Faster Internet

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10 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Faster Internet

4.51 out of 5
215.1K Ratings
5 years ago, DougNdenver
Install this app. Now.
There are 3 types of companies that are secretly watching what you do on the web. (No, I’m not talking about social media companies, because you can choose what you share on social media.) - I’m talking about 3 types of companies who secretly track everything you do on every computer or mobile phone that you use. (1) Your DNS provider (usually the same company that provides your internet service); (2) your search engine (usually your home page), and (3) your web browser - all of these companies have one thing in common: they watch what you do on the web, and they build a profile of who you are, and then they sell that data without your knowledge, to thousands of advertisers. If you value your privacy, my strong recommendation is to use for your DNS provider (even without WARP, it is solid); use DuckDuckGo as your search engine, and use FireFox as your web browser. I am a professional in the security and privacy world, and I’m telling you the truth. Protect yourself. Install these 3 free apps, and stop those other types of companies from spying on you and selling your data.
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5 years ago, Winlinux
Just Installed - Wow!!!
I don’t usually write reviews like this but, usually there is always at least one or more items that are quirky or annoying in someway. This is one of those rare occasions. I had never heard of this product before and was checking out one of the techie sites, and usually suggested products that will frequently sponsor such shows, tend to get over hyped. After watching the shows the host seemed to be a straight shooter on the topics covered. I took a chance and downloaded it and have been noticeably pleased from day one. Especially on my Apple products, that were OK before, but there was a change in the speed and smoothness when browsing, on all my devices. But today is day one of of now being WARPED, have been warped for the last couple hours and it’s been impressive, to say the least, can’t wait to see the long-term difference...
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3 years ago, allisonlwerner
Messes with ability to conImpossible to Completely Uninstall / Subpar Customer Service
When I got this app, I loved it. When I began traveling more (and encountering more public WiFi networks), though, it became a huge problem. It made it impossible to connect to the internet in places that had a public WiFi network where I didn’t have any cellular service. I thought that simply uninstalling the app would do the trick. Nope. Whenever I try to connect to public networks now I get an error message that says the network was flagged by this app (which I have definitely uninstalled). I’ve looked into the VPN settings on my phone, and there appear to be no VPN configurations, so I have no idea what’s going on. I spent three hours trying to remedy this on my own by using their website today—to no avail. In an act of desperation, I called the only phone number I could find associated with CloudFlare (I think it’s a sales number). I explained the situation I’ve found myself in, and the person I spoke with told me to go to the support page on their website, which I already did. To say that this wasn’t helpful is an understatement. At this moment in time, I’m very sad to say that this problem still hasn’t been remedied. I’ve never regretted downloading an app, but I think this one has changed that for me.
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3 years ago, A Y Marqjez
Starts off great but progressively deteriorates in quality.
In my personal experience with this app when I first installed it on my IPhone 6s, which had been getting very slow in the past years, I saw significant improvement in the connection to my wifi. The speed of my wifi doubled and it was very relieving to see the app work since I do get frustrated with how slow my phone is. It worked for a few months, but I did start noticing that slowly the quality began deteriorating and the speed of my wifi began suffering. I shrugged this off but eventually it got so bad that it became worse than when I had previously installed the application. I literally had no wifi anywhere I went, even though I had data on my phone. Like when I leaved the house, my phone had terrible service and terrible wifi. Even in the house, the wifi was garbage. I recently uninstalled the app, and instantly my wifi sped up. I have wifi now anywhere I go, and though not the best, it’s definitely way better than what I had at the end of my experience with this app. This app starts off great, but I don’t recommend it for long term use. It will eventually stop working.
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10 months ago, Urthwise
Great when my other apps work with it.
I leave it on and love it (mostly). But every so often, another app will pop up that then refuse to work while is active, including shopping apps (mostly no big deal), or communication apps (very big deal). Sometimes its temporary, sometimes not, but the problem is that I must be smart enough (in the moment), to GUESS that is the problem and turn it off! Even when I do though? Super annoying to flip it on and off. When it interferes with Communication Software? Then I have to LEAVE IT OFF for the comms software to even WORK. As of this date (late August 2023), since last update, it will NO LONGER WORK with my 3rd party phone app - Talkatone. Thats a deal breaker for me. Note: it's POSSIBLE the 'problem' is on Talkatone's Part. But would that actually be any less of a deal breaker? I mean the whole point is securing my communication. Why should another app have the power to NOT FUNCTION with my VPN? That pretty much defeats the whole point, right?
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4 years ago, bbirdhands
A recent version has begun silently disconnecting the phone from the internet until reconnecting in the app or by forcibly toggling the device’s networking (e.g. WiFi) momentarily. This bug manifests as an inexplicable lack of connectivity in other apps despite apparent connectivity in the OS settings and status bar. It occurs about once a day. -1 star temporarily for that issue, the only issue in what is still an incredible feat of engineering, infrastructure, and corporate culture. The app and the company are generally fantastic, and a free, privacy-first VPN is an unprecedented leap forward for the entire world, especially with no ads and a very reasonable freemium business model, not to mention the excellent performance of their POPs and the advantages of the Wireguard protocol over a traditional VPN connection. Huge thanks to the team, including the execs for Doing Things Right and letting the engineers build amazing platforms unburdened by stakeholder politics and other “megacorp” obstacles.
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5 years ago, cj wert
Looking forward to the new advancements of this already great app
Many apps that are offered for free aren’t really free you won’t have to pay out of pocket but you instead pay with your data they’re collecting and then selling. I don’t think I’m alone in saying I will gladly opt to pay out of pocket for an app that I can trust and makes my privacy a priority. Without naming any names (we all know who they are) as consumers we have been sold out by majority of the big tech companies. You guys are helping to restore something we shouldn’t have ever lost. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!! FOR THE PEOPLE LEAVING NEGATIVE REVIEWS how bout you do a lil bit of reading they never claim to be a vpn or try to float by vague statements or lying by omission. Clearly states that it’s not a vpn app!
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3 years ago, CG$$&
App went Bonkers
Either the last update or the app got corrupt real bad and it messed up my ability to be able to connect to Wifi. The wifi app would come on in task bar with plenty of bars but I kept getting errors that I was not connected to internet! It took me hours to figure this out. I thought it was the phone or perhaps a virus and went thru the whole process of doing a full reset on my iPhone and removing everything of my phone and doing a full restore starting it like a new phone! Phone still didn’t work! I researched the web and found nothing to lead me to this app or possible problem with the app. Then I went item by item, app by app and hit on this app as the possible problem. I tried turning it off and It showed to be off on one screen but wasn’t actually turning off. I finally decide this could be the problem so I deleted it and my friends to my surprise and pleasure this was it. After deleting it I immediately tried my Wifi connection and voila, problem solved!! Hours to do this Ugh!!😅😆😡🥵
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3 years ago, alienmindgame
Great...until you need help seems to work ok: it connects quickly, generally stays connected, is acceptably fast, and offers quite a few user options. It would be grand to know what those options do and why paying customers like me - I'm on the Warp+ Unlimited plan...or at least I'm paying for it... - can't get the simplest questions answered by a human, such as 'does the plan I'm paying for include option x?, and if not, why is it presented as an option in the app?' Oh you'll get an auto reply email as soon as you send "feedback" (the only way I can find to contact them although when you click the link to send the "feedback" you're lead to believe that you'll get a response), but don't expect your question(s) to actually be answered because they won't be. No, instead you'll be directed to the FAQs where the answer(s) to your question(s) almost assuredly do NOT exist. I joined the Warp+ Unlimited program to support but it seems that there is no reciprocal. You might consider just using the free plan and skip paying (even though it's cheap {you get what you pay for?}) or maybe just Apple Pay them a round of coffee because there is less than zero support from them when you need help or have questions. Disappointing.
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5 years ago, The Ringwraith
Good idea, but kills my battery
I saw a friend using this app on his iPad. I then went to the web and researched it. I thought the goals of this app (better privacy, speed) were really good ones, and I thought the app was an innovative way of achieving them. Unfortunately, I found the app was killing my battery. I downloaded it to my 12.9” iPad Pro, my 11” iPad Pro, and my iPhone XS Max, and it was the same on all of them. As soon as I disabled the app, my battery drain returned to normal. Interestingly, as someone else mentioned in their review, the battery indicators on my iPads and iPhone didn’t show the app as using much battery. But I could notice a substantial difference in battery drain with the app enabled vs. disabled. Too bad! I really wish this app didn’t drain my battery as fast as it does. But it looks like Comcast is going to be able to see my DNS queries again.
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5 years ago, Ducypoo
Good but buggy - for now?
I’ve used this app consistently for a while and have loved it up till now. My issue is not with the service provided, that is done well. My problem arises when the app updated automatically and the terms of service updated. I have no issue with either of those things. The application did not give me a notification that I needed to accept the terms of service, but until I did my device could not access the internet with or without wifi, nor could I even access the VPN controls in my Settings as it was constantly in a state of flux - turning on and turning off 5 times per second - and “clicking” on it did nothing. This app, by merely updating the terms of service, completely disabled my device’s ability to access any networks, load any data, or otherwise function as a phone/smart phone. It is imperative that this gets fixed before I raise my rating but I will happily give it 5 stars once it is.
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5 years ago, zhuchok
Love the App on my Phone - iPad Pro Battery Life Killer
As several reviewers before me mentioned, the app is great, but it burns through iPad Pro battery like a wild fire through a dry forest! The difference in very noticeable—from 100% to 10% charge in less than 2 hours with running vs. several days with normal use (e.g. several hours of web browsing, reading, and movie watching a day) and app turned OFF. Also as has been noted by other reviewers, the app appears to avoid detection as a battery drainer and doesn’t show up as such among top battery users list. I hope that this review will provide the needed “last straw” notice for the developers of this otherwise great app to fix it. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Andy-7325
Getting better, but still super buggy
An app that enhances privacy and increases web speed for free? Sounds to good to be true, right? Right. The problem is that the VPN connection doesn’t transfer well between WiFi and cellular, so when leaving a hotel or your home don’t expect to have Internet for a while (read many minutes at least): no Siri for directions, no Yelp for recommendations, etc. To make matters worse, the notification system is buggy as well. After I ran out of Warp+ data, I got a notification every 30 minutes or so telling me I was “running low” and suggesting I buy more. I finally had to shut off all notifications to the app to make it stop. These quality issues might be forgivable in a bad freemium game, but it’s not good enough to protect my data, nor would it be worth the headache of trying to get my family to use it (“I have to do WHAT if I want internet as I leave the house?!?!”).
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3 years ago, NemoATX
Does what it says but plagued by technical issues
I’m a big fan of CloudFlare and their line of solutions, I’ve been running on my router since it was released and was really excited to try their WARP+. I’ve had the app for a couple months now and have used it as much as possible however there are serious issues with it unable to establish connections. Idk if it’s a server issue on their side or something in the way they configure the VPN on my phone. At least once a day I have to pause my connection to access some pretty popular sites like Reddit, and TikTok. That said I maintain this is a great product and for the most part it works 80-90% of the time. Idk if I’ll keep my subscription long term if the issues persist, but we’ll have to see.
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1 year ago, FM_M
Works flawlessly, invisibly
I’m in IT (I completely understand what this app is doing), and I’m happy to say it’s always there, I see it coming on when my network changes as I go about my day, and it’s never caused a problem, only protected me. Even when not using this app, I always set my devices to route my DNS traffic manually (with the fallback of, never “Automatically”, and again, 100%. This is one of those simple things you can do in life to protect your privacy for no cost, no hassle, no performance penalty, no configuration or fiddling, nothing: just install it and let it keep your business yours.
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4 years ago, The Game Helper Man
Best and my favorite vpn! Very honest thankfull
This app is actually really good no hackers bugs or viruses has came to my phone. Internet is so much faster and doesn’t glitch. Not only that but I used to go on adult websites and it would always glitch and sometimes not let me watch it because of a virus, but after installing this app doesn’t happen anymore when turned on I don’t recommenced paying for the extra it works fine without it but you can there should be nothing wrong. This app is so good and it makes me happy the best part is ITS FREE unlike others!
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3 years ago, Fritzn
Very inconsistent speeds
I really want to like this app and service. It’s dead simple and helps you hide your browse history from your local ISP who might sell this data. However, after a month of use I had to deinstall it as the speed is way too slow most of the time. I don’t know what the issue is but I have an iPhone 12 Mini and after a short period of fast browsing with enabled the speed drops 100x to sometimes even 1000x (I did a speed test near my router where it dropped from 300Mbps to 0.3Mbps and another speed test away from my router where it dropped from 30Mbps to 0.3Mbps). Disabling and re-enabling the VPN mitigates the speed problem but only for a short period of time. Again I am not sure what causes this issue but this kind of speed drop is too much and renders the app/service useless for me :(
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3 years ago, pavzaq
DSN VPN - not a real VPN
I gave this three stars because I feel that it doesn’t give a good explanation as to what it does - which might leave some people vulnerable. Actual VPN - encrypts your traffic and routes it through a vpn network so that your traffic is encrypted and appears to be coming from a different location. No log vpn - same as above, but doesn’t log what you do. DNS vpn - encrypts traffic to the mimecast domain name server - doesn’t change your external IP address Ways to test - with vpn turned off, go to google and search “what’s my ip” this gives you your IP address. With an actual VPN - do the same test, your results will be different. With DNS vpn, do the same test - your results should match the first test. What this means - if you’re trying to hide your location or get around location based blocks (for Netflix for example) then this vpn won’t work - you’ll need an actual vpn. If all you’re trying to do is hide what you’re searching from your internet provider - then this will work; but things like google chrome and Facebook will still track you.
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6 years ago, Tw1009
Best of the best (one tip to the developers)
I’ve been using 1111 and 1001 on my computers and MacBooks the past year as my dns resolvers. I noticed this app finally came out and I am thrilled! Thank you guys for providing the best dns security! No logs and great encryption. One tip to the devs : I think you could really give DISCONNECT a run for their $ if you allow the user interface to see what the dns resolvers are blocking / encrypting. I would love this app even more if this was possible. Developers for this app take note! You’ll be my go to for iOS if this can happen, otherwise I’ll probably alternate between 1111 and disconnect for dns on iOS.
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5 years ago, JasonTheAdams
Worked for a long time... then...
I’m a big fan of Cloudflare and use them for business every day. I started using within a day or two of its release. I like what it does and the fact that it’s free is awesome. And then the issues begin. I noticed that, periodically, it would cause my Internet to become unstable. Services like Netflix would half work, clearly struggling. Whenever I ran into my Internet partially working I would disable and the issue would immediately go away. After the release with Warp came out the issue increased tenfold. Now I’m having issues with Internet working unpredictability daily. In fact, at times it’s so bad the whole device stop working properly whenever Internet is involved. I opened my settings once and saw the VPN toggle rapidly turning on and off. Bad juju. Cloudflare is top notch, but this app simply causes my problems and it solves. That’s disappointing. I’ve permanently disabled the app, I’m sad to say, and can’t recommend it to anyone. I had to contact family I’d helped install it for and learned they’ve had the same problems, so I helped them disable it, too. Fellow developers at Cloudflare, please take this service and make it great — which, right now, means stable.
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5 years ago, Jenn_818
Really good does what is says it does just a little unreliable sometimes is really nice it improves your speed and doesn’t effect my battery by a noticeable amount my only complaints is that sometimes it just breaks and sometimes needs to be turned off for an hour or speedtests will show latency in the 700ms sometimes when normally it runs at about 25ms on my wifi not sure what causes this but it happens only about once a month my other complaint is that the app takes super long to load up i just want to turn it on/off sometimes and it can take a full 2 minutes to load when it’s having one of its issues
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5 years ago, MacmanPro94
1st VPN I have used that doesn’t disconnect
I’m quite impressed with the Warp service now. There was a good length of time where and then warp would frequently cut out and I would need to turn the VPN off. This was par for the course for every other VPN service I have used on mobile, so I quit using it. However, I turned it back on a couple weeks ago, and to my surprise I haven’t even noticed that it was running since. No disconnects, no issues, fast speeds. It actually works! It looks like they’ve really put in some work on updates in the past month or two. Well done!
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3 years ago, Maurice Franco
Good for low connection issues
We went to vacation in this small town this past weekend and I needed a connection booster since my LTE was disrupted and the wifi connection wasn’t strong. I used my LTE and connected this vpn, it ended up boosting my connection and I was able to watch videos and talk to people. There were times where I couldn’t get a strong connection but I kept trying and overall this helped me get better connection and stay in contact with people! I downloaded so many vpns and this is the one that actually worked. I recommend you at least give it a try!
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4 years ago, YahshuaIsMyKing
This people are blessed!!!!!
I am more than willing to do a review on a product that is so awesome 😎 like this. Guys, this is no joke....before I was only able to get 280mbps on my iPhone XS Max and after turning just de DNS server to it went to from 280mbps to 423mbps. I want to clarify that you have to disable the “warp” vpn in the app not in the iPhone settings and you’ll be good to go. One more thing.....I have a gibablast connection at home, so please don’t expect to go from 100mbps to 500mbps when you don’t have that speed set up at your place.
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2 years ago, reviewer0102030101
No support even when paying
This has been a great app for the past year or so I’ve used it, but when something goes wrong, there is absolutely no support. I have been paying monthly for WARP+ Unlimited. Over the last week, there has been high latency on all devices using WARP. I submitted in “Get Feedback” in the app and got an auto-response essentially saying “we may or may not get back to you”. I tried emailing the regular Cloudflare support address and got another auto-response that the case was closed since I am not a paying customer (even though I am paying for WARP+ Unlimited). It tells you to post in Cloudflare Community, where there has been a thread going of several people in different locations reporting the same symptoms and starting time, but no response from Cloudflare staff. Basically, it’s a great service when it works, but don’t expect any support when it doesn’t. I have cancelled my Unlimited subscription. Regular connections over my ISP are far better at the moment.
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5 years ago, A_M_J_95
Updating connection info
All of the sudden it started displaying this message and even tho it says connected the connection is so slow that it’s almost nonexistent Edit: your support is bad I’ve written a review here and reported a bug from the app and i didn’t even get a response, I’m the only one in my house who is facing this problem, without the app everything works fine except for social media apps which are currently blocked in my country your app was working great until this problem happened now when I enable the app my connection becomes so slow that nothing is working , it’s like I’m in the middle of being connected and not being connected to your server , I tried uninstalling, resetting all keys and removing vpn profile it still say updating connection info
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2 years ago, chromium protogen
Good app just a problem with a recent update.
So I’m running an iPhone X (still, ik it’s crazy old.) and this app has been great, problem is with a recent update the app consumes all of my battery in the background. My iPhone battery was replaced last year so I noticed it’s been dying quicker than it should be and checked the battery section, this app consumed 77% of my battery in the background. What was once a battery that lasted all day has been cut down to 2 hours. I love this app so much on all of my devices and I really want to see this fixed.
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5 years ago, Margheim
Mixed feelings, but mainly disappointment
I used the app for about 2 weeks, and in that time I felt very occasional speed boosts as compared to my previous experience. While this could be placebo effect, I do genuinely think there were times it really did add bits of speed to my LTE experience. However, on WiFi, I consistently noticed slower speeds and distinct connection issues! Specifically, all of my social media apps had consistent problems loading images and videos, including avatar thumbnails! Before writing this review, I have gone 2 days without the app installed and I have noticed much better performance over WiFi WITHOUT the VPN. LTE service has no real discernable change in these 2 days, which is not particularly encouraging.
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5 years ago, Overbo
Randomly started failing today
I had to uninstall it. I finally just got warp the other day, installed iOS13.1, and the new app update. The VPN refused to stay disconnected for more then a couple hundred milliseconds, but wouldn’t pass traffic if connected. It worked fine for the first day though. The problem persisted after a device restart, forcing me to uninstall it. It was considerably less buggy prior to this, I only had to force the phone to airplane mode about once a week. It was a good app, I look forward to using it again and hope I don’t have to start over on the warp waiting list.
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5 years ago, Kyle Meyer 33
Love this app, except only when I have it on.
This app is amazing for helping crisp everything up while online. It makes everything just feel more snappy. My only issue I have is that I have told multiple people to download it, but when I FaceTime other people with activated, the call will drop without fail. I get about 5-10 seconds of a good call, then the FaceTime drops, every time. Not sure what that issue is or if it can be fixed. It is with every other person that uses this app however.
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1 year ago, atmosphoric
Thanks so much
In my country( iran) as you have heard , our terrorist murderer government has locked us down, limited internet, destroyed our currency, and tried to make here like north korea. This time they ruined internet and all vpns This vpn has been my favorite forever. But it stopped working. We can not afford outter vpns because first of all every dollar is like 200$ to us, sec of all no international bank is supported here. So basically when an app asks us to pay, means we can not use it. This vpn stopped working for 4 months. I installed manyvpns but as soon as they stopped workin i had to uninstal them. The only vpn i never lost my trust in, was this one. And it started working since yesterday. Best freakin providers good job And free iran. We dont deserve this Bastard killer mollas executing us one by one No one knows. I bet these mollas are English.
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3 years ago, Kaeleb Petruskevich
Really like this app!
I have been using this vpn for several years now and have had great results. I live in the US and am elderly and not very computer literate, but the customer service provided with X-VPNVPN is excellent, and any problem that I have ever was from my own inability to correctly navigate the app and integrate it with my devices. Customer service always helped me solve any problem that I had. I can recommend this app with no reservation!
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2 years ago, ShitMrketingStrategies
Almost 5 stars
Pretty decent I guess but when it fails, it doesn't allow anything to connect over cellular whatsoever except phone calls and maybe messages. Can be confusing to some whom are not technically in the know. Also, the feature to pause works, but to manually unpause with both the switch button or touching the word key “unpause “will not unpause. Even though it detects the touch input and responds visually. If app was consistant, and were fully operational, I hit 5 stars. Good job from what I am aware of at this time.
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3 years ago, haus blend
Too slow to be useful
First, this is not a real vpn. It does not hide your true location or your ip address. Second, your internet becomes slower than dialup. Not always but sometimes. The free app really doesn’t do anything but slow down your internet speed. Maybe the paid version does better but my experience does little to encourage optimism on this point. Bottom line is there is no such thing as a truly free vpn. If you want to hide your location, you need a paid app and that’s just the way it is. Shop carefully since most so-called “privacy” apps are mainly designed to steal your personal info. If an app in app store doesn’t have any privacy info, you should stay away from it!
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8 months ago, SkyyeWalk
Still unsure of capabilities/yet grateful
I was referred to the app by researching cybersecurity solutions after my initial realization how deeply compromised ALL OF my information was after one of my Apple devices was stolen. After installation I do feel more secure than without it, but some operations are still being penetrated and I’ve shared the app with a couple of people, who installed the app but I never received my 1gb of warp+ for any of them and I don’t see a direct point of contact for the developer so unfortunately I’m still unsure and skeptical of the capabilities and intentions of the app. Three stars for me.
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5 years ago, Hgguoyfdfdfhiedfgkccfjhdah
Great when it works
This app is an easy way to get access to private dns requests, but in the last few weeks, half of the updates break my internet connection. The app gets locked in a cycle of breaking the WiFi connection, which kicks me to 4G, then tries to reconnect, then kicks me off WiFi in an endless loop. The only solution I’ve found is to delete the app as the disconnect command doesn’t stop it. I couldn’t care less about Warp, and I wish they would have unrolled it as a separate app and left this one alone. Seriously, how do you re-break the app in the same way three times in two weeks?
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5 years ago, KarlBurniston
Reliability and battery drain
This app is useful for improving the quality of wi-fi connections, especially on public wifi. However, it doesn’t handle hopping from access points on a mesh WiFi network cleanly or transitioning from WiFi to LTE. I suspect the built in networking functionality of iOS isn’t set up to handle a networking app like this correctly. On my home WiFi network, with an average WiFi speed of 45 megabytes per second download and 5 megabytes per second upload, enabling Warp+ cuts my download speed in half. I appreciate the security it offers, but it’s not worth that much of a speed decrease.
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4 years ago, Haruchai
Faster speed, burns through cellular data
I’ve been trying this out for the last couple weeks. I’ve noticed a great improvement in page load times and have generally been happy with it. However, I just recently was notified that I’m almost out of data for the month. Checking the usage log shows that this app is using over 1GB data each week on its own. No idea why it would be doing this, so it’s time to disable/delete it. It’s a shame, because the performance improvement was significant. I’d still recommend it for people with unlimited data, but if you have a cap you may want to avoid this app.
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5 years ago, whatever it takes!!!
Good idea, iffy experience
I installed the app on my iPad about 6 weeks ago, at first it performed like a champ then after I changed the password for my network and reconnected my iPad to my network the problems began. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but that seems strange. It’s been intermittently disconnecting and reconnecting, causing me to lose connectivity with my online apps, including programs I stream online. I’ve disabled it for now and will leave the app on my device for the time being since I believe in the idea of being able to surf the web privately. Maybe a future update will fix the problem.
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3 years ago, Qeow
Vpn connected but not connected
Ever sonce yesterday’s update when u connect this vpn from settiing in bar above and in app itself shows it connected. But it is not and it opens nothing. When I disconect it from app the bottom shows it disconnected. But it write connected and also I can’t use internet due to this problem. Please fix it soon and make it like before when we could turn it on and off from setting. This way is too bothersome. But thanks for your hard work anyway.
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5 years ago, /dontuse/
This Works!
When you get it, turn it on, and it works! That may sound simple and ridicules to many,, but I have been forced offline mostly for the past three years. Most times all apps were paused until they could fake app Me. Most VPNs never worked or wouldn’t install. The always worked when I started it and left it alone... ie: when I shut it back off I had to erase data and reinstall. (For Me: erase data as in factory reset is like twice a month+)
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5 years ago, Josefkhoryyy
The best of the best just....
In my country (iraq) there is a ban on facebook and twitter and onther social media due to protest going on there and all massacres our goverment doing to the people so they want to hide their uglyness so with ur great program we can open social media except the videos and photos sometimes wont open at all unless i switch to other program and re open it and instagram doesnt open any picture at all can u fix that please #save_iraqi_people
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2 years ago, Lunar_playzroblx
Bad experience from what I’ve seen.
So as I proceed to cry in the corner of my room because I’m losing most of my games due to my wifi, I searched up how to get better wifi. They recommended this app and I tried it, and it slowed down the loading even more. When I go on twitch, it loads fast but the streams continuously freeze. Whenever I join a bedwars game, take kajillion years to load. In my experiences it is bad. It slowed down but didn’t speed up. That’s the problem. Till this day I have good internet after I uninstalled it.. I don’t know why.
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3 years ago, A lloyd
No customer service! Waste of money! Be aware.
It worked only for a month, the other 2 months it did not. Absolutely no customer service, no follow up. I want my money back for a service the company could not deliver or care. If not possible get my money back, I will consider it as a donation for a company who need improve their customer service and respect for the users. This promised service does not work in countries with internet restrictions, be aware. Great companies are made of small details. I don’t recommend this app, service or company according to my experience. Still I want my money back or I can consider it as tech scam. Also the company refuse to show the privacy policy practices. Hmmmm... suspicious!
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4 years ago, San.ti.ago
New Update and iOS 13
I’ve been using this vpn for a few months and it’s by far one of the best I’ve used and it was free and when warp was introduced it took it to another level of usefulness. But sadly since the new update or what ever has been done to the software recently when I use it on WiFi it disconnects and keeps me at LTE when my WiFi is clearly connected and this is super annoying and frustrating as I was paying for warp to not be able to utilize it anymore. I hope this problem gets situated
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3 years ago, Voiceover one
Does As Advertised
Certain sites have login problems with this app, probably because their free services need location information or because information on abusive visitors are hidden. Cloudflare is everywhere, caching the sites we visit to give faster loading (from local servers when possible). Free privacy and speed enhancement without advertising is OK. Toggle it off for sites that misbehave or delete reinstall.
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2 years ago, r0nni3-
Doesn’t switch to WiFi automatically
The idea is amazing and the integration with Zero Trust is great. However, I have been having issues where the WARP session continues to run over 5G instead of WiFi after coming home. Even though the phone is connected to WiFi, the diagnostics, route table, and throughout on my router show that the VPN still uses 5G. I have to pause the connection and then resume it before it actually switches to WiFi.
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9 months ago, mins_marv123
This is amazing!
I used this app for over 3 years now but currently my storage started to fill up so I had no choice but to offload and delete the app but I wanted it back so I went into App Store and tried getting it back by downloading it again but it won’t work and now its just loading and its been loading for the past 8 hours and it still hasn’t downloaded
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6 years ago, Noeldude
Seems to get stuck sometimes
I’ve used on my laptop and really like the speed and security they offer. This app usually works great, but a few times each day my internet stops working until I turn the app off and on. This is really annoying. I’ll probably stop using this app if it keeps getting stuck. Update: after the most recent update, the behavior is worse. Loses connection multiple times a day. Uninstalled until the next update.
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4 years ago, helizaaa
The best, but blocked for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I’ve been using this vpn for a long time after the internet block in Iran. It’s really the best and fastest vpn whenever I was connected to wifi or cellular data. Now since two days ago, it has stopped working properly. It doesn’t work when I’m connected to my cellular data but it works with wifi. I think it’s probably because of new blockings from the Iranian government! I hope will do something like a new update to break this filtering.
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