abc27 Weather

2.7 (86)
70.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for abc27 Weather

2.74 out of 5
86 Ratings
3 years ago, N33tFr33k
Was my go to local weather app
Starting about a week or so ago, the video forecasts are now ordered by oldest not by newest. As much of a blast from the past it is to watch a video forecast from July 2017, it is unfortunately not helpful for planning my day. It should be noted that all other functionality is fine.
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2 years ago, Shorty8008
Central PA Weather
Even with my iPhone 6S with spotty high speed internet access this app worked perfectly. Sure the video forecast took maybe five seconds to load. Just be patient people. I have watched and trusted ABC27 weather all my life and it’s nice to have radar updates from them at all times.
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3 years ago, HotGrapes!
Great map, bad videos
I love the interactive map, it’s super useful. The video section is all outdated though. It’s only videos that are 56 months old. That is not at all helpful.
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5 years ago, saturn39
I use to be able to watch the weather videos on this app but what ever updates that were done now has made this app not function right at all. Everything is harder to access too. So now I can’t watch weather forecast or get weather forecast. Radar doesn’t work right either. The last version worked perfect. This update has broken the app. I’m very disappointed.
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5 years ago, rydernj86
What Happened
The newest update is awful. You can’t watch the weather forecast videos, the radar isn’t working properly, and it takes forever for things to load even when I’m using high speed WiFi. Please fix this soon. This used to be one of my most used apps and now is basically useless.
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5 years ago, Thane Keep
Annoying adds and it crashes
Just when you get to the info you want an ad pops up in your way. It crashes all the time. I can’t rate the new version because it just crashes. You need someone that knows how to write an app that works. The shame is you have the best weather forecast but the worst app for mobile
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3 years ago, Mavrickhunter4
There are pop up ads.
After using the app for 10 seconds there are ads that will pop up and ads that will play before video forecasts. Glad to know that this ad venue is more important than having a good app experience. It’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, Bugleboy777
We LOVED this app until a week ago
This app was our favorite weather app because of the great updated daily weather videos. A week or 2 ago the videos went wacky, only showing weather videos from 56 months ago! I thought it was some kind of early April Fools joke but it’s stuck on ONLY super outdated forecasts in the video section. Fix that & we give this app 4 or 5 stars!
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12 months ago, mewithoutH
Having issues
I used to be able to see live weather reports and now I can’t. The live radar glitches and disappears and reappears in flashes that won’t stop and show the radar for long.
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7 years ago, Kittyjoy60teen
Too many annoying full screen ads
Abc27 weather app was my go to always for years until the ads drove me to delete the app today. The constant interrupting, full screen ads and now video ads are too much for my patience. Sad. I used to love it and now I hate it. I switched to WGAL weather app.
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5 years ago, Wendy1222
Disappointing App
I watch ABC27 regularly and trust its forecasts but you wouldn’t know it if you were banking on this app. It usually won’t load at all and I have to depend on my other apps for the info I need. Sorry, this app is hitting the trash pile. Try again, guys. I don’t have time for something that doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Mr. Ross B
Try it now Nov 2019
Nicely Done! You might want to change your rating higher.
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6 years ago, MDman100
To many pop ups
Trying to see the radar an having 10 pop ups every 10 seconds is getting the best of me this is why I’m deleting this app and going to fox what a shame you must be liberals!
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7 years ago, Slightly unimpressed
radar loop
i’ve been noticing that the radar play button makes the entire radar disappear. itd be nice to see the radar loop animated!
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4 years ago, Units dl
Not working
Will load once on iPhone 11 and then it freezes the next time you try to open the app. The only way to get it to work is turning off the phone and turning it back on again. Who wants to do that?
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4 years ago, bogieman59
Doesn’t even work
I used to rely on this app as my go to now when I tap on the icon I get a page with weather guys on it and that’s as far as I get will most likely get rid of this app until the developers make some changes
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5 years ago, not my app anymore
Don’t know what happened to the app....
But it’s not good. This used to be my go to weather app but not anymore. I can’t play the videos anymore. I reported this as a problem and got the standard we got your message blah blah blah. Still not resolved.
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3 years ago, Wdaphdas
Video forecasts are over a week old again
Why are the current video forecasts no longer being uploaded?
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3 years ago, Waterytown
Forecasts from 56 months ago?!!
What’s up with the video forecasts from 56 months ago? Is someone in IT not aware of this problem? The app is typical very useful, but this has been going on for about a week now.
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4 years ago, Cocoabean2001
I’m not in Ecuador!
When I open the app it changes from my home town to some place in Ecuador and says it’s not available there. This was my favorite weather app but it’s not usable now! Please fix!
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5 years ago, gea51
All downhill from here
All current reviews are correct, it used to be a good thing,I no longer view it,the videos are gone and current changes aren’t for the benefit of the viewer,but are a nuisance.
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4 years ago, LLWW17
Don’t bother
So disappointing to have such an inaccurate weather app. Forecast of even 1-2 hours out is totally wrong. What a waste of time.
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5 years ago, Poobearpups
When it works its ok but most of the time the radar doesn’t function.
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6 years ago, dclwtn
Good weather forecasting, but pop-up ads make this app maddeningly unusable. Banner ads would be fine but the pop-ups are just awful.
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4 years ago, farmallf20
Needs fixed
Since the last update I can’t even get the app to open. This used to be my go to for weather I guess I’ll have to use cbs21.
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3 years ago, nwhis88
Fix the videos!
Videos for weather forecast are from years ago! Been like this for at least a week. Hello??? Does no one man the app?
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7 years ago, maulsie
Former user
I agree with the other reviewer. This used to be my go to weather app but due to the constant borage of annoying ads this app is completely ruined. Too bad. So. Sad. Bye
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5 years ago, Wjh15
If I cannot get updates,
What use is there for the app? I cannot get video or written updates. Launching the app for hourly and daily forecasts is of minimal use.
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6 years ago, Leefoo26
Terrible app now
Since the updates, it rarely loads properly. This used to be good, but not any more. It's garbage now.
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7 years ago, Getitrightupfront
When it works it is grewt
Lately it seems they are having real tech issues with this app. Sad. Great app when it works
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3 years ago, EtownFlyboy
Not impressed
Can’t watch the video forecasts anymore. Make this app unless to me.
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2 years ago, Squirrellydw73
Loaded with ads
Uninstalled it. It’s loaded with ads. No thanks
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6 years ago, GS401
Pathetically slow!
Hard to believe it could be so slooow!
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7 years ago, Yortamato
Just what I needed
I think the app is simple to use and has everything I need. It has ads, but they are primarily banners and splash screens. I think the navigation needs some looking at -- there's at least one screen that has navigation controls masked by the ad banner (this is why it loses a star). It's not as overburdened with stuff you don't care about like some weather apps. Overall, just what I was looking for.
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9 years ago, Bel Fiore
Great app. Has all the weather info I need.
This app has weather videos so you can watch the whole forecast. App has daily, weekly, hourly forecasts. Nice radar. Perfect! (If you are looking for abc27 WHTM's Weather app, this is it. The app named 'abc27 Weather HD for iPad' does not work for me. It has no videos, does not seem to be for WHTM specifically.)
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12 years ago, Sensual Kitty4U
Like it better than the weather channel!
App is better then the weather channel. Thanks for finally coming out with one. Great work, keep it up.
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12 years ago, Knightgal66
Great app, one flaw
This is a great app, the only flaw I see is on the hourly section of the iPhone app, the hours are greyed out and very unreadable. Fix this and you have a perfect app!!
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11 years ago, HersheyJohn
C'mon, fix the hours display!
Some of us still have older iPhones without the enhanced display, for which I guess the hours display was programmed. It is marginally readable but needs to be fixed. Otherwise, a nice, informative app! Jan 31, 2013 Just updated app. Hours display on Hourly Forecast still unreadable on my 3GS! March 27, 2013. You fixed the hours display!!! Thanks.
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10 years ago, Deer driver
Weather user
Very good app it lets me put in my cities I frequent and uses current location and is pretty accurate for storms
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7 years ago, Mrs. P. A. L.
Abc 27 weather app
Re the new version of the abc27 weather app, I do not like it at all. The previous app is easier to use and more informative. So, I will continue to use the previous version until it is retired, then I will look for a completely different weather app.
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11 years ago, patrick traini
Very nice !!!! ;)
Like it better than my other weather apps ! Does a nice job ! Keep up the good work. U guys rock !
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9 years ago, aaukamp
Very good!
This is a great weather app! I especially like how it shows where lightning strikes.
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9 years ago, Smittyboy07
Great app
Predicts weather for specifically central PA. Most of the time their predictions are more accurate than the big weather franchises
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9 years ago, JLWJR1
Abc27 weather and news
2 Good Aps in past are now no Good. I used your Aps for current updates. Now I won't use them because that are terrible and not updated properly. Listen to the viewers and give them what is needed. I am Very disappointed!
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11 years ago, PCup4MCI
Please fix
Since the last update your app no longer works on my iPhone 4.
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3 years ago, upset with abc westher app
Go back to old version
Please go back to the old version of this app for ABC 27 weather. You used to be able to watch the videos during the day and you could no longer do that. I used to use this app to help make the decision whether we were canceling school, letting out early, etc. I do not have confidence to use this app anymore with the new updated versions February 13 2021. The weather videos from the news forecast that are on our from the summer. Please go back to the old version I am an assistant superintendent of the school district and I used to use this app all the time to determine if we needed to close school or have a delay
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12 years ago, Rodrigo cool chick
This is a great app and so beneficial...thank you!
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6 years ago, dsport71
Terrible app with too many pop up ads
This app is the worst I have ever used! Annoying pop up ad saying I won amazon gift card & to answer questions. I can’t read any of the news or school closings because this won’t go away.
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