4K Live Wallpaper

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121.8 MB
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Current version
Hao Wen
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.11 or later
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User Reviews for 4K Live Wallpaper

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0 Ratings
3 years ago, robot_army
Fairly cool—Some issues
Way too much anime—if you LIKE anime, however, it may be for you. I would like to see more real videos. Most importantly, the app has to be running for the wallpaper to work. If you quit or hide the app, the wallpaper goes away. Also, although it has multiple monitor capabilities, it is running either a duplicate of the other screen or something entirely different. I would LOVE to see "paired" videos, if you will, that will expand one animated image accross both screens. THAT I may pay for. Overall, in my opinion, not worth subscription fees.
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4 years ago, MiaTeacher
Really Amazing!
So I read the not so good reviews of this app, but I decided to go ahead and pay for the Pro version and try it out for myself. I am so glad I did! These screen savers are amazaing! Gorgeous! Beautiful! And the live desktop movies allow you to have a desktop that is fully animated and incredibly pleasing to the eye. I just bought a 16 inch Mac Book Pro with the retina display and when I tell you that these live wallpapers are unbelievable on my display, it's really an understatement. Kudos to the developers and do not be dismayed by any negative reviews. Your product is of very high quality and that really speaks for itself. Keep making high quality wallpaper like this one!
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2 years ago, Onion_potatochips
Great Interface
Love the variety of art styles, but like some else said its mainly for anime lovers. Also too much focus on girls, almost half of all the choices you can choose from are girls. Compared to landscapes and beautiful art, there is way to many girls. Also when the screen loops in screensaver it always has a black screen every so often when the video loops. But overall if you ignore the above this app is fairly enjoyable.
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4 years ago, BJ WIRELESS
Add small icon to toolbar
Can u add the 4k live wallaper app to the top which is called icon tool bar , it would be so much better to have that option instad of having the app at the bottom always running , we need the option to add the 4k app to the top with the other small icons by the time/clock.
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3 years ago, Nelbenson
There are a few cool images. but a lot of the ones I would choose just have a looping particle effect and not technically movie. Also, there is a subscription cost to it. I tried the 3 day trial period and not sure how to remove the auto pay. A big reason I only gave 2 stars. I uninstalled it but am afraid I'll get charged anyway. Feels like a scam, take your money and not make it apparent how to cancel. Cool idea but more interesting animations would be required for me to pay for this on a subscription basis.
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2 years ago, phreaktsunami
Lovely Backgounds...
I've been looking for a reasonable active background program, for my mac, for quite a while... and this one is smooth, easy to use, and hundreds of fun and interesting backgrounds to download. Setup was breeze! I'll admit, there are a LOT of anime backgrounds, but that's ok... LOTS to choose from other than anime. 2 thumbs up!
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3 years ago, Blkbrd72
I think you did a great job and its affordable
You mix it up with a great balance. I think you did a great job. I look forward to seeing my background every day. Don't get discouraged by those that say you do to much of this or that....or too little. Don't change it, it's perfect.
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10 months ago, LovaTheTrap
Great App
Ive only used this app for a few minutes and I already love this app! It looks great! The quality is amazing and it all looks so satisfying just looking at it! I Just have to say tho maybe add more free ones so people can enjoy more content you have. But other then that this app is great!!!
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1 year ago, jmroutlaw
So Cool!
I have been using the app for about a year. I love it. So much fun. The only drawbacjk is that they don't give you enough explanations about how you do something. Like importing videos. Ad, occasionally, the screen image goes all green, and they don''t tell you how to fix it.
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1 year ago, TheRealKingMo
3 free ones...seriously?
Listen, I would be lying if I said that I didn't understand that companies need to make their money. But it becomes a problem when the app is PURELY paid, with a side of 3 free wallpapers to download. This isn't a dig at the devs for this app particularly, but a look at the app market as a WHOLE, where money becomes the sole motive instead of creating an app that is worthy of being given pure 5 star ratings, with nothing below. Do better, please; just pathetic at this point :(
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2 years ago, MusicH8tr
Wish there were less thotty women
Too many weird busy women for my personal taste, however the app itself works as expected. I am able to find thing I enjoy so no fault to the app. Thanks for a good expierence.
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2 years ago, AndreRicardo01
Promising App.
I wasn't intentionally looking for a screensaver but I came across this one. They have a few free wallpapers but the majority are for their paid service. And, I'm okay with that. The main issues are: * Too many similar themed topics, very little choice/ little creativity * Subscription based. Why not just offer individual wallpapers for sale. The trend has been to move away from subscription-based fees.
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3 years ago, sweetninje
4k Live is the only wallpaper app I've ever found to be synonymoys with te world "glorious!!' There's a huge variety of themes and styles avaiable, the animayion is incredible, the images are bold and engaging, and it's easy to use. Magica. Oh, yes, and did I say GLORIOUS?! Worth every single pennt! Thank you, Deelopers!
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3 years ago, DarkSeduces
My Wallpaper Is Never Boring!
Great app to have wallpaper animate. Even while im active on the computer. its still animating in the background. ALSO love the fact that it hides my folders. Nice and clean. Lots a very nicee designs. Worth it :)
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3 years ago, llllPsycho
Knockoff App + More Expensive
With just a bit more digging, I found another app store application that looks better, runs better, has all the same identical features, except it costs a few dollars as a one time charge rather than a subscription AKA money dump like this app. Plus, instead of the ugly app icon, the other one interfaces with your menu bar
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5 months ago, SchweetMunkie
Won't let me purchase lifetime subscription
4K Live Wallpaper is having a special price on the lifetime subscription. When I click on it, it redownloads "4K Dynamic Wallpaper" but the option for the lifetime subscription no longer exists. It's either a bug or being deceptive.
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3 years ago, Draggon1
You can't go wrong with this one. The live desktop is amazing. Looks great on my Mac Book Pro. It is good enough to tempt me to buy the Pro version.
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3 years ago, JD not DJ
Amazing App
This is an amazing app. I'd love to see one day if the image/video could be extend to the touch bar. For macs that have a touch bar that would be great.
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3 years ago, Nickname42meow
Everything costs money on this except like 2 or 3 wallpapers I think. I personally dont really like anime, and as in other comments there is way too much of it.
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4 years ago, FeelsLikeIHaveBeenScammed
I feel scammed. Change my mind.
Paid for a subscription, but it keeps defaulting to a base subscription. This makes me sad. Someone else reviewed it and said the developers responded to this issue via email. I can't find an email, so please do the same for me if this isn't a scam. I will change my review and apologize as is due to you, if I am not being scammed.
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2 years ago, DreamVortex
Love this app great live wallpaper
I love this app the only thing I would wish for is to know who the great artists are whom create these videod.
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3 years ago, flyfastmatt
Not bad, Not great.
I like this app it lets me put an actual living walpaper on my MacBook, but I wish there were more pictures availble.
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3 years ago, Dosblade
great but
I have noticed on APPLE there are allto of APPS that really make you wonder.. well to sub? You want people to pay monthly .. and IN A PANDENMIC There must be THOUSANDS of videos, pictures .. one woule expect that if your paying monthly. H
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4 years ago, Mr. Patrick Keim
Really Cool!
I loved it and the only thing I would change is the variety because theres way to much anime.
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4 years ago, SolotheAlkamist
Awesome app does whats advertised. The dynamic wallpapers are the best!
Great wallpapers designed to show the beauty of the 4k screen on the macbook pro. Definitely recommended!
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2 years ago, CoDing!
Love this
Love the selections and I can change my wallpaper on a daily basis!
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4 years ago, Mr.mckoy
I love a good amount of the wallpapers and i would love to see a Darth Vader wallpaper. There could be a lot less anime wallpapers though.
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5 months ago, Quantum_Quill
Dishonest Developer
App offers "LifeTime Pro Version" for $4.99. When selected, you are directed back to the App Store to download the duplicate app that only offers monthly subscription.
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2 years ago, TripleNine666
is amazing!
they have it sall there i mean all i like how things move and how simple it is to make it work
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3 years ago, iJohnJones
Decent App
The app is fairly easy to use and everytime I open it there appears to be new selections to choose from. Most of the videos are quood quaility but I have come across a few that have a Spotify ad that was accidentally recorded in them that can not be removed unless the video is redone. As for videos, that only gripe I may have is I can not do a search. It would be nice to search for topics or colors and see desktops related to what you are interested in.
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3 years ago, sage marie....
i dont have money to pay it and it didnt even tell my you have to pay. i only have 3days and then i have to pay AND I CANT DELITITE is it wont let me
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4 years ago, aNeeda Donation
what a fantastic app
This is anamazing app
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4 years ago, kmeeeeeeeee
Not great
The 3 they pick to show you for free are not good. Wouldnt buy
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2 years ago, honkshoo
screensaver doesn't work
paid for upgraded version - followed instructions - and nothing
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4 years ago, gbublondie
not good
i got pre and it doesn't work it's a scam also your limited to three backgrounds that are free most apps give you 5 or 10 so not worth the time.
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3 years ago, maximumlikesjosh
stop making things cost money! free is good!
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10 months ago, emcjvuiuu
its great
nice wallpaper
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2 years ago, Bobjoerules
barely any free wallpapers
there are only 3 wallpapers you dont need to pay for
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4 years ago, C-Lo305
waste of money
wall papers didn't load to preview in app...useless
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3 years ago, KimTheLedgend
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4 years ago, lypstyck
how do i remove it
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Really bad issues
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4 years ago, hustledree
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5 years ago, RonLewis
Awesome App!!
I love the ability to uploaded your own 4k videos and have them play in the backgorund will using your desktop. I recommend to get this app for your apple products
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5 years ago, The Prodigy OZ
everybody thought my wallpaper was super cool and wanted it
pretty chillin, would be cool if they added more free wallpapers. Still great access with free features
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4 years ago, cdub82915
looks good.. pretty simple i like it.
good simple wallpaper app does just what its says it will.
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2 years ago, shangkeeree
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4 years ago, PhantomTMA
The app is great
-I recomend the app because it is true that they are updating it every day. -I emailed the staff because my app was stuck in the base subscription when I had payed for the full version and I recieved all the help I needed. they sent me a code so that I could fix it and I arrived in a reasonable amount of time.
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4 years ago, Iveylis
love with it
just wish there was at least 10 background to download for free with my onw choice ;)
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