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AdBlock Labs
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for AdBlock

4.3 out of 5
32.4K Ratings
3 years ago, CasandraClaire
Excellent Ad blocker, but could use tutorials
I bought this app to prevent ads from covering every website I viewed. And it does an excellent job at this. However, there are a bunch of settings and add-ons that can be designated- such as creating rules, details involving specific IP addresses, etc.- that I’ve been having trouble figuring out. I’ve tried searching for information online, in general to content blockers and specific to this app, but haven’t found anything that explains these features clearly enough for me to feel comfortable tinkering with. If you could add a tutorial guide for these features- an index, pop-up, or a link- it would add a lot of value to the app.
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1 year ago, Charlotte Lindsor
SHOULD be as simple as downloading
As a Technophobe i struggle with terminology and suffer over anything related to computers. This app should be effortless to activate if it is genuinely compatible with ipads and iphones. The video (very thoughtful) was so fast i had to watch it 12 times and take screen shots hoping to match the trail of steps. End result is,I can’t seem to install it. I’m sure the problem lies with me, but you need to make this much much easier. My safari in settings did NOT have the “Content Blocker” tab you suggested i merely need to flip on to allow adblock in. When i put my setting search bar to work for the first time ever tonight i found it, but not where you said it was. I followed the steps right up to “Swipe up to Enable” and guess what… it’s locked. Won’t allow swipe of any kind. Seriously, how do you install this thing, and i also suggest you allow folks to use the app for a few weeks to form a solid opinion of it before soliciting reviews. I would not likely have posted my difficulties so publicly if you had waited.
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10 months ago, Millermk
Works great if you can follow instructions
I swear the reviews on this app are either five stars or one stars. All of the five star people clearly follow the instructions correctly and got it working for them like it should, and conversely, all of the compute illiterate have done something wrong, or aren’t used to configurations and vpns. One of the reviews that shows up in the “most helpful“ category literally says that they are a technophobe and that it should be as simple as downloading the app if it is truly made for iOS. Look, it’s not that simple, but it is pretty straightforward and the results are great. I turned it off recently, and was horrified with the amount of ads that show up on mobile sites. Also, it works for most in app as well.. They were some apps that I didn’t even know had them until it turned it off. The only thing you need to be aware of is that some apps play ads to give you “credits” (many of the free AI apps do this) and it seems to break that functionality. So I guess you can turn it off when you absolutely have to use an app with ads. Lastly, I am hoping this app is not abandoned. It is the only systemwide ad blocker that has worked for me and the last update was two years ago. It still works as it is right now, but eventually may become outdated. So download away people, it’s only a couple bucks and it is totally worth it.
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7 years ago, Vaurion
Don’t hesitate to buy this
I usually don’t write reviews for apps because I’m generally not too impressed by most of them. In this case, however, I had to write a review. I started using this app almost a year ago and was very happy with it as it worked to block ads 95% of the time in my games, apps, sites, etc. Recently, Apple decided for some stupid reason that AdBlock wasn’t allowed to block ads in the way they had been doing after it had been on the store for probably a year or more. Why Apple did that is just plain idiotic after so many people paid for this app and the developer depends upon Apple not destroying their app. I figured this meant AdBlock would cease to function at all and I’d be back to ad-Armageddon on my phone. I’m glad I was wrong! This new DNS based ad blocking is phenomenal and in my experience it is now blocking all ads in every app I’ve tried so far, I don’t believe I’ve seen a single ad yet. The user interface is extremely well polished and the options are very flexible. The built in DNS logging inside AdBlock also allows you to manually block an ad if it’s not caught by the preset filters. All of this is to say, buy this app. I no longer have to sit through ridiculous 30 second long video ads in apps or have fraudulent pop ups show up saying my iPhone has a virus. The state of ads on iOS is atrocious and they seriously degrade the user experience. Thank you AdBlock for solving this!
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5 years ago, not a ticked off teen
Ok so, I downloaded this app thinking it would stop the random videos popping up throughout the games I am playing. My friend recommended me the app. I paid for it with a gift card I had acquired, and I’m 75% sure that it charged me twice. My friend stated that the app removed many different videos in games she also plays. I downloaded the app, and I find that there is no difference. I would appreciate it if the developers gave me my money back, and I remove the app. Throughout the reviews they seem pretty well, but I saw one that says Apple stopped them from blocking the ads. Which is dumb? I’m paying money to block the ads, then the developers of the games I play make more money off of me? I feel cheated, but I can deal. I gave it a three star review, 1) because I think I was charged twice, and 2) because I don’t believe that this app quenched my needs. People seem to be blaming Apple for that, so I guess I will as well. Also this is the first review I’ve ever written, so I apologize if its a mess. Grammar is difficult.
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10 months ago, Nightwolf1296
The best mobile ad blocker
Works like a charm! I have over 14,000 ad domains blocked, this app handles even that many domains at once perfectly. Ads are now just completely gone from my phone, from apps that would normally have them in-app to the web. This app is also extremely advanced and versatile and can be used as a domain re-routing tool in addition to just a simple ad blocker as you can route any domain to any IP. I can also use this blocker service alongside my VPN, so it doesn't even prevent me from using a real VPN alongside its own VPN profile. The DNS log also means that if new ad domains spring up I can identify where the ads are coming from and then add them to the blacklist. Even has iCloud sync for your filter rules. This is the most powerful ad-blocking tool I have ever seen on iOS and is absolutely worth getting. Unironically 10/10 would recommend.
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11 months ago, dylpickle404
Takes constant involvement
This is easily the best for iOS Adblocker out there. It works by moderating DNS requests according to a list that you compile personally. Note that this list starts out empty. While that might sound like a pain, or some kind of tech-heavy nuisance, all it actually consists of is checking the built in DNS log every time you see an ad. The request will usually have something in it that looks suspicious; that or it will literally contain the word “ad”. All you have to do is then tap “add to list”, and the ad (and all future occurrences of it) disappears. Because many ads pull from the same places, you will immediately notice that 90% of your ads have disappeared. Over the next 2 days, the remaining 10% go away, too. Legitimately works for every app, not just safari or browsers. Trust me, this is the best $2 investment you’ll ever make.
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2 years ago, hexatech vpn
I just downloaded this app this morning, and it has FLAWLESSLY accomplished what a myriad of other ad blockers (including some expensive and complicated to use ones) failed miserably at. I have not used this for long as stated, but so far, its thumbs up all the way! It may have been user error or perhaps some changes were made, because when I downloaded the app, either it or Apple told me I had used it before. I think it was most likely when I knew even less than my current minuscule level of tech savviness. Today, everything was so simple.. the app pretty much intuitively leads you thru the set up. KUDOS to the app developers on this one, and my humble apologies if I sent you a scathing remark or review previously. As well as this is working now, my tech ignorance must’ve been responsible for choosing to delete it in the past.
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6 years ago, Sujithv92
Honestly Very Impressed
It It actually works. To be honest I really didn’t think it would. I don’t need another ad blocker app that advertised that it would block ads on safari and in apps, but after I spent 2.99 on it, I found out that it didn’t. This one on the other hand works perfectly. Simply search the Internet for “dns list future minds ad blocker”. You’re find a Reddit Page that links to list on github. (There are several so any that seem to be updated somewhat regularly will do.) Import that list and start the ad blocker. If the ads on the website or app you want aren’t blocked, simply enable dns logging on the ad blocker app, then open the dns log right after the ad pops up and block the links on the top of the list. Boom. It took me about 5 mins to block the stubborn ones. Most of them were gone as soon as I imported the list from github.
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5 years ago, sevulan
It works, but...
V4 does some sort of iCloud sync, which I don’t understand because I don’t need anything synced with iCloud. The sync takes too long and the interface to turn off Adblock won’t let you do anything until that sync is complete. Instead of waiting, and messing with a swipe interface, just give us a button to turn it on and off, do the housekeeping in the background. Why do I need to turn it off? Because when it’s on, there are several sites - major sites - that don’t work. For example in order to complete this review, Adblock had to come down. I realize there are all sorts of things I could do to fine tune this behavior, but I don’t have time to mess with DNS lists, I just want it to block ads and get out of the way quickly when it needs to shut down. When it works it works well. Please tell users what the heck is being synced and if possible do this in the background!
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3 years ago, Jeff8457905149743848
This app only works if you spend 3-4 hours to configure it properly.
People giving this one star are expecting an app where—once you launch it—spend five seconds to set it up. This app requires much, much more work than that. Each time you get an ad you must go into the DNS log manually to save that particular rogue URL to your personal block list. Eventually you’ll add over 1,000 entries to your block list and then all your ads will be blocked. I use this with Words With Friends and haven’t gotten an ad pop up in a month. Just know you have to spend hours configuring this app for it to work the way you want. I didn’t know this previously and therefore gave this app one star. I’ve now revised my review to five stars.
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3 years ago, disappointedbuyer185
Totally overrated
The app has horrible issues. First of all, it’s incredibly slow importing DNS lists. It’s a host file, it’s almost unfathomable that it takes as long as it does to import a list of hosts into a text file. There should be a built in dns blocking list anyways. Second, and more importantly, the vpn does not stay connected and you need to constantly go back and manually reactivate it, so essentially the app doesn’t even work as described. App shouldn’t cost money for such an amateur experience. Edit: it seems like some of the issues are resolved so I am updating to 3 stars. The VPN stays connected but there are still no built in DNS lists with common block lists like on some competitors in the space offer. I have not tried importing a new DNS list so I can’t comment on whether the developers have fixed their file parser to operate at a reasonably ... expected speed
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5 years ago, a.sosa95
Always turns itself off.
The app itself does exactly what it’s meant to, and I have no issues when it comes to ad blocking itself. My issue, and to me it’s a huge one, is the fact that the app always turns itself off. It is so annoying that I turn on the VPN, then it randomly turns itself off. It could be on for as little as five minutes or a couple of hours, but it ALWAYS turns itself off. I would be less upset had this application been free, but the fact that I paid for this thing to block ads and it does always turns itself off and ends up NOT blocking them is really infuriating. What is most upsetting is that when it is on, it works so well, and I want to give this app a good review and recommend it to everyone, but the fact that it always turns off makes it very unreliable. Because of this, I cannot recommend you or anyone else I know purchase this app.
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3 years ago, Virulent_One
It’s great. Even greater for pros.
This app comes by default with a browser widget that blocks ads. Works great with the preset block lists. It also comes with a VPN that blocks ads—but no presets for that. If you want to use the VPN, you need to find a “.adblock” list file (or multiple) on the internet and use the import system. After doing so, ads are blocked EVERYWHERE! My phone has a longer battery life because of this app. I’m happy, but some people may not be. If you are a “newbie” and blocking ads in Safari is all you want, no worries. If you want the VPN to work, you need some understanding of how to find, download, and import files on iOS. I hope this review was helpful.
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9 months ago, GizmoGurk
Works like a charm for me...
This app has been serving me well for years. I was surprised to see a number of people are having problems, it may be because the app can a bit complicated if you're not used to it. I use both the Safari content blocker and the DNS proxy, and they use separate rulesets. Be sure to both enable filtering and toggle on the lists or rule sets that you want enabled. Also, I would suggest enabling DNS logging as you might see some additional URLs that you want to block. The app makes it easy to create a new rule from the log, so take a vantage of it. This has been handling both app advertisements and Safari webpage irritations well for me.
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6 years ago, Surwhoosh
It once again is like a dream!
Probably all you need to know has already been written here by others, so I'm writing to share the wonder. With this baby, you will experience hassle-free app usage with little to none intrusive ads all through your iOS experience. Nonetheless, it could be normal for some very sneaky ads to get through, scarcely of course, still it’s a blessing to have an ad-repellent like this. It seems like the plague of ads has spread all over the internet anyways, thanks to our “trusted” monopolistic tech giants like Google and the nice innocent apologetic Facebook.
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6 years ago, Cȯde 002
Impressive Adblock for Web-browsing
This application works amazingly well when browsing on applications such as Safari or Google Chrome. What most people forget to do is import DNS rules and set it to their IP address; if not, it won’t block much of the ads. The application used to block ads that were on other applications (I.e. mobile games and streaming sites), but that feature disappeared. Hopefully they can bring it back and block the constant ads on other apps. One major critique is that this application has trouble blocking pop-up advertisements that redirect you to a different site, which breaks the original link that the user wanted to browse. Hope that they can add an option to blacklist or block certain ad-links that break the site.
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3 years ago, TheSaj89
Not doing job
Update: July 14, 2021 It is completely unusable now. Multiple updates and refreshes and install and uninstalls later, I find myself not being able to block any ads. It’s frustrating and honestly I’m tired of it. At the time I got this app there were not a lot of ad-blockers available. And in that time, this app shined like a star. But idk what happened, it’s become completely useless. Will constantly switch from wi-to to LTE and refuses to stay consistently on. It’s a real shame because I wanted to give this app one last go. But sadly, I must move on. My suggestion, use a different ad-blocker. I’m sure the people are not to blame here and are good people trying their best to fix it. But at this moment it’s not worth the trouble. Used to work really well. Then I disabled it for something on chrome and then when I went to go turn it back on, ads were still popping up again. It automatically turns it off after a while so you have to go and open the app again to allow it to continue blocking. It's good and works well, but fix the bug where I have to manually go and turn it on every 20-30 minutes when it should always be on until I want it off.
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2 years ago, ViperPM
Great Ad Block
I’ve been using this app for over a year. It has worked well as it can block ads within apps. External proxy DNS lists can also be added to increase the number of blocked ad providers. These can be found easily online and only a url is needed to add them. There’s a built-in setting in the app to check for updates on these lists without you manually having to add them in. This will not block all ads, as major corporations have innovated new ways to bypass ad blockers. Sites can still detect if you use an ad blocker. What is blocked does speed up sites/apps.
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4 years ago, Jadenfire
Nope went to DNScloak.
Was trying this one out but this one is just complicated go to import a host file & it doesn’t do it all auto there’s more to it like some group thing I don’t know I wasn’t fighting with this complicated mess, in 1 min I downloaded dnscloak opened went into setting enabled blacklist, open the same host file into it, went back to the start enabled Ad block server & tested with the site the sims resource ad happy site, that app works gets what I needed done a lot faster no fuss, this one used to be good but too many extra steps just makes it frustrating. Old review: be prepared to have to down grade the app! If your updated to the junk 4 version this app isn’t worth buying! This app does not block ads in other apps as of V4 I’m rating it based off the V3 vpn version DO NOT BUY THIS APP now it doesn’t do anything any other free app can do ! Also again do not update!! (Downgrade is possible now long as u don’t update iTunes ...) This app still works fine on the older update you do not have to update when there is updates! Turn off auto updates.
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6 years ago, hyukicha
Used to be my favorite app...
Before they changed the way the app worked (I think they had to do so because of an iOS update), this was hands down a 5-star app that I absolutely loved, I had forgotten the existence of advertisements. Now I forget that I had AdBlock because of the constant issues, I need to reset my connection, disable and reenable AdBlock and restart the app I want to block the ads of in between each one of those steps to have it work, until I have suboptimal internet connection for a split second, because then it’s all over again. This app made me in love with itself when I first got it, and now makes me reboot my days away. This is such a great app that has turned very inefficient, I hope it redeems its qualities.
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5 years ago, EMans247
Awesome when it stays on...
Loved this app in the beginning. Snagged some proxy rules off GitHub and it worked flawlessly for a few days. I swear my phone was even faster on all fronts! Then after a few weeks of use I noticed it isn’t able to stay on... which imo defeats its purpose. It seems whenever the phone idles for a while or changes WiFi spots, the app turns itself off. Nowadays I find myself turning it back on every other day. VERY annoying. I even have the app enabled for background refresh. No help. So in conclusion, wish it worked better- but perhaps this has to do with how apple is cracking down on ad blockers cause they want you to have all the ad tracking.
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6 years ago, Maxx224563292
I had hopes this would be the final stop in the war against increasingly overbearing mobile ads. Unfortunately, most of the good reviews seem to be from previous versions of the app. As far as my mobile ad experience, I don’t even notice a difference when it’s on/off. I still get the same ads at the same frequency. Same annoying redirects, same pop-ups, same video ads. In fact, the only way I can tell it’s even enabled is because it prevents certain pages from loading altogether. Then I’m left with no ads...but also a blank page :^) The proxy is meh. It’s nice in theory but it noticeably slows things down and it can be murder on battery life. If you’re looking for a seamless ad-free mobile experience, unfortunately this is not it.
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7 years ago, tob684
This app is great but sometimes you have to manually find ad domains
Most of the time, the ad domains are already blocked, but a few apps have domains that aren’t blocked and ads can slip through. I had to manually find the ad domains and separate them from regular domains. Some domains let the app run, so if I block that, I screw up the app. I manage to find all the ad domains and separate from regular domains. If it wasn’t for the new domain detector, I wouldn’t be able to find all the ad domains, because those ad domains didn’t came up on the last version but did now. This app needs to be kept up to date for the domains so I wouldn’t have to look them up manually.
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6 years ago, Kiloblakk
I'm Torn
I love this app for it's functionality and features. However it drains the battery on my phone. It's a major major problem I habe with this app. I watched my battery run down from fully charged to 50% or less withing a couple hours and I'm by no means a heavy user. When I check the battery stats it showed as the #1 for battery consumption with more than 50% of overall battery usage. This happened on countless occasions. I would delete the app and then the battery usage goes back to normal. Also my phone was always hot when I had this app installed. All of this happened after a recent update. I love this app and want too use it but I cant, because it is devastating to my battery.
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7 years ago, TooFastForITunes
If at first you don’t succeed...
Note to prospective buyers: you get what you pay for. At under $2, don’t expect a miracle or even decent support. I installed the app and configured my device per the instructions, but nothing was blocked in Safari. I cleared the Safari cache and restarted my device. Still no luck. I tried emailing their support team, and they gave me a form letter repeating the installation instructions, which I confirmed I had done, and asked for next steps. They did not reply. I then read the reviews and saw that other users had some luck by deleting the app, restarting their devices, and reinstalling. I tried this and it worked. Long story short: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!
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4 years ago, Kevin489
New update is the best version yet
I don’t use this app a whole lot, but I think it works well. With the older versions, I had to refresh the app every day, and the results were always mixed. With the newest update, it seems to work much better. I got the update, opened AdBlock and forgot about it, then after several days I noticed I wasn’t being interrupted with ads in other apps like I was before. As a test, I turned off AdBlock, and the ads were back. Obviously, I’ll keep AdBlock running from now on! Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, jr3jrolandiii
Best AD Block App hands down!
Best AD Block Hands down & Great support. Installed app and at first I still had a few ADs from different Apps. Support explained I had to import DNS rules for additional configuration. They had me to to settings>> import dns rules within the ad block app. They gave my a url and imported the rules into the group as specified. I then launched all my apps and had not a single ad slip through. I could play games, watch IPTV apps/etc and not a single Ad! Best Ad Block App hands down!!
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3 years ago, Gerndelf Grieheyme
New update blocks everything I want
Edited the bad rating and review after iOS update broke Adblocker. The new update does everything the developer promised! Even blocks ads on Tumblr, which have become UNBEARABLE. It’s nice to go through my feed and see not a single ad. Fingers crossed it stays that way for a long while! Apologies for my former review and many thanks to the people who worked their butts off to fix this problem (that wasn’t even their fault in the first place).
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3 years ago, Samiylo15
Best security app for IPhone I have ever seen.
I am a software engineer and I see a lot of crappy VPN apps and adblocks, but AdBlock really took me by surprise. They host the VPN right from your phone, which means no laggy connections...ever. They are so secure that I have to sometimes turn it off because my Banking app needs some of my data. Regardless of what you are doing on your phone you will always be protected. With over 800 DNS proxy rules, you are behind the most powerful adblock/vpn system to ever hit the market.
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4 years ago, sdaplfan
Flickers on and off
4.5 is still not stable. When Adblock is on (you see the VPN icon), I’ll use an app (Apple news, for example), the page will start loading, then the phone disconnect from WiFi and cell service, then after a few seconds just be connected to cell service (after it drops WiFi) and then cycles back to WiFi after 10 or 15 seconds, when the Adblock will no longer be active. These behaviors don’t happen when Adblock is off. Adblock used to be stable and amazing. It’s not anymore. It’s actually LESS frustrating to see ads everywhere than deal with the delays and instability when Adblock is on. I hate ads, so that’s saying a lot.
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6 months ago, Mookieblaylock122
Lets some ads through
It works for a good deal of ads but every once in a while ads come through like on yahoo all ads come through and sometimes when using Facebook on my web browser (not the app) ads come through. It’s hard to figure out new rules to prevent this and support wasn’t very helpful with it. For the ads it does block it does a good job, though. Update: it’s letting all Facebook ads through. I got this app mainly to prevent Facebook ads and now I see them every few posts. Don’t know what to do but I’m definitely not happy with it.
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7 years ago, mleuker
Almost perfect universal blocker
AdBlock is probably the most sophisticated blocker on the App Store, offering both, content and DNS based blocking options. Contrary to many of the more basic blockers, it allows to choose (and import!) blocking lists, making it much more flexible than competing apps. The only feature currently missing is a whitelist mechanism for the content blocker. Even if it does not affect the DNS rules, users could turn off list based blocking on certain pages (e.g. that they want to support) and only rely on the DNS blocker; or use content blocking only more flexibly.
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7 years ago, thatguy2399
Adds their own ads!!
I have a raspberry pi filtering out all of the ads on out home network so there’s barely any ads on our home network. I bought this for when I’m using data or on another WiFi network and noticed something funny tonight. I was on my home network on iFunny, an app usually ad free on my home network, had ads. I was very confused so I disabled the app, closed then re opened iFunny. The ads were gone due to my home network filtering them. I have reason to believe that this app is taking out other people’s ads and replacing the spots with their own ads. That’s really crappy considering I paid $2 for this app. I’m very disappointed and would love a refund. Hopefully this helps someone else from being tricked.
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6 years ago, dinfekted
Works like a fading star
This app is or atleast used to be awesome. But after the latest update I am observing that the ads are blocked for few hours since Adblock app is opened and then after sometime ads starts coming up in other apps. I checked the widget, which still shows that Adblock is active and if opened again the Adblock itself, the ads again disappear for few hours. I didn’t know if the app is being terminated automatically after a time or what, so I double checked the background enabled feature for Adblock and it was on. Hope you guys make it persistent. Until then Chao
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4 years ago, FredWazHere
Needs to updated ASAP
This app was great prior to the IOS 14 update, did what it was supposed to and was worth it for the price. As of recent however it can’t properly function alongside the newest IPhone update and will slow your WiFi connection tremendously across all apps that seem to have ads. This is easily proven since once I had disabled the app my wifi was as fast and strong as it was prior to the update. The only way to have it function currently it to leave your phone in airplane mode which I simply can’t do.
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4 years ago, glaack
Great Blocker, destroys phone battery
This has been a fantastic ad blocker that I’ve been letting run for a long time on my phone. Recently, after purchasing a new iPhone 11 Pro, which is supposed to have great battery life, I noticed the battery was still draining quickly, and went to see what was causing it in the phone’s settings. Turns out, this app was consuming *65%* of my phone’s battery through background activity, while the next app down the list was at 5% (Facebook). I have no idea how long this has been going on. After one day of blocking it from doing background activity, my phone has only drained down to 82% after a full day of use. Deleting this app, switching to another app.
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8 months ago, Nicholsps
Worth the money
Purchased this for our iPad. Literally every game my daughter plays has ads that make her wait up to 30 seconds before she can continue playing. Not with this adblocker, they’re all blocked. I’ve been using this app since it first came out. 10/10 recommended. Google Adblock host files, copy the .txt url then add it to the app through the dns settings. You’ll be all set and no more ads!
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7 years ago, Ever Learning the Truth
Not blocking
Have had this app for a long time. Absolutely loved it. Just now stopped blocking adds. It is so disappointing. Reached out to them for help. They sent me a huge list of things to do. Not being computer savvy I didnt understand most of what they said and meant for me to do. Tried several gave up. It even said to erase the app which I did. Then I went to re download it saw the reviews. Too bad it has lost its awesome blocking power hope something else is out there.
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2 years ago, wasp604
Works great
Blocks most ads in most apps, even breaking some of features that require ads to load, which is just part of the arms race between adblockers and advertisers. I'd love to see enable/disable shortcuts integration with this app, so that I can have it automatically disable adblocking when I launch games that require ads to load for certain features, then have it automatically enable once I close the game.
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3 years ago, Trust reveiw
No Cap This App Comes In CLUTCH
So…I was chillin at the gym (about to hit new max) and I was listening to music on SoundCloud and I got my like 5th ad it was on like over other song I got an ad so I went to see how much premium was and it was 10 bucks a MONTH and I was like Na na Na I am not gunna play no 10 Bucks(I’m broke btw) so I went to put on a free as blocker and that didn’t work so I got this one and I haven’t got an ad from then on so get This. Take my advice
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7 years ago, 1010110110
It used to work, not so much lately.
This used to be my favorite app because it did exactly what it said it would. Then an update happened and it started turning itself off and shortly after that, the ads started appearing. Maybe I'm not clever enough to figure out how to get it back to glory but you guys changed something and now it doesn't work like it used to. It's lame and I'm going to look into an alternate app that does what it says it will.
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4 years ago, Yainkel
New Version SLOWS down everything horribly
When I first installed this application, it worked perfectly. Since the most recent update, however, my browsing has been slow as hell. And I mean SLOW. As in, 10 seconds to get search results back from Google while I have a 150 Mbps connection. Some sites load instantly. Others sit and spin forever. Literally 15-30 seconds at times to load a page. Turned off the app, and everything loads instantly. Something has been hosed with the new version. I hope they fix it. Now browsing without ad blocker.
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3 years ago, ellenverni
revised review
The last update put me back to square one. All my apps are now showing ads. I wish I could remove the update and go back to the previous version. (See below) Revised review: after sending a few emails to support, I received an emailing suggesting I make sure I’ve updated the app and my iPad. I thought my iPad was up to date, but it wasn’t. Since updating, Adblock is working 100%. Great support! Great app. Thanks, guys.
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7 years ago, Wozzing
4.1 is awesome
You can now search for a custom hosts file online and import it into the app through the hosts file's link in order to block access to thousands of ad/tracking/malware domains device-wide. This level of local DNS blocking used to be something impossible to do on stock iOS, so it's great to finally see an app that lets you do so. I would recommend creating a subgroup first to choose as your import location.
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4 years ago, GhostyCoffee1
Don’t Expect This to Help You Block Ads on Cellular
To preface, I’ve been with this app for YEARS. And I’m quite disappointed as there are better apps that do much better, for at lower price or free. Adguard Pro and DNSCloak, respectively. This app did not save me from enterprise revokes despite adding the proper domains. I even tested it after. Went on mobile data only, turned on the VPN, manually typed the offending domain in my web browser, and it wasn’t blocked. Tried the other URL, and still wasn’t blocked. I confirmed the Adblock was “on” by the icon on my status bar. Until the app developer fixes this, adds some enticing feature that other competitors don’t have, I will not retract my star rating.
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6 years ago, navybluewithahue
Absolutely disappointing and misleading.
This app does not block ads like it states whether in safari or while using an application. I have wasted my money on an application that does not do its job and I am here to recommend an application that ACTUALLY works and is completely free. Search up Adblock Mobile and you’ll see a do not enter symbol. It’s free and it effing works unlike this garbage. It blocks safari ads as well as in app ads. Don’t believe me try it out. Download an app that requires you to upgrade to remove ads and you won’t see any ads at all, it’s fantastic and it works magnificently. DO NOT BUY THIS. - Sincerely someone who is trying to help you save you effing money and time.
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6 years ago, Z5levi
Seems ok but really not great
I was looking for an app that will block ads in other apps. It turns out that this app at one point had that functionality but was disabled at some point. Now this app only works with safari. Wouldn't have even bothered rating it but 1. I know I'm going to be charged for the download even though the app is now useless to me (I don't use safari) and have uninstalled it. And 2. The customer support didn't bother to write back to answer any of my questions. This could be a great app, but when you combine the outdated description with a lack of customer support, you get an app that leaves you with a feeling of complete disappointment.
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7 years ago, Jfhsjdjjsndj
Misleading. It’s over and done with for this app.
This app works perfectly for me... for now, because I’m still on the V3 version. The newest version of this app shouldn’t even allowed to be sold, if you buy this app in its current state you are literally throwing away money and paying for something that you can get from free apps. It’s over with for this app. They shouldn’t even be selling it anymore but of course they’re not going to turn down free money. The app is so highly rated that people will blindly buy it not realizing that it has been gutted and no longer provides any functionality worth paying for
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5 years ago, conniematta
Very disappointed...
in this app. Was hard for me to set up and use (thanks to husband, though, got it working). At first it was great to block the ads in Words with Friends 2 and another game. However, after a week, I blocked something and made things worse so we reset the whole app by deleting it and re-installing it. Well, that made things horrible - I couldn’t even get WWF to show current games AND when I played a word, it wouldn’t register it so it was a continuous loop of the same games and no moves being played and registered so I had to turn the VPN off to get my WWF games to show up. $1.99 spent on a useless app to me. Would give it negative stars if I could.
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