MyRadar Weather Radar

4.8 (984.7K)
207.7 MB
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Current version
Aviation Data Systems, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyRadar Weather Radar

4.84 out of 5
984.7K Ratings
2 years ago, discerning learner
Almost perfect
This is a really good app for people who check the weather a lot. The only problem is that the presentation is not as simple as it could be and so there is a learning curve for using it. But once you've suffered through that for about a week it's really quite good. Pro's: it provides nice graphs so that you can see trends over time, and, of course, radar views so that you can see geographical trends. When compared to two other apps that I use, it seems to be on the more accurate side. Neg's: it's difficult to get a quick answer to the question "What % chance that it's going to rain when I plan to do such and such today?" I know it's a difficult question but it's extremely practical so it's best answered with a time trend line. Yes, you can get that, but you have to do several swipes and dig down a bit. The widgets don't seem to work all the time (at least for me) - that would be the best place to provide that answer but I haven't figured out how to do that (if it's even possible). Next best would be to have the option for it to show up in the summary at the top of the main view (that shows the temperature trend line, and minimally useful cloud icons). It is a good sign that the app recently came out with a travel feature, which I'm looking forward to testing. In summary, I'm liking it a lot so far but still getting used to it.
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2 years ago, Oneguy68
If 10 stars were possible this App would get it!
First off, out of the hundreds of Apps I have downloaded and used, I have only taken the time to review one and that was on a popup prompt to do so. This review I am writing without being prompted. This App is that good. I have downloaded several other “top” weather Apps of which many want monthly subscriptions for basic functions. This App blows them all out of the water or maybe I should say the weather. It is so easy to use and extremely intuitive. I breezed around it setting up my notifications, views, and generally orientating myself. Visually it's incredible and provides a myriad of choices concerning appearance (so many layers available) and alerts. Speaking of alerts, there are numerous choices that are easily customizable. There is even one for major earthquakes. Living in California, I left that alert on. The interactive portion of the App is flawless on my iPad air. There is a global view, which I find simply amazing. So far this App has not only exceeded my expectations but has set the bar for other apps to follow. Hats off to the developer for a stand-up job. To those reading this review, don't just take my word for it. Download it now and check it out for yourself. It is free and you would be doing a disservice to yourself if you didn't.
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3 weeks ago, GachaGurl22
Never had anything like this! I depend on it for all weather!
Hi! Me and my family have been using MyRadar for as long as i can remember. I am a huge weather and aviation enthusiast, and i love all the unique features! It is truly just perfect :) I love the Mars feature and looking at the little satellite robot things. One thing i do want to point out, though, is that i cannot see watches/ warnings for countries other than Australia and the USA. Now i am sure there is a good reason behind this, but i would like to be able to see those watches and warnings for other countries. I have learned to recognize all the colors of watches and warnings, and i am always on the app. I strive to work at the NWS some day, and i feel like MyRadar helps me to learn and just have fun. I always report to my family about what i see, and it’s super interesting. The Aviation feature, is beyond amazing! I’ll check the routes i’m flying before i do and i just think it’s cool. It’s interesting to look at all of the restrictions or AIRMETS or IFR or ICE or anything. It’s super interesting. All the features, such as earthquakes, fires, temperatures, power outages, etc, even down to clouds, just adds all that to the experience. I have yet to find an app i enjoy as much as MyRadar. Truly Amazing, I recommended to everyone! It’s easy to read and not confusing :)
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3 years ago, Tita Fierce
Best Radar App!
I have been using this app for years, and only this weather app, no others. The reason is: reliability, accuracy, pinpoint location, (it moves with me from my house to everywhere I go via my iPad without doing a thing), and most importantly the weather alerts. I love getting the drop downs that tell me when it’s going to rain and whether it will be light, heavy or moderate, and for how long, and it is ALWAYS spot on. Very useful to me. The most important alert for my area is tornadic activity, which alerts me whether or not I am on my iPad. It serves as a great weather radio! The alert sound is loud, and living alone and not having a basement, it lets me know whether or not I need to take shelter. I am so happy that you added the world now instead of just the US. I can see exactly what the weather is like in Norway where my brother lives. I also can let my mother and sister, who both live in other parts of the state, whether or not they need to take shelter. I have actually done it and it is a lifesaver. I love the options available for which alerts you would like to get. When the wildfires are happening, I always turn that on so I can keep track of my relatives in California/Nevada, etc. Thank you and keep up the great work! AMAZING app. Tried all the others. No comparison.
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4 years ago, PepperCookie
My Radar
I check this app frequently because it’s very reliable and I like that it moves so you can gauge the track of a storm. I often send my friends screen shots of the weather over them because for whatever reason they still haven’t gotten this app. Why ladies? It’s so convenient to have. I walk everyday and like to check this app before venturing out. Plus it pin points your location so you can readily see at a glance where you are in relation to oncoming weather. Good to know if you’re flying what to expect. I like to monitor hurricanes because I have sisters who live on the East Atlantic Coast and the West Coast of Florida and you have access to the entire world’s weather if you care to check. Living in the heart of Ohio we get all kinds of weather and I can see when it’s coming or going to track south or if I’m going to get clobbered with severe weather or light rain. As a gardener I consult the app daily to gauge my watering needs. I can zoom out to see where fronts are located and know in advance if severe weather is headed my way. You also get the temperature at your current location. It’s just so practical to have. And there are no ads. Maybe an unobtrusive banner on the bottom. It’s the greatest app. You should definitely get it! One of my faves!
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1 year ago, 23wdzedz2
Broken iPad Layout
I saw you guys fixed the issue when rotating on iPad, the map won’t have a black bar on the side and vice versa but I see you guys didn’t fix another issue that was present (at least for me) and that is the weather for cast icon. When pressed and device stood upright the weather forecast is on the top in a weird position where it’s a small box and not brought down to the length of the whole screen (meaning even though it’s a small box I still have to scroll which is a waste the iPad’s screen real estate if intentional) and it gets more broken when put in landscape mode WITH the forecast still showing a small box and not on the side as it usually would be for landscape mode. Vice versa when launched in landscape and rotated to upright, it’s still a broken menu. I also suggest moving the ads somewhere else so that it doesn’t take so much room on the top as it also breaks the layout even more. The app is good but layout and rotating device interactions are broken (not to a point where it’s unusable but to a point where it just looks straight up bad as a menu) but other than that the app is really good been using it for years in all my devices and the alerts are always super helpful! If the devs are reading this, just please fix the iPad layout or just redesign it as a whole.
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5 years ago, happyfeet 20017
Old Radar Loop, 60% accurate, crashes etc
The “live radar” loop runs 2 hours ~20 mins past time. The will rain or storm times graph & time feature is wrong 60% of the time. I have my home marked with a star ( it only allows me to 1 star location tho) Worst is it gives me weather, alerts & warnings for a town 15 + miles away, in a different county that gets different weather & warnings. Ugh. When we were traveling and hit bad weather it was a worthless app. It kept kicking me back home 400+miles then kept crashing all cause I was trying to pull weather from my current location. It started draining my battery, freezing, unavailable data, crashing. If I’m home in my marked Location the app never freezes, crashes, etc. My husband uses a NOAA app (free) and I thought I was downloading the same one he has. No this one is horrible compared to the one he uses. The one he uses gives him current road conditions/warnings/accidents/ radar etc as he’s traveling and actually shows the town we live closest to (3 miles) correct county & he has locations (stars) marked all over the place. The (free) NOAA app he uses didn’t have a melt down when we were out of town or traveling and worked great.. I’m uninstalling this app and looking for the app my husband uses..Idk why so many different NOAA apps are available but lessons learned they are not all equal. The one he uses offers upgrades but the free version works good & has adds just like this one.
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4 years ago, JasonSoDisappointed
Apple Watch Necessity
I use this on my apple watch every day, it is better than the apple weather app in my opinion because of three things. 1, it has a map of your area as well as a forecast written out in english instead of just symbols and numbers, if you like the simplicity of symbols and numbers, that is still available too! 2, on the watch face, with both apps you get the current temperature, as well as the high and the low. one extra very important symbol is the current weather, a rainy storm cloud or a shining sun, pretty helpful to check without ever opening the app on your watch/phone. 3, the layout design is a little easier to read, apples watch weather app shows a circle dial and is very weird to read if you aren’t used to it. MyRadar has an easy to read linear scroll that isn’t very hard to read, you just scroll down hour by hour, plus you get to use the little dial on the side of your watch! 4, i will be honest, apple weather has MyRadar beat on the watch in one category, weather for multiple cities. on MyRadar, you can check multiple cities on your phone, but not your watch. anyway overall i think MyRadar is a better corner widget than apples weather at least on the watch. 5/5
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11 months ago, EAF9386249#
MyRadar stays!
I shorted MyRadar 1 star because it is not simple to use although I am very satisfied with the way it handles layers of information quickly and that part was easy to figure out. Still have no clue how to choose from where the right hand panel in the main window reports great information (just have not taken the time to ferret that out. The ads are not intrusive, which allows me a bit of time to actually look at them instead of trying to clear them out of my viewed content as fast as possible. I like it and use it every day at least once if not more. It stunned me once by announcing rain at my location about 2 minutes before it started raining. If I lived in tornado or hurricane country, I would definitely have it. I am in the Canadian smoke right now. It helps to be able to see where the smoke is worse so I do not travel there. It also reports wildfires, not real well, but is another source from which to get quick info, which I do need (I use 4 other sources as well and still cannot find out enough info about wildfires in my local, which are frequent; please, someone, figure out how to get nearly accurate local wildfire info out to people in one app or website, maybe something like “wildfire wiki” staffed by volunteers).
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2 years ago, FooledAgainAndAgain
5 Stars for capability, but not for average joe.
This is an absolutely beautiful app, with some great functionality that makes it a superior replacement for the decommissioned dark sky. But there are two drawbacks that merit a docking of a star each. The first is pricing. And that gets a “are you kidding me?” I like to support the apps I use, and I’m always happy to be ad free, and that’s a great business model to offer that for a fee in my opinion. But there’s no way a weather app gets fifteen bucks a year forever. Unless maybe I lived in weather Armageddon. This app is beautiful enough that I might think hard about that amount one time, but eight bucks one time would be a shoe in, then come back with some significant variation if you want more. I might do an annual at eight bucks. A weather app is a mass market, high volume sale for a convenience or “once in a while” app. Just my two bits, but there’s no way this is viable. And no, I’m not enabling tracking instead. Second is the weather map drag to relocate functionality. Because there’s a drop down top of screen menu for detailed info, I am constantly accidentally dragging my location when I don’t intend to. I bet this UI element eliminates 90% of the population over 50 from the market audience, as most of us don’t accommodate toward that type of interface obstacle.
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5 years ago, CharlesAr1962
Thank you
It seems life has become so fast paced and hectic for most of us that we communicate mostly to complain and express our frustration with the “things” in our life, or complain about life itself. We often forget to be thankful for the things we actually have, and most importantly to those that work hard behind the scenes to make those good things possible. So I’m writing this review as a user of your radar program for the past several years, just to say Thank You! I truly appreciate all the work that goes into making, improving and maintaining this program. There are some that would say is not perfect for this or the other reason, but perfection is hardly ever achieved in life, and the definition of perfection is usually in the eye of the beholder. For me, living in an area of the country with sudden, often unpredictable and dangerous weather (as in thunderstorms and tornadoes) I can say your program has kept me and my family out of harms way many times. Perfect? Perhaps not in some users minds. But for me has been a life saver (LITERALLY) more than once in this many years. So once more, thank you for all you do. I appreciate your help in keeping me and my family safe from the elements.
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3 years ago, Litekid79
Love BUT
Miss the OLD WIDGET that had and could expand. Lots of Apps have multiple Widget Layouts/Views w/ diff features/info….could MyRadar do a Similar thing; as the small square widget is ok, miss the old full sized expandable widget that INCLUDED IMPORTANT INFO LOOKED AT MANY TIMES THROUGHOUT THE DAY/NITE. Have been using this App since moved to FL over 10 yrs ago. It’s great! The hurricane tracker is excellent & love watching Leslie...(more on this later). Here is where the BUT comes in. With every update we get, granted, the app “DOES” the new global feature (something had at start, but went away. Now it’s back), along w/ some other cool features. What isn’t great is loading times. On the new iPad Pro 11” this app “feels” slow & loads slower each update that’s pushed out. I’m worried when iOS 13 hits....what will happen! Also, know Leslie can’t be in every weather report....needs a life, but she’s the face of the App, the person that helped us through hurricane after hurricane when couldn’t get any other information....KEEP that in mind, & keep her put & happy! The newish Fast Forecast isn’t as catchy as old one... All in all, get the app more responsive like used to be, less crashing & will change stars back to 5/5. Until than...dinged you 1.5 stars. Sorry....want it awesome like used to be! My score= 3.5/5
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3 years ago, Claudia from Miami!
One of my go to apps on a weekly basis!
I use my radar on a weekly basis. Surprisingly, I use it when I travel and all over the world as well. I use it at home in miami to help me decide what to do about rain storms and hurricanes and even wind patterns and I use it when I travel to help me plan how to dress and what to expcect in terms of weather patterns during the day. As an example, I’ve been using it on a trip to the Greek island this fall to track the rainfall and also to track a rare “hurricane” in the Mediterranean that is currently affecting my vacation plans in eastern Sicily. I have been amazed by its accuracy and am so thankful that this app exists. Seriously, I couldn’t live without it. It is so much better than the weather forecasters and so much more accurate than the weather app on your phone as the weather app can’t see bands of rain like this. You can even zoom in from where you are to other places in the world if you are going to be flying there and want to get a sense of what is happening in you respected destination. This app is truly priceless! Don’t think about it. Just download it now! (Not a paid advertisement- actual user)!
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3 years ago, DylansGirlX
Just What I’ve Been Looking For
I have been accessing weather sites through the browser on my phone because it seemed to be the best way to get thorough, accurate, free information. I found many of the weather apps fell short, especially with the added fees. With tornado weather picking up, I wanted to see if there was an app that would have all these great weather resources in one place. I downloaded this app about a week ago based on mostly stellar reviews, and it has far exceeded my expectations. Just the base app itself is exceptional. I was impressed with how many features are included for free and with minimal ads. I love all of the options for layers and how detailed the settings are. The graphics are stunning and run flawlessly on my iPhone XS. Although I was perfectly satisfied with the base app, today I paid the $9.99 to start my yearly subscription because there were a number of premium features I was interested in. I especially love having access to NEXRAD level II radar data without having to open up my computer or struggle with a webpage not formatted for mobile viewing. It has only been a week but I am thoroughly impressed an have no complaints thus far.
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2 years ago, vacantcraft
App Store Nominee for MUST Have
In these crazy times that we are living in. Climate patterns and extreme weather seem to only be becoming all too norm. “The new normal” as the politicians will say. Climate change, micro climates, wildfire seasons, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, atmospheric rivers, you name it. This app is honestly the tool everyone needs from the air quality where your at to the other basics like precipitation( rain, thunderstorms lightning strikes snow) and humidity to wind (speed, direction, tornadoes and tropical storms to hurricane tracking. It also offers data on earthquakes and wildfires as they are all developing. The software is so easy your local news forecaster can soon be out of a job and this app is was more accurate that the standard iOS weather app that has failed often. But there’s so much more you can track satellites and their paths over, flight paths, and the map screen has filters you choose to display from fronts winds temps air quality and it works all over the world and in lightning Speed so if your away from home and don’t want to get caught in bad weather this app could save your trip if not life.
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4 years ago, Iyfzltxgotc
A few complaints
This is a good app, so I pay for the premium features. There are a few things that are irritating, however. First, I cannot seem to log into customer support. It asks for me email address and password. I’ve never created an “account” with MyRadar, so I don’t have a password. Should I use my Apple account p’word? Nope, doesn’t work. So I entered my email address and hit the “reset password” button. It says an email is being sent, but it never comes. So instead of contacting customer support in the app, here I am doing it in a “review.” I wish there was some way to get rid of the grid box at the lower right corner (ipad, landscape) that covers up the 5-day forecast. The 3 lines on that box are: UV index, which basically says the sun shines during daylight hours; temperature, which is already shown on the daily display above it; and barometric pressure, which I don’t care about because I’m not a pilot. So how can I get rid of that graph and display the 5-day forecast under it, which I AM interested in? How about long-pressing the box to pop up an option to hide it? Or a slider on the settings menu to turn it off (or on, for the folks who need a graph to tell them they can only get a sunburn when the sun is shining)? Thanks.
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6 years ago, Umphphreak6
I Miss the Old Storm app!!
Is there a way to see the future radar like the old Storm app? Is that in the premium packet because my radar ends 10 mins before the actual time & I want to know the forecast radar for the next hour. Also, if I press on a fire icon & read about it, when I go bk to the map, the time on the animation slider becomes 8 hours off. I don’t think the actual radar changes. I only know that I have to close & reopen the app to get the time back to ending 10 minutes before the actual time. This makes me wonder if I can trust the accuracy of this app. Plus, it’s been raining here nonstop for 6 hours but the radar shows periods of no rain. It’s also really annoying when the slightest tap or zooming in on the map will start changing the cities up above because of the crosshairs. And when I swipe left, or right to scroll through my favorite cities, nothing happens- it won’t scroll through the cities even though the stars are highlighted. I miss being able to zoom in & see exactly where it’s going to be raining & being able to chose between 1 hour or 5 hours in the future & clicking on the storm cells & find out the speed & the danger associated with each one, as I could in the old Storm app. It truly was the best weather app out there! I will change my 2 star rating if I can find the future radar.
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4 years ago, pryoho
Great Radar App
I’ve tried six or seven weather/radar apps and My Radar is the best one for my purposes. Most apps give you the weather when you open them, and then you have to find the radar button. I like the radar on screen when I open the app. All weather reports are an average of weather for your area. Even My Radar will notify my that it will begin raining in 12 minutes. But when I check the radar the rain cell is moving just north of me, so no rain at my location. I also like that the radar always on, I don’t have to start it or restart it. The layers feature is excellent with easy access so I can turn on temperature, wind speed, clouds, fronts, earthquakes, warnings and watches, aviation layers, and several more. You can choose the type of map with the features that suit you, and you can adjust the radar features for speed, timing and opacity. This is truly a radar app that includes excellent weather information. Also enjoy seeing the weather radar anywhere in the world just by moving the map. Highly recommended.
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2 years ago, thehappymom20
Great, but needs symbology clarification
I have used this app for a few years and regularly refer to it. I live in an area of rapid weather change, am a pilot, and in an higher-education aviation program. I’m constantly studying the sky. Knowing what is happening and being able to look at the map and see all the different factors is important to me. I use the ad free version because the ads were NOT child friendly; I could not use it as a tool to explain/teach my young children because of the ads. I really like the paid version; my favorite features are all the different layers, timeline graph for pressure and temperature, the short forecast synopsis, and being able to isolate one weather factor in the forecast table. My one complaint with this version is the troughs, drylines, squalls, and ridges are all the same orange dashed line. Each of these have their own standard meteorology symbology as they all indicate different surface conditions. This confuses me and causes me to refer to other surface maps from other providers to give insight into what was not clearly shown here. Hence this is a four star ap. I would love to see the correct symbology added to the ap.
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4 years ago, Trophy Husband
Good but needs accuracy fix
I've used this app for about a year on several IOS devices. I like the simplicity to quickly see the radar and incoming weather without a lot of navigating, and also easily zoom in or out. I have found however that many times the radar overlay is not accurate with the location of the actual precipitation on the map. Today for example, the map accurately showed my location but the radar indicated heavy rain over me when it actually was about a mile away from my observations. So, until this is corrected the app is useful as a general view of what might be approaching but not accurate to a precise level. Also, I've noticed that the precipitation levels on the map are somewhat exaggerated over what is actually occurring. Overall, it's useful if you want a simple view of the radar and some other basic functions. Update 3/3/20: I was hopeful for improvements in the new update, it has a new icon and title page, but same issues exist. Accuracy is off- radar shows rain at my house and it’s not doing anything. Notifications are not reliable, they stop working after a while even with background app refresh enabled. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, _Blessed_
OOPS! Now my radar works again!
Recently, I wrote a critical review complaining that this app had become so bloated with extra features that the basic radar feature stopped working. After a week of not receiving any acknowledgement of my support request, I sent an email to corporate that got a response. However, none of the suggestions that were offered to me worked, and the developers never responded to the diagnostic file that they requested and which I provided. I gave up, deleted the app, but then re-installed it after I learned of a new update. But the radar still would not load. In preparing to send another request for help, I discovered the problem! My iPad was set to the wrong time zone (London) as a result of a recent trip. Once the time zone agreed with my physical location, the radar layer displayed properly. I still believe that the app is becoming bloated, and I’ve learned that support is often difficult to reach, but this app deserves more than the one-star that I previously gave it. If they are able to improve support by offering faster responses and a knowledge base, it will be a 5-star app. Until then, I’m changing my 1-star review to a 4-star review.
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11 months ago, AnotherRipOffGame
Blown away by all the info this app provides 🤯
Living in Florida I’m always checking the weather for my daily planning, preparing for possible hurricanes or a simple weekend getaway. This app everything and has even thrown in the kitchen sink, well that last part not really but it truly is a wealth of information at your fingertips. If you want to know where an earthquake happened, it’s there. If you want to know where a forest fire is raging, it’s there. If you want to know the current pollen count, air quality, UV Index, Heat warnings, ect, ect, ect. IT’S THERE! I saw this app on a previous friends phone and immediately had to download this app. It is by far, from my experience, hands down the best weather app you can use. I love it so much I purchased the ad free version. The amount of time, work, resources that these guys put together was definitely worth it. It is so beneficial. Try it out I think you’ll be amazed and blown away by all its powerful features. I don’t write reviews very often, especially positive ones but this app deserved my feedback and time.
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4 years ago, Danalo1979
Incredible app
Hello. I just wanted to take the time to write a feedback note to you. For years I’ve searched for a fantastic radar app. I’ve bounced between weatherbug, weather channel, weather underground, noaa, dark sky, carrot weather, and storm shield. I’ve even paid $9.99 per month for radarscope. I’ve been dissatisfied with all of them. Each have one or two shortcomings that force me to use multiple apps. One has a good enough radar while another has a better forecast graph, while another has better notifications etc. I must say.... this my radar app is simply incredible. The radar is amazing. Notifications work perfectly. It has fantastic precipitation graphs. It has many options for layers and radar add ons. Just a simply incredible app. Absolutely well done!!!! Never stop developing this app!!! It’s absolutely needed!!! I’d pay $10 per month for this app. It’s nearly perfect!!! I do have 1 small critique/ask. Could you possibly give users the option to remove the crosshairs on the middle of the screen? For me personally it’s a bit annoying. Otherwise, incredible job guys. Wow
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4 years ago, Mike on the Columbia
I have used My Radar for 6 years
I originally purchased this app 6 years ago. I needed a reliable radar source that I could use at my place of work. At that time I superintended bulk cargo loading operations onto ships for export. The cargo was weather sensitive. We could not load cargo in the rain. When you have a gang of very expensive Longshore labor standing by for weather, it was critical to be able to reference MyRadar to look for windows of dry weather so we could load. This app gave me the ability to see when weather was coming and going. I was able to ready the gang prior to the dry windows, so I could maximize my loading windows. Needless to say, this app is accurate in my experience and it helped save a lot of money in gang standby time. Customers were also happy to sail their vessels earlier than expected in many cases. I still regularly use and rely on MyRadar in my retirement years, for camping, anticipating when to come in from sitting in my backyard. I love the “layers” options. I feel this puts them above other radar apps.
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12 months ago, MDLJ2
Was my go to radar app
I delayed updating this app for a long time because it was my go to app for radar. It uses to have less than a five minute delay and the classic setting allowed for accurate prediction of rain in your locations, as well as direction of storm movement. Other family members had the newer version and it just wasn't as accurate as the original version I had. Now that I had to update, I am disappointed. The blur of the HD layering isn't clear if actual rain is going to fall or if it is upper atmosphere clutter. Plus the delay is now ten minutes or more. The new graphics on the road view are much larger and clearer, but when there is a storm coming they block how you can view the storm movement on the app. I also kiss the directional cones for severe thunderstorms. The new version has the warnings layer, but the previous version had directional cones to see where the storm was heading in relation to your location and if you were within the cone of the cell. And when working outside a lot, the older features were valuable tools. I am still going to use this app because I haven't found one as good as this one.
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1 year ago, Gand1517
Pornographic and disgusting ads that won’t stop
I have used this app for years and have loved it. The notifications are quick during storms and the radar is accurate and user friendly. I’ve always accepted the Ads banner on the bottom of the radar and just shrugged them off since they were mostly clothes, vacation stuff, etc. Sometimes there were questionable ads featuring girls looking to call or text but I just closed them and wouldn’t see them that often. But over the last three months I have gotten an unacceptable amount of pornographic and disgusting ads in this ad banner instead, featuring half naked people, sex toys, and the like. I keep closing the ad and selecting “this ad is inappropriate” but the exact same ad keeps popping back up every time I open the app again. It has the logo Temu on the bottom of the ad if the developers want to know which advertiser from Google Ads is featuring these disgusting ads. Honestly I just deleted the app after loyally using it for years. I can’t take the gross ads anymore. I’m fine with ads, just not this depravity. This has been an ongoing issue that other users have complained about as well. Will be moving on to using my web browser with ad blockers for Accuweather radar instead.
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6 years ago, ShaiDorsai
Great fee app, great paid app
I switched over to this app after Weather Underground’s “Storm” radar app was obsoleted and replaced by the terrible sequel by The Weather Channel. Immediately, I appreciated all the layers that this app has, and the customization that it’s capable of. I also like that while you can get a “basic” paid functionality (do it! Even if you don’t mind the ads, support people who make quality apps!), you can upgrade different bits of functionality a la carte, as you need them. For example, while I’m a private pilot, I’m not actively flying currently. But if I DO get back into it, the aviation charts functionality is built into the app, for an annual subscription (which makes sense, since av charts update and need to be kept current). Excellent, excellent app. The only suggestion that comes to mind is to enhance the functionality of the “storm center” feature so that the center moves with the time-lapse. Currently, it is stationary, and stays in the position it is in the latest radar frame, as the radar time lapse “catches up” to it.
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6 years ago, Dr.Cruise
When beauty enhances accuracy
There’s lots to be said for simplicity. This app delivers clear, dynamic, and beautiful radar images quickly. Moreover, the images provided appear to provide (in my opinion) a better indication as to how a storm is developing and moving. I’m able to look out from 7600ft to the south and west from the southern Sangre de Christos, taking in a thousand square miles of view shed and storms up to 100 miles away. I can watch individual storm cells developing and compare them to what I see on my screens. I’ve tried dozens of other apps and when it really matters I’ll always revert to the raw NEXRAD feed, toggling between clutter on & off when making important go/no go decisions for travel in remote areas. But this is the radar app I keep coming back to. I wish I understood why it’s better. It may be due to the fact it includes some of the info in a “clutter included” nexrad image without including too much of the noise. It also smooths out gaps in the radar image caused by inversions, dust, etc. Nice work, MyRadar developers!
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3 years ago, Wahoowa219
Best weather app out there, professionals and hobbyists alike!
I have tried basically every weather app out there, and MyRadar has always remained my #1. I’ve had the app for years and am just now reviewing because I’ve finally determined it is indeed the best (free or paid; it wins either way!) Even just the free version of MyRadar provides you with SO MANY great features that other apps don’t, but its paid version offers some really cool features for us weather nerds out there 🤓. This app’s best pros that outdo the others: 1) smoothness and quality of the radar (no awkward, choppy pauses or blank spots like most apps); 2) incredibly accurate rain alerts down to the minute (if it says light rain starting in 7 minutes, light rain will start in 7 min; I care for horses and this app is great for alerting me I need to bring them in with enough time before a big rain hits - it is literally never wrong); and 3) overall multi-day forecasting accuracy (if the rain graph shows a lot of rain in 5 days, it almost always does; great for planning events and trips). The only thing it doesn’t have that many other apps do is a future radar predictor, but honestly those are rarely accurate anyways. It’s just as easy to watch their past and live radar and make your own predictions. Plus the future rain alerts basically do the same thing for you. Overall, 10/10 if you love weather or need to monitor it with high accuracy for your job (farmer, grounds crews, etc.).
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2 years ago, Glissman Excavating
Great Weather Tool!
Aside from being an amazing world wide weather app with as much info as you could ever ask for, this app is like no other weather app I’ve ever seen when it comes to predicting immediate local weather and warning when the rain is 10-20 minutes out and headed your way. As a construction worker it has literally helped me work until the last second. I wait for the rain warning to come and then I start to wrap up the job and clean up the tools. It works perfectly accurately with this every single time. I use this feature at home to and it helps remind me to put things away outside just before the rain comes. I can’t say enough good things about this app and there are so many more features that I haven’t even used yet! I’ve been using this app since 2011. Telling you when the rain is about to come down in your area and then when it will clear up has been the coolest thing I’ve ever seen come out of a weather company.
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3 years ago, Time2BurnUp
‘My Radar’ is the best radar app you’ll find!
I used to love NOAA weather radar, but they changed the formatting in their display graphics and to put it nicely took a great product and made it bad! So I went looking for an app to replace what I had lost.... I tried the Weather Channels app and found it left a lot to be desired as well. Plus the ad push across the app was over bearing, so much so to point it actually became a literal nuisance and quiet annoying. A couple of friends of mine and I were talking about a recent and upcoming storm event. It was during this conversation that a friend suggested my radar. He showed me a quick view of the application GUI, it looked like what I had been searching for in that it it appeared to be simple and direct. That evening I downloaded the app and went through its settings and layers and found it was an absolute perfect fit. I especially like the ‘classic’ display mode along with the lightning strike indicator option. Kudos to the apps developers! ❤️😎
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3 years ago, TexasBird_02
Best Radar App on the App Store!
I’ve used this app for over a year now and can say it is so much more accurate than any other weather app I’ve donoaded or bought! Even “The Weather Channel” which you can’t trust at all!! I got sick and tired of every app saying, “80 percent chance e of rain”. Then you check an hour later…. Psych!!! Now it’s 5 percent lol. This apps never done this. If anything it will adjust 5 percent. And when it says rain will begin at 7:53, Rain begins from 7:52-7:54. The storm location on radar is accurate and accurately demonstrates the density and power of the storm. I love it so much because I love weather itself, and this app will show you regular winds, jet streams winds, and low pressure fronts. (Always looking for those low pressures when you live in Texas). There was 1 time I had to reinstall the app. My phone glitched or something and I couldn’t use the forecast bar. But other than that have had no issues what so ever. 10/10 recommend
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2 years ago, FtheM
My go-to radar app
UPDATE: Widget doesn't work most of the time. Says "couldn't obtain forecast". Open the app and the forecast is there. Dropping a star for unreliable behavior which renders the feature useless. ----- I’ve been using this app for at least 6 or 7 years. In the mean time, I started using Windy and ForeFlight, both good apps that include the same radar data as this one. When I’m on the ground and looking for the wet stuff, I ALWAYS open MyRadar first. I can’t help it. It just works so why change my habit. I will say that recently, the data can be slow to load, freezing the app while I wait. My network speeds haven’t changed, nor have I added users or devices that might add more traffic. When it happens it takes about 15 seconds to break free, as opposed to the normal ~5 seconds when it works ok. Not the end of the world, but still 3x slower. Either way, I still open this app first. Wish the subscription model didn’t exist because that’s the only reason I haven’t upgraded for more features.
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3 years ago, LauraElPaso
Best weather app ever!
I love this app because it gives me real time warnings about the weather. I live in the desert where we rarely get rain, but when we do it is often dangerous. Flash floods and lightning events happen a few days a year and they are scary and require for us to shelter in place for the 30 minutes to an hour it takes for the rain to pass. With this app I get advanced warning and I can see the direction the rain is going so that I know how long it will be until it’s safe to move around. This is especially helpful if I’m in my car and I’m waiting on high ground for the storm to pass. I recommend this app to everyone I know, especially when they post pictures of them trapped on the highway because a storm drain is overflowed and cars are under water. Meanwhile, I saw the warning and went straight home before the storm began and used my time to get my sandbags set up. This app has saved my property and maybe even my life!
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4 years ago, TE of Indy
Superior Hi-Def Radar Imaging
This app has superior radar imaging. I usually turn on the wind stream indicators at low opacity to help me see how storms might track. You can store various geographical locations and swipe to any of them and the radar map will become centered at that location. The radar animation can be over 10 minutes behind the current time. I have seen it fall behind by 12 minutes. It’s always at least 5 minutes behind. So, hopefully, future versions might concentrate on more recent animations. Also, the only way that I can get the animation to load an update is to quit the app and restart it. Otherwise, the animation timer just gets stuck saying, “Loading.” Also, there is only detailed textual forecasts of Today and Tomorrow. Many times the precipitation percentages reported in the textual forecasts are significantly different from the hourly percentages. And I can’t determine what the Lock icon does in selected local report pulldowns. Great eye candy app, but needs more frequent radar updates and more days in the extended forecast.
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6 years ago, @Naisaan
I loved MyRadar it was so well designed helped me figure out if I should stay inside & wait 5 minutes to stay dry or go out side & bite the bullet on getting wet. It was Truly a wonderful app, which is why it blows my mind that they decided to SELL THEIR USER’S LOCATION TO DATA MONETIZATION COMPANIES MAKE A LITTLE EXTRA MONEY. I understand apps need to make money I get that, but selling my & every other users’ location to make money is unethical. One might so “oh everyone sells your data what’s the big deal” all of it to me is immoral but this app goes above and beyond the levels of immortality by selling “both precise location and other sensitive customer data to data monetization companies "at all times, constantly" sometimes without customers being aware of the location data collection. The information is used for purposes like creating databases for ad targeting.” Even if this app pledges to stop selling my CURRENT LOCATION I won’t re-download, how can I trust them? If there were any staff who worked on this app & didn’t know about this I’m sorry that this is impacting you. But to the screwup leadership that made the decision to SELL OUR CURRENT LOCATION I’m glad that this story is finally out in the open. Nobody will trust you now.
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4 weeks ago, SupportByFire
Collects and sells your driving information to your Insurance Company
Why is MyRadar, a weather app, collecting my driving data and selling it to Arity, a company within Allstate that prices insurance rates based on driving data? Deleting app. The Developer is now coming in and saying they don’t do this but when you read their privacy policy it says “ 4.3.2 In addition to other information described in this policy, if you have chosen to enable the MyRoutes functionality we may collect (or permit Arity to collect) and share your personal information, include precise location, trip location, driving event data, (such as speed, change in speed and other aspects of how, how much, where and when you drive) and other information with Arity 875, LLC ("Arity"), which provides driving analytics services to enable us to provide certain functionalities, such as driving event history, predicted commute information and commute advice based on current weather conditions. Arity may also use this information for personalized advertising on our properties and elsewhere, to build segments and audiences, to perform various anonymous profiling activities, as well as developing its risk predictive models for its own analytics purposes”
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6 months ago, Son of FE
CarPlay addition is sooooo welcome, but…
Thanks to the developers who found a way to navigate the minefield of requirements to get this fine app into the CarPlay environment. I realize that Apple strictly enforces a “no video or animation“ rule on CarPlay apps, but Radar without animation is like watching sports exclusively with still photographs. But that said, this is still better than nothing for being aware of precipitation along my driving route. Perhaps in lieu of animation, My Radar could include the option to show storm path markers and times? Or maybe even allow animation as long as the vehicle is not moving? This would be so helpful in understanding the approaching weather into a destination. Are storm watch/warning boxes enabled ? I have not seen them if they are. Also, please include more city markers as zooming in occurs. Major metro areas consist of many towns, not just one or two. On the whole, this is a pretty great general radar app, and for the CarPlay addition, I am quite grateful that it’s finally here. Keep the improvements coming!
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2 years ago, rowettd
Ye were a good app, until ye weren’t.
I’ve used this app for years on at least 3 iPhone upgrades. I paid for app upgrades and relied on its accuracy. Recommended it to my friends. After the most recent upgrade (adding reporting for Australia), the app crashed EVERY time I opened it from a Home Screen alert. After tolerating this bad behavior for a week or so, I decided to delete the app and reinstall it, thinking it might have become corrupted and a fresh copy would work. Well, that was a bad idea! The top panels for local and favorite locations disappeared and radar animations look like giant colored squares, larger than pixels. The app is unusable. I sent a tech report a few days ago and had no response. Tried to create an account, thinking they might pay attention to me if I’m an account holder, but account setup doesn’t work. If I were spiteful, I’d give the app one star. Because it was very good when it worked, I’m allowing 2 more stars. But now that it doesn’t work and the developer doesn’t seem to care, I’m deleting it and looking for another app. It was fun while it lasted.
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5 years ago, barbcrayola
My favorite app!
I’m a lover of skies, weather and being out of doors. As an organizer of an outdoor adventure group of active retirees, My Radar is perfect for helping me plan and to know when it’s safe to be out on the trails and water. Thanks to using My Radar, many times while out kayaking we have known to cut our paddle short and head back to safety when we see that a sudden storm has popped up and is coming our way. We also have had times where we could see on My Radar that the storm’s path would skirt past us so have been able to stay out enjoying instead of retreating. As a former middle school teacher when taking 7th graders on a Cape Cod hike we were able to show the students why they really did need to don their rain gear as a soaking deluge was destined to hit in a few minutes. When planning to fly somewhere, or just curious, I can see the weather, in most places, all over the world! I really appreciate and love My Radar and I highly recommend it to everyone!
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4 years ago, fuzzydove1
My Radar
I’ve lived in Ga. since getting out of the military and every year when the seasons change from winter to summer and from summer to fall we have tornados, back in 1973 we lost our home to a tornado, back then we didn’t have anything like My Radar, nowadays we have all kind of warnings, T.V. Radio, and weather programs on computers, I pads, and cell phones; I’ve tried a lot of different weather radars and I always come back to My Radar , it’s the best one I’ve tried, The screens are clear the clouds are different colors and it tells you when there is a possibility of severe weather. My Radar can be set up to each persons preference, it is also available for pilots and can be setup that way, it’s just an all around great weather program. The program can be set up to send weather notices to a smart phone or from your computer to your I-pad. This program beats all off the others hands down. Try it and you will see for your self, James D. Athens, Ga.
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3 years ago, Vtsnowman
A terrific app that needs to be fixed after a recent update damaged it.
This is a wonderful app that I have been using for many years on multiple devices. And although there have been a few snafus here and there after an update or two it’s usually quickly rectified. Unfortunately an update that occurred roughly 7 to 10 days ago has changed how the map is displayed. Many of the towns and cities that used to be displayed even in a non-zoomed mode are gone, and the roads/highways are like looking at tree branches on a moonlit night. And if you zoom in the radar images get quite blocky looking. Was hoping the update that came out today would fix these problems but it hasn’t. And even though I have written the developer a few times I have not received a response so I thought maybe writing a review might get someone’s attention. Normally I would give this app five stars but until this problem is fixed I can only give it three stars. I still recommend it, I just hope that this problem is addressed and fixed soon. Thanks for reading, have a great day! 🙂
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5 years ago, Sadness10
Where did the good app go??
Open the app and see the local radar…Boom! Swipe left or right through my favorite locations and see the radar for those places…Boom! That’s what used to happen. Simple, perfect; I couldn’t ask for much more. Now I don’t see the radar. I see the data instead. Then I can’t slide the panel up for several seconds, and when I finally can I am greeted by the radar for the entire western hemisphere. What is up?? This app no longer does what I need to do quickly and efficiently, the reason I installed it a long time ago in the first place. Swiping from one favorite location to the next Is no longer reliable, either doing nothing or including places that I’ve never heard of and did not mark. When I tell it to locate me, I get a dot at my location on a map of the entire western hemisphere, and then zooming in doesn’t happen smoothly and I end up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, after which I have to zoom back out and then try to zoom back in. I don’t see any reason to keep this app any longer. And when this app is in the foreground my phone begins to heat up; and I just went through the battery replacement thing so I don’t want to toast my new battery.
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1 year ago, terrible@pp
Still not Dark Sky
I don’t understand what is difficult about copying the glory that was Dark Sky, but this isn’t it. For being a radar app, the most annoying thing is that the radar has no predictive value! It only shows me the radar of the last few hours. I already know if rained or snowed on me, no thanks to you! Also, Dark Sky would show you approximately when the precipitation would start on any given day, so you could still make plans in the morning if you knew it was going to rain later. Not so with this app! Sure it’ll show you if it’s going to rain that day and if it’ll be in the next 90 minutes, but that’s it. Furthermore, where I live I get rain, snow, sleet and everything in between. It won’t tell you any of that under the precipitation tab; just one or the other. So today, I had .25 inches freezing rain and two inches of snow, but it’ll only said 1-2 inches of snow. That’s not accurate of the conditions at all. In short, this app is okay, but it’s not Dark Sky- not by a mile, even if you upgrade. 😭
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4 years ago, 2016_Silversdo
Weather Changes Things:
All my friends said, you should return home to Groton at least and cut your vacation short at Block Island, because the TV weather man said that there is thumder storm coming up from the southwest and it’s gonna be a mess out there. Well I was concerned so I opened up my app and I checked the true track of the storm right on my phone. It was a little cloudy this morning, but the storm missed us and stayed against the mainland and if I had returned to Groton I would have sat in rhe rain most of the night and all morning. Instead I went to the beach, walked around the town and eat lunch out on the upper patio over looking the New Harbor. The weathermen up here in the Long Island sound area don’t always get the weather right, it most likely because they’re reading from a script that was published lord knows when, but being able to watch the storm track using your app proves very valuable. Weather changes things out on the ocean.
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4 years ago, JSNTG
This app is amazing ‼️🏆 and I don’t get excited by much. My brother, who is also a pilot 🛫turned me onto this last year. I’ve been a weather geek 🤓for 50 years and everything I want is right here. It is densely packed with so many features- especially aviation info. Extremely user-friendly. Beautiful UX/UI. Just very well done from top to bottom, inside and out. I ponied up for the subscription 💵 which unlocked additional features. Well worth every penny and the best deal of 2020. Even works in the Middle East and North Africa where I am based half the year. The balance, I spend in the dirty south where convective activity ⛈ and popcorn thunder showers ⚡️💥are a daily occurrence and can wreck your world. This app gives me a much better vector on how to plan my flying 🛩, windsurfing and daily runs. Well done dev team! 🏁. Whether you’re an amateur weather enthusiast or professional, try this app. Doubt you will be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Robin dane
I LOVE THIS APP!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 This app is the most amazing, incredible, high-definition and incredible app! It is incredibly easy to use. The feature where you can look at the week at a glance is so helpful—I’m the person that prepares beforehand. And the fact you can scroll down from that, see what it feels like that day, the air pressure, humidity, and dew point. You can check out the wind, too! Gusts, visibility, even an air quality index! And a UV index too…. This app is top notch…. And also I really really like the ability to move around and see the temperatures and all of the above in that place. For example, as someone who lives in Texas, I can check out how things are looking in Ohio, or in France! You can bookmark areas, which is really helpful, I like to bookmark precisely where I live and where relatives live (sorry grandma, you ain’t bookmarked) MyRadar sends out possibly life-saving weather alerts, for example lightning, heavy storms, light rain, tornado warning, and more! I have had to go through so many weather apps, just looking for a good one and this one is awesome, incredible, amazing and top-notch. I recommend this to EVERYONE!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 MyRadar crew, if you are reading this, then please respond and keep up the incredible work!! You are amazing, and everyone who is reading have the bestest, most incredible and amazing day!!! -Salem
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5 years ago, HASHTAGMAP
Time means Life or Death
This is the first and only app that I can count on with 100% certainty when it really matters. I am watching weather patterns develop and occurring in “Real Time”. I can actually predict what, where, and when without the need to “Tune in” to a local station. See you later “Weather Bug!”. No kidding! I am able to determine within the accuracy of minutes or even seconds...(my wife thinks I’m taking meteorology on the side) of when the wind will start swirling the trees in the woods, when the first rain droplets will begin, when the droplets will suddenly become a deluge and when it’s time to get into our life saving place of refuge. Let’s face it, this app is the same app our friendly local weather forecaster’s are looking at. I don’t think I need to have the TV on or a talking head telling me something I can see with my own eyes. That puts me at a tremendous lifesaving advantage when every second counts! Get MyRadar App NOW!
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3 years ago, BadSingerforwverlol
Now not worth it
I have been using this app for years now. I have recommended it to many friends. Just now as I write this we just came out of an active tornado warning. I have always used this app in conjunction with other apps to make sure we are safe or need to seek shelter, being in a tornado prone area. This app had always refreshed its radar roughly every 5 minutes. That had allowed me to read the direction of storms and help to determine our risk. This time this app during an active tornado warning didn't update the radar for more than 35 minutes. Being as I depended on this radar feed to be active, it kind of put us in danger not knowing from this app our live timing of the rotation via radar. In a tornado situation every bit of information is life or death. I can no longer trust the radar in this app to be up to date on its timing. I double checked before submitting this review and it has been now more than 40 minutes with force restarting the app and my phone to try to get a live radar update and it is still recycling the same single 5 second radar view over and over. This is now worthless to me.
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4 weeks ago, UDCurmudgeon
Shares your driving data with insurance companies under some circumstances.
After going back and forth with the New York Times reporter and the app developer it turns out that your driving information may be shared if you enable certain features and don’t opt out of other “features”. This should never be ok. You shouldn’t have to wonder if the app you are using is “narcing” on you with another company for money. Ever. just received the following from the developer: "MyRadar does not sell driving history to insurance companies; MyRadar does not require an email address, name, or phone number in order to use the app and as such we do not have any information that could be used to affect your insurance rates. The reporter never even used MyRadar to figure this out before writing her article. Feel free to reach out to me directly via an email to [removed] - my name's Andy and that comes right to me. I'd be happy to chat." I just read the New York Times article about My Radar selling driving data to car insurance companies. I generally trust the NYT. Seems like Andy has grounds for a defamation lawsuit although that’s a steep hill to climb.
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