Weather - The Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel Interactive
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4 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weather - The Weather Channel

4.72 out of 5
3.9M Ratings
5 years ago, Johnnyz53
Let’s go back in Time
I own a manufacturing business in the South. Since we work in a mostly open warehouse the weather is very important there was a time when y’all had sections of importance. Videos: At one time the primary videos offered were segments of weather throughout the country. i . e. Northeast, southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest. Now it’s a melange of Weather top story, then somewhat insignificant stories with background music and subtitles of stories not necessarily pertinent to U.S weather on a daily basis. It seems you have to forage through the pooo to get what your looking for. There was also monthly data that showed averages for one’s area and where we are compared to the average on a rolling average. That’s completely gone. Nowadays it’s the basic local facts and sensationalism. I’m afraid that you don’t know how to get it back. Lastly, I find it interesting that your posting a 4.6 average when the Lions share of comments are negative. Himmmm Math channel? Update; I had to correct my score. I originally gave it 2 Stars. Once it showed up it was 4 stars. Very interesting, maybe it answers my score question. So now I gave it a 1. If you see any more than 1 star? It wasn’t me.
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1 year ago, 110614937
What a joke
Seriously download the free version and try it out. It’s possibly the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Too many add, also seems like they overloaded it, or tried to make it do more so that not it’s virtually none usable. Seriously how hard is it the have current, hourly, daily all in an easy to read. Don’t even get me started on the ads. The app has so much nonsense that you do more work trying to find what it is the apps is suppose to be for. You are out of your mind if you think you’ve convinced me to pay to download the premium. The way that works is show how good the app is, so much so it makes me think “if it’s this good I can’t imagine how much better the premium is”. I guess your idea is let’s drive them crazy with the free version, and they will want to pay for the premium. Premium may be what I’m looking for, but I’ll never know because you’ve put out such a terrible product I don’t feel the need to get suckered into giving you money. It’s like a car manufacturer trying to get you to buy the top of the line model by letting you try out the base model after it’s been used as a rental car for years, and behind on getting serviced. Seriously wonder how you are allowed to keep your jobs. Oh yeah that right, your model is buy up all the other good apps like dark sky to eliminate the competitor instead of trying to create a better app. You could cut so much out of the app and get back to basics and have way more people downloading, but you won’t.
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2 years ago, brock samson the one and only
If you LOVE watching ADS, this app is for YOU!!
I have used this app for my weather outlook for about ten years, and the quality over the last several years has just plummeted. Compared to the apps my friends used to use for daily and hourly weather predictions, i felt this was always the closest to actual. I have used the Weather Channel App to time my gardening, mowing, outings, and lawn applications for roughly the last decade, and now I can barely trust its accuracy beyond the two hour outlook. 70% chances of rain within the next four hours…poof, gone. Looking at the radar, i could even see that myself! On top of the worsening weather predictions, now to switch from the home screen to another screen - hourly or daily outlook, for example - i have to watch an ad for a piece of trash game that probably collects more data from my phone than it is of any entertainment value. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely surprising since for decades their website has been hocking clickbait ads for less than reputable financial and health/wellbeing sites (the website was my go-to source many years before smart phones). Of course, you can get rid of all those ads, now…because there is a pay option!! Problem solved, right??!! Finally, The Weather Channel decides we need to name winter storms now?? Give me a break! Sensationalism at its best! Whatever it takes to keep that ad revenue coming. Deleting this app, and never returning.
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3 years ago, gmm43
Ads Became Too Much
I used to solely rely on this app for my weather, but when they introduced a premium version of the app, they started including ads to promote the premium version. At first, I decided it was no big deal, surely after a few months of promoting the new premium version, they would roll back the intrusive ads. This was not the case. Every time I open the app, an ad for the premium version pops up. I close the ad and click on the radar... and another ad for the premium version pops up. It’s constant and annoying. If I haven’t upgraded to the premium version yet after having the basic version for so long, I’m obviously not interested. I dread needing to look up the weather. It seems the developers are purposefully trying to make the basic version unappealing so that I have to buy the premium. I started looking into other apps, but the company that provides next best weather app has some ethical issues, so I put off downloading it. I’ve finally hit the breaking point though. I will not buy the premium version, especially after the developers have made the basic version irritating to use, so I just downloaded the other company’s app and I will be deleting this app after I post this review. You’re going to lose more customers than you’ll gain premium version customers if you keep this up. No one wants to pay extra just to look up the weather.
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1 month ago, Julie E. Chicago
Create an account for a “free” weather app?!!
Weather Channel, my go to app for so many years- how far you’ve fallen. Open this up today after several uses already for planning a trip today day & suddenly nothing….but a new landing page requiring you to create an account; for a “free app” FULL of ads. The worst part is the PRIVACY POLICY. Read it. Our information is being sold to multiple, multiple 3rd party companies devices are tracked, among other things. This is so egregious & honestly scary. It’s also IMHO a total f-u to all the loyal users over the years. I’ve hung in for a long time because there are features that I like & frequently use. Its just become untenable with the barrage of ads that annoy & already collect info but now TWC has a new pay to play - we sell & collect info in an invasive manner, dangling more customization of services or you’re forced to stop using it. The Weather Channel(TV) was a thing of beauty to all weather geeks & people just interested in daily weather, the first few years. It turned in to a sensationalized story machine ad cranking, & occasional weather provider years ago, & something I dropped. I’m sad to say the app is next. Can’t imagine the paid version is less invasive of privacy. Two stars for some of the features after years of use. Trying some new apps now.🎤
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1 year ago, Adam Laird
I trust TWC’s weather reports, but can’t trust this app.
This is the most horribly designed and highly problematic weather app of all time. Where to begin is the hardest part, I would say the most frustrating thing is that it will crash anytime I slide it to the background and try to pull it up again. I have to shut down the app every single time and reload it for it to work. It also will randomly push an ad through in a very glitchy way and then when you close out the ad the app crashes. It has so many ads with large click margins that navigating the app without clicking on an add as well is near impossible. Which creates a situation that only adds to the frustration of the above issue. I have an up to date phone, the software is fully updated along with the app, and I have high speed wifi connection. The problem isn’t on my end. Maybe they make the ‘free’ app this way to encourage you to upgrade it, but all it has encouraged me to do is delete the app and trust a different source for weather. If it wasn’t so glitchy I would easily pay for the upgraded services. You would think a company such as TWC would invest in upgrading this precariously balanced piece of garbage. The app is broken, you need to start over and redo it or you are going to lose more people just like you did me today after dealing with it crashing 3 times in 30 seconds.
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2 years ago, Sttamsmith
Great, except for the ads...
I love the app, but the ads are everywhere! They've been getting worse (more abundant and bothersome) lately. It's gotten to the point that I very rarely watch the videos anymore, because the ads are so frequent. Honestly, if it weren't the best weather app that I know of, i'd probably just delete it. That being said, it IS the best weather app that I know of! I've not tried very many, but this one has beaten the apple weather app in accuracy by a long-shot (I used both in the summer of 2020, and Weather Channel was far mor accurate in its predictions). I haven't even bothered opening the Apple weather app but a few times in a year or more! Weather Channel is my go-to! But seriously, the ads? Ever since they introduced the pop-up ads which cover my entire screen, I've not wanted to use the app nearly as much. I just had an ad take me to the app store 2-3 times in under a minute, and I was just trying to scroll past it (I guess I accidentally touched it?). All I wanted was the hourly forecast, not Solitaire... If you guys (the app-maker folks) could remove the pop-up ads, that would be great! I don't have any plans whatsoever for paying for the premium version. Keep up the good meteorology!
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4 years ago, laurareviews
Thank you
Thank you for keeping us up to date on the weather. I found it a problem when we had a hurricane and lost all power and internet. I don’t love the ads but when you don’t have internet and power you are slowly watching it skip and skip and you can’t actually get to the weather until it’s completely over you. In those situations it is very frustrating. I don’t however want to pay for premium to get more accurate and up to date weather. I would rather get it anyways. Most professions give their 100%. I wish you had a solution for when people’s lives matter in such a horrible situation to have it more assessable. When I have internet I completely understand the need to pay for your broadcast with ads but maybe in the area that has devastation we can skip them. 5 sec of ads takes 5 minutes. When your roof is off and you need to know when it’s going to rain the last thing you want to hear is an ad. Now that I have said all that, I appreciate so much the people who go out to tell us what is happening. I watch all night during Laura. I couldn’t watch during delta. I was just too exhausted from the damage. But keeping us up to date is such a wonderful provision and we thank you.
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6 years ago, master red fox
Weather variety multiple locations
I have had this app for awhile and use it to not only get local weather but weather for various locations for my son's work travel as surprisingly conditions vary greatly within a 50 mile area which one needs to know if commuting. I get road conditions and various alerts ( rain, snow, lighting, etc) per area. All helpful. Last year because of the reports I got, I saved my son an unnecessary trip because of the weather report. I enjoy the various videos also. I am editing review because of the problems I have been having with the app which appears to be all over where this app is used. I contacted support and only got a service standard reply which is basically sent by a computer. I am highly disappointed that I can’t get the app to work anymore because it was very helpful when it worked. I am not sure if the malfunction is due to the updates on IOS which also requires apps to also update. Whatever the reason, there should be a way to correct problem with app especially when it effects all means of use on phones, tablets and computers.
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4 years ago, Mikesaysstopit
Zero stars
I never write reviews. I had to for this one. I’ve had this app as long as I remember. 2010 maybe??? And I’ve always loved it. Accurate and easy to use. Fantastic really. Gave me what I needed and nothing more. Now there’s all this junk. Pure, useless, clickbait junk. Pop up ads everywhere! I like knowing where to touch the screen with a little muscle memory so I can get through my task of getting the weather and getting on with my life. But now this app has sold out SO hard I feel like I’m using a 1998 pc with no virus protection! And it’s not even poorly done! It’s strategic and timed perfectly so the screen moves at the perfect time so my finger correctly hits the ad and not the option I wanted. Effectively navigating me away from the app to a completely irrelevant ad that’s been tailored to me by the cookies I’ve agreed to use this app, that I’m not even going to look at because I’m now frustrated and trying to get back to my weather app. What over-paid executive approved this ridiculously bad interface? And why? So I can do a sinkhole video I won’t believe? The same sinkhole video that came out 8 months ago on 30 other apps that EVERYONE uses? Way to waste A TON OF MONEY ON NOTHING weather channel! All you did was make me use the weather app that came with my phone I that never really liked. Perfect case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Just bring back Joe Cantore. That’s all you had to do.
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2 years ago, Bok-Kyu
Can’t properly forecast within the hour.
It is amazing how often the forecast switches hour to hour within the day. I looked at the app this morning and planned to go outside before it said it would rain at 2 PM. Then, a couple of hours later, it said that there would be a brief period of morning rain and then clear up within the hour. I waited for the rain to clear up, looked at the forecast again and it was different than it was the hour before. Why would anybody pay for premium when they can’t even get a proper forecast for the next couple of hours, let alone an extended forecast days into the future. It seems like whenever I look at the ten-day forecast it changes hour to hour for the upcoming week. I would definitely not use this app to plan anything outdoors. Supposedly, they have these weather experts and computer models that should be able to accurately predict the weather, but more often than not, they get it wrong. I guess that I am going to have to rely on my local news weather app in the future because it doesn’t seem like The Weather Channel has any local minds working on my forecast. I understand that my region is a difficult area to get the weather correctly, but this company’s primarily focus is on weather. If I could give this app a rating of zero stars I would. Frickin’ clown time.
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2 years ago, BMVP
The advertisement need to stop. The app would be rated a 5 Star if it weren’t for the ads taking over the app. It used to be just parts of the app where a little ad would be on the screen usually at the bottom of the page or in the middle, as well a video ad before a video which also seems to be getting longer in ad time and you can’t skip past it either! It’s now seeming like at least a 1 minute ad before you see the video your looking to watch. Then if you want to watch another video it’s another 1 minute ad before the video and so on and so on. My main issue is now during use of the app a ad pops up during use and is very annoying and sometimes not quick or easy to stop. It’s usually a ad for a game app or some ad for some business. Either way it’s very annoying. I understand you need to make money but this seems to be overly excessive and to be honest nobody is using the weather channel app to see promotions for anything besides the weather! We’re not here to hear about some new game or some new companies new business idea we’re hear for one thing and one thing only and that’s to SEE WHAT THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS!!!
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5 years ago, Bsadle
Money grab developers strike again
Back a few years ago in the early days of the App Store, probably 8-10 years ago in fact, I purchased the ad free version of this app called Weather Channel Max. Good app, no ads and it worked well. Then about 2-3 years ago the app updated and said that this app will no longer be supported and that would be the final update. It stated the other version(the one with ads) would be the only version supported. I continued to use the app I paid for until it kept crashing after iOS updates and was pretty much forced to use the app with ads. Now I see you can go premium on this app and remove ads. That really ticks me off considering I had previously paid for the ad free version, only to have them snub it. I, at first, just thought they were only getting rid of max so they would force those who paid a one time fee for the ad free version back on the app that has ads. Not only was that true, but now, in hopes that people would forget(which I didn’t) they now offer a monthly subscription service to get rid of ads. This is a sad attempt at getting even more money from me. I will now be deleting the app and using another app instead. I’ve already given enough money to you all only to be asked for more. I’m really disappointed how greedy developers are becoming and all over an app that gives you mediocre weather reports.
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4 years ago, Cmiester
Used to be 5 stars
As life continues in this Land of the Free Market, we see more and more “monthly subscriptions” as alternatives to pesky ads and better performance. BUT THIS APP HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST EXAMPLE OF THE WORST APP TO DO IT TO. I mean seriously?!? I’ve had this app for YEARS. It was the best performing, most accurate, and user friendly weather app out there. It exceeded all these built in apps and that annoyingly wrong weather-bug thingy (that was a joke for the ones that’ll miss it) when it came to reliability. THEN ONE DAY, corporate decided they wanted a piece of the “subscription” pie and turned this app into the biggest pain in the neck I have ever experienced. It is now so consumed by ads, spammy, and laggy. It spams it’s own app with its own advertising also (had to say that one separate since they control that). It now only shows certain things with “premium” (might as well write it off as ‘only useable as premium’) and has literally made the free version of the app just bad enough to make you buy the “good” version. Is that what it’s come to? Are we now ruining our once good-quality product, so that we can turn around and offer the original good-quality version again for a hefty price? I mean, seriously. Just give me an option to one-time buy it and I’ll think about it, but I’m the mean time I’m over this.
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4 years ago, Coopesg
Very disappointed
Some features of this new improved app are helpful but basic information being available at a glance was abandoned in favor of flashy modern graphics. I miss a quick daily view with not only temperatures, but also wind speeds and wind direction along with precipitation percentages without having to scroll though a long day to day listing. Also the quality of the radar product is much to be desired with very fuzzy low resolution images that does not clearly display the storm features as well as the old pro version. Also the combination of a past and future radar product is unnecessary and in fact it is confusing, especially since the future images are very low resolution and blotchy. I would love to disable the future function entirely. Whats more (since the weather channel manages accuweather) the old accuweather format was replaced with the new weather channel format. Additionally I was hoping that by purchasing the subscription product of the weather channel that there may be new useful information. Sadly all the subscription buys is the elimination of in product ads. I am certainly looking for a replacement weather product for both the weather channel and accuweather that provides the information that I rely on quickly and at a glance.
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5 years ago, Havin'Fun-in-Louisiana
Could be great app if it worked
When it works I like the app. I like the changes and if it loads it is a useful tool. For me the videos and weather updates are very good. Not sure what the problem is, but for some reason and this seems to happen frequently — the app doesn’t load (spinning disk) or it just crashes and restarts and then back to spinning disk. So if it loads (might work for days and then not work for days) it is a good app. I have noticed the app works best in places with high speed internet. In a place outside or in a place that lacks high speed internet or great cell service, the app just won’t open quickly (maybe 5-10 mins to open). I have an iPhone X with the newest software and the newest version of the app, so I don’t think it is the phone. Anyway, if the stability can be improved and it can open quickly than it would be a great app. Update: I downloaded the new version and it worked ok for a week (I.e. seemed like an improvement) and then crash city and or the spinning wheel of Watson after that. Now it is useless again. Weather is such an important thing to know and I have no idea why the concept of an app that works is so hard. I stick by what I wrote above - when the app works, it is great, but for some reason it doesn’t work most of the time. Like others, I now use other apps that work all of the time.
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2 months ago, MoGrizza
*Used to be* great
Used to be. Used to have good forecasts, unobtrusive ads, lots of information easily accessible. Now? Full screen ads pop up at random with no obvious way to clear them. Just when you’ve scrolled down to the part you’re looking for, an ad or some other “feature” displays and resets you back to the top. Constant “reminders” that you should pay for their premium service to get more days of grossly inaccurate daily forecasts, or similarly inaccurate hourly forecasts down to the 15 minute level instead of hourly. Or maybe the good forecasts only come if you pay, and the free service uses the dartboard technique? Often it’s worse than the old Les Nessman “Eyewitness Weather” gag on WKRP in Cincinnati. (“Stick your head out the window and witness the weather.” Except they apparently have no window.) The only good part is the radar, if you can find it before the screen goes back to the top or to an ad. UPDATE: “Improved” again. New fancy main screen but you have to scroll right to see the current weather conditions - which do NOT include wind direction! And radar has been moved again. But ads and useless “features” are easy to find. I guess soon you’ll have to pay just to get any actual weather information. 👎👎
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1 year ago, Cool dude Chris 5614…yeah
The Weather Channel App Review
If you love ads that cover the entire screen when checking the weather, this app is perfect for you. If you love 30-second ads before literally any and all videos, this app is going to be amazing for you. BUT WAIT, you can pay for The Weather Channel Premium to get rid of the constant and never-ending ads blocking the entire screen! You may ask, “why would I pay money when i can get less ads literally anywhere else, like Accuweather?” Great question because this app gives Premium users extra content! You may never watch/use this extra content! You might as well buy a professional weather app for the money! But, hey, at least you don’t have ads anymore!!! If you can’t afford Premium, well good luck seeing the actual weather! Although this is the “Weather” Channel, the only experience you will get is the “ad” channel. Want a preview of what type of ads you will see? Turn on the Weather Channel on TV. See all those terribly made ads for people over 65? BOOM. Those! You will have literally so many of those they will crash your phone as they fight for dominance over your phone screen. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved The Weather Channel for years, but this is the worst thing they have ever done, and their time for redemption is running out.
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3 years ago, rjvog
Thanks Weather Channel
When I was planning to go up north I wondered what the weather was going to be a few years ago. It said the weather that day is sunny and no showers. I decided that I was going to go up there since I was hoping for a day at the lake. By the time I got there it was cloudy and thunder and lightning in the distance. I was very disappointed since I was hoping for fishing and a swim. Now when the summer was around I decided I should get a different Weather Channel. I saw this one and thought maybe this would be a good channel. I made the correct decision. It said partly cloudy no showers. I went up north this summer for the lake and it was a great day swimming was great. Also another time this summer when I wasn’t up north at my house I heard the alarm on my since where I live you never hear the sirens go off. I heard sirens since I opened my window to hear if they were going off. As known I looked on the Weather Channel. Tornado Warning. I hurried down to my basement went into the bedroom with no windows and stayed there until morning. Thanks weather channel😊
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3 weeks ago, cjsbln
New format for weather app.
I preferred the older weather app compared to this new one version. It was much easier to use and scroll through; easier to navigate and understand than this new weather app. It’s way more complicated. Now I have an Apple IPhone 7SPlus & it’s paid off & I know the apps like the back of my hand, as I’ve had this iPhone for many years and still works better than any upgrade out there. I’ve had this iPhone paid off for years and the apps I have are what I need & want for free. I’m elderly and disabled. I do not have a landline and even though I’m elderly and disabled I’m very savy using an Apple iPhone. I’m not pleased at all with the new weather app! It’s not that I can’t adjust to change, it truly is a more complicated than needed new weather app. There was nothing wrong with the other weather app. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as u very well know this true meaning, just for the sake of change. Please bring back the other weather app we had, or at least give users an option to choose the new weather app or stay with the other weather app is a great idea. Please take this review seriously in your discussions about changing the weather app. Thanks.
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2 years ago, dahil20k
Ads have made this app go downhill
I’ve had the free version of this app for years and it’s always done it’s job well. Over the past year they’ve allowed more and more ads to take up the space where I’d like my weather info to be. It seems almost like a ploy to get me to pay for premium. I would not recommend this app to anyone who wants an easy to read screen. I’m writing this review now because, even though I can tell the ads are run by google - I saw an extremely offensive ad this morning clearly geared towards very right leaning republicans, that I strongly objected to. There’s no need to target anyone on this ap with ads selling clothing that talks about the Vice Presidents race in a derogatory manner. I would have thought someone from the weather channel would at least be looking at the types of ads running on their app. This made me lose a ton of respect for the developers of this app, and as I was already frustrated by the size and high volume of ads, im considering using something else entirely for my weather updates. I really hope someone reads this review and takes a look at the content of the ada google is running on their platform. It reflects back on them.
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2 years ago, Art Samuels
Art in Jupiter
The weather channel app has changed my life in many ways. When I used to rely on TV weather forecasts that predicted 70% chance of rain, I would not plan any outdoor activities that day. The weather data on TV was for a broad area like a county. The weather channel allows me to enter my specific town and often see that I have only 15-20% chance. Using your hourly feature, I might see that there is almost no bad weather until a front comes through at 3PM. I can then have a wonderful outdoor day until that time. One of my favorite features when we are in stormy tropical storm conditions, with strong winds and heavy rains, I use the radar feature to look for clear periods to take my dog out. I am really impressed by the accuracy of your app - a game changer for optimizing my outdoor activities. In the morning, I look at your app to decide how I should dress for the day. And I look days ahead to plan outings with friends and families. If I could rate The Weather Channel app more than 5 stars, I would. Thank you!! Art in Jupiter, Florida.
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6 years ago, R50an
New Update Nonsense
I don’t know why the weather channel felt the need to completely overhaul the layout and design of their app. The previous version, which I had used daily for the last handful of years, was by all accounts a perfect weather app. Generally speaking, the main reason to change the layout of an app is to make it more efficient for the user. Unfortunately, the final product of this new design has done the exact opposite. The “upgraded” version of this app is an absolute pain to navigate and offers almost no benefits for the user. The most striking change made to the app is undoubtedly the bright white background. It’s baffling that people still think the bright white screen is an upgrade. Several of my other most used apps over the years have gone with the white background and I have had to delete several of them as a result. Unfortunately, I will likely do the same for the weather channel app if they don’t change or at least offer an alternative to the white background. It is blinding to my precious eyes!
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2 years ago, Massenaman
How to boil a frog
I remember when I could just open this app and check the weather. Little by little we get more and more ads and less and less information. It used to be you could click on the hourly report and see an hourly report. Then they started bugging you to upgrade to premium so that you could see every 15 minutes Report. Well that doesn’t help if you’re 15 minute Report is nowhere close to accurate. On top of that they started putting an ad at the hourly report. At first you could just close the ad right away. Then it took a second or two. Well it was only a matter of time before they would put an ad it takes 10 seconds before you can close it. And there it is. That’s how you boil a frog. You start with a nice cool pot of water and wait till the frog gets real comfortable and then you turn on just a little heat and then a little more and keep going and the frog never even notices it’s been boiled. I’ve seen this before. You’re going to advertise yourselves right out of our iPhones. It’s not going to be very long before people are sick of watching your stupid ads for stuff that they don’t want and didn’t ask for.
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6 years ago, Frustrated former app user
Less useful since update 2018
I used this app multiple times per day in the past but since the 2018 update, I have hardly used it at all. The data is accurate. It is hard to find the info you need. They now have boxes on the screen with different info. The screen is so chopped up you can’t see enough of any one thing to figure out what it is. The previous version was better when current details were on the first screen and you could scroll down to whatever section you need. There was enough info on the screen to understand and you had the option to tap an arrow to get more detailed info if you wish. Now I see 2 or 3 words, then a box with an ad, then 4 or 5 words and then another ad. Nothing is obvious that you can tap to get more details. I hate tapping all over the screen to figure out what gives more details since the first screen is useless and there is nothing to indicate how to get details. Please revise back similar to the previous functionality which was efficient and obvious how to operate the app! I haven’t ever written a review before when an app changed, but this one is so bad it deserves a comment. The only reason that it gets 2 stars is because the data is accurate if you are ever able to get to it.
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2 years ago, SnappyDragon87
I used to tolerate this app… until I was locked in an advertisement video with no means of exiting (or even pausing) the video. The app takes away all options and make you sit through the advertisement, even if the following video was autoplayed and you have no interest in watching it (generally not the point of commercials) I totally get that apps make money primarily through ad revenue and I dont begrudge them that privilege for going to the trouble of making/updating the app… but seriously, hijacking the user’s phone just to ensure they watch an ad from start to finish is morally questionable at best; it would be like television commercials locking your remote control so youre unable to change the channel. Ads are intended to seek out potential customers and increase brand awareness and when used right can be a good thing. What The Weather Channel (and countless others as well) has done is to reformat ads from the highly functional customer-seeking, brand-expanding tool they were into an annoying, unwanted waste of time that makes users feel frustrated and trapped (TOTALLY what you want someone to feel when youre trying to sell them your product) and surely diminishes the value of the ads being run for the companies sponsoring and paying for them.
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6 years ago, Barometerbabe
Does not deserve one star for this update
GIVE US BACK THE OLD APP!!! This is no concise weather report. And: Bad background; bad graphics; bad set up. Too many ads, too many screen options. The best weather information is plain and simple (as this app used to be): current conditions, forecast, radar, and then the other options like future forecasts, air quality, etc. The Weather Channel has been my go-to for weather forecasts since it was on TV—with no commercials. (Who can remember back that far?!) My version of Direct TV does not offer The Weather Channel so I have been relying on my iPhone app; not any more. Either give me the option of having the old app back or do a major fix to the current mess. If not I will be deleting this app. There are plenty of weather apps out there so why go with something so inferior. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO ME (and others) IS BAROMETER INFO. IT CAN HAVE A MAJOR AFFECT ON HEALTH. Please add the barometer and don’t forget direction as well as numbers. I still have the old app on my tablet; using it when I am home. I just don’t get why Weather apps want to go too fancy. It is not what people want when they want weather. Save the fancy and extras for those wiling to pay for it, then you will not have to mess up a good, basic weather app. Hope you get the message from me and many others.
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5 years ago, Mom24monsters
Constant reminders to go premium when I already have and no accessibility support for Apple Watch.
I think this app would be great if it worked for everybody on every device, but they seem to have left out those of us who use voiceover, who need to know what the weather is too. It’s not all about the sighted people! I’m trying to figure out why those of us who use voiceover should have to pay full price for premium when everything doesn’t work for us? Also, I’m getting really tired of the constant reminders to go premium, when I already have. I have to go and tell it that I want to go premium first, for it to tell me that I already am, before the stupid thing will go away until the next senseless time it pops up. Until these things are fixed, we shouldn’t be charged to use the app. There’s not a whole lot of premium quality to go in premium when you have a visual impairment and most of the stuff doesn’t work with voiceover, something that’s built into the iOS, and there’s no excuse for it to not work with it. Also, I’m trying to figure out why, if this app is included, even if it’s a dumbed down version of it, with iOS, does it have completely different forecasts? The temperatures don’t always match either.
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6 years ago, Walterwilson0315
Way too much
The new app is a very, very negative change. The old navigation was fine and did not need an overhaul because this is just a weather app. There’s WAY TOO MUCH extra stuff involved with this app, and I really don’t understand why these guys try so hard to make it entertaining. It’s literally just the weather, I’m not looking to be entertained and I doubt anyone else opens up the weather channel app like “oh boy it’s time to have a good time”. We just want to see a forecast and a radar and that’s it. The air pollution number also seems completely inaccurate because it’s different every time I open my app. Not to mention the recent discovery of a weather channel weatherman pretending to be pushed around by winds that just weren’t there. To the point where he’s babbling about the storm being in the middle of an intense surge or something like that, meanwhile a couple of pedestrians walk behind him wearing shorts and hoodies, not affected by the wind at all. Plus, he’s visibly fighting the wind in the opposite direction that it’s blowing. You can see plants blowing in the opposite direction of where he’s pushing. That being said, I feel like all the weather on here anymore is exaggerated because they think it’s entertaining to people. It’s really just a nuisance and the reason I’m getting a new weather app.
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6 years ago, A disgruntled consumer99
Bad Update
This used to be my favorite 5 star weather app. I love to track weather and preparing for my day each day by using the TWC app but that all changed with this new update. First of all I do not wear sunscreen and base my outfits on the uv index and that has now been removed. Next the app used to be easy to navigate and get all the relevant weather information for the day as well as some great videos that I would watch in the morning as I wake up, but now the app is confusing with too much going on. I understand in today’s world to stay relevant you need to make change but this change was not for the better, to confusing now and hard to find information. I feel bad for all the sponsors that would pay for spots in the videos because based on the way the videos are set up I bet less people will watch them, I know I no longer will. I hope that TWC can fix this app and make it more user friendly again with an easy to find uv index. I am not deleting the app yet but until it is changed I will no longer use the app and will start downloading new weather apps in hopes of finding a suitable daily replacement. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears, the TWC app was the best but not anymore. Thank you and have a great day.
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2 months ago, Maderula
Not impressed with update
For the most part the update is ok. I preferred the other version more!!! My biggest problem is the fact I get notifications on the stupidest videos and articles you think you need to share. I have turned off all of that within your app and nothing has changed. I still keep getting them. Even after making a stupid account, which I didn’t want to do, it still keeps sending alerts to new videos and articles I could care less about! No I won’t make the full app itself stop the notifications bc then I won’t get my weather alerts that I need and want. Fix this problem please. Then maybe I can give you more stars! In all honesty the radar and weather alerts is pretty much the only reason I keep your app. Your radar is best compared to others. (IMO) Other than that I use other sources that have more reliable weather predictions for my area. The alerts to the videos and articles needs to stop! They are annoying and I’m on the verge of deleting it. I’ve had your app for a sooo many yrs and have enjoyed it for the radar but these alerts is enough to make me delete it for good.
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4 years ago, itzgmoney
It’s a good app but theirs one thing...
The app is amazing and I check it about five times a day to always know if the weather is gonna be good or bad for the day. Also during the coronavirus time it tells you how many cases are in your county. The radar is also very good. But the one bad thing is when you are looking at the hourly forecast and it’s says it going to rain in the afternoon you want to know when it’s going to rain exactly right? Well they did make that a feature where you can look at the weather for the next 15 minutes and I thought that would be pretty cool to have. But they made it where you can only get it in a thing called premium. It 30 bucks a year. And in my mind that is a lot of money and all I want to see is the weather. Also if there gonna charge that much money minds well just make it so once you spend the money you get it for life. If they would make it one payment for life or cheaper than 30 bucks a year (a lot cheaper) then they would get a 5 star review from me. But besides that I think it’s a great app. Please make cheaper
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3 years ago, Kaykoles98
Easy to use but terrible location services
I want to really love the app. It’s my favorite app, best looking, best layout, overall easy to use and has all the information that is important to me presented well. Despite there being A TON of ads, both in between sections and in the forecast/ weather videos, which is going to happen in any app that has premium upgrade options, it’s location service is terrible. I added the widget to my Home Screen to see at all times and it CONSTANTLY 100% of the time gives me the weather for a random town 100 miles north in another state. Even when I open the actual app, the first place that comes up is that town and THEN it refreshes to my location. I love the app and am a weather nerd and because I constantly check it and care I sacrifice my battery by allowing the widget to constantly update in the background. Why drain my battery to keep my weather constantly up to date if it’s the wrong location every time?? It’s the only app that does this and constantly is the same *wrong* location every time. Weather Channel, I love you, but this major flaw is cause for a break up.
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3 years ago, Human Rights
Ridiculousness: a sign of the times
Today again I see that the Weather Channel app information disagrees with itself. At 10:15am, the app tells with its image (a cloud with raindrops beneath) that it is currently raining; while the depiction on the opening screen for local weather tells that it is snowing. Of course rain changes to snow and snow to rain, but these people who make these decisions about the app do not seem to realize that ‘changeable precipitation’ and ‘wintry mix’ have a meaning in English. Many times, I have seen current predictions of rain when the skies are clear. And the near-term forecasts are often inaccurate. The stark changes of near-term (the next four hours) forecasts should not be so erratic if the meteorologists are using truly sophisticated and rapidly updated computer models with sophisticated algorithms. What is really amazing is that the user is frequently solicited to purchase a longer forecast, where two days becomes four or five. Why would people want a five day forecast when the very-nigh term forecast of just 48 hours is so unreliable? The answer must be that craziness is becoming more and more commonplace. (In early February 2021, the United States government includes a person who is gaining succes de scandale notoriety, and all is stultified.)
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4 years ago, Twilight88888
Very reliable for weather & news
This app is very good with its weather predictions and also updates me if something changes, for example, if it wasn’t meant to rain but it could now, it will let me know. It also says “rain will begin around *time*” which is helpful, and also funny if it’s already been raining for a few minutes before I get the notification. That doesn’t make me angry or anything because obviously nobody can always be 100% accurate with weather, so it gives a nice laugh. I also love that it tells me when there are weather advisory’s in my area and will put in to detail which certain counties are effected, for how long, and who the warning was issued by. My apple weather didnt do half of the things this app does, which is why I prefer this much more than my apple weather. I love the fact that they show news for what’s going on too. It’s helpful. Also when it’ll tell you that lightning struck close to you, and will even show you on the map where it struck. Not only is it helpful, but it’s also pretty cool. Nice app.
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2 years ago, Teague91772
Degradation of Experience
I’ve been a loyal user for many years, always preferring the experience and information quality of this app over any others I have tried. Sadly this is no longer true. I completely understand the need for ads and have no issues with the banners or video ads. However, you have started using forced play ads that pop up when simply navigating through different areas of the app. This is a huge disruption to the experience of trying to access important info quickly. You’ve also made it impossible to clear some of the video ads that show during page navigation. A user (myself included) is NOT willing to spend any amount of time watching an ad video when navigating the app, example switching from the Radar to the Home page, unlike when a user is already willing to invest time in watching a weather video when a few seconds ad shows at the beginning. That is an expected and typical experience for videos. You’ve gone too far with ads and your competitor apps have gotten better over time. User experience has clearly taken a backseat to revenue now with The Weather Channel, so I’m sadly deleting your app. Feels like a longtime partnership has ended. It’s a shame.
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5 years ago, HenryAppleuser123
Good overall but needs improvement
I use to enjoy the app and most importantly the interactive map. I really like it because not only can you read the weather, but you can also visualize it and I think that brings a new way of informing someone when looking at the weather. I think this is important because it could possibly help someone better understand what they are looking at and it also serves for educational purposes and that goes a long way when helping someone understand the intended message that trying to be sent. You never want any miscommunications. Anyway, I like the app overall but with the recent update, the layers of the interactive map now cover the whole screen and I find that kind of confusing and bothersome. For example, the temperature layer now covers the entire map instead of just the land masses. I’m my opinion, I think it was better before when it only covered the land masses and that applies for all the other layers like UV index etc. So if you can change it back to that, that would be great. Thank you for your time and keep up with the great work. Go weather channel.
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11 months ago, red panda star
It takes so long to load
My mother puts a downtime on my phone so I’m not up till 3am on it. I can press one more minute in the early morning if I want to check the weather. However, this app takes so long to load, sometimes the whole minute is spent loading. Because of this, I have to go to a different weather app that isn’t as good or detailed as this one. There’s also another slight issue with the closed captioning on the videos. Sometimes the text doesn’t line up with the audio, and when there is already text as part of the video h the cc will still appear and take up a lot of room on the screen. Another suggestion with the videos, a search bar. If there is a particular thing that you really want to learn about, you don’t want to spend 3 minutes looking for the right video. A search bar would make this a whole lot easier. This app is amazing, and I really do recommend- those were just a few things that I think would make me give a 5-star rating. Thank you for your time! Have a great day. ❤️
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1 year ago, aadam_21
Broken Functionality
I've used the free, ad supported version of the app for years now, and wanted to try the full version. I was initially happy, but that faded pretty quickly. The first things I noticed were no family sharing the Watch complication is broken. It never populates, and even shows as an empty selection in the preview. Honestly, this was probably the deal breaker for me, especially after finding a long history of this this being a reported issue either with no response or "we're working on it". On MacOS things seem fine until a notification badge appears for no reason (no warnings, communication, messages, etc.) and can only be cleared by restarting the app. This is a regular thing. My last major complaint may be on me, but I'd already given up and didn't research - it should be obvious. On the radar, there's an option for showing "Commute" or "Trip". There are some excellent trip planning radar apps out there I've used and was glad to see this! Except there is no change in the radar display, duration, or option to enter the trip destination. So, useless. I'm glad for the trial period so I could see it's not worth it. For just a bit more per year I'll keep Carrot and share with my family.
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5 years ago, Saturatesinger
If you’re a fan of conspiracy videos and anything BUT the weather
This app, the meteorologists involved, and the channel have all gone steadily downhill in both the accuracy and presentation of their work. Want to know if it’s going to rain? Well, that’s fine, open the app, click on hourly, click the list, select the particular hour, and you’ve finally gotten yourself to a page that has a 2% chance of being correct about the weather at any given time. Rain predictions are always wildly off, temperatures are inaccurate, the future radar’s accuracy is nothing short of a joke, the app is overwhelmed by clickbait videos and hidden ads, and the “weather alerts” are both excessive and incorrect. Weather channel, you are NOT a nonprofit, you have one job (as Loki said “just the one!”) that you are PAID to do, and to be honest you don’t do it well at all. It is currently drizzling in my area, one minute ago the app claimed no rain, now the app says I have severe hail and thunderstorms in my area....nope, not at all correct. All these shortcomings, and still, now, you have the nerve to create a subscription service out of your features? Lost faith, going elsewhere, please find time in your lives to do your one job with at least the minimum standards of care or accuracy.
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4 months ago, Jmiles99
Good info, difficult use
I’ve used this app for years and have always appreciated the accuracy of the forecast and the information available. That being said, in the last year or two, the ads have made the app near unusable at times. They pop up without warning in places you would not expect, and the issue has only gotten worse since the app update, which removed dark mode, and a number of other features that made the ads worth putting up with. Earlier this week there was severe weather in my area, with confirmed tornado touchdowns within a few hours of each other. When trying to view a weather warning, a “mini ad” came up as I was trying to click to expand the warning, which caused me to click into the ad itself, which then brought up a screen I could not exit out of until the timer ran out, which was way too long to sit around and wait, given the weather hazards outside. Finally offloaded the app and moved on to others, including the Apple weather app which now pulls weather channel data. Great accuracy, miserable and unsafe user experience.
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6 years ago, reallyisittaken???
Hate the update and redesign. What a mess . . . The vast majority of the most recent reviews give this update one star, because you have to give at least one to write a review. I love weather and used to use this app many times a day. I updated this app over a week ago and still hate it. I have also installed several other new weather apps, to test and compare which I like best. Every other app I have installed, I like so much better. I’ve also read the Developer comments/responses, none of which are helpful. Most are condescending and assume that we are really trying to use this app in its new version. It makes me question who their testing group was. Actual users of the app? The Developers want a specific list of what is wrong. It would be best to start with the original format and list the major changes that were made to “improve” functionality and design and start there. Then they could add in the other detail information that was previously provided that is now missing. I believe they need to find a new group of users to test their product to give them honest feedback, as opposed to what they want to hear based on the roadmap for their design. By the way, even with thousands of reviews the rating of this app is dropping quickly . . .
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2 years ago, 1012andy53
Weather Alerts
I would have given you five stars if the videos always come with captions whenever the host speaks that we can switch on CC. It frustrates me and my husband when all the weather videos come without captions. No way is that we can increase the volume to listen. We’re completely Deaf that we rely on Sign Language therefore we need captions on whenever the host talks/speaks. Please simply switch on Captions. So we can see what the news is about. It would save Deaf people’s lives when we need to look out how safe or not is about the weather news. No captions is like to shut up the Deaf people. That is really serious. Please do pay attention to the needs of the captions. If you are worried about the size of the captions, we can adjust ourselves with the sizes of the font which is like the hearing people increase or decrease the volume of the sounds… please recognize the needs of Deaf people; not only Deaf people, the senior citizens happen to experience the hearing losses. We will value the Weather Channel if you do make all of earthlings happy by including the captions. Much appreciated for this opportunity.
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5 years ago, lisanicoleiannarino4887
very glitchy app
while it’s informative and sometimes accurate, the app itself is a pain to use. it constantly crashes on open and needs restarted. it’s super slow. they constantly ask me to PAY FOR PREMIUM which is ludicrous. why would i pay for a weather forecast? it’s like you’ve designed the app to operate poorly to get people to pay for the premium. no thanks. they also share data and are one of the worst as far as surveillance of what you do online. the ads and videos that are interweaved throughout the forecast are also very problematic and cause freezes/slowdowns in the app. would be nice to just have my forecast in a cleaner interface that’s smoother to use and isn’t so glitchy. i’ve resorted to downloading other apps that are smoother in design and operation. UPDATE: developer asked that i update the app and then update my review. while the crashes have been reduced, the ads are still causing the app performance to be low. also, the update removed a feature that was useful, the “best time to be outside” feature under hourly forecast. I used this a lot to make sure i wasn’t walking my dog at the hottest time of day. it’s also still asking me to PAY for premium every time i open the app.
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1 year ago, bringbacktruth
Should be able to exit an add without knowing 2 languages
So every other time i check the weather there’s an add about social security in spanish which, (a) social security should only be for American citizens and to become a citizen of this country it is a requirement to be able to read and write english so why have an add only spanish speaking people understand, and (b) also why does this app allow it to be able to cover all content and no exit button and even the google ads page doesn’t properly fit the screen to see all options. the content of the actual app is okay but the constant advertising and the fact the adds aren’t made for an easy exit but instead are malicious and try to redirect you to an unsecured website possibly to phish data from your phone. This spam type behavior continues I’ll lower my rating and delete the app. Ads aren't a big deal, EXCEPT when they are trying to steal data or are illegally downloading content and clickbait style ads that redirect you when you’re trying to just close the ad. it should have a very obvious and large enough button to close said ad or dont cover the content of the app.
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4 years ago, Quiever
Subscription too expensive to remove ads
I’ve had this app for years. It’s always had a considerable number of ads and miscellaneous things to scroll past to get to the information I need. Now there are so many ads playing at once it frequently crashes on my 1 year old iPhone as I’m scrolling to get down to allergies, air conditions, etc. And there are new pop-ups when changing screens. I realize that this is the free version and a subscription is available. I know that companies need to pay employees and make a profit. There are other apps I pay for. Your subscription is too expensive, especially for what I need. Maybe you could have a lower level sub for people who just need to remove ads and don’t care about 15 minute forecasts (even your “current conditions” are not terribly accurate in my area - it will say 20% chance of rain and currently “partly cloudy” when it’s pouring - and the forecast is even less accurate on an hourly basis but I do use it for the general trends, air quality, etc). I don’t know how long I will continue using this app. If I can find another that works and either has less onerous advertising or a more reasonable subscription I will switch.
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2 weeks ago, Ardck
Long time user
I’ve been using The Weather Channel app for as long as I can remember. I actually didn’t even know my phone had its own weather app for the longest time. I found this app reliable, decently accurate, and user-friendly. Then The Weather Channel app decided to add premium. Since then the CONSTANT pop-ups and ads have turned a once very user friendly, easy to navigate app into something almost unusable. Constant crashes— almost every time the app is opened. Every page has pop ups. Trying to look for air quality? Just navigate the 3 ads and a pop-up for premium. Just want to open the app and view the main page to see what the temp is currently? No problem, you must first stand on your head, turn in a circle 11 times, write the alphabet backwards, and do a 45 second handstand. Want to see what it’s going to be like the rest of the week? Sure, just open the app, wait for it to crash, reopen the app after it crashes, close the premium pop-up, skip an add, wait for it to unfreeze and then you can check the forecast! I’ve just deleted the app. I’m not paying for weather when I can open my phones weather app or google and get what I want for free and quicker than this awful app.
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8 months ago, Lulusez
Malware ads ads ads ads
I have loved this app for so long. It was my go to for everything. I know there are only six algorithms nationally that are used to feed into databases to see what might happen in the weather. I wasn’t even miserable whenever the app was wrong. What did make me miserable was, Temu was suddenly added to the advertising lineup. it’s a noted malware app, owned by another government in another country that steals your data, tracks everything you’re doing, and burns your battery. If I opened the Weather Channel app and tried to look at the hourly, somehow, Temu opened . If I tried to switch it to the daily, somehow the app opens again. After that, I started having apps randomly open—first, with Temu opening on the Weather app, then with other apps randomly opening. After that I was done. I cleared my cache and history, all cookies from my phone, and deleted the app and rebooted my phone. No more problems. Goodbye, weather channel app. Apparently AccuWeather is more accurate, but I’ve got a decent Weather app for free on my iPhone. Bashing those of us who complain about the free version is useless, as if you read the reviews the paid version seems to be completely wonky for other reasons.
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4 months ago, tpierce220
Clunky and Missing Useful Features
Part of my morning ritual is to get up in the morning and look at the Weather Channel app to see what the current weather for the day is, and to get a quick snapshot of the upcoming week. I especially liked the videos of different weather events. This new version is clunky. I have to click several things just to see a basic weather setup for the day let alone week. The predicted precipitation outlook is now gone, and you can’t easily see what the precipitation for the day is going to be. The video page is also clunky. If you want to change from one video page to another, sometimes it will sometimes it won’t. If you realize that you want to see a video on another screen, the old version would do that easily most of time time. Now, the video title will change, but it will be the next video from the previous page. I have to let the next video on the first page begin to play and then change screens to click on the video I want. Why? If things don’t get fixed, I’ll delete the app. The native iPhone weather app has gotten a lot better, and while not perfect, is free. Why am I paying for this clunky missing features again?
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3 weeks ago, MNM815
What’s up with the ALWAYS Sssssooo Inaccurate Forecasts Now?
What’s up with the horribly inaccurate forecasts ALL of the time now?! Like another reviewer recently mentioned, I use the app mostly to try to determine when to do my yard work, so I’m primarily focused on the current and future (from the time that I’m looking at the forecast up to NO MORE THAN four hours in advance) radar, as well as what the chance of rain is in my exact location (and yes, I do zoom in to my exact area and extend my view out some to view what weather is coming towards me), and this spring ‘The Weather Channel’s’ current weather and forecasts been horribly, horribly inaccurate…wildly so. I honestly can’t think of a time that I’ve tried to use this app to get rain forecasts only and it has been accurate. I’ve even started going to my different local news’ stations in my area’s websites and checking their forecasts and radar and what my local news’ channels’ websites’ forecasts shows is completely different than what ‘The Weather Channel’s’ shows (and my local news stations’ forecasts and radar ARE accurate). Who would’ve thought that there’d ever be a time when ‘The Weather Channel’s’ forecasts would never, ever be accurate?!
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