Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

4.7 (360.7K)
351.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

4.69 out of 5
360.7K Ratings
3 months ago, akspooner
New AI Feature is Awesome!
They just added an AI feature that will analyze the content of a document then you can ask specific questions and it answers them so you can understand it. You can keep documentation of the information it provides. Just had it answer questions on a contract that I was wanting a lawyer look at and I felt that they had lied to me, also didn’t provide all the facts. While that part is still true the AI saw what I hadn’t seen, the services they provided were just specified without any other information related to those services. There was definition of those services, just a broad overview of the service by name. But, they were very specific about all their disclaimers, and basically that they were not liable for when those services would take place and was not liable if I lost money and many additional things if I was displeased with basically anything. I never saw all of that and could have paid several hundreds of dollars for a lawyer to tell me the exact same thing. Amazing is all I can say, completely amazing.
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1 year ago, ECHD229
Premium seems to be a waste
I pay for a Premium subscription yet this app and Adobe Scan continue to identify me as a free user. Whenever I attempt to use Premium features such as “Create PDF” or “Edit PDF” it takes me to a screen and asks me to subscribe. Whenever I choose the subscribe button it informs me I already have a subscription. It then processed indefinitely. I’ve checked for updates of the app. That does not seem to be the issue. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I’ve logged out and back in several times. I’ve tried to reach out to customer service representative (which does not seem to be an option). I’ve turned to Adobe troubleshooting forums to fix this issue. Attempts to troubleshoot are infuriating to put it lightly and result in no helpful resolution. This seems to be a consistent problem for Premium users as there are numerous posts on a few different threads all posing a similar issue. The options offered don’t seem to be helpful. Some of the posed options under these threads were buying PDF packs, not using Reader and instead downloading Adobe Acrobat Pro on to desktop computer to use features from there, etc. Yet these all do not fix the issue and defeat the purpose of a Premium subscription: why have a Premium subscription for an app when the user cannot use the Premium features using that particular app? Disappointing
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2 years ago, Tiffanyrose2007
Could not understand customer service reps
I had to call in 4 x until I was able to get someone who spoke slowly and pronounced their words. I could not understand what they were saying because of their accent. I had to ask several times can I cancel without being charged a cancellation fee I did not know about. No one answers my question and kept beating around the bush trying to get me to use a program I did not understand and continues to freeze and crash. I had been billed several months for a subscription that was supposed to cancel. I asked for them to cancel the subscription without more fees and they refused. I used one program and I didn’t understand it. It was too confusing for me. I also was not informed when I signed up there was a cancellation fee. I shouldn’t be charge for a cancellation fee if I did not understand the product and only used it once. It’s like you’re holding a customer hostage for something they don’t want. Even if I wanted to try adobe again in the future or try a different program I refuse to, because of this experience. I didn’t ask for a refund or free months. I just wanted to cancel the service because it doesn’t work for me. I should be able to do this without forcing me to commit to something I don’t understand and continues to crash and freeze on my computer. I shouldn’t be charged $200 in fees just to cancel. That’s insane.
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3 years ago, Evil Stewy
Adobe Acrobat Reader Review
I have been a user of Adobe Acrobat Reader and their family of products for literally decades. Several Adobe products have become the de-facto standard in many areas. Such as (***.PDF) being a common identifier for documents that crossed platforms and allowed people to share documents. Just as Xerox became the commonplace word embraced for all by a copy machine. Adobe has been the word for documents or attachments and such. Adobe Acrobat Reader used to be a free product! The Adobe family of products is now so vast that much or their applications are by subscription service only. Some Adobe applications will offer you a free install but all of the desirable features are only available through a subscription. It is like being given free addicting drugs then once hooked, and unable or undesirable to change, they start selling you a product that once was free. Don’t get me wrong, I like their products but I am questioning if maybe another providers product may be more suitable going forward.
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6 years ago, Camscannerfanatic
Latest updates killed me
I use this app primarily for work purposes. I save all my service receipts to this app and also fill out and submit safety and order forms daily. The recent update changed alot of things. First of all, the new design I don't like. That I can get used to but it's made it more difficult to use in my opinion. Some of the buttons are not labeled now, they only have icons so I have to guess what they do until I press them and find out if I'm right or wrong. More importantly, there are functions/operations that changed. For example, sharing a file through email no longer takes the file name and automatically makes it the subject line of the email. Also, when you sort by name,files with letters now follow files with numbers. I have to scroll through a hundred files (which have dates) to get to my template (which starts with letters). So I had to through a random zero at the beginning so it's at the top. There is more I could write but I think you get my point. I realize it may sound like nitpicking but when you use the app as much as I do it becomes very annoying. I am disappointed you made such a big change and it doesn't seem to be for the better. Let's get some of this fixed so I can change this back to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Hooker pilot
If you care about backing up your documents, steer clear!
I paid $10 for this app probably 6 years ago or more. I remember when the newest $10 version came out a few years back and I didn’t have access to it, that was a pretty big kick in the junk but I kept using it because I liked some of its features and it’s what I had been using for years. The most annoying part about using this app was that when I changed IPads, I had to find some creative way to transfer all of the documents that I used in the app to the newest device because they aren’t saved in the cloud anywhere. Well, I knew I should have changed after that but I didn’t because it’s what I had been using and I have a hard time changing. The worst case scenario just happened and I changed my iPad passcode after years of using the same one (again, don’t like change) and I forgot that passcode. I had to restore my iPad from my iCloud backup today and the worst thing happened. All my most important documents were lost, many of them for good. It will be very difficult, in some cases impossible, to get those again. Don’t use this app if you want your important documents to be secure and safe unless you’re manually backing them up every time you bring a new one in.
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4 years ago, Spiral Geronimo
Does What It Should
In general I find Adobe products (I have many) do what they should do without much of a problem and Acrobat DC is no different... once you climb the learning curve, which is often steep considering the range of functionality. Though some object to subscription models, the need to keep programs updated to meet requirements of your OS is a great convenience. Apple keeps up a regular pace of changes, most of which are positive, so having other programs kept up to date is critical. I often turn Word, Pages (Mac OS), images, scans, etc. into PDF’s for convenience, especially when sending by email, some needing passwords for sensitive documents, or messaging app on an iMac. One improvement I would recommend is that the program ought to enable “tagging” that is compatible with Mac OS tagging. I haven’t a clue about how Windows PC folks find Acrobat DC but in general my forays into the Windows PC world have left me feeling that the Windows version of anything is clunkier, less user friendly and more frustrating than the Apple version.
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2 months ago, tdakpj
Not user-friendly
Keep t it simple. Isn’t that an Apple product. This sure isn't if you have to you use a windows based app or software to complete anything. I’ve been at this for longer than necessary to try and convert a few photos that were taken with the iPad into a pdf to send to someone who I only has windows. What a pain in the everything. Annoying, time-consuming, oh and buy this, and that to complete this task. I’m so over all of it. Let me go back in time and use a flatbed scanner that was direct to my computer. Wow, that worked in one easy swipe. Adobe was installed on all of my products and didn’t nickel and dime me for everything. Now if I want to open something I have to have this app or this specific product to be able to even think about getting to the first step. I love my Apple products and shouldn’t be penalized because I don’t want to have to have a windows based anything to do a simple task for one document. OHHHHHH, unless I pay, again. I did, when it came out, but since it’s not compatible with the new and improved and updated versions I have to pay again and again and again. I wish I bought stock back in the day, I’d be rich.
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3 months ago, Annie_B88
There are easier, FREE pdf apps
I typically don't write reviews, but I had such a hard time with this app that I felt like it was necessary. I'm sure this app is just fine if you already have Adobe for desktop and want to use it for quick work on the go. I downloaded it for the express purpose that I needed to edit and merge some documents quickly. I am thankful I decided to do the free trial first rather than pay the $10 for a month of it. Immediately, I started getting error messages that my files couldn't be merged or edited. There is a virtual AI assistant now, which I think is neat; however, there was no feature to actually get help with the error messages as the AI can only really offer writing tools. After a lot of googling and fiddling with it, I decided to cut my losses and try another actually free pdf app. Immediately it worked. No error messages and I was able to download my edited documents with no problem. Like I said, I'm sure this app would be fine for certain daily tasks, but I don't think it's worth the money unless you're already super familiar with Adobe software or already have a subscription to it.
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5 years ago, jior design
What happened
As a subscriber of the Adobe creative cloud I am very displeased to see the industry standard for PDF software become practically unusable! In fact Adobe Acrobat no longer works on my iPhone XS! When I choose to download or simply view a pdf file, Adobe Acrobat nor the Adobe Creative Cloud app appear in the list of apps to choose from in the iOS share to/open menu! I tried a workaround by saving the PDF file to "files" both locally and via iCloud drive then attempted to open the saved PDF file via Adobe Acrobat which incredibly failed to open with a message stating "File type unsupported"... This is unacceptable! Can't open the very file format Adobe Acrobat is meant to not only open but create and manage! Wow just wow! Not sure what is going on but Adobe is slacking with other apps as well! I'm contemplating canceling my CC subscription since $50 a month is a price only worth paying for the best and I am literally seeing more and more apps that offer more! The mobile apps are terrible besides a select few! Out of all, I never thought Acrobat would ever lose the crown but here I am having to find an alternative in order to save the PDF I need! Verbal apologies won't change the fact that I'm dishing out money for software that isn't working properly!
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1 year ago, drlmwho
Latest acrobat
I love the cloud interoperability between all my devices and it opens most pdfs I download from the internet. I still like the Apple pdf editor interface better and wish adobe was better at separating out the commands used frequently from the more specialized ones. I also have had some bad experiences where it wasn’t clear that it had chosen to scan and interpret text that I thought was coded in the file produced by another app and it was difficult to switch back to the original version without corrupting it. I have to use this in several situations at work and for grants, and in that context it is very reliable and shows the long experience adobe has with this type of file. Since I’m still a latex newbie I appreciate the security of knowing files run through adobe acrobat will actually print correctly!
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5 years ago, DrOverbuild
Very powerful, missing critical annotation feature
This app has been great when it comes to storing, reading, and annotating documents. I’ve been using it with the Apple Pencil and I’ve noticed the drawing features are lacking support for the pencil in one key area: it takes the touch of the palm of my hand or my fingers as drawing touches. I must have the option to ignore all drawing events with my hand and just accept them from the Apple Pencil, with the exception of scrolling. I want to be able to use two of my fingers to navigate the document and the Apple Pencil strictly for drawing. Because I don’t have the option for this extended Apple Pencil support it’s difficult for tasks such as writing notes over presentation slide PDFs during the presentation. I can’t rest the palm of my hand on my iPad and write normally because it listens to finger touch events. EDIT: I have learned a day later that once you start using Apple Pencil in drawing mode, it ignores other touches, but you have to start with the pencil. Still, it would be nice to be able to scroll without leaving draw mode.
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1 year ago, KingKae93
App does not update my subscription
I’ve had this app for a while now with the PREMIUM subscription. Recently I tried to edit a file sent to me that I tried to fill in and edit(and yes it was sent in a format to fill in the Blanks), but I would not allow me to do so. I then purchased an upgrade and went to the PRO, I did this purchase through my Apple Store and have the purchase confirmation to prove it, yet none of my devices and accounts will update to pro and they all still say PREMIUM. I have already checked for updates and logged out and logged Back in on every device and accounts and still nothing. I waited for over an hr to talk to customer service and they were no help and my problem have yet to get resolved. The app is ok But if I don’t get to access a PRO ACCOUNT, with all the things it comes with then I’ll have no choice but to cancel my account and ask for a refund since I can’t use it. My Laptop is a Chromebook and I have a iPhone 13Max and yet still don’t work on either device. I’m hoping this review gets me the answer and solutions that I need.
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1 year ago, Nicky the foot
Acrobat is the best
I mean what I said in the subject title. What really bothers me though is that you can’t use all of the functions and less you buy acrobat pro. Most of the functions are necessary, but they are blocked unless you purchase the pro edition, which is crazy because acrobat has always been the number one app when it came to documents, BUT… It also used to be FREE. I still use the options that I have available to me but like I said, I am upset about the other functions because I need to use those a lot and I have to resort to some other app and change the file type. All of that to be able to even mess with it because God for bid, if you do the wrong thing on Acrobat, when you go to save the document, it says this is a pro function, and you can’t save it unless you pay for Acrobat Pro. so it’s just so time consuming. Why can’t acrobat go back to its old ways? I still give it a 4 because it’s helped me so much in the past and it still does help me today but not like it used to.
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9 months ago, IrisYield
I have to PAY a SEPARATE subscription fee??
It’s absolutely absurd to charge existing Adobe subscribers an ADDITIONAL $30/mo to use this app. I open Adobe Fill & Sign and get a popup stating that it will be gone soon and to check out Acrobat. I download this new app and immediately I’m prompted to start a 7 day free trial and subscribe for $30/mo. I closed the pop up and sign in with my Adobe login, tapped restore purchases, no such luck. Turns out, I’ll need to pay a second subscription fee. (Unless I’ve missed something?) No thanks! This is intolerable. I get that you want to charge for your products and ordinarily I’d fully support that. But this is a bridge too far for me, especially since you’re getting rid of the free version. In fact, I’ve got half a mind to cancel my existing Adobe subscription, I barely use the products anyway. If you’re going to use the subscription structure to keep the lights on, then y’all need to remodel the pricing and offer something like what Apple uses, a scalable “cherry pick” option that allows subscribers to bundle only the services they want and save verses paying the individual fees for each.
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2 years ago, PsychicSoul
Adobe Acrobat Premium is worth the subscription!
I have used Acrobat, on my desktop computer, for many, many years, both professionally as an employee and personally, as a published writer. PCs have forced most users to update their Adobe Acrobat program to the “DC” version, but I don’t like the DC version so I’m still using Acrobat X. On my iOS devices, however, I LOVE the Adobe Acrobat app, and because the fee for the Premium subscription is worth every penny, I upgraded to the additional level of functionality. It has several more options, mostly the ability to edit, organize, format and share with other document-editing apps for iOS 15+. Worth mentioning is its built-in user guide, AND availability on all my devices (please note: a premium version for OS platforms must be purchased separately.). I highly recommend this app with premium subscription for anyone who values a well written document, formatted for easy reading.
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3 years ago, 👍's up
App can’t create a pdf with images
Coming from desktop I was expecting to be able to create PDF’s out of multiple images. This doesn’t seem to be the case. After attempting to create the file it gives an error and crashes. It can’t access the photos app but can access the files app. Some images it will let you select while others are arbitrarily greyed out despite being the exact same file type. I then learned that this is a simple process in the files app. As a result this app serves little purpose for my workflow on iPad OS. On PC it gets the job done. Not being able to create PDF’s with multiple file types is a huge let down. Not to mention the process of combining a large number of files is slow as there doesn’t seem to be a way to mass select. Overall, the app isn’t trash, but it doesn’t do the things I need it to do that it’s PC counterpart can do faster and with ease. Hopefully these issues are remedied in a future update.
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3 years ago, VictoriaSilvis
Good app for my studies
I don’t do lengthy reviews and only do when I enjoy a good app, or software. After using Adobe acrobat reader actually I wanna get all three Adobe apps, and including this. The only con is why $52 for individuals per month? I know it’s fair but why per month? I won’t complain. I think other companies alike Adobe needs to rely on yearly subscriptions at lower prices. Because I’ve been hearing complaints from people on the media using Adobe apps, so what you could improve is include more colors in Adobe reader, and make the monthly payments for individuals maybe like $25 per year. That’s just my feedback and I ain’t gonna complain, and people just don’t like when people feels their money is robbed, and I’ve notice the prices are getting better. The one for individuals per month probably alright for people who has enough money, and were able to pay per month. It would been helpful if you made an affordable yearly subscription for individuals.
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3 years ago, boxipip
Being Over-Charged through duplicate accounts
I have subscribed using various emails; since changing to another phone, I have not been able to use the Premium features on my first, and preferred, account. The trouble is- I now am paying for the Adobe Scan , the PDF converter, and the first account, with my best files, though free, I can’t use to the full, lest I also add another PAID subscription to it. I’m already paying for 2 of the aforementioned services under emails I had used subsequent to my first account. I’m up to about 30 dollars per month, with scattered files. I can’t just go away and come back like I was wanting to( the device I.D. has to be forgotten for 120 days( or something to that effect), I have no personal assistance that I know if except all the reading material. So now I’m trapped. With the past single premium subscription, I had full functionality. Now I just feel not in control and just bewildered about what to do.
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4 years ago, 22Dweb22
What’s wrong with the search option?
This was my go-to app for use with my Native American language pdf’s. I could search by typing words or parts of words, and it would highlight anything with those combinations. The past few months it just brings me to a page with zero highlights, so I have to search the whole page for the entry it wants to show me. Other times it will tell me the item is not found, even though it’s right on the page. I retype the exact same thing and then it highlights. Basically, search results are very inconsistent, and I’ve been using this app for 6 years. It even does this on my PC now. It brings up entries I didn’t even type in, so I have to switch to “case sensitive”. It’s been pretty frustrating to use this app when it used to work so well up until mid year.
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6 months ago, Mark Verizon customer
Adobe Acrobat iOS app and Windows Pro versions plus Scan app
This review is for Adobe Acrobat iOS app and Windows versions plus Scan app for iOS. The Adobe Scan app is 4 to 5 stars, and of note has been significantly improved in functionality. The scan quality using the phone camera seems much better than my HP and Brother multifunctional printers, with the main issue being scanning from a phone doesn’t give a flat bed or feeder that keeps the paper flat and centered so images aren’t as well centered and square cornered. The Adobe app has also been improved significantly, to where it does nearly everything or everything the Windows version does. One significant continuing shortcoming of the app as compared with Adobe Acrobat Pro Windows version and something I’ve wanted to do on several occasions now is the inability to create or capture content to create PDF files from apps like Word or web site content as a “printer.” Another is not being able to have the Bookmarks on the iPhone app be at the top of the screen to get to that by one click, but instead in a menu that requires two clicks and a motion to access. The Windows version is now 3 stars in that at times and on a computer with 32GB ram and fast processor runs slow and of late I’ve seen cases where file content doesn’t show up and lags in showing up as I page down (white space in a file).
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4 years ago, TheMacDuffs
Super handy app
Love this app... works wonders on an iPhone and makes so much more so much easier and obtainable via your iPhone vs having to use the computer. Can access most everything right on our phones now and even upload and forward or send most all needed documents. Can’t begin to count how many times this app have been a complete life saver! Thank you adobe! No complaints here, do wish more features where available throughout each app instead of having to open multiple apps and somewhat bounce back and forth between them, however despite that small inconvenience you have still absolutely completely saved our butts hugely several times! We’d be up s*~! Creek with out you so once again thank you for all the simplicity and conveniences you’ve brought to and made available on iPhone.
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4 years ago, dtnel72
Only a basic reader
This is only a basic reader and not much more. I find that it lacks the ability to select multiple PDF files that you may have stored in your cloud account and then transfer them simultaneously to the device. A good example would be I have about 35 files I want to transfer to my device from my iCloud account and I have to go through and manually transfer each one of them one at a time. I have Google searched trying to find a way to batch move files but I cannot seem to find that I know the option used to be there before and be very easy. If it’s something that I have to pay for and I will continue using my dropbox account in the same manner it just will only take one extra step and stead of 35 extra steps. To sum it up basically you get a basic reader with Adobe acrobat reader and that’s about all you’re going to get. You can Open, read and share files but in my opinion I don’t see a whole lot more unless they’re not really advertising their products.
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6 years ago, necessarynickname?
!!!horrible update!!!
Zero stars if that were possible. I’ve never written a review before for any app, but this update is so awful that I had to comment. I have an iPad Air 2, which is not old enough to be the problem (I think). A handful of user comments after the last update are positive, but I echo the vast majority—the app freezes at the home page and I can’t access any files. At least I can open the app to see a home page with a recent files list; apparently some folks just see a spinning circle with the opening icon and never get to the home page. At first I thought my files had been deleted, as some folks complained, but since I can still see some recent file names listed on the home page, I can’t tell whether some or all files have actually been deleted. Either way, I can’t even sign in or sign up because that link on the home page doesn’t work either. Bottom line, fix it or I’m done (as are many others probably), obviously, because I can’t even access my files. Now I’m glad that I saved at least some files in other formats/apps.
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5 years ago, Tomshz
Finally , I find the best PDF files app that suit me
I had tried a few different PDF files and Acrobat is the best so far . It has all the features and functionalities in helping me creating , editing PDF files ; it has very simple interface and tools in guiding me to finish my works. with the Scan file app , it add more useful functions in creating PDF files ; the Acrobat cloud allows me to access my files from everywhere ; and upload to cloud to store my files securely . and Sharing the files easily to anyone . On the other hand , I find the app a bit of confusing in some area . the default language is English (UK) ; the app i was downloaded for my iphone , I can not use the app to edit or fill the files . and it require Window or Mac Version of the app to edit or fill my files. Why can the app tell me before I purchase it ? lastly , I cannt download the finished the files to my iphone or my icloud
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4 years ago, G.G.Lórien
Need auto-save as you work
Update: delete and reinstall app fixed the launch issue; back to 4 stars. Update: from 4 to 1 star. 2-2-20 app update results in app crashing on my iPad while it’s working on launching, then it just sits in the background stuck on th3 splash screen before I flick it closed. Utterly useless to me right now... Unlike Office and Google, this will not save changes as your filling in forms or annotating; will save changes only when you back out of the document to the larger document list. I have a fillable PDF I type into during a group study, and lost 1 1/2 hrs worth of work when the app crashed. I lost all that work because the info in the lecture was coming fast and furious and I didn’t have time to back out to the documents list so this particular group study PDF could save. Thought about giving it three stars because of this issue, but other than that I like the app.
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6 years ago, GRIFFINSTE1N
This app used to be wonderful, but now...’s terrible. It was extremely user friendly, from its organization (folders first, then separate files - this made so much sense, why would you change it?! I don’t want to have to put a number before my folders so they display before files) to its editable features (highlighting...the new colors and transparency options are terrible, seriously). If I tapped the screen while on a document, the superfluous information would go away until the screen was tapped again. Brilliant. Now, every time you scroll that information is displayed, what if I just want to read the raw document!? And seriously, it’s a PDF reader, why are you trying to fit some new mold with the design? And for the life of me, how can I delete the STUPID “Welcome” document out of my files? And why will this update not “find” text when I search through documents that the previous version would? Please revert this “improved update” to the way it was when it was useful and simple. Will definitely be switching apps if this isn’t changed.
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6 years ago, dvd587
Hate the new user interface.
I loved the old user interface, everything was where it needed to be and within reach. This new UI is horrible, clunky and annoying. I especially hate being asked constantly to sign in/up for something just to use a PDF viewer. That’s all I need this app to do, look at PDFs. Not link it to social media so I can share things in the cloud with people who don’t need to see what I’m looking at. Why did you need to move the bookmarks button behind a menu at the top of the screen? It was perfect at the bottom right corner. Why do you feel the need to have me fill and sign every PDF? In case you didn’t know a manual for something doesn’t need to be filled out. Finding the right chapter in a manual or using the search function is more important than filling out non-existent fields. I especially dislike when I go to send someone something over airdrop it brings up a blank screen and reminds me I should log in for no reason, and then hit another greyed out button to bring up the native iOS transfer menu. Guess I’ll go find a new PDF viewer.
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2 years ago, LordOfRebels
So incredibly frustrating
Let me start by saying, adobe makes the toolset so easy to use. They are great as a PDF READER. Filling out and saving a PDF however is an altogether different story. I can download and print a PDF all day, every day no issue. But if you have to make a change to a PDF, fill out a form, CREATE a PDF, or anything where you have to save when you’re done, Adobe falls flat on its face. Any file Adobe saves is completely blank. Gone. Spent an hour crafting a form? Great! Want to save or print? Here’s a white page. What’s worse is if you download a form, fill it out, save, then the original form is gone and cannot be recovered. I deal with government offices on a daily basis and have to fill out forms daily, usually with repeated information on identical forms. I wanted to be able to save a PDF as a template but any time i make an edit, I lose the original scan! Completely and utterly unacceptable considering EDITING PDFs IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PROGRAM! You had one job and you failed. Would give zero stars if i could.
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5 years ago, Jilimac77
Couldn’t live without
This is a paid subscription however it has paid for itself several times over. It’s every important document saver with adobe cloud. It’s a must for anyone that is a multi tasker from a busy Mom to an executive. The best app that is also a must have is Adobe Scan app. That is the most convenient app I’ve ever downloaded. It can save business cards to your favorite pictures your kids have made and can print and edit better than any program. So yes I pay every month for the apps but it comes with a lot of Adobes Apps. Would most definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed. If I had one ding I wish they would put down the monthly payment. Maybe they will read this and make the change!!
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4 years ago, BonnieSK
Acrobat Reader.: My review
I really like using Acrobat Reader in order to save pages from the internet to be able to read or reference later and to save copies of online orders and refunds and files so that they are always available to me and I can keep them conveniently with me on my iPhone and/or iPad wherever I go without having to carry a bulky, (and extremely heavy,) amount of paperwork, and can use it to quickly access the document cloud and add attachments in pdf form to emails or messages, or open it in notes to reference it quickly on my iPhone while I’m reading something on my iPad. The only issue I had was that I hadn’t kept up with technological advances and hadn’t used the internet or pretty much anything as far as newer technology for years and so it took me some time to figure out how to use Acrobat Reader and am still figuring some things on it. I have to say that it has been fairly easy to figure it out though even without having used adobe acrobat or early version of Reader in so long. Over all I rate the basic online version that I use, without any upgrades so it’s free, as 9 out of 10, but that’s because of my lack really and I didn’t check to see if there is tutorial though either. Keep it up everyone at Adobe!! Awesome products👍👍 a Happy consumer, Bonnie K., Oregon City, Oregon
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4 years ago, memko35
Mostly Satisfied withLittle Issues
I like Adobe and use it for most of my readings and note taking needs. However, lately I came across an issue. I have a document which I could read and make changes in the beginning. However, Adobe is losing the pages of my document. The pages get blank and receive an error message that “some of the properties of document is not supported this version of Adobe acrobat”. Reuploading the same document fixes the issue; however, after taking some notes and highlighting lines, the same error pops up and my pages disappear. This issue does not happen on all the documents. So, it’s document specific issue. However, if there is an unsupported thing on the document, the app should not show everything perfect. After you work on it getting and error message is something undesirable.
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6 years ago, adobeappuser
So far so bad
I was surprised today to find that the Adobe app on my iPad had been “upgraded”. From what I can to determine thus far, it appears that Adobe created This “upgraded” app to encourage the use of “the cloud”. That is all well and good. BUT Adobe might have considered its users who sometimes have reason to use the Adobe app off line before it shoved this “upgrade” down users’ throats. Prior to the Adobe “upgrade”, I had organized all my Adobe files into folders based on categories. I had several dozen files organized that way. But the “upgraded“ Adobe app wiped out all my folders. I cannot find a function in the “upgraded“ version of the Adobe app that allows me to create folders. Therefore, It will now require hours of my time to figure out how to re-organize my files in a way that Allows me to find the file I want when I want it. Very bad adobe.
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1 year ago, JayZ-MIT
Incredibly useful …
Most people know, the obvious advantages of Adobe Acrobat: an application-independent method of storage for documents and images; a universal standard method for document transfer as well as storage; and an aesthetically gorgeous way of integrating multi-imaging applications and data tk whatever document platforms you select. What most users may not recognize is that adobe also provides a platform independent storage modality very inexpensively that allows you to contain almost any materials you would need in your professional or personal life. As time goes on, I become far more appreciative of the ability to be relatively independent from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other providers, who would fondly wish me to put every thought or image I might have into their hands. Thank you, but no thank you.
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1 year ago, Veto RI sportsbook
I personally feel cheated
I had to download this as an intern in the summer of 2021 just to find out that you cannot cancel unless it is the 1 year mark. I’m a broke college student who can barely afford food and this comes out of my account every month. I forgot to cancel this summer so I continue to pay for a service I haven’t used in over a year and a half. Keep trying to cancel however cannot pay the full fee to cancel. What kind of practice allows this. I think it’s such a money grab and don’t understand why this is the only subscription service that does this. Product worked great when I used it however it is very clear to see that this is how they get you to continue to eat away at peoples pockets. Please someone from Adobe see this and cancel for me or give me some refund because I haven’t used this service in so long and the money you are taking each month could be much more beneficial to me who actually needs the money at the moment.
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6 years ago, Brains1959
Why did you destroy a great program?
This is the worst downgrade of a five star program ever. Sure programs have changed and no longer worked for certain devices or operating systems. But this no longer is not good for anyone. If you do not use it - do not download. Very very difficult to edit. Now I struggle to edit forms or to fill in forms. Used to be tap and add writing, drawing, or text. Now I must click and click and click to stumble into adding text. Also I must email a copy to myself to save unsigned version. Before I easily would make a duplicate of a file then have customer sign the duplicate. Now you do not have duplicate function. It is harder to email a copy to customer it tries to get them to view or share a cloud version. I can’t imagine how it appears to a customer. New version is also uglier on screen with less color than old version. They are also trying to force us to use their cloud service. Please fire the idiot who did this - the CEO if need be. Then bring back a version similar to the old one.
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3 years ago, scantime
I Do NOT Recommend
Since August of 2020, I’ve tried to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro and their bundles hoping to be able to compress documents, convert PDF’s to Word, etc. I’ve been billed monthly, and each time I try to use their options - I am asked to purchase the apps I have paid for and am logged into. I’ve tried to get through to customer service multiple times. Their foreign accents are so thick that I cannot understand them. I’m guessing they either don’t want to reimburse me or don’t know how, since they ultimately just disconnect me after I’ve wasted more than 10 minutes. That is not good customer service! There should be an email option for customer service! I finally notified PayPal to see that I no longer get billed, and I’ve asked them for their help getting me reimbursed for months of payment without receiving the service. I have a health issue and certainly do not have the time for all of the nonsense. Again, I would not recommend Adobe.
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2 years ago, Jjseriouslyirritated
Irritatingly Clunky
Moving files around is extremely aggravating. The "drag & drop" functionality is essentially non existent. Moving files within the apps different sections (ie. one cloud source to another) is virtually impossible. Moving files over to the appropriate folder from Adobe Scan is an absolute nightmare on its own. Placing the files in the correct folder in Adobe Acrobat, as I’ve already said… I’ll just say you’ll pull your hair out by the time you actually get it in the right place in Adobe’s Cloud. There is a “Move” File function that does absolutely NOTHING!! You can’t even select the file you’ve just created via Adobe Scan to then move it. Even worse, if you were able to select it, you CANNOT actually move it anywhere. That’s right, there is no functionality to actually move the file…. With Adobe’s money and clout as a PDF-centric company, I’m shocked. They have the money to design their app properly. But they don’t.
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3 years ago, DrPb2Au
The Apps Limitations Are Inconvenient
This app works OK to get work done, but it doesn’t include some features that would make it much more convenient to use. One thing that slows me down using this app is that it doesn’t have a multiple file selection when adding files to an existing file in the page organizer. Also the thumbnails in page organizer did not show the notes I had written in with the stylus. I included the notes to help me identify which pages to move or delete etc and all those labels were just a waste of my time. I realize that I am accustomed to using the Adobe DC Pro program on my computer. As far as I can tell there is not Adobe DC Pro app for the iPad. It would be great if there were, so I can take advantage of the convenience features that are available to me on the computer.
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6 years ago, Too much travel
I used to love this app before the most recent update
I have loved using the Adobe Acrobat app for many years. It has improved over time and has many wonderful features that the desktop edition has. Using the app has been easy, almost instinctive, until now. Nothing is easy to do anymore. The typeface is light and difficult to read for those of us who no longer have 20/20 vision. I’m still trying to figure out how to move a group of files (used to be really easy). I know that the performance is supposed to be improved but scrolling through lists of files and folders seems slower. May be I’ll update this review after using the new update for a while.
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6 years ago, Mr.Culbertson
New update hindrance to annotation
For users annotating PDFs the pen tool’s thickness has been scaled up with no smaller option, making it impossible to write small annotations in margins with Apple pencil. Further, comments and drawings are not saved automatically. Previously users could go between local copies of their documents and have all annotations saved. Now we have no choice but to save in the cloud to retain changes, and see two copies show up in our library? Lastly, tools have an added step and have been miniaturized and placed on the top pane, after tapping the blue pen icon in the bottom right. This update totally baffles me; why make an update that reduces functionality save the addition of cloud improvements? If this isn’t fixed I’ll be using a third party app. I had loved Adobe Reader for its clean UI and superior aesthetic when annotating documents. Why this update?
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4 months ago, DJ Painter
Excellent for the professional, maybe not for everyone
Acrobat has a multitude of tools that no other pdf reader that would make it perfect for the professional who needs to create and edit pdf’s. It isn’t the best tool for those who read pdfs casually. I own a lot of dungeons and dragons pdfs that are out of print. Whenever I open Acrobat I have to reset my preferred settings (pan instead of select, scrolling instead of jumping pages, one page instead of two, etc…) I’m not sure why I have to reset these settings. Every. Time. It’s really been a turn off to acrobat for me. It’s why I’ll be uninstalling and deleting Acrobat from my devices, there’s just better programs elsewhere that serve my needs. That being said Acrobat has more and better tools for pdf editing than anything else I’ve seen. If you are someone that often needs to work on lots of pdfs this would be the first product I’d recommend to you, bar none. It just isn’t for someone that reads more PDFs than works on them. Maybe having a reading mode and editing mode would be an improvement that would bring me back. So long as it remembers my settings when I open back up.
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3 months ago, cerezzav
Adobe Acrobat scam
Do not download or free trail with this app. I free trailed for one day, didn’t even use it and immediately cancelled my “subscription”. I checked the apple apps subscription to confirm that i am unsubscribed to Acrobat Adobe and yet still being charged 20$ every month 2 months later. So i went on their site for help to fully cancel it and it said i have to pay a 100$ fee for early cancellation. This is ridiculous why is it a 100$ fee to cancel a subscription when all the app really does is make documents. To avoid paying the 100$ fee i contacted an agent through the help service and i have to add they were rude saying “We understand you can’t afford it” , ??? i never said i can’t afford i just don’t want to pay 20$ a month for something i don’t use and had already canceled?! The only solution they came up with is to give me 3 months free of subscription. Ya the whole point was to unsubscribe from this scam.
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11 months ago, No more pdfApp
A short time ago the app I use started showing strange messages in the e-mail link. In the fields for subject and message it start asking me to download the app from some link. Well, the same app I already have. So, to send an email with attached pdf file I have to delete two texts in the two fields. Every time I want to send an e-mail... While I looked for a way to solve rhis stupid and pointles advertising, I decided to delete and reinstallbthe app. Grave mistake! I deletee all my pdf files stored on my phone for a few years! Thanks Adobe! Great customer relation interface and services! I am looking to simplybreplace this product with an alternative. There is some. Something that I was using for countless years is no more reliable service. Indo not even understand what exactly you ask me to do.... Two stars for the long positive experience I had so far.
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4 years ago, old nontechie user
Failure to launch app
So far I can’t get it to do anything but offering other connected adobe subscriptions that I could purchase. All I wanted to do was open the installation and use instructions for a composting toilet. This has so far not been productive. Can’t find the document in what I could access. I have no interest in purchasing other subscriptions when the free one doesn’t seem to do anything but tell me about the wonderful options in the services I could pay for. Even though I don’t do much of anything with this type of activity now that I have retired. If my download is here somewhere than it might be better if there were titles/instructions that non technical user could access and understand. Difficult to work up enthusiasm for purchasing one of the more advanced subscriptions when the free one that I only needed to be able to read one document, was unable to provide that service for me. Thank you anyway C R Zook
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3 years ago, Chehlehbeh
Basic features don’t work
I’m hoping a future app update fixes these items as I’d really like to be on my iPad as much as possible and not have to revert by default to the desktop app. Certain features never work, most importantly the ability to upload a .png file. It seems only .jpg is supported. Also the scaling is all out of whack when trying to re-size an image which is very annoying having to settle for an image that doesn’t quite look right. Save issues are a consistent problem with the native iOS files app, not so much with the Dropbox app (again needing to find another solution that involves a work-around). Navigation to find most tools is over-simplified & not readily available on a sidebar like the desktop app. If I have to revert back to the desktop version then this the app does me no good, by default. Would it kill the developer to make the iPad version consistent with the UI and/or layout of the desktop app? But oh well… It’s not like I need/want to adapt since basic features renders it incapable for real world mobile use. I tried to like it…I really did. Please don’t respond to me with a frown emoji or try to apologize, for as much as I pay monthly for the full adobe creative cloud suite, just let me know when it’s fixed.
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6 years ago, Kalon Williamson
Issues with sharing pdf files
I’m not sure what to rate it because I know that nobody’s perfect and updates often times have bugs that need to be worked out. I’m not sure how many others are experiencing the same issue I’m having with sharing pdf’s, but whenever I fill-in some information on a pdf. and while I’m in the process of sharing that file........whatever information I fill-in the pdf with will normally look extremely out of place as far as where I originally placed it. Aside from that, there’s no way of knowing if I’m sharing a “flattened copy” or one that can be edited like the options we had prior to the update. I love using Adobe for what it’s previously been able to for various things. Thank you for this app but if at all possible, can someone check into this matter as soon as possible please? Thank you in advance. 🕎 Shalom
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1 year ago, C T Sanders
Most User-Friendly WP Process
I worked for IBM 30+ years ago when the PC was announced/invented. At that time, WP was being converted from Lotus spreadsheet matrix software to document form. Since then, the PDF format has come into use. I have enjoyed working with Acrobat since its inception. To be able to convert an MS Word document and store it in a permanent format is truly remarkable. The software has ALWAYS been user-friendly. As years go by, additional functions are added. I don’t always use all of them, but in an office setting, these features can be the difference between complete, accurate communication and unusable misinformation. I could not be happier.
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8 months ago, Burndonesinkchair
Free & Familiar
Adobe Acrobat PDF reader has been free for desktops for as long as I can remember. It’s free on iOS/iPad iOS and doesn’t require much effort to find the desktop features on a touchscreen. It’s ability to import web pages into PDF is the feature I’m most familiar with, but I’ve also been able to complete and file tax forms for both the IRS & California's Franchise Tax Board without having to write anything down or use a mouse. Just enter the same numbers from your W2 and/or 1099 etc and your deductions and send them off over the internet. There are probably many features to this app that I am unaware of, but it works well for my purposes.
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5 years ago, Name is taken so whatever
Just a feedback on one of your feature
Hi developing team, I realize that a feature in this app is that while reading through a pdf file, a click on the top panel (where the time and date is) will send the user back to the first page. I understand the convenience this feature provided, but at the same time would like to point out that a sloppy user like myself often touches the top bar accidentally quite often. For instance, when I read intently, I hold the top and bottom side of my iPad together, or have my elbow over. This accidental touches send me back to the first page. It’s an exasperation to try to find my way back. As you can see, when reading a document hundred pages long, worse with an added deadline, a few of this trips certainly translates into frustration. I wonder if you have a switch somewhere to turn this feature off. If not I know your engineers will take this feedback and come up with something way smarter than we expected. As I enjoy using your app and plan to use it in the long term, your consideration of this feedback will tremendously improve my experience. Thanks for providing this useful app, as well as taking this feedback into consideration.
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