AdGuard — adblock&privacy

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Adguard Software Limited
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AdGuard — adblock&privacy

4.34 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
5 years ago, DirtRatBag
Best Adblocker
Straightforward UI thats not overly complicated and easily allows the user to custom choose what protection they would like. AdGuard has also included its own set of rules that have been built from easylist/easyprivacy & fanboy list and specifically customized them for the mobile platform and iOS specifically that can used by themselves, with easylist, or not at all. They give full control to the user, no sponsor ads or paid ads are allowed through. There is a filter that allows self promotion ads like the ones see when using googles search engine, but the user can turn it off and on. If none of AdGuards syntax rules block a specific popup, ad, or third-party widget there’s an option to manually block it and add it to the user filter option so its blocked in the future. Whitelist is also available to turn rules off on certain websites. And the rules update multiple times throughout the day regularly so the latest adblock protection is always used.
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3 years ago, MandyLikesToLaugh
Love, love, love!!!
This extension does it all, I’m a victim of identity theft and this has been a God Send. For over ten years someone has sit around watching my ever move through my main email with yahoo. I had this email for over 15 yrs now. These people took every financial account I had and then spent money on everyone. They have accounts with each of the credit bureaus, they have subjected me to countless data breaches, in which they claimed my claim in their names.I have had no relief since August 2020 when I first found out that my identity was stolen. Sorry I’m rambling but I just cannot say enough about this AdGuard, it has given me relief it has given me options in my reliefAnd just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I got an invitation to do the testing! I’m at awe at the work you all have put in to help others, I would have given as many stars as there were if there could be more. My only complaint is I have bought the upgrade and it got stolen because these people are roothless and make aliases to every email account I make, then they take it over. This has happened with many apps and extensions not just this one! However, this one is by far my favorite then and now and probably forever. If you need something g that really works and that is user friendly, I’d urge you to try AdGuard and AdGuard VPN as well it’s a package deal really.
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4 years ago, jasocci
Unprofessional service
I purchased ad guard for life time approximately fews months already. And I enjoyed the powerful ad blocking. However, since the AdGuard, there is always a window popped out in my MAC said apple wants to make some changes. I ignored at first. However I could not stand any note after frequently annoying popped out windows hundreds of times after, and I agreed the change Which disabled the adguard. I tried reset all settings and reinstalled it. It just didn’t work any more. Therefore, I tried to contract with the AdGuard service. One point I want to mention that I was pretty impressive AdGuard service works for 24 hours even in quarantine time. However, the guy was not professional at all. I followed his instructions reset and reinstalled at first which did not work, and he once remotely controlled my Mac, but the problem still didn’t solve. Finally, he left a message said this case is not typical but I will asked for our workers solved it and contacted you at most in 48hours. THIS IS A FAKE PROMISE AGAIN! yes! Before, he just kept giving me fake promise. And this time I waited 4 days already. No replying, and even the phone is not available now. I tried to have my best attitude because I understand their jobs are not easy. But at lease, giving back me a professional attitude and available credit. BECAUSE I SAW THERE WOULD BE LIFE TIME GUARANTEE WHEN I TRUSTED AND PURCHASED LICENSE FOR LIFE TIME WHICH IS NOT CHEAP!!!
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6 months ago, John Goodin
We might still have to manually update our filters
I discovered by accident doing many manual updates to the filters that Easylist and EasyPrivacy are updated regularly every four hours. If you don’t see an update on the timestamps at least once a day then that means that all of the bugs are not yet resolved in iOS or the workarounds in AdGuard still need some work. It might just mean that the bugs in iOS have indeed been fixed. And AdGuard needs to put some things back to the way they used to be before they tried to get around the iOS 17 bugs. It’s like getting a new engine part for your vehicle that has bugs. You have to do modifications to the vehicle to get the buggy part to work. Once a new engine part comes in you have to work on the engine once again to make sure that the new correctly working part doesn’t break the engine. Until you have confirmation that your filters are being automatically updated regularly be sure that you manually update them every few hours.
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1 year ago, MayhemReignsTV
Decent, but mobile versions have issues
I am a big fan of this service and have multiple licenses. Even used one on a family members computer to help stop her from getting viruses that I would have to remove. The free DNS service is awesome. I think the problem here is the actual VPN service from Apple. The DNS protection works fine for me when I use it on the mobile connection. But it seems to drop out, even with the restart option, when you go to Wi-Fi. Sometimes immediately, sometimes not right away. My theory is the VPN route used to tunnel through the filter is not updating correctly. So my workaround has been to disable DNS protection for Wi-Fi and use DoH to adguards DNS servers from my router for my entire network. Outside Wi-Fi networks, I just manually configure my phone with the DNS and use the rest of this application, including the Safari content blockers normally. Gets me most of the performance of this application without my connection constantly dropping and constantly having to restart the application. Still the only application on mobile that works against video ads.
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4 years ago, Omfganimal
Much better now.
I had been waiting about 6 months after emailing support asking about making an easy way to block filters. I was told it would be in the next update and the update is here. The interface is better than the other adblockers with much more info and a greater aesthetic appeal. It reminds me a little bit of the desktop version. You can import and block/unblock domains on the fly. It's done very quickly with no time wasted. The only thing I can critique is that you can't search my domain category (i.e. CDN, Advertising, Misc, etc.) and to be able to make notes on exact domains in the domain log. I would say the price could be a bit lower for the DNS considering the other competitors are like $2 (even AdGuard pro, a different app, is $2) but eh. The app now shines above the other competitors. Edit: after aug 18th update it's even better. I used to have to tap on every suspicious domain name to check what category it was but now they have icons in the list for what they are. Mega time-saver
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3 years ago, NoParallelsLeader
Best free adblocker you’ll find
When downloading it blocks all ads from appearing, like the ones that overhang top, bottom of screen, video ads and image ads, it is very helpful. However Pop-up ads are not blocked because they are not considered ads typically. I dont have, but i see you can buy premium to filter what sites you want to appear or something like that which means you need to manually copy and paste the ad URL into a blacklist i think.. i assume that this wont prevent the pop-up itself from appearing, only the site the URL came on so you still will have an annoying extra tab to delete. I dont think there are work arounds unless apple themselves fix that issue. Id like to know who actually blocks sites on their phone when you dont get viruses and can just not click it if given the choice. Anyway, 10/10 app itself and I recommend getting it and switching from Chrome back to Safari just for this app.
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1 year ago, IAmAKat
Great app, but there is currently a privacy problem with the DNS blocking
Overall, this is a great app. I love the control over blocklists - I can make custom whitelist or blacklist entries, both for the web blocker and also for the DNS-based blocking that affects all apps. I also like the options to use advanced syntax for blocking so I can block specific things while leaving others unblocked. But are two things about the app that I do NOT love, and that are major privacy concerns to me: 1. If you use the DNS-based blocking, there is a section that shows your last 1500 DNS requests. Both ones that were blocked and ones that were not - so it records every site you’ve recently been to. This is great for troubleshooting, but you can’t turn it off so you have to manually clear the logs whenever someone else might look at your phone. I hope future versions of the app will add an option to turn this logging off. 2. The current version has a bug - when you clear the log for the DNS-based blocking, the “most active” section does not get cleared. So the app will happily tell anyone with access to your phone what sites you visit most frequently, and until they fix this bug there’s no way to get rid of or clear that data. Other than that, this is a wonderful app. I really hope these problems will be fixed soon in a future version.
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4 years ago, treylan peterson
(Almost) Completely dummy-proof.
In my last review, I praised this app for its simplicity. I still believe it’s a very easy to use app that cuts out most of the issues you would have on safari and such, if not all of them, in some cases. I’ve only encountered one issue, which I found after my last review. I’m unsure if this is actually the ad blockers fault or not, but the ad blocker is successful in blocking out every type of ad EXCEPT for the types of ads that are in certain safari videos. The ones where you click on the video, and it automatically brings you to another site. It’s especially annoying on sites like 9anime, where I have to traverse 20 pages (albeit they’re all blocked and don’t show anything, but the issue is I don’t want to be redirected from the page in the first place) just to watch my anime. All in all, great app that covers all bases but one.
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2 years ago, badkitty_
Default free AdGuard fails the following tests
ETA: Still not blocking any ads with the FREE version. The free version is a joke! The free version is supposed to “ Block ads and trackers in Safari.” It doesn’t block a single ad! 👎 I tested AdGuard on some popular ad block test sites. I used the free version. I had all of the subcategories enabled. Everything was turned on correctly in settings for safari extensions. It failed to block an interstitial ad. It failed to block and “ad blocker warning“ ad. It failed to block a push notification request ad. There were multiple ads on the pages that AdGuard failed to block at all. The free version appears to be worthless. I cannot speak to the paid version. But they are touting this like it is the best thing since sliced bread, and it clearly is not. On the advanced test, the “blocking” was so extreme that the page showed up white and nothing showed up on the page. News flash: you aren’t helping me if I literally cannot see anything on the page. All I will do at that point is disable my Ad Blocker if I cannot see anything at all. Figure it out!
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6 years ago, Let down by the NFL
Trash it!
It works great for blocking those annoying ads. But it fails miserably at being able to whitelist more than one site. The first one I whitelisted, I have no problems with. But the second one? Can’t come close to saying the same. Nine times out of ten, when I visit that site, I get the message that its being blocked by an ad blocker. That defeats the entire purpose of having the whitelist function. Get it together. Edit: Well, now it doesn’t even function at all! I had to turn the blocker off to use a site (the same one I alluded to earlier,) but after turning it back on, it blocks NOTHING! Even after making certain it was on, and restarting the phone 7 times already, I STILL get ****ing ads! EPIC FAIL! Edit 2: It’s official. This is easily the worst “ad blocker” I’ve ever had. Despite being active, it does NOT block ads. I had to deactivate for a few minutes to use a site that was *supposedly* whitelisted. Then I reactivated it, and *nothing.* I closed all tabs, and restarted Safari. I wiped my history, and cookies. I even restarted the phone 3 times. Nothing. It is a colossal failure. I do not recommend it at all.
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4 years ago, kingmasters
Works extremely well on IPhone Safari
Kept having trouble accessing websites because of over use of adds but with this app it was very helpful in getting rid of them. Upon downloading it shows a video on how to use it which is very helpful for many people who learn visually instead of teaching them with word instructions like with most apps. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with chrome and I haven’t tested on my other iPhone browsers yet but I did try Firefox and it doesn’t seem to work there either. I would also recommend not using the paid version as it doesn’t have support like this one. I was actually introduced to this app from someone in the community I’m apart of on reddit funny enough and they even help teach me more advanced ways to use this app.
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4 years ago, 1995-2008 Gamer
Best adblocker on iOS... But does that make it good?
Complaint #1: Every single time I toggle a filter, it pauses to “reload the filters”... I have to toggle a bunch of filters, how about you just sit and wait until I’m done instead of wasting my time reloading the filters after every single toggle. Easily five minutes of my life stolen from me by your dumb app functionality. Complaint #2: Safari limits the number of filters to 50,000 per app, apparently. I have been noticing some oddly specific ads on Reddit, something that I definitely do not have on my desktop, so I decided to investigate, and made this discovery. I swear this wasn’t always the case, or maybe, the app just didn’t alert me to this previously, but either way... How about offering a suggested workaround? Obviously the problem is Apple, and the state of adblocking on iOS right now means that this will be my last Apple product, but rather than just alerting me that you’re not using all of the filters, do something more?
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4 years ago, myHSplace
not like use to be
this use to work great in beginning but, it seems since the pay for extra features showed up, regular app works less and less as it use to do perfectly! currently, before and after current update, there are ADS, mostly adchoice ads, showing up again.. some pop ups on sites also came back a bit back. my settings weren’t changed so that is not the issue.. and reporting AD issues is a joke, you need to be a total pro at using this software/this app to answer all the technical questions they ask you on like 8 pages/sections just to report the issue, i gave up after section 4!! thinking they forgot most of us are just regular adblock users and not puter/software nerds!! btw hard to block these now showing up ads like on wedmd when you click on adguard in your browser and get a popup that says “error: this website’s security policy does not allow launching adguard assistant”” ..
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4 years ago, RurouniH
Sadly not for me
I’m currently looking into adblocking apps atm the will operate on the phone entirely, not on just ine aspect. In this case the basic and important protections and guards center on safari and little else. Though aware if I go pro some of is indirectly dine via dns protections and so on. Just reading through the reviews really had me sold on it capability, which is not in doubt, and more so seeing someone/the developer actually responding back on reviews good and bad. In most cases giving concise answers and explanations to the whys or look to fixing issues. That to me is amazing really and sadly rarely see. Especially today. So as nice as the app operates which I verified using safari only briefly to test the app and it does operate beautifully. It just doesn’t meet my needs. Thank you for making such a wonderful app.
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6 years ago, jj.b.jj
My Favorite iOS Ad Blocker
The best ad blocker around. I've been using this for months on my iPad, iPhone and both of my Macs. I use it with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It consistently blocks all things I do not want to see, I have no problems seeing what I choose to accept, and it provides a more than acceptable level of customization by way of configuration and selection of standard and proven subscription choices. I've tried seven other options since ad blocking extensions were enabled for iOS and Adguard is definitely the best. I use a paid OpenDNS subscription passed through DNSCrypt for DNS at home and NordVPN when I go into the wild, so I cannot speak to the DNS style Adguard ad blocking. Regardless, my not using the Adguard DNS servers has had zero effect on how well this extension does its job.
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1 year ago, tusgal
Old Devices Not Adguard's Fault.
Many of the complaints and one-star reviews are not valid and should not be attributed to Adguard. Most of these users are still using old phones and expect apps to function the same way as they did five years ago. Adguard has progressed and evolved with newer devices, so any issues that arise are likely due to outdated hardware rather than the developer's fault. While I understand that not everyone wants to upgrade their iPhone to the latest device, it's unfair to blame the developer for this. It is important to recognize that app developers can only do so much, and it's ultimately up to users to ensure that their devices are compatible with the latest software updates.
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2 months ago, RNKB2065
DNS is frustratingly wonky but still functional
it's very confusing what you're supposed to do, but I have found that it works best if you toggle off the DNS setting within AdGuard and manually enable "connect on demand" inside ℹ️ (more info) next to the installed AdGuard VPN profile within iOS settings. If you change a DNS setting within AdGuard (such as switching from Cloudflare to Quad9 for example), it is also going to kick you off of your Wi-Fi connection until you turn manually toggle off everything (both within AdGuard and iOS) and enable again. This might be a side effect of AdGuard implementing a "pseudo" VPN instead of how an actual VPN would function, but it definitely needs to ne more user friendly for people who don't want to troubleshoot this stuff.
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5 years ago, Good ol' Sparky
It works.
I’ve become so skeptical of developer claims and disappointed with “bait and switch” free downloads that I no longer have hope that any app will improve my life. I’m extremely delighted to find that this app, even in the basic free version delivers far beyond my expectations and has removed above 90% of website pop ups, banners and redirections. The included ability to surgically remove additional annoyances and define custom rules is an unexpected control that is decreasing my browsing aggravations while saving me time and improving my research results. The subscription is well worth the investment. If other developers are interested in growing their products they would do well to study this model of performance, value and service.
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8 months ago, astroclubguy
Does not block DDG ads in iOS 17 but does in macOS
I’ve grown frustrated with this app as it’s supposed to work in both iOS and macOS. While it generally works well, it has started allowing ads in DDG search results but only on iOS and not in macOS. I’ve gone through all the settings in both platforms and as far as I can tell they are identically configured. I just don’t know what to do now. The support site for reporting incorrect blocking is so exhaustively complicated I bailed out of using it. Something somewhere has changed and is now working differently. NOTE: All the filters suggested by the developer have been turned on since I began using the app. That is not the problem. Something else has changed since iOS 17.
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3 years ago, thisKIDhere
So far so good! A+
Installed this on my iPad first, before any of my family’s iPhones, and I am pleasantly surprised - it actually does exactly what it is supposed to. No more of those hyper-annoying, sensationalist clickbait ads. Just news stories and legitimate links to things you actually might be interested in - not ads disguised as articles, or low-life tricks. I love the filtration and the promise the company makes not to use trackers. So far, I am loving this trial-run on my iPad and will most likely be adding to our phones next. Perhaps even upgrade if there is a paid version with more benefits? But this free version seems to do everything I wanted without bugging me to pay for another version. A+
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6 years ago, NC GAL 2
So far so good
I installed it on my iPad and iPhone for Safari. I don’t use either as much as I do my main laptop and desktop but for the times I do the ads were getting out of hand. On one website, the same ad appeared eight times on the page at the same time. It has only been a couple of days but the ads are gone. Whether that continues remains to be seen. If not, I will go to plan B. This is an update since my original review a couple of months ago. It is still working as it is supposed to on both my iPhone and my iPad. None of the ads I was getting before have come back nor have there any new ads. if it continues to work as promised, I should have no problem. so far I am very satisfied with it.
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2 years ago, NormTheWorm
The Free Version Doesn’t Work
The free, basic version of this app does not block a single ad. I cook a lot, so I always have some type of recipe or food blog open, and those types of websites are notorious for how many ads they display. AdGuard has not blocked a single ad on any of these or any other type of page; I’m still inundated with banners, popups, and every other type of ad. I wasn’t expecting total coverage from a free product, but I at least expected it to do what it says. I’ve tried multiple settings, clearing my cookies and website data; I’ve even tediously blocked every single ad element on several sites, and yet, I’m still getting ads. Perhaps the devs made the base app so terrible so that people will spend money on the premium version, but with this version being so bad, I wouldn’t trust them to make the paid version any better. Save yourself the time and money and go with a different adblocker.
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2 years ago, DONTEATFIRE
Demolished My Daily Headache
Before downloading this app, I was almost certain that the day had come for me to toss my phone into an on-fire trash can due to all the virus ads plaguing my existence. I could hardly go five minutes without being redirected to some *not-so-nice* website or a locked screen ensuring me that I had been hacked. When I finally gave up and decided to download this app, I cannot even describe how different my online experience has become. It is so inexpensive for a year or a lifetime, but I would’ve paid nearly triple the price for the features in this app. It is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever downloaded and can’t recommend it enough.
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5 years ago, WeeabooGamer
Even though it's not perfect, it's absolutely fantastic!
Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. The title seemed generic so I assumed that the app would be a little low on the quality side. Boy, was I wrong. This adblocker goes further than blocking ads in your browser. In certain apps, it seems its almost random which ones, but it blocks all of your banner ads and sometimes even those annoying video pop up ones. Or i'm just not seeing them. I don't know, but if it is truly blocking these, that's absolutely fantastic! The only reason it's not five stars is because it lacks as a browser Ad filter, often letting ads in safari show.
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2 years ago, sergioskd
Love AdGuard
I have tried many Adblockers and when I found AdGuard I never looked back. AdGuard works perfectly and gives you immense power to block all ads and tracking on the internet. AdGuard was designed with user in mind. You can block a few ads or you can black them all, it’s your choice. With AdGuard you can dial you experience to your liking. With AdGuard DNS you can block Ads on your device. My phone is super snappy everything I need loads super quick. No red lights here, no waiting! I love it I recommend it to all my friends and my friends recommend to theirs. It’s a beautiful app that is backed by a very experienced programmers and a trusted company!
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3 years ago, RatKingBeeSting
Quicker loading, privacy oriented
Ever since I started using AdGuard I’ve seen a noticeable increase in the does at which pages load. I’ve also noticed many if the pages I would frequently visit now load in with the ads automatically blocked. If there is a page where you would like to block additional elements, you can do so easily using AdGuard’s feature. I really like to see the the lost if requests because it shows you exactly what website is trying to track you and you can easily choose to block that domain directly from the app. By far the best ad blocker I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, iG@M€$ D!ZZ¥ D
Let’s see
Reddit Rated this a top free stuff on the internet to take advantage of for free, and as an iOS user it sounded like it was worth a try and haven’t been let down yet. So good job reddit(so far), and a thumbs up to AdGuard(unless suddenly my sense of caution I ignored was right and my whole life is stolen by Debembe Numiponokee a Nigerian prince who quit emailing the world population, and started covert oppositional hacking under the guise of a promising for being what it was said to be by many, and is so far a 4.5 star rated app. P.S. if the Nigerian prince thing happens to take place.... Face on you buddy boy! Be me if you’d like, but know I wouldn’t want to be. U.S student loans, and medical bills have made me like most. In the red and worth more dead. Lol
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3 years ago, Rise Mental
Do not mind the negative reviews - most of those users do not configure things correctly and do not bother to look for something that is right in front of you from the jump. I’ve had AdGuard for a few years now and I’ve seen it continue to improve. It’s adblocking/annoyance blocking capabilities are very powerful and have cleaned every page I visit - leaving no wasted space and ads. On top of that, with the new native dns for iOS 14, I have been able to use my NextDNS profile within this app and it’s encrypted more queries than the NextDNS app itself. There is virtually no ads on my phone at all and NextDNS has even double the protection in tandem with my safari blockers.
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1 year ago, cacao_tree
Makes life so much easier! and cleaner!
I am a student and have to do a lot of browsing for school stuff. This weekend, I had to work with an “ad buddy” type of website that has you watching ads after ever 2 clicks… When I switched from my desktop to the ipad with Ad Guard, it was like magic!!! I have been using this app for about 2 years now and haven’t noticed any performance issues. I’ve been able to read everything I need to online without things like nasty earwax commercials constantly distracting and disgusting me. By the time I graduate, Ad Guard will have earned about 25% of my diploma. Thank you guys!!!
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3 years ago, lavendersunrise
Wow! Finally can read a page without the text jumping all over the page as ads pop up. Also can see more than three lines of text at once. I am so relieved to not have to worry about what offensive ad is going to just show up with no warning. Ads were so out of control I’d give up and just click off the page I was trying to read and move on with my life. The app was easy to set up. THANK YOU. Seriously thank you. Oh and by the way...I refused to read the ads or respond to them due to the fact I was so angry about their overwhelming interference in what I was trying to do on the web.
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4 months ago, Hownowwbrowwncoww
Writing this because I wish I would’ve known
I saw a lot of people saying adguard made their phone hot and lose battery, well I have the opposite experience. I use safari to look up game wikis a lot and they are riddled with ads, so much that loading a single page would heat up my phone until the webpage would “repeatedly fail” and not even load. Felt like I was using a phone internet from 2008. This completely stopped all of that. Pages load instantly now and no heat from just leaving open a page of safari. Ads are literally a plague now a days, glad I found a cure!
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2 years ago, Piteoous
Best Safari extension!
A lot of people only care about the ad blocking it does, and it does that extremely well if you enable the right filters, however there are also many other great features about this extension! This is one of the best extensions for Safari, especially because of the privacy features it offers. This extension is one of the reasons why I only use Safari now! Overall, it is a great extension despite having many features (mostly not important) locked behind a paywall. Just know what you're doing and enable the right filters when using this extension!
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5 years ago, uninterrupted worship
Holy crap!
So first thing I did after I downloaded this was go straight to YT and even though the yellow ad tab is there, it went right over it with NO AD!!! Then I clicked on another song and boom.. again NO AD.... y’all I am about to cry! All the features still work in YT as well. The auto play still works(with others I’ve tried it didn’t) and there is no difference in playing the videos with quality and so forth! Sooooooo amazing! Now I can worship with NO interruptions... even if I had to pay for this ap I would in a second but just the fact that it’s free and it works.. is a huge bonus and completely unexpected! Love love love you guys soooo much! Edited, well I’m not sure if YT has an ad blocker “blocker” because now all of the ads are getting in and I’m back to square one. I’m considering being done with YT. Uninstalling this app now since it has been rendered useless for me now. So bummed.
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2 years ago, Kohou
Best ad blocker, best price
I’ve tried several other ad blockers on my ipad, but most of them still had a few problems - the worst being that I couldn’t block the anti-anti blockers; but also some that missed ads and (worst of all) some that pestered me to rate or pay them. So far, adguard is great. It works, the customization is useful, they have all sorts of options that I only started digging into recently but have made me like them even more. And I like that even their ‘please review us’ screen also has a bug reporter built right in, as though they’re saying “if you don’t like us, what do you still want?” I know it’s a basic sales trick, but it still went a long way to make me not annoyed. Also, their price is cheaper than other apps, despite having equivalent, or in some cases (mostly due to good interface design) better functionality than those apps. It’s really a solid deal. And they didn’t ask me to give them a good rating, which I hate.
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5 years ago, ccccccc bbbbb
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your product. It is much appreciated. Unfortunately I live on a budget so I don’t have your pro version but I have the free one and I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you make your product available to those of us who can’t afford to pay. So far I haven’t got the first complaint. I only have good things to say about your product. I do pass along to family and friends. when I am happy with the product like yours I do talk about it to family and friends. I hope you always have your free version. Thank you very very much!!! Keep up the great work!!!
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5 months ago, celphiriox
Hardly blocks any ads in Safari or elsewhere
Since this is basically one of like 2 adblockers available in the Apple ecosystem (and one made with a good industry reputation) you’d think they’d make a decent app blocker on Safari. But nope. Apps on many major websites are so heavy on Safari that a lot of them will just get stuck in this infinite refresh loop that makes them unusable. AdGuard does nothing to block them nor lighten the load. Nor does the VPN seem to work for anything that uses WebKit like Google News. I know the problem is AdGuard because my normal VPN has no trouble at all blocking these pesky ads. To be fair, it works well enough on Mac. Obviously it pales in comparison to uBlock Origin, but with a lifetime subscription for someone who needs Safari’s battery saving magic, it’s worth it. I cannot recommend it on iOS at all, though.
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2 years ago, Chulomarine
Recent iOS freezes
I have a few licenses and two of the mobile apps for iOS I love this product and stood by it for the longest time, until recent updates of AdGuard for iOS the app freezes and only show the shield symbol and wont go any further before s long pause and then “booted out”!! I haven’t checked to see if there was any correlation with the new experimental Quic protocol but I recently been selecting it to give it a try and that seems to be the only time when it started to freeze up now I found myself having to delete the app and reinstall it just to be able to go in and make adjustments again. As far as everything else this is a excellent app
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4 years ago, RyuujinZeke
Stopped blocking ads after a few weeks
When I first installed this app, it worked great. I used the profiles built in and didn’t worry about ads. But then some started showing up. I figured just needed to update so searched for updates and verified latest. But a few were still getting through. It wasn’t terrible, so I left it. But then it just stopped blocking ads altogether. I reinstalled it, checked for updates, switched to different profiles... nothing worked. I left it installed and grabbed another, thinking maybe another update would fix it and I could just use a secondary option as a helper, but then I replaced my device and the helper app I’m using is no longer available, so I tried this one alone again. Absolutely horrible. It’s not blocking a single thing. I’ve finally decided to say good riddance.
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9 months ago, RickoDean274
Very technical but effective
This app is definitely not an install and push button solution. It requires quite a bit of tinkering in order to get it working correctly. Most of these low ball reviews are from those who’s not tech savvy enough to understand how to setup the personal dns server, connect devices to the dns server and then connect the personal dns server to the AG app and the AG VPN app 🤷🏽‍♂️ that is what I did and this rocks!!! I just wish that AG, AG VPN & AG DNS were all in the app. I am not fond of having multiple apps to encrypt my internet traffic. Overall, I am very satisfied with this app
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5 years ago, €hrï$$¥
Still in the first 24 hours of using, but good so far...
So far it’s doing well! I’ve only had it up and running now for about a full 24 hours. So far it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing for me. We’ll see if I need to update this later down the road, but I sure hope not! I don’t mean to be skeptical, but everything else I’ve tried seems to not work, or crash, Or slow down my phone and stops blocking anything it’s supposed to after so much time of using them. I’m hoping I don’t have to update from here and it ends up being great like I have heard it was, because it was highly recommended to me!
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5 years ago, Kskillet521
READ THIS - It works!
Don’t mind the negative reviews, this adblocker does work. If the free version isn’t enough and you complain about the premium payment, then you should have no reason to comment as you need to understand the developers need a way to keep things up and running for us to get the best experience. I have a license for both Mobile and Mac and they both work like a charm. I have been protected against malicious websites, saved data while browsing and have blocked hundreds of thousands of ads while seeing little to no breakage and ads that slip through.
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2 years ago, Lord_Khufu
Problems with updating filters
It seems this issues keep dragging on forever, basically what i'm talking about is adguard took at least 5 minutes to update filters or new user rules, the problem is it could just be a simple one line rules and the app will still took 5 minutes to apply it, you know everytime i need to add something or just simply updating the filters in general i have to sit there with adguard open looking at nothing while listening to music for 5 minutes to combat the waiting, if i close it and exit out to do something else with my time it might stop updating and nothing will works.
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3 years ago, alexplaysgibsons
Slow connection
I have a mesh network and when going from room to room because of apartment living I get interference from the conduit and breaker in my home. So thus I have slower speeds in some areas well AdGuard slows me down so much that when I venture into an area the other satellite in my network is covering zero pages will load. AdGuard destroys my connection l. Turn AdGuard off in the same location pages will open fine. AdGuard needs some serious updates it just trash to experience this on top of the fact that if AdGuard is doing a bad job on a page and you turn it off you have to restart your entire device for it to start working again. Please fix this or I will have to find something else and won’t renew my license. No point if for not reason it destroys your connection in a tiny apartment.
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3 years ago, TheJoshP
Better than every other Adblock I’ve used
This blocks all of the ads and redirect ads that others could not. By redirect ads I mean when you are viewing something and your browser makes you open a page full of viruses and its nearly impossible to close the page due to all the pop ups. This takes care of that. I am so glad to have found this, I can finally enjoy my favorite websites in peace without having my browser crash due to an abnormal amount of ads and spyware.
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2 years ago, unhappy customer1423
Wears off?
I purchased premium and have been using it for a few months, but every now and then I have to reset the settings for the ad block and then restore my purchase because slowly but surely ads start seeping in despite the blocker being on. Resetting it fixes it for about a month but then the blocker “wears off” and more ads start progressively getting allowed even if it’s the same websites I normally visit. However after the reset is finished and I restore my purchase (I bought the year subscription and still have about half a year left on it)
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3 years ago, Big bad James
Highly recommended
I love this app. I’ve downloaded quite a few network apps over the years but AdGuard has the best user interface and their support is amazing. I’m obsessed with network security at a very amateur level and after helping me work through a user error, the support contact asked if there was anything else he could help me with and I sent him a rather long list of questions about security in general. The support contact answered back promptly and thoughtfully. Not all vendors will do this in my experience.
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3 years ago, MacUserOne
Critical Need
This application is a critical need for anyone wanting to use web services as they where once intended. Open a page free of constant ad and dialogs is more than annoying only to find out later that one thing you casually looked at is now following you across every page to open. AdGuard has all but eliminated these frustrations. You can open a page or go on a site and not get so frustrated just to find something. It’s such a refreshing and knowing that it is bettered secured provides peace of mind.
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3 years ago, Chris.G.Corona
Best Ad Blocker on iOS
What can I say? I love this app. You know those annoying adds that come up over a page and you just can’t quite find the X button on, or the X is too small, but when you click it instead of opening a new tab it changes your web page that you were waaaaaaaaay in the middle of cus you had hit that “load more pages” button an ungodly number of times??? This app gets rid of those. You’ll NEVER see them again. That‘a all I gotta say. Well worth the Annual Subscription.
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4 months ago, SteelCityAnne
Works for Me 💯
I have had AdGuard since 2019 . My iPad battery is fine . I don't watch videos or you tube much … many of the negative reviews mentioned issues with videos & you tube , maybe AdGuard has a setting for them ? The only disappointment I have is that you used to be able to create custom filters ~ now you have to pay with premium to do so . When I use the internet on my husband's computer , it appears strange to me , that's how good AdGuard is , I had forgotten what it's like to view ads !
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