10 Day NOAA Weather

4.6 (9.3K)
205.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Voros Innovation
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 10 Day NOAA Weather

4.62 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
3 months ago, Urchin Tender
Effectiveness of 10 day outlook.
In the North East it is difficult to determine a 10 day forecast. The Atlantic ocean is itself a weather maker. The lands in the warmer months heat up determining weather. The winter months are a completely different set of circumstances. Predominantly North West air flows clocking through the compass card in anticipation of moisture/precipitation. Summer time weather is dominated by a wind direction from the South West. An accurate 10 day forecast is possible but it’s more of a gimmick. I like the app though, it gives enough of an outlook with wind direction noted so as to determine what the weather will be doing 48 to 56 hours.
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12 months ago, WeimTimeJen
No precipitation percentage 😠
I love the app EXCEPT there is no percentage shown for precipitation. It shows rain but is it a 10% chance? An 80% chance? I wish they would just put the % on the rain icon like many other apps. I even have the paid version. I always have to switch to another app to check that if a rainy day matters for outdoor plans and I don’t want to switch apps. I’ve emailed the developer but never get a response other than the automated response which states that my message has been received and they would get back to me when they can. They don’t. I do love that they show the humidity daily. Many apps don’t and that is also another important part of planning.
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7 years ago, riverbrat1947
Love it!
When I bought my iPad and found that it didn't have the standard iPhone weather app I searched the App Store. I didn't find the iPhone app but saw this one was highly recommended. I got the free version and am very glad I did. I like it BETTER a than the iPhone weather app! I love the visual presentation with the animated background and the fact that you can get hour by hour forecasts, not only on the current day, but subsequent days, as well! It's a winner in my book!
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5 years ago, Risco1
One of the best for me
I have tried several weather apps. They each had an issue I didn’t care for. I have been using this one for a few weeks and it fits my needs. Ads are not distracting (advertisers probably don’t like that) and they don’t slow down the app. I like the extended forecast where you can drill down and get hourly info on more than just 2 days. It’s a keeper
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7 months ago, Desert Dolly
Wonderful User-Friendly app!
I’ve tested many weather apps and this one is the best. Enter your favorite locations and u can easily swipe from one screen to another. Tap any location to reveal 10-day forecast, and other pertinent data. Also the background pictures are beautiful. This is the best!
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3 years ago, harmon1000
Perfect weather app
Simple, easy to use and visual. All I want is the weather for my local area. This has weather now, by hour today, and 10 day forecast, and any of those days can be easily broken out hour by hour, etc.
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2 years ago, sailor J.D.
All most a 5 star
I love this weather app. The only problem is when you look at the day it shows the low temperature for the next day. If you click on the hourly it is correct but not on the Home Screen. Very confusing. Correct that aspect and I will give it a 5 star as is still a 4 star
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4 years ago, *toomanygraydays
Needs more color
The daily graphics have too much black and white, making the days hard to differentiate, especially when using the drop down for the current day. It would be nice to be able to quickly glance at the forecast and have a representative color (sunny days shouldn’t be shown in black!) that corresponds with the forecast. I like the phases of the moon feature.
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3 years ago, Rainey 8/26
10 Day Weather
This is so easy to understand which makes it easier to make future plans. Thank you for developing this just for me!!!
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2 years ago, proudinaz
Top Notch Weather App
Out of all the many weather apps I have used, this is by far my favorite and most accurate. Love all the new pictures!!!
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4 years ago, every weather
Weather app review.
About the only thing I wish was different with this app is I wish it would tell us how much snow is expected with an oncoming snow storm and how severe a rainstorm is to expect. I enjoy the pictures according to weather and it is a pretty reliable weather report.
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6 years ago, Spit ham
Not a background option
I was so exited to find an app that could put the weather on my lock screen I set it all up and thought it was a really good and beautiful weather app and then there was no option to make it my lock screen and be able to look at the weather by just turning on my phone. I'm unhappy with this. Only gets one star because it had pretty effects and backgrounds.
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5 years ago, StevieNik
Nice app but
I like the app and use it but am surprised it doesn’t have % of precipitation. I am OK without the radar because it is fast but would really like to see the % chance of rain. Can’t be that hard with everything else it shows.
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3 years ago, Durangobooks
Good weather app!
This is one of the better weather apps available that is both accurate and doesn’t overwhelm you with ads.
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4 years ago, Pink_Giggles
Great app
Love this app full 10 day forecast have alerts set for on and get an update every morning and better yet it will alert when rain's coming your way.
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5 years ago, BB Squrial
Love it!!!!
It’s about time!!! This is definitely a better and so accurate weather forecast for your town down to the exact temperature. I wouldn’t rely on any other app. Thank you
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7 years ago, Crash2099
Any chance of being able to add to lock screen?
Love the app, but would be even better if I could add to the lock screen for a quick check before taking the dog outside in the morning.
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7 years ago, Brat 😈
Appreciate all provided information. Graphics are beyond words. Would/will recommend app. Thanks for all your hard work to make it a success.
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2 years ago, Dgodfree
Even more accurate than “Accuweather”.
Recommend including freezing level & hourly wind speed & direction
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7 years ago, Tess8888
Most Excellent!
This app is accurate and beautiful, and gives all the information you need in one handy place. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best weather app out there...Well done!
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7 years ago, WRDMurat
Multiple Cities
Multiple locations doesn't seem to work for me without going into settings and changing city.
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2 years ago, Frederick T.C.I.
Excellent Weather App
I would recommend this app to everyone. I am 100% satisfied as I am sure that you will be as well.
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3 years ago, Avg Guy
Trying to connect to other devices
Why is this app trying to connect to? With no explanation?
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3 years ago, Dan_July4Weekend
Great app! Hourly Wind direction
After my last app “upgraded”... I uninstalled and tried this app. We bike and the hour by hour wind speed and direction was EXACTLY what we needed! Fantastic!
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4 years ago, Lvstk
The apps, pretty accurate but I like to see if the barometer is rising, dropping etc, that’s how I know for sure what’s truly in store for the next few days. This app would be much better if a barometer meter was added.
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4 months ago, XT 250
Good reports
Amazingly accurate, down to the hour or better.
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4 years ago, Bambie47
The Best!
After searching for a weather app that is easy to use and accurate, this is the one. In my estimation it is The Best.
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3 years ago, rosesandsunshine
Great app
The data is clear and easy to read. Tells me what I want to know without a lot of clutter.
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3 years ago, Scanz the music man
That’s local weather app
The simple easy to read Government-fed weather app is all you will ever need to know what’s outside and what’s coming.
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2 years ago, Ray Myers
Very Good App but …
Outstanding videos and detailed weather info is displayed very well. Lots to like. However, one glaring miscue: you have to go to settings every time you want to change cities. Very cludgy.
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3 years ago, Master Recourse
Easy to view GUI
I the reviewer find this layout easy on my eyes and the weather imagery pleasing. Can I totally count on accuracy? I use this application to help inform me of what I should do regarding my actions related to the weather. Is every weather report based in NOOA? Some die-hard weather-oologists may place their own spin on weather prediction. Information is key and take the turbulent nature of weather and get it right sometimes, if not most. TC
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1 year ago, Bear Gardner
Please can you update this app
For next iOS can you update soon
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4 months ago, Irish54 forever
Background is distracting and letters/numbers are hard to read. Using the Text mode for weather and date wish the text could be bolted or the background darker. Hard to see the text. Also wish we could get a background that is not animated.
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3 years ago, Litewings
It’s great.
I love this app. It gives me detailed weather information for my area so I’m able to plan ahead. Ron Washburn
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5 years ago, Disalutioned
Weather report
Easy to read/follow and seems very accurate. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Medoaks
Very Helpful
Love being able to know what my day is going to be like. Very Helpful.
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1 year ago, overlydisappointing
Good basic weather data but no radar or storm info
It’s great if you just want a basic forecast but most of the other apps have radar and storm tracking. No pollen count or any other notable features. The interface is good and it has pretty pictures.
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6 years ago, tomtom700
The Best!
I used a number of weather apps, this is definitely the best. Easy to use and read.
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3 years ago, Cjubes
Just ok
This weather app is just ok. Very difficult to read the daily temps with the grey background! The high temps for the day are printed in a light orange:red & don’t show up very well against the grey background, hence my low rating. What good is it if you can’t see the numbers? And, no, I have great eyesight!!
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3 years ago, too many gimics
Ten day weather
Have found it only somewhat helpful. There is often a difference between the one day report and the report when you look at the hourly breakdowns. Accumulations of rain or snow not provided as well as severe weather warnings.
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2 years ago, Tawadu
It has all the information I am looking for, very ice , Thank you.
nice. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Behrens 4
Great weather app
This is the best weather app I’ve tried and believe me I’ve tried a lot. Great accuracy and I love the live animation. 👍🏻
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6 years ago, Irie932
Anyone know what the sleep timer is for?
What is the sleep timer? Tried finding out. Doesn't say anywhere. Tried to click a link in the app support area. It took me to a blank webpage :(
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10 months ago, Jubilant attitude
The app
I thought it would include more specific information but it’s just a 10 day graphic.
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3 days ago, nevreader
10 Day Weather
My favorite weather app
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10 months ago, uytbgfre
Add the dates to this great daily weather info It's. My morning message!!!
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2 years ago, creekjack
Great tool for work outside
Thanks for the great forecast and accurate info
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4 years ago, LJSHAW3457
Love it!
So much more accurate on forecasts, weather warnings, etc., than all of the other APPs, and that INCLUDES WeatherBug
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6 months ago, Becs721
Used to be good
This used to be good and now every time I get into it, it’s asking to adjust my ad preferences. Doesnt matter if you do it every 10 minutes. It just keeps coming back. App DELETED
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5 years ago, hunnyKC
It shows it is cloudy yet it had been raining due to tropical storm Rosa with flooding. Yes it’s cloudy but not showing hours of rain ? Not impressed.
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