ABDi GateAccess

4.9 (33.1K)
20.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Applications by Design, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABDi GateAccess

4.87 out of 5
33.1K Ratings
11 months ago, annieoakleigh
PML Gate Access
Our family appreciates the convenience of the PML gate online access. It allows the freedom to update any guests for our Airbnb. We are Super hosts so it’s really important at the gate the very first impression of PML is positive for every guest. It does translate to happy stays and happy guests bring a lot of $$$ into Groveland. I recommend all our local food places & Marina rentals and yes guests do avail themselves of these - MarVal items & many empty pizza boxes, lake rentals and The Grill comments are left frequently! Great job gate keepers - did you know you are the portals to bringing in extra finances? If you or anyone on the PML board disagrees, please contact me - Anne & David Hartwell Unit 10-24. I’m impressed PML has forward thinkers!! Thank you!
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9 months ago, kitoweinstein
Does not always work
The Guards are nice people but too many times unable to find a registered guest either by first or last name, when I am sure they are registered . So they are forced to call the house phone and it cancels the benefits of ore registration. Maybe a portable microphone connected to the PC into which the guest speaks his/her own first and last name and the program finds them. I did that for another HOA and it worked fine.
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5 months ago, T Brownell
Needs Improvement
This app definitely needs considerable improvement. The app requires that I sign-in every time I want to add someone to my list, but it doesn’t have the facial recognition feature, so manual sign-in is required each time. Also, the app limits the number of people/companies you can have on your list to 40, but doesn’t say that upfront. Instead, if you already have 40 and try to add another, the following error message flashes across the screen for a split second: “ENTRY FAILED! Your community does not allow the entry of more than 5 current or future guests.” What does that even mean???
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5 months ago, afross2
Gate Access Software
Gate access, although it has a unique icon, works well for notifying the entrance gate of guests coming in. Guests can be registered for 1 day or several days into the future. It works well but does need constant updates along with a lot of other software coming the apple APP store. Easy to use once setup.
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2 years ago, ToyCrusher
Better than not having a security gate app
This is the only app like this I’ve ever used, so probably not fair for me to review because the crashes could be from our own HOA’s equipment, etc. I think for the price when it’s working it’s definitely worth it, but it does crash more often then it should but that could be the hardware our community owns, not the app. If I was looking for my community I would give it a try, it’s definitely easy to add guests from your phone and see the history, etc.
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2 years ago, LMcDinSC
Lisa McD
Trying to use the feature for a one time event - add multiple guests for access on same day. Just spent 40 mins loading and reloading names for event. Had to do it manually because option to select from contacts not working. Doesn’t matter if you select a date before or after adding names, the message is the same “must add date of today or later” which I did of course. No way to get past it and save. Apparently I will have to send these one at a time. Crazy.
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2 years ago, DLNPCB
Bauer Guard Gate
The program is good but if the Guards don’t utilize this program; what a waste of good information to help them move the Guest Gate Faster. I still get Calls even with every person that comes to this house and they’re on the permanent list or the vendors list. Meeting / training needs to be done for these Guards in a BIG WAY
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5 months ago, Anon7809
App stopped working after the latest update. It won’t open. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it to no avail. I then powered off the iPhone and restarted it, also to no avail. Your app’s description in the App Store says it requires iOS 11.0 or later. That can’t possibly be true. What do you need for the app to work, a brand new iPhone? Why don’t you be truthful with your description so people won’t waste time with your stupid app and will simply pick up the phone the old fashioned way and call the front gate for visitor access.
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1 year ago, Susoak
New guest
It I very confusing how we input a guest who wants to come out from progressive? I have various people coming to see me from progressive, and I do not know how to put them in for a specific period or for a day. It is very confusing as I put them for a continuing basis, or a current guest
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11 months ago, Steevy18
Mediocre for its purpose
Basic and not well designed. For example, to put a guest on the list you are prompted for first and last name. But what about specifying access for a vendor by company name? The notification sound is a door bell, same as used in Ring and other doorbell apps. This is a ridiculous choice for gate access and there is no provision in the app to change it. (This is not an ios setting issue.)
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11 months ago, aljxn
Works well
This has been an improvement on our gate system, it’s fairly easy to use. The hardest part will be moving the list on the old system to this new one. Notifications when names on the list are about to expire would be a helpful improvement.
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8 months ago, #1 PretzelMom
Gate Access
Thanks So Much For Looking Out For All Of Us Margaritaville Family n Friends! Although We r finding out, there r a lot of Companies n Workers Who Already Have a Free Pass to get in and that’s a Great Help in case We forget to Put in The Gate Access! Kudos To The Gate Guards n Thank You Again! The Petuch’s!!!
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2 years ago, rrrrrrcatrrrr
Gate access
What would be nice if gate access notifies home owner person came thru gate. We had that notification at Windgate Ranch. So if garners or other vendors came in when they weren’t suppose to we would know that and notified the guard gate. Just a suggestion .
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8 months ago, scanned photos for T
Great To Know
The app allows for easy facilitation of visitors and vendors. It is good to know that your guest list/vendor list will show up as a text to remind you of the appointment/ visit. The scanner allows for less back up onto Indiantown Rd.
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5 months ago, Josie J
Ease of use and safety
I feel very comfortable and safe knowing that individuals attempting to make a visit to my home are scheduled and listed at the gate and required to show id’s as well as my being informed with their entry.
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5 months ago, Guess Arrival
P.S. Gate Access
Love the convenience of adding a guess on my phone. I also like the ding notification when they have gone through the gate, I then know they will be at my condo soon.
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2 years ago, Brewcrew352
Very User Friendly
With the exception of a short blip with the app a few months ago, since we moved into Del Webb I found found the app easy to use, convenient and self-explanatory .
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3 months ago, Tuscany Res
Easy Peasy
Automatic logging in quests makes it easy to do. I don’t have to get an annoying phone call from the gate. Best part is you can schedule arrivals in advance!!
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2 years ago, Sue Bur
Gate review
I love the new system. You don’t have to wait until someone answers the phone and you get notice when your guest enter through the gate. Thank you
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2 years ago, Fufsabita
Gate Access
We like the app, but we’re not receiving notifications from the gate via text. They are coming in on email and that we don’t see constantly. Can we get the notices by text messages? Thank you!
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2 years ago, Dnoel59
Way better than using the website
You can save you community, etc and it takes less time to add, for instance, a delivery driver.
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1 year ago, Ned Narb
Convenient Gate App
Gets the job done for my needs. Just like all apps, probably needs updating. Just can't figure out what needs to be updated.
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2 years ago, Book boy 2
Great App
Used this Apps service for several years and always reliable. Would highly recommend.
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9 months ago, cookie 18408
Great Gate Service
This app is easy to use. I like the convenience of being able to let our company through the gate via the gate app.
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2 years ago, M Fiorito
All ways friendly, if I make a mistake they catch it and are so nice in their response. Just like to thank them for their alertness, if that’s a real word. Anyways 5 star to the entry security guard’s.
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7 months ago, rhr_fl
Start / end date
I like the app, but maybe there should be a prompt that asks begin date and end date. I appears you kind of have to guess to press the date twice for the begin end date. Maybe it’s just me.
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6 months ago, CohenSG500
Gate access good to have
Show expired guests option is not working, everything else is working well
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6 months ago, Homes4sell
Gate guard Jordy was very very rude to me 2 days ago. No gate guard should disrespect anyone coming through the gate. Spoke with other residents who also complained about her
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2 years ago, Bear's Daughter
Not intuitive
I’m glad that we can call in guests electronically, but this app is clumsy when it comes to registering guests for one or a few days. That particular choice is not listed on the initial menu; so, each time I’m using this app I have to figure out again how to do it and it’s not intuitive.
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6 months ago, stuupiddddd
Easy to use and no bugs
This app is very user friendly and no bugs so far
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1 year ago, Coven1979
Easy to use
Wish I can delete the past guests from list. Like erase history.
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8 months ago, JinWuRui
Easy to Use
Convenient to use,access and make changes.
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10 months ago, USCDOC83
No text notification
I still don’t receive text notifications of guest arrivals and I set up to receive them.
Show more
7 months ago, William Geraci
App keeps asking for comment
Adding comments so I don’t keep getting pop ups
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9 months ago, RDaboh
Gets the job done
This app gets the job done but could be more user friendly. Would love to be able to quickly access and add previous guest.
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9 months ago, Kumapurple
Works Great!
This works great and I love that I’m notified on both my phone and iPad when my guest has arrived at the front gate.
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7 months ago, BMW1948
Very responsive
I find that this app is very responsive and easy to use. Like how easy it is to sign on.
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1 year ago, BjsKazu
Like New system
Why is Spectrum Mobile not a choice when you try to enable Text notifications when guest entering the gate ?
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8 months ago, hawkrat
Gate access
The Gate access app is so easy and efficient to use. Much better than phoning.
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8 months ago, The real, real CK
Good app
Quick and easy to learn. Intuitive interface. Definitely a great app.
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9 months ago, tjp653
Easy to Use Application
The Bonita National gate access application is easy to understand and simple to use.
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1 month ago, aztng
An Excellent Resource
Easy to use and convenient to allow vendors into the community.
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2 years ago, Mr. Mac
Fast Pass?
I don’t understand what the Fast Pass does??? Is it really any faster or convenient? My guests still have to provide an ID. What’s so fast about this system compared to the old??
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7 months ago, Golf1900
So EZ, Grandma can do it
Gate Access is the best. Even a Grandma of 5 has no problem with it. I highly recommend it!
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4 months ago, 9037 Padova
Why I give you four stars, and not five
I would like ability to print a copy of my guest list
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2 years ago, jujujubeans
Permanent contacts have delegated
My permanent contacts have been removed from my contact list. Lawn care wasn’t let in because their contact was delegated. Now reviewing my. Contacts there are a lot of permanent contacts that have been deleated.
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2 years ago, DLGPhotography
Simple Easy Accurate
Love this app and it’s ease of logging in visitors and permanently adding family
Show more
7 months ago, cjips
Gate access
This is a successful operation. It always tells us who is coming .
Show more
3 months ago, puck love
I enjoy the sense of security and that i get a heads up when my gursts have arrived
Show more
3 months ago, Arcjos
Guest Entry
Very easy to navigate. Keeps a log of all the people that have come in.
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