Acuity Scheduling

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Squarespace, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Acuity Scheduling

4.82 out of 5
26.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Shanue
New update
The card information was updated & so was the glitch however the notification was never fixed, even with the new updates I still don’t get any notifications when there is an appointment. I deleted the app & reinstalled it & was still unsuccessful. Im not sure what my other options are because it no longer shows up in my notifications applications ever since i updated the acuity app. The issue was fixed. However in the midst of that the notifications stopped working. I am no longer alerted when a client books an appointment. The app does not show up in my notifications center anymore once I’ve updated it. What can i do now? Thank you There customer service is amazing There is a glitch in the system. Now it won’t allow me to take cArd transaction after I’ve updated the the latest version. It keeps saying there is no microphone or bluetooth connected but nothing changed on my end besides the updated version of acuity. I used it the day prior to take card transactions and it worked.
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5 years ago, RVAspeak
Updates are bringing the company down
The beauty of the version I’ve been using for years was its graphic simplicity, clarity and ease of use. Ever since square entered the picture it seems like every upgrade makes things unnecessarily complicated, messy and frustrating to use. Why mess with something that works? The latest version has the days dynamically slide whether you want them to or not and doesn’t give you the option of seeing the whole week. It makes it jerky and and prone to mistakes in what you are selecting. Also why do we now have to scroll through 24-hours when before it limited the view to your operating hours which makes sense. These stupid changes are making the app unwieldy and unpleasant to use. The only reason I am not continuing to use the older version is that for some equally stupid reason they removed a great feature—I used to be able to press a clients phone number and get a pop up of options to voice call or sms. Why they limited it to just voice calls is unfathomable. If you’re going to ruin the upgrade at least preserve the functionality of the previous version. I never thought I’d consider leaving Acuity but it’s rapidly going downhill and user experience is deteriorating. I have referred so many colleagues to this company. Now in all honesty I can’t recommend it without reservation. Get the old design crew back and get rid of whoever is responsible for these idiotic “flaming logo” moves.
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5 years ago, TheRealBryce
Best booking app Ive used!
I run a photography business and I wanted to find a solution for client booking and management. This has definitely solved most of my issues. It works seamlessly with Facebook and Instagram business accounts by adding a booking button that takes clients straight to the scheduling page. Also if you use Squarespace as a website host, Squarespace is now partnered with Acuity and you can add a booking page to your website just by copying and pasting your scheduling page link into squarespace. Only reason I did not give Acuity 5 stars is because there are still a few key things missing. It still needs a way to add products/services to sell without having clients select a date & time frame for it. So if people would like to just got to your site and buy extras, or an item, or a service they can just add it to their cart. But there is currently no cart option. Also there is no straight through way to confirm appointments. I feel as though if a client wants to request a date and time for a service I should be able to either confirm, change, or deny their request. That is currently not an option. Although there is a workaround but it is just too much work especially if you already have your services set up.
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2 years ago, AudreyKnowsBest
Amazing price!!
I have used other programs and this is by far the best for the price! It’s easy to use and makes scheduling clients a snap! I was paying HUNDREDS of dollars for Mindbody and it was terrible! I’m never going back! I love that my clients can get online and reschedule or purchase more lessons without me needing to anything. Plus it puts it in THEIR time zone while showing me it in MY time zone. Stops any confusion. My only suggestion is that the booking section online for clients can be a little confusing. Clients want to know what time/days are currently available BEFORE they purchase rather than after. I wish the calendar would show availability. Like it would show a month calendar and then they click what person they want from a drop down and that then changes the calendar to show the availability for that person/service. Then when they click that time slot it prompts them with their pitching options. This would totally INCREASE my sales since I get a lot of emails of new clients wanting to purchase a lesson but they want to know that I’m available during the times they want BEFORE they purchase. ( this is the ONLY reason why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5)
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1 year ago, Spaulson
Stellar Software for Scheduling
We have used a coupe of other softwares in our business (spa services, ultrasounds & classes). Acuity (we actually use it as Squarespace Scheduling with our Squarespace website) is the best scheduling software around. It is flexible, simple and EASY FOR THE CUSTOMER TO USE. This is so important. I find that the design of the software is very predicative and I will find small things that make the think the designers are really intelligent—for example, I changed a client’s email in the system and it prompted me to ask if I would like to email them for their future classes/appointments to remind them with their new email. It;s these small details that i find consistently that makes this software so great. I would like to see Acuity add a point of sale system so that I can check customers out in a retail setting (instead of using a Square system). This would tie everything together and be a great one stop solution. Is any software perfect? No, but Acuity has really done scheduling well.
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2 years ago, SkyyDuVwashere
Trust No other Booking Site
Been using it for years. Easy interface to navigate. I love that you can make links private and public. The price point is everything. Easy square integration to accept payments. I love that you can collapse service offerings and display the categories you have grouped them in. The only issue I have had is that it gives you the option to set a different deposit for each service but it glitches while trying to set up the different deposits. The ability to add coupon codes, add-ons and offer subscriptions plans is genius. Acuity keeps up with your client list and it’s a great way to build an email list as well. Me & my salon family use this App. It’s definitely the GOAT. Oh yea, I love how you can customize each link to your service offerings. It would definitely be Dope if Acuity came out with a e-commerce store platform.
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1 year ago, JDB322
No longer shows if client paid
Only put 5 stars so this goes to the top, I actually give it 1 star. You are costing me my business. I have had to issues refunds 3 times already and I NEVER have had to do that before. Your most recent update took away the ability to see if a client who booked online had prepaid or not. The little money symbol was so crucial. The light money sign showing partial payment, dark money sign showing it’s paid in full do no money sign indicating they still owed full payment. Now it looks like every client owes me and I’m charging people full price. Please rectify this asap. I won’t be able to use this company much longer without it. UPDATE: Someone from their support team reached out and helped correct the issue. Everything is back and working as before, thank you for the quick response time I greatly appreciate it!
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4 years ago, BeBueno22
Best Booking app for lash artists
I’ve been using this app for years and I recommend it to every lash artist I know. It’s simple and easy to customize everything! I love the emails I love how I can see that my client opened the emails & at what time( in case of disputes) I love that you can have people Check off your policies before booking or make people prefill consent forms. I also love that you can send individuals a custom link if you don’t want it visible to everyone. I HATE stripe though, don’t use it they NEVVVVER help you win disputes bc they could care less. ACUITY gives us so much insight on our end showing good proof if clients got their confirmation emails etc down to the time stamps and IP addresses used & still that isn’t enough evidence for stripe to help you win a dispute. That’s the only thing I don’t like but you have multiple other payment options! Love you acuity!
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1 year ago, nuthingburrgrrr
the credit cards that are stored do not work
mostly this app is pretty good. I’ve used Genbooks and Schedulicity, those were much better. However, ever since I’ve had acuity and the only reason I have it is because I need to have zoom calls linked to it, and that’s very convenient. Ever since I’ve had it the stored credit cards work very intermittently. What I end up doing is going over to Square where the card is also stored and running it through on square, and then I get charged a higher percentage. I’ve called so many times for support and they try to pass it onto the credit card carrier. Well now the credit card carrier owns acuity, so the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I find that the help was not helpful, the error messages for declined stored credit cards are usually inaccurate. If it was not for zoom, I would have been long gone. This scheduler is nothing special and the support wants screen shots of obsolete error messages, and then they blame the cc carrier.
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2 years ago, lieashipp1
Need more features
I’m an ex styleseat user of 7 years. It took me so long to make the switch. I switched to acuity because of how clean & professional it looks, the deposit feature & being able to create a description before booking. I’m not mad at acuity at all , however I miss styleseat because they really thought of a lot of the important things on the back end that I didn’t realize were important until I switched. Ex: email marketing (they have email marketing so you can send emails, campaigns, newsletters to your clients anytime.) - they send out reminders up until the day of -offer automatic checkouts -they fill your last minute cancellations/no shows -the review feature is crazy! & there’s a directory so ppl can find you more the more reviews you have.. Why I didn’t stay if they had all of that? Lol idk, I thought the grass was greener. Lol no but seriously acuity isn’t bad, I love the simplicity of booking & the look & feel of the site. So clean & I love the intake forms, classes, & adding employees. If styleseat added those features before acuity changes I would go back. If acuity changes before styleseat cleaned up a bit I would stay. Overall: Acuity is for the established w/ existing clientele & basic booking needs. Styleseat is great for growing businesses looking to increase clientele. To each is own! Both great sites
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5 years ago, sirrahana
Good but could be better
Relatively simple app to use for scheduling, however there are bugs that need to be fixed. Half the time I have to go to the internet browser to see all my appointments for the month because in the app the "See Dates" button just goes missing meaning I can only see the daily view. Also recently when clients reschedule their appointments, both the old and new appointments show up on my calendar making it difficult for me to know which is the actual new one, and that means I have to go into my emails and find which is the new date + time which is actually an inconvenience because it takes away the entire point of the client rescheduling their appointments themselves. Lastly there's a phantom appointment phenomenon where days will be highlighted as being booked but then I go to click the date and it's actually nothing there. So just a few annoying things that could be fixed and would make my overall app experience much better.
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5 years ago, AMPM_Coach
So easy to use, fast & effective.
I tried a different scheduling system and was dreading setting everything up for about a month. As a new business owner it’s important for me to find something that’s easy and effective to use in the go. I already have different hurdles to jump through. I don’t need my scheduling system to be complicated too. I love their service, website and app accessibility. I set it up to get email reminders for myself and client. Judging two jobs and building a business can be challenging but this app is not part of the challenge. It’s so easy so use and set up. You get step by step guidance. Not too expensive either. I’m in love with this app. If you’ve had bad experiences with other scheduling apps like I did I definitely and truthfully recommend them. Wishing you all great success with your businesses as well.
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2 years ago, LyssaP105
Literally a lifesaver!!!
I never write reviews, but Acuity deserves the three minutes of my time for me to say that it is AMAZING! I’ve been using the website for years (since back before it was an app) and it was always great, but once it became an app, running my small business (and organizing my life) became so easy! It sends me notifications when someone schedules, it allows me to set when they can schedule and how far in advance, I have complete control of my business, and (protip) I can even make appointment types with my day to day activities and set them to private so I can use them to block off times I’m not available to clients as well as keeping a pseudo planner for myself! All this is to say I love this app and this website, and my life is better having found it. :)
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5 years ago, Ehhhu
I like it but
I wish the calendar had a weekly view of the appointments. I feel disorganized when I don't have a weekly view, so I change it to daily view but then it’s zoomed in and I have to scroll down from 12 AM to the time I actually begin. I also upgraded to receive text reminders however I’m not receiving any text notification when someone books with me. I rather receive a text notification than via email because then I’ll have to constantly check my emails. I feel like I may be working harder than smarter which is defeating the purpose of my upgrade or choosing this app. I don’t want to download another app because the booking system is amazing and super user friendly. I just think on our end it is a little complicated and not as friendly. If we can just get a weekly view of our appts and a text notification when a client books, I can feel less stressed, more comfortable and happy with the app.
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2 months ago, Dapper Dan 13
Was better than the rest…
I love this app. Love the custom forms. Love the photo upload options (and I love that I can see them close up, something GG doesn't have). My only issue as of late is that I schedule an appointment and for some reason it doesn't show up on my calendar but its there in the clients info. This is really co fusing and should really be fixed. Had this happen a few times now and can really mess up my business if Im not showing up for appointments because they aren't showing on my schedule. Also, seems like photos are disappearing. I went to check a clients first photos from a treatment a year ago and they are gone. I have his consult photos but the rest have disappeared! How many other clients has this happened to? Who knows. May reconsider this scheduler due to these, what I consider, major issues.
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5 years ago, LadyDayy
Just what my business needs!
Acuity is the only scheduler I’ve ever used. I am a hair stylist and It has met my need from day one; get the client booked while freeing me up from taking calls etc. when I could be styling. I love the app and the ease of use on my mobile devices. I also enjoy the customizations made available on the scheduler, confirmation email, and reminder email. These alerts are going out to my clients while my time can be spent with my family or community. Truly a huge piece of the puzzle that has been automated thanks to acuity. Only change I would make is adding the SMS text message feature to the Emerging plan ($10/Mo). It’s the only feature I feel like I’m missing out on with the higher package; the other features just aren’t necessary for me at this point.
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8 months ago, Knib
I would be lost without Acuity!
I’ve used the scheduling platform for over five years for my coaching practice. I love that I can combine multiple google and outlook email address. I would be great if the following updates were made: 1) Update security of the scheduling links so that they meet the standards of large corporations with firewall restrictions. 2) Enable the ability to delete an appointment from the invite in a calendar versus having to log into to Acuity to cancel 3) Integration with Microsoft Teams so a Teams link can be automatically added to calendar appointments. I use the zoom option; however, many of my client organizations prefer Teams 4) The zoom link in the invite is not clear to my clients. They often don’t know how to get to the zoom room from an appointment on their calendar and end up selecting a google map link. Can this be made clearer? 5) My clients schedule times with me using my scheduling link. Sometimes they download the appointment to their calendar and sometimes they do not. Some tell me they expect to receive an email invitation to add the appointment to their calendar but do not receive. Can this functionality be added? Thanks for a great product and your willingness to consider the requested enhancements!
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1 year ago, LuxNaStuJoWa
App now has multiple bugs with new update
The app worked fine until this newest update 5.3.14. Now I am no longer able to view my clients past or future appointment history. So I have to click into the calendar and look day by day to find out when their last appointment was and when there future appointments are. Or now I have to go through my emails to try to decipher when their appointments are and what services they had. It now takes so much time when trying to book appointments because I have to go on a wild goose chase to get their prior and future appointment info. I have submitted an email as well as reported a bug with a screen record of my issue. When will this be resolved? There is no person the speak to and you have to just rely that you will be responded to by email which when situations like this arise it takes a long time to try and get anything resolved!
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2 years ago, @Charmed_bySiSi
The ONE!!
I looove Acuity. Love. I've tried all the others- Booksy, Square, Gloss Genius, and many more. There is no customization like Acuity. You can have your forms & policies all in one place- with others, I needed to redirect to Google Docs 👎🏼 Set different availabilities for different appointment types, apply different forms to different appointment types, set to require a card or not on different appointments types, and SOOO much more. If I could request anything, I would love to be able to set the scheduling intervals to each appointment type. For example, some appointment types I could use 5/1 hour before/between appointments, respectively, to prepare for the next client, and other appointment types I need 2hr/30 min before scheduling/between appointments, respectively.
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6 years ago, Viniqbeauty
Download app
This app has been a lifesaver for me I am a professional mua and booking and keeping up with my scheduling and appointments have been a pain for me until A friend told me about this app and I am so glad that she did it keeps me so organized It makes it easier for my clients to book cancel or even reschedule Email conformation are sent out to remind my clients of their appointments They also send me an email of up coming appointments I can now relax and let the app do the work for me This app is my personal assistant !!! While I'm sleeping it’s working I have seen my appointment double by just using this app life is difficult running a business can be difficult but your booking doesn’t have to be downloaded this app NOW you will not be disappointed
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5 years ago, 946291047
Love acuity; some minor glitches in app
I absolutely love acuity and my clients find it simple to use. It has tons of awesome features that make things super convenient and it’s really user friendly. I especially appreciate the automated reminder and follow up email options, and the options to create and sell packages and gift certificates. The customer service team is also really great. My only complaints are minor issues with the app; there have been occasional glitches with dates not showing up on the app, and there were two times that the reminder email sent to clients has been glitchy or showed the wrong time. These glitches started happening after squarespace acquired acuity, so I’m sure it’s just growing pains and adjustments. The glitches have been super minor. Hopefully they get that stuff ironed out soon.
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5 years ago, marieannhairartist
Acuity is a wonderful company to work with
I’ve been using Acuity Scheduling for a couple years now in my hair salon business, and the company itself is absolutely AMAZING.. their customer service is the best there is. I just wish the app had a bit more capability; I’d love to be able to run some reports without having to leave the app and go to the actual website. I also wish their reporting wasn’t so basic.. I’d give anything to be able to see which clients spent the most or visited most frequently. I wish they offered email marketing and a rewards program. And maybe had inventory capabilities as well. But they do roll out new features here and there, so I have my fingers crossed that some of these things will be included!
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3 years ago, homie in the boot
I absolutely love this app! It gives me so much freedom by allowing my clients to book/ cancel their own appointments, check for more availability, or even information for each service I provide.. This App also allow me to edit or add services, sends me instant notifications for any person booked or canceled, and lastly keeps a record of all my appointments and revenue. As a busy woman that’s not always able to get back in contact with people, this booking app/site makes it completely easier for me and my clients to to communicate without actually communicating and helps them find exactly what they need! It’s the best investment I made in my business thus far!
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7 months ago, Live-n-Grow
Two updates received in 60 days last update wiped out my clients ability to see ALL past & future appointments!! Clients are texting me to know when there appointment is. This is happening to clients that LOGIN to their accounts! The mobile app is now distorted! The days of the week are scrambled together so you can’t choose a “day” to see the times available!!! Took screen shot for support, reached a person in another country that of course asks more questions than gives solutions and I wait over 24hrs or longer between responses. Last I heard it’s a glitch and not sure how long it will take to fix but maybe instead of giving my clients 6 months booking window I could give them one month!! I book 3 months out easy!!! I had zero problems when this was Acuity owned. Square took control and now my app has 2 dots as a logo and it’s a nightmare!!! PLEASE PUT THINGS BACK THE WAY THEY WERE!!!
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4 years ago, boxigstsr mind
need more features added but overall great.
I just downloaded this app yesterday and started my website. I am not going to lie, I love how easy and nice looking my website is starting to look like. But I’ve one main issue that I can’t stop thinking is , how come acuity doesn’t have a mobile push reminder like other apps. It’s inconvenient for me to always have to press the app to check my other appointment when I’ve back to back clients. I used another booking app in the past that would send me a mobile notification 15-20 min before reminding me that I had another client. It made it a lot easier comparing to always checking the schedule.
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2 years ago, KFC is the bomb
I’m so happy I made the switch!
I enjoy the booking system very much. I can block out dates and times without having to adjust a million things! I like how it has the ability to pull out client records and since I linked it to my google calendar I enjoy how it gives me their end balance without having to figure it out. Making everything feel very smooth. I can’t wait to link other features, the o my thing I dislike is that in Myra let it constantly logs me out after a while. But on my phone I don’t have the issue so far. So I’m not sure what’s going on with that. But other than that I really like the upgrade I made!
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10 months ago, Wnugg
Needs Improvement
I’ve been using this app for years, seems to have changed in how it’s been working since Square got it. Frequently crashes and not easy to use on iPhone. Specifically setting available days and times is awkward. I’m not sure if it’s the language used in the app or what, but our artists have the hardest time setting their available days and times to what they want and it doesn’t remain consistent…sometimes clients can book random days and times that the artist thought they had set as unavailable. I’ll keep using the app for now, because there’s not many options that I’ve seen and mostly because switching it up would be cumbersome. But please, update this thing to something more…I don’t know, intuitive?
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1 year ago, sydneythornton2020
Loading issues
I’m giving it 5 but I’m reality I give it a 2 or 3. I have been using this app for a little over a year and I’ve been having non stop issues. I cannot store a new card and run it without getting a declined message. On my laptop it is fine but not on my phone. Now I have updated and I can’t view ANY future days or months. I have tried reporting it and refreshing my app and it isn’t working. My clients book every 2-3 weeks I need to book them out. Extremely frustrating. I didn’t have these issues up until maybe a month ago and nothing was fixed when I reported issues.
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1 year ago, ssharonnnnzzz
New update gone wrong - 5/9/23
I love this scheduling app, I've been using it for my business for many years now. It can link with square which makes it easy for my staff and I to check clients out. I love that you can write individual notes for each client appointment and the interface is straightforward and easy to use. However, with this newest update that just released, I'm unable to view the total number of appointments for the day. Is there a way to downgrade back to the previous version? Also the button to view "today" is now gone and there's an extra step to get to the "search button". It's driving me insane. Is anyone else running into this issue?
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3 years ago, micah_80665
Great app, except it deletes blocked time slots
I am torn on how many stars to choose bc I use this app daily as a barber, and I enjoy it, but it causes me issues with clients bc it bugs out on my blocked off time slots and randomly deletes them, causing me to get double booked. I have tried blocking time off manually and reoccurring and it still deletes random slots. I have emailed the app about this, they just apologized and said they would pass it on. Nothing has come of it. I still have this issue and I’ve been using this app for over a year. I never thought to post a review about it until I saw it needed to be updated. Im hoping someone who can fix this, sees it bc I’m about to find another scheduling app
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2 years ago, Kellycakes11
Pretty happy with all the features
I run a one-person massage practice and acuity is exactly what I needed. I’m able to integrate a schedule, breaks, and an intake form system that all works cohesively with my website. I love the ease of taking payments on any of my devices, and customer service has been remarkably helpful the few times I needed help. I did check out a couple other softwares (such as vagaro) prior to signing on with Acuity and I found that the ease of this software was much easier to learn and easier to set up / maintain. It’s also much more affordable and better for my specific business. 10/10 would recommend
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5 years ago, Trisha983
The best scheduling app
I’ve been using acuity for years now, having come out of the nightmare of 2 other lumbering, disease-ridden programs. This program restored my faith in online scheduling. It’s easy to set up and use, having a more intuitive interface than any other I’ve tried. You can customize each appt type, add codes to help with individual pricing options, book classes, and the list goes on. Whenever I’ve needed help (which is rare because the program is so easy to navigate) they’ve been quick to respond and always had answers to my unique problem. Not to mention, their amusing little messages - I have a secret crush on whoever writes them. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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2 months ago, Empowered_beauty
Save login please
Can you make the login email be saved so we don’t have to type it in every time? I don’t know why this app makes me type my login every time even with facial recognition and save my password, everyone that’s uses app at my location say they have to type in email or login every time. And with your weekly updates I would hope this would be one of them. App is great but there have been numerous updates but I have not noticed what changed so maybe that’s good. Like online scheduling, reminder text & email options. Wondering if there is a way to have a “practice” mode for teaching new people or test text so we can see exactly what clients get.
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3 years ago, Miss Khii
When I tell you I love this app. I wish I could scream it from the mountain top LOL🤣 This app is AMAZING. I am a hairstylist and makeup artist and have been using this app for about 3 years now. I love how organized it keeps me with business, being that we all have busy lives these days. When tax time comes around this app literally has all of the info organized for you! One thing I would suggest is that I would love to see a review section for clients to leave on our booking site would be very nice addition to the site. But no complaints at all. Thank you so much to the acuity team you guys are great!!!💘
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5 years ago, maries94
I’m really disappointed with this new update!
I absolutely love acuity scheduling, until a few weeks ago when they changed the look of it. I have recommended it to friends and business owners I know. The most recent update is absolutely terrible. It constantly crashes, takes an insane amount of time to load, the update made things harder to find, rescheduling an appointment is such a hassle because the times do not even show up! I’m super disappointed with this update and it worked perfectly fine before! I’m not sure what prompted the change but please put it back to how it was before or fix these issues! I’m seriously considering a new scheduling system at this point !
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1 year ago, JosceyP
New update issue
After the new update I am unable to see my client’s previous appointment history. Which is a huge inconvenience when trying to determine exactly when their last visit was. It’s also very inconvenient because notes made on each of the past appointments are lost as well. I will say though, the glitch when processing the payment is no longer an issue. The calendar is glitchy and you are no longer able to see if a client has paid ($)or used a subscription payment with first glance of their appointment on the calendar. This needs to be fixed asap or this app will no longer be of use to me. It was great before the new update, besides some minor glitching
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2 years ago, triyatahara
Functions well but missing important features
It would be nice if I could edit recurring appointments so that each change can affect the future sequence, not just that appointment, you know like Google Calendar? I would also appreciate having never ending recurring appointments. Having a limit to how many recurring appointments is very inconvenient and has caused chaos in my scheduling, because I don’t know when peoples recurring appointments are going to end after Acuity’s imposed limit. If you build it for people to book their own sessions online, they can book into the future and may accidentally take someone else’s slot because the never ending recurring sequence shouldn’t have an end for someone else to fill.
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1 year ago, Beauty By Nathaly Elena
I love this scheduling app! But here’s a few things that should be looked at: 1. When writing notes in a clients profile, after writing it; it goes away and it is not saved. It is very annoying. 2. When clients are paying with after pay through square, I try to attach the transaction to the appointment on acuity so it appears to be paid but I can’t do so. 3. I would like to charge a card processing fee when clients are paying for their deposits for appointments booked through acuity with square so I do not have to include it when charging them in person. Thank you!
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3 years ago, 1barber1
Awesome app
I have been using Acuity Scheduling for about 8 years now for my Barber Shop. Now I am a Mobile Barber Shop. If your a business owner that relies on scheduling do yourself a favor and get this app now. It notifies clients by email and texts. The only complaint I have is it I really wish they would offer a feature where it would let clients to book in a way to optimize my route. See I now have a Mobile Barber Shop. If Acuity reads these please contact me to understand what I am talking about. But they still get a 5 star from they are super easy to work with. And keep you updated.
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4 years ago, DawnKemph
Love the Scheduling.... not a fan of the app
Let me preface this with I LOVE ACUITY SCHEDULING for my riding lesson business. It has completely streamlined scheduling clients and cuts down on the back and forth calls and texts to get clients signed up. The “store front” is beautiful and embeds easily into websites. All of that is GREAT and I highly recommend using it. However, the app is less than useful. Rescheduling group classes is difficult and impossible to just take a 1:00 Tuesday class and put it on Thursday at 5:00 without going to the website. Merging client accounts is not functional on the app. It’s slow to sync/update with changes that were just made. Basically I really recommend the software, but until some things are streamlined and more useful, I wouldn’t bother with the app.
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7 years ago, CRT1989
Love this service!
Acuity is an excellent scheduling service that I have thoroughly enjoyed for a while now. I’m so happy that there is now an app to go along with it. I know some people are complaining that the app has some issues but to them I say- be patient. New apps take some time to perfect and it’s already improved by leaps and bounds. Perhaps the best feature of Acuity is their customer service. They are very quick to respond and are always cordial and even humorous sometimes! Anytime I’ve had an issue they have not only come through for me but they also do it with a great attitude. I will be a customer for a long time to come!
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4 years ago, lb2530
I love it
I’ve used it for two years. Price and purposes are perfect it’s so detailed and adjustable and I have already had six other business begin with it and create their scheduling site by acuity they love it too You can create a web page for booking appointment emails to send the client for confirmation or reminding and customize all the links, verbiage and create promo codes and expiration dates, certificates ,price range ,payment options, block time, store client info and they can register their own accounts to manage their own scheduling and you can sync your calendar so much that you can’t do with other programs.
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10 months ago, RVA Stylist
Version updates
I’ve used Acuity for years and for the most part it’s been seamless. However, recently random quirky things are happening. This time I’m clicking the appointment time for 1pm but it schedules at 2p. I’m running a business and I can’t afford my schedule to be incorrect causing clients and myself a huge inconvenience. I was told uninstall the app, force close it, and restart my phone several times until the version changed from 5.18.2 to 5.18.4. This didn’t work. So I checked the version showing in the App Store and it’s 5.18.2. So I told them the steps weren’t working and why does the App Store not have the correct version. They said actually the newer version is 5.18.6 and hasn’t been released yet. 🤦‍♀️So basically my issue is not resolved and I’m tired of emailing back and forth.
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4 years ago, RachelMessick
Game Changer
So I switched from Square Appts to Acuity and at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It was hard to get used to not approving appointments, but once I let go of that control- it’s been smooth sailing. Four months in and I’m such a fan. I love the interface and the intake form for clients. My only feedback/recommendation is that when clients choose to pay in full at time of booking, if they cancel or reschedule you have to refund automatically- so if you don’t catch it right away it’s a pain. I just made it so that they have to enter a credit card number to book, but they can’t pre-pay for their appointment.
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4 years ago, CeceWhyte
Lash Artist
Love Acuity! Very convenient as a lash artist keeps everything up to date with each client. They are able to use the booking system easily with out hassle. It makes it convenient for me as well being able to schedule quickly if needed, reschedule, or cancel. Pricing is reasonable as well not over priced. Love how you can put the system on your own personal website and it looks like it just blends all together. I wish clients are able to leave reviews sort of like style seat but other than that download this app now you will love it just as much as I do. They updates they do are always pleasant.
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5 years ago, Jjsteckro27
Easy to use
I started a new business doing math tutoring, and I was concerned about keeping track of all of my appointments. I also wanted a system that would allow my customers to book themselves online without too much hassle. This app has taken care of both. The way it syncs with my iPhone calendar app automatically is outstanding, as I can check that calendar and see what appointment I have for the day without having to open the app. I am able to set up multiple tutoring sites and multiple tutors all in one location making it easy to manage the business. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Beach1503
Great before last update
Update-the issue has been resolved and the app is working great once again. This app worked great until the last update this week. Our franchiser has all the locations using this. The mobile app updated this week. Now when I try to look at a date, it looks like it is switching days but all the information is the same as “today”. It changes the dates but all the appointments are for today. I am not always at a computer so I rely on using the mobile app but I can’t use it anymore
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3 years ago, JessicaKauf413
The perfect solution for my small biz
I can’t believe I wasted a year using a different online scheduler for the classes and workshops that we offer at my craft business. Acuity does EVERYTHING and it’s so easy to figure out! As I was learning the ins & outs, I was able to email back and forth with their support team and they helped me find the right solution to every need. It’s just incredibly straightforward, good looking, easy for our clients to navigate, and easy for us to personalize. I also love how integrated it is with Squarespace. If you’re thinking about it, do it!
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5 years ago, MMontes8
Great Booking App, except one thing
I really enjoy the simplicity of using this booking app, and the sleek set up presented on my website. The one thing that I do think holds Acuity back from being 5 Stars is that they do Not offer an “Appointment Confirmation button” when sending the appt. reminder (like other booking apps). This is a very simple convenient option for the clients and the business so I don’t know why they haven’t implemented this option. I’ve asked in the past and the response was to just ask Clients to reply back in an email which again defeats the quick simple option of just selecting a confirmation button that would notify business.
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4 years ago, pottery mama
Great app, great customer service
I would not be able to do my job without this app. I run a “by appointment only” paint your own pottery studio and allow booking online. The only improvement that I would LOVE to see is the ability for me to book multiple appointments at once. When someone calls me and says I’m bring 4 people I have to book 4 separate appointments. Seems like it would be an easy add to allow me to book multiple seats at once, especially because my clients can do it on their end. Still a 5 star app. That update would just make me super duper over the moon happy with it 🤪
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