Action News Jax Weather

4.7 (4.2K)
74.1 MB
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Current version
Cox Media Group
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Action News Jax Weather

4.71 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Enerqized
I absolutely love this app! I do wish Palm Coast could call this their home WeatherStation .Well I only see us included occasionally why is this? Do you recommend another station for our listening area ,as I thought we were North Florida too. I hear people ask about it a lot wondering what is our station. Please advise, thank you very much ,I love your station.
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11 months ago, Tobias MacIvey
Bye-bye, talking heads!
What I like is that you get all the local weather graphics without a local teleprompter reader interpreting and explaining it to us like we are 5 year olds. Great app. Really works to prove their uselessness.
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3 months ago, ThorOdinson84
Solid App with Questionable Decision Making
The app is pretty solid. Plenty of push notifications for severe weather in my area, and many that aren’t in my area. I would seriously consider changing your ads. If I get a push notification for a “severe weather update,” I shouldn’t have to sit through an ad to see what’s going on.
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2 years ago, d.a.&j.i.
Weather Notifications
I just love this because I get notifications to my phone so I’m always aware of what is happening weather wise.
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5 months ago, backfork
Keep’s you informed
New to the area and I like knowing when to stay alert of bad weather and this app really helps with that. 👍🏻
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2 months ago, Dawud Judah
Update Radar in the App
The app radar says now, but is not accurate. When rain starts in Arlington, the radar still shows that the rain is on the way. When rain ends in Arlington the app radar still shows rain over Arlington. Even though the radar says NOW, it is not truly now.
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2 years ago, mamaw07
Always dependable!
I don’t get ready to go outside until I check in with your accurate forecasts! Thank you so much! 👍🏻 Cathryn Blair (Jax)
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3 years ago, Blesedlife
Updated news
I really trust & enjoy the reports sent to keep me aware
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11 months ago, JaxRicanman
My Morning go to channel for what’s happening today!
Have a great day
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3 months ago, Lynwood F. Mundy
The weather is forecast is true. Keep the excellence forecasting!
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3 weeks ago, StellarMerger
Was my only choice
I left all the major weather apps due to in your face ads. Feel in love with this weather app for the past few years but not it flashes full screen ads. Time to start looking for another weather app
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3 years ago, Catandmouse1
Weather App
I’ve had this app for a few years and absolutely love it...use it daily.
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1 year ago, culo blanco
Could you possibly add the chance of rain percentage to your forecast? Otherwise, you guys are awesome. Thank for the hard work.
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1 year ago, oldnavy85
Wjax weather app
TThis weather app is right on when it comes to the temperature and rain.
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4 years ago, dan zuz
Took away videos
Why did you guys take away the regular weather videos from the app that were shown on the news.... shame shame. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, hdndbxbd
good i recommend it a lot🇦🇺
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3 years ago, Rhys fhd cf g
Your Alerts, when opened, does not go directly to the information of the alert. I often have to change to another weather app.
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3 years ago, getitfixed*
Data Consumer
Somethings wrong with this app. I downloaded it a few days ago and got an alert from ATT about how data it’s consuming. In two days it consumed 5.7 gigs of data. I deleted it from my phone and kept it on my iPad and use it with just Wi-Fi. It’s a good app other than that!
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4 months ago, Wrong wrong again
100% wrong
According to this app with locations services enabled, I was supposed to get rain at my house every day the last two weeks with 100%. It’s been bone dry.
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3 months ago, Bigtimeskidmark
When watching videos, ads are constantly playing at the same time and I cannot understand what’s going on when I can hear both.
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3 years ago, Barefoot575
Excellent timely information!
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3 months ago, Sound94000000
Poor sound
When plying videos you here a second set of voices and or music playing in the background
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12 months ago, Dunbar1889
About half the time there is no audio on your videos. Very annoying
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4 days ago, the hearing guy
One run-on sentence
The Vystar info is quite understandable, but the weather info is one over-hurried run-on sentence. It’s not journalism.
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1 year ago, Melbrato
Love y’all
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3 months ago, RangerKen1
Best radar ever
Love this app
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3 years ago, you make on
Review of app
Love it!
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2 years ago, Sflabd
When I mute the commercials, then unmute for the forecast, the app stays muted. I’m forced to listen to commercials.
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4 years ago, Richa911
Nice app but why a weather app with no screen widget?
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3 years ago, Uoflou99
Weather App
Good app and very helpful
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10 years ago, Tracking the storm
Great Job
This is the best local weather app in Jacksonville. The interactive radar allows me to track down to my street address. I love the live streaming feature. The 7-day with the hour by hour break out is impressive. The Action News First Alert weather team provides Coverage You Can Count On!
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10 years ago, mpomz
Awesome, Great Graphics!
THE weather app to have, even if you don't live in the Jacksonville area. The data is up to date, easy to read and the share feature is excellent. Highly recommend this app for any weather condition - rain or shine!
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4 years ago, Zuzyque123
Warning Box overlay covers radar
I really liked the app before the update but it's now useless because of the non removable Warning Box overlay on the radar. Even at maximum transparency you can't see the radar, just a big red box.
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10 years ago, Thanks Action News
Perfect weather app!
This is THE perfect weather app. BIG fan of the hour by hour forecasts. And the live radar. I've tried several weather apps and have to tell you, this is the one you want. Go Mike Buresh!
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8 years ago, Macadoodie
Love it!
I love this app! Since downloading it, I have deleted the weather channel app which was a bunch of bull and inaccurate most of the time. I like the simplicity of this one, the google earth background and its overall appearance. I also think "mike" is the best weatherman on air!!! Keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, EddieSand
the App was fixed, great local weather
Update: app fixed and back to normal. Simple to use and reliable video weather update. The best for local Jax.
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10 years ago, John D. Potter
Best Weather App Ever!
This app just makes sense. Very intuitive and great information.
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8 years ago, BobaChewie
New update stinks
This current update was not thought through. You took an effective, simple, useful tool, and made it confusing and cluttered. Not a fan. Looking elsewhere now for a new local weather unless I can remove current update and go back to your old one.
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4 years ago, Greenedg
When I wake up and want to watch the videos for the weather, they are no longer there, I would like to have the video feed back
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9 years ago, Bush Meat
$4.99 for push alerts
Are you kidding me? Decent weather app but I wouldn't pay anything for extra push alerts.
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10 years ago, Mlombar17
Best WX
Better than the Weather Channel app!
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6 years ago, TJwhatev
All the hype this station does around this app and stupid storm chasing. Finally gave in and got the app for Irma updates and its crap. All the local news feed videos have no sound. Whole app is slow and wonky. Don't waste your time
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4 years ago, Crash😡😡
Good, but where are the weather reports?
This app is good, but where are the weather reports?
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6 years ago, bkmdano2go
Duplicate alerts
Not sure why, but since downloading the app around the time of Hurricane Irma, I've been getting duplicate alerts.
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5 years ago, Daniel91014
Nothing but a weather radar
This app is terrible. All it shows is weather. Siri can tell me the weather without this app. It’s a waste of space.
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5 years ago, NatLovesMolly❤️💛💚💙💜
This goes to bush 🍖
Are u kidding me bush meat your a so stupid this app is amazing 😉
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6 years ago, Gzhdudhcuc
Doesn't work
Don't waste your time it just keeps shutting down.
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6 years ago, Pookie000
No sound
I'm in the middle of hurricane Irma and need updates. There are no sound to any of the Live feed. Help
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6 years ago, #flyoyo
This app won't open. All other weather apps are open.
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6 years ago, alakota
Now I remember why I deleted this the first time.
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