AdBlock Pro for Safari

4.5 (51K)
85 MB
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Crypto Inc.
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AdBlock Pro for Safari

4.45 out of 5
51K Ratings
6 months ago, Snurbiedoo
Mobile vs. Desktop
For YT particularly, I’ve noticed it blocks more ads on desktop versus on mobile. I have all of the settings as recommended by the app. It does block ads played DURING the video, but doesn’t skip the black screen like it did before, causing a watch delay. To reiterate, I’m watching 5-10 seconds of black screen, which is better, but then I’m still seeing stationary ads on the home page of YT while scrolling through my feed. It’s blocking about 60-70% of ads, essentially. Last week, it used to not force me to watch the black screen at all. I suspect this is action by YT to throttle adblock users. I do have suspicions there will be more of a focus on the mobile side of things to push ads, as that’s how most people use YT. Overall, I’m pretty happy but I do wish it worked as before.
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2 months ago, Vraad2
Free vs Paid
This app is Safari specific. Read that again. It is for safari only. If the app isn’t working for you, either you need to watch the instructions again or switch to safari. In the words of a great pale comedian, “Its so simple.” Well that or your looking at some grossly malware infused websites. I only use safari so this is a great app as safari’s own ad blockers can’t stop a flea sized ad. This app can stop a truck sized ad. My main sites I go to went from 3 or 4 annoying “redirects/floaty ad/pop up/suddenly play noise scaring the bujeezus outta me” ads to almost zero. I’ve only seen one or two that defy to blocker but they don’t do anything anymore unless you click them… Which I did! Well I wanted to know how well the blocker was working. Lol. The option to switch to the paid version pops up when you first open the app. There is a subscribe button that will start the free trial of the paid version after which “when” the trial ends a subscription will automatically start. Close this to use the free version. If you subscribe… well duh you subscribed. Nuff said. If you closed rather than hitting subscribe you can choose the paid version later if you realize how awesome this ad blocker is. Which it is. Awesome as a Sunday morning with milk, cookies, and nothing to do but eat them. The peeps that made this have my thanks, respect, and money lol. Support good programmers.
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5 years ago, MicahMusicoD
Amazing app! I have used many ad blocking Applications and while they did block adds to a certain extent some ads were still able to pop up. I decided to purchase this app on a whim because I was tired of using free ad blocking apps and not receiving the quality that I wanted. And I can tell you that this app is life-changing when it comes to surfing the Internet on your phone. Because the odds are no longer able to pop up and load on the web page all of the websites that I have accessed ever since using this application have loaded almost 100 times faster than what it was before I downloaded this app. To anyone who doesn’t want To wait for a page to load because of a enormous amount of ads I would definitely recommend this app it is 100% worth the money!
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3 years ago, NyanFluffbAll
Works as promised! Quite a surprise!!
This app does exactly what it says it does. I had to mess around in Safari’s general settings for a bit, but once I enabled everything it worked perfectly. I also appreciate how it has a whitelist option. That way, if there’s a certain creator or small website I can choose to enable ads for them only while still blocking ads from the larger scummier websites. Again, the only downside is that it’s Safari exclusive, but that is only because Chrome and the other ones don’t allow it for their websites. It’s not the apps fault. Tl:dr: Download if you use Safari as your main browser!! It works wonderful! If you use a different browser tho, it won’t be super useful.
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2 years ago, Dubocracy
Doesn’t Work
Don’t bother purchasing this app, if you have an iPhone you’re not going to get pop-ups and ways. The only place that I can think of where you would get pop-ups is by going to a website that allows you to stream movies and TV shows. It’s no different than using a fire stick. So even if you’re paying $10 a month can you stream on these websites, and you will still get a pop-up ad in a new tab at every single click. When you click the main menu, when you click the search bar, when you click the movie, when you press play on the movie, when you select the new episode of a TV show, and your phone will be filled with hundreds of tabs with ads that cannot be blocked. So in other words, this app cannot block ads. I understand the websites of Ida stream movies for free however that doesn’t change the fact that this is an ad blocking app. For whatever reason this website to out figure a way to bypass the ad blockers.
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5 years ago, Rrm0003
Works Great - Bad Reviews Don’t Seem to Get It
This is the best ad blocked I’ve found so far on iOS (and I’ve tried most). It also does a particularly great job at blocking any-Adblock pop-ups which is what most of the other blockers fail at. I’m relatively tech savvy (not that you need to be to use this app) and rarely leave reviews but felt the need seeing numerous low star reviews from people who didn’t seem to understand (a) this is very clearly labeled as a Safari extension meaning it will NOT block ads in Chrome, Firefox, individual apps, etc. (nor is it designed to) and (b) to make the app work, you need to enable all of the filter lists in the Safari settings, then open the app to customize. It’s really that simple / straight forward. The app works flawlessly so far (I’ll update my review and 5 star rating if that changes). Finally, one pro-tip for any Safari ad blocker. If you have trouble with a specific webpage, you can always press & hold the refresh button (top right on the Safari URL address bar) and an option will pop up to reload the page without content blockers (it will disable all safari content blockers for that single instance only).
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1 year ago, Jensen-k
Face first in the problem but still misses
From what I understand this app is to BLOCK pop ups and redirects. It blocks just as good as air. I get pulled from a website I’m on and I have to constantly close the new website I got pulled to only for it to happen again. I’ve made sure it’s on and has been updated. I’ve even made sure my devices have the latest software update available. The issues keep happening and I’m getting more and more frustrated. It’s gotten to the point that I’ll have several (3-9) random tabs that open and I have to keep closing!!! Some have the message that it’s been blocked but most of the time I can see what the website is. I wish I can add the url of the websites to make sure the blocker BLOCKS it from popping up and pulling me away from the site I was on.
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10 months ago, skfjjshfhehhr
Not working as well.
I’ve subscribed to the Adblock Pro Premium and for the most part it’s worked very well. A couple of annoying pop-up tabs still get through but overall I’d say about 90% of ads disappeared. Recently though, ads have started to get through again even though I have everything from Adblock enabled. Video ads, pop-up ad tabs, and scrolling ads have started popping up more and more. Now I’d say only about 50% of ads are getting filtered. The pop-up ads that force you in a new tab are especially annoying. I hope this updates soon because I’m a bit disappointed in my premium subscription right now.
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2 months ago, errcyco
Made video streaming useable again
Ads are out of hand. I’m poor or I’d just pay the 30 different streaming services cause I do use them a lot. I don’t even mind one or so an hour. But, they are out of hand.. 2 minute ads every ten minutes and if you don’t click skip they really throw the terrible bottom of the barrel 5 minute ones at you. This is a free app, if I pay any app this is what I will. Ads don’t work anyways, I always make a mental note to not use any product or service that had advertisements forced on me. I’ve actually quit using things I enjoy over it. So, thank you developers.. I appreciate this.
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4 years ago, ChopsticKayla ^.^
Works Like a Charm
I haven’t had the app for very long, but from what I can tell, it has already made a noticeable difference in my safari browsing experience! One thing that might be of note, though, is that I initially had a lot of frustration trying to find the setting to allow Adblock to work. Turns out that there are two tabs named “content blockers” in the safari page in settings. It may be helpful to clarify the setup instructions for other users in the future to “settings > safari > content blockers under ‘general’” instead of leaving it just as “content blockers”.
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1 week ago, Wry Omnivore
Ad Block Pro
Tired of being bombed by advertising. Taking up valuable real estate on your screen. Where you can’t even press the continue button. Try Ad Block Pro and get your web browser back from the ad industry. Sure some sites complain that this is how they finance their websites, but they should see how these ads interfere with reading content on their website or navigating their website. They should rearrange their websites to make sure that the content is not being blocked out. Can’t count all the times an ad blocked me from pressing a site button to continue. Try it you might like it!
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5 months ago, tjdurden21
It no longer works
I’ve been using this app for blocking ads for over a year and it worked fine, but a few days ago it stopped. I went into the reviews to see if others had been experiencing the same issue. I then saw that the developers had given directions on how to fix it to other users, so I followed the steps it didn’t work. I went to other reviews and saw the steps they had been giving and followed those as well. I’ve given it my best shot and even followed the steps given by the developers themselves and nothing has worked so I’ve cancelled my subscription and I’m giving them until December 24 when my subscription expires to get it working again.
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2 years ago, sissedsauce
Best weapon you can get against today’s horrific tirade of ads
Intrusive advertising has gotten totally out of control. Advertisers are constantly trying to find new ways to get our attention, and they're not always respectful of our personal space. It's gotten to the point where we can't even enjoy most websites without being bombarded by ads. And to make matters worse, many of these ads are interactive, which means they can track our every move and target us with even more personalized (and intrusive) messages. This helps put an and to all the madness.
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3 years ago, Ket ^~^
It’s alright.
This is the best ad blocker I’ve used so far on iPadOS/iOS; however, it’s still not great. I mean it blocks most ads and does a pretty decent job, but I don’t think it’s worth subscribing to unless you’re okay with redirect ads built into video players to still appear. It’s done a good job at blocking just about every ad except for those built into video players which is really the main reason why I wanted an adblocker in the first place. For most people I’d say this is great, but for those who watch anime on streaming sites you may notice that the ads from clicking on the video/media player on several sites will still redirect you to other websites at first.
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4 months ago, TheDavisJr
Very pleased
To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had already tried a couple different other ad blocking apps, and I wasn’t pleased so I really didn’t have a high expectation for this one either. But I really followed the instructions on how to set it up and it pretty much blocks everything. I didn’t realize how many things on these websites were actually ads and to have that less movement on the screen makes for much more pleasant browsing experience. For the price it’s a no-brainer just buy it.
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8 months ago, HappyDummy
Premium is broken, takes money without enabling features
Dev replies eons after review LOL. No dev, I am not stupid, the app on iOS and macOS was epically broken and never completed the sub process after taking the money. Not an issue of enabling anything, or restarting, app didn’t acknowledge the subscription existed so there were NO PREM FEATURES TO ENABLE no matter what I did and the issue persisted for more than a week before I finally gave up. I ended up just losing the money and went with a competitor that actually works. Now been several months with AdGuard with ZERO problems. If you want ad blocking that works, go with AdGuard. . Prev review Let’s you subscribe but the process never completes on iOS or macOS so the premium features never enable. Garbage app just hangs after you pay.
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4 years ago, Showbizjosh
Ad blocker works!!
I can say that I am truly impressed to come across an ad blocker that actually works on a mobile device. I know that the web browsers on mobile devices are not quite full-fledged web browsers so you can’t install any extensions, but this is the next best thing. I wish I could upload an example that really shows how many ads had been removed from a web page after installing this and turning it on. If you want to see less ads on Safari, download this and you won’t be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Al and wife
No more Irritating pop up Ads!
This has cured so many intrusive ads that would show up in the middle of reading a story, or you have ti tap on something to continue with what you were doing. Not now! Sure some ads are needed to fund certain sites. And you can tell this not to block on specific pages if you wish. So you can eliminate those you want to and still be able to support that site that has told you the ad revenue is all that keeps them going. It is a win - win for all! well, except for those irritating ads.
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2 years ago, CabaJp11
Best adblocker ever!
I recently got the new iPhone 14 pro max and forgot to redownload this app. I noticed ad after ad after ad while looking for recipe ideas and said to myself “WOW that app is not working… let me delete and reinstall it.” Turns out I never downloaded it. I reinstalled it, set it up, restarted safari and that webpage was SO clean. Not a single ad in sight! Considering this app is free (currently), I’m beyond pleased with its functionality on the non-subscription version and highly recommend it for EVERY iPhone, iPad, or Mac user!
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4 years ago, D.Rudder
Needs to block video
The new rage on websites is to have a video play automatically at the top, which then pips into the corner when you scroll down. I payed 2 bucks for a different ad blocker on top of this to stop those &*$#@*&$ things. For 10 bucks, this ad blocker should be innovative enough to stay on top of these trends. I don’t like that I have to pay for blocking ads online in general, which is free in other browsers and devices. This is a steep price to pay, but it does its job well enough. Worth it? Not really, but sort of. I have mixed buyers remorse.
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4 years ago, Dakalakin
Please keep making well designed awesome apps!!
This adblocker is probably the best I’ve ever used. Super customizable and offers amazing features for convenience. Every app this company makes takes advantage of unique features your atypical app normally doesn’t. You can change the app icon even, that’s such an awesome feature yet it’s rarely used! Keep up the good work! I really hope you continue making great apps. Maybe a stock, crypto, and world news app in the future? Would absolutely use a nice looking and functional market news app.
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2 years ago, 황혼 불
Not too great
You basically have to pay for all of the features of the app. I was expecting more to be accessible. I’ve experienced much better ad blocker apps. Recommendation is AdGuard as it also blocks most popups and they even have a free vpn. Overall I don’t suggest this but if you’re looking for something simple to block a few ads such as ones on the sides of articles, etc, then this would work. There are definitely still some issues with the ads loading. tldr not really worth it unless you want something simple to only block specific ads, don’t buy the subscription, there are better apps for this out there.
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3 years ago, YoMomIsNice🍫
I was looking for a Ad blocker when I stumbled upon this, it was free so I downloaded it and even though you have to pay for most of the stuff (not that expensive it’s like 10 dollars a YEAR which is crazy) you get the ad blocker for free! Which is the main reason I downloaded this app but there’s a ton of other stuff to like safe browsing and other stuff I’m too lazy to type so I give this app a 5 star review because of how awesome it is! Good job people who made this beautiful app.😁😁😁😁
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1 year ago, BR1mST0N3
Ads still open in background
The ads still open new tabs in background. When I’m done with reading a page, and exit my tab, there are dozens of new tabs open to web pages of objectionable content, and always spam sites. I also don’t like how I’m forced to use Safari when I hate that browser; I’ve been on Chrome or DuckDuckGo browsers for years and don’t like Safari. This blocker blocks a lot of the annoying ads on websites I use (mostly manga sites with annoying popups), but it’s not 100%. Id hate to hand my phone over to someone for them to find all the ads/pages opened up to websites I never intended to visit.
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12 months ago, iAma08
No longer working
Randomly stopped working like 1 week ago. Now I get constant redirects. Super frustrating. I want to try updating to the premium but I’m nervous that that won’t fix the problem and I’ll just be throwing my money away. I’ve tried restarting my device. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app, fidgeting with in app settings (as much as it’ll let me) and safari settings and still absolutely no changes. Redirects happening still. The weirdest part is the app was supposedly updated 2 months ago. Pretty sure my iPad hasn’t done an update in the last week either so really don’t understand who it just no longer works.
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1 year ago, awesome fun and relaxing
Does not even work.
First when you download the app it ask you to go in you setting and activate the app but none of the setting allow you to activate the app so if your on iPhone don’t bother. Besides reading through other reviews says that even when on it still won’t work. at first I thought they were haters but here we are right now. And besides most good review sound more like bots because of how perfect they claim it is and with very vague details of how it even helped. It’s basically (This is a quote) “This app is amazing! The app helped with my adds” so in my personal opinion don’t download and there is also a mandatory subscription for the app anyway when on a laptop add blockers are free.
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1 year ago, Frankywownerd
So grateful for this app
I’ve only had this installed for a few minutes but it seems to work to block the multiple video adds on every page and I could cry with relief. Constant flashing and moving really triggers my anxiety and I can’t believe I didn’t think to look for something like this before but I am so so glad. Thank you so much for making this an app, it truly helps make using the internet on my phone accessible finally for me.
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2 years ago, sarasarasarAAA
Block ads* when used correctly
I’ve been using this app for 2 years now and it’s been working pretty well for the most part. Make sure you follow the instructions and use it as directed so you can make the most out of it. Also keep it updated so that it can work properly. One downside is that sites recognize that a blocker is used and won’t let you go any further. Another is that it’s not entirely foolproof, however, it works well on Safari overall.
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2 years ago, TheErick
Seems to work well
I’ve used the app for a while now, and it seems to work fine. Sometimes an ad will figure it’s way past it, but those are relatively few and far between. One thing I will say that could be dangerous is the fact that Facebook comments continue appearing to some sites, and if I remember correctly they only display if they can track you. So I’m that case it cannot get past Facebook’s method. Other than that, it delivers on what they claim to do.
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4 months ago, Flap Jacks69
One of the best ad blockers to use one problem tho
Now don’t get me wrong, this is one of not the best ad blocker I’ve used in a while. It made a lot of sites on safari actually usable for me, but for some reason it randomly just stopped blocking ads on certain sites and I don’t know why. But even so, I highly recommend downloading this app if you wanna use safari, and not be sent to a pop up every time you try to click something.
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2 years ago, MadyHonestReviews
Loving it
This app is worth everything, to the storage it takes to the money it takes for premium. It’s all worth it. I have free sites that let me watch anime and read manga, but the sad thing about these sites is that there is a a lot of ads and pop up ads. Well there use to be because now I have this dam thing and it helps a lot! I will definitely be paying for the premium after my free subscription.
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3 years ago, Some random fnaf fan
Works great! You can set it and forget it.
Works well. It’s comparable in quality to the app NeverAds. I imagine the multiple extensions help it more. I had to switch from NeverAds to Adblock Pro because NeverAds was incompatible with the current version of IOS. Thankfully, this was the fastest search for a replacement app I have ever done. I imagine this app being at the top makes quite a bit for the developers because of premium, and to that I say: “Rock on!”
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8 months ago, deathhascandy
New pop up
I’ve noticed a lot of websites are starting to have a very annoying pop up that you can’t get rid of. And the Adblock app doesn’t recognize it. It’s a small black bar that just says “online radio” with only a stop and play button. I have no idea what music it plays or from where but it is just usually inconveniently right in the middle of the screen. Quite and eyesore and in the way. It would be great for the app to get an update so it knows about this permanent pop up and block it so it goes away.
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10 months ago, J_Drinkard
Isn’t compatible with Twitter
A few months ago Adblock and Safari became incompatible for multiple websites, primarily Twitter, or now “X”. I continually have to click the “turn off content blockers” option in order to access various websites. I have to do this multiple times a day, and it’s become too annoying to use. It has got to the point where I have to switch from Safari to Chrome just to view a certain websites. I’m not sure what happened but I haven’t seen Adblock do anything to resolve the problem. I may just have to go back to Chrome as my primary web browser.
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8 months ago, MacBookAir_Paul_2020
bait and switch . . . J U S T doesn't work
I took a video and screenshots to document the bait and switch it advertised $696 and some cents and it said a free trial for a week and then I went on I hit the key to look further and it was just like you agreed no I didn't agree. Period ! so what I think it was about to happen I stopped it I wish it would've build me the more expensive price and I might've forgotten to cancel the seven day trial and boom that's how they swindle you out of money program aren't you corporations you can't keep doing this nickel and diming us with nuisance fees Dear Ad Block! Thank you for your polite and thoughtful reply. I more committed than Ever to Open Source software now than ever. It's tempting to brush aside my disappointment and temptation to make life easier and paying the cruel little subscription fee the gets sliced up with the bigger kids on block, join us in delopment. Andjoin us in the it of things. Bye
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2 years ago, Isaacsac
Great app but with one problem
I love this app. I love how this app is able to block those annoying pop-up ads and those annoying at banners that show up on websites. I also like many of the other features of this extension. The only problem I see with this app is that the feature to hide cookie props doesn’t work. The cookie prop banner still shows up on websites when hide cookie props setting is enabled.
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1 year ago, kmparara
Does what I need it to
Downloaded purely to get rid of ads on a pinned safari page I browse a microblogging site on where the ads had gotten beyond insane (as in every third post was one of three ads insane); this has helped enormously. The free version does only allow you to enable one of multiple blocking options, but I wasn't really looking for comprehensive coverage on that front so it works for me.
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2 years ago, Jerialice
Doesn’t work, no customer service
I’m only giving this a stars, because it doesn’t work. I’m still getting a ton of ads when I access Facebook through Safari on my iPad. I use Facebook for business and I don’t have time to look at all their ads. I’ve reached out to customer service three or four times now and all they send me is a rote template telling me to read the instructions. Which I’ve done. If they decide to respond to my problem I’ll be happy to come back here and update the review especiallyIf it starts working. Still not working after update, etc. weeks later.... still not working 💥💥💥💥💥💥
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6 months ago, suckmyfatjuicycock
Its an amazing app, and one of the few apps that still run older iOS versions. So far it's been super helpful. Though, please do not make it so that the app requires a higher version of iOS. My device runs at iOS12(specifically 12.5.7), and my device barely cuts the version requirement. Please do not change how high it has to be. This is the only good and reliable adblocker that works.
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2 years ago, TI84User
Works great, but doesn’t always recognize allowlist
I’ve had a mostly great experience, but I have had a recurring issue with certain URL’s (known, safe ones that are on my allowlist) refusing to load due to a content blocker error. This happens even if I toggle off the extension in Safari. This is extremely inconvenient, as i have to switch to another browser and log back in to the same site. Make the allow list more effective, and actually turn off the extension when it’s toggled off!
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4 weeks ago, falencia buot
from Winabageluv
There are still people engaging with this app knowing that this is the way people can prevent other people from engaging in their content and their phones. Their names are J. Valdez, and an Investigator who goes by the name of Soloman, they are from Stockton, Ca, and claim to be from Sacramento. Please hold them accountable by letting the creators know that this is happening to other people, and it is also happening to me. -Winabagelluv, on instagram.
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3 years ago, King Lazo
I downloaded it and saw a free trial then I see it’s only 9.99 a year I think I’ll definitely be subscribing especially since I like to read on my phone but hate all the ads and pictures which cause my phone to sometimes even heat up a little. 10/10 would recommend. Let’s you block pictures links to adult sites everything!
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4 months ago, KnowNaMe
Not Blocking Webpage Comments
Edit: Still not blocking web comments after co firming everything that was mentioned in the Dev Response. Reported the websites to hopefully have the issue fixed (and not have to subscribe to a subscription for said fix!). Not sure what changed but it seems website comment sections are not being blocked anymore? I’ve had the extension installed and configured correctly for a long time, but this one feature just stopped working.
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3 years ago, mtnchar
Disappointing with poor JavaScript blocking
So far this app has been a disappointment websites are still running JavaScript to complain about add blocking even though I select the JavaScript blocking option on the software package I have several free options that work better than this. Turns out JavaScript blocking does work but there’s a bug if you enable the option to hide the ad blocking feature from websites. Once that options enabled are software fails to walk JavaScript.
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3 years ago, 1brentsd
Great service
The product does what it says it will do, which is great. But there are a lot of blockers out there. What sets them apart, especially if you not tech savvy and need help (more often than I care to admit), is there service. My questions have always been met very quickly in, and my errors are corrected with a few correspondences and questions. You won’t regret checking this out.
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7 months ago, 29,!kenaoaw
I just want to be clear because many of you don’t read
This ad blocker is designed to work with safari. Yeah it doesn’t work on other apps because they aren’t safari. I’m giving it 5 stars because it works pretty well with safari. Although I would like to see it work on other apps. It works as Is
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12 months ago, Darth Geoton
Won’t let me make or receive phone calls
I got this app a couple of weeks ago and at first it worked great for blocking ads but then my family and started to notice that I couldn’t make phone calls or receive them, so we started to look around in my settings, couldn’t find the problem. So deleted the app and right after I deleted it; I could start making and receiving phone calls. I don’t know why the app was blocking my calls but this seems like a major coding problem.
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3 years ago, Nickname.Com/012
Issue for Minors under parental controls
I am *9 going on 10* in February, 9th and my mom put on parental controls for me. I got this app and I follow the instructions. Once I get to the part where I enable you guys, the boxes are grayed out and until I’m 17, this will apply. There is no way to take it off and/or change my age. Every one else who isn’t under parental controls in my family can use this. *Pun intended from “The sound of music” the part ‘You are 16 going on seventeen and...’* it’s an awesome but kinda old catholic movie it’s awesome I watched it with My Sisters and a few of my brothers and parents. they wrote some reviews under my name so yeah 😀
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4 weeks ago, Toyboytbfb
App no longer works
Had been using this app since 2021 and it actually did block ads in Safari. Cancelled my subscription because it really doesn’t work. Lot of 5 star reviews maybe fake or older reviews. Look at the dates posted. I turned the app extension on vs off and its the same thing. App developers just copy paste’s response to everyone’s negative comment. ***Update *** Developer posted a copy/ paste message under my review and literally didn't read it. More reason to stop using this software!
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7 months ago, Drlorenzo
Not what I expected. Blocks many websites so that when you click on a link, for example in an online article, or when forwarded by friend, it will often block the website from opening (most websites these days have pop-up ads, etc.). You have to go through a process each time you click a link to allow for individual websites or temporarily halt ad blocking entirely when you click on a link. Hugely inconvenient and not worth it. Would not recommend.
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