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Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados
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2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AcueductosPR

2.19 out of 5
196 Ratings
2 weeks ago, CharliePR1
After an hour or so I was able to register the accounts. Who remembers what you used when the account was opened so many years ago? I kept on fussing till something worked. Now I can’t pay the invoices that I see pending. In the payment screen I cannot enter credit card information. What a waste of time. I’m sure I’ll get charged late fee penalties for not paying g on time!?
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4 weeks ago, wj_ms
Sometimes when something needs an upgrade you applaud when it’s done. In this case, the previous app was okay…it had its quirks but it worked. Now, with this new app (which is not an upgrade but a replacement) one has to do all the registration process again… and again and again and again… in the end I tried around 9 or 10 times to FINALLY be able to regístrate a perfile. So you hope it migrated your accounts. Nope, you have to try …and I do mean TRY… to link your account to this new app… nope, tried about 5 times, went to the web site on my computer and tried a few times more… in the end, plain and simple: USELESS. Hopefully it will get debugged, but for now no idea how to pay my bill except to go to a pay station and personally pay my bill. Sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone…
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3 weeks ago, Criiztal
The previous app or update to this service was working good enough for me. Now with this mi acueductos app you have to register all over again and try a couple of times if you are lucky to be able to register properly. I am now trying to pay my account and i cant put in the info for my card. So at the end all the work to register your account to not be able to pay it thru the app! Dont know why they changed the already useful app to something that makes everything harder.
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2 weeks ago, Mlpabon59
Can't Add main account and lost other account number
We Still cannot add our main account that actually is in the name of my husband. We have another inactive account with a credit but we don't have that number because we used to manage it online, no paper statement, in the former app! I called customer service but sincerely I wait more Than 30 minutes and nobody answer! Next time I don't know how they will deal with this but cannot wait more than 15 minutes and still this is too much!
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3 weeks ago, ily
Is not working
It’s not working and erase completely my two accounts one of which is my mom‘s home, for whom I do all the payments. I’m trying to add my Mom’s account again and it’s not allowing me. It says that the information is not the same as the information they have on the account and I’m using her information for this. I have dealt with other apps that renew their app as in Migrating to a completely different app, but they kept my information and my account intact, what was the need on erasing everything?
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2 weeks ago, Frustrada en Luquillo
Cannot change email nor phone number. You have to call them and wait a long time for-them to answer. Nothing in English on that phone recording.
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1 week ago, Aerobic53
I agree with everyone who gave it one star rating. I had so much trouble trying to register and spoke to customer service. He pretended to walk me through the process and still couldn't help me. They need to change management who implemented this new app. I finally asked to pay my bill with them until they fix the problem and to my surprise they had the nerve to charge me for making the payment to them. I hope managements see this review and reimburse me.
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6 days ago, Mjke29
New updates app and website
The new update on the app was a bad mistake. I needed to register again for the account. You cannot enter you card information properly and cannot make a payment, and to add to this, the website it’s using a similar system as the app creating issues to open the payment portal. It says it will redirect you to the payment website but it never does. Bottom line, you cannot pay.
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2 weeks ago, Auroralinx
Doesn’t work
I can’t even log in tried a bunch of times and it’s like my account doesn’t exist. I know my credentials, used them all the time in the previous version. Tried the password reset and it doesn’t work plus it’s confusing. Was it even properly tested? I’ve never encountered a problem like this. I didn’t have any problems with the previous version. It wasn’t perfect but it always worked.
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2 weeks ago, 192422
Worst app
This app is supposed to make it easier for on line payments of water bill, instead it doesn’t allow me who already have an account with them get in.. it keeps telling me that I don’t have an account with them. Now I have to go and make a payment in person or to a bank.. it was so much easier when the app was not changed or upgraded like they say.
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3 weeks ago, HD HotRods
This new Apps Not Work
I can’t access my accout with my email & password. They replaced the application and like everything in government it is getting worse. Now I have no way to log into the account. and I'm not interested in going to an office to pay. If the old application was fine and never gave me problems, because they damaged it with that new version that is not working.
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4 weeks ago, boricua merengue
Horrendous app and horrendous transition to new one
AAA wiped out all users accounts to clean up the mess of their hacking. Now we have to set a new online account and relink our contracts one by one while sending them at the same time personal information they lost to the hacking. Why could we possibly think they are not going to be hacked again? This is an utility anchored in the XIX century! Big damage to users!! Banana style utility.
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3 weeks ago, yo_misma826
User friendly to whom?
Registration process was tedious. Please do some research on 4+ applications to do a serious upgrade. Multiple id verification through email , since the application don’t have a choice for text messaging which is faster and convenient. Honestly I thought the “change” will be good but it wasn’t. Wish you do better soon.
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6 days ago, Cute khloe
User friendly
The revised app is user friendly definitely much better than before
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7 days ago, Rod562
New mobile app
Would like to have the ability to add phone number once logged in to mobile app!
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4 weeks ago, LSEPR
Horrible & Frustrating
The app refuses to validate my data. I tried numerous times. When you attempt to telephone for assistance you receive a continuous busy signal or you hold for an hour and still no one come onto the line to give assistance. Perhaps there needs to be more beta testing of the app prior to release.
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2 weeks ago, PR fellow
Poor feedback and orientation
I just re-registered to the new application and I tried to enter to the application, but, I received the response of “Account not activated”. I haven’t received any email to re-activate the account. I called AAA and left a call back , and after two hours I am still pending the call.
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1 week ago, Arroyo Ayala
Poor web site
Trying to establish a connection after years of using the old site is impossible and doesn’t work
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3 weeks ago, para servirte
Customer service is trying to correct the issue with the portal
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3 weeks ago, Boricua33
I was already had an account. I paid monthly online with no problems. The new app is awful. I have tried the new app. It has me registering as a new customer and have tried several time. I still can’t create the account. The app doesn’t work. Rating No stars!!!!
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2 weeks ago, dum67
Lost my information
What to expect its the way PR AAAPR works, never a an easy way to do things, if you were going to update your site and app you should of transfer all the login data to the new system. Very inconvenient for the users to start all over again.
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3 weeks ago, Hecticus
Disastrous Migration
I’m all digital with utilities. The migration missed including the accounts previously registered. I don’t know my accounts numbers and trying to get phone support is impossible due to the lines being busy. I suppose that its from the thousands of customers with the issue.
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3 weeks ago, Latinojim
Completely useless
Somehow they were able to make this app worse! User interface makes no sense. Formatting does not work with an iPhone. Payment processing is horrible! Looks worse than previous versions. There’s no instruction on screen.
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4 weeks ago, JUNNIOR52
It’s incredible that they just ruined the app. Can’t add my account. I called aaa and no luck there either. Instead of going forward you are going backwards. Had to make my payment via phone call. Why fix something that’s not broken? Oh. I forgot…. We’re in Puerto Rico.
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4 weeks ago, Alex6292344
I like the new update
Work fast and easy payments
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2 weeks ago, Darth Quintus
Hard to figure out
There was no formal instructions on how to use the new app. This was just thrown out there with no roll out. Horrible
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3 weeks ago, Cuidadana Arecibo
Email to reset password never received in numerous attempts
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3 weeks ago, 4g8it
Buggy - can’t enter credit card
I tried to pay my bill through this app - again and again. It won’t let me put in the credit card number in the “make a payment” area. The keypad won’t come up.
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4 weeks ago, Earthly Warrior
Terrible app
Have no idea why they change the old app, and decided to refresh everything in the system when everything was working just fine
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2 weeks ago, Viequesbeachhostel
Can’t access my account!
Tried logging in and told I need to re register.. after recentering still would not allow access, and phone wait times over two hours!
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2 weeks ago, Xxx😩
AAA Customer
Terrible. Cannot attach accounts. Don’t have the account numbers. For digital payments in the old app the accounts where already registered. Why were these accounts not brought up to the new app? Incompetence.
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4 days ago, Living Fast
Trying to register
I have registered twice one with old information and creating new but still not able to get access to my acct. Message says not activated! What is going on.
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4 weeks ago, ftor327
Terrible Application
You have to re-register account and at times does not recognize account. Call customer service and you wait for help. Terrible process for implementing change.
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2 weeks ago, Felixcindy
Doesn’t work
It’s the worst update I’ve ever seen, it tells me error, call customer service and customer service doesn’t pick up…they should had left it the way it was , USELESS….not productive….
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4 weeks ago, Khrisbodon
Face ID
It’s excellent the update, but don’t have the FaceID functionality
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2 weeks ago, Puertorican girl 1912
This app doesn’t deserve a star. Useless and disappointing. After multiple failed attempts to log in and create the account, now i can’t pay. Or set up autopay!
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6 days ago, Drodrod Dee
Does not work
Validation is imposible. Link to validate keeps you in a loop to enter the same information and does not allow you to access. Needs to be corrected.
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3 weeks ago, recaocansao
Not even a star deserved The “new page” is like going back to prehistoric times. I have been trying to pay my invoice for over a month New account opened Account # on invoice did not work on computer app version Cannot add account # on mobile app For sure, there will be thousands of water services cut off I wish there could be a “class action lawsuit”!
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2 weeks ago, Vinceocratic
Complete garbage.
The award for “The Most Incompetent Management Team of the Century” goes to Acueductospr. Seriously, these people are morons! The app “update” wiped out all previous customers information for all account holders in Puerto Rico.
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3 weeks ago, Unsuccessful 2
Not working
I am not able to get in or around and cannot even report a failure
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5 days ago, Rosa Angélica Campos Felix
This new Revision is a completely mess. Fix that. I los my log in information and do not let me register or login again. A mess!!!
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6 days ago, Miss Jcastillo
Payments / Pagos
I CAN NOT PAY I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR 3 weeks!!! Why did they change it? The previous app worked perfectly fine No me permite pagar llevo 3 semanas intentanro pagar y no me deja. ¿Porque le cambiaron?! La aplicacion anterior funcionaba super bn
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4 weeks ago, Jose Cepeda-
Why did you make me update what worked
Not a seamless transition. Unable to transfer account to new app.
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2 weeks ago, 787jon
Go back to the old set up, at least it worked!
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6 days ago, ivettenosweat
I am looking for a way topay without using direct depit. How do I do it
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3 weeks ago, T1513
Unable to log in
This is the worst application I’ve seen.
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2 weeks ago, Griced
Account registered
Can’t open my registration
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2 weeks ago, taol500
Cant pay my bill only in this god forsaken island
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2 weeks ago, quecoños
Not the greatest
I can’t even make a payment. This app has no meaning.
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3 days ago, hobby3
Slowly access..??
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