Weather - Local Climate°

4.5 (273.4K)
152.7 MB
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Current version
Impala Studios
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weather - Local Climate°

4.54 out of 5
273.4K Ratings
6 years ago, jerummy
It's really good for a free weather app
I couldn't stand the weather channel anymore bc of the nonstop ads and news stories that I don't really care about. This app is what it promises to be. I was going to give it four stars but when I compare it to the other apps out there that are super shady this one stands out for its decency. A single non-intrusive ad at the bottom of the screen, with the option to upgrade to the premium version for a single one time payment. I don't know about you but I would STEER CLEAR of any weather apps offering you a subscription...that is ridiculous. Also I looked at the reviews on some of the 5 star apps...they are all written by people who do not understand English...Another red flag for an app. Sorry to talk so much about other apps but it's why this one is good...the developer seems to be genuine.
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4 years ago, DaveDaley
Meh - it’ll do.
This weather app is nothing to write home about, but it’ll do - at least, the iPad version isn’t so great. Case in point (on the iPad); there is no key map... you know, something to tell you what the little symbols mean. Like humidity. Which one is which? It looks like rainfall(?), expected rainfall (?) and humidity (?) are basically extremely similar. There is no explanation for what any of the symbols are. Also, no indication of whether the humidity is rising or dropping (indication of an arriving or departing weather front)... none of the symbols indicate that info, so whichever symbol is humidity, it doesn’t indicate that. Also, the little arrows next to the temp, being wind direction according to the help info, doesn’t explain where up is (it just says it’s pointing in the direction the wind is blowing)... is up north? Also it provides no air quality index. Also (this would be nice to have), it doesn’t provide any recent past information... like, it’d be nice to know just how cold it really got last night, or yesterday... maybe last week). Having said that, this app is my go to app, it’s the first one I check for temp and future weather events. HOWEVER, If I need all that other stuff (see above) I use another app, or apps - which sort of defeats the purpose of having a weather app). Jus’ sayin’...
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4 years ago, Game__Girl8
Nice app! BUT...
I got this app because I needed to know what weather it would be in a day or days. So I got it. And it was for free. And I’m really glad I did because it’s very convenient. I love the idea of colors for how bad the weather will be. Especially because there’s a scale telling what color is bad, good, or in between. OR between that. I love this app. And congrats to the producers who made it. BUT, there is two problems. First, it once said that it was going to rain 90% at 4:00. Then, when it was 4:00, I looked outside and it wasn’t raining. So I checked this weather app again, it it moved to 5:00. 90% chance. And then it was 5:00, and it wasn’t raining. I looked at this weather app AGAIN, and it moved to 6:00, 90% chance of rain. And this continued the rest of the day until 12:00. Secondly, it will FREEZE SO BADLY. But, to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s my WiFi, or the app. But the WiFi that i have around my area rarely freezes. So those are the two main problems I have. But, all in all, this is a really nice app. I also forgot to mention that this app is also ad free for FREE. Again, congrats producers! Even though I have these problems, I still enjoy this app. 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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6 years ago, Bumhip
Efficient layout but wants to track you always
This is a a good layout of weather for a location with hourly, daily and radar easily found all in same screen. However, for the “Show Local Weather” feature to work the app requires you enable “Track Location Always”. I don’t like or use any app that tracks my location (I’ve turned it off in all of Google). I would accept some delay to load local weather data for the safety of not always tracking me, but this app doesn’t offer the Show Local unless it can always track my location. Therefore I am deleting the app as there are other weather apps that are not so intrusive.
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4 years ago, Cheapskate01
26-May-20: My second Impala weather app
Bottom line: It’s a simple app that does a bit more than its sibling and its advertising is far less annoying. And, it works on older devices. Works for me. The other Impala weather app is the one with the big clock on it and the animated backgrounds. Comparing the two apps: This one has at least seven day forecasts (the other one, five) and a weather map. Forecasts on this app are larger and easier to read (than on the sibling app). Something this app does not have (that the other one has) is interstitial ads. Thus far, the only ad I’ve seen is a banner across the bottom of the screen. If it stays that way, then GREAT! (I know you need advertising to stay in business - I just hate ads that get-in-the-way and sometimes prevent access to the very content that I turn to the app for) Something else that’s pretty good, too: iOS 9 compatible, so I can run this on my iPad 2. A serious design flaw of iOS for iPad is the lack of a native (Apple) weather app - such as all iPhones and iPods have. Shame on you, Apple. Even Windows 10 comes with a weather app - for desktop computers! (And shame on other weather apps that have shut down support for iOS 9 - Weather Channel and Weather Underground, I’m looking at you)
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2 weeks ago, Teisidjejshe
Why is it so slow?
Starting the app takes far too much time. It says it catches location, temperature, humidity … well, I tried many weather apps and no other need so much time. The weather might have changed already until the information is available. If it’s finally available, the information is very accurate, I have to admit that. But there are other things that are really annoying. I installed the app on a second phone and used the Restore Purchase link. An error message pops up and said that no subscription couldn’t be found. They really try to trick you into a second subscription because you cannot do anything without the subscription. Customer service hasn’t responded to my ticket yet. That being said, three stars is a very generous rating.
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2 years ago, kentnolt
I love the layout but the daily description may be misleading
I really appreciate the design of this weather app. All the information is right there on one screen including radar. You can tap on each day to see what the hourly forecast is. And you will want to because the general description for the day might mislead you. For example, today it shows thundershowers because there is a 2% chance at 10:00 this morning. All the other 24 hours in the day are at 0%. Really!? It’s really great otherwise; just make sure to always check the hourly as I said, so you aren’t misguided.
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2 years ago, Roctor11
Most accurate
In my own non-scientific, random checks of the other weather sites , this site is most often accurate over a 72 hour period. Sometimes even a five day period will hold up to scrutiny. I believe God has a lot of fun with the weather prognosticators; however, He must they be feeding these folks some secrets under the table ha ha! Thank you... However, I must say, the plethora of tricky commercials is pushing me away. It is becoming harder and harder to simply check in to see what the day’s weather is supposed to be. I need a machete to get through the weeds of “pay for Pro“…!
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5 years ago, Jesseondrums
Snoozed on the $2 price
I had this app for years- It’s feature rich and clean! The features are on a single page! Scroll through your saved cities with its week displayed virtually. Pull down and that areas map goes full screen with Doppler time-lapse. Click on a day and the hourly info drops down to reveal/hide precipitation and all that good stuff and the option to click 3 pop up maps (wind rain temp) if you want to see details of the surrounding area. It used to be $1.99 to get rid of the ad. I wanted to love it and pay but the temps, some location names were wrong and the Doppler map and temps were a little off. I saw they updated the accuracy of things but also changed to subscription! 😞
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2 years ago, Fish's sister
Used to be better
This app is great. I can’t get the weather channel app and at first this seemed to be a good replacement. However, as time went on, it seemed like the app got slowly more corrupted(?) with ads. Today I opened the app and immediately got an ad. That’s normal with this app. I closed out of it and barely had enough time to go to my local weather and look at at before another one appeared. Now, there are so many ads on the screen. I’m on the brink of deleting this app. I know you can buy a subscription but it seems ridiculous to subscribe to a weather report app. I know I shouldn’t complain. Overall, this app is okay when its free, but there’s something sketchy about this that I don’t love. Anyway, I have to go and delete this app. Thanks for reading.
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4 years ago, jmf301
Generally nice but have an Issue.
How can I change the location from ‘Pilgrim Village’ to ‘Madison Wisconsin’ or ‘Shorewood Hills’? Not obvious, and of course, no on-line help documentation. Apple programs seems to follow a commandment ‘Thou shalt not document’. I was able to chang the location temporarily ditzing around but that added an unwanted account to my email that has received an average of about one spam every 18 minutes! In settings on my iPad pro, I could turn off email for that account but not delete it. Then, my location reverted to ‘Pilgrim Village’. It appears the programmers are very interested in me receiving about 80 email spams per day as a fine for having a weather app on my iPad pro.
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5 years ago, Mikokiwidoy
Weather Forecast
I’m in the middle of replacing my roof last week until today. So, before I tear it apart first my friend asked me to look into the weather forecast in which my tablet has it. In which the rain will fall Sunday, Monday,Tuesday and Friday. Therefore we tear it apart Wednesday and the rain pour Wednesday night and Thursday all day. So my two rooms had water damage. Because the forecast had change at the last minute. Same thing this week. Mother nature are unpredictable. Reason I gave 5 star they were accurate on hourly forecast. At least i got warning on hourly bases. Keep up the good work and thank you.
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1 year ago, *ke
CANCELED DANGEROUSLY wrong forecast!!!
I had Dark Sky a long time and LIKED it…when they bailed on us!! SO I signed up for a year subscription with this BUT then just now cancelled it though it just subscribed and am LOSING almost a year..but rather that than a RIDICULOUSLY BAD weather app that is so far off it ENDANGERS a person’s LIFE!! I went off to an appt this morning and ended up in a heavy blizzard like snow. It took me 2 hours of 20-30 mph driving to return home without ever making my appt. When i got home I checked my weather app again, to see what I had missed. Still NO WARNINGS!! YET NOAA certainly had them for my area!! So I cancelled this app and added NOAA to my home screen which I had not realized before that I could do. NO sense in having a weather app that cannot help avoid life truly threatening road conditions!
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5 years ago, TomzTomba
Great accurate weather app!
I’ve had about every weather app out there just like lots of people out there, and I have been very impressed with this app and it is now my go~to weather app because it’s easy to navigate, it’s very accurate (I’ve compared its accuracy with my NOAA weather radio several times), it’s a nice looking layout, and it loads fast on my IOS devices. Also the small charge for the add free version plus a couple other little features is worth it in my opinion, but the free version it just fine as it gives you everything you need.
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4 years ago, comosec
Can’t trust info on this app! Got the app because it had radar, but after a week I noticed that the wind info never changed, it said 11mph 24/7, even though my old weather app showed wind speed changes several times a day. Also the UV index permanently says 9, regardless if it is overcast or late night when there’s no sun at all! The pressure is always rounded to 30Hg. Maybe it will change in a tornado or hurricane, but it’s the subtle drops in tenths that usually indicate a change in weather is going on. Lastly, my location on radar sometimes was accurate to my house on satellite, but would randomly change to a few miles away in the dead center of the city I live in - while I’m sitting at home looking at the radar rain pattern! Deleting this app, useless for my needs.
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5 years ago, Foxbythebay
All around I absolutely love this app.(partly from a blizzard about to hit, we never get snow!). My device did not have a weather app, but, when I found this app my wish had been answered! What I mean by that is when I got on this app it showed me a weather map and almost exactly the same weather on time, it is very easy to understand what the weather is, and the actual words can be read without place your face on the screen to see. I would recommend this app to all of my friends and family.
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2 years ago, VicDiesel
Just short of actually good
I got this app after my absolute favorite, weather line, stopped support. By comparison this app is decent but not as good. Icons describing daily conditions are a little confusing. Yes, you can look up what they mean, but a better design would be appreciated. Also in a dry state like Texas this app is much too optimistic about the chance of rain. I can look at it week and see every day described as “thunderstorms“ and at the end of the week we may have had two drops of rain. In other words, the one-word description could be better.
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5 years ago, 3124235
Completely unreliable
So I was staining a deck, and used this app to see if it was supposed to rain. Weather app said 80 degrees and sunny. So I took a screen shot of the app, and then I took photos of the ruined deck, and the cloudy sky the app insists is sunny. I’m now looking at a sopping wet deck and ruin stain, because this unreliable app couldn’t bother to update or correct itself. It’s in the proper location, I updated it, refreshed it. Still not showing any rain. Not a cloud in the sky according to this app. Thanks for costing me time and money. I’m going to have find a new app and start over on my deck. Thanks for the let down!! Also if the developer happens to respond (not likely) I don’t want to hear about “external sources” my iPhone app is dead on. Why can’t you be? (iPhone took a dump, so I’m relying on iPad)
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6 years ago, won joo
Like the title says, I want to view full screen
Like the title says, I want to view full screen. I’d like to be able to drag a finger across the screen and open it completely to view either a larger size map or the forecast - possibly with some more information as so many other apps can do. Some will expand when turning your device sideways. I’d also like to be able to switch from one full screen to the other. I’m surprised that this isn’t in your frequently asked questions section; the split screen without the ability to open either side to full view is pretty obsolete. Thank you for your time. If there is a way to do this that I’ve overlooked, please let me know; I’d appreciate it.
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5 years ago, XAliceAnonymousX
Great app.
I’ve used the free version for about a month. Comparing the weather app from Apple and this one. I feel from my experience using this app that it has been far more accurate than Apple’s Weather app. That being said, I invested in the 3.99 for the version without ads. *** UPDATE*** I had purchased the app on my iPhone and when I try to restore purchase on my iPad it says that they could not find a subscriptions or in-app purchase that could be restored... I paid 3.99 for this app. What can I do?
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5 years ago, Rifle lord
Not happy about the constant ad banner(I despise ads in any capacity!!!) and after I reinstalled the app(had it, didn’t use for long enough it went away), the nagware banner is literally the first thing put in view it both blocks easy access to seeing at a glance without moving it the times for the weather predictions today and everything else. I NEVER buy apps and never will and like I said I hate ads with a burning passion. I get you need to make money but find another way without showing ads or charging for the app. The only reason I ever downloaded this app was because the preloaded weather app refused to work. I’m gonna check if it works now and if it does I’m dropping you
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2 years ago, Priceless001
Awesome Advertisements!
I think they gave this app just some silly title to get people to download it. It’s all about the ads, man! As soon as the app fully opens and the weather is about to come into view…bam, there’s an ad. Then every 2 to 3 seconds after, an ad pops up, and there are dozens of ads to get annoyed with, on this app. So yea, if you’re looking to find something stupid and garbage, get this weather app cuz it will show you literally hundreds of goofy stupid things. (And then beware cuz you’ll have to put up with watching really basic weather stuff for like 5 seconds, here and there, in the the first minute the app is open.)
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2 years ago, 2danielmaurer
Are used to like it better
I liked this app much better before they added so many ads for the free version. It seems like I have to watch two ads just to get the weather and then every time I wanna look at a different location I get another ad and then maybe while I’m looking at that I get yet another ad. It did not used to be this way. I like the accuracy of the information but they’re killing me with ads. I would consider paying but I think the cost is too high if the cost was more reasonable I would pay to get the ads removed
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6 years ago, Elspatutha
Thank you!
After having The Weather Channel for years, suddenly my version was being "retired" and the update was not compatible with my iPad. I searched the App Store and checked out several, which were awful, and then thankfully found this one. It's better than the old weather channel app- it has a tremendous amount of information, shows the radar on the same screen and leaves off a lot of useless information. I love it and am upgrading. Thanks so much!
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2 years ago, joemama4
Apple consumed “DARK SKY” and gave us this pile of refuse. DARK SKY was a beautiful and functional app that gave real time images of weather across the entire globe. I could see approaching storms in the Pacific but with this garbage app nothing appears but weather over land. Good for seeing what storm is currently hitting but nothing for seeing what is on the way. Bring back DARK SKY. This is a clownishly simple app that gives far far less information than DARK SKY did. I want to cancel my purchase immediately but it is rather difficult to find the path to do so once they have your geld. Shameful capitalistic move on Apple’s part - taking beauty and function and turning it into a cartoonish piece of dog waste.
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3 years ago, Capt2
Great app but
I’ve been using this app for quite awhile and like it best compared to dozens of others I’ve tried. It seems to be more accurate (although all the data comes from the same source) and is easier to use. Unfortunately in the last few weeks they have added an “upgrade now” advert screen that you have to close EVERY TIME YOU OPEN the APP! I will be deleting it soon.
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2 years ago, asid77
accurate but obnoxious ads and missing info
i found this to be more accurate than the weather channel’s app, so i appreciate that, however the forced full screen ad that pops up immediately upon opening the app and can’t be closed out for a bit is super obnoxious and practically makes the app not worth it. as a result i’ll use it only on occasion when accuracy really matters. to boot, daily/hourly wind speed info is missing but other less important info is included. if it’s 45 degrees out and i’ll be spending time outdoors i need to know whether the wind will be 3 ph or 25 mph! not sure why such crucial info was left out. edit: thank you for your response. unfortunately the info provided does not help as wind speed info is only for the current day once it arrives, but not upcoming days, thus not helpful for planning. for instance no mention that the wind speed here tomorrow will be 15-25 mph. makes a huge difference on cold winter days.
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4 years ago, Lesko2
Love the Weather app
The app makes checking the weather a simple task. I like to look at the hourly view to determine when I want to do things. I like the way it shows how rain and storms and tornadoes will move through the area. When my hip and knee and ankle ache it gives me clues as to when I will feel normal again. When I am out late it tells me what time the sun will set because I don’t see well in the dark. It is a very valuable application! Thank you! 😉
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4 years ago, Edd1edd
This app works! I was using another and it was useless, I tried this one and haven’t looked back. Gives so much information, all easily available at your fingertips. And do easy to set up other locations as well. I’m an RV’er, when traveling last year from west coast to New Orleans, I used this a lot. As there was so much bad weather, it was great to use this app and travel safely around the storms.
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2 years ago, FIBIOOTL
Not Much Weather!
Your weather is “plain” compared to the other weather websites. Your homepage is very colorful, however there is not much information. Enjoyable but I not always accurate compared the others I look at for my weather for the day, week, bad weather, hot weather during the week. When we have unexpected weather you don’t have notices about detailed problems that can happen during the day, night as well as storm’s, dangerous heat with warning’s so your reader’s can stay safe! Krista Smith April 25, 2022
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4 years ago, Randyjax
Ads have ruined a terrific app.
This weather app was outstanding compared to the traditional iPhone one and it even includes a live Doppler radar & accurate forecasting. In the last year or so however, I have been unable to use it for more than a couple of seconds each time I’ve tried accessing it. They’ve stepped up their advertising significantly and as you probably well know, ads take the fun out of everything. Since that time, they have broken this app to the point where it freezes or crashes every time I try to use it. It’s gotten so out-of-hand that I’m leaving this review to complain.
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2 years ago, Min851
I have had this up for a while now and loved it because of the layout. It clearly showed you weather at different hours on different days. I also like the aesthetics of it. For some reason, over the last few months, I’ve noticed really intrusive ads. Before there was a non-offending out on the bottom and I was fine with that. Now, any time I try to select a different city this entire ad takes over my screen and it’s hard to close some times. It almost feels like a virusAnd only happens on this app. I’m going to have to delete.
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2 years ago, Kahoot
Used to be the best
I used to love this weather app. The split screen, the drop down with all the specific information, the ability to adjust the radar field made this a great place to get most of your weather information. Now I realize they make money from advertising and it is necessary. It has gotten out of hand. They have upped the number of ads so much that it has made using the app frustrating. Ads that you cannot close immediately, ads that pop up after 20 seconds of activity, it’s just too much.
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5 years ago, Nina-Corn
Weather App
The Weather App is so amazing, it gets the weather right every time. I have had trouble with all the other Weather Apps except this one. There are no bugs or errors in this, and I personally appreciate how High-Quality his app is. I highly recommend this app if you like to check the weather daily as well as myself. So if you want a really amazing Weather App, then I suggest that you download, “Weather App” today for free.
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5 years ago, A young anime artist
I say 💯 ⭐️!
It’s a great app! I can go to school and check in the morning if it’s cold outside or not or raining ETC. So I can dress right! ❤️ I say this app is GREAT! It’s better than the live weather app because the weather is actually always showing from yesterday. I read through those and it was 3.5 Stars. Which isn’t very good. So I prefer this way better. You should use this Everyday. It’s actually, I guess, Fun. It’s great for learning about if it was 90 degrees or 39 degrees! I prefer it. I’m in 3rd grade and this is super helpful. It’s funny how some weather apps can be trash. According to me this app is SUPER GOOD. We need this app. Siri is too stupid. Siri is also pretty creepy, the government are listening to you by the way. My sisters friend asked it to Siri. Sheesh I love this app! #BestAppEver! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Julia Moussa
I LoVe iT
Why I really like this app is because it shows u everything everything u need like if there’s a tornado um where places are um also what the weather is and if ur traveling u can just change it and I just live the app that’s all u really want to say I really recommend this I don’t know who would give this a 1 star cause this app is the best! Love~ Julia Moussa 💛✨
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6 years ago, KalizHeart
Change the split screen
The split screen should be an option easy for you to fix. If you fix this I’ll buy the full version. The map loads quickly, probably because there isn’t a bunch of unwanted information downloading. Some of the weather apps aren’t very appealing to a meteorologist and more catered to society’s whims. I like being able to see what I want immediately, satellite views. If most type of map apps make it easy to change from split screen to full screen I bet you can do it too. Give it a try okay?!
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6 years ago, Binky The Hand
Best replacement for old WU Storm app
I swear I waded through all the bajillion weather apps three times looking for something that came close to the soon-to-be-discontinued-for-no-good-reason WU Storm. This seems to be the only option if you like opening directly to radar and forecast data at a glance without a lot of additional tapping, though it doesn't have the national weather service alerts or hourly precipitation chance.
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6 years ago, ThisAppNoWk
I was iUpgrade would not work unless I always allow them to track me.
I was impressed with the free version and so upgraded to the commercial free when suddenly it would not allow me to use the app unless they tracked me all the time knew my location always. I was not given an option as was available in the free version. I requested a refund and have heard nothing from them thus far.
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2 years ago, chipncarly
Changed horribly!
My original weather app was fabulous. But my iPhone “deleted” this app from my phone. When I downloaded it from the App Store, the new one was a huge disappointment. I won’t the old one back!!! They want money now. I think that’s probably why it was deleted by my phone. I used that old app several times a day. This one doesn’t show the hour by hour unless you upgrade and pay. I feel like they partnered with iPhone to randomly delete this app from older phones. I have an 8plus. My life 360 app was also deleted. And what do you know???!!!! They want money too now!!
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2 years ago, --SRW--
Not nearly as good as Dark Sky App
The new Apple Weather App does not give the immediate, current weather info for my district that I was expecting. For example, Dark Sky App would show rain starting in 15 minutes; rain is light, moderate or heavy; rain is stopping in 30 minutes and will start up again in 20 minutes. It gave probabilities of rain for each hour for my district for the rest of the day. The accuracy of the DS App was not 100%, but was very good! The new Apple App does not currently have these essential features, which I had hoped would be included when Apple acquired the Dark Sky App.
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4 years ago, Donewithit65
No Ads Should Mean NO Ads
For the most part I really like this App. It’s easy to follow, very detailed and usually pretty accurate. However, I pay the premium for “No Ads” and yet the App opens with a full page ad, that not only is annoying because I pay extra to not have them, but often times it blacks out my screen and takes forever to actually load to where I can close it out, or freezes my screen causing me to have to close the App and start over. Super annoying.
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2 years ago, suns.hine
What’s happening
Every morning I can count on a clear picture of what Mother Nature is creating in Bend Oregon as well as any other place on our beautiful planet. It’s so much fun to look at what other family members are dealing with. The map is clear as you could desire and the weather indicators are entertaining and understandable. Lornaleebreezysunshine
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2 years ago, rbukacek
Pop up ads are annoying
Recently the full page pop up ads began appearing so often that it was difficult to check the weather at all. I’d open the screen, an ad would appear. I’d close it then check the weather for the day. An ad would appear. I’d close it then check the outlook for the week. An ad would appear. I’d close it and check the weather for the city I was traveling to soon and an ad would appear. I get the need to have advertisements but the amount of times the ads are popping up make me want to look for another app.
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2 years ago, Joe Blow 07
Pretty Scummy Tactics
Using the same icon design and name as the native Apple Weather app, just to open up an app full of ads when taxpayer money already pays for the national weather service and its data…pretty shady stunt. Should go work for a pharmaceutical company, they’re masters of charging the public extra for what they get out of our taxes for free. Would give this zero stars if I could. And shame on all the shady apps that just add barely-visible changes so their names resemble the native app. Just glad when iPad OS 16 comes out with the native app installed we can say goodbye to these con artist versions.
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6 years ago, Dennis Grandinetti
Very disappointed
Well I read about this app reviews and rating I thought its good. Well it’s okay if your the type of person who on the run and doesn’t really understand weather. But I like to view real time radar and estimate my time outside. Well this weather app is not for me. It’s like first grade radar. They ask for my opinion so before I delete this app I will state my opinion. I want to thank impala studios for reaching out to me to see if they can help make there app and the weather better. That’s great that they care I appreciate there efforts to improve.
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4 months ago, nook562
I liked this app in the past. Recently, however, the radar for my area shows a lot of precipitation in the area when it’s a perfectly clear sky, and I mean massive amounts of rain. Every. Single. Day. I let them know about it several weeks ago, got a reply that kind of blew it off, and it’s still showing a lot of rain today when there’s not a cloud in the sky. If you’re going to include radar in your app, then gee, maybe you should make sure that it’s accurate. Now I find out the cost is going up almost 50%. Time to cancel.
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6 months ago, Kenneth_SC
Worst customer service
I had purchased their weather app and they discontinued it without informing customers. They said to migrate to this new app but wouldn’t provide a paid version. They wanted me to pay again. I’ve emailed them requesting for a paid version since they discontinued an app that I already paid for. No response from them. After mumble emails, they just ignored it. I would’ve been fine with any compromise but they decided to just pocket the money and wanted more for this new app. I’m staying away from any app this developer sells.
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3 years ago, Wolfie there
Pretty good weather
They quit making my favorite weather program and this has been the best one I’ve come up with since. I liked being able to quickly scan through several selected areas. Here you have to go back to a page and select each area, but it’s pretty easy so I would give it a four star or better.
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6 years ago, Bumdrella
Why does it need location access when it’s closed
Yahoo weather is my go to app for these things, but it’s nice to have a second opinion cuz sometimes that’s all that forecasts are: opinions. I’ve used this one for ages but due to some recent update, it now demands that you give the app access to your location ALWAYS or it won’t work. They wanna know where you are 24/7 even when the app is closed. No reason for that other than nosy developers. I won’t use this now and cannot recommend to anyone. Go try the Yahoo Weather app. It’s great & doesn’t care where you might happen to be.
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