14FirstAlert Weather TriState

4.7 (9.5K)
70.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 14FirstAlert Weather TriState

4.69 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
2 months ago, Radar Lover N.S.
14 Weather App
I love this app. Always up to real time. You get alarms if there are storms coming in your area or near by you can see the radar just like your watching tv. Alerts sound for not just storms but high humidity, pollen, tornado warnings or just a beautiful day ahead good for cutting grass. You can plan your day out if you need a umbrella, a jacket whatever the case may be. I’ve watched storms come to family out of town so I can let them know to get in their safe place in Kentucky or surrounding areas. Thank you the whole 14 staff for keeping us up to date good or bad weather!
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1 year ago, cheri313!
Best weather app
This is by far the best weather app. I can pause radar, go forward and backward, and zero in on my location. No other app allows a user to do this. I have tried countless. It is also very accurate. My kids, students, and other family are always asking me to check the weather. FANTASTIC!!
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3 months ago, A namenotchosen
It’s marginally decent should be great
The functionality is good and they actually give a local forecast at times instead of basically copying and pasting the free info from the NWS and charging you for it. The problem I have is that they don’t do live updates often enough and there is a consistent issue with the live streaming. We lost power the other day during a storm and I was trying to use the app to see a live stream. Nope! But they did play the advertising, during a storm and tornado warning…. Never got the stream to work. In acceptable.
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2 years ago, 24799064290&4
12 Thumbs Up
The app has everything you could want from a weather app: accurate information, easy to use layout, & beautiful design. One of the best features is being able to use your current location & having it follow you where ever you travel.
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2 years ago, Plan Keeper
Job Scheduling Tool
My job requires me to know the weather conditions before we schedule the day. The 14 app is perfect for me to know when favorable or unfavorable weather events are going to happen.
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3 years ago, EpicDogeGamer4986
It’s, alright.
I have been using this app for almost a years now, and it’s been excellent. But, I’ve noticed that the radar keeps getting slower~ and slower~ every time I use it. And, it’s really inaccurate. When I need the radar, it will either crash, or not show anything. And again, very inaccurate. When we plan to do inside stuff, it ends up being sunny. When we plan outside stuff, we get rained on. It has been getting worse as I casually use it, just about everyday.
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3 years ago, areacode270
The app has many flaws that goes on and on without correcting
The app has many flaws. This screenshot was made on March 14 when it was 52° outside and I wanted an accurate temperature and radar screen, but it is seldom available to me. It won’t let me put a screen shot on here but it was showing 78° and nothing on radar when it’s pouring down rain here I try and try to let them know so they can correct the problem but there’s no way to contact them through this app
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5 years ago, Siamese4
Excellent App
I have this app on three of my devices & with each new update it gets better. Thank you for the new updates, I look forward to seeing more new improvements to your app.
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4 years ago, slta1234
Crashes constantly!!!
PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!! This app constantly crashes when you try to go to the radar tab. Today it would even crash on the first screen right before the video would load. I have checked my free space on my iPhone and I have several GB available. I have restarted my phone, restarted the app, even deleted the app and reinstalled and it made no difference.
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5 months ago, Granddaddy R
Owensboro citizen
We can always depend on Channel 14 News and Weather for accurate information . First thing we do is turn on Channel 14 for information on weather or any emergency .Papaw
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4 years ago, pdcounselor
Won’t open
After I open this app and go back again it will not open unless I shut my phone down and turn back on. Frustrating!!!
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2 years ago, Uniballer73
App won’t open anymore...
Have had the app for several years and have always loved it. Not sure what has happened but, it just gives me the “boot” screen w/the spinning wheel of death, and never opens. Have rebooted my phone and even deleted and re-downloaded app to no avail
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2 years ago, Vent53
14 Weather App
I truly appreciate the 14 weather app ! It gives me the information that I need to plan my day and to stay safe! It is reliable! Thank you
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2 years ago, Cook/Baker
14 weather
I like being able to see when a storm is getting close to Henderson.
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1 year ago, Yellow3163
Dynamic VRW INC/ Nancy Meyers
I like news 14 he keeps me updated on all the weather and what’s going on in the state thank you very much you’re very helpful I give you a 10
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2 years ago, kskhsigdoydoyd
It’s literally a technological miracle that I can have instant radar on my phone with 100% up-time. Thank you 14!
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4 years ago, Cpt Morgan29
Very slow to load when needed. If the weather is great, no storms in the area, the app pops right up. If there are any storms coming through (when you need it the most) it may not load at all. I believe it has something to do with the gps, finding your current location.
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3 years ago, ricklespa
Crying Wolf!
Goes off too often for no reason. Live in Evansville, but get alerts for possible rain in Owensboro. Also, get upset when the only alert is to watch the forecast to see what the weather might be (usually early in the morning)!
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3 years ago, KyMuSiC
Crashes all the time!
Please repair this app. Something is terribly wrong with it. It crashes all the time now. I have to restart over and over agin. I finally just give up, trying to watch it! Please help me!
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2 years ago, g6sw01
14 weather application
Great app, very useful, up to the minute
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3 years ago, Firemedic262
Never works.
Long load times seems to be getting worse and worse. Then if you click any of the videos it continues to say error cannot load requested video. I have the newest version and even deleted and reinstalled and same issues.
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2 months ago, Never got a debit card
Way too intrusive
Alerts for every thunderstorm for 100 miles. I live in Evansville I don’t want that annoying alarm sound every time the forecast changes for somewhere a state over. And never mind the ads. Video is okay though.
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1 year ago, warrick co girl
Good weather reports
We follow 14 news most every night. Jeff Lyons is our favorite with Arden a close second. Keep ip the good work. Thank you for accurate reporting.
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5 years ago, I like Trains 9000
This app is pretty good!
I live in Evansville and the app is usually correct! It takes a while to load and has few to many ads, but it's pretty good.
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5 years ago, Rickey D Adams
Load time
It’s taking longer and longer to load and open up that sometimes I just close it and not try until the next day. Really irritated
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6 years ago, Duck21876
Radar to slow
If the radar was able to play the past faster it would be good app but seems like it keeps getting worse
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3 years ago, concernedgma
Here lately the weather app has not been loading instead window saying cannot be accessed in your area. It also happens on my husbands phone.
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2 years ago, stgghkfdfhko
Sometimes it doesn’t load. Same with the news app. Just letting you know. I have a new phone and it’s updated. Other than that it’s good.
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5 years ago, TheDoc86
When every second counts... You’re out of luck with this app
This app seems to get slower and slower every time I TRY to use it. End up giving up and going to other weather apps. Get rid of the annoying ads too. I’d pay for a fast, functional, working local weather app.
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3 years ago, ClownieDori
Best source for weather
This is my go to place for all things weather!
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3 years ago, cfischbeck
Broken Notification Settings
Please fix the notification settings. They go off every morning, even though I only have tornado watch and tornado warnings turned on.
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3 years ago, tired if bad reports
Lost quality
Worst weather app in Evansville. Was pretty good until the hiring of Arden Gregory seems to have changed in all aspects of weather forecasting. Don’t understand Jeff and Byron not fixing her mistakes.
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3 weeks ago, oi nickname
Best for local news
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6 months ago, HateCommercials2
Too many ads. It’s enough already. Get rid of the ads and you’ll have a good website.
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4 years ago, evansvilleviewer
It crashes a lot now and so many useless alerts to look at videos... check the weather this morning... if I hear a alert .. it best be important.. not to watch a billion videos
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3 years ago, J&Jrain
Weather app
Love the hourly & daily forecasts. Wish the radar worked more often.
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1 year ago, Iamgivingup
Hard to understand how to navigate the app to get the weather
I don’t understand how to understand the app. I am typing this review but cannot see what I am saying
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2 years ago, jblahh
Junk app
Every single time that I try to use this app it freezes. I’m using an iPhone 11 so there should be no problem on my end. Please fix this app.
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2 years ago, RM IN
Notifications go off often, even when it’s not an emergency. Turning it off, might delete the app altogether.
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2 years ago, Katie Blackwell
I love 14 weather app!
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4 years ago, mmHGofcompression
14First. Alert
Updated but now get nothing!
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12 months ago, Gucci Eli
Poor App.
This app is not designed well with lots of ads. It also often can crashes. Overall not a good app.
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3 years ago, Orangemsn
U give too many alerts
It's like nonstop I mean why two alerts in less than 5 min it's not necessary you keep alerting and alerting I mean if a warning I understand but a watch !
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4 years ago, Me051
Used to work well...
Since the latest update will not load at all iOS 13.3.
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5 months ago, marlmr
Not good
I have Waco indicated for reports and updates and it keeps giving me info for the middle of the US.
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4 years ago, sapper362
Partly cloudy
Why always partly cloudy, how about partly sunny. Glass half full ya know.
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3 years ago, Papsbuf24
Mr Bufkin
Great app & great information
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7 months ago, korbin 98776
Bad app
There are a lot of weird and uncomfortable underwear adds
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2 years ago, thisappsucks243
Trash app and meteorologists
Meteorologist is wrong day after day. 🤡
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3 months ago, bobkitty2.0
not loading
it’s not loading at all
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