8x8 Work

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8x8, Inc.
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 8x8 Work

3.75 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
4 years ago, ikwtyuiigdfbhh
System works great
8x8 has many features that work well for our company such as multiple numbers and complete access on your cell phone or desk phone and has the ability to see on inbound calls what number was dialed. I would like to be a little simpler to change the outbound caller ID. It is done by logging into the admin console on your computer and changing it under the user info. If I am using the app on my phone and need to switch which number I am calling from to make another call then it is rather cumbersome going over to the admin webpage to switch it. Would be nice to have that feature with quick access in the phone app. Also, the system only allows you to be logged into one remote device at a time. I would like to be always logged into my phone and iPad at the same time but as soon as I log into a second device I am logged out of any place I was already logged into.
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3 years ago, ewat6079
Works but could be better
The app is really innovative and convenient for those that need to take work calls on the go. However, I wish the option to FaceTime people was not on the call screen. My cheek FaceTimes clients unfortunately often and then they try to FaceTime my cell number back and I don’t like that. I also would like to see an option to separate the calls from my cell call log and only see work calls in the app. Because it is easy to accidentally call a client back instead of my mother. Especially when my toddlers clumsy fingers are trying to make calls. And my personal calls get lost in the 65 work calls I get a day. Other than that the app is always lagging. It gets frozen on screens and won’t let me answer calls. Sometimes I see calls coming in on the computer app but it isn’t ringing through on my cell app. And the vm takes a while to update. The app has great features and potential to be a trail blazer. But there’s some key things like mentioned here that could really turnaround my overall view of the app and it’s overtaking of my cell phone.
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3 years ago, JessJessiT
Please go back and reread my previous feedback along with your “developer response”. My complaint was specific to this iOS app and I even clearly stated that the mobile app does not have the same transfer directly to voicemail feature that is on the desktop app and desk phone and you sent me a link directing me to instructions on how to transfer from a desktop app and a desk phone. The same thing happened when I called your tech support, it’s like no one understands that there are three options for using this program (cell phone app, desktop app, and desk phone) and two of the three ways give you the feature but the third (the cell phone) does not. Hence my review being in the AppStore, and specifically stating that it was for this mobile app. Again, let me restate it: the desk phone and the desktop app have a feature where you can transfer a call directly to another extension’s voicemail, but the iOS app for iPhones does NOT have this same feature.
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9 months ago, Diligent Dave
Works ok with Wi-Fi
The good: when connected to Wi-Fi I can use the app with a tablet or smart phone. It does allow me to receive FWD business calls without revealing my private cell #. And I will say the quality is usually audible and clear! The bad: The work desk phone I was given is complicated, especially for corporate numbers. Why doesn’t it just display a full directory instead of having to search? And there seems to be no way to login when at a different desk phone. I have to rely on the device app to make and receive calls. Using the device app, in-coming calls rarely get through one the first try when I’m away from Wi-Fi. Call-forwarding is a nightmare to set up and modify. Incoming calls going to a ring group are not easily identified by the primary extension; if I answer an incoming roll-over call to a coworker because I don’t know it was for them, I have to have the caller re-dial and I let it go to the correct voice mailbox. I could go on so maybe 2 stars is too many!
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4 years ago, Durancd
Lack of MMS and lag with VM playback
I have been using this product for a few months now and I have found that the voice quality and functionality of the app are just fine. My major complaint is how difficult it is to provide feedback and get answers to when certain features will eventually be available. My business relies on SMS as well as MMS for communicating with customers, and I am a bit frustrated that I have to go to a third-party in order to accommodate picture messages outside of this interface. I switched from ringcentral because I was not happy with their technical support and lack of certain basic features but it at least supported MMS out of the box. My only other issue is VM lag sometimes during playback and transcription. I wish transcripts were shown in the desktop app instead of via email. Overall I’m happy and sticking with it.
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9 months ago, smf723
Works ok, needs enhancements
One annoying issue is it will always use cell service even when you have a strong wifi signal. This leads to very poor audio quality. To work around this I disabled cell but then when I’m not on wifi it doesn’t work which in my case is fine. Next having the app installed on your phone makes your presence look like your available 24x7. You can setup work hours but I don’t have consistent hours everyday and sometimes I’m not available during the day. The desktop app automatically sets your presence based the machine being active (eg. Sets away status when you haven’t used your machine for 10 minutes). If you have phone app running it overrides this status and show available 24x7. I wish I could have the desktop app override the mobile app for status but you cant. I know I can manually set the status but who wants to do that multiple times a day?
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1 year ago, Tyrry
App glitchy
The call quality is fine. Transferring calls leads to “failure” and when I “remove self” from a three way call, it doesnt hang me up and I stay in the call. It usually works the third or fourth time I try to leave the call, but other times its been 10 or more times where I just have to take my headphones off and let the call continue with me there. Update: New issues. Half the calls say I have a bad reception, it sounds like the person on the other end is in a helicopter. if I call the same person using my phone app, the reception is fine. update: “Transfer” worked for a while. Now it’s not working again. (This may be settings related). Overall, 8x8 has consistently been stable throughout covid. Never had a problem with teleconference. Merge calls is working now.
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4 years ago, DR Bergstrom
Very unreliable app
We have attempted to use this app across a few Apple devices, and for all of us the issues seems to be the same, high rate of freezes (the app simply crashes). We attempted to re-install gathered feedback from all of our employees, but. The fact is every time you open the app, you have a higher chance of it crashing than working. And if you are successful after 2-3 attempts of re-booting the app, it will freeze most likely when you get to switch between voicemail-phone-messages. Update: I have a feeling that this app is becoming worse with updates instead of being improved. Once they added the “dark mode” the app would act ridiculous. I tried to delete and re-install it and it still gives me trouble. Biggest frustration is that I turn off notification on call from the app until tomorrow and it still rings the phone. I deleted the app, installed it again and even without logging in it rings my cell phone through my app 😳. This looks like a big security flaw! 8x8 crew!!! Address this issue asap!!!!
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3 years ago, Howardfan
Great in theory
This service is great, in theory. However, I attempted to port my existing numbers into my 8x8 service and have been met with nothing short of a complete failure on the part of 8x8. I have tried over ten times to use the online porting service, and each time, I get halfway through and hit Continue, only to be given a blank page. No errors, no anything. Just a blank screen. I have tried in multiple browser to the same effect. I then contacted customer support and spoke on three different occasions for over four hours, with no resolution. I am told to add comments to my Case via the support page in my portal, except the support page does not show my cases. Now their AI chatbot Otto will not even give me customer support phone numbers, not connect me to a live agent. So again, in theory, this is a great service. In practice, I can’t even do something as simple as being my current numbers to the service. And when I try to get help, no one can even figure out how to do this simple task.
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1 month ago, 14May1948
8x8 Park is our favorite
8x8 has a great bundle of features. I have our business with 10 phones, 5 in California and the other 5 in Washington state plus a FAX on OBI300s at each location. Easy to change things like how many rings before calls go to voice mail. Backup transfers if the Internet goes down so we don’t miss a call. Yesterday, I added an extra extension to our ring group for extra coverage, then took it out when we didn’t need the extra coverage. Voice Mail with the beta voice-to-text is a big plus too. I especially like using the 8x8 APP on my smart phone and using the feature to switch the call from my desk phone to my cell phone and back. Initially setting up the system was a bit difficult, but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. Thanks 8x8
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4 months ago, Fugi03
So much better!!!
My previous review (listed below) had me frustrated with the app. Since the pandemic, the improvements on this app both phone & computer are amazing. From time to time you get a delay when talking but overall nice upgrade from the previous version. First review It’s convenient... when it works. I hate that it delays or drops my calls. What really bugs me is that it only rings once and then it goes into VM. I think the app overall needs a lot of updating but I see on the last update some of the issues have been cleaned up but there are a lot more that needs to be fixed. I also wish it would push to my Apple Watch. Please make that happen.
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3 years ago, huntercody
Still needs improvement
As a small remote business we greatly benefit from the amenities of a VOIP system. While the app functions, it has its quirks including freezing/crashing, occasional notifications not been pushed, and the lack of service. The lack of service is very frustrating when transitioning from Wi-Fi to Cellular data or vice versa. This leads to a number of dropped calls should one forget to turn off Wi-Fi. This should be a must for remote work forces. There also appears to be discrepancy between the desktop and mobile app with respect to voicemails. This is most notable when deleting a voicemail on one platform. Not always does it delete on the others. Lastly I would mention the lack of ability to customize voicemail, text, and ringtones. This would be beneficial to decipher the priority of the incoming call or message.
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2 years ago, $:83!!8/&(?
Okay when it works
I used this app for my business so I didn’t have to carry 2 phones. PROS: Great concept, app is easy to navigate, calls/texts are separated out from personal calls/texts CONS: Website is difficult to navigate, confusing when setting up account, you have to use the website to change settings/cannot use the app, trying to find help on the website is pointless especially if using “Otto”, calls lag, service is not always consistent, the bills do not make sense, the billing department cannot explain their bills, and the BIGGEST issue of all is that I have not received text for more than 3 weeks now. Support cannot figure out the issue. I’ve had test texts from multiple and like carriers and support cannot figure out the issue. Switching back to using two phones or exploring other services.
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3 years ago, w3ph
Works well, especially on Wi-Fi, convenient.
This app is very convenient when working from home – your iPhone becomes your 8x8 extension. Audio quality is very good in both directions, much better than cell phone quality. On the downside, we do have misgivings about 8 x 8 itself. Our needs have changed and we’ve been trying for two years to work out a new plan with their sales people, who do not return calls. It’s weird. Update 4/2/21 -i’ve called four times in past two weeks to request account review. Reached a human once, promised call back, left messages, recording promised call back in 30 minutes, no one has called back.
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4 years ago, CptKloss
So many bad reviews. Very suspicious.
We have been using 8x8 including this mobile softphone app for several months now (80 employees) - pbx is extremely stable, call quality is excellent (8000 calls made so far, not a single call dropped). Outsourced tier 1 support is not great, however, after a while you will learn how to manage without them, since huge majority of issues - are transient, there is no fix or you can fix it yourself. I will add that we have evaluated their closest competition extensively - and i mean it (cloud pbx / saas) - and 8x8 offers the best mix of enterprise features, for companies considering jump from on-prem to cloud/saas.
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4 years ago, Brain Neavt
Simply ok
I’ve had this service for many years and just haven’t been that satisfied. While customer service picks up all the time, they are rarely helpful. I’ve tried to switch service but was number isn’t portable so I’ll have to start over and that won’t work since I use this service for my business. Also the cost is ridiculous. The taxes are nearly the same as the two lines. The app works sometimes and I have multiple phantom numbers that I shouldn’t have so my clients have several numbers for my office when there should just be one number. This service gets the job don’t but with allot of issues. Att is cheaper and offer the same thing. Do your research because you may be stuck with this service unless you don’t mind switching numbers.
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3 years ago, Givelle Lamano
Horrible customer service and salesperson lied about features
We’ve been working with this company for less than a month and already want to leave. We were told by the initial sales person that more than one person can text from the same phone number and be logged in at the same time which is what we relied on when we signed up despite this company being more expensive than their competitors. Less than a month in,We are already finding issues with the services that were promised to us and with communicating with customer service. We were supposed to have a configurations call today and never got a phone call. I strongly believe that how a company does anything is a great indicator of how they do many things and so far first impressions have not been good. I am calling their company now to cancel our services
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2 years ago, JAVE1983
Eh, it’s alright.
My biggest complaint is that when calls are forwarded to your phone, they very quickly switch over from the 8x8 designation to just a phone number. I’m not sure why it ever switches at all. This causes me to either not answer bc I don’t typically answer calls on my cell I don’t know (unless they are under the 8x8 designation) or on the odd occasion I do answer, I don’t answer with my work greeting which confuses people as to whether they called the right place. Why can’t you just ring through as an 8x8 call the entire time? I thought I’d get used to this but I haven’t. I also wish there was just an out of office option I could set for a certain amount of time rather than having to select do not disturb and then remembering to go in and turn that off.
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2 years ago, terrible phone service
Terrible phone service
Worst phone service in history. I had an older 8x8 phone that worked just fine. I left for vacation and moved my office calls to be forwarded to my cell. When I got back from vacation I noticed my older 8x8 phone wouldn’t work anymore. 8x8 told me that they don’t support the older phone any longer. I had already purchased two new 8x8 phones, but 8x8 couldn’t figure out how to get them to work in my office. The older phone worked just fine, but the newer phones wouldn’t. After spending more than 10 hours on the phone with customer service over seas, I have given up. Even the call forwarding to my cell phone only works half the time. Terrible company with terrible service. I would avoid this company like the plague and if you own the stock, sell it!
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9 months ago, eliseparkison
8x8 isn’t my favorite
I don’t know if I’ve found a favorite. I’m not saying don’t get it, because it has excellent features, but 4/10 of our calls either get dropped, disconnect, they can’t hear us… for all 24 of us employees. Which naturally, you should think it’s an internet/wifi/ bandwidth issue, but this happens when we are all at our own homes and I have AT&T fiber and my fiancé and I both play all sorts of video games on PS5, Switch, Steam, stream everything and have ZERO issues. My phone works perfectly. The app just has trouble connecting sometimes and it’s very frustrating and unprofessional in my opinion. But you may have a different experience.
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2 years ago, Ravensangel14
Work anywhere
I have been very pleased with this mobile app and how easy it is to flip back-and-forth between my computer app and my mobile app on the same call including conference calls. I also liked SMS texting and the network connectivity tools to see if you’re having a problem with your Netwerk or Wi-Fi or cellular connection that you can’t do certain applications due to your environment. We have a company meeting every morning and being able to multitask using the app is extremely handy as well.
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3 years ago, DoubleApp
awful customer service
the software and app itself are all great when setup correctly. but heaven help you if you need customer service because you probably won't get it. most incompetent support I've ever had to deal with, and I've talked to all manner of software vendors, ISPS, etc. even when I point out that they are wrong they just continue to send links to irrelevant documentation. our only saving grace is that our Account Manager is absolutely fantastic and can usually straighten things our for us. we are screwed if he ever leaves.
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3 years ago, Mjdjfjdks
Good app , want to see where it goes.
Would love for the desktop app to talk to the mobile app. What I mean is when I clear my calls on the desktop app they dont clear on my phone. Perhaps theres a setting I havent found that will do this. If not it would be a great feature. Another item would be if my forwarding is on and a call gets forwarded it would be great if it was listed that that call was forwarded. I tend to go through my list after meetings to make call backs but most of the time my co worker answered because call was forwarded to them during my meeting. I have no way of knowing this and end up making unnecessary calls.
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2 years ago, ron41236789
Works well… Sometimes
Some trouble with calls connecting and stability of the call. I’m using 8x8 on my cell phone and would like to blame my cell coverage but often will not connect or have an unstable connection where the party I’m calling complains of not hearing me. I then use my personal number and get a quick and stable connection while I am sitting in the same location. 4 stars because when it’s working well, I really like having a “work” number to call from instead of using my personal cell number.
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2 months ago, Mandor56
8x8 review
The phone system is great & has so many features that we love. I would like if incoming calls did not ring and bleep out my current call I am on. Their call should go to voicemail if I am on a call. The second issue is that when out of office we are NOT able send out of office text replies to our customers. This is an issue if we are on PTO or traveling with the company. We need a way to have auto replies to our customers stating we are out of the office please contact —-etc Thank you
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2 years ago, Abouttobeamommu
Don’t do this to yourself
They have horrible service, the call quality is terrible and they’ll make you go through six levels of people to cancel your account while threatening if you cancel you may have to pay a full year of service. The app rarely worked, it consistently missed calls from customers with no notification, the voicemail never worked. I have an iPhone 13 pro and the audio quality is so poor I almost exclusively had to hang up and call them from a non 8x8 line to understand anything clients were saying. On their best days they are the worst business line company available in the us and on their worst they are a scam. If you use this service expect to lose both clients and your sanity.
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5 years ago, Jeffiner1218
Not very good- unreliable
Also works horribly with Apple Car play- people can never hear me and I always have to call them back outside the app. The text functions are also difficult b/c they don’t always deliver messages (both ends)... the other major frustration is that (and this has happened to myself and a number of coworkers) the phone rings at my desk for about a half of a second or maybe one ring. By the time I move my hands from my keyboard to the phone the call is gone and in my voice mail. NO- this is not a setting function, that was the obvious and immediate thought. Nope. Not it. Sometimes it just “goes away” but I’m currently dealing with missing most of my calls unless I have super fast pick up abilities!
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5 years ago, dportier1021
Awful call quality. Missed Calls
I am using this App for my medical practice and we are in a horrible situation! The mobile App has HORRENDOUS call quality - so much so that I end up just calling people back on my regular cell phone without using the 8x8 app. Additionally, we have tried tweaking the settings of the App multiple different ways, but we get calls that just go straight to voicemail without ever ringing our phones. Comparatively, we have used RingCentral before for a previous setup, but went with 8x8 this time because it was cheaper. Looks like you get what you pay for :-( I am very displeased. I will be warming my other Medicial colleagues that this App is not stable enough to handle vital communication related to patient care. I can’t imagine it would do well with starting a business either!
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4 years ago, TuffGong074
Good app, but one glaring issue
This app works well for me as I’ve been working from home since March. However, there is one major problem with it that resulted in my 3-star rating: If I am wearing headphones when I make a call (which is most of the time), the tone volume as I dial each number is completely maxed out and feels like it’s literally damaging my hearing. The call volume is normal after I dial, but it is absolutely unbearable while I am dialing. That needs to be fixed. Update: Uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixe the issue. Updated my rating to five stars. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Froghos
Very cumbersome
Not very intuitive to use. Takes a while to figure out we’re to go to do anything. I find it takes more clicks to get something done than other phone apps and just doesn’t have a full set of features, like group messages. Overall I would not recommend 8x8 as a first choice but rather a economy last choice. Still having issues after several updates. Contacts are difficult at best to manage. Continuously call people on accident when trying to message. Haven’t figured out what to click to place a call vs send a message and what number will be used when a contact has more than one. Just cumbersome.
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2 years ago, TSayles
Worst unreliable app I ever used
Dropped calls all the time and consistently conversations break up that leads to me calling by cell phone instead. They will say it’s a reception issue. That’s nonsense because I use this on cell and office IP phones. Tired of rating one star and complaining about the issues because they have NEVER attempted to correct the issues. Not a problem though because our company has over 2,500 8X8 lines and they are switching to Microsoft Teams. Thanks for noticing 8X8! Here we are now in 2022 and things are getting worse. Every call that I am on people tell me that they are getting a really bad feed back. 8x8 never responds to my complaint so I am slowly migrating over to Teams. That appears to work extremely well.
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1 year ago, trons
Outstanding!! Makes business so much simpler.
I enjoy how 8x8 Virtual Office make separating business from personal while using one device. Simple and easy to use. I promote it to all my contacts and associates still using two devices. Clear calls are a must in my line of work and Virtual Office does not disappoint. SMS works seamlessly and is another big win in the separation of business from personal phone use. Very pleased and satisfied with the performance and quality with this must have solution.
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4 years ago, fly....n.....
Call dropping and abismal support
This app has so many problems. The biggest problem right now is that a call comes in and I can answer it, and within the first 5-10 seconds it drops the call. I have contacted support, their solution was to reinstall the app. I did it, it didnt fix the problem, so they told me to it again, and again, and again. Seriously!? Reinstalling the app 4 times is the solution that your support team actually tells your customers to try? Actually it wasn’t. The problem still exists. Then I get an automated email asking me how support was, I respond “it was awful! And my problem still exists” but I get no further help. Maybe during this slow time I’ll switch to another provider.
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3 years ago, Tabby_Cat!
I can get on 8 x 8 on my IPad , only thing that doesn’t work right with it is my wireless headphones, the headphones show being connected but when you receive calls or call someone instead of the call coming through the headphones it rings on the iPad. Nothing comes through the head phones, I tried to go in and change the settings in 8x8, nothing to switch it to headphones. Only able to speak through speakerphone. My headphones are connected and I can use them to do zoom calls with no problem. Wireless headphones don’t work with the 8x8 on iPad, 2nd wireless headphones I’ve tried. They work with everything else except with 8x8.
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3 years ago, luapsuank
Sales is on top of it. They are very responsive. Then you get the service and everything stops. You cannot get someone on the line. We have had connection issues for over a year. Static, lines drop, can’t hear caller. Patrons say we aren’t answering our phones, they can’t get an answer, etc. We try to use the chat function with tech support, you can wait for up to one hour ten you get a message they are unavailable. You call tech support, no response. Then you get an email saying they resolved the issue but they don’t. They have NEVER once spoken to me, never returned a call, NOTHING. Horrible product, horrible customer service and a nonexistent tech support department. Go elsewhere, it’s not worth the headache!!!!
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3 years ago, churchreceptionist
Makes working from home that much easier
When we were sent home last year to work from home, I was having all calls transferred through to my personal cell phone and had to make outgoing calls from my personal cell phone. I really didn’t want the world having my information. Once I got all set up with the 8x8 app, I can control what days and times calls come through to my phone and when I make calls, it’s as though I’m using my work number. Couldn’t be happier about that.
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6 months ago, doggy mama -marlie pasta
Good phone calls
This is a nice phone service. At times I wish it had text messaging but I also understand my company might not have that plan. I seems like it only works logged into one device, which is fine. My iPad will still provide notifications that someone is trying to reach me. Which is nice if I’m not around my phone. The app doesn’t do well going in between Wi-Fi and no Wi-Fi like if I’m leaving the house or office. For the most part closing the app and reopening it resets it. It’s nice. :)
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5 years ago, Sales&Marketing Shannon
It works sometimes, and when it doesn’t it’s extremely frustrating
The 8x8 app makes it easier to take work calls on my cell phone through my direct line at work as opposed to my cellphone number. For this purpose, it has been very helpful especially when I’m not in the office. However, I find that the app often causes either calls to ring once and then go right to my voicemail without giving me the opportunity to answer, or it often makes calls fail when I’m already on the phone. This makes it difficult to do my job at times, so hopefully the developers can work out the bugs.
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2 years ago, mc_nak
Call audio not consistent
I’ve used this app for almost 2 years now and I haven’t seen much improvement. I like the concept of what they have created however the functionality of the app is less than what I was expecting. When you’re on a call and travel to a location where there’s a wifi almost every time the call will drop during the hand off from cellular to wifi. Test messages - I use this app as my work number so I don’t have many contacts saved. So when I search for a conversation I had sometime ago, the original message is hard to locate. After I locate the conversation I can not click the conversation to see the details. Instead I have to locate the number then search the entire history for that number then resume the conversation from there. Very silly and poorly designed. I also wish there was a better way hand off the call from my mobile app to my desk phone.
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2 years ago, Lavachek
iOS installation Fixed
If you are having trouble with this app on the new iOS simply turn off Block all Cookies & Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement in Safari settings under the Main Settings (not Browser settings). I also turned off privacy in browser as well just in case. Now things are working fine and I am able to login and additionally go to the next grade for my passport. Check it out and see if this will help you.
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1 year ago, daytonamatt
Works with flaws
The app works but there is some Bugs that need worked out. The app will drop a call but on your desktop it still says your connected. You can not call that customer back from the app until the desktop has dropped off. In the middle of a conversation with full Wi-Fi connection the call will drop. This will also include a call that’s on hold. This is a daily thing. When walking away from Wi-Fi when your phone switches to cell network the call will also drop. The txt option works well with no issues.
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4 years ago, Babooli
Apps Glitches worse and worse
This app use to work great for the first few years I used it for my business. I still use it as my business phone line and 9 times out of 10 when I have a new VM can’t listen to it bc it lists an error when I go to hit the play button. A huge inconvenience. I was looking for an update which would hopefully fix this but see nothing. Also tried to use app on my ipad which I used to be able to do and wasn’t able to even login to my system. Error said I needed a plug in and to contact manufacturer. I tired everything I could to find what plug in was needed to open the 8x8 app on my iPad. so now I just can’t use it there. Very frustrated with the many issues with 8x8’s app. Please fix!!!!
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1 year ago, ArmyVet12
Almost Perfect
The app does what it needs to do with one exception, it doesn’t allow external texting with clients. Many clients prefer a quick text about info that doesn’t reveal any identifying info about them or patients, but I can’t on this app. It would also be nice to be able to delete and not just hide old messages. It tedious scrolling down past messages to begin a new chat that has absolutely nothing to with the older messages in the 1-1. Overall, messaging could be better streamlined and user friendly. Update: no external texting Unable to start threads/new subjects which can be confusing when discussing something totally unrelated to all of the other conversations in the room, and no, deleting it isn’t an option because you can only hide the conversation. I’ve missed a couple of important messages bc they got lost in the thread of ongoing messages in that room.
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4 years ago, Nikki sahu
Call dropping and worst support
This app has so many problems. The biggest problem right now is that a call comes in and I can answer it, and within the first 5-10 seconds it drops the call. I have contacted support, their solution was to reinstall the app. I did it, it didnt fix the problem, so they told me to it again, and again, and again. Seriously!? Reinstalling the app 4 times is the solution that your support team actually tells your customers to try? Actually it wasn’t. The problem still exists. Then I get an automated email asking me how support was, I respond “it was awful! And my problem still exists” but I get no further help. Maybe during this slow time I’ll switch to another provider.
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3 years ago, Cold in Chicago
Saved us
My company installed this product in November 2019. Just in time for the great shut down. It took a little getting used to the change in communicating and meetings remotely but once we adapted we became highly effective. Without this tool our company would have been dead in the water. The product is easy to use and is a pretty solid platform. There were a few bugs that were quickly addressed and resolved.
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3 months ago, Bruce Gasco
I couldn’t be happier with the app or the service! it’s making staying in touch with customers when I’m in or out of the office so much easier. The only suggestion: I do have several lines that I answer, for it would be nice to be able to integrate differentiating and being able to receive calls from both of those numbers! It’s probably something that I can do. I just don’t understand it yet.
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3 years ago, MTGMAN1
This program works wonderful. As long as I am at a WiFi connection I can call through my work extension from my cell phone and it appears as if I am sitting at my desk. This is very important when traveling internationally as I can connect to my desk phone through Wi-Fi and return phone calls without any international charges! Using this app is much easier to listen to and organize my voice messages as well.
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1 year ago, GIGi CO
If Apple had a service like 8x8 or I could keep my work and personal space apart on one device, I wouldn’t even use this app or service. From its outdated interface to its gimmick-like features that don’t even work, I feel like I’m on a set on a tv show, and everything is a prop. The audio quality is meh. It reminds me of the 90s version of AOLs voice chat service through AIM omg how awful that was. It would be better to offer this to the gods of the big three tech companies and sell cause; obviously 🙄 your not doing something right. Great idea, though.
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1 year ago, knowerofthings
Inconsistent and Frustrating
I have been using this system for over a year. My business phone number here rarely rings, although it does occasionally, which means I don’t know what to fix. I end up missing calls frequently. Other times it goes straight to voice mail, when I’m actually waiting for a scheduled call. It all makes me feel very unprofessional and I’m sure my clients are thinking the same (although they have always been gracious). I might need to find a new VOIP solution as this one is simply not working as it should and I have done troubleshooting already, with little success.
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2 years ago, Daphdaniel
Messaging is Highly Inefficient
If you’re looking for a program that allows you to easily save your conversations then this is NOT the app for you. 8x8 only allows you to copy & paste the lines you can see in the text box. It takes minutes to put text conversations into customers’ files. Highly inefficient 8x8 used to email voicemails to your inbox which was helpful for keeping the voicemail box clear w/o having to stop everything to listen to a rambling client just to get the minutes long VM out of the way. But they got rid of that feature for…reasons. All-in-all, 8x8 will leave you feeling that you can live with it, but you‘ll yearn for better.
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