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User Reviews for Accounted

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6 years ago, Burrs Painting
hate it
I was hesitant, but fell for the fake good reviews. Wish i could get my money back, just buy quickbooks or similar this is useless. 8 hours wasted
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12 years ago, AutomationSolutions
First Impressions: Impressed
Haven't heard about Accounted until I saw it here in the app store. Because of their sale I figured i'd give it a whirl, and I'm not regretting that decision at all yet. It was easy enough to get my accounts set up, the interface is very straightforward and obvious. I obviously haven't had to actually *use* it for year-end reporting yet, but it does have a pretty extensive list of reports available -- and they all look how they're supposed to in testing. I've used it to import some transactions from my PayPal logs and that worked flawlessly. I contacted the developer with a question about the software and got a response about 15 minutes later. Either that was a fluke, or their support is a bit OCD. Either way, I'm fairly confident I'll be switching over full-time and using Accounted.
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12 years ago, Michaelt912
Sweet Surprise
I used to use a series of Excel spreadsheets for my business accounting. I know, not very smart, but much better than paying hundreds of dollars for Quicken. I thought I'd check this application out. I've been using it to track my business finances for about 2 months now and I'm never going back to Excel spreadsheets again. I don't know how it compares to Quicken, but for the price, you can't beat it. It's easy to import your paypal transactions, which is most of my business income, and it's so easy to get used to. If you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for your business software, this is an outstanding alternative. 5+ stars if you could choose a back-up location instead of relying on your standard software.
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12 years ago, Emotpix
No Syncing with online transactions?
I've desperately been looking for an alternative to Quickbooks. I liked the idea of Studiometry so decided to buy Accounted. Didn't realize this doesn't sync bank transactions. I knew I'd have to manually download transactions, but it doesn't appear to recognize overlap (i.e. if you download new transactions and happen to have some overlap). This is critical to be able to make it easy to get credit card transactions etc. Seems like a step backwards rather than a solid alternative to Quickbooks. As clunky as QB can be, at least I can keep my transactions in sync with a touch of a button.
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12 years ago, Deanna81
Great software that does its job well
Just picked up Accounted on the app store because of the 50% off sale, and I've been a user since version 2. It's simple and fast, and much easier to use than Quickbooks. I can enter my transactions without having to make a million mouse clicks, which I really appreciate. It does everything I need for my small-biz accounting needs, and I use it to generate all of the reports I need for tax purposes. Great software, No complaints at all!
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8 years ago, LoveTheApps6895
Don’t expect this to be a QuickBooks of apps. It is simple, fairly easy to use and does a good job for a small company. The simple features are exactly what I wanted and it works great for this. I don’t know if it has online syncing, bank syncing, etc because I do not use them. I use it to keep track of income and expenses.
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12 years ago, elemgee
Good straight forward tool
I'm not an accountant... I don't play one on television... my business is small and I'd rather spend time on anything other than accounting (and I'd like not to spend lots of money on accounting systems). This is a very nice straight forward tool that (on first glance) gives me good ease of use and sufficient power to take care of my tax and reporting needs.
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12 years ago, Charyabb
Opening Balances
This software is great if you are starting from scratch. It is not easy to post opening balances if you are already up and running. I am a CPA and converting from my old software program to this was a nigthmare.
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10 years ago, Famcbrid
I was very reluctant to buy this. I looked at it for several weeks until I gave in. And now I regret it. I feel as if it could be a little more user friendly. I am looking into buying quickbooks or something that is a little more versatile.
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12 years ago, JKING440
Check Writing
This software does not allow you to print the mailing address on the checks. This makes the sofware very useless for me personally. I will be looking for a refund
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