7shifts: Employee Scheduling

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7shifts, Inc.
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 7shifts: Employee Scheduling

4.81 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
3 years ago, TREYc
I don’t know how I was doing it before 7Shifts
Ok so I’m the owner of BOHO Med Spa in Dallas with 5 employees. At first we would just tell people what their schedule was and kept it like that, then we had a mess in when someone asked off and I forgot to fill it. So I used a spreadsheet and everyone had access to it in Google Drive. But I had to manually count how many hours they were working, change dates every 2 weeks and all other head aches that come with manual entry. It was a lot of work. Then my new hire said they use 7Shifts at her other job. 🤯 this has been a game changer for me and is saving me a lot of time managing schedules, hours worked, and time off! And it’s copy and paste!!! You guys have been the best thing that has happened to me in 2020. (Probably because there has been a lot of bad things happening in 2020🤔) Either way, THANK YOU!!!!!
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3 years ago, Jazbbo
Could be much better, near perfect
I love your apps (7punches, 7tasks, 7shifts) and the ideas behind them, I just don’t understand why it’s 3 different apps and not just one !!!! Having to have 3 different apps to do simple things is not convenient at ALL. You guys could compete a lot better I think against other apps if you grouped all of yours into one and that way you’d get a lot of people interested. Here’s a idea: in the 7shifts app you can simply get rid of the messaging tab at the bottom and turn it into a round section in the top right corner, and it stays in that corner no matter what tab you’re in so it’s easy access (kind of like the account tab in the top left corner) and in its place at the bottom you should put a 7punches tab (put the app logo there but just the fist) put the section there next to the shifts tab to clock in and out and do all the other things you can do with 7 punches and instead of a notification tab at the bottom turn it into a 7tasks tab (put the app logo there but just the check mark) by bringing all the functionality from that app and move the notification tab into a section somewhere in the account tab or something similar. It’s just a few ideas but that would make so much more sense and you would only need one app to do all these things which would be so much better and you wouldn’t lose any functionality cause they’d all be brought over into one app.
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2 years ago, ServiceIndustryProfessional
This app is awful
Perhaps it is because I’m used to the ease and clarity of schedulefly. I find this app confusing, overly complex and all around terrible. In viewing an upcoming shift all positions are jumbled together, there is no day to day organization by FOH title, it’s not even alphabetical. Also, why a shift pool? I offered up a shift and no one can even see it, let alone pick it up. Time off requests are swept under the rug, management can’t find them, and there are only two reasons we should need time off from work- working somewhere else or not in our prearranged availability. There are lots of service industry professionals who preform more then one job in a given restaurant. Like a host that also busses or bartenders that sometimes serve. This app only offers one job title per employee so I can’t tell is “Sara’s” a bartender or server that day. And this is just a review of their app. Their website is equally unnavigable and confusing. It is obvious that this app was created by someone whose career has been in IT and has never worked in a restaurant before. Finally, every time I open the app it prompts me to add their push notifications and I get daily texts even if it’s got nothing to do with my position. I could go on, but I think it’s been made clear. Sending out schedules via carrier pigeon is more effective and efficient then this app.
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8 months ago, Mov36tch
Clunky interface, notifications will not clear, not the worst app for this but could def be better
My phone perpetually has a notification bubble over my 7shifts app and I can’t clear it without shutting the app down and restarting it. What’s worse is, since the number will not clear or change, I’m never quite sure I’ve seen all of the work messages, schedule changes, or whatever is happening. Because there’s no notification system within the messages part (like the newly commented-on message being highlighted or something) I’m constantly opening messages over and over again to find the new comment that I’ve missed. Maybe it’s ok on the back end, but staff communication should be done on some other platform. This one is terrible Edit: now it’s developed a new problem. Keep getting a “SOMETHING WENT WRONG” error screen over and over. I’ve closed the app and rebooted but still shows up. It’s really the worst thing out there for communication. It’s ok with scheduling I guess except it clearly doesn’t lock out employee schedules on their requested days off. We have people getting scheduled on their approved days off all of the time and it makes hard on the rest of us when they can’t come in.
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10 months ago, jigaby
New Update
I emailed 7Shifts about this but they seem to only respond to negative reviews. The new update is horrible for business like ours who use post to keep the staff engaged and on the same page. We normally ask our team to engage with us through responses to our posts, or if we need feedback on anything specific, it worked great to do it this way, was not messy and very clear. Having one long message thread instead of posts makes trying to use the 7Shifts platform for communication difficult, will force employees to look at a bunch of responses before getting to the post, and is a huge downgrade from what we used to be able to do. If this is a permanent change, please let companies know so we can chose other means of communication. In the future, when you are about to remove such a useful tool from your clients, you should let them know. This update hit us around Thanksgiving/Black Friday when we have a ton of communication that needs to be happening with staff and it was extremely frustrating to have this change out of nowhere.
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11 months ago, Beck keeps
New update/scheduling
There was a chat feature before this new update if we wanted to chat, why did entire groups have to be made into chats. It’s very confusing when management has to ask questions for things, it was a lot easier before when they could just make posts and we responded to that specifically. Also, when getting notifications it just says “chat group”. We have 4 different locations where I work, so it would be a bit more convenient to have it say what chat they are posting out of, just like it used to before the update, because not every person works at each location and some things aren’t relevant to them. Also, schedule has been very glitchy lately, will show my coworker one thing and me another for the same weeks schedule, the whole team has had to constantly delete the app and re-download it to show us correct information.
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6 months ago, xxkindrasstar
Great App
7shifts is great! Highly recommend using for work! It gives you and hour before your shift notifications, it also shows when you work, who’s working, what time, and what position you’re working that day. It also allows you to contact people, bid on new shifts. You can allow it to update your iphone calendar. The app also shows you what the weather is like that day. Since i work for an ice cream store it’s nice to see what the weather is like that day bc it can sometimes determine what business will be like that day. There are so many things great about this app. I haven’t had any issues with it so far.
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5 months ago, KingDavila
I am giving 7Shifts a rating of 2 stars. While I find it useful as a scheduling tool, it often gives me a headache. One particular issue that I dislike is having to change an employee's flag from "No-show" to "None" every day. I believe "None" should be the default, and I should only have to update it when someone is sick or late. Additionally, the premium featured links on the page can be distracting and frustrating, and it would be helpful to have the option to disable them. Another feature that I think would be useful is the ability to send schedules to individual employees instead of having them view everyone's schedule. In the past, an employee got confused and missed their shift because they mistook their time for someone else's. If 7Shifts could add this option, it would be beneficial for me and other users who manage multiple employees.
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2 years ago, Anonymous 747
Easy to use and very convenient
When my manager asked if we’d like to switch to 7shifts instead of physical schedules, I really couldn’t have cared less. But as soon as we started using this, I could never, EVER go back. It’s infinitely more convenient than paper schedules. There are so many perks that I have become accustomed to, such as: - Being able to offer up, take, and trade shifts - Directly message a coworker or group of coworkers, as well as your boss - Being able to request time off - Rating a shift on how it went and being able to give feedback to your boss - Seeing upcoming shifts, who you’re working with, what each person is doing, and the time frame I would recommend every employer switch to 7shifts. It’s so convenient and easy, and eliminates the nightmare of paper schedules. The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I don’t get email notifications for every single type of message, despite them all being turned on. I don’t know why, but the issue has persisted for months now, and instead of being able to rely on push notifications, I have to check the app way more frequently. Once this is fixed, I’ll change my rating to a 5.
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6 years ago, Loooser.
New update is the pits.
This new update is the worst. Hate the weekly summary. The developer response to the last message is a joke. The wages aren’t set correctly? What restaurant calculates servers and bartenders wages like that? If they want to give us a way to see our earnings, allow us to record our own tips within the app. Give us the option to HIDE it at least. Also my hours are wrong, just because I’m scheduled until 3, doesn’t mean I’m not there until 5. This happens at every restaurant I’ve ever worked in. There is nothing the employer can do to know for certain what time there staff is going to be able to leave. This update really shows that the developers don’t truly understand what it means to work in a restaurant. Give us the option to record it ourselves and hide it if we don’t want to, or remove the summary all together.
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2 years ago, Objective7
This app is great!
My manager at the restaurant I work at as a dishwasher uses this app to post every employees shift on it and it works great. I always get a accurate time when I am suppose to come in for work, it displays the time when I come in and it even allows you to offer up shifts when you can't work a certain day so it displays it as shifts up for grabs that you can bid on and take. My manager also uses this app to make announcements for work. I’d say this app is very convenient and has given me a very positive experience so i’m gonna give this app a rating 10 out of 10. Great job to whoever made this wonderful app!
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5 years ago, 7:&,!8bdiv
So helpful for 21st century
As someone who schedules her days to the second, I can’t waste time trying to figure out my schedule and when to ask for time off. I’m both a student and an employee, and find it so much easier to schedule everything for work in one place, that way I know when I’m working within seconds of my schedule being uploaded to the app. I’ve never had any issue with the app and find it a lot more efficient than previous methods of scheduling (texting, verbal, and written communication). Never has a shift been mixed up. I only wish the app had a way to connect with my calendar app to make it THAT much easier.
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4 weeks ago, Chombuco
Those other apps are trash compared to 7shifts
I’ve navigated quite a few of these management apps and they have always has annoying, glitchy, infuriating issues that make me wish we could just go back to the trusty manual entries and calculations. Finally an app that is intuitive, has covered most of the basics and follow through with even flagging employees that potentially would go into overtime if allowed to cover a shift. My only complaint is that 7shifts didn’t come out far sooner. You will not regret going this direction. You will regret going any of the alternative routes.
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3 years ago, Sir Williams Awalt
New to 7shifts, but I dig it!
My most recent employer uses 7shifts and it’s fantastic. Streamlined. Intuitive. Completely user friendly, even if you aren’t tech savvy. After about 15 minutes using the app I was able to understand how it worked; requesting time off, setting availability for individual weeks, picking up shifts, messaging the staff community page, etc. Seriously, I don’t understand why more employers don’t use this app or at least something similar. But as far as I know this is the first app of its kind that has the standards and features that 7shifts has. More employers should use this kind of service.
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4 years ago, nleachma
Could Be More User-Friendly
I love being able to schedule my hours on my phone, because I can go back and forth from my calendar to the 7shifts app. However, it’s really annoying that I can’t request for the hours of just one day to be different. Instead I have to select what week I want to be different, based off of what days the week ends and starts on, figure out what day of that week my request is on and then edit the times I will/won’t be able to work. I love this concept, but I feel the availability request feature might be better executed with a traditional calander layout, as opposed to the current weekly list layout. Again, I love the app and this concept, I just wish it was a little more user friendly.
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4 years ago, kmneh
Best online Scheduling software I’ve used
I would like to say, both from a management perspective and also, on the flip side-being a general employee- this software is worth it. I used Shiftnote for many years- from a general management perspective, it was full of flaws and made more work on my end. It was confusing and although the concept was great- there was a lot that just didn’t work properly before they rolled out new updates each time. I highly recommend you give the sales rep the time to present this software to you- I wish we would have long ago. It is worth every penny!
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1 year ago, Mister Manic
I love this app!
I’ve worked for MANY restaurants over the past 20 years and never did any of them have an app and scheduling service like this one. It’s easy to message managers, specific employees, coworkers by job group, make adjustments to your schedule, and the cherry on top is it takes the time to ask how your day was and relays it to your managers making you feel like a valuable member of your work team everyday! 5 stars because I can’t think of anything that this app could do better!
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11 months ago, 11CZ9
Great app
Love having this app to pick up and drop shifts. Only thing I don’t like is getting constant notifications each time someone drops a shift. But I also want to know when someone drops one I am able to work so I can pick it up, so I don’t want to shut off the notifications. There should be a setting that you can turn on notifications for particular days and turn them off for other days. That way on days I already work or am busy, I can get notifications for just those days, and not be bombarded by notifications that don’t pertain to me.
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4 years ago, Kngocb
Way better than other shift apps
The thing I like most is how it is connected to Toast and updates you on your hours worked and money earned. I was able to see before payday roughly what my check would look like, and able to see when my time hadn’t been fixed (I forgot to clock in/out one day). The interface to see who is working a shift is way easier, so is bidding in shifts, and communicating with not only our location but others as well.
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2 years ago, Asdfjayy
Notifications don’t work
Have recently started using 7shifts after switching to a new restaurant that uses this app.. I have tried countless times to enable push notifications so I can see messages from managers and coworkers in a timely fashion, and it doesn’t work. Every time I try to turn push notifications on in the app, then exit out of the app and open it up again the push notifications toggle has turned itself off. Very frustrating and annoying!!!! Additionally, while the push notifications toggle is off but the text messaging notifications are selected, I have not been receiving text messages when receiving messages in the app. One star for the app not being able to do something so simple!
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1 year ago, hannajhannahanna
A little buggy
I like this app, overall it works well. I updated recently and now I can only see morning shifts when I click to check who I work with. Now if I want to see everyone who is working I have to click on the full schedule. Frustrating. Also on an older version I could see how many people “bid” on a shift and they took that away, would really like to see that back as it was helpful in deciding which shifts I should bid on. There is constantly as least one bug, it doesn’t seem like they can ever get the app 100% working.
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1 year ago, christianDT
Support is so trashy!!
The support team is and was not helpful to me. I’m so upset. I can not use the app on my phone because I use to work for a company that had the same app and so now that I’m at a new one I connected support to let them know my issue and told me I HAD TO connect my OLD company to be removed from their pool. NO! This is not my fault or problem I shouldn’t have to contact my old job for this. Nor do I know how. You don’t know someone’s personal issue with the last job to be asking people to do your job that your company could easily do. I have a child and family to take care of to have to worry about this it’s not fair to me or others if they don’t have the ability to connect old jobs to get this fixed!
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7 months ago, SweezyGeneral
Could be much better
I can tell that work was put into much of this app, but it just isn’t really helpful at all from a manager’s perspective for one main reason: not being able to make or see a full week’s schedule from the app. It defeats most of the purpose of the app for me, as I have to use my laptop to really get anything useful done. My favorite feature is that it automatically adds the schedule to everyone’s phone calendar(s), helping keep everyone on the same page. That being said, I feel it could be muuuuch better just by borrowing some of the interface they already have on desktop.
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3 years ago, HotNoodle
Worked great at first (would’ve been 5 star)
This app is the first scheduling app to do everything I needed. I have less than 10 employees. I just needed something simple use and easily communicated to my people. It sends schedule reminders and the individual schedule for the week and was (at first) a breeze to use. Until after the trial period ended, now I can’t get more than 2 people to show up on the scheduler. It says I can have up to 10 ppl on the schedule, but when I add another person, I still see the same 2 people (frustrating). I deleted this app. I don’t want to pay $20/mo for 9 employees. I would probably pay $10. I didn’t give a 1 star, because I truly like this app.
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11 months ago, Scottie45030
Good overall!
Great functionalities overall. We use it to operate our coffee shop. I do wish there were a few small updates such as: Liking, posts, comments and announcements- we use the chat and announcement feature to let our staff know about store happenings and procedure updates. Liking posts and announcements would be great to let us know an employee reads the post. A by-invite note pad- this will allow us to keep track of customer credits… ie sue is due a free coffee, redeemed on etc. The new update with the comments for a post intermixed with other posts is a pain. Please provide an option to go back. For example we just asked our staff for shirt sizes in a post and we had to spend a lot of time going though a thread of several intermixed posts to get all the comments for shirt sizes. Overall great job on scheduling!
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5 years ago, nauticakh
Great App and Amazing Customer Service
I love this app for checking my schedule. It makes it so easy and I love beings able to see who I am working with. This past week I was having trouble accessing my account my account through the app, but the support team was more than helpful. Jayme and her team were amazing on getting the problem fixed as fast as the could using all possible solutions. If you are having issues with ANYTHING, definitely contact them!!
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5 years ago, Dragon6irl
It’s okay.
I’ve used several of these apps for different jobs, so I know what’s helpful and what’s not. I wish I could track my scheduled hours week-to-week, but all I get to see is what I’m scheduled for in the current week. Regardless of how the employer divides the work week (sun-sat, thurs-wed), the calendar should be organized like a normal week, like ANY other calendar in the world, starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday. MAYBE Monday to Sunday. My notifications tab has not been working for a week, that’s a crucial element that the developers should have fixed by now.
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1 month ago, cornbread_21
Idk how this app has as many high ratings as it does. It needs to be deleted and redownloaded regularly because it has so many errors and bugs that make it infuriating to use. There is always an error pop up and my shifts are constantly out of order. I have certain notifications turned off but I still get emails about them and there are always random badges that I can’t make go away. I have to close out of it every time I get a message in a chat because it glitches and crashes. It is the worst
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5 years ago, Jonnybobonni
Makes managing your hours easy
How could you NOT know what your hours are with 7 Shifts? Leave it to some people to remain confused when they are scheduled, etc, but this app eliminates the possibility of confusion (but not the choice to remain confused by those you probably don't want on your workforce anyway). Another feature is the ability to put up your shift publicly so that others can fill in for you. How great is that?!
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4 years ago, BrookeStar 10801
Horrible. Please change back.
This new update is absolutely horrific. I can’t see my future shifts without searching through the schedule. I also can’t see how many hours I’m scheduled or anything. Why would you ruin something that was already so good?? Please change it back. I have automatic updates turned off and it still updated without my permission. I honestly don’t see how anyone would WANT the app to be like this. Used to it would show you your scheduled shifts and what you worked that specific day. That’s not even an option anymore. I am 5 seconds from deleting this app due to the horrible updates. Please change it back. It was JUST FINE how it was.
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2 years ago, Brian Walking
Current bug very FRUSTRATING
There’s currently a bug in the app that’s VERY frustrating. Any time I click on messages (the message bubble), BEFORE opening a thread, a random thread (or two) AUTOMATICALLY open. Pressing the back arrow to go back to messages works, but then it automatically opens up the same message again. VERY frustrating when trying to read a new message posted by the team. Please fix. 5 star app but bug brings it down to 3 due to inconvenience and overall lack of functionality.
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4 years ago, Ibrahimbolago
Devs keep breaking app
Developers keep implementing new, useless features and neglecting the core of the product. My sales data hasn’t been correct for weeks, with just the usual “we’ll update you “ email responses. Labor data doesnt even display anymore. My employees always complain that their wages and hours are inaccurate since the app just goes by the schedule and doesnt allow a user to input hour adjustments or tips. Considering just using google calendar and printing sheets out instead. The price just isn’t worth it. From what i see the only useful difference between the standard 40 dollar subscription and the 76 dollar one is a manager log and weather data ><
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4 months ago, TiaTamara2019
Great for communicating
Everything is GREAT Except ONE thing! Please ask your programmers to add more options in chat for seeing offensive messages or images. For example: add “this makes me uncomfortable” or “this is unprofessional” or maybe POSITIVE things like ”copy message” or “bookmark” Presently, the only option is to “report abuse”. There should be MORE options that are not so dramatic. Also if you report abuse it it goes straight to a manager and DOES NOT GIVE YOUR MANAGER CONTEXT. Please include the content involved.
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3 years ago, MyReviewingNickname
Forces notifications on you
The app itself is pretty good, as far as doing what it needs to, being efficient, and relatively aesthetically pleasing. Buy I don’t like push notifications. I only allow them for a very select few apps, and one that would be shoving work down by throat whenever it deemed necessary is not one of those few. However, if you don’t allow them on 7shifts, the app hits you with a pop up EVERY TIME you open the app. How frustrating! What do they stand to gain?! I know that most wont care about this review (the developers included, I’d bet), but I had to get it off my chest. Stop trying to push push on me!
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2 years ago, hyattkicker2022
Could use more improvement for former users
So I worked at a place that used 7shifts. It was a great app but what frustrates me is that I’m locked out completely after leaving the old good. I wish I could say my timesheets for all the time I worked there and payroll. This would be helpful since many employers could scam you out of your final check or could even help out in legal battles to prove you were at work. I feel like there should be a way to view all of this information since I did put in my personal information on too the app. Thank you
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3 years ago, Allysonmaranda
Great - But Needs Auto Pickup
We used to use hot schedules and the app had an option to set an “auto pick up” for a particular day/shift. If you had your “auto pick up” option set and another server let go of their shift to be bid on, your app would automatically pick it up and send you a notification. That would be a nice feature to add. It’s the only think I would change, everything else is great! Extremely easy to use and has great colors/design throughout the app!
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5 years ago, ryrythe mind
Definitely A Good little addition
This app is definitely a good little extra bonus to life! Instead of having to remember your schedule or taking a picture of it, it’s right in the palm of your hands 24/7. It’s also really helpful because it has other features including messaging, offering your shift and even better picking up that extra shift! Haven’t had any tech problems yet! Keep it up! Thanks!
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2 years ago, Nolanrufus
Makes my job so much easier!
Pretty much every communication problem I’ve had with other jobs is solved here. I can check my pay which is useful, and being able to offer up my shifts is a lifesaver. I work at a pizza place so the work is pretty fast paced you don’t always get a chance to touch base on stuff, so this keeps it simple and let’s me plan ahead.
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11 months ago, nadz_fifita
Best app for work!
I usually hate the apps that my jobs make us use because they are confusing and outdated. But this app makes it super efficient to see your schedule, who you work with, and even offer up or trade shifts! Makes communicating with your employer and coworkers so much easier when you have questions or concerns from home! Great app from an employees perspective!
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10 months ago, SkyeVaughanJayne
I love it!!
This app makes keeping track of my work week easier than I’ve ever experienced. The company I work for that uses 7shifts has a number of different locations, it wouldn’t be weird for me to work a shift at three to four locations in one work week, and I have all the info I need to navigate my work week successfully all in one place. Love it
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2 years ago, Larry "Lairdog" Bittke
Staff Member: Third Shift 917 5th Ave N
The work assignment was at first very challenging for me as a 68 year old. My computer literacy is limited and I never worked with the Kordata or QVR systems before so it took time. I never worked in social direct care before. I came from a military intelligence background as an Air Force Reservist. In civilian life I was in retail grocery and production manufacturing work before coming to HASinc. I’m beginning to fully understand my work and the clients I’m with. Larry Bittke, 917.
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4 years ago, kenzthomason
I wish some things were added!
I love this app, and use it for scheduling my employees every month. A couple things I would absolutely love to see: •The ability to “like” announcements or to reply to comments in the announcements, like the commenting system on Facebook! Being able to tag people (@ so and so) would be awesome as well. •It glitches a lot. I wish that 7Shifts would stay up to date on fixing these. Example: in announcements at the very end, it glitches and repeats words. It also won’t let me refresh my home screen to see who’s clocked in still unless I close out the entire app and open it again. •Better notifications. Sometimes none of my employees see things I post in the announcements because they don’t even receive a notification for it. It’s super tedious.
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8 months ago, Blakelee Wilcox
Super amazing app!
It’s really responsive, easy to use even after just downloading it for the first time, and provides all the necessary tools you’ll need when it comes to getting ahold of coworkers, fining cover for shifts, and knowing when you work. It even sends you a reminder 2 hours in advance when you have a shift coming up! Best app of its kind!
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1 month ago, BluBae23
I think we cook the best food. We have fun but also we work hard to make sure we keep customers happy and feed. Good music. We have the inside where it’s so nice to look at and take pictures… the outside is nice. I love the sunset outside but you have to come see us…. And my Boss James new business owner… how he work and stay on us is the best thing a boss can do.
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7 months ago, 808Konaside
Awesome place to work
I work at many places where others would walk by a table empty handed when they could help their busy team mate/co-worker. Not here. Everyone tries to help everyone. So Amazing 🙏💯👍👍💪💪 It’s all of OUR Place of Employment and the only way we are gonna keep it that way is the Team. 🥰💜. Just saying I appreciate a Great team and I think we got one 🔥🥳
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2 years ago, Roxxired
From an employee’s perspective, this app is amazing. I love being able to easily see my schedule and communicate with my colleagues. The fact that it syncs to the calendar on my phone is amazing. The fact that I can easily request off and see who is scheduled, available and unavailable is amazing. Changing my availability is a breeze. Total game changer. Amazing.
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4 years ago, kfkishenck
Way Too Many Bugs
Certain parts of pages display that I am not scheduled for work when in fact I am. There’s constantly notifications popping up that dont lead to anything and dont disappear. I cant access shifts that are released by other coworkers through the link that the notifcation brings me to (error: you do not have access to this shift). I need to go to the main page and scroll down to see them. Its just overall too buggy of an app to utilize as it’s intended.
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1 year ago, bells<33
Hour & Pay Tracking Issue
The app works really well for my job, but it’s a struggle as for some of our employees our apps don’t show the hours we’ve worked & how much were making when you scroll to the bottom of the opening page. Our boss tells us they can still track it, but we just can’t see it while the others can.
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2 months ago, Aubdawggggg
Works great, just need one correction
We just started using this app at work and it seems to be working ok so far. Only thing is I wish when you have your shift “up for grabs” that it would notify you if someone is “biding” on your shift. Because in my restaurant we could get it expedited by calling a manger to look at the shift for approval.. but we can’t if we don’t know (=
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1 year ago, Sklaudianus
Logs out and doesn’t let me in again
It is not working on my iPhone 12, it logs out and doesn’t let me in again saying the password or e-mail is incorrect. I reset the password several times, the phone went trough a few updates, the application was deleted and reinstalled still it does not work. This issue persist almost for a year and can’t find a solution to it. Even my supervisors tried to fix it on my phone or request a password reset from their computer. It works on my secondary cellphone though. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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