot or the company!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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11 months ago, Hugo!@#$%
Got banned. Beware of the new AI System.
Don’t get me wrong, the service was awesome. But today I just got banned from the service for no reasons, all because of some AI system that has come online recently. The systems detects “abnormal operations” and suspends so-called suspicious devices indefinitely. Once you get banned you lose all your remaining days of service, you cannot purchase any plans, you cannot logout your devices, and you cannot delete your account to start over. I contacted support and they told me it was a third-party block (what?) so they couldn’t figure out what the problem was unless I send them a list of apps and websites I visited so that they could file complaints. It was too much for me so I just asked for a refund. If you are new to this app or still have an active account, please beware of this change. I don’t think I’m gonna return to this app in a while, I mean I literally can’t even if I want to. But even if my account recovers I’m probably not gonna use it since I don’t want to use a service which could get me abruptly banned for no reasons. Anyway, it’s been a good few months of experience until now, cheers.
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1 month ago, Hhsjvxdybcdryjj
Horrible connection AND customer service
Run! Don’t wait your money and time. Connection doesn’t last for more than 5 min. I used them for over 2 years. Their service has gone down bad. Connection doesn’t last more than 5 min when I turn it on, and sometimes it DOESNT EVEN CONNECT. It drops quickly and super unstable. I always paid premium for the service AND yet, Not only is the connection bad, all the options offered in the app, connections to different countries are not available for use at all, when you are supposed to have good access to all of them. And instead only the “fastest”connection button which is a system auto choice connection is available, which only takes you to the Hong Kong round. And with the supposedly “fastest”, it drops me every 5 mins! And sometimes it doesn’t even load or connect at all! Their customer service is extremely unprofessional and doesn’t serve or solve problems either. Didn’t even answer my question and problems which is exactly what I put in here. Horrible service. RUN. Do not wait your money or time!! I paid for the price now y’all can take my lesson.
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1 year ago, TianChu
Great but needs landscape on iPad
I have been using your VPN app for quite some time now and I must say, it's one of the best VPNs out there. The app runs smoothly and the speed is impressive. However, I have been waiting for over a month now for the iPad version to support landscape mode, but unfortunately, it still doesn't. As an iPad user, it can be inconvenient to use the app in portrait mode, especially when I'm multitasking. I hope the developers can release an update soon that includes support for landscape mode on iPads. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to seeing this feature added soon.
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8 months ago, Shhdkdkxhzhskgg
Best vpn for China and cheapest
Tried different ones that are free even nordvpn which I payed for for 50$ a year wasn’t working,thankfully got a refund. Some worked but lasted for maybe 1 week maxed. There’s one on the AppStore that is in Chinese that did worked but payments were in alipay or some other Chinese payment so apple payments wouldn’t work. I came across this had a free trial worked because their vpn was in hongkong which is great. Saw their subscription was very cheap, honestly the best value there is. Hopefully the firewall doesn’t ban this in the future. I would definitely use this next time I go to China for sure. 5star :)))
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10 months ago, Andreliscious16
Best VPN for China hands down!
Having traveled to China multiple times, I was beyond frustrated last year with Nord VPN and VPN Express, both of which claim to work perfectly in China, and both of which failed miserably. This year we heard that Let's VPN worked very well. I was highly skeptical, but the cost was cheap enough I figured I'd give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased with the service! No issues connecting, and it really does speed up web pages. Admittedly I paid for platinum service, but still only $9 per month. Totally worth it!
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2 weeks ago, Ice gagagagaga
This is what I personally think is the best VPN software, with secure, fast and stable links, and high-quality customer service to answer questions. In the process of using them, I have hardly encountered any errors. These are the advantages of this application. After the subscription, I will still consider this application as the primary consideration.
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11 months ago, Jerry Li 1985
I’d chose 0 star if I could
Worst ever support I’ve seen. I waited hours for support to reply about refund, after hours they finally replied. and I was a few minutes late to reply their message then conversation gets terminated. The next day I tried again foe refund, now they are doing math about how many hours I have delayed plus handling fee and App Store fee yadiyada, I don’t come for math class. So end up refunded a tiny portion even though I only used service for 2 hours. Never recommend the service, they don’t know what means services. Choose express vpn as more reliable and accountable provider. Trust me you don’t want to try this one.
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1 year ago, Amarna96
Need to be able to pay with Apple account
I am in China. I have an Alipay account but it won’t let me use it to pay. I somehow got it to work where I paid through my Apple account, but trying to renew- again, it won’t let me pay with my Apple account. If you can get it to download, it was the best VPN I have used on my phone while in China. Just disappointed that it isn’t easier to pay for the service.
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7 months ago, vCapey02
Usage limit
Used it just for one week ( I paid for the 30 days plan), then it expired.. I contacted the support and they said that I got banned from using the vpn because my computer's wifi adapter is a bit faster than their expectations.. I told the support I would open a new account and not use my computer again and I couldn't even log out of the banned account.. the support couldn't fix the problem so they literally said "you can't use our vpn, you can't log out of the old account, you can't make a new account on your devices!"
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8 months ago, richard#7896
MONITORED network traffic and bans
Apparently they now have an AI powered system that can monitor your network traffic and have the right to ban your service. And even worse that they claim it is a service provided by a unknown third party company, and they have no control over this system or any bans that issued by the system. Which sounds very concerning and suspicious to me. They also have the worst customer service I have ever seem. Be prepare to get ghosted during the middle of your support or asking you to solve your own problem. I am expecting to see their useless developer reply soon.
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2 months ago, Bored Keyboarder
At last! A reliable VPN!
After many failed experiences with other VPN’s, I am happy to say Let’s VPN works almost every time and only very rarely needs an off/on to get it going again. I decided to subscribe for a longer term with this provider and recommend it to others.
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1 year ago, mahya07
from an Iranian person
the vpn is extremely fast and it works well when you have the free time to use it. but Iranian people can’t pay to continue using it, we don’t have the ability to use ApplePay or any international payment services. i wish you could do something about it and help us to have access to the world.
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1 month ago, pnmehrad
I cannot connect
I bought it due to my friend suggestion. I tried its 1 hour free testing and it worked very well and with high speed. I bought 1year subscription and provide it to platinum version. But unfortunately this app doesn’t work after 2 and a half months. Even if I can connect to auto region it doesn’t work and its speed likes snail. I don’t suggest it anymore to anyone. They don't even try to solve my problem. I can’t imagine some company do it to their costumers. I trust them but they answer me like this!!!!
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1 year ago, Matttop
How to pay thru Apple?
I am not interested in using Alipay or anything that is written in Chinese. I paid for my 1st. 3 months with Apple. Where are the options to pay? Great app, but like all VPNs the cost cutting ruins the experience somehow. I want to use the verified app thru Apple and consider it worth the minimal extra cost.
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2 months ago, Kosalalalala
Best VPN for traveling to China
The connection speed is fast, only takes 2 or 3 second to be connected. I realize that only VPN owned by Shenzhen or Hong Kong company are the most reliable ones, and the one from foreign companies doesn’t provide stable connection and fast speed.
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9 months ago, 真的是,起个名真费劲呵呵
Works great until they block you
The service worked smoothly and was inexpensive. However, after 2 months of use, my account was deactivated for no reason(I was using just as usual). I couldn’t logout or delete the account, the customer service said my device can no longer use their service. Really frustrating stuff, use it for shorter periods of stay. Avoid it if you want a long term stable vpn.
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8 months ago, Tbluge
Works great
I work in China a few months each year and it’s always a problem. I’ve used them all. Astrill works great but very expensive. This works well if not the best. I don’t know why. But it works. Thank you for restoring my connection to the world
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6 days ago, Ranscapture
Suspiciously the only vpn that works
This vpn doesn’t need to add a profile, the regular plan connects only to Hong Kong and it is FAST. Like stupid fast, like no VPN fast. It connects within 3 seconds, is 100% stable, and can support 2 devices including Mac computer. UPDATE: dev got back and explained more. Thanks!
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10 months ago, KelvinC5
I had pay for few VPN like N*** VPN , M*f* vpn , but this all are ducking stupid when I switch on it make my data internet been blocked, I would really love to keep this vpn because it’s stay high speed anytime ,unlike the others vpn that I pay 100 dollar with snail speed
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10 months ago, Breakthough bamboo curtain
On 4th VPN in 7 days.
This VPN is used by locals in countries that black out our favorite media. You’ve tried the rest? Cancel them & use the best. Seriously I’ve now added every device for every family member to this VPN.
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1 year ago, MtAqua
Fraud App
It says give you 15 to 35 days for free if you subscribe 3 months plan. And it does not support in app purchases, it jumps to safari to open the payment page, once you finished the payment, there’s only 3 months, no additional 15 to 35 days they promised. And they told you that you did not use the device to make the payment. Tell me, I seeing it on my iPad, why I don’t use iPad to make payment instead of to use Mac? To show you that I have MacBook? What’s the logic?
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2 months ago, hi-I am bbb
The speed of the vpn recently
I bought the 1 year subscription last year and I hardly use it for about totally 8 months. The rest of my time I either couldn’t connect or had a low speed. Unfortunately I bought this vpn again and this time the speed is low once I use it. Customer service repeatedly say reinstall the vpn or restart your phone and so on. But I think it’s their fault. I’m frustrated about that.
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9 months ago, David spears
More devices support pls
When u will add more devices support? It’s so inconvenience, even it’s okay for u to raise the price it’s fine, I would like to pay more to get multiple devices supported, now it’s only two, come on, it’s not fair to pay more to get another account…
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1 year ago, chen572283
Hate their customer service and not high speed at all
Yes it can connect to website I wanted to connected to but I don’t see the high speed it is talking about. It take a long time to load the page. Every time you click and jump to a new page you have to wait for a long time. IT IS NOT SUFFICIENT. I AM A PLATINUM MEMBER AND STILL LAGGING. I also don’t like to customer service, the answer given by the customer service doesn’t answer my question.
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4 months ago, ashhhkat
Recommend with zero reservations
This has been the most reliable and fastest VPN that I have used during my stay in China. I don’t know how they do it, but I am sure glad that this app exists
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2 years ago, J-Jun is mine
Not bad.
Idk if this is my wrong feelings after my other VPN is been dead for days. But this is super smooth! I will give it a longer time to try out to see if this work the best for me.
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1 month ago, sijiagaogaogaogaogao
Bought for a month. Expired after a day.
Trash app. Bought for a month. Expired after a day. Tried to talk to chat bot but even the chat disappeared after a minute.
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1 year ago, Collecter56
Fast and quality
It’s extremely fast and has a good connection everywhere we went👍
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2 months ago, B1uce
Banned for no reason
It was fast and reliable and cheap , everything was perfect until I got banned for so called “abnormal usage ” or whatever, then I contact the service and she said it’s the AI who detected my “abnormal usage” and banned my account and it’s permanently cannot be recovered , all I did was install on my new PC and used it for less than 1 hour.
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10 months ago, DT-Ezio
Reliable connection, expecting Mac version
The connection is reliable so far, will keep observing for a while. However, it seems it is not compatible with Mac. Hope someone’s working on it.
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3 years ago, imrancd2
Stable and fast
The VPN is quite stable without some minor auto disconnection sometimes. It is fast enough. But one account can only be used in two devices, I hope they could let users to add more devices.
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2 months ago, 大鼠吃
A review from China!Perfect vpn
Among the many VPN services, this VPN stands out for its competitive pricing and excellent customer service. It offers a variety of package options and ensures that every user receives prompt and effective technical support
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2 months ago, BruceWa1ne
I need multi-device support
It's been two years. When can we support more than two devices?
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10 months ago, Morpoid
This works in China?
I heard that this vpn worked in china so I got it. Well it works for about 2 minutes per session. Then it says its connected but kicks me from any wifi im connected to so theres no internet. Afterward, I have to manually go. Back into the app, disconnect, and reconnect and itll work for another 2 minutes. Gotta redo all that again. Change your motto to “vpn that always connects for 2 min”
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2 years ago, Jkcdkdscfj
It really does always connect
Thank you to this company for developing a reliable VPN! Works really well, all the time. Best one I have ever used, and I have been using VPNs for a long time.
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2 years ago, net surfacing
Best vpn I ever used,but it will be the best of best if support 3 or 4 device
My phone iPad pc are sharing one account, hope they can update so I can stay login on all device. 😁
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1 year ago, shdodjjc
Waiting for help
Hi, I am still waiting for help on my account and there hasn’t been a response. I bought the platinum plan for 12 months and it’s not working. I want to switch to a different account but it says “ Your operation is too frequent and cannot be completed temporarily, please try again tomorrow.”
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1 year ago, yyyyyccccccccccc
Need Discord and reddit refreshing support
A nice vpn tool but has problems with Discord and reddit loading pictures and refreshing messages after January update. Please fix it.
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12 months ago, groaningbigfoot
Got banned randomly and cannot use the app ever again.
Only thing I use was google chrome and suddenly one day I cannot connect to the vpn anymore. Had a message with Kevin from Kuailian customer support and they told me quote "You can no longer use our software, you can't undo it, you understand?" There are no second chances, period.
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6 months ago, AtashIR
I’m one of your customers, I’m living in Iran, I’m paid for services, so when you gonna solve this problem?
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1 year ago, AmyAmyyyy
Not work since the second day after paying
I bought the one week plan, the first day it worked very well, but the second day (today) it’s not working at all. I asked about it on the online chat, they just told me the vpn will be back in 1 hour. Now it has been 3 hours and I still couldn’t use it.
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5 months ago, Chovyzzzzzzz
Make some suggestions.
It is hoped that one account can support four devices.
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6 months ago, Sssuropen
When will more than two devices be supported?
When will more than two devices be supported?
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1 year ago, Mahan jebelli
connection problem
Hello, this program is not working, I already wrote that after the new update, I have a problem connecting to the network, although this program is completely paid, but it does not provide good services, I really regret the amount I paid for this program.
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7 months ago, Vvmjfie
Beware of “AI System” before subscription
One day out of no where the app blocks you resetting your subscription time to 0. After you contact them they use the “AI system” excuse for a slow refund. They won’t fix the issue and will block you from logging out blacklisting devices you have linked. Worst experience for a VPN.
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11 months ago, 13suichuzhongsheng
Expensive and difficult to use .
"This app is simply terrible! It connects, but restricts usage to only 2 devices. I've used many apps that allow up to 6 devices. The customer service suggested applying for an additional account and purchasing again. It's just ridiculous. One-star review!"
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3 months ago, 吹吹风个菜
拿出g you have an amazing morning with my family in my family room for my parents and family room are good to come from here but the other is good news for me too if it doesn't make sense for us not mind about that for the last two days of work is the only one on one side and
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9 months ago, Dr 1998
Guys… they taken my money and didn’t give any subscription. I payed for one year. And they didn’t give me subscription and didn’t refund my money. Please please don’t subscribe this App. Why apple doing this. Why you are just allowing this type of app. Really really bad experience. Please guys never install this VPN. Just report this
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1 year ago, Hooman1883
Not working anymore from iran
Hello ty for the vpn first of all I use this vpn 1 time and it was working and it was really good but when I did turn off the vpn it’s send me you are expired and I can’t use it anymore pls help my to fix it
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