WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

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7 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

4.77 out of 5
1.9M Ratings
2 years ago, hunterkassapides
Be a better forecaster than anyone!
This is the best weather app I have ever tried because you can look at the actual map and see your exact location and watch storms and lightning and wind speed temperature you name it in real time. This means that you are a better weather forecaster than a professional for your particular location. For example I can look at the map and see exactly where a little storm The size of a small neighborhood is heading towards my house. The weather channel or places like weather on google cannot give you accurate weather like this because a lot of storm clouds especially in Florida are small enough to invade the radar of professional weatherman. On the map you can switch between all sorts of different weather layers and I usually use the storm and lightning and temperature and air quality. So if I’m driving to a particular beach I can actually avoid storm clouds on the way by finding a different route because the storm clouds in Florida can be so tiny sometimes you can also press play and watch the storms and wear the direction that they are moving in so you can estimate when and where a storm will be
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12 months ago, Pooky254
Battery Killer
My phone is just over 2 years old. It’s still perfectly capable of doing just about anything I want it to. In the meantime, Weatherbug has been my go-to weather app. I like the interface, there’s lots of useful information, and it’s lightning tracker is the best of any other app I’ve used that even has one. Unfortunately this app has become a resource hog. I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues with my phone getting very hot and the battery draining very quickly, as much as 50% overnight if I’m not charging it. I’ve been checking the Battery option under settings when this happens, it’s always Weatherbug. I finally disabled background permissions for the app and even reinstalled it and reconfigured all of my settings, and it still hogs my phone. I am no longer of the belief that that turning off background permissions even does anything. I think it just ignores this, because how do I justify that Weatherbug has been using 59% of my battery compared to every other app under 5%? I don’t want/need a new phone, but I think this means it’s time to find another weather app. UPDATE I did exactly what the developers told me to do and turned off precise location. There hasn’t been much improvement and my phone is still getting warm. This morning I woke up to find my battery at 16%. It was at 85% when I went to bed. I checked the battery activity in settings and this app was 62% of my usage and I never opened it yesterday. It has been removed from my phone.
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3 years ago, BusterBrat
Weather Bug will kidnap Your Device
Weather bug will completely lock up your devices screen. When you try to open the app you’ll get a pop up giving you two choices 1. Give them permission to track you or 2. Ask them not to track you. Seriously, do you really think they won’t track you or track you less because you clicked ASK NOT TO TRACK. You have to click a choice which I refused. I tried to get out of the app and it had frozen my screen. It would not let me out. Even when I got to my apps to try to uninstall, I had to keep hitting the Home button to get to settings and continue to hit it as I scrolled to the app to attempt to uninstall from there since it wouldn’t allow an uninstall on the main screen. I still couldn’t uninstall it. I had to shut down my device then start it back up, then I was able to uninstall it without opening it and starting the same problem all over again. I understand that these free apps use advertisements to earn money. My issue is that they don’t even offer at least a 10 day trail period in which you could try the app out to see if it’s worth allowing them to track you. I wish these apps would offer an affordable yearly no tracking, no advertising plan. I would be willing to pay $15 to $20 yearly to not be tracked or bothered by annoying advertising. I also don’t appreciate an app that kidnaps my device with no other option but to completely shut down my device to get out of it and delete it. Not Cool Folks!!!!
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2 years ago, Phaser6000
Ridiculous “alerts”
I have to say, I’ve tried WeatherBug and AccuWeather . I find the WeatherBug interface to work nicely, things are in places that make sense and the information is displayed in a sensible way . What I do not enjoy is the exclamation mark telling me about weather alerts constantly , only to tap and find out it’s just alerting me to the fact that “some roads will be wet” . Of course some roads may be wet, the weather predictions say it’s going to rain! That is not an alert and forces me to just ignore the alert symbol entirely . I would like to be able to disable the commuter alert entirely, it’s pointless. Second, the “daily precip” alert… also pointless. The whole point of the app is to see the weather prediction… I open, check todays prediction hourly or the 10 day … seeing the red exclamation mark again, I check only to see a so called “alert” that just tells me rain is expected and to check the forecast . That is not an alert and completely defeats the point of having an alert show up, it’s basically the boy who cried wolf because it’s almost always displaying one of these “alerts” . Edit: Well, I look stupid. You can just turn the commuter and daily precip alerts off , but it’s per location and I have looked for this option before and either somehow missed it or they have changed it in an update somewhere along the line .
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5 years ago, xlemnrty
All weather apps seem to be inaccurate
Is it me, or are others experiencing the same issues of inaccurate, not up-to-date weather no matter what app? It seems they all use the same local stations that must be very delayed in their updates to the various apps. Seriously ALWAYS off several degrees, and as for precipitation percentages, they’re so useless, I have begun to laugh at my own gullibility. A couple of mornings ago was so typical ... I wanted to take a bike ride and began looking at the forecast the prior evening showing ZERO chance of rain the next morning. Re-checked the next morning, and same ZERO % chance so I got dressed for my ride, pumped my tires, raised the garage door, when it began to rain ALL DAY. I re-checked the forecast an hour or so later, and the entire hourly forecast had changed. THE KICKER is that this same app has the audacity to provide a TEN DAY forecast 🤣🤣🤣. And almost as bad ... my gullibility to keep checking 🤔🤔🤔. Anyway, I think I’ll go back to the “stick my head out the door” method ... it’s more predictable. I get a bit of a chuckle when folks compare the presentation of info in reviews ... who cares about presentation if the data is unusable. Again ... this doesn’t seem to be a Weatherbug only issue as I have had the same experience with all four of the apps I’ve tried. It seems that the OLD-fashioned TV weather reports are more accurate the night before than the purported “real-time” weather apps.
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5 years ago, TexGreenEyes
My favorite weather app is screwed up
This has been my go-to weather app for years. It gets used multiple times a day, and has never given a hint of trouble. Scratch the glowing praises now because with this last update the app crashes on start-up. I followed the developer’s advice found in a response to someone else’s recent complaint and deleted/re-downloaded the app. Bad idea. The app started up once, and then promptly stopped working again, and I lost all my settings for no good reason. Come on, guys. Don’t let such a good app cause this much frustration. The second star I’m giving is based on my hope that you’ll get this fixed ASAP. Update: Shortly after I posted my review the app started working as expected. Then this morning, just 3 days later, it’s back to crashing at startup. I do not want to uninstall/reinstall again, as I did that before you suggested it in response to my original review. It didn’t work then. I hope this usually excellent app is mended soon. Update #2: It’s been about a week since my first update, and while the app is working better, it still occasionally crashes at startup. This happens about once every other day. I don’t know if it’s related, but the problem seems to occur when I first open the app and I’m not on wifi. Anyway, I’ve updated my stars accordingly.
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6 years ago, King of Rancho Cucamonga
Terribly slow and contradicting
It’s horribly slow to load any new info without jumping through hoops. Start switching cities, close out of it completely to name a couple and the radar is spotty at best. What I mean is huge chunks of the radar image are missing, conveniently it’s usually missing around the area I’m trying to look at. Does me no good if the nearest radar image is 200 miles away. Also the hourly and the 10 day rarely if ever jive. 10 day forecast may say %80 chance of storms this afternoon, the hourly will say sunny the whole time with %0 chance of rain and I suppose I could check the radar but oh wait, it doesn’t work. This app used to be absolutely perfect when I first got it in 2012 but now it’s just a headache. It’d be great if you fixed it but it is free so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. So a few days later they claimed to have looked into the issue and corrected it. I’m telling you I wish everyone worked like these guys! It’s fixed and works flawlessly! The level of support and attention they paid to my measly whining is outstanding. You guys are top notch, thank you. I work outside so having a good weather app is important and you guys are spot on
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6 years ago, The Mr's Mrs.
Build me up, just to break me down
Downloaded WeatherBug app about 2 weeks ago and really liked it and then... the update. Initially, I was quite impressed and pleased with the push notification weather alerts for severe weather. I especially liked that the weather alerts would push to my phone at least 15 minutes before any of my other - even local - weather apps and that they even had a “dangerous storm warning” notification, which was correct each time I received it. The widget worked wonderfully as well and was probably my second favorite feature. Enter the update. Dun dun DUUUNNNN! It completely killed everything I enjoyed and appreciated about the app. I’ve not received a single push notification since nor has the widget been functional despite deleting the app and all its data from both my phone and AppStore account. The widget simply asks that I open the app and agree to TOU and PP, which is not even an option. You agree to the TOU upon initial launch of the app but that does not give the widget functionality. I also dislike that I am unable to remove the township that the app has deemed my home/current location and set it to the correct area as it is mistakenly locating me in another town. Sadly and disappointedly I am deleting the app permanently unless the next version, which seem to be released monthly, remedies these debilitating flaws and restores the app to its previous performance and reliability.
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1 month ago, PTK2018
This is Hands Down the Best Weather App Out There!
I have used a lot of different weather apps and Weather Bug is by far my favorite one! The only thing that bothers me is that the widget on my lock screen will not update no matter what I do! On the good side, it has a lot more free maps than any other weather app that I’ve used. I really love the fact that it shows me how close lightning is to my location, this is something that everyone should have. The fact that it also shows the current fire danger and the closest active fire to me is a helpful feature as well because this can help people make smart decisions about burning brush or anything else. I highly recommend this app to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you work outside or not, weather still affects all of us. I have the free version of Weather Bug and I’ve discovered that it gives me a lot more features and information than my other weather apps and it seems like it updates very frequently which helps to stay on top of weather changes. I’ve seen some people say that this app is really slow and laggy but I haven’t noticed any of that, it’s always fast and smooth for me. WeatherBug is definitely my new favorite weather app!
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3 years ago, Lolly baa
AMAZING app! But only 4 stars here’s why...
So years ago when my dad first got a new phone, he needed a weather app put on his phone. I downloaded this one because it was the first one I saw. Never thought about it again. Come to summer 2020, I start lifeguarding and therefore, we have to watch out for lightening and mile radius this and that. All my coworkers told me to download this app because it gives accurate readings on how far a storm/lightening is. It SURE did live up to the standard!! Every day during the summer, and during the winter as well, we would watch this app religiously to check for lightening to keep patrons safe. I eventually started using the app for personal use outside of work, because it gives accurate weekly forecast, a week in advance so you pretty much always know what’s coming. I have 4 stars only because sometimes it does take a minute to load. And is hard because it doesn’t even SHOW it’s loading (with a little wheel or percent or anything) it just sits there and blanks until it pulls up which can be frustrating. But other than that, WOULD RECOMMEND!
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6 years ago, brad34785
Used to be better
When I first downloaded this app several years ago it used to load information much faster, and more consistently. Now, many years and updates later, it rarely even loads any information when i am connected to wifi. The app will open and load the temperature on the home (default) screen when connected to wifi, but I have to turn off the wifi on my iphone, ensure I am connected to my cellular network, and switch between the “now”, “hourly”, and “10 Day” tabs in order to get the app to load information. It started doing this over a year ago. Initially I thought my Wi-Fi connection at home was just poor, but it turns out that I have the same problem connected to any Wi-Fi signal. I have also had this problem with 2 separate iphones. I occasionally delete the app and redownload it just to see if the problem may be a fluke, but I always end up with the same problem. This used to be my favorite weather app, but now I am exploring other apps because of my frustration with this issue. I still love the weather bug app, and in my opinion it has the very best radar maps of any app available. I just hate having to go through so many steps in order to get this app to function the way it is intended to. Please fix this!!!!!
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5 years ago, evan.cooperman
Decent App
Weatherbug is a decent app and I can’t decide whether to give it 3 or 4 stars. I guess I’ll go with 4 because I have only 1 major complaint, though it does bother the heck out of me. I use Weatherbug for my weather most of the time, but one of the biggest complaints I have is that it does not update throughout the day. For example if the forecast is 75 degrees and sunny but it’s only 60 degrees and is raining, the app accurately displays the temperature and weather as of this moment, but the forecast doesn’t update to take the changes into account. If it’s 5:59pm and it’s 60 degrees and raining, obviously at 6:00pm it’s not going to be 75 degrees and sunny! If the app would update with new data based on unforeseen weather patterns I would be much happier with it and would probably update to 5 stars. That, and if somehow they could figure out how to forecast more accurately! I know that is a bigger and more global problem to solve, and is not limited to this app, but here in Chicago the forecast is maybe correct (or close to correct) 50% of the time. I feel like it’s gotten worse over the years, but that’s probably just because our weather has gotten more erratic and is harder to predict now than it used to be.
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5 years ago, Beansy Baby
Guys... this was ridiculous.
As many of you know, and clearly this app was aware, there was a hurricane that affected the Carolinas etc. Once upon a time I loved this app, but since this hurricane hit, I cannot believe how repetitive and unhelpful this app was. I got CONSTANT notifications about extended hurricane statements, flash flood statements, and tornado statements. Those are all well and good THE FIRST TIME THEY ARE ISSUED. I had 15+ notifications while trying to conserve phone battery, I eventually turned them off. They also arrived 10+ mins later than TWC (which could be service provider related but not the point of this rant). What would have been most helpful Weatherbug, would have been actual storm updates. We had no power, no radio (our own fault) and couldn’t load a single app to see the radar, but thank god notifications came through.... giving us location/wind speed/ANYTHING useful would have been better. Don’t get rid of the statement updates completely.. maybe just start them as indefinite when there is a hurricane present. LASTLY, the notification that said: “Florence made landfall Friday in North Carolina! Watch the latest footage of the storm on weatherbug.” FORGET YOU. I LIVED THROUGH IT, had a tree fall on the roof while I was trying to sleep I KNOW A HURRICANE CAME THROUGH THATS INSENSITIVE AND UNFREAKINGHELPFUL. I have screen shots to prove all of this.
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4 years ago, laila jenkins
there’s no key for the Alerts map layer :(
i’ve been using weather bug for several years now and it definitely my favorite (i also have the NOAA Weather app and Dark Sky). however, i something i wish would go back to how it used to be is on the Alerts map layer. i live in the midwest so there are lots of severe thunderstorms and frequent tornado risk, so i really rely on that map layer. when i first got the app, the Alerts layer had a key for what the colors and lines meant (severe thunderstorm alert, flash flood watch, tornado watch, etc.) but for the last year or so it seems, that key disappeared and i don’t know what some of the colors mean. i can usually infer for flash flood or thunderstorm based on the radar, but that’s actually something that’s frustrating, since i don’t know what they all mean. pretty sure the key disappeared for other layers too, but those are less important to know specifically what they mean (id like to know when and where tornado watches are), and are easier to guess about. idk if that’s just an issue on my end (don’t think i changed any settings tho), or if the app actually changed, but if that was fixed or changed back to having the key, this would absolutely be 5 stars, since it’s still my favorite weather app.
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10 months ago, punk'l
Gotta have my wheh-thuh!
As a young girl raised up on a small NH farm (28 acres), every day and every night the weather mattered. Mattered deeply. Chores to be done, get wood in the cellar before dark for that night and next days warmth, animals to be managed, gardens to be tended, all happenings dependent on ‘thuh wheh-thuh!’ Some days were happy, some days were sad but they all happened around the forecast, the Farmer’s Almanac calendar and the experience of the older farmers nearby. “If the leaves on the maples turn upward, it’s going to rain.” These were the years 1945 to 1963, from my birth until I left home. But the weather report never got left behind. Whether being a nanny to Dartmouth professors kids or cashier at a neighborhood restaurant or a dental assistant in Boston or speaking at a youth group at church or at seminary with my husband, no matter where I was or I am, I need to know the weather. I am so thankful for meteorologist’s at stations around the world who keep us informed. I am so especially thankful for WeatherBug just one tap of the key and I am confident they’ll be there and have just what I need in their report. Thanks Buggy!
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3 years ago, LMcPH
Lots of information for a free app
This app gives you tons of information especially for a free app. In some ways it’s better then the other weather apps out there. It even does one thing that I’ve not found any of the other apps can do. It will give you the heat index even in the hourly mode. Just click on hourly and then click on the time you are looking for. I’m sure they are estimated versions of heat index, but it certainly helps to plan what time if day you might want to do those outside things. Only thing I could find as a negative is so small that it’s barely worth mentioning-it doesn’t move between cities as easily as other weather apps. Like I said barely worth mentioning. I have found it to be more accurate then some of the other weather apps out there. I especially find that the heat index to be very accurate in the moment, and helpful in the estimated future times. I live in Texas and in the summer it’s very important to know the heat index. Bottomline: This weather app is worth your time to get. I’ve got the free version and it’s truly amazing.
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4 years ago, HomemadePancakes
Better than other “top” weather apps
I’ve been using this app for a few months and find it to be the best app for tracking air quality. I love that this app can track AQ in ANY part of the world no matter how small or unknown the town/city is. This is a distinctive feature that the other “top rated” AQ apps lack and this to me is a huge disadvantage for them. I’d been living in a very small town in Mexico recently for 4 months and unfortunately became very ill from the air quality. I discovered Weather Bug and began to track the AQ daily and take necessary precautions as this was my first time traveling to Mexico much less anywhere outside the US. The fact that no other app was able to locate where I was living was a MAJOR let down. Weather Bug is easy to use, and gives real time AQ indexes as well as any other weather alerts and things I look for in an AQ app. If the other AQ app developers decide to improve their global location capabilities then I’ll be willing to check them out. Until then I rely on Weather Bug every single day for important AQ information in ANY town or city in the world. 👌🏻
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5 years ago, maddflower
love this app!!
on memorial day, ohio had a really scary tornado outbreak and i'm lucky enough to have survived through it without being hit by one. i came across this app with my anxiety getting the better of me due to an extreme fear of tornadoes, but i can confidently say i'm happy i found it! it is extremely useful and very interesting to look on the radar. i love the alerts that it provides and they are VERY helpful. thanks for this great app! in light of these tornadoes in ohio, though, i really wish that i could be more reliable on this app with where the tornadoes are and if they have hit where i live. i'm on vacation without my family that lives there and last night when more hit was scary because i did not have a reliable source to where the tornadoes actually were and if my family was safe. i'm very happy with this app and i suppose it can't cover everything but it would have been really helpful to be able to track those tornadoes while it was happening! thank you anyways for such an amazing app, it has been really helpful and fun to mess around with. :)
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4 years ago, mutmadison
I deleted this app the second I read their privacy policy and TOA. One star is too generous.
READ THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TOA. It’s lengthy, I know, it’s intentional to dissuade people from reading and understanding it. It’s worth the 5-7 minutes of your life, I promise. Apparently, it’s too much to ask for a simple weather app in 2019 without subjecting yourself to risks known and unknown; all completely out of your control and all so a company can make a profit at the literal expense of its consumers who are the real product. If you have zero concerns with being tracked 24/7 and your precise location being shared; don’t care about your information being monetized and sold to third party sellers whose intentions you know nothing about; unfazed by the strong possibility of your information being leaked and misused; apathetic to your information being sold numerous times a day; or disinterested in the extensive and intrusive methods used in this economic model then, by all means, disregard this review and enjoy your weather app. Personally, I’ll be checking the weather manually from a browser since the weather app industry has proven themselves to be untrustworthy and not at all concerned with consumers (you know, actual human beings) or their privacy. All of this just so people can sell you crap. This truly is the darkest timeline. All I wanted to do is check the weather...
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3 years ago, a wheels weather
Really helpful app! Love it!
I used Weatherbug for the two years that I lived in South Florida, and for these past two years in North Carolina. When I first moved to Florida I did try some other apps and they just were not good enough. I am very reliant on having weather information and Weatherbug has been a really great help. I especially appreciate the Lightning tracker! It’s helped keep me safe for sure. It has a lot of other very useful information too. I can also keep track of weather, fires, etc., in other cities/regions where my family lives. It has a very user friendly interface and I can set up the home screen in the order I prefer. I also LOVE the short mostly weather-centric videos of people, animals, and landscapes that I probably would never otherwise see. I use it every single day and I’ve never had any issues with it. The past couple days it’s been loading a little slower than usual, but that happens from time to time with most apps. Not a big deal. I have recommended this app to family and friends because it’s a good one!
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1 year ago, MrsWitmer14
Used to Love
I am not writing this review to be vindictive but I thought the developers would be interested in this bug I have with the app. I have been using Weather Bug for about 4 years. I have enjoyed it. Then I got a new iPhone. I have the SE 3. A few months ago I had to delete the app because my phone was getting warm to the touch and my battery was draining quickly. Shocked and worried I went to see what was using my battery. Weather Bug had used 34% of my iPhone’s battery due to “background activity” in about 25-30 minutes. I wasn’t even using my phone. I was on my lunch break and my phone was just sitting on my pillow. Then the same thing happened again, 2 days later. So I deleted the app, hoping it was just that and that there was nothing wrong with my brand new iPhone. It never happened again after I deleted the app. I waited a few MONTHS before reinstalling the app and after about maybe a week or 2 of smooth sailing it happened AGAIN. Please figure out what is causing this bug. I like the app, but I can’t afford to risk my phone’s battery life like that. If you use this app and you have an iPhone SE 3 tread carefully.
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6 years ago, TeriMelissa
Usually better than NWS or TWC apps
I’ve been using the Bug since I got my very first iPhone. It zeroes in on my exact weather happening in the moment. There are many pinging spots near almost anywhere to give a good triangulation for my personal weather conditions within a few miles. The radar is easy to understand and accurate. The future casts are as accurate as I’ve ever seen ...and much better than even my 3 local meteorologists on tv. Even as far out as the 10 day forecast I know I can be ready for what may be coming. Where I live the weather is unpredictable moment to moment but Weatherbug stays on top of the quick changes. I love the storm tracker showing dangerous situations like nearby lighting and all severe weather threats. The UV rating, pollen counts and air quality reports are important to me as I am really fair, have severe allergies and asthma. The heads up to make sure I have the proper preventative meds/sunscreen make my outside time much more enjoyable. WeatherBug is an app I use daily; sometimes several times a day. I highly recommend it to everyone!
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3 years ago, Choirgirl1018
I love the app, but where did my widget go?
So I recently updated to IOS14, and ever since then, i can't find the WeatherBug widget anywhere. This is super disappointing because I'm a huge weather erd and like to stay up to date quickly with the features offered to me through that widget. I also use voiceover witch is a built in screenreader on my iPhone made for people with visual impairments, and your app and widget are fully accessible and i've been a long time user of your app. I'd just really like my widget back. I know that this might be an IOS14 thing, but could you guys please update so that all IOS14 users and I can use your widget again? Like i said, i find it super helpful, and now that IOS14 allows me to put widgets directly on the home screen, I was really looking foreword to being abled to see the weather at a glance on my home screen and using the widget more. If and when you guys bring it back, could you put a little thing in there for current conditions other than temperature (ex: sunny, cloudy, 50% chance of storms). That would also be really helpful. Thanks for making such a great app and I hope you can fix this.
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2 years ago, app user from first user
I use WeatherBug to plan my days work and all my time relaxing and traveling and vacations. Basically I use WeatherBug for all my complete days!!!! {On a personal note} I have had WeatherBug since WeatherBug came out until today and your WeatherBug App. And since that day was the best correct app. for anyone that uses this app. will be happy for planning there days. If your days have to be done safely and on time to complete your full days you will be a completely guaranteed and satisfied with your days work, relaxing, and your vacation’s will and your everyday commuting everywhere you go. I have tested WeatherBug since they began until today and the WeatherBug was correct time on all reports and was an accurate forecast every time you use this app. just like I have been every time and you will have the same as I have. Never been off no more than a hour before are an hour after which we are still working on without any problems because you planned your days with WeatherBug guarantee.
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5 years ago, MoppyDrunk.jr
Very useful and easy to use
Weatherbug is great! I feel like every possible weather related issue is addressed in this powerful little app. Information is easy to find, the home screen makes quick work of being able to check multiple weather related items. Noteable features: - Easy to check the weather in different locations. This is very useful if you are a frequent traveler. We add the location to which we are traveling and can easily keep an eye on the weather before we go. - Lightning Information. We have a pool and we check this frequently. It is right there at the push of a button, very quick and easy. - Detailed breakdown of the forecast. You are able to check the weather for the entire day, hourly, and even get a detailed rundown of the weather. - Easy access to weather alerts. This information is also easily accessible at just the push of a button. We are able to quickly check for tornadoes, flash flooding, etc. - Weather related videos. These are an interesting, fun little addition to the app. Videos showing cool weather related things that people have captured and videos of current weather related disasters around the country. - Easy access to check fires around the globe. Thankfully this isn’t a feature we need to use, but it is worth noting how quickly you are able to check this information. This is my family’s “go to” weather app. We’ve been using it for years and have never felt the need to look for something else.
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11 months ago, Leader12345
Went downhill but now back to expectations
UPDATE 2: The app has remained stable and I have raised it back to 5 stars and strongly recommend it. UPDATE: Finally the updates have corrected the crashing issues. The app is currently stable and as useful as before. I recommend this weather app again. If it remains stable I will raise my rating to 5 stars. ORIGINAL POST: Weather bug has been my go-to weather app for years. It always seemed to be more accurate than its competitors both local and national. I have recommended it to many friends. This changed in mid-December when suddenly the app would close with no warning, often but not always when I was reading an alert. I checked and both the app and my phone were up to date. I emailed the developers but have not heard back. Today there was an update. I installed it and opened the app. In less than 10 seconds the app closed. I will wait a few more days but I am looking at deleting it as it is no more useful.
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4 years ago, Angelscry2o
I have pins down to watch the weather where I really need to know due to family locations and myself. Today I received a notification stating lightning within 10 miles of a pin. So I open the app to see what was going on. I then send a text to my daughter and asked her if she was enjoying the rain, cause the pin I’ve placed is within 500 ft of her exact location and because the map showed dead on she was getting rain. She replied back it hasn’t rained all day and sent me a pic of the sun shining and ground/pavement bone dry. I sent her a screenshot and she said I need a new weather app cause it’s not accurate to say the least. I’ve been using weather bug a couple years now and prefer it over others. But I really need a more accurate look at the weather in real time. On of my pins is where I have a storage unit that has high tornado possibilities. I need that so I’ll know when and if my belongings get damaged to file a claim with insurance. But my main concerns are my children, grandchildren and other family members. If their internet goes down I’ll never know until after the fact. Please fix this issue ASAP! Thanks
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4 years ago, tippie7
Free weather app testing
I downloaded a bunch of weather apps (all free downloads) and put them to the test. I found I like “Weather Bug” the best. It seems to be accurate and you can customize the main page to see the information you feel is important at the top. I have mine set up so that the current temperature (daily high & low temp), wind direction, and wind speed are all showing right when I open the app. Then as I scroll down I see sunrise & sunset times, air quality, closest major fire, closest lightning strikes, and hurricane center. When you swipe to the page on the right it shows the hourly rain forecast for the week. The next page to the right shows the 10 day forecast. The last page to the right shows the weather radar for the area. I like the app because it is easy to use, easy to read, and seems accurate. After settling on this app I did pay the $3 yearly subscription fee to remove adds, just because they are annoying and to support the app.
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3 years ago, RW2704
Beware. This is a scam app
I purchased the option to have ads removed through Apple as instructed. Apple sends the payments to Weatherbug every month. Yet the ads never disappear. I contacted Weatherbug several times about this and they said to purchase it again. I did, but the ads were still there. I contacted them again and they said to give it time. I waited several weeks. Ads were still there. I contacted them again. Now they say there is nothing they can do and to contact Apple. I contacted Apple. Apple shows all payments were made each month to Weatherbug and to contact them again. I did. Weatherbug today sends me the latest in a series of emails admitting it is getting my money, but refuses or can’t turn off ads and will not refund any of the my money they received from my Apple account. I have canceled the ads free subscription in Apple subscriptions and delegated this scam app. There are many others you can use that are not crooks.
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1 year ago, 426Rumbleguts
I had tried Weatherbug years ago on my PC but it was so buggy that I deleted it. Then when smartphones came out, I just used the native weather app for several years. Finally I started looking for something that was more accurate, customizable, etc. A friend told me that Weatherbug had an app and assured me that it had none of the problems that plagued the old PC version. So I decided to give it a shot. For the last few years, I’ve been very happy with the app, then the last couple of days was like an unwanted blast from the past. Suddenly my battery was running down in a very short time (I have an iPhone 13 Pro). Just today I noticed that when I opened the Weatherbug app, it wouldn’t close and continued to run in the background so I checked my battery usage and sure enough, the Weatherbug app was the culprit. I don’t know what they did, but someone managed to FUBAR a perfectly good app. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no dice. I’ll try it again next week, but if it’s still doing the same thing, I’ll delete it for good and never look back.
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4 years ago, Jkl3341vv
Great app
I’ve had this app for a number of years and use both it and the one that comes with the iPhone. This one is usually a bit more accurate and pinpointed to my area although it does take slightly longer to load on my old iPhone 6. It is also far more detailed and provides much more information. The default app is quick to load so I often glanced at it quickly before loading WeatherBug for a more extended look. Weatherbug is continuing to evolve and I find that every time I would like a feature like being able to check the weather map or get a detailed view of what the weather will be three days from now, it just takes a tap or 2 to figure it out how to do it. The programmers seem to have anticipated my every need. Perhaps a professional meteorologist would want something more powerful but I find it meets my every need. There are advertisements but they seem relatively unobtrusive unless you go looking for them. So all in all I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, rickyd9015
Works OK for me
I am not any kind of computer guy, I can barely type 10wpm. Being 71 I don’t use many apps other than weather apps. I watch storms in my area very closely because I currently live in Eastern Oklahoma Lived in San Antonio for 14 years and the weather guy on the local CBS station was always mentioning Weather Bug. So when I saw it on the Apple app. Store, I grabbed it. Now that I put in places where friends and family live I can keep track of weather in whatever. Areas I want. Plus I get weather notices if something headed towards me All I can say is I have had no problems with this app and think that for me, a person who never owned any computer before 2003 and only got my first cell phone in late 2017 it’s easy to operate and even an old fart like me can make it to do what I want it to. I get notified of severe weather headed towards me, many times before the NWS emergency radio lets me know, then all is good in my world
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5 years ago, ZheAwesomePenguin
Please fix it, the app is broken.
So I used to use WeatherBug a lot. But I do have to admit that sometimes the weather isn’t a true match to what’s happening. Granted, I live in Michigan, where one half of your lawn can be bright and sunny and the other half can be down pouring(I’ve personally witnessed it). But that’s besides the point. The data isn’t the same as what my friend gets from our local weather station. And just recently I tried to open the app to check the weather. (Mostly to read the radar. It’s more reliable to read it yourself if there’s rain or in this case, a spontaneous blizzard in the middle of April), when I discovered that the app takes 30 seconds to buffer, then immediately crashes back to my wallpaper. But, when I looked in the running background apps thing, it was there and so I clicked on it. I don’t know if what I was seeing was real or not, but it showed the normal degrees and the little radar thing, but then it froze and crashed again. The app in it's current state is completely unusable. I grew up watching WeatherBug on the tv every day before I left for school. It’s kind of sad that I have to leave and seek out another weather app. Even with all it’s bugs, I still liked this one.
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3 years ago, GrpTherapy
Like the ap but too many times the daily and the hourly do not match. Now for example, daily says 50% chance of rain, check hourly to see when and all times listed for next day and a half say 0% chance. Happens all the time like they have no way to keep up with the hourly. I wrote this some time ago. Same issue today. 50% chance of rain on the daily, 0% chance anywhere on the hourly. Makes the program unusable. Have to go to another program to see if it will rain or not. Evidently they cannot fix this as it has been this way forever. I received a response from the company but it did not address the issue. I don’t see how this app rates almost 5 stars when one of the 3 areas, hourly - (hourly, maps, daily) - is useless on many days where rain is forecast on the daily. I am trying to make a decision today about lawn care tomorrow. Daily says 30%. Looking at hourly to see when the best chance of rain would be, all times are zero. I look at another app and all times have a percent showing. Until this is fixed, this app should be no more than a 3 star.
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5 years ago, iplayd2day
USED to be my favorite for years!
Something happened a month ago after the app update of version 5.9 was completed. After that, my Weatherbug that would slay all of the other apps that family members had, was useless to me. I would sit there and watch an empty frame of the screen, while my data wildly searched to get SOMETHING on there. Still nothing would show up for a good minute or two. One in a while, 30 seconds. It's showing RIGHT NOW that our wind is blowing here at 6mph, yet for the last several HOURS, we've had damaging winds of over 50 mph continual gusts continue to hammer our area. Same thing happened yesterday as well. 6mph vs 50??? I have furniture MOVED off of my patio outside, pillows and tiki torches blown across the yard. I could have perhaps had fair warning to bring them indoors or had them weighed down, but the main issue in question is what happened a month ago and where did my weather bug go??? Can you bring it back? I've deleted and reinstalled several times hoping it would be a success, but it's the same thing, with my poor wifi JAMMING to try to load it up. Never had an issue before. The app was da bomb. Now it's totally useless.
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4 years ago, littlesnowcub
Deeply wounded me 🥺
This app caused my astraphobia. Now, I was generally afraid of storms already but one day, my good friend used weather bug to check for lightning when we were in the middle of a thunderstorm in the garage once. I asked about whether bug she said it was a great app! So I decided to download it. That was a horrible decision! I’m sorry to the creators of a bug but this app is way too extreme for children!! severe storm watch, life-threatening thunderstorm warning mediately seek shelter life-threatening Lightning and storms. And when I get the more than half the time it’s not evening for where I live!!And it doesn’t update through the day! It was The only resource I trusted. That was a bad decision. you guys don’t update to the day you lie about lightning strikes, and your warnings are way too dramatic and scary!!!!! 😣 This app should be 17+! it scared me so bad!!! Reason I gave this 2 stars is because for a while I loved it and thought I could trust it. But instead it developed my Astraphobia. even though I am getting treatment for it, still I’m always going to have a permanent fear of storms. Thanks to weather bug! (I’m sorry guys weather bug did not cause my astraphobia but it was a ginormous contributing factor)
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5 years ago, goblueinA2
Accuracy of Forecasts
Over the past 15 years I’ve used almost all popular weather apps and for this review I’ll name two others that Weatherbug beats hands down; Accuweather and The Weather Channel app. One would think since the Weather Channel has been the pioneer in forecasts for the longest duration they would put out a dependable app. All too often when I was running that app the forecasts were far off too many times. I’ve never had that issue with weatherbug. Of course hourly conditions can change but what I love about weatherbug is the truth in radar. When the radar shows a front moments away it’s always been spot on. It’s saved me many times when I’ve been out hiking or biking. It gives me plenty of notice when to get the dogs out before a storm. It has also made me a go to guy at work when others want to know the upcoming weather conditions. If you want a dependable weather app look no further.
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8 months ago, D man113
Ads and Forecaster Discussion
After about 9 years of using Weather Bug, I am removing it from my iPad. There are quite a few good features here: navigation is intuitive, the main data points are easily discoverable and notifications by location is a good feature. I have never been able to find the weather forecasters’ discussion, which provides a narrative version of the forecast. It has nuance the cannot be covered by numbers and is, for me, an important part of the overall picture. But it is a recent change in advertising presentation that has me installing a different app. Previous background photos reflected the current conditions and I mostly did not notice them. Sunny day? The background shot is a lady and her dog on a sunny day. Now it’s a full-page ad for a pest control company. Three guys staring at me AND their other ad is down in the corner at the same time. I need my own pest control folks to come get the pest invasion/infestation off my iPad. Or I could just delete the app. With as many ads as I already navigate around, this is a cash grab that is too egregious.
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1 year ago, Lovebug1948
I wouldn’t want to be a weatherman
It goes without saying, weather in the northeast can be so unpredictable. What I like about this app, is the radar picture showing incoming storms. That is pretty accurate. When we’re out of town, I enjoy checking out the webcams, especially in the winter. I can see if there’s any snow or rain at home. I like the traffic webcams too. I not only check our weather forecast but also have at least 13 other towns where friends and family live so I can check out their weather too. When we’re traveling by car and I’m not sure what town we’re in, I just turn on the Weather Bug app and town at the top of the list is where we are. Sometimes I check the app 4-5 times a day. There are also some very nice photos that people have submitted. I have 8 weather apps on my iPhone and this app is always the first one I check. And most times the only one I look at.
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1 year ago, bhghgjgjg
Two glitches I discovered so far. 🫠
Okay. So far, I’ve been using WeatherBug to check for any rain/precip in the app, and that makes me feel special, because I’m a huge fan of rainy days! 🌧 And not only that, but I’ve seen two glitches I’ve found in this app so far! 😮 The first, I checked the hourly forecast, and I noticed something out of the ordinary, which says, “A chance of throughout the day”? 🤨 That’s weird. 😶 And the other, I spotted this glitch like a few minutes ago, by checking the 10-day forecast, and I also spotted what seems to be the image of a sun and cloud together, but the cloud seems to be cut in half, and what it says right next to it is, “Clearing”? 😯 So, in conclusion, the next time this app has glitches I spotted, they should get fixed as soon as possible! 😛 And, this is why I’m giving you four stars because of these two glitches I discovered. 😀
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3 years ago, LV4NMLS
Overall clean look, but needs work
I wanted a weather app that didn’t use up a lot of memory and gave me more information than just the temperature readings. Weather Bug has a clean, well-organized look and feel. I can even organize my home page to show what’s more important to me from top to bottom. Unfortunately, the forecast isn’t the best. We all know weather is moody and changes at the drop of a needle, but it seems as the forecast doesn’t update until a certain time in the morning. So if I’m up in the middle of the night or even just before sun-up, I will get only the current temperature reading and the high/low in the quick view is inaccurate. It will not update until it assumes everyone is awake. Furthermore, the radar only shows you the previous hour’s movement if you select radar, and only one hour future movement if you select future radar. That’s not enough for me. Other apps will show me 3-4 hours in advance of which direction the rain may be moving. In summary, this app could use improvements. It’s just okay.
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3 years ago, Chrissy Saoirse Fae
This Used to be a Great App...
When I first got this app a couple of years ago, it was great. Now, it's so bogged down with animated ads that the forecast either takes forever to load or doesn't load completely - or even, sometimes, at all. I don't open your app to see the ads (or rather, be bombarded by them); I go to see the forecast. The moment I can't do that, or can't do it in a reasonable amount of time because of the stupid ads, the app becomes pretty much useless for what I got it for. You should ease up or you're probably going to lose customers over this. Heads up - sometimes, less is more. More effective, anyway. I give it 3 stars as it stands - not only because of the ridiculous loading issues, but also because the forecast is generally inaccurate, as well. The app sometimes doesn't show that it's supposed to be snowing until 3 hours after it started snowing, and will often show temps that are 20-30 degrees off the mark. The only thing it's actually good for is showing lightning strikes and their distance from you.
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3 years ago, lily barstow
Weather bug is a ok app
Somethings I like about weather bug is it has a awesome radar and tracker of all of the thunder and lighting storms to bad air quality, they have a separated warning page for any storms flooding or polling. The bad thing are I don’t like when u go into hours it gives u like a 0% chance of sunny and it is hard to know what is coming up and they don’t have any warning issues up sometimes and that makes me frustrated. Also sometimes they give u the wrong information like they say it is sunny but it is raining So I would rather prefer the regular weather app because it shows what is coming up with the presents and if there is any issues, and it has the right information. Just till weather bug fixes it up. Thanks for reading. Ps. I hope that weather bug changes the issue that I had with this app because I still like it in some ways!
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4 years ago, QuestForAwesome
Missing a couple things
WeatherBug does everything well, especially getting you your notifications, except one thing: notifying and informing you about special weather statements. These are kind of like miscellaneous statements the weather offices put out that contain information they think you need to know, but don’t qualify as a watch or a warning. They’re valuable, but WeatherBug doesn’t notify me when one is issued and they don’t show up anywhere in the app at all. For example, we have a special weather statement informing us that there’s a hard frost coming our way for the first time this season, but WeatherBug seems oblivious. I have to find out things like this from other sources, and I’m really surprised WeatherBug doesn’t include it. I’m writing this review just to ask if you would please fix this, give alerts for all weather notifications, and show them on the map. It would easily be a 5-star app otherwise. The only other thing I’d like to see is an option for the 10-day forecast to be displayed as a continuous graph, with lines through the days going up/down for various things like rain chances, temperature, wind, etc.
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5 months ago, RothArtist
Latest update discriminates against visual impairment
** waited a week, downloaded the Weather Channel app because it has a “Dark” option for its maps. The pin indicator “pops” with a white outline on the black background. Dumping the WeatherBug b/c they refuse to update. This used to be the weather app I used since 2009 but after almost 20 years they recently decided to change the location pins color tones to be the same as the map. That means if you are colorblind, the pins disappear. The older version uses pins with drop-shadows so colorblind people could see the pin. Despite emailing the app developer several times, the location pins remain invisible. None of the other location pins( pollen map, lightening map) have changed - all those maps still use the drop pin designed for colorblind people. Yeah, there is a reason most drop pins have a drop-shadow and are outlined in black/dark gray. Looks like after almost 15 years, I’ll have to switch to another app. I doubt this app developer has many clients that downloaded the app in a year beginning with “0”; they are about to lose one, though.
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5 years ago, Mominmidwest
Update: You Removed “Intolerable Flashing Message Icon”
REVIEW UPDATE: THANK YOU, WeatherBug! I’m a WeatherBug fan again! I gave you a week to eliminate the “insanely rapid flashing ‘you’ve got a (trash) message’ icon” before I deleted your app. You removed the annoying add in 1 day! I will again be recommending your app to any one that needs to check the weather. WB=5xStars! PS The lightning ⚡️warning map feature is extremely helpful. Life saver! (*Original Review) I really liked the Weather Bug app for a couple of years. Seemed somewhat accurate. Love the lightning warning and locator feature. But this morning when I opened the WB app, the insanely rapid flashing “you’ve got a (trash) message” icon made me want to delete the app and give it a “0” star rating. I haven’t deleted it yet. I’ll give developer a week to get rid if this new annoyance before I delete the otherwise decent app. However, I am already searching for a different weather. app
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5 years ago, H0317
Full of bloat & bad ux
The app does what it is supposed to do, but it is full of ads that are prioritized on loading. If you want to quickly check the weather make sure that you wait a few seconds for it to fully load the new data; Ive popped it open to read stale data and closed it many times before I realized it was totally wrong. If you open it up, it takes a long time to load the core of the app but displays ads quickly, which is fun in a hurry. For UX, they pack too much into the buttons and its hard to parse quickly with the eyes. Furthermore, the quick menu button has several mini components that go to different pages on click. You will invariably go to the wrong page (e.g 10 day forecast vs hourly vs time now). Add this to stale data and load times, you get a mess. It is frustrating to use, you have to wait long enough when looking to feel assured the data is trusted. When you click you go to the wrong page, wait for it to load, click the right page, wait for it to load, scroll past ads, find data. Its a silly construct and I’m done with it.
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1 year ago, TomB4ss
Reliable, Accurate and Helpful
This is a very reliable weather app. It is easy to use and I trust it. I really like it because you can look at weather all over the USA and be confident the weather is accurate when traveling or just interested in the weather in other parts of the country. I have been using it to help me select where I want to live when I retire by watching weather in various cities and various states. Quite often this site is more accurate than other sites that utilize local news stations for there city reports. Weather Bug is my “go to” first choice weather app. Also, there are many weather stations to choose from in many areas of the country so you can get reports for weather that is much more accurate to the location you are interested in. Try it. You will appreciate it and grow to trust it over other sites.
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2 years ago, Modelt75
Closer correct projected weather then weather channel for our area
Been monitoring these two weather apps for over year now. Have noticed in that time that Weather Bug has hit our weather more often then the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel also requires you to purchase a premium package to give you a ten day forecast. Weather Bug does not. Given the high percentage of hitting our weather of Weather Bug versus the lower percentage of Weather Channel, I recommend the Weather Bug. Also, I notice the Weather Channel has greater detail weather reports on highly populated area more then low populated areas. Not saying this is wrong because the more folks that can obtain accurate weather predictions the greater chance of loss of life, however, we deserve that also and we will use the app that provides us that data.
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5 years ago, Maurrie
Stick to your default weather app
I work for my city plowing snow, cutting grass etc, so knowing the weather is apart of my job because I need to be prepared for random call ins and so on. This app sent me completely off. All day I’m checking my default weather app, and Weather Bug, and they’re saying two completely different things. My default app is saying snow starting Friday night leading into all day Saturday. Weather Bug is saying an hour of snow at 11pm then more light snow from like 4am to 10 am Saturday morning. I stay up doing some late reading cus I of course want to believe the forecast with less snow. At around 11:30pm I check Weather Bug again, and it’s completely changed to snow all night leading into snow all day Saturday. But get this. It keeps switching back and forth between barely any snow, to snow all day. Had my job called me in overnight I would’ve been completely crap out of luck, and exhausted working through early Saturday morning into Saturday evening. To sum things up, I will definitely stick to my default weather app. It’s not the fanciest, buts it’s been pretty accurate so far. Definitely more reliable than Weather Bug.
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