AccuLynx Field App - Original

2.4 (115)
113.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AccuLynx Field App - Original

2.36 out of 5
115 Ratings
6 years ago, Circular.ebin
App is becoming a hindrance
I’ve never had to log into an app so much. Just opening the app will randomly force you to log in. Sometimes, it just wants the password, and other times, it requires the user name and password. Other times, you open the app, then you’re confronted with a pop up stating, “You have an incompatible version. Please update.” Do you think you can log in anyway? Nope. You’re data is held hostage until it’s updated. Better hope that your data plan isn’t maxed out, and you have plenty of time set aside for the update. There are other minor issues that aren’t worth mentioning, but add to the overall annoyance. The web version is great, but what good is a field app that constantly slows you down?
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4 years ago, Kyle Conley
Unreliable Poor Performance
The app has become very unstable especially when uploading pictures and documents. Instead of uploading selected photos app will duplicate photo 2-3 times. Photos tag wrong or missing, photos upload different file types especially when duplicate upload error occurs. If your outside app more than 5 seconds it takes you out of job file back to home screen. Because of this I’m Constantly losing content I’m entering into a job file. App should serve for basic upload functionality of content, photos, and documents into job files but it consistently fails and crashes. Time = Money
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5 years ago, sexyrooferguy
No screen rotate?!
Been using this for almost a year now, and one of the most annoying things is the app only works in portrait mode. Writing this review now because the app won’t load any data and hasn’t for the last two days. Attempting to remove and reinstall to see if that jogs something loose. I rely on the app when I’m in the field and using my iPad for quick updates to jobs and to pull information for customers, so not being able to access the the app other than with a laptop is useless. Fingers crossed reloading it makes it work again...
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2 months ago, huuhsha
For some reason, I can’t upload a new lead from the app. It’s mandatory to input the customers address and the address feature in the app does not work for my iPhone 15 pro. It’s very frustrating having to go to the website just to upload a new lead. Besides that, this app is decently good. Acculynx is the best crm for roofing but their application needs to catch up quickly.
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4 months ago, Bryce PWD
Great so far
We’ve been using Acculynx for a couple of months now and so far the app has worked really well, released some helpful updates and it’s been a great tools for our salespeople out on the road needing to access information on the go. Photos feature has been smooth and very helpful as well.
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3 years ago, big papa 0316
It pains me to leave this review, because the desktop version of acculynx is so great. The app on the other hand is terrible, so bad to the point that I’m writing this review. Slow, unresponsive, photos won’t load, photos will not upload, can’t create an estimate or edit existing ones. I’ve been holding off writing this review for almost a year and a half now, giving the developers time to fix the app. Unfortunately nothing has changed.
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1 year ago, BDD1922
Pictures won’t upload
The last app was very easy to upload pictures on. This new field app won’t allow to me to take pictures or load them from the gallery.
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5 years ago, Haptopcjdap
How in the heck does this CRM have such a low rating?! It is literally the easiest most comprehensive software out there! I actually looked into other options and after the free trials, it was a no brainer to stay with acculynx!! Does it have glitches once in a while on the app? Yes, but so what!
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3 years ago, Jordin.localboi
It was better before current updates. PLEASE FIX
After these past few updates the app and the website are beginning to go downhill. Example: while trying to upload pics I will be kicked out of the app itself straight back to the phone homepage. Example: while using the website and uploading pics, it will cancel my upload and send me back to either my message board or dashboard Example: I would log onto the app and it would just keep loading for a long time. I would have to close the app completely and try logging in again These are just a few of the issues that I’ve been coming across recently. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times and no improvements at all.
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2 years ago, LuckyMac7
Horrible Reliability
I can’t tell you how many notes I’ve forgot to go back and write when AccuLynx freezes up and I have to uninstall and reinstall the app on my iPhone. This literally costs me time and $$ every time This happens due to lost productivity of me having to go back and try and remember my own notes and or retake pictures I thought were uploaded. Get it together guys, don’t we pay you enough money??
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1 year ago, Boli2415
If you use the desktop version. 5/5 stars. The app tho…. It’s so fundamentally flawed it blows my mind. Can’t upload leads. Can’t upload photos. Can’t pull up our calendar. Shows no events. Acculynx really needs to get this app up to par for the amount we spend on a crm system, we shouldn’t be having these issues. It will definitely affect our longevity with the company.
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3 years ago, joshu676h
Mobile is worthless
Takes forever to view photos and documents. My biggest gripe is the fact you cannot edit payments received through the mobile app. Who is carrying around a laptop these days? You can’t even place orders through the mobile app.
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4 years ago, MK Fix It .com
Acculynx rocks!
There is no way I would be able to operate my business and do as much business as I do without Acculynx! Easy to use, stay organized and most importantly save valuable time!
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5 years ago, anonymous13958273
Please fix picture uploading error.
Pics no longer show message that lets you know they are uploading before submitting and completing the upload which results in missing pictures during the upload which makes it a headache having to go back and figure out which ones are duplicate pictures and which ones are not.
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5 years ago, ccnyrdch
Landscape view on IPAD
Desktop is better yes, however the biggest thing fo us is not being able to flip your Ipad sideways and it auto-flip as needed. A map view of jobs that you can show pins of Leads/Prospects/Approved/Marked Dead would be nice too great for visual communication to your teams and their areas.
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4 years ago, J T from White Bear Lake
How did we contract without it🤷🏼‍♂️
So handy I love having my business in the convince of the palm of my one hand!👍🏼 I can bring my office on every rooftop!🎯
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5 years ago, Bubba Billy
App is complete waste of time
Useless app... basic functions only. Way too many updates. Locks up constantly. Web version has limitations and getting worse. And monthly cost per head his way out of line compared to many others out there. Moving on soon... lots of others with better stuff and much less expensive.
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5 years ago, Johnwick65
Highly recommend
Works super well. Very helpful to keep track of leads and documents. Rarely do I have any issues. Excellent product!
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10 months ago, A Honest Crow
Way better than the new app
Old acculynx app is way better than the new acculynx app.
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1 year ago, Marc D at TT
Horrible!! Buyer beware!!
The entry seems cheap but they get you in and raise the price dramatically. Every new feature they come out with is an extra charge if you want to use it. Don’t get scammed in this software, they make it extremely hard to leave and continue to jack up their pricing.
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3 years ago, CoRoofer
Calendar Problems
App calendar lists times an hour earlier than what is recorded on the website. This issue was supposed to be resolved with the last update but alas we are still dealing with this issue :(
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5 years ago, Cubanpep
Not horrible...
My biggest issues are that 1) the app lacks the ability to send an email with any of the docs or pics in a custom profile... and the BIGGEST challenge... 2) NO CALENDAR FUNCTIONALITY. Please address these issues and I will re-evaluate.
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4 years ago, Jeff mah to kuh
Desktop isn’t bad when you’re not wasting your time logging in every 5 minutes. Mobile app, doesn’t let you write up estimates and is only good for loading other documents or checking your calendar or looking at something that was loaded on desktop.
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2 years ago, Bballswagg101
Bad App
Please spend some money to fix this app. The pictures take forever to upload and duplicate some of them. For some reason all my leads, prospects, etc won't load so I can't even use the app. You would think a company of this size would have a good app
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6 years ago, Nanaa46379
Make is better
App would be alot better if it had an option to order an eagle view. Also please make it be able to seperate the jobs,leads,etc. By representitive
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5 years ago, Scam alert 2
Too limited
Hard to work for commercial roofing company. Far too limited. Far too costly for multiple employees. Many apps offer better workflow management and customization to fit your business. Wished it worked better for us after 14 months of usage.
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6 years ago, Crc79
A good app to complement an even better desktop program. My only complaint is the frequent logins necessary and the fact that you cannot view your calendar from the Field app.
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4 years ago, unhappy roofer
Misbilled and not contact
I was quoted a price per user and since starting with acculynx have been highly over billed each month. I have reached out by phone and email, promised credits and the billing correction to be made just to be over billed this month once again, by over a thousand dollars. I am promised return calls I don’t get. My emails aren’t responded to. I feel like acculynx has me in a choke hold to pay whatever they decide to charge me each month including add ons I don’t have or else loose all my files their CRM is holding.
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4 years ago, fuaccu
Always kicking you out of your app. Didn’t recognized password reset it twice and still wasn’t able to log in into app just website via google
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6 years ago, eryan2369
Issues continue
Issues such as inability to change the lead status in the app have continued even throughout several app updates.
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4 years ago, j.2key
Worst app and program ever
The company I work for just started using this program and its terrible. You have to sign in every time you blink. Nothing is user friendly about it. Estimates take longer to write up then on any other program I’ve used.
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6 years ago, phikbott
Updates are terrible
Stop updating your stupid app. When working it’s fine, but our in the field it won’t open unless you have updated it. And now it has locked me out of the app completely after an update.
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2 years ago, Owtlyer
App needs a complete tear-off
The poor quality of this app suggests the developers aren’t concerned with sales teams and field personnel. It’s been bad for a long time. Obvious features are lacking and it crashes frequently.
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3 years ago, RafaelBrunet
It’s nice but crashes a lot
Can’t view jobs with lots of photos because the app will crash. Does it every single time. Good app nonetheless I suppose.
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3 years ago, IeatChickenTryIT
Consistent getting more buggy
The app is consistently getting worse and worse to use. With the new update it comes up with errors that won’t allow you to log in! Going downhill quick.
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3 years ago, 1slyefox
Aculynx is is ok
The functions are pretty limited.
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5 years ago, Austome1
Needs fix for adding addresses
When adding addresses you can’t add them before you save it because it wont pull up any addresses you have to save then edit address please fix bug
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4 years ago, Junior466
Complete garbage and support is nonexistent
This app is a complete waste of time. I highly suggest you find another alternative. Photo uploads don’t work, crashes randomly and support doesn’t reply in a timely manner if at all.
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4 years ago, d4421
Major issues
Since the latest update I’ve had on a number of occasions had photos not load and notes not save without me knowing, majorly screwing me over.
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4 years ago, m22scooty
Fix the app
Catch up with the times Won’t load pictures in sequential order App always closes out ... cant toggle between apps or anything or it will shut down App is slow App freezes up Takes forever to load pictures The app worked a month ago so whatever update the app or IOS did is what caused the issue Please fix the app
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5 years ago, smiff05
I’m sing app I didn’t see the update to Tbilisi landscape mode, sounds petty but this unit has to be used in field and typing from arm rest inn vehicle is already an inconvenience. Anyone else experience this on iPad?
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4 years ago, esbwn
Crashes with pic upload
Crashes constantly with multi photo upload.
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4 years ago, 71its a scam
Use anything else
This app gets worse with time. I don’t understand how it has everything needed but never works as needed.
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5 years ago, Ridge2016
Terrible App
Can’t access company documents, can’t enter or change contract pricing, can’t send photos from app. Very disappointed with this app.
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2 years ago, G0DxKiLL3r
Super over it!!! Dude idk why my company uses y’all. I produce way too much to deal with the lag. Fix it please like yesterday
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4 years ago, Nelson47Ruiz
Great app helps a lot
Great app helps a lot
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5 years ago, gilbert542
Good but...
It’s not letting me upload the correct images and it’s also duplicating a lot of the images. So terrible. And I can’t delete photos??!!
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7 years ago, VanBourne
Not a true 'field app' yet
I'm hopeful for this app one day. If all you need is to be able to enter simple info and view simple info then this is a good tool. I work in the field and need tools that don't force me to do easily forgettable admin work when I get home. There are too many necessary features that the app doesn't support. One of the biggest things is access to a 'Notes' field. Sure I can create a comment, but it's clunky looking & you can't update any of them. Also, if you're gonna let me upload photos, please let us upload them from Dropbox. You already let us upload documents from Dropbox on the app, why not photos also? I can't edit financial data. Can't view a calendar of meetings. Can't create estimates. Can't pick up supplies & enter expenses. Can't pick up a payment and enter it. I could go on. There are already apps that can do different features that are free. Acculynx charges a pretty hefty price for poor functionality for a job that's done in the field. I'm hopeful though.
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6 years ago, Locolij
It won’t let me sign in
Terrible App!
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9 years ago, Urgamesovr
Decent app...a few tweaks to make it better
The app is useful to send/receive notifications/comments but there is room for improvement. If it was designed just to send contact information it is perfect but it has limited functionality I. The field. I would like to see the calendar function added, the ability to log your call (if made through the app), be able to filter only your leads and be able to upload more than one picture at a time. I find myself logging into the online version via my phone versus using the app itself. It still serves a purpose and the load time is fast, with a few fixes it would be great.
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