2.2 (196)
100.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AcueductosPR

2.19 out of 5
196 Ratings
3 months ago, PEMS44
Payment page …horrible I tried it does not work. Not user friendly as what AAA thinks.
I reset my password and tried for many days to access my account. Failure. My account is not active. What does it take to achieve success? This payment page is a waste of the water company’s money.
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2 months ago, PapoNY69
This app smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
I have tried a mini occasion to link my profile to this app and it keeps saying I don’t have an account but when I call in to pay my bill, I have an account number. I do not understand your app whatsoever. Please do something with it so we all can get on here and pay our bill instead of having to call every time, this is the only app out of hundreds that I dealt with has given me a problem I don’t understand why you guys do not want us to pay on this app or to even try and look at our account very frustrated shaking my head this is the worst 🤬🤬🤬
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2 weeks ago, Unhappy customer!!!!&:’
Total garbage
I don’t know who they’re hustling money to on this scam of an app. First, this app not only doesn’t work, it’s next to impossible to make payments. It is literally seemingly rigged so that you can’t pay, but be sure that they’ll be there to shut the water off the day after you miss. I finally paid through other means and my water is still off after a week. I hope whoever is responsible for the crimes actually pays for these crimes. Can’t believe it.
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2 weeks ago, 25IF15ID
PRs incompetent gov
Puerto Ricos water company is owned by it’s people, as it should. Our neoliberal government does not like the idea of a social service like public drinking water so they have neglected the facilities for over 40 years to the brink that AAA(public owned water company) as it is known here on the island wastes 60 percent of the water that it pumps. Any time a citizen has a water leak on it’s roads, it takes an average of 3 months for the water spillage to stop. Tax funds are always embezzled, and we always go back to the good ‘ol US of A for more 💸💸💸💸
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3 months ago, AngeloPipo
Disfuncional app
The app keeps telling me that it is downloading updates but then redirects me to the website indicating something went wrong with the app download. The website was not helpful either in order to pay my bill. It too indicated that the site would redirect me to an external site for payment and indicated that the transfer was successful but I did not receive an external browser window for payment. My pop up blocker is not activated.
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2 months ago, Mysticty323
AAA should be given a D
Tried several different ways to access my account to no avail. I even tried to change my password and still, nothing. Website needs major improvement. Had to use the “Gotin” virtual assistant to see my balance. Idk if it’s because it’s off hours, however one should be able to pay their bill no matter what time it is
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3 months ago, 01245785688072
This app need more updates and options to report the service is not available ( No water) . Should be a credit for those days .
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4 months ago, Bolita2798
Need to Call to Register before using the App
Unfortunately due migration problems information from old system didn’t migrate. Even though you think the app is working it is not. When you call for support, they do new a registration for the website, wait 15 minutes and then new registration for the app.
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3 months ago, DJ Serv
Worst service ever
They didn’t even bother to transfer the information of their clients. So everyone has to send all the information again. Imagine for us that are Corporate. And when you call they hang up the call or give you the worst customer service. Got to improve a LOT.
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3 months ago, Yukacation
App site
I’ve tried many times to make a payment on this site. Unable to login, I even called the water company and haven’t been able to reach anyone. The phone keeps ringing and no one answers. I’ve had to pay my bills by automatic calls..This is a terrible app.
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3 months ago, JoeyR512
Doesn’t work
It says that I have invalid credentials, I ask to reset password, it doesn’t send me the email for that. I try to register again and the app goes to a blank page I have deleted and installed the app a lot of times just to have the same problems
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2 months ago, angeliyo
I miss the old app
This app is always crashing I miss the old app
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2 months ago, MyrnaLuz
App does not work
I also relate to all the other clients users complaints and experiences as well. Unable to enter my account like I used to before. I have not made any changes in my profile nor email or password. It’s all the same and I get an invalid entry.
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3 months ago, Kieferbell
Waste of Time
This app is useless. I’m getting error messages and account block repeatedly. This is so frustrating and a total waste of time. Why haven’t they’ve taken notice of this crappy app and fix it? This is trash. ZERO STARS if it was possible!!!
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2 months ago, vg dal
It’s is so difficult to communicate that it becomes frustrating! For days I’ve been trying to access my account unsuccessfully! Communication through the phone takes forever! Why?
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2 months ago, Ricks Apparatus
No sirve, la dañaron. PR al fin y al cabo
Todo lo q hace el gobierno de Puerto Rico bien en algun momento lo joden luego. Ya ni sirve el app ni la pagina web. Ahora hay q llamar o ir a una oficina como los tiempos de antes. No sirve!!! Everything that the government of Puerto Rico does well at some point is screwed up later. The app and the website no longer work. Now you have to call or go to an office like in the old days. It does not work!!!
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1 month ago, Diotín
Never connected to pay my bill.
For several years I have tried to enter my account, in order to pay my bill. I forgot my password for my account but I cannot retrieve it. Please HELP HELP
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3 months ago, Pitufo12
Return to the other application. It was easier and did not ask me my account number. It was only my credit card number.
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3 months ago, AlexAce57
Excellent app, but...
The only thing I'd like to see is biometric login
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2 months ago, giova je
It doesn’t even deserve on e star, it gives you the option to register to create your profile but the screen stays blank.
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2 weeks ago, Sofia Italian
Poor service
No way to get in to this ap already have an account can access don’t recognize my information??
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2 months ago, Kells9424
New App is not useable.
Hopefully you’ll have better luck linking your account/s than I did. They made it nearly impossible to transition from the former app. and pay your bill.
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2 months ago, G F M 20
After they updated this page it is worse than the previous one! Why is it that in PR nothing can be done correctly?? NOTHING!!!!
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3 weeks ago, dbsirendb
Automatic paperless without consent
Besides the page staying blank several times. I hd to re register and once i did it set me for paperless billing automatically which i dd I did not choose
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3 months ago, javy58$
friendly app
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4 months ago, Esmeralda del Sur
I am very happy with the new app. Thank you.
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4 months ago, osypa
Absolute garbage!
It used to be simple and effective but now the updated version is trash. Such a hard time to make a payment and to login. 0 stars!!
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2 months ago, rich2022
Can’t pay my bill website not working
Can’t pay my bill website not working
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4 months ago, Gerryberries
App is practically useless. You cannot even insert information into the payment boxes. Whoever was responsible for this app needs to get fired. Such a frustrating inconvenience for the consumers. Extremely unreliable.
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4 months ago, Leo87pr
Updated app is broken
Cannot log into my account since app updated. Im not the only person with the issue
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4 months ago, Melapelan_pr
Can’t register
Well…since my account seems to not exist anymore I’m guessing that my bill doesn’t exist anymore as well🙏 to easy!
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1 month ago, HMVC47
New AAPP app
The new app does not work. I had a hard time registering, and never was able to use it. Please fix it or throw away. It is a piece of junk. Hector Velez Cruz
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2 months ago, Dylpickle10
Acueductos is stealing our money
There is no way a water bill for two people should be $200.
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4 months ago, Rosa Angélica Campos Felix
This new Revision is a completely mess. Fix that. I los my log in information and do not let me register or login again. A mess!!!
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4 months ago, Ricky AAA
Horrible app
They forgot to migrate the accounts. They forgot to migrate the accounts. I been calling and not one pick the phone
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2 months ago, De a pie
Not working
Since the update I haven't had access. It’s a waste of government money.
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3 months ago, HamPR81
Acueductos PR APP
Not working. Unable to register. Press register button and nothing comes up on screen.
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4 months ago, Williard Ac
Acueductos new app
I’ve attempted to register on 5-6 occasions and to date still have issues registering!!
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3 months ago, Johnny W59
App is low
I can’t download app
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3 weeks ago, Ruisenormadrugadr
It even advertised in local newspaper as of today. Simply put it does NOT work!
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3 months ago, Irispm
Don’t work
Need to take the page down, It’s waste of time.
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2 months ago, alyssahunte
No service
bad service App I cannot enter to pay mi Bill
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3 months ago, bobbyc869
App won’t open.
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3 months ago, CHU-PE
Terrible, super bad, terrible app
Terrible, super bad, terrible app one star because can not rate negative (-)
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4 months ago, Arism13
0 stars
If I could give it 0 stars I would.
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3 months ago, Apple User K
Pure Junk
Trash app. Neither one of tne new and old Apps functions as stated and as required. Pure Junk
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3 months ago, Frostyand Daisy
Horrible update
Need new apps design
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4 months ago, Fcoloren
I can’t even register
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4 months ago, ElverGalarga99999
If you want to waste your time and get 0 service, this is it.
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3 months ago, Spunky H
Worse app, it does not work
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