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User Reviews for Weather

4.8 out of 5
832.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Dr. BPW
Zero stars
I’m a Dark Sky weather app user. It’s user interface and accuracy are incomparable. I don’t understand why Apple purchased Dark Sky because of their market dominance and then would remove the app! Apple’s ‘Weather’ app is useless. It always has been, which is why the purchased Dark Sky. Apple SHOULD have purchased Dark Sky, rebranded the interface, and ended their ridiculous and useless ’Weather’ app. The ability to easily look at all aspects of weather on an hourly basis in Dark Sky is the major reason it is so functional and popular in my opinion. As an outdoors person, I rely on an accurate and easy to use app (Dark Sky until the end of 2022 apparently) to plan my outings. This ability is not only convenient, but offers a much safer experience for my outdoor excursions. There are outings that aren’t safe under various weather conditions, and being able to plan by the hour makes being active a much safer experience with Dark Sky. Unless Apple updates their ‘Weather’ app to the level of Dark Sky, they’ve increased the level of risk and danger for outdoors people exponentially. BAD MOVE APPLE!!!
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1 month ago, fan by heart
Loading problems
I always use this app because me and my family are always going somewhere and we need the weather to tell us how hot or cold it is going to be so we know what to where and pack but I can’t look at the weather in a time schedule and tell everyone the weather if it loads for five minutes every time. Even if I have all my bars (4) it still takes forever to load and it is kinda annoying. When we were going up north we alway stay there for about a week and we have to leave at a certain time or we don’t get there until late because it is a long twelve hour drive and we also have seven kids and when we need the weather I can’t tell them unless I have my phone on for five minutes with doing nothing on it and I need my phone for important things not saying that the weather isn’t important but I still can’t just have it open on the weather app when I need to do other things on my phone. Also if is not always correct. I was playing with my baby sister outside and it said that it wasn’t supposed to rain and it did it STORMED and she got soaked because we live on a big property and I looked at it five minutes after it was done storming and it said that it was still raining for about another two hours and it wasn’t even raining. I absolutely love this app but it has flaws.
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2 years ago, Chopwhiz
Better after ios16, still no Dark Sky
Raising my rating after updating to ios16 and seeing the Weather app is finally showing some evidence that they’re at least trying to incorporate Dark Sky features. Glad to see that it finally has multiple days of hourly forecast available. It still misses the mark in a big way for me. My biggest gripe is hourly forecast for Dew Point being buried in the “humidity” graph. Dew Point is the best way I’ve found to tell how “muggy” it will feel. Relative Humidity doesn’t give any such indication and is a meaningless stat on its own. For example right now the relative humidity is 80% but dew point is in the 30’s and it feels great outside, not muggy at all. On the hourly Humidity graph, it only graphs relative humidity, I have to scroll through each hour one at a time to see the forecasts for dew point. I travel a lot to un-air conditioned warehouses in the south/gulf region and dew point forecasts in Dark Sky have been my go-to for knowing how to dress and plan for the day. If it's 100 degrees with a dew point in the low 40's I know it will feel cooler in the the shade/in the warehouse, if it's 100 degrees with a 70+ dew point I know it will be like a convection oven, even in the shade with a fan blowing. I would prefer a tabular view of this data like Dark Sky had… at the very least give Dew Point it’s own graph please. Happy to at least see the data in there, but I continue to prefer Dark Sky.
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2 years ago, Sbruceklein
Where is the Dark Sky functionality?
After years of correcting my family and friends inaccurate weather forecasts because I was using Dark Sky and they were using the Weather App, I am now going to be forced to join them. Apple says the Dark Sky functionality has been combined into their app, but where is the hour by hour for future days and the ability to switch between temp, precip and wind? And where is the “rain starting (or ending) in x minutes” functionality? Dark Sky was popular with people who do outdoor activities, like cycling or water sports, because what matters is not just the chance of rain in a given day, but when it might happen. If I’m planning an outdoor activity, 50% rain chance on Saturday tells me almost nothing. If the rain is happening at 1 AM, I have nothing to worry about. If it’s predicted around midday, I might. The weather app, like not forecasting media, is designed to get you to keep coming back - the 50% chance means you’re refreshing constantly to see if it’s changed. Dark Sky is designed to help you make plans and stay safe (heavy rain starting in 35 minutes might give you time to get under cover before a thunderstorm) - and to time your activities (the rain chance is in the PM, I’ll go kayaking in the AM or the wind will pick up in the mid afternoon - perfect time to go sailing). Now I have to find some other weather app. Unless they keep their promise and bring over the functionality.
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2 months ago, Catspaw10
Suddenly shows air quality, will not allow change
UPDATE: I wrote the review below a year ago (now it’s June 2024). Somehow I got the radar map to stick. Until last night, when I applied an Apple update. Now the air quality map is back. Where I live, air quality is not an issue. But rain and damaging hail ARE. Same as before, I can go into the current map and change to precipitation. But when I exit, air quality is back. Why do you not allow customization? Why do you not maintain this app? Why do you not read or care about your reviews? I check my weather for the next day every evening. Suddenly the home screen has changed. Air quality is now displayed in the predominant position. And news has been added near the top. I’ve tried multiple times to change air quality to precipitation and it won’t stay changed. The windows I DO want to see prominently are now small. I want the hourly and daily forecast how they used to be. Like the screen shots in the app store. I want the ability to customize the home screen since you’ve arbitrarily changed the display. The features being forced on me are irrelevant to me. Why did you change this? Why can I not choose what I want to see? People complain about this app, but I liked it for being simple and showing what I wanted. I was happy when the iPad version came out, since that’s what I use most. Now I’m not so happy. You broke this app. 😔 And where’s the version history?
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8 months ago, RyanLundgren
Dark Sky at home - Bring back the Time Machine
This app is trash compared to the amazing one Apple bought and ruined. Competition used to make Apple thrive, the current weather app is proof that they now would rather purchase and eliminate their competitors rather than provide a better product. Not only is the weather data less accurate than it was before the transition, it’s missing entire features that I and many other users gladly paid $10 to use. The “Time Machine” tool allowed you to look at any past day and what the weather was like as well as jump forward as far as you want for a rough prediction. That feature I definitely miss the most but the map is also a gas station version of what Dark Sky had. You have to have the city added in order to view the weather data bubble which is annoying if you travel a lot because you’re only given 20 location slots. Also I have friends all over the world, sometimes I like to see what the weather is like and I shouldn’t have to add the location or switch to Google every time I want to do that. Apple really needs to fix this but it probably won’t. It’s all about quick profit. The free groundbreaking features that made the company special and set apart are now overlooked, outdated, and updated to meet expectations not exceed them. There is so much potential with this app so I hope they improve it to what Dark Sky once was at the very least.
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2 years ago, Jwalker5006
poor Ui and product ownership
Its unfortunate that a company has the ability to purchase a beautiful and premium utility based weather app like DarkSky which has am amazing user interface allowing you to easily view forecasts on a daily and hourly level many days ahead, view other stats hourly like wind speed, wind gusts and precipitation which is useful for safety reasons is you are on a great lake. Also UV, pressure and dew point also hourly. DarkSky also had a website where you could view weather as a globe and spin the globe seeing weather time lapsed so you can see things like the weather in siberia which in the winter usually is a 2 week prediction of northern us. Apple bought DarkSky which was at DarkSkys launch by far the most revolutionary weather app years ahead of everyone. Apple took some of the technology and put the tech into the Apple weather app which needed it. Everyone who has user interface experience and any weather background knows it was needed improvements and had very little utility and looked cheap. But the new Apple weather still has so much farther to go and is a 1 compared to DarkSky currently which is a 8. Now Apple is turning off DarkSky which for me enables my safety. This was very disheartening news. apple should have gave DarkSky a rename and themed DarkSky as the Apple theme and turned off Apple weather. this where product manager failed and is creating a safety issue for me.
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1 month ago, SometimesIThinkThisMatters
Real time radar is an absolute joke
Edit 4: If this app is so amazing, why does Apple feel the need to flood the reviews with fake reviewers? Also, why should it take 3 minutes for the 1 hour and 12 hour maps to populate data on the latest iPhone? Edit 3: how can an app become even worse with updates? Weather provided does not match what I’m seeing outside my window. The next hour and 12 hour maps don’t work half the time. Apple has completely destroyed everything that was good about Dark Sky. Edit 2: I’ve tried to use this app, but the UI is abysmal and unintuitive. Burying data in drop-downs and fancy gimmick graphical layouts wastes so much time trying to find simple data. The Radar functionality is painful when compared to Dark Sky. I don’t need bells and whistles, I need accurate weather and radar maps. Stop focusing on making things pretty and start making the app simply work. Edit: it’s raining at my house. Apple states it’s cloudy. Why buy then shut down a successful weather app if you’re not going to use the superior technology from the app! Beyond infuriating Apple can’t be bothered to admit they’ve butchered the weather app they replaced Dark Sky with. Edit 3: the real time radar is an absolute joke. It actually goes in reverse when scrolling into the future. How a company with as much money as Apple could put out such an awful product is beyond comprehension.
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12 months ago, Alexfgggsf
Why has the weather app been so incorrect recently?
For DECADES weathermen have accurately predicted weather for the next 5 days on the news. Not down to the time of rain, but at least if it was going to rain or not. But the last couple years this app has failed at predicting what the weather will be just the next day. I planned a kayaking trip on a cloudy day, forecast said no chance of rain until the next day. We get out to the middle of the lake and here thunder and lighting isn’t and immediately begins to downpour. I check the weather on my phone to see if it had changed, and what do you know, it still says it is CURRENTLY partly cloudy with no chance of rain until the next day, no thunderstorms, nothing. This was just the final straw that made me write this review. I have noticed this all summer long, the forecast shows the next day will be 85 and sunny with no chance of rain, and the next day comes and it is cloudy and rains. It feels like I’m looking at the weather for a completely different area (I'm not, I’ve reset my location multiple times). I am not sure what system or company Apple uses to get their weather from, but I think it’s time for a change. For the time being I will hope that other weather apps can acutely predict the weather that is currently happening before my very eyes at least.
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2 years ago, HMarko
A poor replacement for Dark Sky
So, all the other weather apps are informing me of a “ winter weather advisory” and of a “Special Weather statement” but Apple’s Weather app is silent about the advisory and statement. Keep in mind these notifications by the other apps are shown even if the normal Apple notifications for apps is off, they are intrinsic to the service offered by these apps. Also, Dark Sky used to include such notifications- so, Apple tell me again how your weather app is just as good as Dark Sky was! The failure by Apple to include government advisories is a major reason to not rely on Apple’s Weather app! Just received notification from this app that it is raining- well, Dark Sky, Carrot, and Weather Underground show no rain and guess what, it’s not raining. Still Apple insists they’ve incorporated the Dark Sky technology. Why didn’t Apple just rename Dark Sky, instead of perpetuating the inferior app they insist on keeping? Does not offer the details or local accuracy of Dark Sky, the app it is intended to replace. Plus the forecasts of the two apps differ, so how can Apple claim they’ve incorporated Dark Sky technology into their App? Just went to Dark Sky and it reported the temperature at my location is 65 deg. Then went to the Apple weather app and it reported 71 deg Checked the temp with a very accurate mechanical thermometer and it reported 66 deg So Apple explain to me how your app is now using Dark Sky technology
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1 year ago, streetcredit12v
This app is literally never correct
This app is, quite literally, never correct in forecasting. It might be able to forward you some UV index or air quality values, but the precipitation forecasting is laughable. 0% will simply change to 100% when it happens, then on each subsequent hour, it will just do the same exact 0-100 thing as if to say “hey it’s raining now, but the next hour will be clear” (it never is). To be honest, this is an offensive effort from a company touting their all-in-one platform/app development environment as being worth the even-more-offensive prices they sell them at. Quintessential modern Apple: junk that doesn’t work as advertised with less than no ability for the user to influence positive change based on experience. But please, keep raising the prices of your same-as-last-year, not repairable, earth-desecrating phones etc. while telling us how lucky we are (to dubstep music) that you brought back an HDMI port on what is now a once-again-walled-off M1 platform (kind of like the one that made you obsolete before the iPod and Intel Macs in the mid 2000s, because you couldn’t do anything cross-plat with them). Thanks, guys. Bang-up job all around. Please recede once again into obsolescence, and take your “we need to satisfy shareholders by making users pay us when our stuff breaks and/or by making proprietary cables etc. etc.” nonsense with you.
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1 year ago, Kennardy
Apple gobbles up a great app then kills it.
UPDATED Review: After using the Apple Weather app for a while now…it’s horrible. Dark Sky was soooo much better. Right now there is a storm in the area and large swaths of area are not showing the area precipitation. There are blocks to the north with rain but squares in our area are blank. Apple does it again! Buys a great app and screws it up. Why?? Dark Sky was the best weather app ever created for any platform. Apple “acquires” it then says the functionality will be put into the Weather app. Wrong. This is an example of what is wrong with Apple and an example of not listening to the tone of these reviews. The weather app is clunky and cluttered while Dark Sky was elegant and smooth and accurate. I’m disappointed to see Dark Sky go. Like Apple”s lame excuse for not having a calculator on the iPad, “We could not find a way do it well so we didn’t do it at all.” Really Apple? You can’t make a calculator app? Well you can’t make a Weather app either! The question persists, “Then if you can’t do it right, why buy an app that did it right and kill it?” It’s almost like, “If we can’t get it right NO ONE SHOULD!” Update 2: Storms and tornados in the area and the precipitation map will not fully load. I get a few blocks but the area map will not load!! Again, I never had that issue with Dark Sky. Apple had done it again!! Why?
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2 years ago, SJ McKenzie
Leave it to Apple to make the world flat
Was excited to see the Dark Sky integration. That is until it happened. Buried information in submenus makes it useless and renders the whole experience sub par. Definitely, a step back, most especially because they’ve turned the globe (one of the coolest features of any app ever) into a flat map. Apple is great at making things look like high end design, but when it comes to data visualization this was an epic fail. As a frequent traveler, you get specific information about weather patterns by seeing how they move with the curvature of the earth. For thousands of years human beings have learned to read cloud patterns and ocean waves across a distant horizon not because they need to know what the weather is right now, but to be able to anticipate what it will be in two days. For kids to see a globe - heck, for adults to see a globe- brought an element of the natural world to life. Dark Sky was wisdom, not just information. Now it’s just another same-old-same-old two dimensional map. I really do wish the engineers would stay out of the product process and start listening to the SMEs who know something about mankind’s desire to mitigate uncertainty. We appreciate the technology. But it’s a tool for human beings in the real world. The real world is round. But Apple has made it flat again, and that is a step back.
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2 years ago, Kavok
This is no Dark Sky
When I found out Apple had purchased Dark Sky I was concerned. Dark Sky has been an awesome app, and while I understand why Apple purchased it, Apple’s Weather app still falls far short. The smarter thing to do is dump their Weather app and continue support for Dark Sky. The maps are not on par (one thing I liked about Dark Sky was seeing the weather systems on a global scale ON THE GLOBE. Maybe Apple is pushing Flat Earth?) There is currently a winter weather advisory but the Weather app doesn’t even mention one is in place, let alone give a link to read it. Where is the predictive alerts when it is getting ready to rain, snow, icy conditions, etc? Even with notifications turned on nothing like this ever happens like it did in Dark Sky. I think the Apple developers got way ahead of themselves on this without understanding how people use a weather app. They added a lot of bells and whistles at the expense of functionality and simplicity. Dark Sky should never have been replaced. UPDATE Now that Apple has turned off Dark Sky and forcing people to use their crappy app, I am going to look elsewhere. It is snowing right now 02 Jan 2023 and not even the map indicates there is any precipitation in my area. Sure they allow you to be the weather person and report the weather to THEM, but I think Apple should be paying us for the data.
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2 years ago, LaniChloe06
I love the app 😍🤩
It tells me the forecast but sometimes, but not very often, it’s wrong, which it bothers me a little but I just don’t care because it changes back to right again and if you look at other cities or other places such as Antarctica it’ll tell you how many degrees and if you get like a severe weather you’ll get a warning but not a notification so I suggest you check it hourly and if there’s a tornado 🌪 watch I suggest you to check it every few minutes but speaking of the app it’s amazing and smart 😍 and if you get a weather alert press the bottom of the warning and it’ll tell you the information ℹ️ like precautionary/preparedness so if you get like a tornado watch or a hurricane watch I suggest you to check it every hour in case it turns Into a warning ⛔️ or emergency 🆘 if you get a warning or emergency PREPARE FOR SHELTER IMMEDIATELY UNTIL THE ALERT EXPIRES!!!!!! Tip: If you turn on your current location it’ll tell you where you at and the forecast. But they may update hourly so keep an eye on it now and then! 😀
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2 years ago, jbages2732
Trash app - reposting because I was censored
The weather app is 99% in accurate. They will tell you the opposite of what will happen. If it is sunny, prepare for rain. I have screenshots of the app and what’s happening outside and it’s inconsistent always. Take today for example, if you check Decatur, GA it will say 90% chance of rain. It hasn’t rained once today, and the forecast for the next 2.5 hours is only cloudy. They forecast rain at 1am on 3/22. How does that correlate to 90% rain the day before with a 0% chance hour by hour. I have written the GA state climatologist and weatherman about the largely inaccurate predictions by this app and false preparations that they insinuate to their users. This needs to be sunset for something that is accurate. In 2022, how are this apps predictions worse than some caveman forecast. If there were weatherman back during the dinosaur ages, they probably told all the dinosaur that the clouds were clear and it was gonna be a beautiful day….only for them to get wiped off the planet. That’s what this app is looking to do. 1am is now 0% but 2am is 100%. What are the odds I’m up at two outside and there is no rain. I will lose it. Fix your app or get off the store. How can anyone have faith in your predictions when you are always wrong. Apple listen to this. Get rid of the weather app as your stock app. Add something at least 30% accurate.
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6 months ago, JGalen
Forecasts are as accurate as a stopped clock
I continue to lament the passing of good old Dark Skies, which was better in almost every way than Weather. The worst part is that Weather is so often, completely, blatantly, unapologetically wrong. It can be pouring down rain outside, and Weather tells me that it’s snowing. Or the precipitation forecast tells me that there’s going to be < 0.05 inches of snow, and on the same screen it tells me that from 9 to 10 there will be 1 inch of snow, and from 10 to 11 there will be 1.5 inches of snow. and on the same screen again, it tells me there will be 0.5 inches of snow for the day. Um…? When Weather first pushed out Dark Skies a few years ago, I figured “oh well, they’ll get it straightened out soon, this kind of embarrassing performance won’t be allowed to persist“. How wrong I was! The lights are on, but apparently no one‘s home. Often enough, Weather refuses to load national weather service advisories, too. At least I can turn to good old WTForecast for those. Kind of ironic that it’s more professionally developed and maintained, given its signature trick is cussing about the weather. The only reason I gave Weather two stars instead of one, is that sometimes it does return an accurate forecast. Sometimes a stopped clock is right, too.
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1 year ago, Courtney was taken
Looks great but the weather is inaccurate
The app is pretty. The main purpose of the app doesn’t work. It said it was going to rain all day and it didn’t a week ago. Now, it says it’ll be sunny all day and it’s storming outside. My phone is updated. I went to the real, recommended weather website and it says something totally different that this app. The app is incorrect about temperature, wind, rain, precipitation, everything. Useless. Apple makes nice things but will they work? And to the person only writing a “good review” because people wrote bad reviews and called them grouchy or unhappy the whole review instead of talking about the app. People can have their own experiences. People are not grouchy for storing negative reviews. We downloaded the app to get the ACCURATE weather and it’s not doing that so we’re going to say something about it so they can fix it. The weather shown to me is incorrect. Should I write a 5 star review just because it’s Apple? No. The reason Apple is the way it is today IS because people stand up and speak their mind. Thanks to bad reviews, they might make a change. But writing a review just to talk about other people’s experiences is just as pointless as this app. It doesn’t help anything because it doesn’t tell us anything.
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1 year ago, Jenksykat1644
Garbage accuracy- Not Dark Sky
I used dark sky for years. It was insanely accurate and useful. At the new year dark sky was discontinued and “incorporated” into this app. At least that’s what was promised. Many of the features dark sky offered are here but zero accuracy. 3 separate days in one week this app said absolutely zero percent chance of rain everywhere. All three days it was pouring rain throughout the entire metro area… that level of inaccuracy says to me that only features of dark sky were incorporated. And absolutely zero accuracy. I cannot express my frustration enough. If I could rate this zero stars I would. Any developer or company associated with this should be embarrassed. The features mean nothing when the apps weather forecast is more often wrong then right. And not by a small margin of error either- an old neighbor on the porch looking at the sky would be 100% more accurate regardless of the region or rapid weather changes. My two year old can do a better job guessing the weather as he eats his toast and yogurt in the morning. I’ve NEVER been as disappointed in an app as I am with this was. Especially considering the promises made regarding dark sky. If I had employees that do totally failed on delivering promises to clients on such an impressively epic level such as this- they wouldn’t be employees for long.
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1 year ago, ...S.B
DS’s Time Machine still missing, & as of 2/23, no scroll-down to any cloud-cover reading
November 2022: in taking over Dark Sky, Apple claims that all of DS’s functions are being incorporated into its own app. One of Dark Sky’s features is Time Machine, able to show detailed weather conditions as far back as the 1930s or 40s, depending on location. This most likely from public info in the National Weather Service database. So far I see no past-weather option on Apple’s weather app. The only other app in the store offering as complete a weather-history search is WX, which throws two pages of full-screen ads at you with each day-search, and doesn’t even bother to offer a paid version to avoid this. If Apple really wants to bring the full functionality of Dark Sky into its weather app, it needs to include the Time Machine feature that Dark Sky still offers by default. Feb 2023: the Apple weather app also did not incorporate the DS cloud-cover reading. Visibility, which Weather does have, is fairly useless except maybe to pilots, who I doubt use their iPhones to navigate! All in all, Apple Weather is fancier & denser than Dark Skies was but less user friendly, less “at a glance” less easily readable
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1 year ago, Mix337
Inferior to Dark Sky in so many ways
Latest…Absolute garbage. Connectivity is at times non existent and when it works at all its slower that any other weather app that’s available. Ok now the specific complaints. The app takes an incredibly long time to load if it loads at all. International locations especially so. The worst connection is the radar presentation. The loading time for the radar display is from non-existent to molasses in January. Again, don’t ask it for any location outside the US. Just tried to get a radar picture of the current conditions in Atlanta…”Not Available At This Time.” It is not an issue with my ISP, 5G when not on WiFi and other Apple load quickly and are immediately usable. Why would Apple deliberately trash an obviously superior app in Dark Sky for the clunky “Weather” app. If certain attributes of Dark Sky have been incorporated into the Weather app, the developers have done an excellent job of hiding them. It is surprising to me that given the overwhelming negative reviews of Weather, it was Dark Sky that was dropped. Couldn’t Apple management told the people responsible for Weather that Dark Sky would now be renamed Weather and they were all fired. I don’t know about the politics of what app gets support and anther gets canned but Apple got it wrong on dropping Dark Sky.
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2 years ago, kkbarn1
Totally Disappointed - Revised
Dark Sky has sold it’s app to Apple Weather. I received a notification that Apple Weather was ready to view with the new updates from Dark Sky. HOWEVER, the app is consistently giving me weather from surrounding cities and NOT CURRENT LOCATION. Dark Sky gave me minute by minute weather in my CURRENT LOCATION always. Being a golfer and traveler, this is huge. I’m not looking to Apple Weather as my go to weather app. I wouldn’t refer it to anyone. Update 1/1/23. Dark mode? How do you get out of dark mode? Where are the settings? (Other than choosing Celsius or Fahrenheit) Why is “weather on (my street name)” HIDDEN on the bottom of the page? Put it right at the top where I can see it. Can’t be my “go to” weather app until a number of these concerns are addressed. Update 1/4/23. Pleased to see I can now see weather at my location for specific hours of the day. Still need to see current location at the top of the page, and ways to get out of dark mode. Even a rainy day can be set as slightly gray and not black. Depressing. It’s bad enough that I have rainy/snowy weather for 6 months. But I have to have a weather app just as dark and get???? I’ll check back every so often, but whether channel is weather app. So sad.
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2 years ago, Steve4082
Apple is so far not meeting the DarkSky standard
Please integrate all of the features of Dark Sky by 1/1/23. Dark Sky is the best weather app available by a wide margin because of its accuracy and level of detail. This isn’t a personal preference from all of the users posting these negative reviews. It’s based on the data. People who spend their time in the outdoors need to know the weather FORECAST, not what’s happening right now. What’s happening right now is useless to us. Moreover, there are essential measurements such as “feels like” temperatures, % precipitation, wind speed and direction, UV, dew point that DarkSky provides hourly and these measurements are essential to staying safe. The ability to use the “time machine” feature and project into the future beyond 10 days and look back on past days is also extremely beneficial in planning expeditions. DarkSky’s data is not only more detailed but it is more accurate. Other apps will predict a high chance of rain during a given period of the day when DarkSky says the chance is actually very small and there ends up being no rain. Please democratize weather information and do not attempt to capitalize/advertise on it. If your developers don’t understand weather than hire people who do and have them communicate. This is upsetting a lot of people. Thank you.
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2 years ago, ShouldBeFasterThanThis
Not Dark Sky
iOS Weather app is not as useful or reliable as Dark Sky was. People may wrongly assume that since Apple bought Dark Sky two years ago that the underlying forecast data must be the same, but others have shown that it’s not the case. There are numerous reports of forecast data or even current conditions being reported inaccurately now in ways that weren’t possible with Dark Sky previously. Also, Apple please remove the giant current temperature bubble laying on top of the radar map obscuring a significant portion of the territory surrounding the user which they are trying to see. The current temperature is already reported in multiple other places and is not relevant for the primary means of reviewing possible precipitation. Additionally, what’s with the temperature bars Apple?!? It took some digging to figure out what those were even meant to be. UX fail. They are fairly useless in current form. My initial assumption was that they were meant to visually show the temperature gradient throughout the 24 hours of that day, which could be much more useful. But even better would be a precipitation gradient since we can already see the high and low for the day.
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3 years ago, BlackMisfit
Rain Notification and Rain Radar
I have been using the Weather app since my first Apple 3GS all the way to my current Apple 12. It’s an amazing app but it has two problems: 1) Under settings, I have the “allow weather to access” - location set to Always. But the last time we had rain I never got my rain start or rain stop notification. If I gave Weather permission to always access my location, why did I not recieve a rain start or rain stop notification? 😡 2) In the precipitation map, the rain is illustrated by a range of color to show llight rain to heavy rain. When you hit the play button on the Next - Hour Forecast to show the movement of the rain. The graphics in this application are poor compared to the weather channel app. The weather channel app shows a Radar map with rain movement illustrated in a bright green for light rain, yellow for moderate rain and red for heavy rain. Apple needs to improve this with a new radar/ doppler map with better graphics. 🤔 I sent Apple  a Report an Issue message using the app but I never heard from them. Maybe the right person will read this and fix it.
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7 months ago, Neotint
Tiny Text = Usability Crisis
The new weather app has a number of useful screens and ways to view weather information, but it appears that the professional standards for readability and usability have been completely thrown out and lost on the team that made this application. Even with 20/20 vision or with glasses the text is often so tiny that it requires a lot of focus or stillness to read the information. On a watch which we often use in motion while doing other things or needing to quickly glance at relevant information tiny text that requires a microscope to focus on his completely inappropriate for the usage contexts of a watch that humans wear on their wrist. It’s a shame because the weather data and incorporation of dark sky (RIP) tech has made the Apple Weather app a UX disaster. Apple Weather app is great on the desktop of my MacBook Pro. It’s great on on iOS — but on the Apple Watch it is a complete nightmare. This could also be concerning as a form of age bias, because certainly older people with less than standard eyesight will have an even harder time using this application. I strongly suggest the management team at Apple watch OS renew their commitment to human center design and update the app to make it actually readable and designed for the human contexts of the product.
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2 years ago, crinkster54
It’s not there …yet.
Is the Weather app getting better? Yes. Has it completely integrated Dark Sky functionality…yet? No. I have six different apps for weather on my phone, each of which serves a different purpose. DS was never accurate with wind and rain projections (or current weather), especially during the monsoon. I mainly used it to monitor dew point. Telling me that there was a 12% chance of rain sounds super precise unless it’s pouring outside. I did like playing with the history. Hopefully, that will be added at some point. To be honest, despite all of the hoo ha about weather apps, the most accurate is from a local television station. The KOLD app in Tucson is amazing. Just after broadcasts the meteorologist gives a video update. The severe weather warnings are immediate. They provide everything you’d have to pay for on other apps for free. So, my suggestion would be to select apps for the specific information you’d like to glean (without paying anything) but make one of your local affiliates your go to app for the weather. Most especially if there’s a chance of anything severe. Or, stick your arm out of your window to check the sky and your comfort level. That’s often the best method of all.
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2 years ago, 🍹Captain Morgan🍹
Still inferior to Dark Sky in every conceivable way
So all the hoopla over Apple acquiring Dark Sky was apparently just another move by Apple to eliminate a competing service. Apple Weather is a complete trainwreck of app design. While Apple Weather is (marginally) better now than before the Dark Sky acquisition, Dark Sky app is still light years ahead. Where is the hourly precipitation forecast? Where is the “Precipitation in XXX minutes”? Where is the hourly “Feels like” temperature forecast? All of these are part of why Dark Sky stood out from the crowd. Apple Weather takes just a fraction of Dark Sky’s data and presents it in a dumbed-down manner. Every square tile in Apple Weather focuses on the current time, but I also want to know what lies ahead. Even forecast data between Apple Weather and Dark Sky are not the same. For example, Apple Weather says tomorrow’s chance of rain is 100% while Dark Sky says 87% (not a huge difference, but you’d expect both apps to have the same forecast data, right?). Considering Apple’s focus on consistency and a “premium” experience, Apple Weather is shamefully disappointing in both respects. Too bad Dark Sky app will no longer function after 2022. I would gladly pay money to retain access to the Dark Sky API apart from Apple Weather.
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2 years ago, Lannacakes
I miss Dark Sky already :(
Apple bought Dark Sky, which was my favorite app for years. Last week I got a notice saying Dark Sky will no longer be available on 1/1/23… oddly enough, that very same day Dark Sky started giving bogus temperature forecasts (-73, -68 low temps in September for example) and is suddenly not accurate anymore — as if they programmed it to fail (because my similar apps that use the same Dark Sky API source weren’t messing up like this). Well, so, I thought, Apple bought Dark Sky to have their UI/API, right? So I’ll re-download the stupid apple app to see if it’s like Dark Sky. NOPE. It doesn’t look similar, nor does it have the great hourly forecast functionality as Dark Sky. The last nail in Apple’s coffin for me is that the app only even loads 50% of the time when I open it (and I open it 4-5 times a day for predictions due to working outside often) half the time it shows a blank screen with little dashes where todays temp should be. Trillion dollar company… TRILLION… can’t make a basic app function right after gobbling up smaller awesome companies. Makes me so angry and sad. So, it’s back to the also not-so-great Wunderground app for me. Deleting this Apple app for the crap they pulled with killing Dark Sky and not releasing an equivalent. Boooo, apple. Booooo.
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9 months ago, Dark weather storm in China
Thank you
I love this app because it gives me the ability to see the weather of different countries or cities I like it very much thank you. You did not have to make this app but I still am glad that you did. Can you please tell me why did you make it? I’m not like sue or something I know if you can’t tell me that’s fine. I hope you have a good rest of your life and your day. I don’t know what this point just make something when you need to OK everybody should been using this app since it came out. because it is really useful and let you see water from different countries and cities. I’m so glad that you made it bye also, if you got to say this earlier reason why I gave you a five star reading and not four out of five is because you’re not like this bad weather refs only let you see one city, so thanks you can buy me if you want to. I don’t think you will but here’s a clue c-oh you can use this if you want to but I don’t think you want to bye have a good day. See you later.
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2 years ago, en6ine
Inaccurate, basic, annoying. Bring back Dark Skies
Update: I’m still giving this 1 star. My main reason is that the location name is incorrectly saved. I live in NYC which has 5 boroughs and many neighborhoods within each borough. There are micro climates in this large city in each neighborhood. It could be thunderstorming in one neighborhood and sunny in another. When I search for my neighborhood, the app finds it. I click on it to save, and when it’s saved, the location is saved as “New York” rather than the neighborhood name. Aside from being unhelpful, I’m unable to save multiple neighborhoods as shortcuts because they all would be saved as “New York.” This would not have happened in dark skies. I know that Apple claims that it uses data from Dark Skies to power this Weather App, but why is it so terribly inaccurate then? It’s thunderstorming hard in my neighborhood in NYC right now and this app is telling me the skies are clear. Yet Dark Skies is correctly telling me that it’s thunderstorming. What I really dislike about this Weather app is that it only gives you some inaccurate rough approximation of weather whereas a dark Skies gives you an exact hyper local weather forecast. I will lament the day when Dark Skies goes away in 2023. Annoying.
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2 years ago, butstillbreathing
Subpar & *dangerous* to health
Some of the backgrounds being used by Weather currently can pose dangerous health risks. Either there needs to be a warning placed, or customers need to be able to change backgrounds in the app-or both. Perhaps this can already be done, and I am just unaware, (I searched & could not find ) but - the ‘new developers’ *need* to know that there can be serious health emergencies involved with some of these aesthetic improvements. It’s simply not safe. For example, I have noticed, for instance, that during a storm, The background simulates vivid, bright lightning, producing an almost light-strobe effect. It does this without giving the user health warnings before viewing and/or using the app. It may not seem like much to most people, but for those who have seizures, brain trauma, migraines, or sensory sensitivity problems, etc. - it can cause dire and emergent consequences. I implore the developers - ***please consider the health of your users!*** ((Not to mention that these ‘improved’ aesthetics aren’t worth the loss of functionality that has come with the overall death of Dark Sky, anyway. Even if there were no risks, I’d still trade so-called lightning effects for more original app integration any day. But that’s not the overall point here.))
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4 months ago, Drawde99
Shocked that Apple would associated with this
Thought I would give it another try. I do not have enough words to describe how bad the radar is. Pouring rain without a cloud in the sky. It’s another miracle. Like all the app except for radar which is fairly important. It just doesn’t work. New Update: It’s a miracle. The miracle is why I have not deleted this app already. Every time I open it I expect a different result. It never happens. Radar is not even close to being accurate. Not a cloud in the entire United States. I see a few in Canada. It’s raining without a cloud in the sky! I have put off deleting this app thinking it would get better. The radar is worthless. Time to give up! The Apple Weather app has deteriorated. I rarely get the radar to even load. When it does load it is showing blocks like it is not capable of showing the whole area. The 12 hour radar seems to work fairly well. The next hour radar does not work at all. I end up going to AccuWeather to get an accurate radar. Surely Apple can do better! Update: It only gets worse. Apple should fix it or get out of the weather business. Not enough words in the English language to describe how bad the radar is on this app. Update: No better! Still no better!
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1 week ago, Ndirishman65
You took Dark Sky and made an inferior Weather App
Dark Sky was a fabulous app and with its hyperlocal weather updates it was the best. I trusted it endlessly. I was worried when Apple bought Dark Sky because it might lose its power and become a jumbled mess and it has done that. The worst offender is the Radar. This might be the slowest loading of ever at all radar I have ever used. I am on WiFi next to my router and I can’t get the Radar to load and I live in Chicago. My internet is rock solid. The Weather App honestly makes it dangerous to use it if you’re needing the Radar to avoid severe weather. The app tells you there is severe weather and it will rain soon but where is the information on the intensity you get from Radar. I can get any other weather app to load the radar quickly but Apple the biggest tech company in the world can’t get there’s to load with out waiting 5 minutes and even then you might only get bits and pieces of a radar. I count get every thing around Chicago but couldn’t see the chunk over Chicago because that radar collection wouldn’t load. Fix your Radar, this is embarrassing.
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2 years ago, Littleleah1
I have been a Dark Sky user for years and LOVE it. It is, by far, the best weather app there is. Apple has bought them and integrated their technology into their own weather app but have left out some of the features that truly make Dark Sky the best. Many other reviewers have pointed some of these things out but I haven’t seen anyone mention the custom notifications that you can set up with Dark Sky. Not only do I get a daily weather summary every morning at an exact time of my choosing but I also set up notifications for if the wind reaches a certain mph, and if the real feel temp goes above a certain degree, and if the snow accumulation is supposed to get to a certain level. Not only can I customize these alerts down to an exact temp or level, but I can customize the time I receive these alerts down to the minute. I start my morning knowing how to dress, what to be prepared for, and if I need to leave early because we got hit with a bunch of snow overnight. This is my favorite thing about Dark Sky and Apple completely dropped the ball. I will continue to use Dark Sky right up until January 1st before sadly having to switch to the Apple app
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3 months ago, Jazmincam
Misleading Weather Forecast
As a dedicated user of the Apple Weather app, I am deeply disappointed by the app's misleading forecast accuracy. The most frustrating aspect of this app is its inability to reflect the current weather conditions accurately. There have been countless instances where it has been pouring rain outside, yet the app boldly claims a 0% chance of rain. This lack of precision and reliability makes it impossible to trust the information provided. The purpose of a weather app is to help users plan their day accordingly, anticipate changes in weather, and make informed decisions. However, if the app consistently fails to reflect reality, it defeats its very purpose. Inaccurate forecasts not only inconvenience users but also undermine their trust in the app's reliability. I have reached a point where I can no longer rely on the Apple Weather app for accurate weather updates. It is disappointing to see a company like Apple fall short in such a basic function. I urge the developers to invest more resources in improving the app's forecasting algorithms and ensuring that it provides users with the accurate and up-to-date information they deserve. Until then, I cannot recommend this app to anyone in need of dependable weather information.
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11 months ago, Cosmosue1108
This is the “apple weather” app. Supposed to be accurate?! No. It is consistently lying and making it seem hotter or more severe than it is. Try another app and compare, better yet get your own outdoor thermometer. Compare what it reads to this, this will be wrong 9 out of 10 times. It doesn’t matter if humidity is next to nothing it will still say “humidity is making it feel hotter” it will give the “feels” at near 100 when it’s not even close. Maybe on a hot tarmac?? I’ve lived in the south nearly my entire life - the app is manipulating you to think it’s hotter than it is. The summer has been the same here EVERY YEAR, for well over 20 years, same with Florida. Stop falsifying stats! Today it’s full sun - wrong. Today it’s not 97 it’s not even close. It’s quite pleasant in the shade at 12:30pm even with a hot coffee. Stop making people believe your nonsense. I’d say delete the app and find one that is a bit more honest, it took me all of 10 mins, and the read outs were completely different and more accurate. Because this is the basic weather app it’s likely more people use it - seeing manipulated stats. Go ahead, try it. And yeah of course it’s hot in the middle of the road in JULY. 🤡 There is no “climate boiling” stop LYING.
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2 years ago, Bag_One
Honest review from a Dark Sky fan
Quickly: My qualifications. 1. Weather nerd. 2. Extreme weather cinematographer Dark Sky was my go to. Full disclosure I'd check the NOAA radar app immediately after for more raw data like echo tops and velocity, then Weatherbug after that for a glance at national radar and satellite images of cloud cover, BUT... Dark Sky was my go to, every day, and now it's gone. THAT SAID I'm thankful that I can still see the ghost of Dark Sky in Weather, but I'm more thankful that the hyper local forecast notifications still seem to be coming and be timely and correct. The gui on Weather actually looks like a pretty full featured weather station with more information than 99.9% of people want. Attractively laid out and easy to read, methinks Weather might be getting some hateful and possibly unfair ratings since taking on our beloved Dark Sky. Sadly weather is no joke, and I hate to see it this app get trashed when it seems like a tool very capable of helping you avoid dangerous situations like driving into a thunderstorm or being ignorant of fog or freezing temps.
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1 year ago, Jeff Cary, NC
Apple weather app review
First of all, it’s an Awesome weather app…Really gives a detailed breakout of current weather and forecast. The best is the detail weather graphs where you can slide your finger along the day and it shows hr by hr conditions…. Super feature!!! One thing I would like to see added is during summer months in the South see the dew point as the main item being graphed and the humidity # below…. Dew Point is the metric used in the the South to indicate the comfort level we feel. Currently it’s the humidity being graphed with dew point # below… it would be a great option…. thanks! One item that I don’t care for is the radar with all its colors ….the colors change so fast that it’s difficult to correlate conditions to time …. maybe less colors or a way to control the speed would be helpful…thanks! Again thanks for a super weather app and it’s my go-to weather app and with improvements it will be even more Awesome!!!
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1 year ago, QuietThundr
Wrong location consistently displays!
I used to like this app well enough, though admittedly it certainly wasn’t my only weather app, or even my ‘go-to’ weather app necessarily. Any satisfaction I had with the app changed once I upgraded & I bought my 5th generation iPad Air (in December 2023) and found that the app displays a fairly prominent information box on my iPad’s desktop — however it consistently insists on displaying the wrong location on my desktop (not my current location for weather). No matter how many times I have set the app to display my current location, it annoyingly insists on only displaying New York on my desktop instead! — (New York is one of several of the locations I have listed under my weather app, but it is NOT my current location). Even more bizarre is the fact that that the app still continued to display New York as the location on my iPad’s desktop even after I completely deleted New York out of my locations list. Even that still didn’t fix the problem! Just to note, my iOS is currently update, as is this app. I have previously reached out & written feedback to Apple about this problem with no response back and no remedy. PLEASE FIX THIS FRUSTRATING & OBNOXIOUS GLITCH!
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1 year ago, Kbev302
Completely Inaccurate
Update - for the past couple of months this app has said that it’ll be storming practically all day every day. Every other weather app says there’s 0% chance of thunderstorms today, but my Apple Watch says yet again that there’s a 40% chance of storms every hour today. Why???? There’s no chance of storms. How has this continued to be so inaccurate for so long? This needs to be fixed. I absolutely hate the 24 hour temperature forecast. Right now it’s saying that there’s a high of 63 today, just because at midnight - literally at midnight 9 hours ago it was 63 degrees. The temperature has fallen ever since & will only get up to about 45 degrees today. Every other weather app is showing a high of 45 degrees. If I go by this app, I won’t need a coat today. But in reality I will. It’s the same with the lows. It’ll show you the low for the previous night as the low for “today”. This means the weather on my Apple Watch is completely unusable & I always have to check it against something else. Please go back to having the temperature forecast be for the same time frame as everyone else. Telling me there’s a high of 63 today, when it was 63 at midnight, does not help me in any way, shape or form.
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2 years ago, Inci23
Worthless app
This app does not detect my current location.. I open the app and there is two lines - -… I try to send feedback and it says in order to send feedback location must be enabled… it sends me to settings and I put always allow… nothing happens…I actually entered my city and somehow doing that made it detect my current location… now it does not even do that..i tried deleting app and reinstalling.. it worked for like a day but went back to the same…on top of that when it was working my current location and my city had different weather..what a joke…they basically will not ever come up with solution and don’t care.. I like that the weather app is so compatible with iPhone but it’s not worth having a nonfunctional app wasting memory..I’m so fed up.. I got screenshot of issues but apparently you can’t upload… I am deleting app and going to look for other options.. I suggest if you have issues delete yours.. hopefully they can tell a decline and actually work on a resolve…and it’s funny you can’t actually delete because it will always be on you’re phone… it’s basically Apples way of controlling you and telling how it is… and if you want their phones you have to do what they say..
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2 years ago, MeghanAbbey
Apple purchased the Most Accurate Weather App; Still inaccurate
Apple bough dark sky and every day the past month when it has snowed at 30° apple has showed rain, or nothing at all. When I open my dark sky app it is still 100% accurate. I really hope it is not fully integrated yet and that this is not the final product of what u have decided to do with their info. U also have report a problem instead of report weather. Which can lead majority to believe that is not what that section is for. On top of not appearing to use the weather data u should have from dark sky, u also don’t seem to listen to the user reported info. I can assure u at 23° it is in fact NOT raining here in MI. Highly disappointed. I can look at your radar and look at dark Sky’s and it is completely different and dark Sky’s is accurate. From what I can see u purchased something great and made it as inaccurate as the incompetent meteorologists in charge of the weather channels. What a waste. I always talk up apple for so many reasons. I was ok with ur weather app sucking, but when u bought out the company who’s app I willingly paid for due to the accuracy, and u ruined it. I have nothing good to say about you in that area.
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1 year ago, hookemdustin
RIP Dark Skies app
Why did you take the best weather app that was literally like the Waze for weather (Dark Skies) with a huge loyal following of local weather reporters, buy them out, and supposedly “integrate their functionality and features” (this definitely didn’t happen) into the apple weather CR-app. The real-time Timelapse radar is a joke, and only shows on one small corner of the screen. It also doesn’t adapt to zooming in/out on locations. Darks skies excelled by having a loyal following of local weather reporters making their forecasts extremely accurate and almost to the minute on rain start/stop, etc. Now the apple weather app doesn’t have an easily accessible floating “report weather footer button” but rather is more hidden behind a button that makes it seem like your leaving a suggestion/feedback for the app rather than reporting local weather. Bravo you bought the best technology and have utilized none of it. It’s a hired assassination of our beloved dark skies. Shameful waste of money to shelve such great technology. And the weather Time Machine, a massive amount of historical weather data that was so cool to go through just gone up in smoke poof. Again shameful smh. Do better apple, tisk tisk.
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4 months ago, Dominic djdksdidja
Terrible UI, critical notifications are LATE
Update: 1st week without Dark Sky and Weather is trying to kill my family. I’m sheltering right now for a tornado warning; the Weather app doesn’t show that or the flash flood warning. It’s like there’s nothing at all. Thank goodness they weather sirens woke me up this time. I LOVE Dark Sky. It’s perfect for me, as I spend tons of time outside. At a glance, I can see the radar, temp, and when the highest chances for precipitation are throughout the day. To get the same information from this trashy app, I have to scroll and click through multiple menus. It is far less usable and convenient. Why would they take away an app I happily paid for, and replace it with something less capable?!?! This is just the icing on the cake with Apple for me. It won’t be that hard for me to change my ecosystem from Apple to Windows/Android, and they’re making it more tempting all the time. 1 year later- I’m sitting in my basement with my kids right now for a tornado warning. Thankfully we could hear the sirens, because even after closing and refreshing Apple Weather multiple times, the warning was 15 minutes late!!! Unreal!
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2 years ago, jodymitchell
Please Incorporate More Dark Sky Features
There are many areas where this app falls far below DarkSky. Weather maps (precipitation in particular) are cartoonish and non-useful. DarkSky precip maps gave a fairly precise view of where it would rain and a longer view of where the rain has already occurred (3hr view of historical radar vs only an hour of forward radar forecast)-making it possible to see storm development. A forward radar hypothetical is significantly less useful than the map showing what has happened. In addition to the data in the maps, the maps in this app always look like they haven’t loaded fully - blurry and glitchy. Wind speeds and gust data are no longer available hour to hour and it seems like all of the widgets besides temperature lack the ability to look at an hour by hour forecast. Similarly, the precipitation rate should be viewable on an hour by hour basis. An 80% chance of rain at a rate of 0.02”/hr is way different than a harder rain. This is easy to find and use on Dark Sky and doesn’t appear to be available in the weather app. If Dark Sky is going “dark” in less than two months, please bring over more of its valuable features.
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2 years ago, Gotafish
Dark Sky Gone
Starting the new year with Dark Sky no longer working. I know the Apple Weather App is suppose to integrate with Dark Sky. I was hopeful that maybe it would be better than Dark Sky. The Apple App has implemented some of Dark Sky’s features but not nearly all of them. There new interface is not nearly as easy to navigate as Dark Sky was. Two of the most important features that are lacking are the ability to go back like a time capsule and look at weather in the past. I am a fisherman and like to record the details of my day fishing including the weather temps cloud cover and pressure and wind speed and gusts. Usually I never had the time to do this until the next day or sometime a week or more. I also had an alarm setup with Dark Sky whenever the days wind forecast predicted winds 15 mph or greater. Using this I would then decide to go fishing or not. It’s sad and frustrating when a big company takes over smaller innovative companies and then doesn’t make improvements and actually goes backwards. Why didn’t you just change the name of Dark Sky to your Weather App name and use there much better interface along with better features ? Da! Frustrating.
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1 year ago, babydoctoral
Horrible Excuse for a Weather App
I was dismayed when I read that Dark Sky was disappearing, but was reassured when Apple indicated its data would be incorporated into their basic weather app. While some data is incorporated, not everything is and what is presented is so chronically incorrect that it is worthless. As a cyclist who trains early in the morning (5-7 AM), accurate weather is essential to me. This app is simply never correct or accurate. This morning, I was warned about a 30-40% chance of thunderstorms from 5-9 AM, which made me leery of going out. Since this app has been so terrible lately, I checked two other weather apps that I have, which both showed 0% chance of rain. Weather maps had nothing nearby, so I went out and had a great ride, not a drop of rain or a flash of lightning. My wife later this morning had a similar dismal forecast for her golf game. Instead, she played in partly cloudy skies and bright sunshine. While everyone knows that weather prediction will occasionally be wrong, this app is not even close and it is just awful most of the time. Dark Sky was incredibly spot on with predictions, but this app is not. Please fix this app, it is beyond terrible!
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1 year ago, i dont want school!
people with bad opinions
i really like this app and find it useful when looking for the weather. but ives seen people on the reviews saying how it says the opposite of what the weather really is. i’ve seen that happed sometimes too like when it says it’s raining but it isn’t. but ives found that looking the Precipitation portion of the app you can see that it shows you exactly where the rain or snow is heading, and that sometimes it’ll say it’s rainy cause that’s only for your area but it might not be raining exactly where you are. as someone who rides horses this app is helpful to see if it’s going to be nice out to ride. also it’s helpful by telling me when the sun is going to set or rise. i like that it shows a whole week of weather. all in all i think this app is helpful and people who say it’s bad might just not know the full extent of the app. the app helps me see the weather, the temp, when the sun sets, a weeks worth of weather, and different places weather too. also it’s free and comes right with an iphone.
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3 months ago, brianphd
Dark Skies Indeed
Updated: The app has improved but if still lacks the elegant simplicity of Dark Sky. The radar map is glitchy and not useful. There is still less information available compared to Dark Sky. Still very disappointed. I see no evidence that the clean simple useful features of Dark Sky have been incorporated into the Apple Weather app. There is no comparison. Why is it that we can’t have great weather services? The Weather Underground website was incredible with tons of useful information, but after merging with The Weather Channel it is almost useless. Dark Sky is a great app with lots of information cleanly tucked behind a simple interface that gives you what you need directly up front. Yet again, someone has to ruin a great thing. The Apple Weather app does not even have a radar map, or else it is well hidden. Time to find a new weather app. Updated again: The radar map is useless. It takes minutes to update and while waiting there is no way to tell if there is no precipitation in your area or if the app just can’t find the data feed. How is it the the weather apps are now worse then they were ten years ago.
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