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ActiveCampaign, LLC
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2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for ActiveCampaign

4.57 out of 5
1K Ratings
2 months ago, Black Wave Surfer
Best of the worst
CRM Apps are the worst apps on the planet. I’ve used them all. ActiveCampaign is close to good, but of course, I can’t even compose a campaign or email design from a template on my phone. Isn’t that the whole point? Other than that, it beats them all except Cloze, which is actually a better CRM for a sales team. It’s just terrible for mass email.
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2 years ago, BilqisMakeda
Can’t send an email or campaign to my list
I don’t understand active campaign. On my computer the application is great. However the phone app is nearly useless and even the website on my phone looks horrible. I want to be able to lay in bed and send an email to my list from my phone. I can’t do it on the site bc the left side of the screen won’t move and I can’t do it on the app bc there’s no functionality to send email campaigns - atleast no functionality I can see. It’s quite frustrating. I’ve actually gone back and used convertkit a few times just bc of this-they don’t have an app but their site is incredibly easy to create and send campaigns from my mobile phone. Once I figured out automations I love it and that’s what I’m paying for with Active campaign. But to me this basic function is missing and it’s very annoying. I don’t care about seeing my contacts. I care about communicating with them.
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5 years ago, Luke Allen
You can’t see your lists or your contacts that are in Active Campaign?!
When you first login, instead of seeing your lists listed right there, you see your number of contacts and actually have to search for the specific contact?! Amazing choice, all I need is an app where I can click on a list, see all contacts with most recent on top, click that contact, call them back or email and make a note... I believe this would have been the most obvious first iteration, would have loved to have been in the meeting where they somehow talked themselves into way over complicating it. Really like Active Campaign, just needed it on my phone.
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2 years ago, MediumSize producer
Please update merge feature on web app
Merge destitute is broken. Quote from AC support: “ we consider there is a 'conflict' whenever at least one of the contacts has a value for a field, even if the other contact does not have a value for that same field. “ This is product madness! Example - I have a contact with an address & one with a phone number, gender, etc. Two totally different data sets, 2 different contacts. With this, I have to pick which group of data I want to keep in the merge. Will update my review once AC functions like any basic $5 CRM
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2 years ago, fdjtitjfir
After signing me up for the wrong tier for over a month they finally got me on the top tier plan by then I had been through a months worth of “training” (primarily told to watch videos) so my free month of training wasn’t at all organized no one had any idea what was going on. I stayed with them for a total of 3 months. Hoping things would improve after all it was supposed to be the backbone of my business. When I realized things weren’t going to improve I requested a refund ($200+\month) and was granted one month refund then they stopped taking my calls and responding to email. Definitely felt like a cash grab more then a helpful service.
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5 years ago, nicolesy
Cannot view campaigns, reports, or automations
This app is worthless if you use ActiveCampaign to send campaigns or automations. You can’t see campaigns, reports, automations, segments, etc. I’m amazed that they don’t have a simple app to show that for their other clients. And really, it wouldn’t be so bad if I could easily view the info through Safari and log into my account via the browser. But their mobile version is awful definitely not optimized well so a simple app (that is not only focused on “Deals”) would fill that gap. I recently switched to ActiveCampaign from another service for my email list and campaigns, and it’s a big disappointment to not have my account information readily available on my iPhone.
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4 years ago, Geogirl830
Best CRM we have used yet, but ...
I would have given 5 stars but it baffles me that you can’t send an email to a contact and Cc anyone else. It makes the email function useless for us for anything other than sending campaigns. It would be far more useful if we could also use it to track direct communications with our clients, who usually come in groups of 2 or 3 people because of the nature of our business. We would also like to Cc other team members. I hope AC fixes this.
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3 years ago, dancing nerd
Functionally and ease of use are unparalleled. The customer service is excellent; we received training in 15 minutes that then allowed us to add automations saving us thousands of dollars and man-hours. We didn’t even have to outsource to programmers to link our databases, etc
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4 years ago, Josh A. Val
Great app for Active Campaign users!
The app is really useful for checking how many subscribers you have. I also like the new update that allows you to see campaigns. I talked to the developers of the app and I have confidence mobile users will get some incredibly useful features like automatic resend to no opens soon.
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1 year ago, Met722
Good overall
App is really useful overall, but is confusing that their in-app mail composer used for emailing requires each email to be setup in the iOS Mail app. On desktop, I can choose to send from multiple emails I’ve connected and it would be nice if those worked in the app as well.
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6 years ago, Snazzybbb
I’m an Active Campaign customer
Despite spending nearly 50 USD a month, it’s unfortunate that this app is not available to non-CRM clients. I am just a solo entrepreneur, who could greatly benefit, but not moving up tiers with Active Campaign and will be looking for a company that can at least offer a mobile access to paying clients in 2018.
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1 year ago, boulevard of broken streams
Surprisingly simple to use
I use ActiveCampaign heavily from my computer but only recently started to use the app. ActiveCampaign is a powerful product and I’ve found that many great desktop products mobile apps are either too little or too much. ActiveCampaign mobile app strikes a great balance. I can access my contacts on the fly and the deals function is solid. I also like being able to send 1:1 emails from my email account via the app. The developers and product managers did a great job!
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4 years ago, DrewGliever
The best
Extremely useful when you’re away from the computer, especially the new campaign reporting features!
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3 years ago, Kayte77
Why Can’t You See/Edit/Send Draft Emails?
I just recently switched from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign and I love the web-based app. However, I find the mobile app lacking in functionality. One thing I really like about the Mailchimp mobile app was you could edit and send campaigns from it. There is no such functionality with the ActiveCampaign mobile app. I hope you add that functionality soon!
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5 years ago, Gixxed
Needs help
What I believe is missing: -list of recently added contacts, in addition to a search bar. This way we can take action on new contacts. -ability to search tags and custom fields of contacts -automation to create a task when a new contact is added so they don’t get lost thru the cracks -I can’t see everyone’s tasks, I can only see my own. There should be a toggle switch to see all tasks.
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3 years ago, Mysticalh2o
Absolutely useless when it comes to actually working with the program. I would call this more of a dashboard than an app. You can see your customers and sales and communications. But want to do anything about them...useless. Can’t send messages, emails, campaigns or automations from the app. Can’t see or edit any of the ones in draft. Can’t create new ones. In 2021 it baffles me that this is the level of capability.
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4 years ago, brdaron
Getting Better
The recent updates have really made the app more usable. I’d love if they added automatic call/text tracking like Pipedrive’s app does. I just use a second SIM, not a call service, so I don’t have a way to integrate unless the app were to pick it up.
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5 years ago, alpyor
Redirect links to app
Please add an option to redirect links to the mobile app directly Edit: developer reached out to assure me this would be added, and was a part of their roadmap. I’ve updated rating to account for their responsive development team
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3 years ago, alvingator
Great Application at a great Price.
After having used infusion soft, HubSpot, Copper CRM and even a couple other programs I really liked like active campaign the best
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5 years ago, OpinionOfMe
This app does basically nothing.
What a disappointment compared to other email campaigns like male chimp. This app doesn’t show me at all about my latest campaign, or shows my lists. It just shows the search box they have to search directly for somebody specific. Doesn’t show you any of the analytics or any of the data it’s pretty much a waste of digital space.
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3 years ago, ChaS0Unique
Needs improvement
I love Active Campaign but it needs major improvements with UX and mobile-friendly usage. The app would be better if it allowed the same options as the desktop version does.
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5 years ago, LisaP_Art
I use Active Campaign for managing my email list. I thought it could also be used as my CRM since I’m already paying a monthly fee. This app doesn’t have any useful CRM features that I can tell. Developers- please create an app for email campaign management! That’s your business after all. The mobile version of your web site is almost impossible to use.
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5 years ago, fenix692
App needs better contact browsing options and search.
The only way to find contacts is by exact search. Why can't we filter all contacts by tags? Why can't we see companies? Why can't we just browse all?
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4 years ago, Michaelangelo Guevara
Super awesome app
This app is super awesome because you can manage your entire business from your phone..
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4 years ago, Dr. Houstom
Not happy today
The account logged me out and it won’t let me log back in. I have an extremely important and time sensitive campaign to send out tomorrow morning. When things like this happen we need more information and we need a way to contact somebody that doesn’t rely on waiting for an email ____________________
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5 years ago, Jacob Jens
Good, but...
Lets you see deal tasks and contact tasks, but doesn’t send push notifications when a task is do. This is an essential missing ingredient that would make this mobile app from average to killer!
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5 years ago, kmatt418
Can’t see full list of contacts or sort
I only see a contacts section and it’s blank but days I have X amount of contacts but have to search by name for them to show up. Don’t see options like the screenshots show in the app download.
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3 years ago, daroman87
Slow and doesn’t have all the requirements you need
You can’t register when you contact the leads, the app is very slow, their support is awful. The app is very basic.
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4 years ago, RoseLee73
This has made my life so much easier
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5 years ago, earlyriserpro
Can’t see my contacts
Echoing Luke Allen’s review, the choice to make me execute a search to find a contact instead of just showing me a list of contacts makes this app unuseable for me. I’m also stunned at this UX choice: under Contacts I should just see all my contacts sheesh.
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2 years ago, garbagejdjjdjc
Email lag
Still not understanding why I have an online check come in, and yet don’t receive the email about it till 30 minutes later. This extremely affects my work as a salesman and in a bad way.
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6 years ago, Green Day 88888888
Great App!
The ActiveCampaign CRM fundamentally changes how easy it is for me to update my deals on the fly. Game changer!
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6 years ago, Strankini
Too scaled down to be of any use. Not sure why the functionality would be so limited vs online. It would be useful to minimally be able to add contacts with tags or scroll through all contacts (instead of typing a contact name and see their limited info).
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5 years ago, Yyuser
Pretty basic with few features
No ability to manage lists and campaigns is a given. But you can’t even search contacts by tag. This app is not all that useful.
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3 years ago, Nate1031
It’s fine but…sloowwwwww
Nothing special our outstanding about the app. That being said, it’s unbearably slow.
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5 years ago, Tsugarla
What happened to deals?
I used to be able to see deals, mails sent, etc. Now I only see contacts. Is “Deals” coming back?
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6 years ago, Zee P
Barely any major functionality
Please add the ability to view basic email data like campaigns, lists, and other basics we use AC for! Not all of us use the CRM function but I’m sure almost all AC users are using AC for basic functionality.
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2 years ago, EllyPH
Missing one key feature
I’ve been with Active Campaign for a few years now and I’m happy, so I was very excited about this app… until I found out that you can’t edit your emails. So if I’m out and only have my phone and want to work on my newsletter and send it, I can’t. Unfortunately the desktop version that you can access on the phone is pesky to use because of it shows up on the tiny screen. I’m waiting for this improvement, hopefully it’s on the making.
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4 years ago, jcpsrts
What is the point?
I must not be in a subscription tier that allows me access to anything that this app offers. It doesn’t even list my contacts. It will allow me to search my contacts, but browsing is a no go. I’d like to see my contacts, automations, emails etc. Basically I thought this would offer a mobile experience to the AC website, but that is not what it does. Don’t waste time installing it.
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5 years ago, cmonster145
What Happened why is it harder to look for my groups
The update made it harder to look for groups. Why the change?
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3 years ago, TGNY
The Active Campaign app, platform, and em website are all trash that will put you out of business. Do NOT USE ACTIVE CAMPAIGN if you want something that operates logically. It’s a disaster at every level. I hope this helps.
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5 years ago, Coach_Natalia
Where did the DEALS go?
Hey seems to be no rhyme or reason for taking of the deals out of the recent update. Please return them.
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5 years ago, JGardemier
App Doesn’t work
I have loaded reloaded this app and it won’t let me log in. I have an active campaign account. The login bar is “grayed out” and can’t be activated.
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5 years ago, Ry K K
Latest update broke it
Can’t see deals anymore after the latest update. Even deleted and reinstalled. Nada
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4 years ago, ND197742
App Crashes
App crashes constantly. I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times.
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2 years ago, BetterListen!
No functionality
What are you supposed to do with this app?
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5 years ago, Want to ABC but can't
Can’t login
I’ve tried over 30 times to log in. What is happening with this app?
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2 years ago, freebirdMAGA
Inappropriate charges
I was charged for services I did not authorize.
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5 years ago, yogayoyo
What’s the point!
I love Active Campaign but if I can’t use the app to send out campaigns or write emails and and automations it useless
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3 years ago, dacyg
I downloaded this app last night to send a quick email to my list. I thought I must be missing something when I couldn’t find any way to send an email from marketing platform? Then I thought I’d try to check and see how many people had registered through the form for a workshop I’m offering today. Also not possible. If this app is only for client contact info, it would be nice if it were named something that makes it clear that it doesn’t have the full functionality of the platform. P.S. Sean, I won’t have the time to email this info directly, perhaps you can copy and paste and send it to the developer team for me.
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