311 Riverside

4.5 (2.1K)
87.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
City Of Riverside
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for 311 Riverside

4.5 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
6 years ago, LMB2005
Great app easy to use
Great app to report various things. Easy to use. I do wish however I could save my info (such as name, number etc) for future reports because that would save me a lot of time when reporting especially since a lot of times I’m out and about when I come across something.
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2 years ago, Unicorn R
They make it too hard to report issues, crimes, etc. sure makes the stats look good.
App does not recognize address even when typing in the suggested address found when verifying. After calling and leaving a message, I went back in and the app looked and worked very differently. Also, when word was misspelled, the suggested words just blinked very rapidly and would not accept a choice. You’d think with a city as large as Riverside, they’d make sure the app works! Also, there should be a way to estimate or describe the address as street numbers are not alway visible or even correct on the internet. Frequently, when trying to report an issue or even a crime, the city makes it too difficult. I suspect many give up and crimes never get reported; sure makes our city stats look better.
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4 years ago, Disneytodd
Could actually be a very good tool to help with problems.
The downfall is two parts one is the app. The other is the city and the lack of response. Not sure if it is someone just closing out complaints instead of actually taking care of the concerns. Even after multiple gun shooting in the area and police only come if called and then it takes so long very long time for them to arrive. The lack of action says more than anything! “Actions speak louder than words”. Or in this case lack of actions. The app is not stable and very difficult to log in on multiple platforms . Hopefully the new representation at city hall can fix this app to actually work.
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4 years ago, RobCorea
Latest Update Is a Step Backwards
The latest update to the app put a black background in free from text boxes and the font color is black, so at least from the app, you can’t see what you’ve typed. Also, the login screen doesn’t offer to remember credentials or use Face ID to login on iPhone. A previous version at least remembered your credentials. Not a huge defect, but the UX has taken at least a couple steps backwards into 2002.
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12 months ago, A Neighbor Friend
The 311 Riverside Picture/txt App
I love the Riverside 311 picture/txt app because it’s a great way to communicate to Riverside of areas that need repair. I do follow up on my request to see if Riverside does fix the problems. I’ve noticed they close my request when they have read my request and the repairs are eventually repaired. Hurray for Riverside and the person who developed the 311 Riverside app. It works.!!😀
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6 years ago, WalkingRiverside
No results yet
I have been reporting an area of the city walkway that is landscaped privately by Mariposa landscaping. The sprinklers both don’t work and some are broken. Water pours onto dirt walkway and makes muddy mess . Gutter full of mud. Reported several times over last 3-4 weeks. No fix. The area is on Washington between Bradley and Highridge. This watering occurs daily and wastes a lot.
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5 years ago, jruiz914
Trash request
The only reason it wasn’t 5 stars is because the app doesn’t tell you if the request is being forwarded, or is it being answered, or if someone will be out to pick the trash up, or if the request was even received. Everything else was nice and simple. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Ratskiller
Terrible app
What a crappy app, not sure what’s worse. Calling Riverside City Services, or this app. My biggest complaint is that now you have to put in a address that is confirmed in the app. But if the many things that you need to report don’t have actual mailing addresses. Like a leaking valve in the sidewalk. Had a similar problem on their website. Better luck calling them, if you have the 10 minutes to wait to reach someone. Dump this piece of crap and bring back the old one.
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3 years ago, $mitherine
Great but needs improvement
The City of Riverside‘s 311 app is great to get different requests taken care of (graffiti removal, abandoned trash, etc) but can use improvements like remembering my sign in credentials and displaying a confirmation screen when my requests are submitted instead of kicking me out of the app to go back to the login page.
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6 years ago, 612mg
Easy access-user friendly. Quick response. Great means to make notifications without having to “go home and call” or obtain all info-location description etc.
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6 years ago, Gia_artist
Weeds Galore!
First time using this app, a house on My street had 2 to 3 ft weeds growing all over the place. Reported it and 3 1/2 weeks later a crew came out from the city and cleaned it up. I later found out the house had been abandoned. At least it looks good for now.
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5 years ago, stevestrio
311 request about trash service
This was my first time using the 311 app. It was easy to place a request using the app. It was very self explanatory and worked smoothly. We will see if the service request is completed timely
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10 months ago, Nicknamejb1
Calling 311
The “311” does not work. I tried dialing 311 again today and was told that it doesn’t work. That’s happened several times in the past. I have a good cell signal. I got to the message. I can call other people but not 311. The recording says “the service you’re requesting is not available in this area“. I have tried it in other areas and got the same recording on different days.
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3 years ago, fairmount2021
Form field
Multiple error when you put street name with “St” not intuitive or enough direction to just put street name without the “street” extension. Frustrating to have to figure out why the error message kept popping up that said street # or intersection error and it was neither.
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4 years ago, Robkat71
Usually a quick response to issues. Better to use on WiFi, otherwise slow app.
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4 years ago, joiseasons
The city of Riverside offers so many special things for me and my family
I’m going to Special events like no other city’s new app and I’m sure this place has some good stuff for my family and friends
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4 years ago, Yaxman
Trash pick up
Always a problem took almost a week to fix Last time
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2 years ago, LennyMartin22
Wish I didn’t have to use it that often but request seem to be handled promptly.
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5 years ago, Linda Garrison
Path added on San Andreas!
A path has been created for safe walking around the curve just past the Bonaminio side entrance to Mt Rubidoux!! My friend & I park at Bonaminio and walk over to the 9th st gate to get a longer walk on the hill! Love the new path!!! Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, Devious Loc
City services
Great app for reporting issues in neighborhoods like dumping and tree problems. Also nice feature to pay utilities. Could use some upgrading but overall nice app to have.
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5 years ago, Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!
Completely broken
This app would be great if it actually worked. Crashes or fails to load almost every time I try to use it. It also logs out every time the app is closed or in the background so I have to log in every single time. Essentially to make one report I have to log in several times because of all the crashes. Quicker to call 311.
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2 months ago, DogAboutTown
311 Super heroes!!!
We always know we can call Riverside 311 to get help with anything!!! Maybe this Fall I’ll be calling for help with cooking a turkey. Who needs 1800butterball🤣
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9 months ago, Boo_bee_toucher
The app is buggy
When I try to submit a photo, the app closes. I’m usually sending photos after selecting the “homelessness” category. It also requires me to enter my User Name and PW every time I open the app on my iPhone. It never giv s the option of auto-populating those boxes.
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6 years ago, Darth Diggler
A great resource but doesn’t keep me logged in
It’s a basic web site in an app wrapper but still easier to use than the web site. A great resource but doesn’t keep me logged in.
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4 years ago, Zig ha
Editing open requests
The only thing that is preventing a 5 star review is that I can’t edit or add notes to an open request.
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7 years ago, App Connoisseur123
Trash Missed
My trash was missed during the scheduled pickup day. I wrote a request for someone to pickup and I had a trash truck pickup our bin same day. Impressed with the speedy response!
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3 years ago, APSRReview
App improvement needed
App does not automatically know my address even though I provided it when I created my account. Shouldn’t have to te-type that.
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7 years ago, paul5543
City of Riverside
It is very convenient to have an app like this to help report violations makes our city a better place.
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1 year ago, Daniel Kioko
Great app, convenient but needs improvement
Would be great for the interface to be more responsive. Some pages take a while to display and some field appear to be out of place
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4 years ago, Gopher Kitty
Wonderful App - City listens to requests
311 app helps the City to respond quickly to where attention is needed 😁
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6 years ago, Lib basher
Doesn’t work at all
Deleted it, reloaded it, and the same thing happens. Hit “New Request” or hit the camera button, and the app is gone. You’re looking at your home page. The City says no one else has complained about it. But it doesn’t work. The old version worked great and got things done.
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2 weeks ago, MadGamer69
Excellent app.
Very useful and reliable. The city of Riverside usually follows up immediately.
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1 year ago, jessica.lynn.wolgemuth
Glitchy and not user-friendly
Glitchy and not user-friendly. It would have been easier to send an email.
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7 years ago, Tara Nichole
Wonderfully monitored
Super fast city response! Such a wonderful way to notify of things in need of attention.
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1 year ago, 1987Pmiranda
Thank you to all that make Riverside a clean community!
Thank you to all that help ma
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2 years ago, Platte Dr Resident
Review of 311
A convenient and efficient way to report concerns and problems !
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6 years ago, monthly vistor
Good Direct Line to City Issues
Pretty straight forward on the front end. Results pending.
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2 years ago, tontq123
Poor customer service
Each time I made a requested, the response I received were what is my information. However, after I provided my information. They disappear never reply to me again.
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3 years ago, Barry Hildebrandt
Riverside Resident Connect (311)
Very easy to use. Always very prompt in completing requests
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5 months ago, allexemice
This app won’t let me post pictures from my iPhone. It used to. What happened?
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9 months ago, 4ATinker
I really like 311, it is very EASY to use. Thank you City of Riverside. The Wood Family😃
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3 years ago, Don't bother-useless
App not working
Every time I try to submit a request it tells me to log out and log back in and then it still does not work
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5 years ago, La Sierra Pk Walker
Thankful for 311!
All my the requests I submit are taken care of. Nice app! i love my city, good to have 311 app! thank you!
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8 months ago, Creative Innovations
Wouldn’t accept pictures
Tried entering pictures and it closed the app
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12 months ago, Gpala
NO responde
I wrote email to 311 , for few day already and I haven’t see any response, so I think there’s a communication problem with the system
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4 years ago, VecinoRon
Easy to use
Easy to use. Thank you.
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6 years ago, SkaKin
Good when it works
The app is useful when it works but recently a bug in the app causes it to close whenever you try and open a request. Tried contacting support but they just send me a generic response and never responded to me again.
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5 years ago, WenDens
Logging in
I registered and was sent an email with my login info. When I attempt to login it says I don’t have an account.
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5 years ago, JWise iTunes
Junk App
App has stopped working in the past year so many issues cannot even submit a request it just times out and kicks you out of the app. Needs a Update RSide
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6 years ago, Baxxxman
311 riverside
App consisting gives errors when trying to make service requests, saying to exit and login and if already logged in to delete and reinstall app.
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