AdBlock for Mobile

3.2 (2.7K)
20.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adblock Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for AdBlock for Mobile

3.18 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
3 years ago, robodmanx
Only works on safari
Right out of the gate, i have nothing wrong with this app. I use the chrome extension all the time on my computer and it works super well. I wanted it on my phone so i could watch videos and such without ads, but i use the Google app instead of safari since it’s better in every way. Unfortunately the app only supports safari, and i haven’t found a way to make it work on any other browser app. 5 stars for function, 1 star for cross compatibility.
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7 years ago, SweetJane567
Works great for me! Having ability to select sites I want to see ads for sales/ promotions, and ability to decide which sites those are, AND to access that site when I want; I.E.: my phone service carrier website needs to be in my "Whitelist" to access when I want... Keep that in mind if AdBlock is on, without enabling "Allow Non-Intrusive Ads", as you may be unable to access a site. That's how I discovered my phone carrier was blocked. Simply go into AdBlock's Settings and add any websites you need to access &/or want ads if not accessible at 1st. It does a really good job keeping other ads from appearing while accessing/ reading in other apps which used to constantly annoy me!
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3 months ago, xLORALAYx
I started to go on this app and I thought it was good. But when I pressed the "Enable" button, The app crashes even though I have a iOS 17.4.1. It also crashed again when I pressed Enable it in another language, It crashed again. Whe I changed the language, It stayed Chinese even though I changed it to herbrew. Even though it was Chinese, It was english. Now people in another language that you prefer will not understand english. [Some people will not understand english in another country. ] So I deleted this app because it was crashy when I pressed a word called "Enable" and other like that. I download a gooder ad blocker it was called Privacy Pro, privacy pro worked on my other apps. It worked by blocking the ads. You guys made this app not able to use on iOS 17.4.1. And also never updates when it is 2024.
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2 years ago, Ace intheWhole
Recently deteriorated
AdBlock works extremely well on my PC. The app also worked above expectations on the iPhone, for a good long while. In the past 7-8 months AdBlock must be getting partially funded by annoying insurance companies and companies that continue to destroy the fabric of your community by renting out housing, that is no longer affordable to locals and long lengthy “info”mercials. I have gone through and reset buttons, deleted and reloaded the app, been in touch with AdBlock in attempts to clear up the malfunctions, all with no success. Seems others have been experiencing similar. I do donate and was happy to do so. Will keep AdBlock on my PC. As far as app for the iPhone, I have begun my search elsewhere. Would consider returning once the reviews begin to state otherwise.
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1 year ago, chaddesch
Works for me with Edge
I use Edge as my default browser and this significantly reduces redirects while I’m browsing. I noticed only because I started encountering redirects seemingly randomly again in Edge. I then realized that iOS had offloaded this app. I reinstalled it and the redirects were reduced again. Very impressed. I’ve always appreciated this particular developer and the app and extensions that they create for adblocking. It’s one of the the first things I look for and install whenever I download a new browser or get a new device.
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5 years ago, Redhawk 644
Add Block is awesome
I wrote a recent review called Add Non Block and gave it one star because after downloading the app I continued to get a constant bombardment of annoying pop-up adds. Add Block responded with great advice. They explained how to make some adjustments in the app’s settings. Their advise was easy to follow and I made the necessary adjustments. Just like that, the Adds stopped completely. I haven’t had one since. I’m sorry I gave it one star. This app is totally worth 5 stars and I’d like to thank Add Block for their great advice. The app is awesome and I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, thepurplewale
Not really free
I was kinda tight when I tried to boot up this app. I’ve never had to pay for ad block before, so when it finally brought up a payment screen I was confused. It then said that payments are optional, and you only need to pay what you feel like. Well, I’ve never paid for this service, why start now? I put in $0 in the “other” section, and it immediately changed my $0 to a $5. I guess payment isn’t as optional as they would like you to believe... In my opinion, that’s borderline false advertising, and very disappointing to see from a service I have enjoyed until now on other platforms. If your app is free, make it really free, if people will have to pay, tell them that straight up, don’t try to hide it.
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5 years ago, 🅱️😂🅱️🅱️🅱️😂😂😂😂😂🅱️🅱️
Blocks Too Much; Not Great on Mobile
I’ve always only used AdBlock and not any other ad blocking extension. When I found out that I could get it on my phone, I immediately downloaded it, and it started working right away. However, it doesn’t just block ads, it also blocks any other content on the page (pictures, videos, charts, etc.) I’ve tested this by going to websites with it on, and then with it off and sure enough only when it was off could I see all the content. I’m disappointed because I’ve always known AdBlock to be the best ad blocker extension for web browsers, but I guess that isn’t true for iOS.
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2 years ago, guy dude man guy
Stopped being able to download
I used this app, and while it wasn’t the greatest for stopping pop ups, it was great at everything else and worked a treat. But I had reset my phone, and upon trying to reinstall the app, it keeps on asking me for payment info that I don’t feel comfortable giving. I don’t see why this was asked of me when it wasn’t asked of me before, so I’ll be moving to a different service.
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11 months ago, Vvntheshort
It was working fine until recently.
It was a godsend that all the ads were block on safari on my phone and I didn’t have any issues until this past week. The ads are back. I went through troubleshooting instructions and nothing rectified the situation so I’m not really sure what to do.
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3 years ago, Spartan11775
Doesn’t seem to work at all on iOS 15.
I followed all of the setup steps to the letter, and I can’t get this content blocker to work at all. I’m running iOS 15.0.2, on a 2nd gen iPhone SE. The instructions in the app, when setting it up, doesn’t work. All I get is a toggle switch in the Safari Content Blocker page that says “use content blockers on all websites”. I never saw the three switches that this app tells you to turn on. If you’re running iOS 15, don’t bother with this app. It’s a waste of storage until the developer updates it for iOS 15.
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3 years ago, [~]MrNoodles[~]
App does not work
I’ve done everything correctly according to the app instructions, but this app does not work for me at all. It actually makes things worse, because it takes away the option to skip the ads, so I literally have to watch the whole ad for it to go away. I am also using safari, which it states is compatible, but so far it’s anything but what it states to be. I would suggest anyone looking at this to find another adblocker.
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5 years ago, eileenruby
Adblock for educators - so appreciated
I am so appreciative for this app. It makes teaching using examples from the internet a joy. It allows my nervous system to slow down and absorb what I’m reading and I can hear my own thoughts when I’m contributing to a conversation. Ad free internet space is to the digital life what forest bathing is to real life. We need space! Thank you AdBlock for stepping in!
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6 years ago, Leviwc
Blocks the annoying “You’ve been selected as a winner” ad.
I’ve tried all of the iOS ad-blockers, including the premium ones yet none were able to block the intrusive pop-up ads (“You’ve been selected as a winner,” etc). This is the only app that I’ve found is able to completely block ALL advertisements.
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3 years ago, CptnKrrk
Have used for quite awhile. Once every so often I disable just to see all the ads that it blocks. The new update has an interesting feature of new kittens (my selection) replacing ads (that I guess AdBlock can’t completely remove) which is surprisingly cool.
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3 years ago, noob china 222
I’m not sure if I see the different
So I do like watch anime and i use counchroll so I used this add blocker then I see 1 add that all then I don’t see no more adds does that means it works? Here the recent news is it made it worse from the counchroll. If im wrong then tell me what ad blocker you use for counchroll and here my user is SuperChristianB#1833 in discord that where you can tell me
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4 years ago, sohlai
AdBlock’s whitelisted ad sites are horrible!
I love AdBlock on my computer, so I was hoping for the same on my iPhone. Sadly, I learned I can’t customize AdBlock on my iPhone as I can on my computer, so all of AdBlock’s whitelisted, and very grotesque, ad sites like Outbrain, Taboola, etc. (i.e. Those ads with the grotesque pictures.), are still showing on my iPhone. It doesn’t block everything as promised, and I would rather pay for an ad blocker that actually does block those whitelisted grotesque ad sites than use AdBlock for my iPhone.
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1 year ago, ItsDior
Works better for desktop/PC
I’ve had this installed on my laptop for almost a year now and it has worked PERFECTLY, but when I downloaded onto my iPhone, it doesn’t work well. Or should I say a little TOO well. Can you guys look into this?
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4 years ago, LT.user
Recently stopped working
I’ve really appreciated this ad blocker for the time I’ve had it. I also have been using it on my laptop for a long time too! But within the last week it has stopped working completely. I was confused at first and thought I might have disabled it in my phone settings. No, all three selections are on and I’m getting ads and video ads. I came here to see if others were leaving similar reviews and they are.
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3 years ago, Bob Cracket
A recent problem with ads
The ad block plus has been working fantastically up until a month ago when Vrbo ads keep pushing their way through and are the most annoying thing in the world. A few other have come through in 2021. Please fix this to blocks those ads again.
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3 years ago, marcusthegreat12345668
Great and free with great ways to support devs
Are usually don’t know if you have what does that is wonderful! Your box for my aunts in Safari and comes with nonintrusive add option one developers so they can also make some money! More apps should be like this
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3 years ago, Ethan Aponte
Didn’t work on safari
As many others I use the extension on my laptop and wanted no ads on my I phone, So I downloaded the app and I followed all the steps required. (Searched the app on safari then downloaded it) I then after open Crunchyroll application only to find out that the ad blocker DOES NOT WORK! p.s Also reason the title has a does not work on safari is because a lot of previous review stated that the blocker didn’t work for on any other browser than safari.
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4 years ago, fhjwqojwhhejs
Change a setting, and it suddenly no liner works
It worked completely fine up until a day ago, when I removed a website from my whitelist due to the new, aggressively intrusive nature of their ads. Suddenly, no more ads were blocked at all. Attempts to change it back or to turn off Acceptable Ads entirely doesn’t change a thing. Still get constant ads. Yes, I’ve read the Apple Support thread they link, before the dev tries replying with that again.
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1 year ago, demmonic43
It worked whenever I got it to start working after that no ads it didn’t take long to get to work maybe a minute or two and it’s free never gotta worry about ads anymore thank you very much
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1 year ago, Pvpmaster151
It’s amazing!
I have only had it for like 1 hour but i have not received any ads at all. Some websites that are constantly giving ads suddenly have no ads at all. 10/10 would recommend
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3 years ago, qqwwwweeerrrtttyyy
Wish would block video ads on mobile games.
On mobile games like “Words With Friends 2” and many others. You will know that there are WAY too many ads!! But other than that… really good ad blocker! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I also recommend the chrome extension because I love that too!!!
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3 years ago, dr sueseeeeeee
So far so good
The fact that the app is free is such a big bonus right off the bat I accidentally clicked a risky website next to the right one and it told me the blocker stopped me from opening it I have heard from other reviews that it blocks to much but I guess I’ll find out
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3 years ago, FrenemyTheGamer
Excellent ad protector, but only on safari
This ad protector is really excellent because it is most popular for safari. I like to block advertisements in safari and I’ll never see ads ever again! Also, this ad protector does not block ads in other applications.
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3 years ago, Slot idiot
Does not work on IOS
Ad Block works perfectly fine on my PC. After downloading it to my iPhone and iPad into Safari, it simply does not work. I reinstalled 4 times and it still does not block ads. There are so many ads on any given site, I cannot view the data as ads pop up all over the page. Help!
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3 years ago, nanndjsnxhjxbsjjzbhdjjshjsjb
I guess it works fine with most things, but if you are looking to download it to block ads in games and other things like that, then you are not in luck. I would not recommend this to my friends if they were looking for a adblocker like I was. (No hate to the creators of the app or anything tho)
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3 years ago, mine craft villager
I might just be stupid
I already used ad block on my chrome book and it works just fine it works for safari but not for apps like btd battles and other apps I already stated that I may be stupid so if it doesn’t work like that just let me know if it is supposed to 3 stars but If it wasn’t programmed to do that 5 stars
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3 years ago, bswag123456
Absolutely Amazing!!!!
I’ve tried a lot of other ad blockers (some that even cost money) but none of them seem to accomplish fully getting rid of all kinds of ads as well as this one dose!!! I highly recommend getting this. Especially since it’s FREE!!!
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1 year ago, Fieramosca
Works well when fully enabled correctly
Works well AND closes up space where ad was IF and only if you scroll down in the Safari preference, select “Content Blockers” and click for All Websites”
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3 years ago, C-D-K
It used to work great, now it doesn’t work anymore.
I’ve had this app for as long as I can remember, maybe close to two years, it was working great and yes it will only work with safari but now it doesn’t block ads anymore and I just recently cleared my safari browser data and cookies and it still didn’t fix the issue. So for those of you that it doesn’t work for anymore it’s time to find another app.
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4 years ago, OHG_ShyGuy
Just doesn’t work
This is one of my only reviews ever on the apple store and I’m just fed up with none of these ad blockers actually working. I usually go to a super pop up and ad infested site to test these mobile ad blocks out and most work with some ads but this one blocked nothing when I tried it out. Wouldn’t mind donating some money to any of these if they would actually block ads but I guess the malware and ad people are just miles ahead in technology.
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3 years ago, @thatanonymousguylol
Note: This review is only for the computer Chrome extension for now
This literally the BEST Adblocker I have EVER USED! Although I have not used the app yet, I have high hopes for it considering the Chrome extension (only for PC/Mac). I will post an update here when I test the app.
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2 years ago, LaWeezel
What a relief
I just installed adblock on my ipad and iPhone. Worked great! I was trying to use a website that had so many ads that I couldn’t see the content and it is all cleaned up now. It is such a relief! I just donated.
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7 years ago, FloridaFlo
Great for desktop & mobile
There are so many ads these days & it is sometimes hard to see the real content without clicking on one of those annoying links! Thank you, thank you AdBlocker - you have restored my sanity!
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6 years ago, CAC1969
Love it!
Couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this app, love it! Would give it 5 stars but some ads aren’t blocked even with whitelist off/allow some some ads off but that won’t stop me from gladly donating to keep this going! It helps make Safari the best browser!
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7 years ago, mainewoodsman
An essential tool for using the internet
Does most of what it set out to do, most importantly in screening out a large fraction of unwanted ads. Unfortunately, Google and others have figured out circumventions and lots of unwanted, unauthorized ads creep in. A for effort, B+ for effectiveness.
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5 years ago, ChErRy_NuTz
Fricken awesome.
Works great with basic safari. I have never had a problem with Adblock. Seems to work as good as my Adblock plus on my Firefox browser on my windows 10 computer. Same thing and gets rid of so many junk ads.
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4 years ago, Johnthemanthemythcena
When I downloaded this thing I didn’t think any of it would work but as long as you keep it updated it works fine on safari
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5 years ago, furryweebowo
I don’t have a rating...
It doesn’t block all ads. That’s the biggest problem I’ve had, pop ups still occur frequently. That’s kinda the purpose of the app right? Most of the ads that it doesn’t block are pop ups, which for me are the most annoying. I mean it’s okay other than that, but the instructions when you first enabled the app could be better instructed.
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1 year ago, Matthhjjj
Works great for me
It works great for me for the combination of blocking stuff but still letting me surf and shop. I tested it and dozens of others on canyoublockit and some other sites, as well as sites full of junk like cnet and espn, and it seemed best to me.
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Downloaded it for one reason and failed
I got it cuz a site kept having popup ads all the time. One of THOSE sites. This company is amazing on my PC with Chrome, so decided to use it on my phone for Safari. Blocks 0 ads. I only added a second star from customer loyalty given my past with using this on my PC. TLDR: Get this for PC, but idk about iPhone!
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1 year ago, Molly Good72
Didn’t work
I use the same thing for my computers and I’m talking all the ones I have ever used but when I noticed how many ads I was getting for google articles I decided to get it for my iPad but it did nothing I was kinda confused why it didn’t work like how it does for computers but I don’t know i wish it did
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7 years ago, DPkmxs
Time saver!!
I love this app! I read a lot online and this app was a time saving, frustration relieving miracle! Before this app, I used to have to constantly close pop up ads the whole time I was trying to read some websites.
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9 months ago, Crapatadblock
Adblock app.
I am looking for help with my ad block prescription. It wants to use Safari. I don’t use Safari. I want to change it to Chrome. It is not a choice. It only gives me Safari. I don’t want this app anymore. I can’t seem to cancel it. I can’t seem to find Help to cancel it. There’s no one there to help. don’t use this app. It is deceiving and does not give you decent customer service.
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2 years ago, DRB 64
Significantly slower with AdBlock
Not sure if I did anything wrong but once installed and the settings were correct I began having to wait 10-15 seconds for web pages to load. I’ve checked everything and I’m just appointed as I was expecting speed to not be an issue per other reviews
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7 years ago, SheWolf115
I no longer have to scroll through scads of junk just to see what I was linking to. This app makes my iPhone use better for sure. I have Mozilla as a web browser and it works great
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