360 Smart Camera

3.4 (340)
394.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beijing Visual World Technology Co., Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 360 Smart Camera

3.43 out of 5
340 Ratings
3 years ago, sadaboutthecamera
Great Camera Ok App
I purchased the 360 Smart Camera for a very reasonable price. The camera itself is pretty nice, but sadly it can only be used with this app. Initial setup seemed smooth and easy. The problems start after I disabled the camera during the day and tried to turn it back on in the vending. I kept getting an error message and eventually I had to reinstall the camera for it to work again. I went through this process several different times. What if the power goes and your out of town and this happens....you simply wouldn’t be able to bring the camera back online. The third time I tried reinstalling the camera the app simply would not work. It won’t even try to detect the device i just get a blank screen when I select add device. Update: I was finally able to reinstall the app by bypassing my wifi and it does seem to be running a bit smoother now (after the latest updates I think...)
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2 years ago, Dosblade
It’s ok.
Have another cheap cam that does not just stop recording . So if any thing happens after that..I tested. Went out it started recording then stopped. I turned right around and it never ever came back on it would never come back on and only leave records for a few seconds and stops and then you can only use one phone or iPad iPhone at a time you can’t use to do you have a sign and only to one to get what you pay for
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2 years ago, ppppppppoopppopuggfd
Low quality camera sorry excuse for a app and cloud
Better cameras and apps out there, dont get this one, app only plays 5 seconds of a event and makes you pay for a useless cloud that doesnt cloud anything either but the same events for 20 secs instead of 5 secs, and you can only look at past 20 sec events on cloud not even the whole recording of a day or anything, so basically your just paying for a "cloud" that only gives you longer events than the one already implemented in app, and on top of that app barely runs, lags, sometimes doesnt even play replays, or just speed through 2s to 18s and just freeze in under a second and just says replay dont even get to finish looking or cant even use replays to see anything going on, WORST APP AND CAMERA VERY UNRELIABLE NOT WORTH IT AND DONT GET THE "CLOUD" ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY
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11 months ago, minutme
Continuing problems.
I’ve had this camera for over a year, worked fine up until two days ago. It seems as the company did a upgrade or an update or something to the overall system. When that happened it booted me out I had to log back in on the app since then, I’ve been unable to get my camera connected to Wi-Fi. I have checked the router I’ve checked the password I’ve checked everything that the company has suggested and still can’t get my camera to connect to the Internet or my router, I don’t know what update they did but since then I can’t get my camera to connect to the Internet. It was fun while it lasted. Guess I’ll dump the camera and go with something more reliable.
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3 years ago, app user77777
I’ve had the camera for a while and I’m finding that it only stays online about half the time. We don’t move it, we don’t unplug it, but when I’m out half the time it tells me it’s off-line. But it’s not actually. Very frustrating. Probably a better value out there for your money.
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2 years ago, onestarforgoidreason
Login issues
Camera keeps login me out. Every time I go to check the camera I have to log in. No response through social media or email, so I’m writing a review in hopes that someone will read it. Edit: Still having login issues. I tried unbinding camera and now it won’t connect. Someone needs to send me a replacement or give me a refund. Edit: Login issue sorta fixed, but now when I log in with one device it logs me out of the other.
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2 years ago, kay@mathews
What happened to it?!
When I first got this a few months ago it worked great. Use it in grandbaby's room to see while he's napping. He wasn't here for a while then when he came it was offline. Couldn't get it to work so hooked up 2nd 1. FINALLY got it online. Now it shows I get Asia time?! Can't figure out what time zone I'm in for North America central time. The picture is grainier than before. Whatever was done during an update, it hasn't made an improvement.
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1 year ago, Sherretz Family China
Scam Alert
I purchased the 360 Camera about a year ago and it worked fine (a bit cumbersome at times) but on Dec 10, it stopped working. I tried several times to get it going and had to resort to removing the software from my phone and reluctantly downloaded the newest version. The newest version seems to only allow Chinese customers with Chinese email addresses. So, my purchase is now worthless. I suspect this Huawei product wants to spy on us. I have asked for a refund but we’ll see.
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3 years ago, BellaBayley
Hard to get customer service and reset password
One day my camera just “booted me off” I was trying to sign back in however forgot my password. I hit “forgot password” and the reset link or text never came through. Its the Hardest company to get In contact with, and I have tried everything. Even making another profile but my camera is not under my phone number, it’s registered to my email and makes it very difficult to give a good review. I will have to toss it.
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2 years ago, themagicallizard
Customer service
The camera itself has a great picture and other items it does well in . Customer service is not one of them getting ahold of someone is almost impossible and when I did get ahold of some one they would pass me on to another dept well 5 departments later having to explain the problem five different times my issue is still not resolved.. very frustrating
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5 years ago, Mrbs Music
Camera to computer use
How can I use this camera on my computer?? Now I have the same problem as debster3470!. I was set up for one touch secure log in but, all of the sudden I can't log in at all!! I keep getting messages to check new movements from my camera but I can't!!!??? What's going on!!!???
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5 years ago, aplvly
Good Experience
My camera has been in service over a year and it serves my needs very well. Mine is permanently mounted inside to cover the entrance to our home. I like the features, particularly the capability of viewing anyone who enters from the outside when I get an alarm due to activity whenever someone enters or departs. Best of all is the affordability of the camera.
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2 years ago, Puli4life
Some bugs
So, when we first got this, me and my wife were both able to be logged in at the same time without being logged out… also, when attempting to re-log-in I have to do it twice, which has been happening for a while now. A little disappointed that these issues have been happening for quite some time without resolution.
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2 years ago, jdnsndiu usjsi yfgjak
Camera does not pick up everything
My camera does not pick up all motion for some reason it does not pick up every movement with motion settings? Very frustrating
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6 months ago, Papa Longbuck
App doesn’t load any videos anymore
I’ve had this camera for awhile and it worked great up until I just recently reinstalled it. Now anytime it detects motion it apparently films, but the video never loads. The thumbnail of the video doesn’t even load on most of them. This needs to be fixed. What the point of having a camera filming if I can’t tell what’s happening?
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3 years ago, Blaque Creation
Faulty Camera & App
I am so frustrated w/camera and app! Camera always goes offline unless you use the developers WiFi? I originally bought camera to record the health aides in my mom’s room but it only record when there is noise...it is set to record motion but it not doing so. OMG...waste of money and time! Hope developer get this buggy app and camera to work simultaneously together.
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2 years ago, Jess023876
App has not been working right for over 2 weeks
The latest update on the app has caused that replays not to work. Every time it records a motion the video will not play back. I reported the issue immediately and no one will fix it after 2 weeks. Should have spent my money on better cameras with better customer service for issues.
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4 years ago, sportsmomma86
Love the camera but not the software/app
We have had this camera about two years and we had to end up not using it for a few months and now when I’m trying to start it back up the app won’t even let me! When clicking on the “add camera” button and then it sits on a white screen, so now the camera is useless because of the app won’t allow me to synchronize it ...
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11 months ago, awsomesauce83
I liked it
I really liked this camera when I first got it . It ran smoothly and was very clear night and day. All of a sudden it wasn’t compatible with my Wi-Fi network. That’s very disappointing considering I bought several of them and was really enjoying them. Now they just sit a kitchen drawer collecting dust!
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5 years ago, Mittens900
It use to be good
I did give you a 5 star at one point but the app is slacking. I’m not able to sign in with 2 devices like I use to and it keeps telling me my number doesn’t exist when it does. I’ve changed my password and it’s still telling me my account doesn’t exist. Plus there’s no customer service support. You claim you can add up to 6 people—FALSE ADVERTISING
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5 years ago, Debster7340
Not happy
I WAS very happy with the cameras. Now all of a sudden I can’t log in. I can’t contact the app developer because it’s in Chinese. When I try to switch to English the “Contact Us” link doesn’t work. It seems to have forgotten all my logins and passwords. I even tried completely starting over and it won’t let me because the cameras are already registered. So now I have useless cameras. Thanks for nothing.
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4 weeks ago, Leeet5
Use to love this product
When I first purchased the camera everything worked perfectly. Slowly certain things have stopped, even tho notifications are on, I get none. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Still nothing. Now everytime I open it to check the camera, there’s is an AD… WHHHHY!?!? New camera will be here tomorrow.
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4 years ago, JGF11
Latest release is terrible
This app, which in general is not very user friendly, with the new release is much worse. It used to be super easy to pull up all your old photos/videos and Select All and Delete All. Now those functions are no longer available. Now it seems super cumbersome to pull up each photo/video and delete. I would buy other cameras.
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5 years ago, VoodooBlu
This camera should be simple and easy to use but every time I download an app update it takes a lot of time to reconfigure. Adding the device is more complicated than it should be. Especially if you are using it somewhere that you don’t have control over the WiFi, like my office, which is where I’m trying to use it. The pop ups are all in Chinese only, which is a problem as you won’t know what to click. When it does work, it’s great. When it won’t, I want to break it. Please stop monkeying with the app updates as it scrambles everything!
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5 years ago, spikejupe
After new update says account doesn’t exist. Please advise.
Since the last new update, I can’t log into the app. It says account doesn’t exist. Can’t find anyone to contact regarding this, as I know my account does exist!
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2 years ago, bunchofbullshitassapp
Not working
The app used to work. Now it doesn’t show they live feed and the camera will be on with no access from my phone. I just updated the app and the problem is the same. I have to keep it unplugged now because it maybe hacked by the same company.
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5 years ago, reviewer1-1
Updates are worse and worse..
Every time there’s an update, it gets worse. Notifications are not being delivered, despite the fact that my phone setting is to receive them. Already contacted customer service but they keep saying there’s nothing wrong with the software.....
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2 years ago, kaydus2110
Owned 1+yrs and NOW it’s disconnected
I’ve had this camera connected to my network, and paid extra for cloud storage for 1+years. Now it’s disconnected and saying my account never existed. I create the same account and try to set my camera back up to the network. Won’t connect. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, StfuSteve
Logs me out literally daily.
Would be awesome to be able to receive actual notifications from the camera, but no chance when it continues to log out and make me put in my password every 5 minutes. Wasted money on a camera.
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5 years ago, Better find other product
Now it’s totally useless
It has been good for a while. But since couple of weeks ago I couldn’t watch the alert and recordings. Now after updated the app, I can’t even login to my account.I guess I should buy the U.S company’s camera next time . So I can get support on this kind of issue. Good bye, 360 camera!
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1 year ago, Gwenivere413
My device won’t connect
Separated my 5ghz and my 2.4ghz but device won’t connect.
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3 years ago, Cruise 66
It wiped all data
My two cameras just stopped working and the app showed nothing it showed where I have to start all over which I tried and nothing and the bad thing you can’t contact anyone about this or any problems
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3 years ago, Znizle
Very upset
I made a review about my cameras not letting me leg in well I got to finally but more often than not I can’t get a connection to my camera throughout the day. It’s down more than it’s working and I’m furious I use to love this brand. Do not recommend the updates for their app ruined it
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4 years ago, 蓝王88
Add option to disable audio in recordings
Please add the option to turn off audio during recordings. 请加上选项在录像时不录音频。
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5 years ago, RonMan
Good at one point-no more
It worked great for over a year. Now I can't login in or reset my password. I wish a different software package could be found. It would be one star, but it worked fine before.
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3 years ago, Martin Grundle
Used to be great but not anymore
The camera itself is good, but this app has just gotten worse. I can only connect to the camera less than half the time, even when I’m on the same WiFi.
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2 years ago, no viewing
I have been unable to get the camera to work with my new iPhone. It use to work well with my blackberry. I have not been able to add the iPhone even though my phone number is the same.
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5 years ago, Eqing2700
Reliable app
The app is very stable, never had any crashes.
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5 years ago, Compliance123
Needs work
I’ve had this camera for over 5 months and have not been able to view anything on app, camera will say its connect but when you try to view in the app the camera is offline. Help!!!
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3 years ago, aeon schneider
stuck on cloud-video playback
ex-employee’s review: 1.always stuck on cloud video playback. without no reasons or hints, just stuck there, saying preparing to play. but no video actually plays. you HAVE TO remove the app from RAM by a swipe up from multi tasking. Same issue appears in video downloading. failed to download any videos. have to relaunch the app many times if you need to view or download the whole days videos
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3 years ago, fffvfbyff
The app worked fine for a while until it logged me out and I could not log in ever Again! Looks like I won’t be buying foreign made products anymore! Only ones built in the USA.
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3 years ago, -VCR-101-
Does not load
Just stays in loading screen when trying to add camera
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4 years ago, JYJO2999
Can’t log in anymore. Always showing network exception error. I’m getting depressed for being so far away from home and now can’t even see my pets through the camera. This is sad.
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5 years ago, DokTim
Works like a Charm!
Cheap and always connected. Very reliable.
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3 years ago, Back meat
App constantly logs out
About a couple weeks ago the app stopped working. I have to login every time I open the app. Most of the time, it doesn’t work. It’s very frustrating.
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5 years ago, NastasiaS23
Only work for like 2 months
My camera was working pretty well for 2 months and I was very happy Right after I change cable WiFi company my camera have not connected to my new WiFi company It’s a failure
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3 years ago, Aneagle1
Screen correction
Screen correction switch does nothing to correct wide angle distortion at 4 corners of the screen.
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5 years ago, Net Oldtimer
Great features at an economic price!
Great product. I have four in two homes.
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5 years ago, selso859
Great quality
I love this camera
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5 years ago, Mcdroid
Lose all video of you change timezone
All warnings lose the time stamp and you are unable to go back in time to before the time zone change
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