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4.6 (12.8K)
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Laan Labs
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5 months ago
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14.1 or later
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User Reviews for 3d Scanner App™

4.6 out of 5
12.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Batman2287
I was completely unaware of the LiDAR scanning function. I had no idea what it was until today. I was told that my new iPhone 13 Pro has it so I downloaded this app and am amazed at how it works!! I can do so many things with this option now. I am still trying to figure out how to improve my scans and am not sure what is the best way. So, to have some tutorial videos would be a great option. The only other thing I see with this app is that there are incomplete scans no matter how you do it. There are always holes in places that you have scanned. However, it is minimal when you take into account how great it works! I would love to be able to take a complete scan of my home without it crashing but it seems too long of a scan does that. So here is an idea for you………. Maybe you could make an option to scan rooms separately but later be able to assemble them after the separate scans are done. This way we can make models of our complete houses! Great work on this app! I am so happy with this creation of yours! Keep up the updates and great work! 😊
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3 years ago, Chadm424
Love it!!!
Very happy with this app. It is the only one that is fully Functional and doesn’t require a dang subscription or pay per scan!! I have one suggestion mainly because I cannot figure it out lol. I would absolutely love a way to make the scan data watertight so when I export the STL it will need minimal modification before printing or importing into CAD. For some reason I am not able to get it to function properly in Solidworks (this is not a fault of this app ) which is a bit annoying because my main hope for this is to use it to generate reference geometries that I can model off of. I am certain there is a way to do it but I haven’t quite figured out the process. Nonetheless I absolutely am blown away with this app and it is everything I was hoping for when the iPhone X came out. The 12 pro just makes it perfect!
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11 months ago, dcpesses
Pretty darn good, but still needs some polish
I’ve been playing around with this app for weeks, primarily using the TrueDepth scanning process, and once I got the hang of it, my models have come out beautifully! I love the ability to reprocess scans, and the mesh cropping features are fantastic and intuitive. Even the cloud processing works well for unordered Photo scans Still, a few minor glitches here and there keep it from 5 stars. I’ve found the app often crashes on my iPhone 14 while processing if I choose the HD preset; however, I’ve had success using the custom preset with similar settings. Photo scans can’t be renamed from “Untitled Scan”, and much to my chagrin, choosing some mesh modifying tools on a Photo scan may require a Photo scan to be reprocessed all over again. Overall, a wonderful app that I’ve already used to 3d print a model of my dog sleeping.
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3 years ago, Modern Home Professionals
This is a game changer.
I’ve been using this app to take quick scans of a room and then be able to revisit those scans to pull measurements. I then use those measurements to order material. It is a great way to visualize the room while you are shopping for the materials. I am sure that you can find many other uses for this app. I am not sure if it allows you to import the files into blender, unreal, or any other app like that, but for what i use it for it is golden. Thank you, please keep up the great work because right now you are the best scanning app I’ve used to date. I would love a decimate feature that would allow us to simplify scans to the most basic geometry, but in an imperfect world you come through perfectly.
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2 years ago, KCiampi
Works great
I use this app all the time. It maybe has some advanced features that casual users may not appreciate but it has great features and is easy to use. It uses all the means the phone has to capture data to vary the ease or accuracy of the scan. You can also choose how processor intense things are. I often use the face time camera for details at high accuracy but processor intense and LiDAR point clouds for low accuracy large scans that are lightweight. Exporting is good with many options. I’ve had this app for a long time when it first came out it was very basic and not great, but the developer continuously improves it making it into something that is pretty full featured.
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3 years ago, ScottInReno
This app is incredible
I am a personal injury lawyer and often have to hire people to conduct 3D scans of smashed up vehicles, accident sites, etc. I just got a new iPhone with a lidar scanner and used this app to take a scan of a vehicle that was involved in a bad accident. I am totally blown away with the 3D model the app generated. All I had to do was walk around the vehicle pointing my phone at it and stick the phone through a window to capture the inside, and now I have a 3D model including the exterior and interior of the vehicle that I can take measurements from and use to consult with expert witnesses. This is among the most incredible new features since smart phones were invented and is extraordinarily useful.
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2 months ago, GillHenneberry
Makes heads pretty quick and is super easy to edit!
I wanted to scan my friends’ heads to make them custom miniatures for Christmas. You can get pretty decent scans with a few tries, each scan only taking a few minutes to complete (at least if you are using an iPhone 15 plus). The scans might come out with a bunch of noise over the actual bust, but fret not! It’s very easy to crop them out in app just by playing around for a few minutes. Only complaint (having used the app for less than an hour) is that the app kicks me out when I try to use the refine/ increase resolution tool.
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3 years ago, Dres F
Blows normal photogrammetry out of the water
This app is insane. I’ve tried to do photogrammetry a ton, but there aren’t many user friendly apps for it on Mac. I’ve also tried other iPhone apps, but none of them worked as well as I wanted. Lidar scanning is incredible. The best part is that the developers made this app free, so anyone with the right phone can do it. I personally thrive off of free apps like Blender because I’m not a professional, and to see someone putting photogrammetry with LiDAR out for free is amazing. Most software that has cutting-edge features is expensive, and I’m great full that this was put out for free.
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4 years ago, Clint Arthemis Golub
I can’t believe there’s a free app that uses both the LiDAR sensor on my iPad Pro and cameras to construct models of my home and objects with such detail and no adds! it’s seriously amazing. If I could suggest an improvement; the app does crash when I render a model in more detail “refinement”. And also, a slight tutorial such as what the “confidence” slider means. I hope to see this app improvement where I could add my entire home into one gigantic model. As it is, the A12Z processor in the newest iPad does a killer job whipping out gorgeous renders.
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4 years ago, Urchent
Has potential
Been playing around with this since I got my iPhone 12. Getting an initial model is pretty easy but refining that model is very hard. It’s not clear how to optimize you range distance and resolution for best quality. The colors seam to indicate depth while scanning and actually seem to work a little better father away. I guide with tips on improving these details would be good. There’s almost always a few gaps in the model and it doesn’t seam to improve much if at all if get closer or at different angles. Over all it does the job and with a bit more refinement and documentation could become great.
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3 years ago, Kazutadashi
Absolutely phenomenal
I don’t typically write reviews all to often, but this so far has been so gosh dang good I had to write one. It’s very intuitive to use and simple to understand. It performs really fast and has a lot of different options to make your scan really nice. The detail of my scans has been extremely good, and the processing time is super quick. Highly recommend this app to whoever wants to make use of their LIDAR scanner for work or for fun.
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3 years ago, Shaadoe
Still The most accurate free version of 3D lid AR
I really enjoy the way that this app renters models quickly efficiently there’s a few hiccups but it’s still free and not sure the developers are working very hard to keep it going if anybody out there is enjoying this app you should throw him some bitcoin give me a thumbs up in the App Store because he’s guys are doing some good things and there’s guys out there charging a lot more for a lot less program
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4 years ago, Pman17
A Must Have for iPhone 12 Pro
I’m surprised this is free. This is the best LIDAR scanning tool I’ve found in the App Store. This will be useful for work. I work with machinery so it’ll be cool to share models of parts through iMessage. Some improvements I could see is with status indicators showing processes or a count down. Gets hung up on a scroll wheel if the object is too complex. App also needs tutorials. I don’t know the best settings for an object. Lots of trial and error to figure out the best way of scanning an object.
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2 years ago, Josey444
Great app, needs tip jar
This is a solid app that has improved over time. I’ve used it to scan both locations and objects and the photo mode / M1 app photo processing is solid. Privacy seems reasonable. This app needs a tip jar at least. While other apps charge a subscription and some others are acquired by larger companies (and then their privacy policies change) this app has stayed consistent and consistently free. Please don’t go, girl.
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2 years ago, RobChinn
Scan your items to 3D
Uses Apple's ARKit APIs to build 3D objects from your photos. Exports multi-resolution models without having to reprocess the photos. The 3D model viewer is handy to view models once the processing is done, and lets you apply the textures or see the untextured and polygon views. Only thing it's missing is the ability to specify where to save the models and texture files. The button to show the files in the Finder does help though.
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1 year ago, Khoff05
Excellent UI, needs some updates for OS
I love this program, the ability to queue models is excellent and the results are top shelf. However, something changed from Monterey to Ventura and the models are not quite as clean as they previously were. We love the processing on the computer and would not be looking to move to an ios device, so any update on this would be really appreciated. Thank you!
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10 months ago, JustWannaWork23
Limited ecosystem
For what it is, (an app that leverages photogrammetry to produce 3D models), this is a useful tool. However, I expected the desktop version of 3D scanner app to play nicely with data from the iOS/iPadOS application and provide a field to office workflow linking both photogrammetry and LiDAR data. Unfortunately, dragging and dropping 3D Scanner App iOS .usdz files results in an 'Import Failed' error. The same thing happens with .obj and .jpg files from the mobile version. The files open and display properly on iOS and MacOS devices, but the desktop version of the app can't use them.
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2 years ago, Wrider31
Love this app
I make many photogrammetry models and this program is the best i've found. It allows you to queue up many scans and works consistently and outputs excellent results. For furture features, a search of the model/folder names or a copy of the folder names would be great! I do occasionally get "export counts mismatched" but it usuallly fixes itself if i re-run the model with "unordered" checked instead of "sequetial"
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3 years ago, LiveCreate
This has huge potential… scans are awesome!
Took a few minutes of playing around with this app on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. i’m starting to get the hang of it and this thing rocks!I scanned my dog and a few other complex objects at high resolution and each object took less than 60 seconds to scan...Producing a photo realistic 3-D model…Wish I could show you. It’s pretty amazing. Now all I need is a 3-D modeling out to export to an edit and a 3-D printer and watch out!
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3 years ago, Adam Wilder
Really impressive
Has almost everything you need in a 3D scanning app. Includes plenty of options for defining your mesh and a full set of export formats. There was only one format I would like to have that they don’t include, so that’s pretty darn good. You should definitely grab this if you have a device with Lidar and want to scan 3D objects. Works well for smaller objects (more than a 6 inches) and even larger items (rooms up to smaller building exteriors)
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2 years ago, neretinus
Great FREE app; waiting for improvements
This app will basically give you the same results as other applicaitons (free and for pay) on App store that run the Apple-afforded photogrammetry framework, such as PhotoCatch; Capturinator; Qlone; and 3D Photos. Unlike the rest programs though (with the exception of the OVERPRICED PhotoCatch), this '3D Scanner App' allows for processing videos. Also, some of the aforementioned apps (Capturinator, Qlone) crash or are otherwise unreliable, with poorly-designed UIs. So, I'm giving this app 5 star, but would also like it improved in many ways. And, recognizing the developer's continuous effort into this app, I would be more than willing to pay a one-time reasonable fee for the revamped version.
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4 years ago, M A 4
App doesn’t seem to do anything, but it probably does if there were documentation
iPhone 12 Pro Max. No matter what I do, or what settings I choose or how long I scan or at what distance, it always says “empty scan, no data saved.” The app has camera permission and seems to be doing something on the screen, but no 3-D scan ever results. I’ll check this out again after an update or two. (Maybe it just needs some kind of instructions for the many controls, or some kind of useful error messages.)
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3 years ago, fercrazy2
Nice but
I like how I can scan a full room In matter of minutes but this is not what I want to do with this, I want to scan some toys so I can use those scans as a base for custom parts and other stuff often this toys are small as a lego or as big as an rc car but the problem is I can’t get any details with this and it scans the WHOLE background and I can’t make it scan my toy what do I have to do to scan small objects? I don’t need a whole lot of details just enough to have as a base
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2 years ago, Powers111
As someone who flies LiDAR on drones that cost more than your home, 99% of people that own an iPhone with LiDAR have no idea the power of what they have in their hands. Then 3D Scanner goes and adds the ability to use the points themselves, meshes, depth and even tell you how good you are at pointing your phone at something with color coding? This app is unbelievable. 6 stars.
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6 months ago, Jonkeek
Great app, limited by the hardware
This is could be great but it isn’t because the iPad or the iPhone lack stereoscopic capabilities. Apple should provide a second camera for 3D scanning purposes. Our brains can produce 3D images because we have 2 eyes separated by a few inches. The iPad could easily accommodate a second camera to replicate that capability.
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3 years ago, thechickenundertheroad
This app is amazing, when it works
I have the brand new super powerful M1 iPad Pro, yet the app crashes when I try and texture the file. If it worked it would be amazing and the best 3D scanner app on the store. I really hope the developers fix this issue so I can texture the file in the future. I would be happy to pay a one time fee for this app if they maintained it better. Perhaps they can let me use the full 8 or 16GB of ram which would make this worthwhile.
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3 years ago, Gstaff100
Thanks For The Tool
I am grateful to the Laan Consulting Group for releasing such a powerful, wonderful, astonishing tool for free. Truly a gift to humanity. (And any other non-humans who also like to 3D scan) I am happy to see regular updates and I look forward to exploring what added precision and mesh optimization can be squeezed out of our current hardware. Thank you thank you thank you
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5 months ago, TheEmployed
Most Sci-Fi feature of the phone - completely free
This app allows you to digitize your whole environment, like your house, your office, etc just by sweeping your phone around. You end up with a rotatable 3D model that’s very cool to look at. The whole experience is seemless and partial scans can be extended later very easily and reliably.
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3 years ago, jegalloway
So far the best Lidar App I have tested...looking for more.
I have been looking for apps that take advantage of Apple’s LiDAR Scanner on the IPhone 12 and latest gen iPad and have been generally disappointed. The 3D Scanner App has been the best thing I have found so far, but I’m looking for more. How should I be scanning rooms or objects to get the best quality scans? Is there a help manual to explain some of the functionality of the app? This is promising, but not totally there yet.
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4 years ago, lidarboy
Great app except
This app is amazing and kinda fun to use, the only downside atm is the fact that you cannot use the high detail option when texturing, it’ll load and load and never actually finish. gets about 50% even after leaving it on the screen for 2 hours nothing happened phone wasn’t even warm showing it wasn’t actually processing any more. Other then that it’s amazing. iPhone 12 pro
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4 years ago, ZafNZ
Finally an app that isn’t a money grab. It works, it’s fun, and you don’t have to sign up to anything or pay money to even use the app. It’s quite fun to use, and I’m impressed Note to author: great app, and I would be willing to pay, my suggestion: add in-app purchase that is purely a donation. Don’t lock features or anything, just ask for a donation — you’d get my money!
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3 years ago, korora912
Outstanding App with no hidden fees
I just took this outside and used it to scan the interior of a 30-foot sailboat in a single pass. Easy to capture the data, and allows export in so many formats that you’re almost certain to find one that works for you. It’ll even zip the files up for you, for ease of airdropping. Couldn’t possibly be happier.
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3 years ago, Andy123-789
Absolutely awesome, and free?????
I used this at first to map out my dorm to show my grandmother the layout and I’ve since figured out how it is able to capture and create things photos simply can’t. This app is just so cool and powerful and it’s ridiculous that there isn’t an upfront price for this software
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3 years ago, Arshaun K.
Love the app but has major issues
As the title suggests I’m a big fan of this app as it works really well in some circumstances and performs very poorly in others. Bugs include constant freezing and crashing when trying to texturize or refine a scan. In the worse case scenario, the scan will actually somehow become corrupted and delete half of the scan. It’s devastating when it happens (especially when you no longer have the object you scanned) and it’s frequent enough where it’s unusable for me.
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1 year ago, 41TED
Works better than it should
Depends what you are trying to accomplish. I use it as a 3D camera. Comes with understandable documentation and helpful examples. I was able to capture a usable 3D picture first time. Keep in mind that it uses lots of memory and processing takes time.
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1 year ago, Col513
Best iOS LiDAR app available!
This is hands down the best app for scanning any structure. Not only can you capture high quality scans quickly, you can also edit, manipulate and export your scans for free! Every architecture firm and construction company should add this tool to their tool belt. Hopefully they are working on adding NeRF models next!
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3 years ago, britain1993
The Best 3D App
On the App Store there are so few 3D scanning apps. And of the very few out there those scanning apps were pure garbage. This one however is absolutely the best and superior in every way and has now officially earned a spot on the front page of my device it is that good. Thank you developer!
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3 months ago, JoeDirt77
What a GREAT app
I’m not usually one to actually write a review but I felt compelled to do so in this instance. This app is absolutely awesome! This was the fourth app I tried among the Lidar scanners and it without a doubt blew the rest out of the water. If you are looking for a lidar app this is the one, just download it, you’ll thank me later
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3 years ago, ___Steve___
THIS is the LIDAR App you want
Wow, very nice work on the app. This app offers the features of pay apps without any IAP. You are able to scan and export, as well as refine and view measurements in the app. This app works better than some of the other pay apps I was trying. The scanning works great. Great job to the developer on this one, appreciate the effort, and great app!
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4 years ago, lil_ePDX
Great Free App with NO Adds
I wasn’t sure about needing the lidar sensor, even now I probably don’t “need” it, but this is a really cool app to have where you can scan a space and save it. I think it will be really cool in 10 years from now to walk through a virtual scan of an old apartment or space that I don’t have access to anymore
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4 years ago, Lslslucass
LiDAR support is amazing and just very cool
I got the iPhone 12 pro with LiDAR capabilities and this app has blew me away. Both the app and phone are amazing, but mixed together is something else. It’s very cool and if that wasn’t all the app don’t make you pay a subscription or even a fee to use it’s services. It is amazing and I very much complement the developers!
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3 months ago, Tel’stradi
Remote no longer supported
I used to be able to use a Bluetooth shutter release button to start and stop scans remotely, however now this functionality is no longer workings. It simply turns the volume up and doesn’t recognize the shortcut. I would love if this gets fixed.
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1 year ago, ok to many ads
It’s pretty good but could use some work
So this app does a really good job but the 3d scan only uses the face camera they need to make it to where it can use the other camera's on the phone but other than that I highly suggest the app it is very cool.
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1 year ago, Justbadonlybad
The best and free
Amazing. I was one of the first user because I have bought the Iphone 12 PRO on the first Apple online batch at 4am and I have received my iphone on the first delivery scheduled possible. As a technology guy and addicted, I download this app and I am fan of it since that day. Thank you
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2 years ago, Iphone14ProUser2
Really great, but…
TrueDepth doesn’t really work. The app crashes whenever I try to do a TrueDepth scan, and when I actually can do it, and I do the maximum scan time, it says that there was an error in trying to render the scan. Please fix this, but the app works really well and scans are very fast and high quality.
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3 years ago, Louis & Anthony
Don’t be afraid to use Hi-Res
I can’t believe how good this app is it’s so fun and so cool make sure to get close to your objects don’t get too much of the background be sure to move around a lot get every angle get close-up get far away. The future possibilities are endless and this is honestly the greatest function of this phone
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4 years ago, Rdfaleph
Very capable app for scanning objects
A reasonably quick and accurate scanning tool. It does a lot with the LiDAR on the iPhone 12 pro. I’ve looked a bit, haven’t found anything that does better at this early stage of app development. I’ve had it hang a couple times when doing Hi-Rez renderings of complicated objects, but you can just kill it and restart. It doesn’t lose data — not losing data is the critical thing. I wish it had some more capabilities such as being able to retouch a scan when you realize you missed a whole section, I’d gladly pay for that feature.
Show more
1 year ago, kohlt18
I cant believe how good it is
After this most recent update this is almost as good as a real 3d scanner. Im not sure how accurate it is scale wise but it makes very accurate beautiful models. I currently use this app for 3d printing and slap these into blender to make minor adjustments.
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3 years ago, eedenjl
Only the new
The only problem I find with this app and of the Apple products is the best things only work on the new phones I have an iPhone 11 which in the world is considered a pretty new phone but to Apple and all of its updates my phone is old if you did not already know this every three phones Apple makes the phone before it is considered old and starts to glitch so of course because my phone is old the app wasn’t compatible with my phone
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4 years ago, Yukimi Kazari
Just Wow
You could never tell me that one day something that took my so many hours, electricity, and lots of planning can now be accomplished in minutes with instant results and for free I have never been as happy as today just with what this app now can let me do. Let me buy you a beer mate
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